IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-12-13

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nipuLwhy does it have to be so damn hard to find a 12-16 10/100 managed switch00:09
nipuL12-16 port00:09
nipuLit's either 8/24 port or gigabit00:09
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Romsterno idea is a pain though.00:58
Romstershould be a 8,16,24 if you ask me instead of the 8/2400:59
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rxinipuL: pretty sure hp/cisco do one01:26
pitillogood morning01:28
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DarkNekroshi all ;)01:37
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RomsterDarkNekros, 'Hi everyone.' is more approate.02:03
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nipuLhmm, rc1 guess it's time to start testing the ports on 64bit03:52
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sepenblender now on contrib04:48
sepenjdolan, are you using blender for modeling jobs?04:49
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mwansahey i have installed artwiz fonts but cant get them to work under fluxbox05:29
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mwansatilman, any ideas how to get artwitz working ?05:47
tilmanyou mean the artwiz fonts?05:58
tilmangoogle for "artwiz fluxbox"05:59
tilmanthird hit05:59
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mwansatilman, all i needed was a reboot. thanks anyways ;)06:09
jdolansepen, that's the plan, yep.  exporting blender meshes to md3.06:16
sepenI updated the lastest blender sources I found, if you are using and you find something erroneous could you report me bugs?06:17
sepenIm testing it too, but Im not an experienced blender user06:18
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mike_ksepen: virtualbox's configure can not find xalan-c. Do you have it installed in usual location?08:02
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tilmanacrux|ppc: for the record: no, crux-ppc didn't work in qemu-system-ppc :D08:04
pitillomike_k, have you updated xalan-c and xerces-c and then rebuild vbox?08:06
sepenmike_k, please can you do as pitillo says?08:07
mike_kschniggie: they are aupdated. I'll nowe try to rebuild all that.08:09
sepenmike_k, ok08:09
sepenso I can see the return messages you found?08:10
sepen*can I08:10
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mike_k"Checking for xalan: xalan not found at -L/usr/local/lib -lxalan-c -lpthread -I/usr/local/include or xalanc headers not found"08:13
sepenIll try to reproduce here08:14
mike_kadding -L/usr/lib and -I/usr/include by configure switches does not help08:14
sepensorry for the inconveniences08:14
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mike_knp, now rebuilding xalan-c08:14
pitillomike_k, wich xalan-c version do you have installed?08:14
sepenand what branch of crux are you using (2.3??)08:15
mike_kxalan-c 1.10.0-1  2.308:15
sepenxalan-c 1.10.0-108:15
sepenxerces-c 2.8.0-108:15
pitillostrange, yesterday _I rebuilded xalan and xerces and then vbox and did the trick08:16
mike_ksame versions, xalan-c is still rebuilding08:16
sepenwell, I need some time to reproduce08:16
sepenmike_k, same error here08:18
sepenIm working on it08:19
mike_kok, I am not going to use just now. wanted just to let you know.08:19
pitillorebuilding in another computer here...08:20
sepen/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/../../../, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)08:20
sepenthats the problem08:20
sepenIll fix08:21
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mike_ksepen: prt-get update -fr xerces-c xalan-c did the trick08:21
mike_khow virtualbox builds08:22
pitillowhat were you doing then?08:22
mike_kpitillo: everything was updated with sysup at some point. vbox failed to find xalan-c. _after_ rebuilding xerces-c and xalan-c vbox started to build08:23
pitilloyes, that was what I tried to explain... rebuilding these deps and then vbox did the trick...08:24
pitilloI'm sorry about my english level to explain things like this :)08:24
sepenmike_k, I tested the same you experienced, Im not satisfy with those results and Im trying to do the port better08:25
sepenpitillo, le pasa como ami08:25
sepenpitillo, despues de hacer un sysup si tiras un dia al vbox te casca08:25
pitillosepen, yes, I got that yesterday, but you only need to rebuild the port when deps are updated. IMO it's a good port and it's done in a good way. But that's only my impression.08:27
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packardbwhy isn't latest gcc 4.2.2 ?08:29
packardbin ports08:29
sepenpitillo, ok08:29
sepenpitillo, so I put this in the README file08:29
sepenthanks pitillo and mike_k08:30
sepennice report08:30
pitillosepen, I think that isn't needed. When you try to run that port, it tells you what to do (review and update some deps) I don't know if this can be avoided by making in other way the port.08:31
mike_kpackardb: it will be in crux-2.4 final release. it is in 2.4-rc1 now. upgrading gcc requires toolchain rebuild, which is not very straightforward.08:31
sepenyep, just I want to add as appear in xfce4's README08:32
packardbI know, when will 2.4 be released? ;;)08:32
sepenwhen is finished08:32
packardband even better, is there a way to upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4?08:32
packardbsepen: :)08:32
thrice`packardb: you can use 2.4-rc1 right now :)08:32
mike_kbefore 2k8, I guess08:32
sepenpackardb, cdrom method08:32
packardbsepen: hmmm ... any other ...way? :(08:32
sepenmanually you can switch to 2.4 repos and try to perform the task08:33
thrice`I wouldn't do that :(08:33
sepenbut I think that cdrom is the best method08:33
thrice`You could try upgrading packages from init 108:33
packardbsepen: I am running CRUX Linux on couple of my servers ...and desktops ... I would like to make the upgrade process as easy as I can ...and even more, i must not fuck up anything :D08:33
packardbsepen: ok :) cdrom it is :D08:33
sepenyeah, no problems here with it08:33
packardbsepen: so, no dead line for 2.4 huh? :P08:34
thrice`packardb: it's currently at RC1.  if that's stable, probably pretty soon :)08:34
packardb:) ok08:34
sepenno idea but you can see the  timeline at gitweb08:34
sepensee new_iso branch on iso.git repo08:34
packardbhmm ... I've never used git before ...08:35
sepenyou can use gitweb with your web browser08:35
packardbsepen: is there any iso already built with RC1?08:36
sepenpitillo, did you read xfce4's README08:36
sepenyes try master ftp sites08:36
packardbsepen: thank you08:37
pitillosepen, nop (I have it updated since this morning on my sister's comp and no problems by now)  Taking a look08:37
sepenI want to add something like this08:38
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dokpm0CRUX fans - I just wanted to jump in and say hi!!  I've been trying CRUX for a couple of days.  I have both 2.3 and 2.4-RC1 installed under VMware.09:12
dokpm0I like the feel of CRUX.  It feels like a cross between Slackware and FreeBSD.  The first Linux distro I used was Slackware back in the 1.xx kernel days, and my web/mail server is running FreeBSD, so I feel right at home with CRUX.09:16
jaegerdokpm0: glad you're enjoying it09:18
MNKyDethI get to try the 2.4-rc1 iso this weekend when I have some time09:24
MNKyDethalso, not sure if it is needed, but I setup a mirror on my server for crux, if you guys would like to add it to the list your more than welcome to :)09:24
jaegeris it a full or partial mirror? http only or ftp/rsync? where's it located?09:27
MNKyDethhttp only, I did a full rsync I am pretty sure from your site09:28
MNKyDethcronjob is set to once a week, I can change that if needed09:29
dokpm0I especially like the simplicity of the Pkgfile files and prt-get's fsearch feature.  I've already created a couple of ports for software I use regularly, but couldn't find in any of the repos - alpine and hercules.09:29
MNKyDethit's US based in texas09:31
jaegerMNKyDeth: ok09:32
jaegerI'll add it to the list, just make sure to notify us if it moves or goes down or something09:32
MNKyDeththe server has been up for almost 2yrs, it's on my work sever so it won't move :) but yes I will notify you09:32
dokpm0MNKyDeth - I'm in Central Texas, so I might take advantage of your Texas mirror.09:34
MNKyDethcoo, I host a couple Savage servers on it too, WoW forums, and teamspeak for my personal use09:35
MNKyDethbut it hosts over half this towns e-mail  here in kentucky09:35
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Romstersepen, it should link to instead of and btw is out now.10:55
sepenRomster, prt-get update -fr xerces-c xalan-c virtualbox10:56
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Romsteryeah i read.11:02
sepenno problems here after use that command11:02
Romsterbut the point is having a -> is to allow it to see the new libarry version fromt he file.11:03
Romsterinstead of pointing to and wen that changes version it becomes a broken link11:04
sepenwell, noted Ill try to perform a better Pkgfile for it11:05
sepenthanks for the apointment11:05
Romstermight just be a matter of telling it the library name, or it could be a bit hard and hacking at configure.11:05
Romsterhmm dosn't use pkg-config so every program that links that that one has to make there own assumptions..11:07
sepenpkg-config --libs do the trick but *.pc file is not found11:08
Romsteryeah it dosn't use that in that package.11:14
Romstergreping all i can find is11:14
Romsterusr/include/xercesc/util/Compilers/GCCDefs.hpp:const char* const Xerces_DLLName = "libxerces-c";11:14
Romsterand the suffix is .so so it would be libxerces-c.so11:15
Romsterso the program that failed was adding it's own expected ending to it.11:15
Romsterseems recompiling is a quickfix for alot of packages.11:16
sepenhmmm nice11:16
Romsterthat's what i always do, recompile dependnecys and hope one works.11:16
Romsterinfact i could nuke them other compilers out of that directory, they arn't needed..11:17
Romsterbut that might cause other problems too.11:18
sepenVirtualBox-1.5.2_OSE/src/libs/Makefile.kmk:  subdirs += xalan-1.10.011:19
sepenshould be xalan-c in that case11:20
sepenIll try to play with that and try to patch if is posible11:20
sepennot sure11:21
Romsterprt-cache cat xalan-c .footprint11:24
thrice`what is the squashfs patch for?11:25
Romsterthat's another package.11:25
Romsterhaven't looked.11:25
Romsterread the patch file itself to see what it might do?11:25
thrice`well, I mean more of why is it included in /usr/src on an install11:26
Romsterpatch files should have desriptive names imo.11:26
jaegerthrice`: it's a compressed fs I used for the ISO, the reason it gets installed in /usr/src is that all patches in the kernel/ dir get copied during setup11:26
jaegeryou aren't by any means required to use it on an installed system11:27
thrice`oh, ok.  I have been deleting it and compiling the kernel per-usual (vanilla), and not noticed anything.  was more curious than anything :)11:27
jaegerit's kinda a legacy behavior - there used to be jfs patches or something that needed to be installed for a stable jfs system so they got copied11:28
jaegerthe squashfs patch is required for the iso but not for the system like the jfs patches were11:28
thrice`ah.  crux 2.1 was my first, and never remembered the behavior before11:28
thrice`thanks jaeger :)11:29
jaegerwe could fix it if we separated them into iso and system patches but that didn't seem a high priority :)11:29
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Arrowheadjau wzup with 2.4¿11:52
Arrowhead''n why so¿11:54
tilmanin english?11:54
Arrowheadwhen will 2.4  be out¿11:55
tilmandon't know11:55
Arrowheadare there ports for 2.4 rc¿11:56
Arrowheadkuhl where¿11:56
thrice`2.4 branches of core, opt, xorg, and contrib all work well :)11:57
tilmanomfg fix your frigging typing11:57
Arrowheadwad u meany¿11:57
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Arrowheadwhere can i find  the beloved 2.4 branches¿11:57
thrice`good luc k11:57
thrice`tilman: hm, that says the iso is available at, yet it's not listed11:58
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mike_k(instead of using fluspray) a minor feature request: can final iso have /opt/sbin added to filesystem port, as well as to bash's /etc/profile? There is /opt/bin but no /opt/sbin which can be used for superuser scripts and such. Does anybody care? jaeger, tilman?12:03
tilmanthrice`: mmh, did we list the RCs in the pash?12:07
thrice`dunno, but they should be according to the e-mail, eh?12:08
Arrowheadi guess we did not12:08
thrice`I thought so, however12:08
Romsteri think it was only in the ML12:08
Arrowheadbye my ubuntu needs me12:08
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Rotwangkubuntu i guess12:10
tilmanmike_k: sec12:10
Romsterany reason why i can not use bc without any decimal places?
Romsterlast line should output 75?12:18
mike_kRomster: "The default value of scale is 0"12:23
Romsteryeah so without seting scale it should be returning 75 on the last example?12:24
Romsterand not 012:25
Romsterah maybe i need to tell it to use (3.0 / 4.0) maybe...12:26
Romsternope that did nothing either.12:26
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mike_k3/4<1, so with scale of 0 size it is 0.12:27
Romsterseriously it should return (3/4)*100=75 without any decimal places except it returns 0.12:27
Romsterscale is number of decimal places12:28
Romsterif i do scale=112:28
Romsteri get 75.012:28
Romsterbut i don't want any decimal places.12:28
Romsterjust the rounded off integer12:28
Romsterdefault of scale=0 should return 75..12:29
Romsteror am i missing some detail.12:29
mike_kno way12:29
mike_kRomster: get yourself a cup of something, relax and then look at that again.12:32
Romsterscale defines  how  some  operations use digits after the decimal point.12:35
Romsterall i can see doing is hacking it by piping it to a cell or some rounding12:36
Romsteri've had 2 cups of coffee already.12:36
RomsterThis  version  truncates  results from divide and multiply operations. < don't like the sounds of that.12:37
Romsterdosn't have a round up or down option..12:38
mike_k3/4 is 0.75, which is 0 with scale=0. I've never used bc and it is not a big surprise12:40
Romsterargh yeah but *100 moves it over 2 decimal places...12:40
Romsterman why didn't i see that..12:41
Romster3/4=0 0*100=012:41
Romsterso bc dosn't have a internal precison it can do then return without float.12:42
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Romstermike_k, solved it printf  "%.0f\n" $(bc -l <<< "(3 / 4) * 100")13:31
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olaf_how can you controll the install of a port directly into a foreign root, without touching the build/host-system? (like in gentoo: $ ROOT=/mnt/usbdisk emerge foo bar)13:37
olaf_is there such a thing in crux???13:39
olaf_(i dont know really)13:39
olaf_as far as i see, prt-get + tools are _slightly_ more powerfull than anything else i saw on a distro13:40
Romsteri'm not sure everything goes to $PKG so redirecting $PKG to point to /mnt/usbdisk/13:40
olaf_(plus a little more comfortable tha freebsds ports)13:40
olaf_thats whats you first suspect when you read the Pkgfile13:41
Romsterah i know..13:41
olaf_but i have tried $ PKG=/foobar prt-get depinst foo bar13:41
Romsteryou can build as per normal but pkgadd has a root option13:41
olaf_doesnt work quiet that way13:41
olaf_must be dealt differently somehow, if it is possible at all13:41
Romsteryou could edit the packageadd commend in prt-get.conf <<13:42
olaf_pkgadd.... lemme check13:42
Romsterman pkgadd13:42
olaf_very nice, didnt had pkgadd on my list13:42
olaf_okok, ill try that again13:42
olaf_thank you for pointing me to the right derection!13:42
Romsteraddcommand       pkgadd -r /mnt/usbdisk/13:42
Romsterthat might work also.. but no garrntee13:43
olaf_is pkgmk -r the right way to build the pkgs without installing them?13:45
olaf_(it is, i hope)13:45
tilmanolaf_: pkgmk doens't take -r -- pkgadd does13:46
tilmanin crux, building a package, and installing it are separate tasks13:46
olaf_that aint right13:46
olaf_man pkgmk, /-r13:46
Romsterolaf_, pkgmk -r is recursive make13:47
tilmanolaf_: man pkgadd, /-r13:47
olaf_ja, make with or without install?13:47
olaf_i think without, can anybody confirm?13:47
tilmanuse pkgmk without any args13:47
tilmanthen run pkgadd -r /use/this/root blabla.pkg.tar.gz13:48
olaf_tilman, read once more what i wrote..13:48
Romsterpkgmk will by default not install.13:48
olaf_thats good.13:48
olaf_stupid question here:13:53
olaf_since when does crux have a ports based sw-mgmt system?13:54
olaf_release or date?13:54
thrice`awhile :)13:54
olaf_no really, because i just cant believe i discovered what iv been looking for all my life just yesterday13:55
olaf_im fucking around wit gentoo since 4 fucking years13:55
olaf_and its by far not what i was really looking for13:55
olaf_freebsd was cool, but it was BSD, not LNX13:56
olaf_arch pretended to be like crux, but no ports there, just binary pkgs13:56
olaf_crux is the shit par excellance13:56
olaf_in gentoo, to get half of the functionality of what crux does out-of-the-box, i have to install gentoolkit, portage-utils, eix, genkernel, paludis ...13:57
Rotwangolaf_: abs13:57
olaf_cruxs sw-mgmt gives you the perfect functionality to even build your own pkg-mgmt wrappers13:58
thrice`it's very easy, yes13:58
olaf_but theres a flaw in the /etc/rc.d/net script13:59
olaf_i corrected it on my installation13:59
olaf_i allways want to have lo up and running13:59
olaf_so i cp /etc/rc.d/net /etc/rc.d/net.lo13:59
olaf_and added /etc/rc.d/net.lo to rc.conf14:00
olaf_i thinks its somehow better to be able to separate between ethernet and loopback14:00
olaf_luckily, its not built-in into the distro and BSD-style init is a pancake to customize.14:01
thrice`easy enough :)14:01
olaf_lol, what yer talking about?14:02
olaf_it cant get no easier14:02
olaf_flawless, seamless14:02
olaf_i love it14:02
olaf_oh btw, the installation media is a piece of crap14:03
olaf_but thats ok.14:03
thrice`huh ?14:04
olaf_luckily theres more than one way to install it. unluckily downloading the iso is the worst14:04
olaf_(at least for me)14:04
thrice`I can do an install in about 20 minutes.  much easier than waiting for some gui to load14:04
olaf_install is quick yes14:04
olaf_i think the install cd is low quality. id install crux out of knoppix or grml or whatever rather than official iso14:05
thrice`are you using crux 2.3 or 2.4 ?14:05
thrice`ah, ok14:05
thrice`I think it does exactly what it has to do14:05
olaf_sure, IMHO every live distro is still better for the job. but ok, its not that critical anyway14:06
olaf_crux is nothing to complete newbies anyway14:06
olaf_but its just the right thing for pro-wannabes like me :D14:07
thrice`heh, true14:08
Romsterand it keeps the noobs out <<14:08
Romsterones that don't wanna put the effort in to set it up fail and move onto something else.14:09
olaf_its funny though how fucked up linux can get ya over the years14:09
Romsteri've never timed myself seting up crux but 20 minutes sounds reasonable thrice`14:09
olaf_i started with debian, then i wanted more freedom, i went to gentoo14:09
olaf_now im playing with crux14:09
olaf_love it14:09
thrice`Romster: yeah.  mine is cheating because I have a pre-made kernel config14:10
olaf_next thing i do is move to LFS14:10
Romstercrux is the closeist you'd get than doing LFS14:10
Romsterthrice`, lol..14:10
olaf_id never do something that stupid14:10
*** roliveira_away is now known as roliveira14:10
olaf_i tried out LFS many times14:10
olaf_but i think the book is crap14:11
olaf_it never really thought me why xyz is needed14:11
olaf_its just a bunch of sequencial packages you are directed to install with no real clue14:11
olaf_anyways, i guess experience is the best teacher there...14:12
olaf_whats your $ du -sm /usr/src ?14:14
olaf_632 Mb @me14:14
Romsteryeah that's the lateist kernel last i looked.14:15
olaf_are the modules held in /usr/src/linuxyz?14:15
olaf_before they are installed into /lib/modules...14:15
olaf_ok then i guess thats "fine".14:15
olaf_or "normal".14:16
Romsteryou could remove the source but things like nvidiaia needs it to compile agenst.14:16
Romsteri got a couple of kernel souces in mine.14:17
olaf_yeah i know. i hate it14:17
olaf_i squashed it at some point in gentoo14:17
olaf_but for some reason i forgot that was a stupid idea14:17
olaf_dont do it any more14:17
Romsterif you really wanted too, you can just make it when you need it, ketchup would make the directory <<14:18
olaf_i guess you could really hold a squashed of usr/src, but ud need unionfs/aufs to really make sure everthing works fine i guess14:19
olaf_to much trouble...14:19
thrice`my /usr/src/ is only 357 mb :(14:21
Romsteri've thought of using unionfs with my ~/files/torrents/14:22
Romsterso i can edit mp3's etc to fix filenames and id3 tags without touching the origional data.14:23
*** sepen has joined #crux14:23
Romsteruntill i decide to merge the changes somehow. when i finally stop sharing something.14:23
Romsterolaf_, find duplicates and hardlink them would save some space int he kernel source.14:24
Romsterin the*14:24
RyoSanyone ever had the problem not getting sox to run with graveman or brasero or any other burning frontend?14:27
Romsterhi RyoS14:27
RyoShey Romster14:27
Romsteri've used k3b.14:27
olaf_Romster: fdupes14:28
RyoSi just banned qt* from my desk :)14:28
olaf_how do you use kde then?14:28
RyoSolaf_: i never really used kde as a desktop :p14:28
RyoShated it on sight with suse :P14:28
olaf_just fucking wit cha14:28
Romsterolaf_, or duff14:29
olaf_yeah suse is crap.14:29
RomsterRyoS, oh.14:29
olaf_i installed on my mothers x60s and she complained14:29
olaf_she said its too slow. I knew what she ment. (booting up)14:29
Romsteri've got kde4 packages i've nearly got completed.14:29
olaf_i installed gentoo then with xfce414:29
olaf_now shes happy14:30
Romsterbut not tested yet.14:30
Romsterolaf_, jsut as easy with crux and xfce4 too <<14:30
olaf_yeah, but that was november last year.14:30
olaf_and im not reinstalling her laptop just cause i found my next favorite distro14:31
thrice`Romster: have ports, by chance ?14:41
Romsterthrice`, yeah but there hosted on prologics server and it's still down.. :/14:44
Romsterbut there not complete yet.14:45
thrice`ah :)  doing rc2?14:45
Romsteri've built it all except the optional fam support.14:45
Romsternot installed or tested yet.14:46
Romstergot man directorys to sort out with cmake14:46
Romsterand anything else and build the remaining packages and then prtverify etc.14:46
Romsterit'll be in when the server comes back online.14:47
Romsterit so isn't ready yet though.14:47
Romsterand i got a huge commit todo when the server comes back up..14:48
sepenIm affraid xDD14:50
*** Rotwang has left #crux14:50
Romsterthrice`, best to wait but you can also look at to see commits.14:54
sepenRomster, whats the problem14:54
Romsterserver is down and i haven't ironed all the bugs out of kde4 yet.14:56
sepenhow many space do you need?14:56
sepenI plained to add another hd unit to my box14:56
Romsterah jsut prologics server is crappy for staying on. i'm using about 350MB currently but that's gonna increase to a few GB when i do the souce distfiles though torrent idea.14:57
sepenI've a 40GB disk and I plained to add this tomorrow14:57
sepenmaybe I can give some space without problems14:58
Romsteryour own server?14:58
sepen*give you14:58
*** Arrowhead has joined #crux14:58
Romstera mirror there would be an idea to mirror just the crux packages off prologics site.14:58
sepenspain is too distanced of your country what could be a good idea14:59
Romstersince 2.4 now has pkgutils with a mirror option i can put that to use.14:59
sepenwell consideer the posibility14:59
Romsterwell i could do a 2 way push with hg. that's what i use to upload.15:00
Romsterbut i also scp stuff too.15:00
sepenI've an rsync server running too15:00
sepenno problem with the sync method I think15:00
sepenor scp if you want15:00
Romstercould rsync but the thing is the romster.rsync file would point to shortcircuit..15:01
Romsteri'd have to choose you as the primary this is anoyhing...15:01
sepenbefore nothing I think you need to test traffic with my server15:02
sepenmaybe is not as better as you want15:02
Romsterwhat speeds and bandwidth limits do you have?15:04
sepenRomster, give me your key pub if you want15:04
sepennot too much, specially in upload traffic15:04
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:05
Romsterhmm guess it's more reliable than what i have now.15:05
sepenis the server I use at home, my router/firewall/etc etc15:05
Romsterah k.15:05
sepensend me a mail15:05
Romsteri'll in awhile messing woth a port atm.15:05
*** Arrowhead has left #crux15:06
thrice`Romster: have you ran kde4 yet?15:06
Romsteri plan too.15:07
Romsteronce i iron the pkgfiles out.15:07
Romsterreally wating for prologic to get his arse into gear and fix the site.15:08
*** olaf_ has quit IRC15:08
*** Rotwang has joined #crux15:09
Romsterthrice`, interested to test when i finish the packages?15:15
thrice`perhaps :)15:15
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux15:22
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SantaClauscan u help me?22:08
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*** jaeger changes topic to "CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | You may have to wait more than 3 seconds for an answer, be patient."22:16
Romstersome people...22:18
Romsterrestarting xchat again trying to do a hack but i'm not having much luck..22:19
*** Romster has quit IRC22:19
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*** Romster has joined #crux22:21
Romstereh that so didn't do as expected.22:22
Romsterjaeger, any C/GTK exp?22:22
Romsterxchat-2.8.4/src/fe-gtk/xtext.c i have the right file at least and the area for the shift key to highlight timestamps and i'm trying to reverse the function to work as not highlight timestamp when shit is depressed.22:25
jaegerprobably not enough for that, sorry22:25
Romsteroh hang on i think i see it now..22:26
Romsterlooking in the wrong area.22:26
Romsterif ((mask & GDK_SHIFT_MASK))22:26
Romsteri bet that is it <<22:26
jaegersounds promising22:26
Romsterrecompiling i htink i got it now..22:31
Romsteri was looking in the wrong area.22:31
*** Romster has quit IRC22:34
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Romsterkinda got it lol went screwy though..22:37
*** Romster has quit IRC22:47
*** Romster has joined #crux22:48
Romsteryay i got it <<22:49
Romsterthought it would be too much over my head to find that ..22:50
nipuLgtk is pretty readable most of the time22:52
Romsteri just had the wrong spot.22:53
Romsterthen the ! and false true i got messed up/22:53
nipuLhmm time to upgrade from kernel i think22:56
nipuLmy /dev/shm just ate half of itself and won't give it back22:57
Romsterif you dare <<22:57
nipuLthis pc has a 9600 radeon, so i don't have to worry about all the video card woes i've been hearing about22:58
nipuLand .9 has been around for a while unlike that flurry of point releases they had a while ago22:59
Romsterman the kernel has been changing versions more so than wine and firefox.23:09
nipuLhehe, did they switch over to svn...release early, release often23:09
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:12

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