IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-12-21

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pitillogood morning01:10
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* Romster just changed over to a newer PSU01:13
Romsternot brand new but it's got more grunt that the one i had in it. and i soldered another lead into it so i wasn't short on conectors.01:14
Romsterpitillo, test for me, build fltk with fakeroot i'm sure there is to *.a files that are geting installed onto the system when they aren't ment to be but fakeroot didn't warn me about it.01:17
pitilloRomster, building it under a vm with rc3. Not sure if building in this way can be usefull for you01:22
Romsterjust wanna know if fakeroot bombs out or reports the file being installed outside of src/pkg/...01:26
Romsterthere is to *.a files that fltk is installing onto the system.01:26
pitilloin this way it doesn't seem to build anything aoutside $PKG, I will try to do it again in your way, but not sure about how to do it.01:30
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Romsterhmm jsut a stragit pkgmk them look in /usr/share files that arn't part of the package01:34
Romsterprtorphan -d /usr/share01:36
Romsterlibfltk... files.01:36
pitilloI am using pkgmk to build it, footprint doesn't show anything at /usr... all it's in usr/01:36
Romsterfakeroot is ment to bombout and not install them i would imagine.01:36
Romsteryeah it's installed outside of src/pkg01:36
Romsterso that won't show it, but it's installed onto the system01:37
pitilloI think you can look at .footprint directly to see if is there anything starting with /. (but not sure about this)01:37
Romster.footprint only lists what goes in src/pkg/01:37
Romsterin this case at lest 2 files are geting installed to /usr/share01:38
Romsterstatic librarys but fakeroot is ment to stop that.01:38
pitilloarf, but then if you install something directly to /* means that isn't showed at footprint?01:38
Romsteror am i missing the picture01:38
Romsterthat's the reason for fakeroot to prevent that01:38
Romsterbut it arn't doing it's job for me.01:39
pitilloI thought it was showed like somethjing like /..01:39
Romsterprtorphan showed me something was up.01:39
Romsterit avioids .footprint all together.01:39
Romsterand goes straight onto the system.01:39
pitillolet's see01:40
Romsteryou might see other stuff but i saw it easily in a chroot using my safe-build method.01:41
pitilloumm I can't see anything... my process was to build it with non-privileged user (pkgmk) with the fakeroot command at prt-get.conf01:41
pitillousing prtorphan -d /usr/share before pkgadding it doesn't show anything there (like I said, rc3 fresh install)01:42
pitilloit's more, .footprint doesn't show the path /usr/share01:43
Romster.footprint is only gonna see work/pkg01:44
Romsterif anyting goes outside of that it'll be on the syste without installing the package.01:45
Romsternevermind i'll figure it out.. fakeroot arnt' doing its job.01:45
pitilloummm understood, sorry about repeating the footprint tip. But taking that point in one side and using prtorphan -d /usr/share, it doesn't show anything here01:47
pitillodo you know wich files are outside PKG? I can try to look for them here and see if they werern't at /usr/share01:48
Romsteri'll do it again i need to open a term and stuff.01:49
Romsteri was off while i swaped a power supply.01:49
pitillooki, if you see wich files where directly at your / tell me and I will look for them here, but I think it's working fine01:52
Romsterit arn't i'm sure.01:57
Romsterpitillo, it maybe that you need to do a pkgmk -fr fltk01:59
Romsterbuilding now.02:00
Romsterin a chroot.02:00
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pitilloI built it 2 times, first with pkgmk -d  and the second with fakeroot pkgmk. But prt-get.conf has the line to use fakeroot with non-privileged user02:01
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)02:28
Romsterpitillo, i arn't seeing it now i'm doing something wrong...03:01
Romsterah here it is wrong directory03:01
Romster# prtorphan -d /usr/lib/03:02
Romsterfirst 2 are from --install-scripts of fonts for xorg but the last two files!!03:02
Romsterhi DarkNekros03:03
sepen_Romster, with fltk?03:05
sepen_I'll try to reproduce03:06
Romsteryeah with fltk03:07
Romsteri haven't looked at the Makefile but i'm guessing it's got some stupid line in it.03:07
Romsteri'll just disable static librarys on it.03:07
Romsterbut the fact fakeroot didn't stop it.03:07
Romsterso i did something wrong for fakeroot to work?03:08
sepen_well tell me what the Pkgfile to use03:08
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sepen_Romster, =1.1.7 ??03:10
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Romsteryes what's in contrib now.03:11
Romsteralthough i did a test with crux 2.4 it should show up on the 2.3 branch too.03:11
Romsterfakeroot never stoped it to install.03:12
sepen_I building it using $ fakeroot pkgmk -d -kw on 2.303:12
Romsterunless runing fakeroot as root in a chroot isn't gonna work.03:12
sepen_=======> Building '/devel/tmp/fltk/fltk#1.1.7-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded03:16
sepen_$ grep ^/ .footprint and no results03:16
sepen_I can't understand where is the problem03:17
sepen_please can you explain me?03:17
sepen_fakeroot as root?? why do you need to use fakeroot if you are the privileded user?03:20
Romstersepen_, run prtorphan -d /usr/lib/03:20
Romsteri got /usr/lib/libfltk_jpeg.a03:20
Romsterthat got installed onto the system bypassed fakeroot.03:21
sepen_only fonts and GL03:21
Romster# prt-get depinst --install-scripts prt-utils fltk03:21
Romsterin prt-get.conf03:22
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk03:22
Romsterso i don't know.03:22
Romstermaybe i cna't run fakeroot under root...03:22
sepen_$ sudo prt-get depinst --install-scripts prt-utils fltk03:22
sepen_prt-get: no package specified for install03:22
sepen_Romster, fakeroot its used to faked the root id03:22
sepen_why using it as root ?03:23
Romsterso still runing it as root will screw up fakeroot...03:23
Romsterbecasue it's in a chroot i don't care if it trashes the chroot03:23
Romsteri didn't bother to create a user and crap03:23
Romsterbut lloks like i got no choice03:23
sepen_fakeroot provides a fake root environment03:24
Romsteri thoguth fakeroot catches writes to the system03:24
sepen_no idea why you need to fake if you're root03:24
Romstergrr dosn't do exactly as i expected.03:24
Romsteri ws trying to use it to catch files that got wrote to the system03:24
Romsterexample fltk03:24
Romsteranything that didn't write to work/pkg03:25
Romsterso fakeroot jsut fakes root.03:26
Romsterit's upto the system to deny files that go to a location they don't have permission too.03:26
Romsteri'll jsut add a user account to my chroot03:26
Romsterand drop root.03:26
Romsterno wonder i didn't catch the darn thing.03:27
sepen_Romster, I just use my user with sudo fakeroot pkgmk to build ports on my chroot environment03:28
sepen_rebuilding it one more time03:30
pitilloRomster, changind the dir to /usr/lib onsly showed some dirs related to Xorg fonts in my case03:31
Romsterbut even then sudo will allow files onto the system fakeroot won't block that so i found out.03:31
sepen_yeah, surely the responde would be in the fakeroot sources03:32
Romsterso fakeroot must not be ran as root.03:32
Romsterso that means i got to chown my packages and distfiles directorys and work directory to a user account.03:33
pitilloRomster, take a look to the first acctions doc, wich add the pkgmk user and the fakeroot conf to prt-get.conf03:34
Romsterknew there was more to fakeroot than just adding it to the makecommand.03:34
pitilloI have a little script wich I run always in a new install03:34
sepen_not all that necessary to make ports03:34
sepen_only I need to use fakeroot pkgmk03:34
sepen_with my current user03:35
Romsteri'll just add some lines to my safe-build script but i'll haev to chown my running system for them directorys too.03:35
sepen_or you will need to add your dsa key to your pkgmk user to work with contrib git repos03:35
Romsterfakeroot witha  normal user will stop systemwide files being installed.03:35
sepen_Romster, I rebuilt the port with $ sudo fakeroot pkgmk03:36
Romsteri've cp -r files ../03:36
sepen_no problems with sudo too03:36
Romsterthen did the git routine.03:36
pitilloI am using this if you can take a look and if there is something wrong, feel free to tell me and I will change and of course learn about my errors03:36
Romsterif you run fakeroot as root or with sudo it'll defeat the pourpose of fakeroot.03:36
Romsterjsut adding fakeroot alone is nto enough.03:37
sepen_Romster, try to rebuild the port using it: $ sudo fakeroot pkgmk on your chroot environment as you did with root03:37
Romsteri'm making a coffee first.03:37
sepen_=======> Building '/devel/tmp/fltk/fltk#1.1.7-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded03:38
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nipuLwoah, that's trippy. anyone using compiz with wobbly windows enabled, start an Xnest and move the window, the wobble has a cool effect on the moire pattern04:59
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teKwant some TOFU? Just join lists.crux.nu06:43
tilmani prefer PORK06:44
teKvegetarians... anyone?06:51
Romsteri like tofu with miso soup06:59
Romsterbut i'm not a vegertarian.07:00
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Rotwangsepen: what about new catalyst? :P07:13
sepen_running here07:14
sepen_$ grep source= /usr/ports/contrib/ati/Pkgfile07:14
sepen_source=(${name} \07:14
sepen_thats the catalyst source07:14
Rotwangbut im asking about 7.1207:15
sepen_sorry a little mistake07:15
sepen_just Ill update07:15
sepen_thanks roliveira__07:15
sepen_thanks Rotwang07:16
* sepen_ speeds to completion07:16
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sepen_Rotwang, updated!;a=commit;h=c2d579830e0e0eb0de3b850753b67284e482e2d007:39
sepen_Ill try the new driver, just I need a reboot07:40
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sepen_well, with my radeon 9600 card 7119 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1423.778 FPS07:43
sepen_ohh now 9076 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1815.085 FPS07:44
Rotwangsepen_: thanks07:44
sepen_tell me if you experienced something interesting07:44
tilmanglxgears isn't a benchmark07:44
sepen_quake it is07:45
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tilmanjaeger: nice 404 on morpheus:D07:45
sepen_xD better 50007:45
Romster32293 frames in 5.0 seconds07:45
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sepen_Romster, with which driver07:46
jaegertilman: :)07:46
sepen_ohh sure07:46
Romstergeforce 7600GS07:46
sepen_Im running the 9600 radeon card on my amd900 mhz07:46
jaegertilman: do I need to fix a link or were you searching for the 404 page? :)07:46
Romsterlol no wonder.07:46
Tykchello all07:46
Romsterthought that was too low for a ati07:46
tilmanjaeger: i looked for the rc isos and couldn't remember the exact url. found it in the meanwhile though07:47
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sepen_tilman, what about git post-commits?07:52
sepen_could be possible?07:52
tilmandude, we only talked about that last night07:52
tilmanand i've been awake for only 3 hours or so ;)07:52
sepen_no no, I mean about the idea?07:52
Romsterdeja vue07:53
sepen_Romster, I think we need post-commit for contrib07:53
Romsterwould't be hard to extend the exisitng script as i've read07:55
sepen_also I think we should invite people to use flyspray for contrib issues07:55
Romstersame script just add in the other few git repos.07:55
Romstereh i'm quite happy people ising irc for my ports or email me.07:55
sepen_yeah, also iso.git I think could be good07:56
Romsterdunno about iso07:56
Romsterbut xorg and contrib yes.07:56
Romsterthink xorg is already..07:56
Romsterand there arn't that many in the dev channel though.07:57
sepen_yeah xorg +107:57
Romstersepen_, why don't you fix yoru nick and identify?07:58
sepen_the only option maybe to open a new #crux-commits channel for all git repos07:58
sepen_Romster, now Im using sepen_ due to an existing connection from my work place07:58
Romsteryou need a bnc <<07:59
Romsterta tilman07:59
sepen_Im using this nick only temporaly07:59
Romsteri haven't ran ck4up for a while.08:00
Romstertilman, isn't urgent?08:01
tilmanof course it's not urgent08:01
Romstergood i'll get it done probbably sunday.08:01
tilmanjust saw it on osnews (gasp)08:01
tilmanand i've been looking forward to 8.508:01
tilmancause! new theming engine, anti-aliased fonts08:01
Romsterwell sometimes it is <<08:01
tilmanfinally tk apps might not look like ass in linux08:02
Romsteryeah maybe if we are lucky.08:02
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Rotwangsepen_: try fgl_glxgears08:37
sepen_ 248.400 FPS08:39
Romsterlol ati only command..08:40
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Rotwang999.000 FPS with catalyst 7.1108:41
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thrice`is the check_url script available anywhere?08:57
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thrice`sorry, should have dug a little deeper - found it09:09
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tilmanhas anyone tried alpine yet?11:03
jaegernot I11:04
jaegerI did mess with roundcube again today11:05
tilmanwebmail = no go for me11:05
tilmani'm fairly happy with mutt11:05
tilmanit's just stupid that you have to wait until it read *all* of the headers before it shows you the contents of a mailbox11:06
tilmanincremental updates would be good :P11:06
jaegeryeah :/11:06
tilmani don't like the name 'roundcube' either11:06
tilmanthat's just strange :P11:06
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jaegergot an alpine port handy yet?11:45
dokpm0I have an alpine port, and a few others.  I was just about the set up a repo and ask if a few port gurus would like to check them over.12:08
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dokpm0Okay, I have a few simple ports I've created, including alpine, available at http://crux.RawFedDogs.net12:40
dokpm0Should I wait and let a few ports gurus nit pick over them or should I go ahead and register in the portdb?  These are my first ports, to they probably need a little tweeking.12:41
rehabdolljust run prtverify and fix any errors12:42
dokpm0rehabdoll: Thanks.  I'm checking over them now.  Already I had alpine's man pages in the wrong place.12:49
jaegerremote configuration sounds pretty slick, did pine support that?12:49
rehabdolldoubt it12:50
dokpm0jaeger: If it did I never used it.  I used Pine years ago, then switched to Mutt for several years, and now I'm using Alpine.  I am using Alpine's remote config feature, which makes it nice if one uses multiple boxes.12:51
jaegeryeah, I was looking into it because I do use multiples12:52
rehabdolltilman: radeonhd 1.1.0 \o/13:03
tilmandokpm0: so alpine has usable imap support?13:14
dokpm0tilman:  Yes, all my mail is on an IMAP server and Alpine works great with it.13:15
dokpm0Okay, I've taken care of all the problems prtverify reported and updated ports are available at http://crux.RawFedDogs.net13:23
j^2the real question is if alpine has exchange support :P13:23
j^2now that would be l33t13:23
j^2+10 points for native 2007 ooxml too ;)13:23
* j^2 ducks13:23
dokpm0I know I've seen some posts that mention exchange on the AlpineAlpha e-mail list but I didn't follow them as I don't use exchange.13:26
j^2... -.- ..13:27
dokpm0SKI?  Sorry, Morse code is not my strong point.  Actually, I had to look that up.  I only know SOS(... --- ...) by heart.13:30
j^2oh... umm yeah that's not morse code... that's me *glaring* at you -.-13:30
j^2i was trying to make a joke13:31
tilmanmorse hahaha13:31
* dokpm0 gets it now.13:33
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RedShifttalking about exchange, the behemoth is busy installing here :-)14:57
dokpm0May the force be with you.14:59
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blokkieRedShift:  you read "de tijd" ?16:02
blokkieRedShift:  you'll prolly read this when you are back . I just want to say that there was a big article about datacenters in brussels , the rates - fees and the evolution. Good reading I think for you16:05
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blokkieis yhafri updating his/her httpup  frequently ?16:52
blokkieI see a lot of packages there16:53
rehabdollno human can keep track of all that crap :)16:53
blokkiewhich user repo's are "reliable"  is I can use that word ?16:54
rehabdollimpossible to say16:54
rehabdolljust have a look at the Pkgfile and make sure it's sound16:55
blokkieisn't there some stats-site-page thingy ?16:55
blokkielike  .. grep version and name of app on all repo's and show them on a html page16:56
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blokkiewhere you could see :  xchat is not in repo han , not in repo acrux , but in repo yhari  but  version 2.1.3  while in opt there is version 2.1.1816:57
blokkiejust wondering realy16:57
blokkieanyone tried firefox3-beta ?17:00
blokkieno , ff3-beta217:05
jaegerI'm referring to your xchat comment17:05
RedShiftblokkie: no I don't read de tijd17:06
blokkiewell .. that was just an example ..  I don't know which version is the lateste17:07
RedShiftblokkie: where can I find the article?17:07 doesn't work17:07
RedShiftoh wait it does17:07
RedShiftit's only slow :X17:07
blokkieRedShift:  get a hand on one .. it's very interested. The one from today17:07
RedShiftI can't read it online?17:08
blokkieI don't know17:08
blokkieI allways bay it in the morning17:08
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blokkiegood night17:23
* blokkie sleep17:23
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DarkNekrosnight, morning ;)18:36
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Romstertilman, new tcl/tk in contrib-2.322:08
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