IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-12-20

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pitillogood morning01:15
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sepenpff trying to use this keyboard
acrux_i've on my ultra5, but on it i've openbsd03:04
acrux_i noticed that nullpointer (cruxppc developer) use it on a ultra5 too (but with crux-sparc)03:05
rxi lol crux-sparc is still alive?03:06
acrux_eh eh03:07
rxiis anyone maintaining it?03:07
acrux_no, i think nullpointer is the only one user03:08
rxidid he start from scratch or use cptn's port?03:08
acrux_from cptn's one03:08
rxii wonder if he wants to do a hppa one too :P03:10
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rxii assume crux-ppc is still alive and well?03:14
acrux_yes, we are going to be in sync with x8603:14
namenlosacrux_: you managed to enable utf-8 encoding on openbsd?03:14
acrux_with 2.403:14
rxicool .. how are doing that?03:14
acrux_namelos: i don't swith on my sparc form a lot of time... i don't remember03:15
acrux_rxi: it's hard... power architecture has a great number of different machines03:16
acrux_32 and 64 bit03:16
rxiyeah .. multiarch support is a really difficult one03:16
rxiwhile maintaining crux "philosophy"03:17
acrux_that's possible03:17
acrux_we use a kind of ierarchy in our repository03:17
acrux_ ppc/core ppc/opt ppc/contrib x86/core etc...03:18
rxiyeah thats how its been for a while hasnt it?03:18
acrux_this is possible using ilenia03:18
acrux_yes, but now is simpler with a massive use of ilenia03:19
acrux_this is my 32 bit devel tree03:20
acrux_(nullpointer has 64)03:20
rxiso its a wrapper for ports,pkgutils?03:22
acrux_sorry rxi, i must go away,03:23
acrux_c y03:23
rxinp .. later03:23
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rximen in white coats came for him i guess03:23
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Romsteri go to download the kernel and they change the size of the file when i've got nearly 50% of it...04:44
Romsterfirst time i've had that happen to me.04:45
Romster2.6.23.12 btw04:45
Romsterneermind somehow the file stoped so ketchup decided to go for the gz file instead....04:51
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Romsterhi prologic  you don't have the shortcircuit dns yet?04:53
Romstermy emails bounced that i sent to you...04:54
* Romster pokes prologic <<04:55
RedShifthey prologic05:04
RedShiftyou're back :-)05:04
prologicI am :)05:05
prologicslight disagreement with my old isp :)05:06
prologicgawd I hate this country ;P05:06
RedShiftprologic: you know my dedicated server offer still stands05:06
prologic*nods* :)05:06
RedShiftthen you wouldn't have to worry about all your websites and such being down05:08
RedShift(unless we get into a "slight disagreement" *evil*)05:08
Romsterman jsut went disapearing on us <<05:09
prologicsorry :/05:09
Romsteron the network << i'm sure this chane dosn't ened to know details.05:10
RedShiftprologic: is the irc back up?05:11
RedShiftConnection to Server lost: name lookup has failed. Trying to reconnect.05:12
RomsterRedShift, one ip atm.05:12
Romsterdns isn't even on it.05:12
RedShiftah ok05:12
Romster2-3 days so maybe monday-tuesday as prologic told me over the phone.05:12
prologicI could be up all night doing this :/05:13
prologicI'm gonna call me gf :)05:13
prologicRedShift, use for the moment (it's a vps)05:15
prologicjust didn't tell anyone bout it :)05:15
prologictill now05:15
prologicshit I hate safeguard05:15
RedShiftI'm in!05:16
RedShiftI'm teh 1337 h4x0r05:16
RedShiftI got in y0u ch4n dud€05:16
prologicfunny man :)05:17
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thrice`tilman: do you think xorg-lndir might be beneficial to add to xorg ?08:38
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tilmanthrice`: err, i iddn't need it yet, that's why it's not in atm09:45
thrice`ah, ok; did you see my note about urxvt too?09:50
tilmanyeah, i'll update it tomorrow09:50
thrice`ok, thanks :-)09:52
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jaegeranyone know of a program I could use to stitch together 144 images (pcx but can convert them to whatever) in a 12x12 grid?10:08
thrice`panaramic style images?10:09
jaegernothing so complicated... square sections of a large map10:09
jaegerthey're numbered so that they're easy to see which goes where (top to bottom, then left to right)10:11
thrice`there is montage out of imagemagick.  otherwise, google turned up hugin - haven't tried either, but the latter looks ok10:11
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jaegerI'll give those a try, or maybe autostitch can do it10:12
jaegermontage sounds like it might be perfect, just gotta install it and try10:15
thrice`yeah, imagemagick has some neat tools10:17
jaegerI've only used the least of its features in the past, things like convert, display, and mogrify10:18
jaegerdidn't even know about montage until now10:18
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thrice`jaeger: yeah, never tried it either, but remembered reading something about it on the imagemagick site.  looks pretty close to what you're after :)10:36
jaegerit's perfect, and it's making my machine cry hard10:37
jaeger144 2048x2048 images10:37
thrice`take awhile?10:37
jaegeryeah, and it seems I'm using all 2 gigs of swap :)10:37
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thrice`can it do it in one shot?10:38
jaegerpossibly not but I'm fine with doing it in 12 1x12 segments, which doesn't make it cry too badly10:39
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thrice`jaeger: looks pretty nice10:51
jaeger1/32 scale10:51
thrice` big's the file?10:52
jaegerhaven't finished yet, I'll let you know. that tiny one is 367k10:52
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thrice`what's the map from, out of curiosity?10:56
jaegerultima 710:56
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jaegerwrote a script to generate them :)11:19
thrice`using montage?11:23
thrice`ah, slick :)11:25
thrice`wow, nice.  I wish I was a better scripter11:27
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jaegerthe one made from 512x512 pieces makes a 23MB gif11:35
thrice`is that a ps1 game?11:43
jaegerit's an old PC game with a horrible SNES port11:43
jaegerand apparently a psp port I didn't know about11:44
thrice`ah, ok.  do you run it in zsnes?11:45
jaegerI don't have the SNES version, just the PC one, and run it with exult11:45
sepenplatform(s) DOS11:46
sepenand other trough exult xDD11:47
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blokkieJust installed crux with 2.4 iso12:23
blokkieall working nice !  (this on a lenovo 3000 n100 laptop)12:23
jaegerglad to hear it12:23
blokkieit's the first time I try crux after 2 years . Glad the system has not changed a lot. The install procedure is still one of the best and straight forward installs I've come across12:24
blokkiejaeger:  is there a particular reason it comes by default with lilo and not grub ?12:25
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jaegerblokkie: both are available, actually. install whichever you like12:28
thrice`i think lilo is in core, and grub is in opt, but both on the iso12:29
blokkieok , I'm gonna try grub . I tend to forget to run lilo after editing /etc/lilo.conf12:29
blokkiethx for the hint!12:30
blokkiegoing to reboot now . Brb12:31
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blokkiejaeger:  just a fast Q:  it's  grub-install /dev/hda  for MBR grub installation yes ?12:36
* blokkie waves to RedShift 12:36
RedShiftwell well12:36
jaegerI don't actually use grub-install but I would guess that's correct12:37
RedShiftwho we have here :-D12:37
RedShiftblokkie: how did you end up here?12:37
jaegerI use the shell, then "root (hd0,2)"; "setup (hd0)" or whatever my drives are12:37
blokkiejaeger:  yeah, so I think . The hd is going crazy but I'm gonna let it finish12:37
blokkieRedShift:  well .. I'm on a quest for a distro that I can _control_ more12:38
blokkiejaeger:  besides those 2 commands , anything I should add after that ?12:39
jaegercheck the grub readme, it has lots of information :)12:40
RedShiftblokkie: crux is pretty fine distro if you like compiling stuff yourself12:40
* blokkie nods and should have not asked.12:40
blokkieRedShift:  well yeah , I've used it for a while 2 years ago and I liked it. But then I did not have a lot of time to deal with the os.12:41
RedShiftI hate compiling stuff myself that's why I use archlinux12:42
Man0l0blokkie, user grub-install --recheck /dev/hda12:42
blokkieWell .. grub is working nice . I did a reboot ; all ok12:43
RedShift /mr burns12:44
aonmr burns? :O12:44
jaegerjust imagine me steepling my fingers and smirking evilly12:45
blokkieRedShift:  I don't have a browser yet :S12:48
RedShiftblokkie: I'm not authentificated on this username12:48
RedShifthttpup sync fluxbox12:48
RedShiftI don't know how up to date these ports are12:48
RedShiftrehabdoll: you still working on those fluxbox ports?12:48
thrice`we need a fluxbox port in contrib :(12:49
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RedShiftblokkie: add that repo to your prt-get.conf and you should be able to prt-get fluxbox12:51
* RedShift points at the respective manpages on how to do that12:51
blokkieRedShift:  ok12:53
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thrice`I have a fluxbox Pkgfile if you'd like too12:54
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RedShiftswim swim hungry12:56
blokkieprt-get search php shows php4  ... is that the default ?13:04
sepen_blokkie, see mod_php13:07
blokkiemmgh  prt-get info  is usefull . Thx13:08
blokkiecould somebody update the freetype  version in ports ?13:52
blokkieit's not available on sourceforge13:52
blokkieand by this all my other builds fail13:52
thrice`read the FAQ about sourceforge13:54
blokkiewhich faq ?13:54
thrice`the crux faq13:54
blokkieyu have url ?13:54
thrice`can you at least humor me by TRYING to look?13:55
blokkiewell .. I would if I have a browser13:56
thrice`then why did you ask for the url?13:56
blokkiefor wget13:56
blokkieor at least adapt the pkgbuild13:57
thrice`try adding this to /etc/hosts:13:57
thrice` dl.sf.net13:57
thrice`that will fix your sourceforge download problem :013:57
blokkiethank you13:58
blokkiewhen I have a firefox , I'll send you a screenshot :)13:59
thrice`sorry, forgot you didn't have X :)14:00
blokkiewhen I have x14:00
sepen_blokkie, $ sudo prt-get depinst lynx14:00
sepen_your text browser will be available14:00
blokkiemmgh , didn't tought of lynx . Good call14:01
sepen_blokkie,  also you can use portdb-search script to browse the portdb without need a browser14:02
sepen_see this port $ rsync -aqz portdb-search14:02
sepen_also you'll need some deps (ports from the contrib collection)14:03
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)15:12
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nipuLi got bored so i started writing a new portdb query tool in haskell16:39
nipuLright up until my brain asploded16:39
DarkNekrosit's cool nipuL ;)16:40
nipuLi know, there's just so much to learn before you can start doing anything useful16:41
DarkNekrosit's true16:41
nipuLlike processing html tables...16:41
DarkNekrosthat's right :)16:42
nipuLif only all the portdb queries where xml16:43
DarkNekrosit could be, couldn't it?16:44
nipuLi can't belive i just advocated xml :S16:44
nipuLof course it could, someone just needs to actually do it16:46
jaegerI learned haskell in college to get out of the fortran classes16:48
nipuLi have a friend learning fourth....for fun16:51
nipuLwe only have one non oo/iterative programming unit at my uni16:52
nipuLcovers scheme and prolog16:52
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