IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-12-16

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Romstervery quiet day..02:07
mwansaweres santaClause02:09
Romsterno idea..02:26
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RyoSanyone ever had problems running gnome-volume-manager outside a gnome-session?05:51
Romsternever tryed05:52
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mwansammm might give that a go..05:59
RyoSi am pretty close to go postal on that.. it doesnt start06:02
RyoStrying to get it to run for a week now06:03
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Man0l0hi everyone !06:11
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jefferommm installing hal fails because it depends on hal-info...hal-info wont install aswell because it depends on hal :/06:18
rehabdollhas anyone managed to build sqlite3 3.5.4 without tcl?06:18
tilmanjeffero: did you run ports -u ?06:18
jefferomm just on certain ports, i will try run that now...06:19
rehabdoll :(06:22
tilmanrehabdoll: ugh, how lame is that06:23
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jefferotilman, it complains that i am using an old libvolume_id package... i have update dbus and dbus-glib...06:29
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rehabdollisnt libvolume_id part of udev?06:42
RyoSjeffero: cant you do a sysup..?06:42
RyoSi guess you are keeping some old core packages and update depending stuff from opt/*06:42
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tilmandoes anyone have a gcc _3_ system available?07:48
tilmani'd like to try out qemu from cvs, but it still doesn't support gcc4 :(07:48
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Man0l0tilman do you need gcc 3 yet ?08:44
rehabdollqemu offers a binary package, no?08:53
tilmanMan0l0: what do you mean?08:53
tilmanrehabdoll: yes, but it's ancient08:53
* tilman googles for debian packages off cvs head08:54
Rotwangis there any equivalent of gentoo use flags in crux?08:55
tilmanqemu (0.9.0+20070816-1)08:56
tilmanthat looks primising08:56
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Man0l0tilman, di you asked for anyone with a gcc 3 system available ?08:57
Man0l0tilman, did you ask for anyone with a gcc 3 system available ?08:57
tilmanMan0l0: yes08:57
Man0l0a crux system with a gcc 3 - I have one !!08:58
Man0l0it is usefull for you ?08:59
Man0l0I hace to go out just now, I will come back in a few minutes09:00
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tilmanMan0l0: let me see if this debian package works. otherwise yes, your system might be useful to me :D09:09
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Man0l0tilman, let me know if you need it09:35
tilmanMan0l0: yeah. let me write a port to minimize work for you :P09:56
tilmanMan0l0: untested, i hope it's working :D10:07
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Man0l0tilman, sorry I was working in other windows and I didnt see you messages :(10:46
Man0l0I'm going to try out your port just now10:47
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Man0l0tilma, it finished with error:
Man0l0do you need the full output of pkgmk ?10:58
tilmanMan0l0: that hackish patch should work11:00
tilmanoh heh11:00
tilmanMan0l0: what version of glibc do you run?11:01
tilman< 2.5 i guess11:01
Man0l0crux 1.211:02
Man0l0stil compiling ....11:07
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Man0l0tilman, strange, I think makefile is looping11:18
Man0l0it is always compiling the same set of files11:19
tilmanMan0l0: okay, nevermind then11:20
Man0l0I was wrong, it finished well11:23
Man0l0do you need something more ?11:25
tilmanno, can you just upload the package (pkg.tar.gz) somewhere?11:25
Man0l0yes, just a moment11:27
Man0l0tilman, you can get it from
tilmancool, thanks!11:35
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Romstertilman, look in contrib i have a gcc34 port....14:07
clareHi, I have discovered the hard way that LCD screens are like modems, they can be "Win". THis expects the Win driver to work its adjustment buttons.14:08
Romsterlibvolume_id is a part of udev14:08
Romsterhi clare14:08
clareAlso my graphics card seems too  old; what would be a good card to get which has DV out?14:09
clareRomster, Hi14:10
Romsteri'd go for a more recent nvidia card but that's just me.14:11
jaegerI'd also suggest nvidia but there are a lot of different ones, what do you want to do with it?14:11
clareMy current card is SIS type and it does have a round Din type connector - what is that for?14:12
andariuslikely s-video out14:12
jaegerprobably, yes14:13
clareTHe LCd screen is a BENQ 1440x900, Xorg  identfies it,but says Not using driver mode 1440x900 (width too large for virtual size)14:14
tilmanclare: nope, lcd screens don't contain driver logic ;D14:14
jaegerI'm sure that can be sorted out, might just need to specify exact timings or rates14:14
tilmanclare: sis isn't the best graphics chip though :(14:15
jaegerthey might have software-controlled switches, though... although I've never seen one that does14:15
claretilman, quite so, there is a huge whinge about them from the writer of its drivers one "Winischhofer:.14:16
clarejaeger, I would like to know how - I am intimidated by Xorg which seems to know what it wants to do; however I AM thinking about a new box anyway.14:18
jaegerclare: well, depends on what the exact error is but if you know the model of the monitor you can look up the exact horizonal and vertical timings and tell xorg what they are14:19
jaegeryou said it's benq, which model?14:20
clarejaeger,  Xorg seems to know it wites modelines for umpteen types including this one, but as it refuses to use it, made me suspect a new card might be needed.14:21
jaegercan you pastebin the log?14:22
clarejaeger, FP92W14:22
jaegerok, according to their site, that's 50-76 vertical and 31-81 horizontal14:22
Romsteri've had the xorg nvidia driver bitch at me at some modes that the nvidia driver will do.14:23
jaegerso specifying HorizSync 31-81 and VertRefresh 50-76 might help in the xorg.conf file14:23
Romsteryeah i'd try that first before anything else.14:38
clarejaeger, i will try the xorg.conf, I have failed in the pasting I found ot was leaving out bits, and it is a huge file.14:46
clarejaeger, I am at faukt in that I didnt delete xorg.conf which is probably why i had difficulty trying X -configure14:47
clarejaeger, but no, now i am back at the problem X -configure results in totally blank screen  unresponsive to keystrokes14:50
clareRomster, i  typed xorg config  it said xorg command not found.14:55
tilmanone word14:55
claretilman, thanks, that is working back in a while..14:56
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Romstertilman, did you see gcc34 in contrib?14:57
tilmanRomster: yes, thanks14:57
clareIt wants the memory size of the card which is small, can I tell from Mem @ 0xe7000000/23, 0xe5000000/16,    (from log)14:59
tilmanyou probably don't even have designated video ram15:01
tilmansince it's an integrated graphics thing15:01
tilmanit takes a part of the system ram15:01
Romsterhmm xorgconfig references a man page reconfig that don't exist *shrugs*15:03
Romsterthen it would be what oyu set in the bios if it is shared ram.15:03
Romsterdefault of 64MB most likely. unless it's been altered.15:04
claretilman, thanks, i will go back and read Winischhofer if I dont buy a new card first... Seeya all in a day or so I have to start work now (6am, horses breakfasttime)15:04
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Romsterhorses O_o15:05
teKit's fun going to sleep right now. timezones rule..15:06
Romster8:07am for me.15:07
Man0l010:07pm for me15:08
Romstersucks when you wanna be awake and here for some reason but ya dog tired when everyone else is waking up.15:08
teKthank god there's time-delayed communication15:09
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tilmani read "when your dog is tired"15:10
Romsterit's slang <<15:12
teKsame as in german, btw.15:13
teKdespite cats are sleeping half the day..15:13
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teKbtw: what do you think of the patch at ?15:15
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Romstergah never knew about that tcl dependency for sqlite3..15:18
Romsterguess lucky i got tcl in contrib..15:19
rehabdollquite gay to add a dependency in a usual point-release15:22
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Romsterrehabdoll, yeah.15:47
Romstermaybe jsut go back a version or we could package that file with the new version.15:48
Romstershould of been done in pearl or bash imo.15:48
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RedShiftteK: is that supposed to go in mainline sometime?16:45
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clarejaeger,  Hi, It is all working beautifully now, I gave it the hor and vert and I also put 1440x900 in Section Screen just for luck16:54
* RedShift zzz16:54
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clareIs it possible there are linux drivers to manage the buttons or are they never needed? (intensity contrast etc)16:55
ubituxI tried to make conky but there is a missing dep : glib17:08
ubituxis it a mistake or is it normal ?17:08
tilmanclare: drivers usually don't manage things like that. there's xgamma though17:10
tilmanubitux: yes, looks like conky depensds on glib17:10
ubituxtilman, I did a prt-get depinst conky, and it doesn't install glib17:11
ubituxthis is why I'm asking if it's normal :p17:11
tilmanyes, the port has a bug17:11
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Romsterubitux, glib is on opt.17:15
ubituxyes I've got it17:16
ubituxI just install it17:16
Romsterjust install that then retry and mail the maintainer of the missing dependency.17:16
Romsteror the bugtracker.17:16
Romsteri prefer to mail first personaly.17:17
tilmani've already mailed juergen17:18
tilmanwill he get two mails now? ;D17:21
ubituxI think so...17:24
jaegerclare: glad to hear it :) no idea on the buttons17:24
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claretilman, thanks, I may have to see if changes made under windows are lasting thru change to linux (if and when I get windows going)17:29
clarejaeger, thanks to u too, now to rush off to my day job17:29
jaegertake care17:29
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Romsterdidn't think there was sucha  windows only software thingie to adjsut lcd screens.17:30
jaegernot much different from software-controlled wireless switches, I guess17:31
jaegerwhich are annoying as hell17:31
Romsterah avoid at all costs.17:33
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ubituxdoes prt-get do a make clean after install ?17:54
Romsterno prt-get only calles pkgmk todo the building.17:56
Romsterand pkgmk delates the build if -kw isn't used.17:57
Romsteralso on a pkgmk rerun it'll deleate all the files and extract the tarball again.17:57
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* DemonSeed is back (gone 02:04:15)18:11
Romstergrr i get a init18 boot falure on qemu..18:12
Romstertrying to install win9818:12
Romsterneed it to test something.18:12
Romsterah got it..18:38
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ubituxmmmmh the libidl is missing in dep of firefoxm should I notify the maintener ?19:18
Romsterhmm my port of firefox has libidl already listed.19:24
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Romsterjust means i found it missing and made my own port.19:56
ubituxoh ok :)19:58
ubituxanyone use Terminal (from xfce) and has the nvidia proprietary driver ?20:04
Romsterah i could test but my xfce4 is out of date.20:06
ubituxno need xfce420:07
ubituxI'm using fluxbox20:07
ubituxand I have a **** pb when resizing terminal window20:07
ubituxit takes a long time (about 1 sec)20:07
Romsterah k i'm in kde.. i think i got the termail whats the binary name?20:07
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ubituxterminal :p20:07
Romstertoo obvious..20:07
Romsterhmm is that SanataClause <<20:08
ubituxI have the same pb on another computer with another distrib : but terminal takes 3-4 sec to be resized20:08
ubituxeven with the last beta driver20:08
ubituxbut no problem with vesa20:08
ubituxand no problem with others applications20:08
Romsterah i dont have that instaled..20:08
ubituxok :(20:09
ubituxbtw, do you like exaile ? x)20:09
Romsteri probabbly used xterm.20:09
Romsterah yeah i'm using it now20:09
Hochi_LochiX)  ← lol20:09
Romsterbut it seems to have a few bugs.20:09
Romsterthat ya gotta restart it.20:09
RomsterHochi_Lochi, thak ya lame arse trolling elseware20:10
Hochi_Lochiexcuse me¿20:10
Romsteror drop the funny chars.20:10
Romsteryou are that SantaClause dude no?20:10
Romstersame country and isp as him.20:11
Hochi_Lochiwth no i am not santa claus of course20:11
Romsterhmm sorry then but why the crazy chars, utf-8?20:11
ubituxRomster, there is a memleak in it20:12
Romsterubitux, oh20:12
Romsterwell untill it's stable it's not going in contrib but you can get it from my repo 'romster' when the server is back up be mid week.20:13
ubituxyes, not a problem :)20:13
Hochi_Lochianyone knows when final 2.4 iso will be out¿20:14
ubituxI just would like to know why that resize is slow like that :p20:14
Romsterso later this week you'll see it in the portsdb20:14
ubituxno pb :)20:14
RomsterHochi_Lochi, when it's ready.20:14
Romsterrc1 is out rc2 i beleave is in the works.20:15
Hochi_Lochirc2 is already20:15
Hochi_Lochiwill there be  filessztem difference¿20:15
Hochi_Lochior so...20:15
Hochi_Lochito final¿20:15
ubituxit's strange, there is no topic on nvidia forums :s20:19
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nipuLRomster: shortcircuit is still down?20:39
Romsteryeah mid week james said it'll be back20:40
Romsterwating on the isp to assign a ip block or something.20:40
dokpm0ubitux: I use Terminal from xfce4.  But, I'm using the xorg-xf86-video-nv nVidia driver.  I've never seen any problems with resizing it.  Of course, as soon as I start it I hit F11 to switch to full screen mode.20:41
ubituxit takes about 3 or 4 secondes if I press F11... x)20:42
ubituxbut I use nvidia driver... :)20:42
ubitux(need to play with wine)20:43
ubitux(just a little, please don't hit me ^^)20:43
dokpm0Well, that's odd.  I've never seen it do that before.  I usually switch to full screen mode and leave it that way.  I just tried entering/exiting full screen mode and it took several seconds as you're describing.20:45
ubituxeven with free driver ?20:45
RomsternipuL, you after a file?20:46
ubituxI'm going to test with vesa driver to test20:48
ubituxs/to test//20:48
ubituxit doesn't support fullscreen -_-20:49
dokpm0Humm, maybe it was doing it before and I just didn't notice since I never resize it after switching to full screen mode.20:49
dokpm0What doesn't support full screen?  xfce4's Terminal does.  Hit F11 and the terminal window will fill the screen with all window decorations disappearing.20:50
ubituxnot with vesa :p20:56
ubituxnot with nvidia too20:57
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Romsterubitux, no idea..21:08
ubituxwhen I want to make a new kernel, I need to download the source myself and configure/make myself or there is a special way to do it ?21:09
Romsteri use ketchup to manage geting the source and patching to diferent versions21:11
Romsterthe rest you can do 'make oldconfig'21:11
Romsterthen maybe 'make xconfig' then do the useall stuff.21:12
ubituxok, thanks21:12
Romsterif you want to install the and vmlinux seperately add -version to the end.21:12
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Romsterand use lilo -R to boot off the new kernel if it dies a reboot will go back to the default kernel <<21:13
Romsterhandy trick.21:13
Romsterman freenode is having issues.21:13
ubituxI see it :p21:14
ubituxok thanks Romster21:14
ubituxnake oldconfig fetch the .config using uname to get the good dir ?21:17
ubituxnot naked ^^21:17
Romsterif you don't have the config zcat /proc/config.gz > .config21:22
ubituxmmh nice21:22
Romsterwhat i do is run ketchup 2.6 and it'll update to lateist kernel21:22
Romsteror or something21:22
ubituxI would like to do it myself21:23
ubituxjust to know how to do it if I need to21:23
ubituxand... just to know :)21:23
ubituxis there a sym link that always focus on the latest release of the kernel ?21:24
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Romsteryes ubitux21:33
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Romsterbut it's just as easy to cd /usr/src/linux/21:33
Romsterthen run sudo ketchup 2.621:33
Romsterthen you have the lateist.21:34
ubituxI want to do it myself... x)21:34
Romsterbut there is a file you could use on ck4up if you use that tool21:34
Romsterlol ok if you wanna waste more time wget the kernel tar zxvf kernel21:35
ubituxyes I want21:35
ubituxjust one time in my life :)21:35
ubituxto see how it works really, and then I'll see21:35
Romsteryou used to tar and patch?21:35
ubituxI don't understand the question21:36
ubituxI'm going to wget, bunzip, untar, cd, make oldconfig, and see...21:37
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Romstergah wrong window21:50
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Romsterubitux, just use tar zxvf archive22:08
Romsterno need to use bzip directly. then tar.22:08
Romsterz is to filter it though bzip22:08
ubituxyep ok22:09
nipuLz is gzip22:35
nipuLj is bzip22:35
Romsteroops i got it messed up i'm in a pissed off mood at someone..22:36
nipuLcrap, i need an oem version of xp tablet edition22:43
Romsternever herd of that edition thought there was just home and pro.22:46
nipuLthere's a few fringe editions22:46
nipuLMCE foe example22:47
Romsterwon't pro do the job?22:47
nipuLwell according to this all windoes dvd torrent i found there's pro,home,table and mce22:47
Romsterhmm i only got home and pro here..22:48
Romsterand win98se i'm messing with in qemu atm. man this brings back memorys22:48
nipuLit will do the job if you don't want to use it as a tablet22:48
nipuLthe stupid thing is, this torrent would be considered illegal, although i'm using it for entirely legal purposes22:50
Romsterdunno hwo you stand there. do you have a license for that version/edition?22:51
nipuLthe laptop is licensed22:51
nipuLi just want it for the media22:51
Romsterlaptop is bot the OS to go with it?22:51
nipuLif people ask me for a pirate copy of windows i just burn them a ubuntu cd22:52
Romstergood idea.22:52
nipuLwrite vista ultimate on it22:52
Romstermaybe alter you could do that with ReactOS too.22:52
Romsterwho in there right mind would wanna run vista even if you cut it down to it's essentals it'll still be slow.22:53
Romsterguess you could just download it and throw on the tablet version..22:55
Romsterit's the key that's the thing..22:55
Romsterif oyu got a key for the laptop for that version of xp22:55
ubituxI've got a problem, since I install the new kernel, I can't get back the nvidia driver ; I did a prt-get update -fr nvidia, it well installed, but I'm nable to load the nvidia module... do you know why ?23:15
Romsteryou gota reboot. and also use gl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia23:23
Romsterto refresh it's symlinks23:23
Romsterupdate kernel reboto to new kernel force rebuild nvidia gl-select then reboot the startx23:24
Romsterthat's how i've don't it23:24
nipuLgl-select is for xorg, not the kernel module23:24
nipuLwhat error do you get when loading the module?23:25
Romsteryes but you have to recreate the new symlinks23:25
nipuLyou can startx without refreshing the symlinks23:25
Romstergl-select selects between the xorg or binary driver.23:25
nipuLyou just can't run any gl code23:25
Romsterbut look in the READMe23:25
* Romster shrugs23:26
nipuLubitux: what does you linux tell you when you try to load the module?23:26
ubituxnipuL, Module nvidia not found :p23:27
ubituxI'm going to look the README...23:27
ubituxoups I've got my responde, thanks, and sorry, once again23:28
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:29
brian|lfsdoes anyone know if a fix was found for pkgutils yet or not?23:30
nipuLubitux: try depmod -a23:31
nipuLthen load the module again23:31
nipuLbrian|lfs: pkgutils was broken?23:31
ubituxyes works fine now23:31
brian|lfsya when you try to update it bombs out23:31
ubituxthanks nipuL23:31
nipuLit does?23:32
brian|lfsya I can pastebin it23:32
nipuLthat's the entire dump?23:36
Romsterbrian|lfs, d you have libarchive installed?23:37
nipuLlooks like it didn't get stderr23:37
nipuLpkgmk >& log23:37
brian|lfsok hold a sec23:38
brian|lfsno I didn't have libarchive its installing23:39
brian|lfsright now23:39
nipuLbut yeah, i'm with romster i bet you don't have libarchive installed23:39
Romsterthought so.23:39
brian|lfsya your right I'm good now23:40
nipuLso i was right, pkgutils wasn't broken23:40
Romsterprt-get update -fr pkgutils23:40
nipuLyou were ;P23:40
Romsterafter that23:40
brian|lfsI thought it was becuase I seen an email about it23:40
brian|lfsI signed up for the mailing lists23:40
Romsteralways d a prt-get deptree <program> and see if you are missing a dependency when you get problems if nothing is missing run revdep23:41
brian|lfshow do I get revdep23:41
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep23:41
brian|lfsit says package not found23:42
Romsterhmm it exists.23:42
brian|lfsnevermind I'm ok23:42
Romsteryou dont' have the opt repo active?23:43
brian|lfsI typed wrong I spaced out23:43
Romsterit'll say prt-utils.23:43
Romsterwhat i run is RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt23:43
brian|lfsya I saw that when I realzied what I did23:43
Romsterand force rebuild anything that's broken.23:44
Romsterfirefox etc that use libs in /usr/share always say it's a error but it's mostlikely not.23:44
brian|lfsI'm fine rihgt nwo jsut wanted it if I need it latter23:44
Romsteri'd run it if you notice problems or after a major sysup23:44
Romsterhandy advice.23:45
Romsterand man rejmerge23:45
brian|lfsis it the same as the gentoo one23:45
Romsterprobbably not.23:45
brian|lfsI figured out my compiz fusion lol23:46
Romstersource=( < so i'd say no.23:46
brian|lfsit was not using any border decorations23:46
brian|lfsnot sure why they where off it should of defautled to gtk23:46
brian|lfsstill haven't figured out what kernel 2.6.23 don't like on my system23:47
brian|lfsI'll probably go through every option eventually and make a new config file I just never bothered yet23:47
brian|lfsrevdep went though complaiend aobut firefox but finished23:49
Romsteryeah firefox be ok23:53
Romsterso your system is ok then.23:54

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