IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-12-12

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pitillogood morning01:17
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mwansahmm what module do i need for touchpad support for a laptop ?02:55
mwansaserial and PS/2 mouse work okay02:55
Man0l0hi !02:56
tilmanmwansa: is it a synpatics touchpad?02:56
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tilmanthose require ps2/ support in the kernel, and a user space driver (
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tilmanuse mike_k's driver02:57
tilmanthat's the one i'm using02:57
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mwansaah , thanks tilman02:58
mwansatilman, theres a synaptics in contrib ? is that diff from mike_k's ?03:02
tilmangrep Maintainer /usr/ports/contrib/synaptics/Pkgfile03:03
tilmanno, that's the one :)03:03
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kane__hi guys, im having problems installing gnome, i keep getting an error with hal, it says hal is needed for hal info, but you try and install hal-info and it says it needs hal03:25
mwansakane__, in guessing your using the crux-2.3 iso... you need to update hal and a few packages..03:27
kane__ah ok thanks, is there anyway to find out what packages i need to update?03:27
tilmanupdate everthying :P03:27
mike_kkane__: ports -u && prt-get sysup --test && prt-get sysup03:28
kane__ok lol, thanks guys :) im sure ill be back soon :P haha03:28
mwansawith gnome....ofcourse..lol03:29
mike_kwithin gnome03:29
tilmanshould work03:29
tilmani mean, it shouldn't die horribly03:29
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mike_kexcept libarchive issue03:32
tilmanmike_k: i think we fixed that? we now have libarchive unlink files before overwriting them03:32
tilmanif that's what you have in mind? :)03:32
mike_kI mean a new dep introduced after 2.3 release. Am I out of date?03:34
tilmanthat's true03:34
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mike_ktilman: someone should edit the "Known Issues" at the bottom of
mike_khaving a direct link to this at the front page would increase chances a casual user will read that.03:42
tilmanCurrent release is <a href="link_to_release_notes">2.3</a>03:43
mike_k, <a href="link_to_release_notes#known_issues">Known Issues</a>03:44
tilmanbut that should only be present if there *are* any known issues, right? :D03:45
mike_kright. I mean, anuone trying to do usual sysup wil run into that "missing libarchive" issue.03:46
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tilmanacrux|ppc: do you know whether i can run crux ppc in qemu-system-ppc on an intel linux?04:17
Romsterseriously couldn't see a problem with adding some code to exit if libarchive is not installed and echo "please install libarchive" or something..04:30
Romstershould of cut down on that 'why dosn't pkgutils compile'04:31
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sepenanyone subscribed to useunix here??04:37
Romsternamenlos, interesting04:37
DarkNekrosmorning all ;)04:39
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Romsterhi DarkNekros04:46
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RedShiftehlo DarkNekros05:03
mike_kRomster: are you able to rebuild contrib/openexr? configure fails here, it can't run compiled static test program. Pkgfile contains --disable-static. Should it also have --disable-ilmbasetest?05:10
Romsterlast time i tryed it built.05:22
Romsterlet me test again..05:22
Romstermike_k, did you rebuild/update ilmbase first?05:23
Romster--disable-static jsut stopes it building and installing the library.a files no need when there dynamicly linked with the *.so05:25
mike_kI am at  ilmbase 1.0.1-105:26
Romsteryep that's what i have05:26
Romsteri got that issue before and ended up building it in a chroot but now it builds fine again, something i updated fixed it.05:27
Romsterlibtool rebuild or something..05:27
Romsterat first i suspected pkg-config05:28
Romsterbut that wasn't it.05:28
Romsteryep exact same error i used to have.. yet ti compiled just fine on another pc.05:29
Romsterand it compiles ok on my desktop too.05:29
Romsterhave you ran revdep?05:29
Romsterand is your system upto date.05:29
Romsterwould be nice to nail this anoyance.05:30
Romsterbut i didn't catch the culprit.05:30
Romsterchecking for IlmBase... no05:31
Romsterso for some reason it arn't seeing it.05:31
Romstermike_k, try rebuilding libtool then try that again, something is broken as the packages do build fine.05:33
Romster-- Packages updated05:33
Romsterjust tryed it then.05:33
Romsterwith a force rebuild.05:33
Romsterif you really get stuck build it in a chroot then install the package.05:34
Romsteri use my safe-build script to do that stuff but it be a bit of overkill for that.05:35
mike_kpretty up to date right now. revdep shows minor things...05:35
mike_kilmbase has missins libs: => not found05:36
mike_kI wonder how could it happen.05:37
mike_kRomster: thanks, builds now05:38
Romsterwas it libtool recompile?05:38
mike_kno, ilmbase recompile05:38
Romsterthat's the first thing to try if it dosn't pick it up05:38
Romsterthere sholdn't be any footprint mismatch on them 2 ports05:39
mike_kI guess, there was not. maybe just lost a file during reset.05:41
Romsterno idea what you did.. but if that stuff happens with any package it's worth trying a force rebuild of it's dependencys.05:41
Romstersometimes a sysup can do that crap.05:42
mike_ka little price paid to be up to date05:42
mike_kRomster: sorry for pointing such things out, but your speex port wants to install man pages directly at /, not at $PKG05:44
Romsterwhat on earth...05:47
Romsteri really ought to start using pretendroot...05:47
mike_kwhy not fakeroot?05:47
Romstererr or that..05:48
mike_kno issues with it for a long time05:48
tilmanomg, you don't use fakeroot??05:48
tilmanmakecommand   fakeroot pkgmk05:48
tilmando it!05:48
Romsternope i haven't bothered.05:49
tilmanthere's *no* reason not do it05:49
Romsteri've read it could break some stuff.05:49
Romsterbut i haven't tested.05:49
Romsterwhy can't all devs use a standarised configure script.05:50
Romsterfor install locations like having $prefix/$mandir05:50
Romsterpisses me off.05:51
mike_krpm packagers would loose their work05:51
Romsterah fakeroot works without haveing to add a uwer/group and moving all the darn files and chowning it all.06:02
Romsteri must of read some crap on fakeroot.06:03
Romsteror maybe i got it confused with pretendroot, no idea.. it's in my prt-get now.06:03
Romsterexcept manually using pkgmk now i have to remember to prefix fakeroot06:04
tilmanmaybe because autotools are a pita to many developers?06:04
Romsteri think my problem is assuming all configure scripts use a prefix for everything.06:05
Romsterwhich arn't true.06:05
tilman    find $SRC -type f -exec sed -i -e 's|/share/man|/man|g' {} \;06:05
Romsternearly everyone uses a dataroot or something that is set to prefix06:05
tilmanthat looks fishy06:06
Romsteris gone now.06:06
Romsterno idea why i did that origionally i think i got pissed off trying to find the crap and configure didn't accept --mandir at the time.06:06
Romsteri really can't remember and when i saw that i was thinking that's not too good.06:07
Romstermust of been one of my inexpeareanced ports *shrugs*06:07
* Romster is ashamed of doing that.06:07
Romstersepen, do you use ntp sync on your box it looks like your time is runing slow.06:11
sepenIm using ntp, yes06:13
Romster13 min ago Danny Rawlins06:14
Romster12 min ago Jose V Beneyto06:14
sepenyeah, strange06:14
Romsterand this box is synced...06:14
sepenntpd is running as service here06:14
sepenthe same config that I have at home06:14
sepenwell, Ill check my confs, thanks Romster06:15
Romsterrestarted mine to double check it's running jsut my time isn't off enough to casue it to correct it.06:16
sepenntp_adjtime() returns code 0 (OK)06:16
Romstermaybe what your syncing from..06:16
Romsteri'm on pool.ntp.org06:17
sepenserver es.pool.ntp.org06:17
sepenserver europe.pool.ntp.org06:17
sepencould be my restric line??06:17
sepenwhat shows yours?06:17
Romsteri have initial clock set on startup on.06:18
Romsterand i haven't set a spefic server hmm06:19
Romsterhow you got both set?06:19
Romsterserver and server ?06:19
Romsteri think you can only set one..06:20
sepenIll sync with europe.pool.ntp.org06:20
Romster'server' or 'servers'06:21
sepenI think we need to be synced all git developers (imo)06:21
Romsteri could be wrong..06:21
Romsteryeah lol..06:21
sepen# Specify the servers you are interested in06:22
sepenit said 'servers'06:22
Romster# sync to a single server06:22
Romster# use a random selection of 8 public stratum 2 servers06:22
Romster# see
Romsteris what openntpd has.06:22
sepenIm using 'ntp' port06:23
sepencould be that?06:23
Romsterno idea but worth a mess around. and se if you get any ntpd logs.06:23
Romstereven force your clockoff by a second or two and see if it corrects it06:24
sepenIm going to exit now, sometime for eat, after that I'll try to replace it for openntp and configure it06:29
sepenlater R06:29
sepenlater Romster06:29
Romsterlater sepen06:30
Romstersome days i wonder if i'm cut out todo this stuff <_<06:32
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thrice`jaeger: question - do you happen to know where you got the 3 x water droplet background in your screenshots?08:42
jaegerthe one in the aesir-* shots?08:43
jaegerminus the hdtv one08:43
sepennice! openntpd is the same that Im using on openbsd08:44
thrice`jaeger: yep :)08:45
thrice`sorry, should have been a bit more specific08:45
jaegerthrice`: I think it came from deviantart but I haven't a clue what the name of it was :(08:45
mwansaif its from deviant art..good luck trying to find it ;)08:46
mwansathrice`, let me know if you find it tho :)08:48
thrice`haha...I think it's a lost cause if it's from deviantart08:49
pitillotake a look for the file name and search for it directly (if you stored it with the original name)08:49
mwansa....or search for a description of it...." 3 x droplet background" :/ ...if that worked i would switch to windows vista08:51
jaegerfound this while searching for it, kinda cool -
thrice`pretty similar08:53
MNKyDethI am willing to setup a mirror for Crux, which mirror should I rsync from and who should I talk to to give them the relevant info for the mirror site?09:44
MNKyDeth   I just did a mirror from  the one.  if there is anything else I need to do just le tme know. I'll set the cronjob for once a week update, unless I should do it more often or less often09:47
thrice`jaeger: thanks anyways.  if for some reason you find it, let me know :) need something relaxing like that for work09:48
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sepenRomster,   Failed to download REPO: Couldn't resolve host ''11:49
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Man0l0what package contains portspage ?12:24
Man0l0thanks Rotwang12:25
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tilmanjeeeeez, zsh's git completion is so goddamn slow13:14
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jefferohow can i check if my kernel has ethernet support ? if ifconfig shows only loopback does that mean my kernel dont support ethernet15:18
teKifconfig -a, too?15:19
teKif you're lucky you can have a glance at /proc/config.gz for details regarding your kernel config15:23
teKmaybe ethernet support is there but your (specific) NIC was not included or even is unsupported15:23
jaegerjeffero: you can also check the output of 'dmesg' to see if any ethernet is mentioned15:24
teKjaeger: I thought that, too but is a message there garuanteed, I only have to entries about settding hdx and fdx..15:24
teKlspci(1) may give you another hint, btw15:25
jaegerit's not guaranteed but it's another place to check15:25
jaegerand lspci will tell you which hardware you have but not if the support is in the kernel15:25
jefferoah thanks :)15:37
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sepenCan't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in ...16:09
sepenserious service problems on gentoo16:10
MNKyDethouch lol16:10
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acrux_tilman: i'm not sure that qemu-ppc supports kernel 2.617:30
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Romstersepen, no idea i need to tell prologic about this shit i'm not happy.18:51
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Romster"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off." - Bjarne Stroustrup20:27
nipuLRomster: heh, his whole dns has taken a dive20:48
nipuLthe joys of shared hosting21:32
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RomsternipuL, yep..22:11
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* DemonSeed is back (gone 20:08:06)22:59
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