IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-12-22

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andariusi dont have any01:43
andariussorry, wrong chann :(01:43
andariusgreetings and salutations by the way :)01:44
* blokkie back , good morning02:23
blokkiehey , I've got an anoying problem02:39
blokkiewhen I compile somthing .. or run prt-get depinst  my laptop is not responsive anymore02:40
blokkiefirst I thought is was the kernel , so I compiled .. but it's still thesame02:40
blokkiein X I cannot switch to another virtual screen, or  type stuff in aterm02:41
blokkiemaybe it's nice    levels or somthing ?02:43
Romsterblokkie, edit /etc/prt-get.conf02:44
Romsteredit this line "makecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk"02:45
Romsterset a nice between 1 to 1902:45
Romsteri'm guessing your laptop hasn't got a powerful cpu.02:46
blokkieit's a dual core 1.802:47
blokkieI found it especially lagging when doing a tar xvf02:47
blokkieRomster: for nice , lower is less resources  ?02:48
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Romster0 is default no nice and there is -1 to 2002:53
Romster20 being real time02:54
Romster-20 to 1902:54
Romsterman nice02:54
Romsterblokkie, sounds more like I/O slowness you got DMA enabled for the harddisk?02:55
blokkieI'll check with hdparm02:56
blokkiehdparm -t /dev/hda  gives :  Timing buffered disk reads:    6 MB in  3.98 seconds =   1.51 MB/sec02:57
blokkienooooooooot good02:57
Romsterno wonder02:58
blokkiecat /proc/ide/hda/settings  using_dma  is set to 0  .. so I'll enable it02:58
Romster$ zgrep DMA /proc/config.gz02:59
Romsterah or that and set it in /etc/rc.conf02:59
Romsteri go tit on in the kernel02:59
blokkieso         I've found on google.  Gonna recompile my kernel then03:00
Romstermight need to check enable dma only for disks03:01
Romsterif you get dma problems with the cd drive.03:01
blokkieokelidokeli !03:01
Romsteralso if you got alot of ram?03:01
blokkie1 G03:02
Romsterah i'll show ya how to use ram to compile it's alot faster.03:02
Romstergvim /etc/pkgmk.conf03:03
Romsterthen open /etc/fstab03:03
Romsteradd a line03:04
Romster/var/tmp/ports         /var/tmp/ports tmpfs size=1G                0      003:04
blokkieI don't have that03:04
Romstercan change the paths if you like that's just what i use03:04
Romsteruse whatever editor you use03:04
Romsteri just use gvim in xorg and vim for console.03:05
blokkieI have  PKGMK_WORK_DIR="$PWD/work"03:05
Romsteryeah edit that to what i pasted.03:05
blokkiein /etc/plgmk..conf03:05
Romsterand add that other line to fstab03:05
teKRomster: is this already in the wiki?03:05
Romsterit'l make the compiles for pkgmk work in memory be alot faster03:06
Romsternope trench showed me it.03:06
Romsterit's so much faster compiling in ram03:06
Romsterblokkie, after ya done yoru dma int he kernel and reboot the thing should work good then03:06
teKi already thought that this not widely known/used03:07
RomsterteK, the compile in memory?03:07
blokkieRomster:  I've adjusted fstab and pkgmk.conf , now I'll recompile my kernel03:07
Romsteradd in the DMA and do a test again for that after rebooting.03:08
Romsterdon't forget to run lilo <<03:08
Romsterif you are using lilo.03:08
teKdoes mount(1) show the tmpfs entry, too?03:08
teKoh well if you reboot.. forget the question.03:09
Romsteryou can mount it without rebooting fstab just makes it permiant.03:10
teKRomster: yeah not, that blokkie wonders if he tries without mounting/rebooting :)03:10
Romstershm                   633M     0  633M   0% /dev/shm03:10
Romster/var/tmp/ports        1.0G  396K  1.0G   1% /var/tmp/ports03:10
Romsterbut he si doing his DMA then rebooting so that solves that for him.03:11
Romsternot having DMA on isn't wise for a harddisk.03:12
blokkie# grep CONFIG_IDEDMA_AUTO .config03:12
blokkieRomster:  I don't have this .. ?03:13
blokkieyou sure about the name ?03:13
teKbtw (SuSE) is setting 1777 for the mount, one may want to adjust this for security considerations03:13
Romsterah i got a diferent verison03:13
Romsterrun make xconfig03:14
blokkieno QT here :S03:14
blokkiemake menuconfig is good ?03:14
teKmake menuconfig  for ncurses03:14
teK'f course :)03:14
Romstermake menuconfig then..03:14
blokkieI'm in it03:14
Romsteri like xconfig when there is qt03:15
Romsteri'm looking for your options03:15
blokkieps: Romster  , thank you for your time , and helping me03:15
teKfor later updates I recommend gunzipping your exisiting /proc/config.gz to the new source-dir as linux-foo/.config and then do a make oldconfig03:15
RomsterteK,  i do a cp .config /boot/kconfig-<version>03:17
Romsterah wrong section were is it again...03:18
teK/proc/config.gz comes in quite handy if you move your kernel to another machine03:18
teKbut the make oldconfig trick applies ti your solution, too03:18
teKI'm doing my automatic kernelupdates with a script utilizing this feature03:19
Romsterah i was right look for generic pci busmaster03:20
Romsterin ata/atapi/mfm/rll support03:20
Romstershould be ticked.03:20
blokkieit's on03:21
blokkieit was allready on :)03:21
Romsterenable dma only for disks < only tick that if later you find your cd/dvd drive failes to work.03:22
blokkieI think with these kernels I need to enaaaable the specific driver03:22
Romsterthat could be it too.03:22
blokkiesorry for the long aaaaa's  .. but that is when the system stalls03:22
Romsteryou got generic ide on?03:22
Romsteri've read you got to turn that off and find the spefic device driver.03:23
Romsteror you get a conflict with dma on.03:23
teKbtw Romster a Kernel compile on a 2way-Dual Xenon system with SAS HDDs does take 2 seconds longer (1:14) beeing done on tmpfs compared to the normal way03:23
Romster2 seconds longer O_o what about power usage ram uses less power than a hdd.03:24
Romsterdo it with the hdd span down << lol hard to measure though..03:24
teKI doubt one can measure this ;)03:24
Romsterbrb coffee03:24
blokkiethis is my driver  Model=HTS541010G9SA00, FwRev=MBZIC60R, SerialNo=MP2ZXAXLGJPW1S03:24
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Romsterblokkie, no idea what that is but try to cross reference it in the kernel03:29
Romsterand when youa re done save the kernel to another name so you can do lilo -R name03:29
Romsterthat way if the system hangs you can reboot back to the existing kernel.03:30
blokkieok , I found  lkml entry's about my drive ::::::::::)03:30
Romstersaves the whole lad cd mount chroot.03:30
blokkieeven for 2.6.2303:31
blokkieissue with both dvd and ATA driver combined  will disable dma for one of the two03:31
blokkieso kernel wise, chose DMA on for hda  _or_ dvd03:31
blokkiegonna recompile , with INTEL PII  ata driver , and see how it go's , if that fails , I'll go for the rc.conf dma enabling :)03:32
Romsterheh k03:32
Romsteri'd lose the dma for the cd drive if anything has to be lost.03:33
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Romsterhdd so needs dma.03:33
blokkiegonna reboot03:34
blokkieyou won't see it coz this is a screen session on my server03:34
blokkiemmmgh , the animal cannot find the hda  now .03:37
blokkiebuggery bug bug03:37
Romstermore messing todo..03:40
Romsterdevice drivers are always fun.03:40
blokkieyep , I'll work on it :)03:40
Romsterspeasily when it's video, disk, and lan03:40
Romstersound isn't so bad.03:41
Romsterbut yeah if you can get the right driver it'll help than using the generic one.03:41
Romsterand compile it into the kernel not a module for stuff like hdd controlers <<03:42
blokkieI've now used a generic_archlinux .config03:47
blokkiethe .config where archlinux kernel is build with. Gonna build that kernel now and see if that helps03:47
blokkiebecause now it's realy hard to do anything on this laptop , even starting fluxbox makes typing in aterm laggy03:47
blokkieall disc I/O  generates lag03:48
blokkieanother thing03:48
blokkieI think the signature for thunderbird is bad03:48
blokkiesorry to spam this irc :)  , when I looked yesterday on the online-web logs of #crux  it was mostly quiet03:49
Romsterah it's ok to chat in here.03:49
Romsteryou can do a -um to update the footprint at your own risk.03:50
Romsteryou on crux 2.3 or 2.4 and done a ports -u ?03:53
Romstercould be the file you got is corupt too.03:54
blokkieI've installed from tilman's iso 2.4-rcX (the latest) and after my first boot , I did ports -u && prt-get sysup03:54
Romsterso you are on the 2.4 ports tree.03:55
blokkieI've rm'ed the tar of thunderbird. I'm going to rebuild it when my Uber_hda_DMA is working :)03:55
Romsteryou do realise it's still testing <<03:55
Romsterbut looks promising.03:55
blokkieexelent !03:55
blokkieI like testing03:55
blokkieHigh 5 ! :-)03:56
blokkiethat  pkgmk thing for using more ram in fstab  is realy improving performance03:56
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Romsteryep <<04:03
Romsterusing ram instead of the harddisk to compile.04:03
Romsterreally speeds things up.04:03
Romsterram is faster than hdd.04:03
Romsterprt-get info preload < might like that for a speed up too.04:23
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rehabdollbtw, 1.40.3 of e2fsprogs is available08:08
tilmanpassive graphics card coolers for the frigging win08:26
* tilman <3 teh silent pc08:26
tilmandownside is that i now hear my hard drive :D08:27
tilmanrehabdoll: thanks for the pointer. i'll queue it (along with eg radeonhd) until 2.4 is out ;)08:27
Romsterlol now you need a SSD08:34
Romsteri have a passive gpu08:34
Romstertoo bad the rest of my system has fans08:34
jjpkQuieter fans do exist.08:39
jjpkA completely silent pc would be nice, however.08:40
jjpkWhenever I get to assembling a new pc, noise and acoustics will be of greater importance than the last. :p08:41
jjpkWater cooling would be interesting. Too bad I cringe at the thought of liquids and electricity being mixed that closely.08:46
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Romsteryeah but it is also low voltage.09:01
Romsterbut the thought of springing a leak <<09:02
Romsteri'd settle for the freazer setup with heat conducting pipes and the enitre side of the case being the heatsink radiator.09:03
thrice`what's the variable to add to pkgmk.conf to enable multiple make jobs?09:44
tilmanexport MAKEFLAGS="-j4"09:45
thrice`ah, ok - thanks :)09:46
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f1y13afhi, i have info about one broken link - package rxvt-unicode, it is linked to version 8.7 but there are sources to version 8.8, so link is dead. could You fix it?12:43
RyoSYou who?12:45
RyoShows bout mailing the maintainer of the port?12:45
Rotwangmaintainer i suppose12:45
tilmanfyes, i will fix it12:45
f1y13afthank you12:46
jjpkThe rxvt-unicode project has been hit with inspiration to relase early, release often lately. :D12:47
tilmanf1y13af: the fix should be available in 5 minutes12:49
f1y13afgreat :]12:49
f1y13afthanks again tilman12:49
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Rotwang@seen brointhemix13:13
clbRotwang: brointhemix was last seen in #crux 11 weeks, 1 day, 21 hours, 52 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <brointhemix> I know, I'm such an egoist. you can smack me for that :)13:13
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*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.4 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | You may have to wait more than 3 seconds for an answer, be patient."13:56
f1y13afi've installed it in 3 hours ago ;]13:58
jaegeryay :)13:58
tilmanf1y13af: that's a bit unfortunate, but updating should be painless13:59
f1y13afah yes, i've installed rc of course14:00
PartitionI`ve downloaded 2.4rc1 5 minutes ago..14:00
Partitionany changes before them?14:00
tilmanPartition: rc1 had a couple of issues, please download the final14:01
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thrice`total speed - 0.0 k/s :(14:27
RedShiftthrice`: sounds pretty fast14:28
thrice`anyone else getting anything from the torrent?14:28
tilmanthrice`: i downloaded the md5 with the torrent earlier, and it worked ._.14:29
tilmanthrice`: you can cheat and use ftp://rsync.crux.nu14:29
RedShiftthrice`: what are you downloading?14:29
thrice`heh...I'll give this time first :)14:29
thrice`RedShift: the 2.4 iso from the torrent14:30
tilmantwice a year, people are actually talking about crux in #crux14:30
RedShiftI'm sure there are plenty of http & ftp mirrors, no need for torrents *g*14:30
jjpktilman: finally a reason to talk about it. :D14:31
RedShifttilman: well that's the developpers fault, they made crux too perfect14:31
tilmanwe have 3 leechers apparently14:32
RedShiftno problems = no reason to talk14:32
tilmanwho's the other two, and does it work for you?14:32
tilmanRedShift: yeah, i know14:32
RedShifthold on I'll help you seed that torrent with some corporate bandwidth14:32
* RyoS leeches 14:33
RedShifttalk a while to download14:34
RedShiftspeed should be up now, I'm upping at 150 kbps14:34
RedShiftlook at it fly14:35
jaeger2 of mine are capped at 256 right now, 1 uncapped14:35
jaegerthat one's currently at 440k/s and rising14:35
RedShift700 kbps download, not bad for 3 seeds14:36
jaegerit's leveled out at about 60014:36
RedShiftdon't we have some swarmspeed statistics or something?14:37
RedShiftconfigured myself as superseeder14:39
RedShiftno idea what it means but it sure sounds cool14:39
RedShiftlike I have upped my fertilaty level :-D14:40
tilmansuperseeders try to push data to the peer with the highest dl %14:40
tilmanie it usually results in having more seeders faster14:40
RedShiftso that's bad or good?14:40
RedShiftit's seeding14:41
RedShifttilman: but will a superseeder ignore clients with a low dl %?14:43
RyoSRedShift: superseeder means that you grab yourself one leecher and only upload to him14:43
RyoSthat there will be more seeders soon14:43
RyoSand damn azureus's not good :P14:43
RedShiftturned it off so everyone gets a cut14:44
RyoSi am already seeding14:44
RedShiftUpload Speed:301.6 kB/s14:44
RedShiftonly 1 peer14:44
RedShifthe must be going wtf :D14:44
RyoSdamn, i am uploading to a Āµtorrent user Oo wonder if he is using wine for it, that would be a pain in the a--14:44
tilmanaccording to the stats there's 1 of 4 leechers who's getting data :/14:45
tilmanprobably not our fault though :P14:45
RedShift Seeds:5+0.756Peers:114:45
RyoSi got too leechers :p14:45
jaegerone of my seeds is uTorrent14:45
thrice`ah, not I...I'm using rtorrent14:45
RedShifthmm I can't see those things14:46
RyoSrtorrent ftw14:46
RedShiftusing torrentflux-b4rt (based on bittornado)14:46
jaegerI'm using 3x rtorrent and 1x utorrent14:47
RedShiftmost people will probably get the iso from the http mirrors me thinks14:47
RyoSRedShift: yea14:47
jaegerthe 2.2 and 2.3 torrents are still used a decent amount, so you never know14:48
jaegerUploaded:  4528.9 MB <-- one of the 2.3 seeds14:48
RedShiftcan't wait to get a gigabit uplink somewhere14:48
RedShiftnext year I want to push at least 20 mbit 95th percentile14:49
RedShiftmaximum I reached was 40 mbit outbound, when one of my hosted sites reached national news14:50
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RedShiftsite pulled 80 gigabytes of traffic in 9 days14:52
RedShiftI was nervous though when they put the site online and widely announced it14:54
RedShifthad already another server standying by to cover everything14:54
RedShiftbut it wasn't needed, everything turned out great14:54
tilmansepen: do you know how to use the 2.4 branch for contrib now?14:54
RedShiftanother great reference to add 8-)14:54
sepentilman, of course14:55
tilmansepen: and you know how to merge the existing changes? :)14:55
sepengit cherrypick?14:55
sepenand revision as argument?14:55
tilmangit checkout 2.4   # switch to 2.4 branch14:56
sepenor git pull .14:56
tilmangit pull . 2.3   # pull stuff from 2.314:56
sepenok but this merges all changes made on 2.3 since last merge14:56
tilmanit's probably what you want14:56
sepenis not better only merges 1 change?14:56
tilmannot in this case14:57
sepennow Im testing ports on 2.4 and then merge changes on 2.4 from 2.3 updated ports14:57
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jjpkargh... burning the iso failed.15:29
teKI hope the md5sum is included in the handbook :)15:30
jjpkSuppose I will try another cdr and lower the burning speed.15:30
jjpktried a few methods to verify if it burnt properly, sha1sum and md5 mismatch when comparing the burnt cdr to the iso.15:31
jjpkSeeing what dmesg said would have been enough: buffer i/o errors15:31
tilmanyou cannot just run md5sum on /dev/cdwriter15:32
jjpkI know.15:33
tilmani read a blog post on that recently, but i don't remember the url15:33
jjpkI did the following: find the size of the iso in bytes, then dd if=/dev/cd | head --bytes=<iso's size in bytes> | md5sum15:34
jjpkdd also complained about an i/o error. Probably a fuct cdr.15:36
tilmanor your drive is dying15:36
tilmanlet's hope it's the cdr15:36
jjpkHopefully. Try number 2.15:37
jjpkI'd really have to start planning on new hardware IF the drive is nearing its death.15:39
jjpkWear and tear :p15:39
jjpkThis is not looking good.15:47
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jjpkStrange. Did the same check on the 2.3 iso, no problem there.16:18
jjpkActually, scratch that statement. something is very wrong here.16:20
jjpkSomething as simple as md5sum /dev/dvd with a disk inside should return a sum, shouldn't it? Every disk so far has simply bombed out and said input/output error. :o16:24
tilmani'm pretty sure that indicates hardware/medium failure16:24
jaegernot 100% true, if a CD session was not properly closed that happens on most drives16:25
jaegerbut I'm pretty sure the 2.3 cd at least is good in that respect16:26
jaegerI would guess failing hardware given what you've said so far16:26
jaegerer, scratch that about the 2.3 CD, it would depend on how it was burned, not mastered16:26
jjpkBummer. :s16:26
jjpkI understood that the default behavior was to close a session when burning with cdrtools, which I used when I burnt this 2.3 iso.16:30
jjpkMultisessions should also only occur when they are explicitly asked for via a switch.16:33
jjpkChecked the 2.3 iso with the laptop, md5sums match with the dd if=etcetc method.16:34
jaegeryeah, it should be the default, just mentioned it because that's one possible cause16:34
jjpkI'll test the second cdr on the laptop, see if that checks out.16:35
jjpkWould certainly be odd if the burn actually was successful, but the drive had difficulty actually reading it properly.16:36
jjpkI am starting to lean toward your theory of broken hw. dd spits out input/output error, and the md5sum does not match16:39
jjpkAlmost two years ago the other drive bricked. Fortunately it was just a dvd-rom.16:43
jjpkBoth are Liteon branded and if I remember correctly, they were among the cheapest drives. hah16:44
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jaegerthey usually are... with that said, I buy them sometimes just because of that16:46
DarkNekrosnight you all (morning to those who live on the other side of the world) ;)16:47
jjpkAnother item to the list of what to buy next. :p16:49
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jaegerDarkNekros: night16:52
jjpkI might as well do some diagnostics on the machine tomorrow. Wonder if faulty ram could be causing trouble.16:52
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sepenDarkNekros, are you running ubuntu yet? so crux 2.4 is released17:13
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DarkNekroscool :D17:28
DarkNekrosI'm going to download it \o/17:29
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* Romster wakes up18:35
Romstercool 2.418:35
Romsterany chance of a i586 version <<18:36
Romsteri got a k6II kicking around i'm gonna put into service too.18:36
sepenjaeger, do you listen again about libpanel-applet for gnome?18:47
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DarkNekrosnight everyone (morning to Romster ;) )19:51
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