IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-12-15

ubituxno exaile in contrib :)00:01
Romsterif it's handy to me i'll throw it in there00:02
Romsterhnc has it..00:03
Romsteranother audio player...00:03
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ubituxI don't understand the handbook ; how can I build xorg from the ports >00:05
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ubituxI did a pkgmk -i in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg00:05
ubituxit didn't do a lot of things00:06
Romsterthat's silly00:06
Romsterprt-get depisnt --install-scripts xorg00:06
Romsterprt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg00:06
ubituxmmmh... thanks...00:07
Romsterof course your command you did wouldn't <<00:07
Romsterpkgmk does not handle dependencys.00:07
Romsterprt-get does but isn't the only front end to pkgutils.00:07
Romsteri'll have a play with that player i got the stuff it needs installed.00:08
ubituxoh just before I start building, where can I specify CFLAGS and co ?00:08
Romsterthere in /etc/pkgmk.conf00:08
ubituxok thanks00:08
Romsterif i like that player you'll see it in contrib in awhile <<00:09
ubituxI've a laptop core 2, is there something better than -march=i686 ?00:09
ubituxRomster, ok :)00:09
ubituxthanks :)00:09
ubituxit's an amarok like00:10
ubituxin GTK :p00:10
Romstermaybe what did oyu use for the kernel?00:11
Romsteruname -a00:11
ubituxi686 i686 k38600:11
ubituxi686 i686 i38600:11
Romsterdamn that don't say much00:11
ubituxyes xD00:11
Romsterok look in /proc00:11
ubituxcpuinfo ?00:12
Romstercat /proc/cpuinfo00:12
ubituxGenuine Intel00:12
Romsterp what?00:13
Romstermodel name00:13
ubituxGenuine Intel(R) CPU00:14
Romsterany other info like is it a desktop/laptop or something..00:16
ubituxit's a laptop00:16
ubituxcore 2 duo00:16
ubituxno more info :p00:16
ubituxmaybe I disable too much options in the kernel :p00:17
Romsterlooking hang on.00:17
Romsterdid you set your kernel to prescott?00:19
RomsterCFLAGS="-march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"00:19
Romsterand CXXFLAGS the same.00:20
ubituxmmmh no I didn't do that...00:20
ubituxI set to Core 200:20
Romsterah that be ok too.00:20
ubituxok thanks I'm trying it00:20
Romstercore 2/prescott00:20
Romsterfor best speed.00:20
ubituxI select Core 2/Xeon if I remember well00:20
Romsteryep that be right.00:21
Romsterso set them flags and run that command to install xorg. then the fun of finding what video card you have.00:22
ubituxI'm actually in the kernel menu and I can't find Prescott :s00:22
ubituxI know which one I have00:23
ubituxI've a 7400 Go Force00:23
ubituxI need proprietary drivers00:23
Romsterah geforce00:23
Romsterthat's covered <<00:23
Romsterafter xorg is installed prt-get depinst nvidia00:23
ubituxno " --install-scripts" ?00:24
Romsternot if there is no pre/post install scripts.00:24
Romsternot all ports have them00:24
ubituxhow can I check if there is or not ?00:24
Romsterprt-get info ...00:24
ubituxok x)00:25
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg00:25
ubituxI'll do a man prt-get soon00:25
Romsterwill show whats installed and what will be installed if you did a depinst.00:25
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Romsteryeah good to read up.00:25
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ubituxI stop the compilation of xorg because I change my CFLAGS. I run it again, is it going to remake all the depencies already made ?00:30
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Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`00:33
Romsterthat will ^00:33
Romsterthen run the origional command.00:34
ubituxI really need to read the man ^^00:34
Romsterit's a bit more advanced but that'll do what you need.00:34
* Romster hacks at exaile pkgfile00:35
Romstermainly fining all the dependencys.00:36
ubituxthere is some additionnal package very usefull00:36
Romsteri like things to just work with a depinstall00:36
ubitux(to fetch lyrcis for example)00:36
Romsteri'm looking at the requirments.00:36
Romsteryeah most of them are on my system00:36
Romsterand if i can't find one i'll make it.00:37
ubituxthanks :o00:38
ubituxmmmmmh... do you know the package "gaupol" :D00:39
ubituxI'm kidding, don't worry about that package :_00:39
ubituxbefore use prt-get update `ptr-get quickdiff`, I suppose I need to do a ports -u, no ?00:45
Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`00:46
Romsterports -u if you haven't already.00:46
ubituxno I'm just talking about a simple update of my system00:46
Romsterports -u; prt-get cache; prt-get sysup00:47
ubituxok :)00:47
Romsteri useally do prt-get diff,, to see what would be updated.00:47
ubituxok :)00:47
ubituxif there an equivalent of something like : prt-get -fr `ports -l` ?00:49
ubituxbecause there is a lot of packages installed in core when I set up Crux I would like to build myself :)00:51
ubituxand as I don't remember the listm I was wondering if there were a way to rebuild all my packages00:52
Romsterhmm exaile dosn't look to visual but if it works good. i got it open now.01:12
ubituxwhat means the "<<" you put every time ?01:13
ubituxdosn't look to visual >> huh ?01:13
Romstersly look01:13
ubituxoh okay :)01:14
Romsterascii face like :) that01:14
ubitux<_< ? :)01:14
Romstersame just looking the other way.01:14
ubituxok :)01:14
Romsterdo you want to rebuild core?01:15
Romsterso it's using your new cflags?01:15
ubituxmmmh yes01:15
Romstercd /usr/ports/core01:15
Romsterrm -rf gcc glibc binutils < if you don't wanna wait forever not much point recompiling the tool chain.01:16
Romsterpkgmk -r && pkgmk -uf && pkgmk -u01:17
ubituxprt-get -fr `ls /usr/ports/core`01:17
ubituxthat's not possible ?01:17
Romsteryeah that would work too but01:17
Romsterprt-get -fr `ls --color-never /usr/ports/core`01:18
Romster--color-never on ls or it'll mess up01:18
Romster--color=never on ls or it'll mess up01:18
Romsterprt-get -fr `ls --color=never /usr/ports/core`01:18
ubituxok ok ^^01:18
ubituxthanks :)01:18
Romsterdamn typo..01:18
ubituxI'm going to sleep01:39
ubituxsee youm thanks for help01:39
ubitux(I'll be back in few hours)01:39
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Romsterhi DarkNekros04:25
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DarkNekroshi Romster ;)06:00
Romsterslow reply :)06:02
DarkNekrosI was out home06:03
RomsterRedShift, i got a call bak from prologic earlier droped ip block and geting a new one and hopes to be back online by mid week.06:04
RedShiftno shit :O06:05
RedShiftnice provider he has06:05
Romsteryeah wtf why i dunno.06:05
Romsteri think he might of switched isp's06:05
Romsterhe never said..06:05
Romsterbut i assume that he had said about changing before.06:05
Romsterbut bloody hell dosn't inform me only rings me after i try to ring him.06:06
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ubituxThe package 'fluxbox' could not be found....07:48
roliveirahey guys any major changes since the rc1?07:52
jjpkMajor changes and crux do not really belong in the same line. :D08:01
roliveira:), just wanted to know if any bugs were found and eliminated since the rc1...08:05
tilmanxorg dependencies for the setup script were broken08:06
tilmanbut the other changes are rather boring08:06
jjpkThere's the answer from the horse's mouth.08:06
roliveira:D, thanks08:07
ubituxthere is this in the FAQ : "Install httpup and put the corresponding .httpup file in your /etc/ports directory. Running ports -u should now make the ports available in /usr/ports/<repository>. If you are using prt-get, you might want to add the port directory to /etc/prt-get.conf e.g. prtdir /path/to/repository."m what do I need to put in the .httpup file ?08:28
ubituxhttpup sync fluxbox << this ?08:28
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rehabdollputting a httpup file in /etc/ports makes you "subscribe" to all ports, running "httpup sync.." only download that port09:48
ubituxyep thanks I found it09:49
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Rotwangis it better to add file separately (i.e. *.desktop) or onclude it in the Pkgfile?11:35
thrice`check out the xchat Pkgfile - that does it nicely11:35
Rotwangok, thx11:40
Rotwangi added new teewars 0.3 if anyone interested :)11:42
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Man0l0I'm trying to update pkhutils to 5.30.0-1 but it fails to compile12:14
Man0l0any idea ?12:15
thrice`probably need to install libarchive12:15
thrice`prt-get depends pkgutils - anything missing?12:15
Man0l0but sysup takes care of depends, or no ?12:16
thrice`no, it wont' find new dependencies12:17
Man0l0thrice, it worked, thanks !!12:17
thrice`sure thing12:18
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ARCKEDAAww, there we go.12:58
ARCKEDAThe crux project is not intrested in Webhosting a new design, or an Search Engine Optimization is it?  Apperently I am not supposed to say this in #crux-devel.12:59
tilmanyou want to redesign
ARCKEDAWe offer that to.13:12
RyoSwhos that?13:12
ARCKEDAMe and my company.13:12
ARCKEDAWe also offer Search Engine Optimiation.13:13
tilmanwe don't have money anyway13:13
tilmancrux is merely a hobby for all of us :P13:13
ARCKEDASince you have such a large page rank.13:13
ARCKEDAWe could do it for free.13:13
ARCKEDAProvided a link back to us.13:13
ARCKEDAHow many visitors do you get every month?13:14
tilmanno idea :p13:14
ARCKEDAFind out.13:16
ARCKEDADo you know who I should talk to?s13:19
dokpm0Personally I think CRUX's web site looks fine the way it is.  It's clean and simple, like CRUX itself.  Personally I'd chosen a different shade of blue for the penguin, but that's probably just me.13:21
dokpm0s/chosen/have chosen/13:22
ARCKEDASo you guys aren't looking for hosting either?13:22
Rotwangi like teh shade of blue, but someone could do this penguin with transparent background13:24
ARCKEDAHeh, guess not.13:25
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nfmipanybody know how to make powermac g4 (sawtooth) to do auto power-on, i.e auto back to live after power failure? thx13:55
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tilmanzsh: command not found: cvs16:44
tilmani've managed to survive with cvs for 3 weeks16:44
jjpkHad enough? :D16:45
tilmani just didn't need it until now16:45
jjpkI still have cvs installed.16:48
jjpkIt does not get used though :D16:48
jjpkIt really is in a steep decline imo.16:49
jjpksvn and git have more or less taken over lately. :p16:49
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RyoSwtf is up with core ports for 2.3? :O17:20
RyoSupdate failed with TONS of files not found17:20
Romsteri get that ocasionally17:21
Romsterrun it again17:22
Romsteri'm guessing it's at the exact time it's updated out of git17:22
Romsteri've had it happen to opt and xorg too17:22
RyoSyeah worked now17:22
Romstershould have a catch for that error to stop trying to get all the files.17:24
tilmani thought i had fixed that crap17:25
Romsternope, i thought it was just my issue, but apparently not since RyoS got it.17:26
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Romstertilman, i've got a fix for boost for contrib-2.4 but if i update 2,4 from 2.3 then edit boost and later update 2.4 from 2.3 it'll overwrite the commit in boost on 2.4?17:27
tilmanno, it will not overwrite it17:28
tilmanif there's a conflict later you'll have to resolve it though17:28
jaegerwhat's causing that, anyway? are they getting removed on the server and repopulated?17:28
jaegerrsync --delete deletes first, then copies, maybe that's why17:28
tilmanthe current script works as folows17:28
tilmanextract contents to temporary directory17:29
tilmanrename old directory to foo17:29
tilmanrename directry with new contents to the.real.thing17:29
tilmandelete foo17:29
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jaegerwonder what the deal is, then... I can't imagine that's that slow a process17:29
Romstertilman, ah good most likely will only be a version bump if anything to boost in 2.317:35
Romsterthat change would be very fast yet rsync spews out heaps of lines of error no such file.17:36
Romstercan't be that lucky to hit it at the mv the.real.thing to foo.17:36
Romsterjaeger, files stay if there not found on the server.17:37
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thrice`did anyone else get I/O errors from RC1 ?17:46
rehabdollprobably a crappy cdr17:47
DarkNekros ;)17:48
DarkNekrosgood night17:48
thrice`that's what I guessed.  it's a friend's machine, so it's not in front of me.  He got it from 2 drives17:48
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:48
rehabdollburn a new one at slow speeds17:48
Romsterthrice`, nope but i've did a mount -o loop ...17:49
Romstervery easy to see if it matches the iso.17:51
Romsterand some cd drives hate fast burned cds too so try a max fo say 12x17:52
Romsteror oyu got crappy media.17:52
thrice`Romster: thanks, i'll pass it along :)17:52
Romstervery handy guide i found.17:52
tilman$ cat sep2006.iso | md5sum17:56
tilmancat lovers :p17:56
Romstermust be,..17:56
Romsteri'd jsut run md5sum sep2006.iso17:56
Romsterno idea why he did that.17:57
Romsterwould be alot slower i'd imagine?17:57
tilmanthere probably are extra reads and writes, but they are in ram only17:58
tilmanand with md5sum, cpu speed matters more i think17:59
Romstertilman, bit of advice there is a mroe recent version of bjam itself i just noticed in it's own tarball do i a stick to my origional fix or b package that with the 2.4 contrib boost or maybe create a seperate package and have boost call that new bjam ?18:00
tilmanhow did you fix it anyway?18:01
Romsteradded -fvisibility-inlines-hidden18:02
Romsterbut i see a newer bjam build program18:04
Romsterboost-jam  3.1.16  December 2, 2007  Release notes18:04
Romsterif i package it seperately it'll still force a rebuild of boost.. on revision change. and i dunno of anything else that uses bjam so i guess i'll add it into the boost package itself?18:05
Romsterand bump the revison.18:05
tilmani'm surprised -fvisibility-inlines-hidden fixed the crash18:06
tilmanbut i wouldn't create another port18:06
tilmanstick that fix in contrib/boost and be done with it18:06
Romsterand not bother with adding the newer boost-jam to the boost package?18:07
Romsteror i could just do it to the one in contrib-2.4 and not touch the one in 2.318:07
Romstermight save me using the -fvisibility-inlines-hidden18:08
tilmansure, only do it in 2.418:08
Romsterthink i'll do that but i'll test building boost again first18:08
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Romsteryeah sounds like a better option.18:08
Romsteri know bost is a bitch to wait to compile, this new feature should make firefox alot quicker too.18:09
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux18:09
tilmanfirefox uses boost?18:09
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Romsternah sorry i mean the new visability changes in gcc-4.2.218:10
Romsterthat won't export all symbols as not all are used.18:11
RomsterIt very substantially improves load times of your DSO (Dynamic Shared Object). For example, a huge C++ template-based library which was tested (the TnFOX Boost.Python bindings library) now loads in eight seconds rather than over six minutes!18:11
Romsterhard to beleave.18:12
tilmancan you show me the diff before you commit the boost fix/18:12
Romsteras i have it now or as i'll have it after adding the new bjam?18:13
tilmanwhatever you're going to commit...18:14
Romsterk have to wait i'm gonna add in the newer bjam version and see if that works without the visability flag.18:14
tilmannp, i'm disappearing now anyway18:15
Romsterthen compile and see if it's ok.18:15
Romsterhow long untill your back?18:15
tilmandepends on mr. sandman :P18:16
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thrice`yeah, was a bad burn18:19
Romsteri use that method when i backup stuff to dvd.18:28
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thrice`xorg-sever- :)19:10
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RomsterMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/Xprt21:46
Romsteryet the man page is there still21:47
RomsterXprt - Print server for X21:48
Romstermaybe my cups is too old or something.21:48
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