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pitillogood morning01:20
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Romsterevening <<02:23
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Romsterevening well night i guess here..03:04
Romsterwe need a unerversal greeting like 'gug'03:05
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roliveirahow do i parse a list of packages to remove to prt-get?05:09
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nipuLprt-get remove05:17
Romsterroliveira, give a example of what you are trying to parse05:23
Romsterand what search criteria.05:24
Romsteri've done a few diferent ones.05:24
roliveirai have a file that lists the packages i want to remove "remove.asc"05:33
pitilloroliveira, prt-get remove `cat your_file` ?05:34
roliveiradone pitillo, i thought prt-get had a direct argument to that05:37
Romsteri got a beter idea05:37
roliveiraTo remove packages, use the remove command. It can take a list of packages to remove, but be aware that it doesn't check for dependencies at this point it time and just remove a package if it's asked to do so.05:38
Romsterroliveira, so you have one package per a line to remove?05:38
roliveirayes Romster05:38
Romsteri got a bash script that does that.05:38
Romsteri'll paste bin it hang on05:38
Romsteryou'll have to edit it to your needs.05:41
Romsterpart of my safe-build script i made that a couple of days ago.05:41
roliveiranice Romster05:43
Romsterit's still not perfect as in the percentage needs padding but it works.05:43
Romsteralot better than using prt-get.05:44
roliveirasafer at least05:44
Romsterif you edit i corectly or you could mess your entire system up05:46
Romsteri use it in a chroot.05:46
Romsterathough i could see a use for it to remove other packages, or just list.05:46
Romsterrelying on the ports tree might not be the safeist way so maybe a saved list of core, i might do.05:47
Romsterit's all expearmental <<05:47
Romsterso what are you implmenting?05:48
roliveirai am cleaning the unused ports of my file server05:48
roliveirathere went the xorg ports :-D05:48
roliveiramust upgrade a few now...05:50
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roliveiranow i have a slim system05:52
Romsterquick and easy <<05:52
roliveiraalthought it was already working like a charm05:52
Romsterjust removed some old junk that's not used.05:53
roliveirayep, never use X there so05:53
roliveiraremoved everything05:54
roliveirathe ports tree of the 2.3 release won`t be maintained after 2.4 is out right?05:55
Romsternot by much unless someone still uses 2.305:56
Romsterthat has access to edit the ports.05:56
roliveirai am not sure if i will upgrade that machine05:57
roliveiraat least for now05:58
Romsteri'd see how others go on 2.4 first before upgrading anything critical.05:58
tilmani'm going perfectly fine on 2.405:58
Romsteri'm running though ports in 2.4 now with my script.05:58
Romstertilman, can i dee ocer error logs i only got a few so far.05:59
roliveirathe rc2 is out already?05:59
tilmanin english?05:59
Romsteri've got error logs of failed packages from crux 2.4-rc106:00
Romsterwould you like me to send them over dcc i can't mail you at crux.nu06:01
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tilmanRomster: yes, please gzip them though06:01
Romsterok i'll jsut make sure i exclude mine from the list06:02
tilmanin an unrelated note, pr(1) rocks06:03
Romsterwhat ever that is?06:05
Romsterconvert text files for printing ?06:06
tilmandamn useful if you want to print raw text06:06
Romsteri see06:12
Romstermost of the errors are mine.. gtk1 is jsut a missing dep06:12
Romsteri go tmore to compile etc.06:12
Romstergot more*06:12
tilmanthere's just two files in the tarball06:13
Romsteryeah i got others but looking though them there all mine unless you wanna see all that too.06:13
Romsterbut there mine to fix. unless you don't mind browing them?06:14
tilmanso actually a single port breaks, which is libpth06:14
Romsterthe other just needs a dep added.06:14
Romsteralot of mine break ironicly..06:15
Romstergot more compiling testing todo before i truely know what else is broken.06:15
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thrice`hey jaeger, popt isn't on the mirror anymore.  looks like they have 1.10.7 or 1.12 available.  homepage is a little tough to tell :)08:16
jaegerhrmm... I see 1.10.6 in rpm format or 1.10.4 in tar.gz08:18
jaegeris there a new source location for it?08:18
thrice`I was simply checking that gentoo mirror listed in the source array08:18
RedShiftugh, rpm08:20
jaegerpopt has always been associated with rpm08:20
thrice`seems like it's more of a hassle to do so08:23
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thrice`I haven't made an rpm in years, though :)08:24
jaegerI've made 1 in the last 5 years or so :)08:25
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jaegerwell, popt 1.13 hasn't blown up my system so far08:45
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treachjaeger: new poppler out apparently.12:41
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jkrDoes anyone know where /bin/vi comes from?13:03
thrice`prt-get fsearch probably does13:03
teK% pkginfo -o /bin/vi does13:03
jkrSure, but it is a bit strange13:03
jkrIt throws a lot of errors when reading my vimrc, but the start text says it's the normal vim13:04
teKbut in general it does come from a POSIX standard ;)13:04
jkrHowever, if I move /bin/vi somewhere else and then place a link to /usr/bin/vim there, it still prints the same vim version text, but it starts without errors13:04
jkrI don't really get it :)13:05
jkrIf it is vim, why does it complain about the vimrc?13:05
jkrAnd if not, why does it read it at all? :)13:05
teKi guess (see docu) vim sets set cp (vi compat.) if invoked as vi13:05
jkrBut I still invoke it as vi13:06
jkr /bin/vi is a link to /usr/bin/vim13:06
treachjkr: vi makes vim start up in vi compatible mode13:06
teKtreach: :o13:07
teKwhere's your .vimrc?13:07
treachie, starting up vim by calling "vi"13:07
treachmine, or jkr's?13:08
teKtreach: I told him already13:08
jkrWhen I start vim by calling "vi", it says it's "VIM - Vi IMproved, version 7.1.123" and it does NOT complain about my vimrc :)13:08
jkrteK: ~/.vimrc13:08
rehabdollits supposed to13:09
jkrNah, it shouldn't even read it13:09
teKsame here, jkr :)13:09
jkrWhy should the "original" vi read the vimrc? :)13:09
teKjkr: moment13:10
rehabdollits not the "original" vi, its still vim13:10
jkrThen it shouldn't complain about the vimrc :)13:10
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > vi13:10
tilmanError detected while processing /home/tilman/.vimrc:13:10
tilmanE538: No mouse support: mouse=a13:10
tilmanand more errors about vim-only options13:10
jkrYup, that's what I got before I made vi a link to vim13:10
tilmani just realized that's not the default13:11
tilmanspeaking of posix13:12
tilmananyone got a copy of posix2001? :p13:12
jkrAre you rewriting Linux? :)13:12
treachtil-ux :p13:13
tilmani decided on tilmux13:13
tilmanor awesomux13:14
treach"Schmux" :P13:14
jkrBefore you make it POSIX compatible, I'd call it "sux" :)13:14
jkrHmm, there was another problem that made me look into the vi problem, but I think I forgot it :(13:16
treachworse-ix, with added security. :D13:16
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jkr /usr/bin/vi is hardcoded in crontab :(13:16
jkrWhich is a link to /bin/vi :)13:17
jkrWhich makes crontab print all those vimrc errors on "crontab -e"13:17
jkrIs that a bug?13:18
treachshould be treated as one, at least. :/13:18
teKvi -u /dev/null13:19
jkrLooks like the editor can be defined at compile time of dcron, but then it's still hardcoded13:19
tilmannobody except cptn used emacs in crux anyway13:20
teKvi has to be present by POSIX foo13:20
jkr$VISUAL does what I'd expect from $EDITOR13:20
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jkrGreat, all problems solved, now I can eat my chicken :)13:22
teKbon apetit13:23
tilmani can has chicken, too?13:23
teKin bavaria a brown bear has been shot for eating chicken BTW13:23
jkru can has a foto laterz :)13:23
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jkrteK: Are you threatening me?! ;)13:24
treachbut wouldn't half that url have been enough? ;)13:25
tilmanI AM CORNHOLIO13:25
teKit still sucks, tilman :\13:25
teKshooting a bear in 200713:26
tilmanof course13:26
tilman.oO(problembaer) :D13:26
jkrI'm surprised that there are still bears in bavaria13:26
teKdeflexion :-)13:26
teKjkr: not that much, obviously13:27
treachyeah, one would think they had completely converted to beers, by now. :D13:27
teKtilman: yeah, instead whole germany loved knut a littttlee swwwweety polar bear..13:27
teKrotfl treach13:27
jkrKnut really sucked13:28
jkrLet's place a dead chicken in his cage when he's sleeping :>13:28
teKI did not get it, but if BILD says it, it has to be true13:28
teKlol :DD13:28
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jaegertreach: ok14:17
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RedShiftlol how typical14:21
RedShifthp ships a documentation cd with the server, and the documentation itself is not on the CD14:22
RedShiftyou get a bunch of html files and the link to their website14:22
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rehabdollhaha how useful14:35
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treachsetting things up to make the box useless in the future? Naah.14:43
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* treach ponders leaving with a "good night". :>16:03
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* treach looks crossly at uname16:18
treachit's not an athlon-4, you know?16:18
tilmanour uname patch is so old, back then there were no athlon64 cpus ;p16:19
* RedShift ponders16:21
treachtilman: how did you fix your utc problem? Now, suddenly after starting ntpd, my computer tells me it's 22.22. :/16:22
tilmanhcsystohc --utc --set16:22
tilmanor so16:22
tilmanafterwards, the last line of /etc/adjtime should read 'UTC'16:22
treachhm, I take "hcsystohc" as "hwclock".. now all I have to do is figuring out the syntax.16:24
tilmani meant:16:25
tilmanhwclock --systohc --utc16:25
rehabdollmy core2quad is apparently a i386 D;16:25
rehabdollah, sorry i686 atleast :)16:26
treachtilman: mmh, figured.16:26
treachtilman: didn't I understand this correctly? "date" still tells me it's 22.xx something16:28
treachotherwise it seems to work16:28
tilmanmaybe now try to run ntp client again?16:29
treachnope, no luck16:29
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