IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-12-11

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RomsterToshi, rebuild the xorg mouse and keyboard drivers?00:53
RomsternipuL, sounds extreame can  have <<00:55
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Rotwangwhat if footprint is really big? Should I compress it?05:34
teKdefine really big05:35
Rotwang3 MB05:35
tilmanwhat package is that? :)05:35
Rotwangwith a lot of modules05:36
sepenfrom which repo?05:37
Rotwangmxq, i uploaded it few minutes ago05:38
teKa file filled with 1000 lines dos take 40K for me.. what does wc -l .footprint give for you?05:38
sepenok, is not listed yet in portdb05:38
RotwangteK: 4200605:39
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sepen-l ?? or -c ??05:39
sepenI think is more useful print byte counts05:40
sepenpfff really big05:41
namenlosRotwang: you are providing a footprint for a kernel package?05:46
namenlosdoes this make sense? i mean not everyone got the same hardware...05:46
teKIf this package is designed to be for everyone, then it's nonsense05:47
namenloshm, if it is in the portsdb it is for everyone, i guess05:48
Rotwangso just remove footprint?05:48
teKnamenlos: draw your conclusions05:48
namenlosRotwang: i would. is this your port?05:49
namenlosprt-get got got a -if switch ;)05:49
Rotwangnamenlos: yes its my port, i removed .footprint05:50
namenlosthe kernel ports in the portdb are getting more and more...05:50
sepensee ntoc 705:55
sepen""Since CRUX is targeted at "experienced Linux users" (whatever that means ;) it is my belief that users themselves will download and apply the patches they want to use.""05:58
sepenby Per05:58
Rotwangsepen: conclusion? there shouldnt be kernel packages?05:59
sepenimo, no05:59
Rotwangi dont get your point, maybe its my english:P06:03
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MarscelHey, which kernel version does crux 2.4rc1 contain?06:05
teKyou have to configure your kernel roughly _once_, doing updates is a >50 line shellscript06:05
teKyou are not meant, Marscel06:06
sepenRomster, Im a poor english speaker/writer what you understand?06:08
jdolani think it should contain linux 2.4, naturally.06:08
jdolanto match.06:08
teK(SuSE) Linux 10 is another premier example of how this scheme does work :>06:08
teKsame with 10.1 and so on06:08
MarscelOkay, I try out the download06:09
RedShiftrootlinux last news, 2006-02-1506:09
RedShiftlooks like it's not being developped anymore06:09
jdolanbtw does anyone in here do 3d modeling?06:09
MarscelI did it once06:10
RedShiftjdolan: there's some guys in #archlinux that do 3d modelling06:10
RedShiftI know because blender comes up every once and a while06:10
MarscelGreat, it's Kernel
jdolanRedShift, that's cool.  they have little reason to listen to me, tho.  :D06:10
jdolanat least here i have sooopreme opz statuz.06:10
jdolan(which really should be revoked but i think pli never handed off chanserv access to one of us :D)06:11
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Romsterjdolan, you ever planed to rejoin?06:33
jdolanRomster, in all likelihood no06:46
jdolani also don't really plan on leaving tho :>06:47
jdolangotta run!06:47
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RedShiftjdolan: you were member of the arch community or something?06:51
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mike_kRomster: did you have iometer or iozone port? I guess it was there a few days ago.07:02
Romsterhmm ?07:02
Romsterdon't think i have.07:02
Romsteri know my private repo is down atm...07:03
Romsterdon't know why..07:03
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Romstermike_k, sounds like bmon you might of been looking for?07:05
thrice`jdolan: I do modeling, but probably in a different sense than you are thinking07:07
mike_kRedShift: bmon seems to be for another sort of tasks07:08
mike_kRomster: ^07:08
Romsterah what were you looking for?07:08
Romsterhi DarkNekros07:09
mike_kfilesystem/block device benchmark tool07:09
RomsterFilesystem benchmark tool. ?07:09
Romsteriozone i got that in my repo but as i've got it hosted on prologics server and it's unreacheable /again/ i'm geting the impression it's all unreliable.07:10
mike_kit would be nice to see how particular hardware performs on different filesystems.07:11
mike_kRomster: thanks07:21
Romstermike_k, your welcome.07:22
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clickonceHello people09:03
RedShiftEHLO clickonce09:10
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Toshi_Romster: It happened when I did a sysup.  After I rebuilt them too, still same.  I found people with similar problems online.  For now I have removed /dev/input/mice and switched my xorg.conf mouse to use /dev/psaux09:41
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thrice`tilman: around?10:52
thrice`should the "added packages" include radeonhd ?10:52
thrice`er, new packages*10:53
tilmanmmh, i thought i added it10:53
tilmanthrice`: thanks, i'll add it now10:54
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Romstertilman, in 2.3 installation duplicate entry "- opt/libtiff ..."11:23
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Romster2.3     - Released 2006-03-2011:29
Romstertilman, eh i should say the line number 271 and 272 are duplicated.11:30
tilman2.3 is history anyway11:31
Romsteri know just i spoted that browsing though it.11:32
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Romsteri know just i spoted that browsing though it.11:36
Romsterand i had to ping out for no reason..11:36
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Man0l0hi !13:12
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ARCKEDAIs no one here?13:31
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mike_kjust do it - educate your mind.13:36
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sepenjaeger, ping15:51
rehabdolldoes anybody else experience build errors with libattr? (2.4)15:52
jaegersepen: what's up?15:53
sepencan you add libcrypt as a dependency of gnome-keyring ?15:53
jaegerI assume you mean libgcrypt15:54
thrice`rehabdoll: moment, i'll try15:57
thrice`Building '/usr/ports/contrib/libattr/libattr#2.4.39-1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.15:57
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rehabdollare you running 2.4?16:00
rehabdollstrange, rebuilt libtool16:00
rehabdollit builds now16:00
thrice`rehabdoll: yep16:01
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jdolanthrice`, what kind of 3d modeling do you do?17:00
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Toshioh no18:22
thrice`jdolan: CAD stuff18:42
jdolanthrice`, do you know blender at all?18:42
thrice`jdolan: no, sorry.  I know solidworks, unigraphics, pro/e, autocad, and a couple others.  I do mechanical design18:44
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jdolangotcha, oh well :)18:48
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DaViruzthrice`: oh. managed to get pro/e running in linux/crux?20:27
DaViruzi cant seem to make it work with less/motif20:27
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