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namenloswhat about including perl 5.10 in crux 2.4? ;)01:09
pitillogood morning01:28
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)02:22
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jkrWhen will there be Perl 5.10 in CRUX? :)06:27
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teKat least it builds just fine :-)06:42
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RyoSjkr: when the maintainer updates the port i guess07:21
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mike_kjkr: if it's considered stable - make a flyspray ticket:
mike_kI wish it could reach crux 2.4 release. Changing perl for the running distro requires (at least) all p5-* ports reinstallation in another prefix.07:53
thrice`you tried updating ?07:53
RyoSi kinda hate perl.. but oh well i got it here too.. :(07:53
mike_kI have not tried, but had to pkgadd -f some part of the perl as it was outdated07:55
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namenlosmike_k: which files had the conflict?07:59
tilmangood point08:00
thrice`does revdep catch them ?08:01
thrice`seemed to build OK here08:04
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mike_knamenlos: can't remember. that was just some perl package from CPAN. It had more recent modules than ones inside 5.8.808:13
mike_kanother perl crap wanted that newer version08:14
thrice`5.10.0 built ok, and pkgadd didn't complain for me :)08:14
thrice`oh, you were talking about something else complaining, not perl08:14
mike_kthrice`: I mean I had to "pkgadd p5-some-stuff -f" as it was partially overwriting core/perl files with newer ones08:15
thrice`yeah, realized that after :-)08:15
thrice`tilman: trying to rebuild perl stuff, looks like urxvt has to go to 8.808:19
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DarkNekroshi Man0l011:43
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duki_I have just read the doc for crux,  but there is nothing about how to configure network with wpa2?  is there any doc in order to install a wifi card with wpa2?11:51
rehabdollnot anything crux-specifix afaik11:52
pitilloduki_, , I think that isn't related directly to crux. Take a look at google.11:52
duki_pitillo: thank you,.11:55
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sepen@seen Viper_14:01
clbsepen: Viper_ was last seen in #crux 20 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <Viper_> what's the new url?14:01
teKfamous last words *g*14:02
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jjpkclb is not too exact, it appears.14:03
treachI guess the new url was #crux-devel14:03
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jaegeryou can ask it for results from the other channel, too14:05
jjpkBy unexact, I meant that it only considers the last time a user has said anything.14:09
jjpkKnowing this place for a while, you will notice it is not the most active channel ;D14:09
jjpkPlenty of people around, just not much happening.14:09
jkr@seen todesmulch14:10
clbjkr: I have not seen todesmulch.14:10
jaegeryeah, true. could probably code a better (or at least more featureful) seen module but I haven't bothered to try :)14:11
sepenjaeger, its root=/dev/xxx available on the new rc?14:11
jjpkI would not bother too much about it.14:11
jjpkclb is much better compared to the old, stale bot we had in this channel. :D14:12
jkrHas anyone ever made a bootable USB stick with CRUX?14:12
jjpkIt did not register a thing.14:12
jaegersepen: hrmm, I should probably have added an option to make it more obvious but you can do "/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/XXX"14:20
sepenooh perfect for me14:21
jaegerbut I'm not sure I can see a situation where you would NEED that14:21
sepenI thought it will dissapear14:21
jaegeryou can do the same things in the booted CD system14:21
sepenyeah, now Im using the chroot method for rescue tasks14:21
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Man0l0do anyone know how to build a y-cable for a PRI E1 line ?14:59
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teKare there any plans or requirements for helper-scripts to go from 2.3 to 2.4?15:21
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jaegerteK: what do you mean?15:45
teKthere was a script for 2.1 -> 2.2 iirc15:48
jaegerah, the one that's included in the iso15:48
teKwill there something similar be required?15:48
jaegeryou can see it in gitweb15:48
teKI will check + saying yes or no would have saved time for both of us ;)15:51
teK+ thx15:51
jaegerI didn't realize at first what you were talking about15:51
jaegerbut yes, there is one for 2.3->2.4 as well :)15:51
teKI hear that quite often15:51
rehabdolli had 0 problems moving from 2.3 to the 2.4 branch15:53
teKwhat's the recommended path foer <=2.2->2.4?15:53
rehabdollwho runs 2.2?15:56
teKI still think my question is valid15:56
rehabdollusing cd's would probably be the best way to go15:57
jaegerteK: you could do a manual update in a chroot or CD boot or upgrade to 2.3 first (so you get the update helper script to run) and then do it again for 2.415:58
jaegerif you do the chroot way you can just add/remove packages manually according to the helper scripts15:58
rehabdollsounds fun to install a plain 2.2 and just edit the rsync files to 2.4 and see what happens15:58
rehabdollthink i'll do that this weekend15:59
rehabdolland yes, my life is _that_ boring15:59
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* jaeger tries to build exult16:09
jjpkWhat is exult?16:13
jaegeryay, it built that time16:14
jaegerit's an ultima7 engine remake16:14
jjpkAll I can say is that retro is in lately. :p16:21
jaegerI still love that game16:22
jjpkNever knew it existed until a few minutes ago.16:26
jjpkNot really into gaming overall.16:27
jjpkLet's see if I get inspired to install 2.4's rc3 still today.16:31
jjpkA few bumps in the road up to now, but should have enough time to give it a go.16:32
jaegerdon't feel pressured, it's not loads different from 1 or 216:33
* treach is in the process of updating his laptop..16:33
treachstill 2.3, but I haven't touched it for a few months. :/16:33
jjpkSounds like you were a bit busy :D16:36
treachat least it's got a bit more ram now.16:36
treach768 instead of 256.16:37
jjpkHehe. probably not too noticeable if dwm is your weapon of choice. ;)16:37
jjpkThough you could almost put that to good use: run tmpfs and compile from there. :)16:38
treachof course. :)16:39
treachthat's one of the reasons I made the upgrade. :P16:39
treachalso, running eclipse/firefox etc isn't *that* fun with 256MB. :D16:39
jjpkTrue, those two have quite the apetite for system resources.16:42
treachyes. As I use to tell people who harp on kde.. it's *not* the DE that consumes resources in the end.16:43
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jjpkIt also depends how customized or stock the DE installation is.16:47
jjpkK/Ubuntu probably have just about eveyrything imaginable enabled and compiled in. :p16:47
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treachwell. depends a bit on what you mean with "stock"..16:47
spinachanyone using firefox in crax¿16:48
RyoS*lifts his hand*16:48
treachcrax? ;D16:48
RyoSbesides of that crax thing16:48
teKyep here16:48
jjpkcrax slax.16:48
teK256MB RAM + 400MHz CPU16:48
spinach512 MB + 800 Mhz ((:16:49
jjpktreach: that might be a problem since stock is not that clear in gnome or kde. :p16:49
treach"stock", as compiled from sources from, or "stock" as defined by various bloated distros..?16:50
jjpkVery likely that few people actually get everything separately and install it according to their specifications.16:50
jjpkEven crux has its framework on how they are packaged and what is included etc.16:51
treachsuse even gives you beagle and that crap by default. :/16:51
treach --ignore= ftw16:51
jjpkYep. That, or editing the pkgfiles yourself. ;)16:52
treachI seriously don't unerstand that love-affair a lot of distros have with mono..16:52
treachI can think of two apps that use it, both quite useless.16:52
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jjpkThe same boggles my mind as well.16:53
jjpkHow I see it, it just popped out and was adopted by the larger distributions. :s16:53
treachsame story as gnome :/16:54
treachquite a few people won't have anything to do with it, so you co-opt a lot of stuff and try to forcefeed people with your crap.16:55
treachwe're still not at the co-opting stage yet though.16:55
jjpkSuppose it comes with the territory: this after all is a distro targeted at power and experienced users.16:56
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treachWell, I'd say it comes with a certain mindset. Did you know that some guy at Novell actually wasted time re-implementing yast in gtk..?16:58
jjpkWhat were they thinking with that move...17:00
jjpkThey could have simply used the qt-gtk theme engine to achieve a uniform look.17:00
jjpkSuppose it was not good enough :p17:00
jjpkOh well, sometimes it seems they have to keep their coders busy with something...17:02
treachI don't think they are entirely rational.17:02
jjpkMaybe it just is me, but the absolutist view that gnome has to only use gtk or the same logic with kde is not exactly healthy.17:03
jjpkThere is plenty of overlap due to that mindset.17:05
treachwell, it's not like the system management tool for a particular distribution is a part of gnome/kde anyway..17:06
jjpkThat certainly would be quite the limitation if either DE endorsed a particular distro over everything else. :p17:09
jjpkProbably would not be impossible, but at least very annoying.17:11
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jjpkWonder where the latest channel troll came from.17:14
treachgermany, apparently.17:14
jjpk"spinach" santa with a fixation to irritating rommie ;)17:15
treachprobably. :)17:15
treachnot sure why he just doesn't ignore the guy. :>17:17
jjpkA high pain threshold? :p17:17
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jjpk...unlike some. :D17:19
tilmanwhat channel troll?17:19
treachman I wish ff could finish updating..17:19
treachI should hit the sack, travel day tomorrow. :/17:20
jjpktilman: the "craxer"17:20
tilmani must of missed him :D17:20
treachI think you're the only one then. ;)17:21
jjpkProactive ignoring ftw. :D17:21
treach"I see stupid people"17:21
tilmani just clicked his fucking link17:22
treachmmh, what was the deal with that?17:22
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tilmanjust some javascript crap17:22
treachnoscript ftw. :)17:23
jjpkjavascript abuser. boo17:23
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treachtilman: here he is. +b?17:24
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DarkNekrossee you soon ;)17:28
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treachit would actually be funny if "santa claus" was banned. :p17:31
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treachprobably the only place in the world where that figure isn't welcome. :)17:32
tilmani can see the headlines on osnews17:32
treachI'd say it's more of a sign that we're an "adult channel", or somthing like that. :P17:33
treachwell, channel for adults would fit better, I guess. D:17:33
jjpkCRUX HATES CHRISTMAS on osnews, nice ;)17:35
treachThat could be good marketing, actually. :)17:35
treachThere has to be some people who are just totally fed up with this christmas crap.17:36
* tilman has got to meet some special relatives next week for lunch17:36
Romstercristmas is another one of them money making days for business, it's lost it's true meaning.17:36
* tilman shivers17:36
treachI mean seriously, x-mas music in the stores, x-mas cookies for sale etc, since late october. :/17:36
treach"special relatives"?17:37
tilmani only heard 'last christmas' on the radio *once* this year17:37
tilmanvery strange17:37
treachwhat's special relatives? the remains of the gestapo? =)17:37
Romsteryeah an nearly straight after xmas we get easter eggs and hot cross buns.17:37
tilmantreach: they are a bit strange in the head ;)17:38
treachah. retarded people. :P17:38
tilmanhopefully they don't read the #crux logs17:38
treachI doubt that.17:38
Romsterjust don't keep anything sensitive open when there there so if they decide to look at the pc.17:40
treachI doubt they'd know what to do with tilman's computer17:41
treachI have a female relative, who's not retarded btw, and she was totally bewildered by me using fluxbox.17:41
treachshe just couldn't get where I clicked to get the menu. :P17:42
tilmansounds familiar to me17:42
Romstertaht's what more than one mouse buttons are for, most don't realise the scroll wheel is a button too.17:51
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treachwell, if you're used to the paradigm that you have to click *on* some kind of object, it's not hard to understand the confusion.17:53
Romsterbut there is the right click menu too so *shrugs*17:53
treachbut you usually invoke it too by clicking on some kind of object, right?17:54
treachI think the problem is that few people think of the root-window/desktop as an object.17:55
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jvein terms of desktop packages, is there really any contender distribution to Gentoo or Crux ?18:00
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jveno it seems..18:00
tilmanwhat are you saying? ;)18:00
treachdesktop packages. he wants them. -(:|18:01
treachnot sure where he got the idea we distribute such though. :)18:01
jveI'm just trying to find out from the very few linux ppc users that seem to be on irc.. :-) if there are any alternatives to gentoo18:02
treachwell, yes.18:02
jvecrux seem to be one of them, although with a focus on the power-user who doesn't really need a package system like gentoos?18:02
treachseems like a reasonable description.18:02
tilmanmmh, maybe18:02
treacheven if I would say "doesn't want" rather than "doesn't need"18:03
jvethanks for confirming18:03
tilmanjve: crux' ports system is much simpler than gentoo's portage18:03
jvesee the thing is i don't really have a lot of time to play around, since I'm going on travel, I really just want to play a bit with 1 linux distro over the holidays.. and I'd prefer sticking with it18:03
treachff done! \o/18:04
tilmanjve: you haven't used linux/a unix-ish os before?18:04
treachI'd recommend some binary distro if you want a minimum of fuss.18:05
jveI have, but it's a long time ago, and I don't find it easy to compare the state of different distros on the ppc (only ran it on i386)18:05
tilmanjve: ubuntu is insanely popular, i don't know how good their ppc system is though18:06
tilmanactually i don't know much about linux/ppc :D18:06
jvetilman: thanks though, unfortunately they just dropped support for ppc18:07
treachdebian, opensuse are other options.18:07
treachI think they still support it.18:07
jveyou've given me enough advise about them all18:07
tilmanyellow dog linux then?18:07
tilmanthey are the ppc veterans18:07
jvethey don't seem to update so often those yellow dog cats..18:07
treachtilman: iirc they are 100% comercial18:07
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treachie, no free download18:07
jvebut I'll run by them again. and if people ask for a no-barrels distro, I'll be sure to mention crux ;)18:08
jveactually yellow dog was probably the tip of the day18:08
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jvei don't know why but i fear that if i install netbsd again, i'll never get to actually work in the OS :-)18:09
treachshould be, since they are *the* specialists on ppc.18:09
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treachyd, that is.18:09
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jjpkconnection reset by beer. hmm18:23
jjpkHosing your equipment in it? :D18:23
treachmaybe it was a laptop? :p18:25
jjpkOne of those life mysteries ;)18:26
Romsterwhat was that updating firefox about i don't see yet.18:50
treachheh, it was just me updating my laptop, which regrettably isn't much fun.18:51
treachit was stuck at .818:51
Romsterlol that's old.18:52
Romsterdistcc it <<18:52
treachnah, I'm too tired to mess with that, besides it's done by now.18:53
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treachalso I was thinking of looking into "icecream"18:55
treachbut that will be some other day18:55
tilmanwhat is that?18:59
tilmansounds familiar now that i read that ;)19:01
treachok. I don't think I've sent that link before though.19:02
treachanyhow, I'm done and it's seriously nighty-nighty time.19:03
treachsee you next year guys, unless I can find some other place to get online from. :P19:04
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Romstermidday here.19:04
Romsterthe fact is says to distrbute kde builds, and it dosn't say to distrbute any builds.19:05
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devilRomster you my only darlin'20:02
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acrux|ppchi brian|lfs21:21
brian|lfswhats the name of the package for all my pritner drivers for cups21:22
brian|lfsI don't seem to have any print drivers21:22
acrux_acrux@pegasos:~$ cat /usr/ports/x86/opt/cups/README21:23
acrux_mmh, sorry21:24
acrux_acrux@pegasos:~$ cat /usr/ports/opt/cups/README21:24
acrux_now it's ok21:24
acrux_for you x86 user :D21:24
brian|lfsso that file will tell me what I need to isntall for my print driver21:26
brian|lfsI'm a little confused normally there is a list of standard drivers and I only have 4 or 5 pritners to pick from and it don't pick my printer up on its own21:27
acrux_it usually helps21:27
acrux_but i'm not a great expert in print servers21:27
brian|lfsis that a file someone in crux wrote or a cup sREADME21:27
acrux_yes, it is21:28
brian|lfsok I'm going to look these are easy instructions21:30
brian|lfsdo I have to make a folder for my pritner name /model21:34
brian|lfsall I have for a folder is user/share/cups21:34
brian|lfsweird all these options are for network pritners this is a normal pritner21:40
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