IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-12-14

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nipuLcrap, there needs to be way to chkdsk ntfs on linux. can't use revocery console because he forgot the admin password, can't use nt-offline because the filesystem is marked dirty00:02
nipuLcatch22 :(00:02
Romsterreset the admin password?00:04
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nipuLyeah, that's was nt-offline is for00:06
nipuLcan't even plug the drive in another pc becuase xp chucks it in when you change the hardware00:08
nipuLit just means i need to do it the long way00:08
Romsteryeh i hate the fact ya can't transport it..00:15
Romsterdon't supose you can mount ti with ntfs-3g?00:15
Romsterget/change admin pass then get into nt-console00:16
nipuLi'm just rsyncing it00:22
nipuLdd the mbr onto the new drive then fdisk it, then rsync it back00:23
Romsteri've always hated the ntfs format it's a real pain.00:23
Romsterlol thats a intersting way to restore the state.00:24
nipuLnormall i just resize, clone then restore00:24
pitillogood morning00:58
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Romsterhi pitillo01:25
pitillomorning Romster :)01:25
Romsterpitillo, you'll be glad to know i've started doing more work to my safe-build script cleaning it up and refining it more.01:26
Romsterand simpilfy.01:26
Romsterbut it won't be as simple as yours <_<01:26
pitilloummmm interesting. I hope I can teke a look to it soon01:27
pitilloyep but I am quite sure you did it better that mine :)01:27
Romsterit still worked like ages later when i tryed it lol.. didn't think it would.01:28
Romsterbut since the need has arised where i'm testing and building kde4 and soon tbe testing crux 2.4 on packages too.01:29
pitilloit's a good script to build ports in a safe way. I think you are doing a great job, not only with the safe-build script :)01:30
Romsteri think i'm doign good with other stuff but i get a little stuck at times.01:32
Romsterfixed a tv today that's a change of pace.01:32
Romsteri haven't fixed a tv set in ages msot arn't worth messing with anymore.01:33
Romsteronce i'm happy that safe-build is refined enough i'll put it in contrib.01:34
pitilloI hope you do that and see if people use it and can give hints to make it better01:34
Romsteri'm also poking around at prtverify and messing with some other checks to Pkgfiles.01:34
Romsterit's been sitting around doing nothing for awhile.01:34
Romsterwhy i didn't get it more refinded ages ago i dunno.01:35
pitillowell, you have lot of work at contrib repo. Keep update all your ports must be hard.01:35
Romsterit is somedays01:38
Romsterck4up helps01:39
Romsteri've made some of my own checks etc.01:39
Romsterand safe-build is ideal to find that missing dependency.01:39
pitilloyeah, but it look for updates only, then you must review that updated ports01:39
Romsteryeah i still do that manually.01:40
Romsterat most i might get 5 a day or somedays none.01:40
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RedShiftping Romster01:50
RedShiftRomster: you know what happened with Can't connect since two days01:51
Romsterhi RedShift01:51
Romsteryeah no idea, i'm gonna ring prologic...01:51
Romsteri got a shitload of commits to push, plus my site si down and more importantly some distfiles i have hosted are in contrib...01:52
Romstersuprised no one has complained yet.01:52
Romsterprologic better get his network back up and give a explanation...01:53
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RedShiftRomster: the 50 euro / month dedicated offer still stands, gonna suggest it to him again03:14
RedShiftif I can reach him ofcourse03:15
RedShiftConnection to Server lost: name lookup has failed. Trying to reconnect.03:15
RedShiftmaybe his named is not running or something?03:15
Romsteri can't get on the ip either.03:15
RedShiftah so his dsl is down03:16
Romsterbut he has 2 connections how can both be down..03:16
Romsterand for 2 days..03:16
Romsterhe has my number.03:16
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tilmantreach: your readme for libtorrent is funky -- why not use: export CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Os" in build() instead?06:04
tilmanthat will override previously set optimization levels06:05
treachhmm, maybe because I wasn't the one who wrote it originally..?06:05
treachTBH, I have no idea what's in that file. :P06:05
treachI'll fix it when I get around to it though, don't know why I didn't think of that solution instead.06:06
treachtoo much other stuff on my mind I guess. :/06:07
treachRomster: btw, did you get kde4 running eventually?06:08
tilmanbtw, maybe that bug is fixed in gcc 4.2.206:09
tilmanie it might "just work" without that hack in crux 2.406:09
treachI don't think so.06:10
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)08:20
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shevyhi, can the latest crux release be used on a laptop easily too?08:21
*** jdolan__ has joined #crux08:21
sepenwhy not? also could be good for the comunity if you test the iso08:24
shevyjust booted it, hmm guess i have to find an install instruction :)08:25
shevyi think crux was one of the first distributions years ago i tried out... but i was too much noob back then08:26
treachinstall instructions are available on the cd. (handbook.tx)08:26
sepenI recomend you also via web08:27
shevywell web would be better08:27
sepenIm running crux on all my pc's. also in my new laptop lenovo  without any problem08:27
shevytrying that now08:27
shevybtw not that this is important, but "swapon /dev/hd??" should maybe considered to be changed to "swapon /dev/sd??", seems the more recent linux kernels switched to sd* instead of hd*08:29
treachwell, that's not entirely official yet is it?08:30
thrice`mine is still hd*08:30
treachafaik, lots of "scsi" drivers for pata drivers are still marked "experimental"08:30
shevymaybe its cuz of my laptop?08:30
treachthat would be "sdX"08:30
treachscsi, sata, some pata -> sdX, pata -> hdx08:31
shevy"Go to /usr/src/linux-, configure and compile a new kernel." is that step needed?08:34
treachyes, unless you plan to A) never reboot, or B) want to use another kernel08:35
DarkNekrostreach, sepen has a fastinstall in his web page08:36
DarkNekrostreach, yes, he has. shevy had to copy the kernel modules and the cd kernel into the kernel directories08:37
treachthat's an unsupported, and not recommended method afaik.08:37
sepenshevy, you can use the precompiled kernel provided in the cdrom if you hasn't experienced problem with it and your box08:37
sepenyeah treach08:37
sepenI wrote this only for newbies on kernel compilation08:38
sepeni.e DarkNekros08:38
DarkNekros$cp /boot/{,vmlinuz} /mnt/boot <-copies the cd kernel into the new system08:38
shevyah so there is a precompiled kernel08:38
sepenshevy, the cdrom needs a kernel to boot08:38
DarkNekros$cp -dpR /lib/modules/`uname-r`/kerlnel /mnt/lib/modules/ùname -r`/ <- this copies the kernel modules08:39
DarkNekrosthanks sepen ;)08:39
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sepenshevy, crux is targeted for experienced users, if you don't have idea how to compile the kernel, read about this, I think is not too dificult, but using a kernel precompiled is not a good idea unless you known waht are you doing08:42
shevymy only concern was getting it to run, once installed i can compile kernel or stuff from source just fine :)08:42
sepenok, so sorry08:43
shevyno prob08:43
DarkNekrossepen, I thought that shevy wants to get up a crux system in few steps and after it, compile the kernel and the rest of the stuff, isn't it shevy?08:44
shevywell i think mostly for the "install distribution, reboot" and from that point onward i can work08:45
* sepen shevy to accelerated the process some times I use this 08:45
jaegershevy: I wasn't here when this conversation started but I have crux running on 3 laptops (acer aspire 5050, macbook pro (santa rosa), and sager np-3880v)08:47
sepenhere lenovo V300008:48
jaegerif you want to get up and running as fast as possible, I'd suggest installing the kernel and modules that are used on the install CD and then building your own after reboot08:50
jaegerbut if you're not in a hurry, easier to just build your own before rebooting08:50
jaegerbut it looks like most of this has been said in the logs08:51
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Romstermorning all.10:26
*** mwansa has quit IRC10:26
DarkNekrosafternoon Romster ;)10:26
clickonceYo folks10:27
clickonceAny easy way to get the MAC of a host? I know nmap can do it but I can't figure out how.10:28
* Romster shrugs10:32
Romsterno mater what i've tryed so far i can't get boost to get a working bjam to work..10:33
Romsteron 2.4-rc110:33
*** SantaClaus has joined #crux10:33
SantaClauserm Ho ho ho10:33
SantaClausu r welccome10:34
Romsterand maybe this time doqn't quit so fast?10:34
SantaClausstill have no coloured /etc/issue output /:10:34
Romsterwe were about to answer but you of course already left.10:34
treachoh noes10:34
SantaClausfolks at gentoo could not help me10:34
SantaClausat archlinux not10:34
SantaClausat debian not10:35
*** mwansa has joined #crux10:35
SantaClausate seriousufo or so not10:35
Romstereh what exactly are you trying todo?10:35
SantaClausnobody can help me ):10:35
treachRomster: did you get kde4 working?10:35
Romsternot tested it compiles ok10:35
SantaClaustrying to get a coloured /etc/issue output before getting into a shell10:35
treachah, ok.10:35
Romsteron crux-2.310:35
SantaClauson a GNU/linux10:36
Romsterhave to sort out man pages and stuff, got a bit distracted with other things10:36
SantaClaus (:10:36
Romsterit's all GNU/Linux pretty much.10:36
Romsterso what are you trying to get coloured?10:36
SantaClaus(: <3 i love RMS10:37
jaegersounds like you need a getty-ish program that supports color codes10:37
SantaClausshe s aas fat as me   aha10:37
SantaClausmerry x mas10:38
treachI sometimes think of GNU as GNY.. (which means "whine") :P10:38
Romstergood one.10:38
SantaClausactually i am on archlinux10:39
Romsterthat makes less sense than i do!10:39
Romsterah ok..10:39
SantaClausi will ty to get a running crux 2.4 rc tommorrow10:39
SantaClausor so10:39
SantaClausi am soo noooooob10:39
Romstercrux is for expeareanced users.10:40
mwansaah good cause crux is for n00bs10:40
treach"I are da romseter, I are in ur irc cliennt, eatin yur grammar"10:40
mwansaRomster, really ?10:40
Romsterlol treach10:40
Romstermwansa, heh hi10:40
mwansamorning all10:41
* Romster enjoys my coffee.10:41
SantaClausi do not like how long gcc~~needs to compile therefore i prefer binary distribution10:41
SantaClausi have a 38610:41
SantaClaus133 mhz10:41
thrice`crux never updates glibc / gcc after releases10:41
SantaClaus32 mb ram10:41
treachno way10:42
SantaClausin 7 days10:42
treachnot unless you have some cryogenic cooling on it.10:42
Romsterrun damn small linux or something on that.10:42
SantaClausafter finishing the crux installation i will come back to you10:42
SantaClausmy beloved friends10:42
treachbtw, can a 386 handle 32MB ram?10:43
treachI mean, it's able to adress it.. but is there a mb for it?10:43
SantaClausthe prob is10:43
SantaClausi am 13 and feminine in real10:43
SantaClausjust found the puta in my sisters cellar10:43
Romsteri thought a 386 could only goto 16MB 4x of 5MB 30pin simms.10:43
Romster4x 4MB*10:44
treachRomster: sounds reasonable, but I presume that's more about the mainboard circuits than the cpu.10:44
treachsince the 386DX is fully 32bit10:45
treachcan't you give him a dictionary instead..? =)10:45
Romsteri have one thanks. just my crappy typing.10:45
treach"Grammar for elemntary school"10:45
SantaClaushave to go adieu10:46
*** SantaClaus has left #crux10:46
sepenSantaClaus, I want an automaintainer tool for my ports!!!!!!!!10:46
Romsterthank gawd...10:46
Romsterdon't need another troll in here.10:46
Romstererr well 'a troll'10:47
dokpm0Article on colorized /etc/issue:
dokpm0Google works wonders.10:47
treachmmh, now all it needs to tell you is a reason why bother. :>10:48
Romsterah is that what he was refering too, i couldn't understand him...10:48
dokpm0Oh, never mind, looks like he left.10:48
Romsteryeah he went already10:49
dokpm0Anyway, has anyone else run into a "dbus-launch console keystrokes ignored" problem on CRUX?  Googling for the above search terms, without the quotes, produces lots of messages which describe the problem.  I haven't come across any that give a permanent fix other than to kill any running dbus-launch processes.10:49
Romstercould get some nice effect piping into ccze -A10:50
Romsteri haven't encounted that.10:50
*** mwansa has quit IRC10:51
dokpm0Some of the posts I've come across say it only happens on boxes with more than one CPU.  I haven't confirmed that.  I only have one CPU, but it's hyperthreaded and appears as two CPUs with an SMP enabled kernel.10:51
treachdid you try disabling ht?10:51
Romsterhmm didn't i read someware that HT wasn't as good as it was clamed to be?10:52
dokpm0treach:  No, I haven't tried that.10:52
treachwell, you could try it.10:53
treachI don't mean that as a permanent solution, but at least it gives some more information.10:53
Romsterpuld narroy it down if it is the SMP maybe.10:53
Romsterwould narrow*10:54
treachRomster: sure, in some cases it's not all that it's made out to be, in some cases it helps.10:54
treachon others it actually hurts10:54
treachs on/in10:54
dokpm0treach:  I'm working remotely via SSH right now.  For the moment I've just used the kill dbus-launch fix.  I'll try with/without HT when I'm home and see what happens.10:55
Romsterit's like having preemtion on or off for certain aplications?10:55
dokpm0Oh, and out of the three most recent distros I've used I've seen the problem on CRUX and Wolvix, but not on SMGL.  After I get home I'll compare SMGL's dbus setup to the others and see if that sheds any light on things.10:59
treachdokpm0: are you using 2.3, or the 2.4 rc?11:03
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC11:09
Romsteroh to hell with boost for now i'll mess with that later..11:42
Romstereven with a older gcc  installed in crux 2.4 it still fails.11:43
*** mwansa has joined #crux11:56
dokpm0treach:  Sorry, I ran off to grab lunch.  I'm running 2.3.  I've only tried 2.4-RC1 under VMware so far.12:00
* Romster wonders what i'll test of mine in crux-2.4 other than boost.12:02
Romsterjust did another edit to my chroot script.12:02
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SantaClausi will wait with installation until new 2.4 iso is out12:42
*** SantaClaus has left #crux12:47
*** SantaClaus has joined #crux12:51
SantaClausgnome su12:51
SantaClaussux    pardon*12:51
*** SantaClaus has left #crux12:52
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jaegerglad he popped in just to say gnome sux :P useful14:20
treachyeah, I don't think we've covered that before. :>14:22
*** Rotwang has left #crux14:22
jjpkEveryone has an opinion these days. :D14:23
jjpkActually, the worst part is the need to publicly state the opinion and piss off.14:24
treachhey, looks like you've got an opinion too. ;)14:25
dokpm0Personally I prefer SLiM + either IceWM or XFCE, myself.  :-)14:25
jjpktreach: oh noes! :s14:25
treachdwm ftw. :P14:25
treachfrankly speaking, I feel that using a fullblown DE on crux is kind of missing the point, but what do I know.14:27
jjpkLook at it this way, you are not bound, but you have the option to run it if you are inclined to do so. :p14:32
treachsure. It just an awful lot of compiling for stuff you could just as well grab an ubuntu/suse iso for.14:34
treachpackaged by people with infinitely more resources, and more testing.14:34
jjpkVery true. My issue with using a different distribution is the changes in the base system.14:39
jjpkThe larger, more popular distributions have some overkill setups.14:39
thrice`jaeger is a much better resource than ubuntu :)14:39
treachthrice`: I wasn't bagging him or our kde packagers, but they only go so far.14:40
thrice`they do exactly what they are supposed to14:40
treachplus, being a source based distro makes the number of permutations almost infinite..14:40
thrice`I disagree with your point of "defeating the purpose of crux" simply by preferring a DE to your (crappy) dwm ;)14:41
treachthat's not what I said14:41
thrice`what did you mean by "missing the point" ?14:43
treachI said that it's *kind of* missing the point.  I didn't mean to imply that it was entlrely without merit to do so though.14:44
jjpkSuppose you could think of it as a slight conflict with simplicity. :p14:49
treachdepending on your definition of simple, I guess. ;)14:49
thrice`just a slightly larger version :)14:52
*** SantaClaus has joined #crux15:03
RedShiftRomster: haven't seen prologic yet?15:03
SantaClausRomster: your calc has a novell emblem on it15:05
RomsterRedShift, nope... i'm hopng he fixes the darn issue this weekend.15:05
Romsterhave't got in contect yet.15:06
Romsteri'll ring him again today.15:06
*** SantaClaus has left #crux15:06
Romsterwtf is up with that cunt15:06
jjpkAn attention deprived junkie? Who knows.15:07
RedShiftyou weren't able to reach him by phone?15:07
RedShiftmaybe something happened to him15:07
Romsterdunno RedShift15:07
treachjjpk: well, if he were after attention he should stay a bit longer, no?15:07
treachs were/was15:08
Romsterand he is on but not on a channel, wtf..15:08
Romsteri was gonna troll on his channels.15:09
jjpktreach: possibly with severe ADHD as well :D15:10
Romstergcc 4.2.2 has gome some crap that needs sorting out on some packages before even crux 2.4 is released.15:12
RomsterABI changes etc.15:12
treachgome some -> some some? ;D15:12
Romstergot some*15:13
* Romster can't think...15:13
*** boe has quit IRC15:27
*** rodge has joined #crux15:30
*** MzOzD has joined #crux15:33
RedShiftABI changes?15:34
RedShiftisn't gcc 4.2.2 supposed to be a stable release or something?15:34
RedShiftdamn those GNU folks15:34
treachyeah, damn them all to hell. If you forgive me, I'll be busy for a while over here trying to install my free copy of visual studio.15:36
jjpkAnother batch of m$ fanboys, great...16:01
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:02
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:02
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan16:02
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:03
treachjjpk: sometimes the GNU heads reminds me of what Winston Churchill said about democracy. :/16:03
jjpkThe supposed lesser evil.16:04
treachie, "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried"16:04
*** jdolan__ has quit IRC16:05
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:12
*** olaf_ has joined #crux16:19
jjpkpanic. hah.16:19
olaf_Hi all.16:19
olaf_I have a new idea for the network init scripts / "config files" for crux and I need users who tell me their opinion/feedback. They are tested and work fine for me.16:21
olaf_Is anyone interested in checking them out and telling me what he/she thinks of it?16:21
olaf_And btw: why is the forum site not working?16:22
treachit wasn't official, never was, and probably never will be16:22
olaf_actually I wanted to post a thread,  but is not working for me.16:22
treachthe mailinglist is were the action is16:23
olaf_and is there another forum?16:23
olaf_yes, but the ML is sooo official16:23
rehabdollirc is not :)16:23
treacholaf_:  was that sarcasm?16:23
olaf_first, I wanna hear the opinion of a normal user, before I get smacked the fuck down by the devs16:23
jjpkNonsense. Post it to the ML and see what happens.16:24
olaf_no I mean it man16:24
olaf_Im scared16:24
treachdon't worry, we normal users are pretty good at smacking things down as well. :p16:24
rehabdollnow _I_ cant wait to tear you a new one :)16:24
olaf_nooo, we too smart for that.16:24
olaf_only devs and total nuubs/trolls can smack it down16:24
olaf_we are sort of in the middle16:25
treachwell, the devs *are* here..16:25
treachso no hiding. :D16:25
olaf_okok. ill write a very short email to the ML and get the f*ck outta here, before they can smack me....16:26
Rotwangrun olaf run!16:26
jjpkReminds me of a saying, a cat wants its fish but it dislikes getting wet.16:27
rehabdollwrap the cat in plastic16:27
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC16:27
rehabdollcome on! post already16:30
* rehabdoll tails .procmail.log16:30
RomsterRedShift, look in /usr/include/c++/4.2.2/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bits/c++config.h line 14716:33
Romsteri guess the ABI is stable just they now depreciated more stuff and slack programers haven't moved to the new stuff.16:36
jjpkrehabdoll: having a slight apetite for blood today? :D16:45
Romsterseems to be std namespaces have been seperated into std and ext..16:51
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:51
Romsterso i guess i need to define something to use the depreciated ABI16:52
olaf_ok, email it out. I hope I have not too many typos in it16:53
*** SantaClaus has joined #crux16:56
SantaClauswooohoo i am back16:56
SantaClausstill with a non coloured /etc/issue output16:57
SantaClaus /:16:57
*** SantaClaus has left #crux16:57
jjpkand there was much rejoicing.16:58
Romsterman he is starting to get on my nerves..16:59
jjpkIt exists for a reason.16:59
Romsteryeah good idea.. best not to feed the troll16:59
rehabdoll+b also exists for a reason :)17:00
Romsterg-line :P17:00
Rotwangolaf_f: interesting, but personally i think that its not necessery17:01
sepenhow I should use /ignore to avoid Santa comments?17:01
RyoS/ignore SantaClaus ALL17:03
Romsterignore SantaClaus!*@* I thought..17:03
RyoSshould come out to the same i guess17:03
rehabdollor /ignore *@*.de :D17:04
RyoSoh thats a win17:04
RyoS100 internets for rehabdoll17:04
*** onestep has joined #crux17:35
*** olaf_ has quit IRC17:37
*** dokpm0 has quit IRC18:01
Romsterhere is my issue.18:05
Romsterthe interface for atomic builtins was adjusted, creating simpler alternatives for non-threaded code paths. Also, usage was consolidated and all elements were moved from namespace std to namespace__gnu_cxx. Affected interfaces are the functions __exchange_and_add, __atomic_add, and the objects __mutex, __recursive_mutex, and __scoped_lock.18:05
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC18:08
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:08
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux18:09
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:09
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*** rodge has quit IRC18:27
*** RedShift has joined #crux18:29
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*** dokpm0 has joined #crux19:06
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*** roliveira has joined #crux19:17
*** shevy has left #crux19:17
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*** dokpm0 has joined #crux19:33
Romsteryay figured out the solution to boost building on gcc 4.2.219:52
treach...and then there were much rejoicing.19:54
*** ubitux has joined #crux19:55
ubituxI'm trying to install Crux for the first time, and this is what I have when I boot on : "atkbd.c:Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying access hardware directly"19:55
ubituxit repeats it indefinitly19:55
ubituxevery second19:55
ubituxjust after a kernel panic I can't read (no time)19:56
ubitux(just see "kernel panic")19:56
treachhm. I would guess the panic is related to something else19:56
ubituxlike ?19:56
treachno clue, you need the stuff you didn't see. :)19:57
treacha keyboard controller shouldn't sink the system though, so I'd rule that out19:57
ubitux(it's a laptop)19:58
treachis it a laptop?19:58
treachmodel, brand?19:58
ubituxSamsung R5519:58
ubituxruns Archlinux and FreeBSD19:58
ubituxand I guess Windows XP19:58
treachwell, if it runs arch, there's no reason it wouldn't run crux, obviously19:59
ubituxthe only issue I have with arch is with hal... but I don't think it depends on Archlinux20:00
treachstrange really. did you make sure your cd is ok?20:00
ubituxthe iso is correct, but I don't know how to check if the burn is ok20:00
treachmd5sum /dev/cdrom should do the trick20:00
Romsteri'm guessing it be the pty respawning too fast issue?20:00
ubituxmd5sum /dev/cdrom => input/output error, even if I precise a head -c [iso_size]20:01
ubituxdon't know20:01
ubituxI'm trying to burn it again, I'll see20:01
treachubitux: if you're using 2.3 release,20:01
treachjaeger has an updated iso you could use instead20:01
ubituxyou should have a md5sum check on the boot CD20:01
ubituxI'm using the last one, 2.320:02
treach yes. but our excellent matt housh provides an updated iso20:02
ubituxI'm going to burn it, I'll see20:02
ubituxwhat differences ?20:02
Romsterah yeah it's basicly doing the prt-get sysup20:03
*** mwansa has quit IRC20:03
treachnewer packages mainly, slighty different boot20:03
Romsterif oyu do a ports -u then a prt-get diff, you'll see whats out of date20:03
ubituxis there anyway to do an "FTP install:" ?20:03
treachtry that one instead.20:03
Romsterthat other cd is rebuilt once a while to keep it more upto date.20:03
ubituxok, I'm trying it20:04
Romsterubitux, there is a net install iso there too.20:04
ubituxoh ?20:04
ubituxI didnt find it on the site20:04
ubituxIve got it20:04
ubituxthanks Romster20:04
Romsterread on the page20:04
treachubitux: it's not official isos. it's matt's private contributions.20:05
ubituxyep I see20:05
Romsterbut it works well.20:05
treachyeah, considering the "updated iso" thingy is set to merge with the official set at 2.4 it can't be crappy. :P20:06
ubituxthat's not a problem :)20:06
ubituxjust a question before I start the installation... is there a network profiles manager ?20:07
treachno, not unless you install one.20:07
Romstertreach, yeah20:08
Romsterhandbook says how to edit /etc/rc.d/net20:08
treachthat's totally not what he was asking for..20:09
nipuLyou could just make a heap of net.PROFILE_NAME scripts20:09
ubituxRomster, I would like to have, at startup, the choice between differents connections20:09
ubitux(I'm using a laptop)20:09
ubituxyes of course20:09
ubituxI'll do it20:09
treachput a script in the start up array that let's you chose20:09
nipuLcan rc script be interactive?20:10
nipuLi've never tried20:10
ubituxthere is an interactive one on archlinux20:10
treachwell. I guess it can.. at least everything just stops if ntpd doesn't reach anything.20:10
ubituxdon't know if it's an rc script20:10
Romsteror maybe run dhcp?20:10
nipuLi imagine /etc/rc could be, but the rc.d scripts hide output20:11
RomsternipuL, maybe throw something in rc.local20:11
nipuLthat too20:11
nipuLbetter than hacking rc20:12
treachyeah. makes more sense20:12
ubituxthe netinstall-latest of Jaeger seems to work20:12
ubituxthanks :)20:12
Romsterfor once i make sense *gags*20:12
Romsterubitux, your welcome.20:13
nipuLdepends on if anything in SERVICES is going to require net20:13
nipuLor is rc.local run before the rc.d scripts20:13
Romsteri think rc.local is ran last.20:13
* treach feels like he's an brittish MP. :P20:14
*** treach has left #crux20:14
nipuLsevere punishments for geography teachers?20:15
*** treach has joined #crux20:15
nipuLobscure black adder reference20:16
ubituxwhy reiserfs is recommanded ?20:17
nipuLgot to recommend something20:17
treachbecause that part of the handbook is pretty old20:17
treachafaik, there's nothing wrong with reiser, but that's one of those things that seem to cause endless debates, so just pick one. ;)20:19
Romsteri'm on ext3 but it's slowish disable atime.20:19
treachok, could we leave this particulary dead horse alone?20:19
Romstermaybe the handbook should be altered to pick one that the kernel supports.20:20
treachit does20:20
treachafaik the support for reiser isn't removed20:20
Romsteroh then i haven't read it in a long time.20:21
nipuLcan i tell everyone what fs i use?20:22
ubituxfat16 ? ^^20:22
nipuLperhaps we can discuss text editors next20:23
treachheh, and then window managers. :P20:23
ubituxvim powa :p20:23
ubituxcan i put the / partition in ext3 ? (/boot is not on other partition)20:24
treachas long as you don't try putting it on a fat partition..20:25
ubituxok x)20:25
ubituxpretty nice the boot in 1024x76820:25
ubituxI like it20:26
*** lasso has quit IRC20:27
ubituxmmmh where is located the setup script ?20:29
ubitux"Type setup to start the package installation script. The script will ask where you mounted your new root partition and which packages you want to install. Just select the packages you want and nothing else will be installed. However, I recommend at least installing all the packages marked core."20:29
ubituxthere is not setup in the PATH20:29
treachnot sure, I don't remember the dir layout.20:31
ubituxI dont find somthing on the CD20:31
ubituxmaybe it's because it's a net install...20:31
Romsterhope you typed setup and not run the settup helper to mount and chroot.20:32
Romsteruntill /after/20:32
ubituxI just typed "setup"20:32
ubitux-> command not found20:32
treachanyway, I'm off to bed. gotta preform a post-mortem later. :/20:32
Romstertreach, O_o20:32
ubituxok, thx good night20:32
treach(computer let said poof and let out the magic smoke )20:33
treachnot a human ;D20:33
Romsterah phew..20:33
treachanyways, good night. :)20:33
*** treach has left #crux20:33
ubituxcan I skip the "setup" part ?20:33
Romsterubitux, not sure there should be a setup.20:33
Romsterit's needed to install packages..20:34
Romsterunless you wanna pkgadd all of crux/core at least20:34
ubituxok I've got it20:34
Romsterto mnt/20:34
Romsterah was named diferently..20:35
Romsterof course..20:35
ubituxthanks to "find / -name "*setup*"20:35
Romsteradn ah yeah it don't have the packages on the cd on the netinstall either,,,20:35
Romsteruseally can do /usr/bin/ <tab> <tab>20:35
Romsteroff a cd or something.20:36
ubituxit could be anywhere :p20:36
Romsterunless there is a million files.20:36
Romstersbin useally.20:36
ubituxoh no... the card driver is not loaded :s20:36
Romstermodprobe device20:38
ubituxdo you know where I can find the module ?20:38
ubituxI don't know the name of the module20:38
ubituxok that's it20:39
ubituxI've got it :p20:39
Romsterls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/source/net/20:39
Romsteruseally <<20:39
ubituxthanks :)20:40
ubituxhow can I ping... without ping ?20:40
ubituxjust to check if it's okay20:40
Romsterisn't ping on the install cd?20:40
ubituxno ^^20:40
ubituxit's okay20:40
Romsterlol that's lovely..20:40
ubituxi've wget :p20:40
ubituxworks well x)20:41
Romstercould even do curl url..20:41
ubituxcurl: command not found20:41
Romsterwell that's minimal <<20:42
ubituxbut I like it :)20:42
Romstercould of had ping though.20:42
Romstershould ask him that.20:43
ubituxthe installer is setting up some packages, could I make them later without select them one by one ?20:43
Romsteryou can get all of core and and do the rest later.20:46
ubituxyes that's what I'm doing20:46
Romsterjust make sure you got pkgutils and prt-get and ports installed so you can <<20:46
ubituxI just get the core set20:46
Romsteri think there all in core now.20:46
ubituxI'll see it later20:46
Romsterused to have soem in opt.20:46
Romsteroh and ppoope and wvdial if you need one of them..20:46
Romsterout of opt.20:47
ubituxtoo late, I'll see it later20:47
ubituxpppoe ? what for ?20:47
Romstercan always rerun setup.20:47
Romsterif you are on dsl.20:47
ubituxmmmh... I use a router20:47
Romstereasy enough then.20:47
Romsterit's fun forgeting then haing to go though the cd again.20:48
ubituxin which country do you live ?20:48
ubituxok :)20:48
ubituxvim in "core"... yeah \o/20:49
Romsterlater if you want xorg run "prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg"20:51
Romsterthen find a wm/de you want.20:51
ubituxthis is the command needed to install a package ?20:51
Romsterenable core repo in /etc/ports/ etc it's all in the handbook.20:51
ubituxyep I'm reading the handbook, don't worry :)20:52
Romsterprt-get is a front end that handles dependencys it calles pkgmk and then pkgadd20:52
ubituxok :)20:52
Romsterit's a nice system once ya get the hang of it.20:54
Romsterman rejmerge too very handy.20:54
ubituxmmmh nice !20:55
ubituxthanks :)20:55
Romsterthis distro rocks don't it.20:59
ubituxI like it for the moment :)20:59
ubituxI'll after the third kernel panic20:59
ubituxI'll see*21:00
Romstersometimes bad config or could be anything else.21:11
Romsteri've had my list of problems too mainly user mistakes <<21:11
ubituxyep :)21:12
ubituxISA Bridge: Intel Corporation 82801GBMm do you know what is it for ?21:14
Romsteri doubt you need anything ISA unless it's a old computer.21:14
ubituxok :)21:14
Romsteri'd disable the isa subsystem21:15
ubituxme too now21:20
ubituxmake all21:58
ubituxlet's go :)21:58
Romsteri jsut type make all is always ran in most cases.22:02
ubituxmake all -> done22:03
ubituxmake modules_install -> done22:03
ubituxlet's have a look to the lilo conf...22:04
ubituxlilo conf22:04
ubituxMissing Operating system \o/22:07
ubituxbad lilo.conf ^^22:07
dokpm0ubitux: after the make all/make modules_install did you copy the kernel and to /boot and edit lilo.conf and replace the comments with your boot device and root partition?22:11
ubituxbut I never configure lilo22:12
ubituxI think I did a mistake22:12
Romsterubitux, need a hand with lilo?22:13
ubituxmmmh yes, have you got an example ?22:13
Romsterdid oyu copy bzImage and to /boot?22:13
Romsteryep on my running system22:13
ubituxI've a simple installation22:13
ubituxjust Crux22:13
RomsterbzImage to /boot/vmlinux ?22:13
ubitux3 partition on /dev/hda22:13
ubituxyes I think so22:13
ubitux/ on /dev/hda22:14
Romsteri'll run the commands so oyu can verify22:14
ubituxso, very simple22:14
ubituxI've got 2 files in /boot22:14 dans vmlinux22:14
dokpm0The example lilo.conf that comes with CRUX uses vmlinuz instead of vmlinux.22:15
Romstercp /boot/ (i actually make it /boot/ if you'll have mroe than one kernel to boot off)22:15
ubituxdokpm0, omg thanks22:15
Romstercp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz22:15
ubituxRomster, yes this is fine I did it22:16
Romstereither will work as long as it's set in lilo22:16
ubituxdokpm0 is right I'm changing it22:16
ubituxsame :s22:17
ubituxwtf -_-22:17
ubituxRomster, can you paste your lilo.conf please ?22:17
ubituxwhat is it for ?22:19
Romsteryou'll have to simplify it a bit22:19
Romsterman the lilo.conf if you not sure or look up
dokpm0ubitux, I've put a sample lilo.conf at
Romsteris mine to complex to simplify?22:21
ubituxno it's okay :)22:21
ubituxit's strange22:21
ubituxI've exactly the same as dokpm0 one22:21
Romsterdon't forget to edit /etc/fstab too before running lilo22:21
ubituxokay ^^22:22
Romsteryeah i've got a little mroe advanced with a few kernels.22:22
Romsteror it won't find boot :P22:22
ubituxI've totally forget it22:22
Romsterlol good thing i remidned.22:22
Romsterbest to read the order of the editing but i tend todo it in my own order.22:23
ubituxI'm stupid, it's written in the handbook22:23
* ubitux slaps ubitux with a large trout22:23
* dokpm0 just had some steelhead trout for dinner a few minutes ago.22:24
Romsterdokpm0, the irony..22:24
Romsterdokpm0, how long have you been a crux user for?22:25
Romstercan't remember seeing your nickname here that long.22:25
dokpm0Romster, a few days.  I started trying it out under VMware earlier this week and switched my home desktop box to it last night.22:26
ubituxare you sure we need to put a line for usb device in the fstab ??22:27
Romsterah so quite a expeareanced linux user? was it oyu that said you came from a mix of bsd and arch or something?22:27
Romsterubitux, yes22:27
ubituxI never see that type of line in others distro...22:28
Romstershm tmp usb is required.22:28
ubituxshm ?22:28
Romsterusb flash drives etc <<22:28
Romstershm shared memory22:28
Romstershm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      022:28
Romstertmp                    /tmp      tmpfs     defaults               0      022:28
Romsterusb                    /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults               0      022:28
ubitux/dev/pts ?22:29
ubituxno ?22:29
dokpm0Romster: I started with Slackware back in the 1.xx kernel days.  From there I ran Mandrake for a few years, then Gentoo for a few years.  Recently I've been trying distros left and right under VMware.22:29
ubituxif I put /proc do I need to put usb ?22:29
Romsterdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      022:29
Romsternone                   /sys      sysfs     defaults               0      022:29
Romsternone                   /proc     proc      defaults               0      022:29
Romstermost of them lines should be in the just commented out.22:30
dokpm0Oh, and I have FreeBSD running on my web/mail server.  I think I mentioned a night or three ago that CRUX reminded me of a cross between Slackware and FreeBSD.22:31
Romsterubitux, you see how much other distros hide stuff now?22:31
ubituxlol Romster x)22:31
Romsteryeah i read that forgot it was you that said it.22:31
ubituxmissing operating system....22:32
ubituxwhat do I forgot Oo22:32
ubituxmaybe there is something on the masterboot record22:32
Romsterah it was Slackware and FreeBD22:32
ubituxI had freeBSD before install Crux22:32
ubituxsomething wrong ?22:33
Romsteri'll patebin my fstab but it'll be diferent to what you use..22:33
ubituxI didn't run lilo...22:34
ubituxso stupid...22:34
Romsteryeah you must run lilo...22:34
Romstermy fstab is messy but it works.22:34
ubituxbig one22:34
Romsteruse it as a guide.22:34
sepen /dev/uba1       /media/usbdisk  vfat     noauto,users,gid=100,umask=002,exec 0 022:36
sepenman mount to see options and etc.22:36
Romsteruba1 O_o22:37
ubituxit boots \o/22:37
sepenno idea22:37
ubituxor not22:38
sepenRomster, my ub* are asigned to frontal usb slots22:38
Romsterubitux, it should unless you did a bobo did runing lilo say no errors?22:38
Romstersepen, ah ok22:38
Romsternever seen that prefix.22:38
Romsteryour own udev rule?22:39
sepencould be the motherboard?22:39
ubituxlilo returns no error22:39
sepenreally I've no idea bout22:39
dokpm0ubitux, lilo does take a little getting used to.  After you get lilo working and boot into CRUX be sure to rerun lilo if you every recompile your kernel, even if you copy the new kernel over the existing one with the same name.  When you run lilo it records the physical disk location of the kernel.22:39
ubituxINIT: version 2.86 booting22:39
ubituxThe system is coming up. Please wait22:39
ubituxthis is okay22:40
ubituxbut then...22:40
ubituxI think I've something wrong in my fstab :22:40
ubituxmount: can't find / in /etc/fstab ^^22:40
Romsteryep you didn't add a root point...22:41
dokpm0Of course, when testing a new kernel, it's alwasy best to keep a copy of the old kernel and set up lilo entries for both just in case.22:41
ubituxdon't hit me ^^22:41
Romsterdokpm0,and use lilo -R newkernelname22:41
ubituxok dokpm022:41
Romstercan reboot easy that way of course there is the tab key too.22:42
dokpm0ubitux, you can just boot the install cd again, mount your root partition under /mnt and edit /mnt/fstab.22:42
Romsterduring lilo boot.22:42
Romsterthen run lilo and reboot again.22:42
ubituxdokpm0, yes it's the 42nd time I did it ^^22:42
* Romster headdesks22:42
Romsterwell my problem ages ago was i forgot to set a boot flag :P22:43
Romsteri had type 83 for swap and 82 for root but i forgot the bloody boot flag :P22:43
ubituxoh my god... last time I edited /etc/fstab... and not /mnt/etc/fstab... -_-22:44
ubituxshame on me22:44
* Romster dies22:44
Romsterno wonder...22:44
dokpm0ubitux, it would be /etc/fstab after you've chrooted into the new install.  If you're just booting from the install CD to fix your fstab you can either run setup-chroot and edit /etc/fstab or skip running setup-chroot and edit /mnt/etc/fstab.22:45
Romsterbut you need to chroot run the chroot helper then ya can edit /etc/fstab on the hdd << then run lilo, can't run lilo if you haven't chrooted over.22:45
ubituxdokpm0, I thought I chroot myself22:46
Romsteri had todo the slow way 4 lines i think it was then chroot..22:46
ubituxbut it wasn't22:46
Romsteroh man..22:46
ubitux(escuse my english ^^)22:46
Romsterno wonder <<22:46
Romstergiggle worthy22:46
Romstersorry but that mistake was a classic.22:47
ubituxit woooorks22:48
ubituxno kernel panic22:48
* dokpm0 experiences excitement!!22:49
ubituxI've got a boot.0300 in /boot22:50
ubituxis it normal ?22:50
dokpm0ubitux, if you prefer to see all the kernel messages, you can remove the append="quite" line from your lilo.conf, and rerun lilo.  I started to mention that earlier when you were posting the boot play-by-play.22:50
Romsterthats the current boot a temp file or it's what lilo creates i forget.22:50
ubituxdokpm0, ok thanks :)22:50
Romsterjust comment it out if you ever need too.22:51
*** pitillo has quit IRC22:54
ubituxI love Crux...22:55
ubituxI just fall in love :)22:55
ubituxlet's have a look to the ports system now...22:56
dokpm0ubutux, if you're going to compile from ports(either to upgrade or install), take a look at: - I had problems with some ports failing to download until I added a SourceForge mirror to my /etc/hosts file as described on that page.23:02
ubituxubitux doesn't come from ubuntu... so please don't call me ubutux ^^23:03
ubituxok thanls23:03
dokpm0s/ubutux/ubitux/ - sorry.  My fingers got tongue tied.  I've never used Ubuntu, either.23:05
ubituxok :)23:06
ubituxno soucy x)23:06
ubituxI really like the default root prompt in Crux23:06
ubituxit's a KISS one x)23:07
Romsteryeah can edit it to what you like too.23:10
Romsterin /etc/profile23:10
ubituxyes I know23:11
*** Romster has quit IRC23:18
*** Romster has joined #crux23:19
ubituxthere is not a lot of packages ^^23:32
ubituxis there a community repository with [a lot of] another packages ?23:32
ubituxmmmh contrib23:35
Romsteryeah contrib23:36
Romsterand there is private repositorys too.23:36
Romsterya can get there file and drop it into /etc/ports/ too.23:37
Romsterand edit /etc/prt-get.conf23:37
Romsterbe aware private repos are just that <<23:38
sepenthen use prt-get search to find ports23:38
Romsterafter doing a ports -u23:38
sepenif the port your are looking for is not listed then use newly the portdb23:38
ubituxthanks a lot23:38
Romsterand if it's not there then it's a mater of making one.23:38
Romsterdamn weak symbools in c++23:39
Romsterthis new gcc is fun..23:39
Romsteralthough i like the idea of having less symbols in c++ code.23:40

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