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Hochi_LochiOMG Romster, your mommy still allows you to stay indront of the puta¿00:24
Hochi_Lochiin front*00:24
Romsterget fucked you prick00:24
Romsterand you are such a moronic fuck that has nothing better todo.00:26
Hochi_Lochiyou are not kindly00:27
Romsternot when someone rubs me the wrong way.00:28
Romsteryou can't even spell 'computer'00:28
Romsterand all you do is come in here to anoy.00:28
Hochi_Lochiimma just text on ur screen00:28
Hochi_Lochisry ur mommys screen00:29
Romsteran you only join this channel, wht is it you want attention?00:29
Romsteri own my own computer thank you.00:29
Hochi_Lochino i am bored and not willing to make tea all the time00:29
Romsterdo you even run linux or you you single people out to anoy?00:30
Hochi_Lochii am running arch and debian00:30
Romsterso why arn't you in there channels?00:30
Romsterand in here.00:30
Hochi_Lochiand soon CRAX 2.400:30
Romsterthere is a rc1 out now if you wanna test it.00:31
Hochi_Lochii will wait00:31
Hochi_Lochiissue output does still not work00:31
Hochi_Lochior so00:32
Hochi_Lochidunt knau wai00:32
Romstergoogle about getty stuff.00:32
Hochi_Lochinone the less thx00:32
Romsterand it's "don't know why"00:32
Hochi_Lochithe truth is00:33
Hochi_Lochii am really fed up with all those machines00:33
Hochi_Lochithey waste my time00:33
Romsterah.. why not stick to one distro?00:33
Hochi_Lochii intend to live instead00:33
Hochi_Lochibecause - erm...00:34
Romsterwith crux it's easy to sync00:34
Hochi_Lochii like apt-get00:34
Romsteror with most other distros00:34
Romsterprt-get works simaler.00:34
Hochi_Lochii am using kde00:34
Romsterso am i00:35
Romsterand i'm even workign on kde4 ports.00:35
Hochi_Lochimy cpu is slow00:35
Romsterso is this 1.4GHz00:35
Hochi_Lochimine is 70000:35
Romstergawd and i thought my was slow.00:35
Hochi_Lochito compile a whole DE is so time intensitive ors o00:35
Romstermay aswell run ubuntu on it.00:36
Romsteror that you got heaps of computers setup distcc00:36
Hochi_Lochime no native english tongue00:36
Romsterwith distcc you can make a compile farm.00:36
Romsterand speed up compiles.00:37
Hochi_Lochio caching?00:37
Romsternah chaching is done with ccache00:37
Hochi_Lochii fell00:38
Romstercaching only works if you plan to rebuild alot.. distcc can speed up compiles.00:38
Hochi_Lochithis was a useful informaton00:38
Hochi_Lochii have an idea00:38
Hochi_Lochii will only come back if i am working on / with distcc and have a couple of questions i cannot get answered through man or www00:39
Romsteri guess there not hard to setup though.00:40
Hochi_Lochihm /:00:40
Romsterand there in crux aswell as packages.00:40
Hochi_Lochifunny that i have no 2nd cpu (:00:42
Romsteri thought you said many machines...00:42
Romstermeaning more than one computer.00:43
Hochi_Lochii mean all machines like00:43
Hochi_Lochilike ofen00:43
Hochi_Lochior so00:43
Hochi_Lochior radio00:43
Romsterinstall ubuntu and be done with it00:43
Hochi_Lochior television00:43
Hochi_Lochii will try hurd00:43
Hochi_Lochiand then plan900:43
Romsteryet you said you hate wating time, doing all that is wasting time.00:44
Hochi_Lochimy life makes no sense00:44
Romstergot that right.00:45
Romsterpick something instead of contrdicting yourself <_<00:45
Hochi_Lochiu r almost clever00:46
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pitillogood morning01:23
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Romsterrehabdoll, some anoying person..01:29
Romsterhi pitillo01:30
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Man0l0hi everyone01:30
Romsterhi Man0l001:30
Man0l0I'm migrateing from an old solaris to a new crux, all things are fine but an old application using whodo command fails.01:32
Man0l0is the whodo command implemented in linux ?01:33
tilmanseems to be a solaris thing :/01:34
Romsteri didn't see it with a fsearch01:34
Romstertilman, any reason why qemu would constantly use a set amount of cpu?01:36
Romstereven when there arn't much happening in the qemu at the time.01:37
tilmanblame the guest os01:37
tilmanit's a known issue with win98, but there's a patch01:37
tilmansee the qemu FAQ01:37
Romsterk i'll look into that.01:37
tilmani've got a sparc debian image working in qemu-system-sparc01:37
Romsterdid you have to use the head svn snapshot?01:38
tilmani checked out cvs head and compiled with gcc-3.401:38
Romsterah cvs.01:38
Romsteryeah i compiled mine with gcc-3.401:38
Romsterbut it's jsut the current stable.01:39
Romstercvs got much improvments?01:39
tilmanapparently qemu-system-{sparc,ppc} work better now01:39
Romsterhmm maybe i'll checkout head and do a compile of that too.01:40
tilmani wanted to install netbsd in qemu-system-sparc, but that doesn't wroork yet :/01:40
Romstermight have the patch in it that i'm after.01:40
Romsterany reason you watned to do that?01:40
Romsterseeing how they do things?01:40
Romsteri'm slowly rebuilding all my ports for crux-2.401:42
Romsterproviding the tool chain don't get a update i should be ok.01:42
Romster 18:42:52 up 1 day,  2:49,  1 user,  load average: 7.10, 6.52, 5.6001:42
Romstertilman, any of your boxes runing 2.4 yet?01:43
Romsterah, stable noting that wont compile?01:43
Romsterbtw boost is ready to depinst now in 2.401:44
Romsteri eman i've seen some stuff that don't build in 2.4 from contrib/opt.01:44
Romsteri've got a chroot of 2.4 i'm testing everything in.01:45
Romsteri've nearly got a system that's almsot automated, i wonder if a build bot would be an idea?01:46
Romstertilman, i've looked over the FAQ all i see is about alsa sound and win98se02:09
Romsteranyways i'll try cvs head might have the fix.02:09
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Romster'the big bang theory' comedy show is hilearious.02:59
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)10:06
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RotwangRomster: is your repo no longer awailable?12:19
teKRedShift: I don't know 'bout this patch but as long as its behaviour is not sysctl'able it won't I guess. Sad that no 'guru' spoke up..12:19
tilmanwhat patch?12:20
RedShiftgenerally I think it's a Good Thing (tm)12:22
RedShiftbut it should indeed be sysctl-able12:22
teKbut I don't instantly understand what he means by race condition12:23
teKi.e. how to provoke it12:24
teKFreeBSD has a sysctl var for this behaviour, too. btw.12:25
RedShiftmaybe they can import the patch from there12:26
teKI don't think it's that much struggle to get it systcl'able12:26
RedShiftyeah but like he says, the permissions on the current /proc table will have to be changed12:26
teKfunny enough, I just looked at the sources some weeks before Daniel's post12:26
teKRedShift: so what? I'm sure there are other examples in the kernel's source where this is done12:27
RedShiftI'm sure that'll give some ugly code12:27
RedShiftbut linux's history, ugly code is probably acceptable...12:28
teKwhat's ugly on a code-basis when you do chmod 600 or so12:28
RedShiftI have no clue why I'm discussing this12:28
RedShiftyou're right but I'm still asking questiosn12:29
teKset steady hack12:30
teKI think this patch is especially useful when you (have to) do  wget --proxy-user foo --proxy-password bar (although this can be solved otherwise)12:31
RedShifttrue that12:39
RedShiftespecially on shared servers12:40
RedShifthey that would actually be a great enhancements for my shared hosting servers12:40
RedShiftwhat are they waiting for? mainline ftw!12:40
teKuse the source, luke.. maybe I get looking at it during the christmas vacation12:40
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sepen ????14:10
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tilmanmy neighbour already prepared their christmas tree, and already lit it o_O15:00
tilmani'm overwhelmed with o_O15:00
teKSanta Clause in many gardens in Germany .. *shiver*15:01
teKand yes we do have a country club with the white stripes and Santa + reindeers + lights in all drippy colors15:02
teKthey celebrated a halloween party, too15:03
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RomsterRotwang, it'll be back up this week according to prologic.15:35
Rotwangok, google-earth port is bit out of date :P15:38
Romsteryeah i'm meaning to get to that15:38
Romsteri've updated alot but wating for the server to come online..15:38
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sepengoogle-earth on my repo15:50
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Romsteri just haven't messed with it in a long time..15:59
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obblhi there16:01
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Romsterhi obbl16:02
obbldoes someone know here the, if 'bashy' is ronny kornexl?16:02
obblhe has a repository online16:02
obblhas anybody else here some DVB applications installed on his crux?16:06
tilmanhey obbl :)16:06
tilmanobbl: yes, bashy is ronny16:06
obbltilman: then it will be the best to write ronny a mail. he seems to be an expert for DVB :)16:07
obblhow is it going with crux? I saw, that Per left the distribution...but everything seems to be up and running :)16:08
tilmanpretty well imo16:08
tilmanthough our releases are constantly delayed16:08
obblthat's business...everywhere16:09
obblwho of the old team is still here? you, jaeger, morlenxus...that are all I know so far16:10
tilmanjuergen is still around!16:11
tilmanand i think you know simone, too, no?16:11
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obblyes, I know16:12
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obblIs everything core/opt/contrib managed via this team now?16:12
tilmancptn still shows up from to time, too16:12
obblaahh ok16:13
tilmanthough contrib pretty much manages itself16:13
obblok, I must leave now. was nice to meet you. bye!16:13
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tilmansame , bye :)16:14
jjpkhi, bye? :D16:15
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Rotwangi have question about package creating if certain app needs other app to build, i.e. teewars needs python to build, but later python is not used, should i add python as a dependency?16:33
tilmanyes, you should add it16:38
Romsterif it arn't in core and it needs it to build it should be added.16:39
Romsterman i'm still compiling stuff in my chroot..16:39
Romsterdamn slow pc..16:39
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ubituxas I heard, there is no way to configure differents network profiles ?17:00
tilmancp /etc/rc.d/net /etc/rc.d/netotherprofile17:01
tilmankiss ;)17:01
ubituxlol I see17:01
Romsteri got net.dsl net.dialup (for backup) and net.local on one of my machines.17:03
Romsterdesktop just has net17:03
ubituxhave you a solution to have the choice at startup ?17:03
Romsternot hard to customise.17:03
ubituxan interactive script that a I can launch at startup17:03
Romsteri default to dsl17:04
Romsteri'll manually run dialup if i ever need it.17:04
Romsterwhich is rare but i did use it when i moved and wating for my dsl.17:04
ubituxwhen I have SERVICES=(net dbus crond) for example, dbus waits net end process before start ?17:07
sepeneasily yo can add a line in your rc.local to load that extra boot script (imo)17:07
Romsteryes it waits17:08
ubituxso I can put a script that wait me to precise the profile I want to...17:08
ubituxit sould work no ?17:08
Romsteryeah just throw interactive scripts in /etc/rc.local as sepen said.17:08
Romsterubitux, what exactly are you trying to attchive?17:09
Romstershouldn't be hard to look in the files and figure it out, and haven't we taled about this the other day already?17:09
ubitux<Romster> yeah just throw interactive scripts in /etc/rc.local as sepen said. << why put in rc.local and not in "Services=..." ?17:10
ubitux<Romster> ubitux, what exactly are you trying to attchive? << I was just wondering if an interactive script at startup will work or not17:11
sepenubitux, look at crux boot scripts17:11
sepenbefore finish rc invoques rc.local17:11
Romsterffik figure it out for yoursef experemnt17:11
sepenrc is which loads rc.conf17:11
sepenubitux, may be you want to edit your own rc.local.conf17:12
RedShifthey Romster, any time when shortcircuit is coming back online,17:12
sepenI knows is how BSD style does17:12
Romsterprologic said mid week so i'm guessing wednesday17:12
ubituxmmmh... I'll see that, first I'm going to try to set up all the profiles I need, and then I'll see that17:12
ubituxthanks for help :)17:12
RedShiftwell /me zzz17:13
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sepenI like *.local files, when system does an upgrade, these files don't need to be rejected17:14
sepenand its easy to perform rejmerge operations17:15
ubituxmmh ok17:15
sepenonly a opinion17:15
ubituxyou've right :)17:15
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nipuLjust updating my 64bit ports, what kernel version was used to build the kernel headers for glibc, 2.6.22.(?)21:13
Romsterstraight 2.6.2221:14
nipuLugh it's been ages since i had to do this, i've forgotten how to do it21:19
Romsterrebuild the tool chan?21:19
Romsteri got a howto if you want it nipuL21:20
nipuLi know ow to rebuild the toolchain21:27
nipuLi need to make some new kernel headers21:27
Romsterthat's not hard.21:29
Romsterhere is a command in make help21:29
Romsterout of the kernel21:29
nipuLyeah, just need to generate a .config21:30
Romsterah pinch the one off the crux 2.4-rc1.iso.21:31
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Romsterfuck out of here Romstar21:32
Romstercan some one ban him please....21:32
Romstarummm are you my imposter?21:32
Romsteryeah right21:33
Romstarthats no good21:33
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Romsterdopy fuck i know it's you...21:34
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Romsterjsut wont give you21:35
Romstergive up*21:35
popeye_s_oliviaexcuse is this the lunatic asylum chat ot the crax chat¿21:35
Romstercrux you fuckwit..21:36
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nipuL(__|__) crax?21:36
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Romsterhmm is out..21:40
Lisa813.10 was buggy21:40
Romsterglad i missed that one.21:40
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Pomstertoday i installed my crux and immediately after starting i got the following error message22:03
Pomster"root@crax: _"      what can i do now¿22:03
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