IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-12-23

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blokkiehi all03:26
Romsterhi blokkie03:29
blokkieHi Romster  , how are you doing on this beautiful sunday ?03:29
Romstereating dinner right now <<03:30
blokkieI'm still strugling with the dma for my hd03:42
Romstermaybe use the generic driver and just set the dma on in hdpram then.. i have no other ideas,04:10
rehabdolltry other cables04:14
Romsterit's a laptop so i'm guessing it plugs straight in?04:20
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DarkNekrosgood morning everyone ;)04:27
blokkieRomster:  via hdparm  it says  : no permission04:29
blokkiewhich indicates I don't have the good kernel04:29
blokkieso I cannot set it via grub or hdparm04:29
blokkienow I'm gonna try again with the arcchlinux .config  and  set  root=/dev/sda  instead of /dev/hda04:30
Romsterblokkie, as root?04:30
blokkiemorning DarkNekros04:30
blokkieRomster:  yes as roott04:30
* Romster shrugs 04:30
blokkieit's a known issue04:30
Romsteryou really need to read up on others with that ide model04:31
blokkieif the driver is not good .. hdparm can'tttttt set it as well04:31
Romsterdriver issue..04:31
blokkieI know the issue is known for kernel 2304:31
blokkiebut I'm trying , can't blame mmmme for that :)04:31
Romsterwell goto 22?04:33
Romster23 does have alot of changes so maybe 2.6.22.x will work for you.04:33
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Rotwanghi all, i have problem with my usb mouse after updates, i get error: usb-multismart mouse: unable to parse 'realaxis0' as a map specifier04:54
Rotwangso i can move my mouse only horizontaly04:56
Rotwangbut not vertically05:01
rehabdollhave you tried libata instead of the old ide-drivers?05:01
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tilmanRotwang: is this with the evdev input driver?05:48
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Rotwangtilman yes06:04
Rotwangim trying to compile with some patch06:04
tilmanRotwang: try "man 4 evdev", maybe the name of the option changed06:05
RotwangI hadnt found anything interesting there06:07
tilmanRotwang: you could also use xorg-xf86-input-mouse, no?06:08
Rotwangi tried but it loads evdev06:09
Romsterrehabdoll, ah yeah i never thought to ask blokkie if he was using the libata06:12
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Romsterwho died? << 'morning'06:41
rxithe engrish language06:44
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jkrIs there anything to be done to upgrade to 2.4 beside change 2-3 to 2.4 in the port files?07:08
blokkieRomster:  you here ?07:09
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RyoSjkr: ahoy07:10
RyoSnope i guess not07:11
RyoSi just did that upgrade and seems to work fine for me07:11
Romsteryeah i'm here brb though.07:13
jkrAlright, thanks RyoS07:14
RyoSno problem07:14
tilmanjkr: boot from the 2.4 cd and select 'upgrade'07:14
jkrtilman: I'm upgrading a remote host07:15
jkrVia ssh07:15
tilmangot a rescue system or somesuch?07:15
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jkrUhm, will I need rescue..? ;)07:15
tilmanno idea whether upgrading via ports only is safe07:16
tilmanit's better to pkgadd -u the packages from the cd07:16
tilmanat least the core system07:16
jkrHmm, the updated ports don't look too critical to me07:16
tilmanglibc? gcc/07:16
rehabdolli had no issues on two out of two boxes for what its worth07:16
jkrI'll start with some non-critical ports and think about it while they're compiling :)07:18
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Romsterjkr, you haev to throw on core recompile the kernel reboot recomple everything else.07:24
Romsteri've updated a box remotely not the safeist thing tobe doing.07:24
jkrSo first prt-get -fr update /usr/ports/core/*, then rebuild the kernel, reboot, then prt-get sysup?07:25
Romsterah no way07:26
Romsteryou'd have to rebuild the tool chain first if you were todo that07:26
Romsterswitch to the 2.4 branch ports -u, read the wiki on upgrading the tool chain. then fr the rest of core.07:27
jkrWhere can I find that wiki page?07:28
Romsterjust as easy to do a for p in core/*; do pkgadd -u $p; done off the cd and pkgadd without the -u for misisng packages and remove the old packages.07:28
Romsternot sure ware it is i'll upload my text file i got of it.07:28
jkrIs the reboot in step 3 safe?07:33
Romsteras the kernel onyl needs itself and glibc that's just a precaution to make sure it's using the new bintos/gcc you could skip the reboot.07:35
Romstergah i an't type...07:35
jkrIs step 4 neccessary? :)07:38
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ickersHello all. Does anyone know if a i586 port of CRUX 2.4 planned?07:43
jkrkEh, I mean step 507:45
tilmanickers: no idea07:51
ickersok, thanks :)07:53
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Romsterjkr, if it wasn't necessery i wouldn't be in the list...08:53
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Romsterif you wanna avoid time copy the built package from the iso.08:53
arvin_is there a difference  between crux and gentoo?08:56
arvin_what's it?08:56
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jkrarvin_: CRUX is cooler08:58
Partitionarvin_: crux is simple.08:58
Romsterarvin_, have a read on the web site.08:59
Romsterno use flags source based packages.08:59
RomsterKISS principal08:59
jkrNo python package manager :D08:59
arvin_cool :-)09:02
Romsterjkr, lol..09:03
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Romsterdoes gentoo use python for the package manager?09:03
tilmanemerge is written in pyfon09:05
tilmanjust look at an ebuild :P09:05
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Romsternever bothered too.09:06
Romsterthat's suprising.09:07
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arvin_a god solution for desktop?09:10
tilmanmany people are using crux on their desktops09:15
sepenarvin_, yeah!09:16
mwansaRyoS, did ya get gnome-vol-man working..09:16
arvin_i use freebsd for instence09:17
RyoSmwansa: yes09:17
RyoSbut dont ask me how..09:17
Romsteryep using crux on my desktop just boring kde here.09:19
RyoSi recently banned qt* and everything depending on it from my crux install09:21
sepenjust use gnome, e17 or xfce09:21
RomsterRyoS, don't like the idea of QT?09:21
tilmanor no desktop environment at all09:22
tilmanopenbox ftw ffs09:22
sepentilman, or antiright09:22
Romstertilman, have you messed with new tk/tcl yet?09:22
RyoSRomster: i hate it09:22
RyoSopenbox++ ;)09:22
tilmanRomster: i've installed it09:22
sepentilman, antiright is based on gtkshell app09:23
Romstertilman, me too but not used it yet.09:23
tilmani'll have a look09:23
jkrZSH + 1280x1024-Framebuffer, sometimes Fluxbox :)09:24
sepentilman, antiright <- gtkshell <- libantiright09:24
mwansafluxbox ftw :)09:24
RyoSjkr: framebuffer wins :P09:25
jkrYup :)09:25
tilmanlol, those jpeg antiright screenshots are so fugly09:25
sepentilman, I ported some antiright deps but not sure if I really do fine this job x|09:26
sepenjaeger, ping09:29
jaegersepen: what's up?09:31
sepenjaeger, could you add libpanelapplet to gnome ports?09:31
jaegerwhat does it do?09:31
sepenjaeger, Im trying to port this
sepenbut it needs libgnomeapplet as dependency09:32
jaegerwould it not be better to put that into contrib, then? or the xfce repo? seems bloatish to have to download the gnome repo for that port09:33
sepenjaeger, I think we had this discussion some days ago09:34
jaegerwe might have, I don't recall09:34
sepenthere're some xfce ports that depends on gnome repo09:34
sepenintltool, vte, ... they aren't so specific for xfce or gnome imo09:35
sepenalso I think orbit2 its the same case09:36
sepenwhats the correct action to perform, all these ports on contrib? opt?09:36
jaegerperhaps that'd be proper but I wouldn't move them without a lot of testing, want to know exactly which ports are truly gnome-independent09:37
jaegerthe gnome ports used to be in contrib a long time ago and they were messy as hell... that's why they're in a separate repo now09:38
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jaegeris there a separate package for libpanelapplet? gnome-panel includes it09:42
sepenbut no idea what is the correct package from gnome to list as dependency09:45
sepen1 seg, Im doing a paste09:46
jaegergnome-panel, most likely09:46
sepeninstalling it09:47
sepen.... opencdk url with problems09:51
sepenjaeger, fixed after changing http to ftp in his source line09:51
sepentilman, colors rocks
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Romstersepen, are they your colours or off a guide?10:22
thrice`Romster: were you the one with kde4rc2 ports ?10:23
Romsterthrice`, yes10:24
thrice`are they posted anywhere?10:24
Romsteri haven't tested yet other than built.10:24
Romsterwill be on tuseday or so when shortcircuit is back up10:24
Romsterthrice`, there still in testing stage.10:24
Romsterbut builds fine.10:24
Romsteri haven' ran it yet.10:24
thrice`that's OK.  I was going to do a fresh 2.4 install, but figured I could try breaking this one first :)10:24
Romsterif you like i'll tar it up for you and dcc you the packages?10:25
thrice`not if it's too much trouble.  I'd love to test, though :)10:26
Romsternot much trouble.10:26
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thrice`Romster: thanks :-)10:28
Romsterhas kde3 stuff inthere too just ignore that, might be misisng some ports.10:28
Romsterand the man pages are in the wrong location.10:28
Romsterbut it all builds. if ya misisng a package let me know it most likely be in my private repo.10:29
Romsterthrice`, i wanna know how it goes <<10:29
thrice`of course :)  give it a few days, and i'll let you know10:30
Romsteri didn't port all the programs but it's not hard to add more.10:30
Romsterta :)10:30
Romstersome of that took me some time to sort out10:30
Romsterthrice`, you might wanna try also after if that all works is to edit qt3 so it installes to system and remove qt3 and install qt4 with qt3 support, been meaning to try that, actually i should mess with it in qemu.10:32
thrice`Romster: I get bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.10:32
thrice`does it untar for you?10:32
Romsteri did tar cjvf10:32
thrice`huh.  maybe just tar it, without bz2?10:32
thrice`wait, got it10:33
thrice`bad copy from my server to desktop10:33
Romsteryeah it works10:34
Romstertar xjf file..10:34
thrice`yeah, worked when I re-copied :-)10:34
thrice`so, just prt-get depinst kdebase, and go from there?10:35
Romsteri think there is --install-scripts10:35
thrice`sounds good - i'll let you know.  thanks alot10:35
Romsternot sure if i made any have a check10:35
thrice`yep, I have that by default10:35
thrice`although I heard cmake reduces the compile time down quite a bit10:36
Romsterif ya misisng something jsut let me know it'll be in my private repo.10:36
Romsterseems to help and is a lot neater.10:36
Romsteri'm dreading cmake not always having a set location for man files.10:41
Romsterleaves nearly everything upto the programmer.10:42
Romsterso if they don't want other paths set they don't set them.10:42
* Romster thinks i might have to use mv10:42
Partitionhm, have CRUX locale-gen?10:44
Partitionmust I recompile glibc for this?10:44
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sepenPartition, did you read the handbook?10:48
PartitionI`am reading it now.10:49
Partitionbut I don`t see that.10:49
predatorfreakPartition: See what?10:50
Partitionhow can I make locale-gen.10:51
RomsterPartition, all the locales are there you need to set the locale in /etc/rc.conf10:51
sepenPartition, read about nls on crux10:52
predatorfreakRomster: rc doesn't set locale by default.10:52
predatorfreakYou'd need to hack it to do that.10:52
predatorfreakPartition: By default, CRUX just makes all locales during glibc build.10:53
predatorfreakand installs them all.10:53
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predatorfreakAgain, you'd need a modified glibc port to change that.10:53
Romsterhmm might of been in /etc/profile then..10:53
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, /etc/profile is the proper place :)10:53
Romsterall Partition needs todo is set LC_ALL=...10:53
predatorfreakRomster: <Partition> how can I make locale-gen.10:54
Partitionpredatorfreak: thanks :)10:54
predatorfreakHe's asking how he can make locales on demand.10:54
predatorfreakI think.10:54
Romsteras i said there all made10:54
Romster[03:51:58] <Romster> Partition, all the locales are there you need to set the locale in /etc/rc.conf10:54
Romsterbut it's ment to be set in profile.10:54
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, I know, I'm saying you'd need a modified port like I have to generate them on-demand.10:54
Romsterwhy on-demand ?10:55
Romsternever had a need for other languages so i don't know the NLS stuff.10:55
predatorfreakRomster: I don't need a billion locales for countries I can't even find on a map! :P10:55
Romsterneather do i hmm10:56
predatorfreakI just need my en_US/en_US.UTF810:56
Romsteryou got a modifyed port..10:56
dokpm0I'm now running CRUX 2.4!!  This was my first CRUX upgrade and I only hit a couple of minor snags.  Did I misfire when running rejmerge or does the upgrade overwrite /etc/rc without warning?  I added a couple of lines to my /etc/rc script to scan for and activate LVM VGs.  Also, there doesn't appear to be a 2.4 xfce repo.10:56
sependokpm0, 163.Red-83-54-50.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net10:56
Romsterdokpm0, you most likely pressed 'u' to update than you should of pressed 'm' to merge changes.10:57
sepensorry the first line I paste you10:57
predatorfreakdokpm0: I mailed the list earlier, but one thing you might want to do is add SYSLOG=sysklogd to /etc/rc.conf.10:57
predatorfreakand I think the default is to not overwrite any differing files in /etc/10:57
predatorfreakI could be wrong though.10:57
sependokpm0, 2.4 for xfce its now available10:57
Romsterpredatorfreak, correct10:57
Romsterdokpm0, would have to of used update10:58
Romsterin rejmerge, use merge instead unless you want to lose your changes, or keep to keep your exisitng file and not merge in new changes.10:58
predatorfreakRomster: I love how when my patch got merged they noted that they'd need to update the handbook and add a note to the release notes about the new variable in /etc/rc.conf, but then they forgot when they finally released 2.4 :)10:58
Romsteroh man...10:59
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predatorfreakRomster: That'd be a bad ideaer, the changes are minor, but you'd wind up starting sysklogd twice if you don't merge the new changes.10:59
predatorfreakIt's only like 3 lines though.10:59
predatorfreakDeleting the old shit that started sysklogd in /etc/rc.11:00
dokpm0Romster:  Ok, I figured I just misfired.  There were several files that I kept the existing copies on.  I just misfired with /etc/rc.  Oh well, it was easy enough to fix.  I only had to add two lines to the new one.11:00
Romsterdokpm0, i've contempated seting up hg in /etc/11:01
Romsterthen could do hg revert .11:01
predatorfreakRomster: Just use git you masochist! :P11:01
Romsterif you mess up.11:01
Romsterfor that tiny job no..11:01
Romsteri use hg for my private repo11:02
predatorfreakI use by-hand editing for my repo and git for my shell script projects :)11:02
sepensvn here11:03
Romsterused to use svn now it's all mercurial11:03
Romsteronly git i use is for contrib.11:03
Romsterand the ocasional other clone of a project.11:04
thrice`Romster: this is trying to build qt3 and that right ?11:06
thrice`Viper_: pinentry also has a bad url :-)11:07
predatorfreak <-- Aw, so Chuck Norris isn't God?11:08
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thrice`Romster: also, where is your private repo>?  I don't see it on portdb11:09
Romsterthrice`, it'll be up when shortcircuit is up11:09
Romsterit arn't dead. just dormant.11:09
Romstershould be tuesday but might be later in the week.11:09
Romsterdidn't think i had much useful stuff <<11:10
thrice`oh, ok.  this is reporting a couple missing packages (raptor and jasper11:10
sepenthis articles was translated to spanish too11:10
Romsteris that all i'll throw them in11:10
thrice`um, from kdebase, at least11:10
Romsterk kdebase is the main program.11:11
Romsterhang on a tic11:11
thrice`yep :)  that's all I started with11:11
thrice`hm, no way to skip qt3?11:12
Romsterif you edit qt4 and make it install i hadn't done that yet..11:13
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telitiHello! Just a question: My machine is an Athlon64 X2. Crux-2.4 is a i638 distribution. If I compile my kernel now, do I use "Athlon64" or "i386" as architecture?11:19
sepenteliti, the announcement says CRUX 2.4 ISO image for the i686 architecture.11:21
jaegerboth will work. athlon64 is probably the best bet11:21
jaegersepen: ok, I'll take a look at the deps11:22
sepenjaeger, Im using prt-get depinst11:22
telitithank you!11:22
Romsterteliti, i686 or althon11:22
telitibut athlon64 could make problems?11:22
jaegernot likely11:22
telitiahh thx!11:23
Romsterusing the later will be faster code on that cpu but not portable on other cpus11:23
jaegersetting that option will not suddenly give you a 64-bit system11:23
Romsteri686 is a generic11:23
jaegerif you for some reason plan to use that very same kernel on a bunch of different machines, generic is good. if not, athlon64 will be fine11:24
telitithank you11:24
Romsteri go by jaeger's word on that.11:24
Romsterthat's exactly how i knew it worked.11:24
Romstersame with the kernel when you turn on 'more genetic cpu optermisations'11:25
Romsterso the kernel is portable instead of stuck to the cpu type selected.11:25
Romsterthrice`, hmm i'd like to edit qt4 an nuke qt3, you up for editing that beast or you want me to do that?11:26
thrice`Romster: I've gotta run out in a few.  can look tomorrow, though :)11:26
Romsterand make sure you enable qt3 compatability kde4 requires that.11:27
thrice`Romster: I think jue has a good qt4 port too11:28
Romsteri made the qt4 to work along side qt311:29
Romsteri don't see it in portsdb11:30
thrice`jaeger: i'm getting that hal-info can't build, saying I need hal 0.5.10 installed (which is)11:32
Romsterstrage that's being a pain for everyone?11:32
Romsterbut myself.11:33
thrice`er, scratch that.  hal-info is trying to build WAY before hal11:33
jaegerthrice`: no idea on that, haven't run into that one yet... might rebuild hal11:33
Romsterall i did was install hal-info then build new hal11:33
thrice`on a prt-get depinst gnome11:33
Romsterdidn'y have any problems.11:33
thrice`er, why is hal-info a dep of hal, yet it won't build without it? o.O11:34
Romsterthrice`, you have recent udev installed?11:35
Romsteranother unrelated issue.11:35
Romsterbut messes with hal/hal-info11:35
thrice`yes, on a full 2.4 system11:35
Romsteruninstall hal and see if hal-info will build/11:35
thrice`hal actually wasn't installed.  it's trying to build hal-info before hal, which it can't do11:36
Romsterso maybe the dependencys should be the other way around and everyone should list hal-info instead of hal11:37
jaegerI may end up reversing the deps because people can't seem to work around them, even though that's what upstream wants11:37
Romsterjaeger, i never got any issues myself but seems odd.11:37
thrice`jaeger: can you build hal-info without hal installed?11:37
Romsteri'll test in a chroot.11:37
jaegerbut like I've said a few times, upstream intends it this way. I think it's stupid but there you have it11:37
Romsterseems to be a cicular dependency?11:38
thrice`aah, heh11:38
jaegernot circular, just backwards11:38
thrice`ok, worked manually :)11:38
Romsterforget how they do it and reverse it.11:38
thrice`sorry, was the first I had heard of it jaeger.  figured it was upstream instead of you :)11:38
Romsterupstream are doing something funky..11:39
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tilmanteliti: what cpu you use when compiling the kernel isn't related to what your glibc/rest of the system was compiled for11:45
thrice`jaeger: thanks, got it now.  so, theoretically, you compile hal for hal-info, remove it, and rebuild it against hal-info ?11:46
telititilman: thank you, I already thought it would be like you said, but wasn't sure11:47
jaegerit doesn't really build against, it's just additional stuff... you don't need to rebuild11:47
tilmanteliti: you can also use -march=athlon64 in CFLAGS, btw ;)11:47
tilmanpredatorfreak: thanks11:49
tilmanpredatorfreak: stop disappearing for weeksm damnit ;)11:49
tilmanrejmerge will take care of it11:50
telititilman: but does that change anything because the libs are 32bitish?11:50
*** Lukasz has joined #crux11:51
LukaszHi evryone11:51
tilmanteliti: it tells gcc to generate code that's tailored for the CPU. whether or not the libs are 32 bit or 64 bit doesn't matter11:51
PartitionHi Lukasz11:51
LukaszHow are you Partition11:52
predatorfreaktilman: I like disappearing!11:52
telititeliman: thx11:52
LukaszOnce I get my disk im gonna install this distro :)11:52
sepenxD telitilman11:53
LukaszDoes ati work on this distro11:53
Lukaszthnx sepen :)11:53
sepensee contrib/ati port11:53
*** teliti has quit IRC11:53
Lukaszok Im gonna get the disk soon11:53
LukaszIm getting an awseme disk on Christmass Eve11:53
LukaszBtw im multiservering now11:54
LukaszIn Mirc Im connected to two servers11:54
LukaszCan I have a link to the tutorial?11:55
tilmanwhat tutorial?11:55
Lukaszoops Documentation never mind found it :)11:55
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RomsterLukasz> In Mirc Im connected to two servers < lol try 4 networks in xchat but i used to be on about 1011:56
Lukasznice Romster11:56
LukaszWhere is the doc for ati cause I found for Crux11:56
LukaszThnx tilman11:59
Lukaszeasy :)11:59
LukaszI have worked with linux before :)11:59
Lukaszdon't you need to go to init 3?12:00
LukaszSo it would be safer?12:00
tilmanRomster: woooo, anti aliased fonts in tk ftw!12:01
Lukaszok thnx12:01
tilmangitk just got 88% nicer12:01
RomsterLukasz, read the documtation on bsd style init12:01
Romstertilman, cool12:01
Romsterwhat did you do?12:02
tilmanupdated to tcl/tk 8.512:02
Lukaszer url Romster?12:02
tilmanLukasz: it's the handbook12:02
Lukaszoops ok12:03
Romsteris that all tilman ?12:03
Romsterthought there be some aditional steps.12:03
* Romster loads gitk12:04
Lukaszhow do you do search with $ pkgadd -u bash12:06
LukaszI know how to add but i still need to use command to search so it lists what i need12:06
Romsterprt-get search12:07
Lukaszok thnx12:07
Lukasz$ ports -u is for ports update12:07
RomsterLukasz, really read the documtation..12:07
Romsterports -u; prt-get cache; prt-get diff; prt-get sysup12:08
LukaszIm reading it just i could find search otption12:08
Romsterman prt-get12:08
Lukaszok thnx I read12:08
Romsteror prt-get help12:08
LukaszThats this I finally founded12:09
LukaszRomster My laptop is amd athlon 64bit :)12:11
predatorfreaktilman: See reply.12:12
LukaszIm glad I got ati :)12:14
tilmanme too12:14
LukaszI think evrery distro uses ati :)12:15
tilmanmost distros allow you to install any driver you want12:15
RomsterLukasz, maybe you'd want to try the 64 bit crux then12:16
Romsterbut things like flash won't work.12:16
LukaszI might try it12:16
Romstermight on the multilib crux6412:16
Romsterlinks section on the site.12:16
LukaszLinux is better the windows vista atm12:16
LukaszI got Windows Xp atm12:17
Lukaszoops thnx Romster12:17
LukaszIs it possible to use ntfs disk on Crux?12:17
bitwiseautomated teller machine?  i know they had xp point of sale machines...(POS)12:17
LukaszLike to read it12:17
Romsterprt-get info ntfs-3g12:18
tilmanLukasz: reading ntfs works these days12:18
tilman*writing* to it is more complicated12:18
bitwiseLukasz:  compile ntfs support in your kernel12:18
Romsterand writing12:18
predatorfreaktilman: Feel free to bitch at me any time if there's any other work that needs to be done, always happy to lend my spare time.12:18
tilmanno idea how the state of things is there12:18
tilmanLukasz: in general, there's not much that's crux _specific-12:18
predatorfreaktilman: ntfs-3g works perfectly in my experience.12:18
tilmanif you can write to ntfs using redhat, you can with crux, too12:18
tilmanpredatorfreak: i'll copy over your blurb on syslog now12:19
predatorfreakLukasz: Install ntfs-3g.12:19
LukaszIm don't got the disk yet12:19
predatorfreakMount the partition with ntfs-3g.12:19
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:19
LukaszIm getting for christmass12:19
predatorfreakand you've got full read/write.12:19
predatorfreakThat's probably how Red Hat do it.12:19
Romsterprt-get depinst ntfs-3g12:20
predatorfreakIn-kernel NTFS support is pretty bad.12:20
tilmanntfs-3g is the fuse one?12:20
Romstermost stuff will install fine like that.12:20
predatorfreaktilman: Yes.12:20
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan12:20
LukaszCause I got a big disk12:20
LukaszBut Im gonna uise a 2.5 exteran for crux12:20
Romstertilman, it's very good.12:20
Romsternuke  windows don't need it <<12:21
Romstersoudns to me you gonna dual boot vista and crux *quivers*12:21
LukaszIs it possible to install grub on external instead of internal?12:21
predatorfreakRomster: I think it's actually BETTER than Microsoft's NTFS driver in terms of performance :P12:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol..12:21
predatorfreakI hit higher speeds transferring in Linux than I do in Vista.12:21
tilmanLukasz: sure, the question is whether your BIOS can boot from usb devices12:22
Lukaszyes it can12:22
Romsteri saw it ages ago had a ntfs disk and went ooo i'll try this one.12:22
LukaszI had linux before :)12:22
Romsterall the other ones i've tryed sucked12:22
tilmanpredatorfreak: unposible! .oO(userspace vs kernel driver)12:22
predatorfreaktilman: I've address that load of FUD before.12:22
LukaszWell Im gonna jet ouata here for now12:22
Romsterits' 'inpossible' <<12:22
*** Lukasz is now known as Lukasz-away12:23
predatorfreakroliveira_: IMPOSSIBLE.12:23
Romsteror im?12:23
predatorfreakIt's impossible.12:23
Romsterback to spelling class12:23
predatorfreakYes, bad Romster!12:23
Romsteri hate english <<12:23
predatorfreakRomster: So do I.12:23
predatorfreakSadly, it's the only language I know12:24
tilmanRomster: i was kidding. thought it was obvious12:24
Romsterand english is the only language i know too <<12:24
tilmanpredatorfreak: we have spanish lessons in #crux-es ;)12:24
Romstertilman, yeah i got the kidding part jsut felt like corecting anyways but i botched that up12:24
bitwisetilman: perhaps he misunderestimated you12:24
predatorfreakRomster: Well, perhaps not ONLY, but the only one I know enough to speak.12:24
tilmanbitwise: :D :D12:24
predatorfreakRomster: I've learnt enough Old Norse West to say "12:25
predatorfreakI'm going to kill you."12:25
tilmani'm sure that will become handy one day12:25
RyoStilman: i updated xorg today and now i cant get my normal xmodmap to work.. any suggestions what may have caused that? :S12:25
predatorfreaktilman: Already use it around family at Christmas parties and shit.12:25
RyoSi simply use the de.nodeadkeys12:25
predatorfreakThey'd take offence if I told them I was going to kill them to their face :)12:26
tilmanxmodmap or keyboard layout?12:26
tilmanwhut whut?12:26
RyoSuhm, keyboard layout12:26
predatorfreakBut I can say that and say it's Old Norse West for "Merry Christmas" :P12:26
tilmanRyoS: can you paste the relevant lines from xorg.conf somewhere?12:26
bitwisepredatorfreak: i bet that comes in handy;)12:26
predatorfreakbitwise: Like you wouldn't believe...12:27
predatorfreakWhen you're as annoyed at parties as I am, you honestly just want to tell them all to go fuck off.12:27
predatorfreakBut telling them that you're going to kill them is just as good :)12:27
*** cougher has joined #crux12:28
tilmanRyoS: did you install xkeyboard-config?12:30
RyoSxorg.log looks fine, no problems with the settings there..12:30
RyoSoh it is installed12:30
*** cougher has quit IRC12:37
tilmanRyoS: is this a fresh 2.4 installation?12:38
RyoSok i got it running12:39
RyoSupdate -fr gnome-applets12:39
RyoSwhich is not the best solution but it does the job at least..12:39
RyoSoh snap12:40
RyoSstill got problems -.- up/down/left/right keys dont work.. wtf12:40
tilman /etc/inputrc/12:41
RyoSi dont have that one12:42
tilmani meant /etc/inputrc12:42
RyoSnever looked at that one..12:42
RyoScant see anything in there12:43
*** RedShift has quit IRC12:49
*** RedShift has joined #crux12:49
RyoStilman: you dont have a backup of the package file for xorg-server 1.3?12:57
*** mike_k has joined #crux13:08
RyoSi wonder why the hack it says i dont have german keyboard mapping installed13:08
RyoStilman: i did a 'setxkbmap de -variant nodeadkeys' which brings me close to normal again but ctrl and alt keys yet dont work properly..13:14
tilmandoes the log say anything?13:15
RyoSno errors at all..13:15
RyoSon startup i see it just wants to take the us layout.. but i got german configured as you can see in the nopaste link..13:15
*** bjohan has quit IRC13:15
*** RedShift has quit IRC13:17
RyoSi just get xkbcomp errors on startup tahts it, but they dont appear in the log..13:18
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:31
*** Viper_ has quit IRC13:36
*** onestep has joined #crux13:36
*** blokkie has quit IRC13:45
*** Viper_ has joined #crux13:49
*** grml has joined #crux14:13
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:13
grmlhas anyone reported any problems with the 2.4 iso? md5sum seemed to be correct but when i boot into the cd i get below installation methods a bunch of mambo jumbo chars14:14
grmlpressing enter just generates more of them. endlessly14:15
*** Viper_ has quit IRC14:19
grmli had downloaded the torrent yesterday FYI14:20
RyoSgrml: nope, no problems here14:21
grmldamn i guess i shouldnt have fscked up my hard drive before trying the media then14:22
grmlanyway thanks14:24
*** grml has quit IRC14:24
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:26
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC14:40
tilmanRyoS: well what does it say exactly?14:44
RyoSnothing, thats it14:44
RyoSbut i am recompiling xorg now14:44
RyoSi bet i'll work then..14:44
*** Lukasz-away is now known as Lukasz15:05
Lukaszim back15:05
Lukaszso how do I install the mbr on usb disk? not internal?15:06
LukaszThe crux boot loader15:07
LukaszWhen i will be installing I smply dot the partion /15:08
*** Lukasz is now known as Lukasz-away15:27
RyoSLukasz-away: stop that away-nick crap please15:29
RyoStilman: have you compiled xorg server with gcc 4.2.2 already?15:30
RyoSi get seg faults randomly for like the last 6 times i tried it.. Oo15:31
RyoSyeah.. just got that again15:33
jjpkRyoS: have you overclocked your machine?15:36
RyoSi just get that after the upgrade :P15:37
RyoS2.3 -> 2.415:37
RyoSi get that again and again lol15:40
RyoSeverytime another part fails15:41
jjpkgah :|15:47
*** roliveira_ has quit IRC15:52
*** Lukasz-away is now known as Lukasz15:55
Lukaszok they are off15:55
thrice`wow, 10 replies to the release announcement? :|15:55
Lukasznice documentation15:56
LukaszEr where is amd64 release of crux?15:56
thrice` says that it's a distro for 68615:58
LukaszThats good15:58
LukaszThnx thrice`15:58
thrice`I think there was a 64-bit port, but only 686 is done by crux devs (and, actually one of them contributes a 586 build)15:58
LukaszCrux is very small15:59
predatorfreakthrice`: Mostly me and others :P16:00
RyoSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah GOT IT WORKING16:00
predatorfreakIn fact, only me and others.16:00
RyoSdamn... that was a pain16:00
Lukaszis it possible to change the login time to 12 hr not 24 hr?16:00
RyoSif everything fails - format c:\?¿16:00
LukaszCause when you change the clock time the login time should change to 12 hr as well I hope16:02
Lukaszhow do I change the login time to 12 hr?16:03
LukaszCause in some linuxes it displays time on login RyoS16:04
Lukaszlogin widnows on top time16:04
RyoSwhy do you ask me? :S16:04
RyoSask the channel16:04
RyoSi have no idea16:04
RyoStilman: prost, got it again ;)16:05
LukaszAnyone know about clock 12 hr on login time?16:05
Lukaszcause it is setup to 24 hr and id like to know how I can change it16:05
Lukaszsry for repeating myself16:06
jaegerwhat is "login time"?16:06
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:06
LukaszFor example you see your login window and there can be sometimes time on top of window16:06
LukaszBefore username and pass16:07
RyoSsnap... just installed xorg-xf86-input-evdev and got that problems AGAIN Oo16:07
jaegerwhich login window?16:07
Lukaszwhen you first startup crux16:07
Lukaszasks for password16:07
Lukaszlast linux I had it had time on top16:07
jjpkYou are sweating about minor details.16:07
jaegerno the console, you mean?16:07
Lukaszlogin username and password16:08
jaegerhave a look at the /etc/issue file and 'man agetty'16:08
jjpkcrux does not start X by default.16:08
jaegeryou can add it there16:08
LukaszIf the login time not there thats good16:08
LukaszI won't have to worry about it16:08
jaegerit's not by default16:08
Lukaszhow do you add it there anyways and remove it?16:10
jaegercheck the agetty man page and add it to /etc/issue if you want16:10
Lukaszok I will16:10
Lukaszis that for issues report jaeger?16:11
LukaszI know how to open the edit thing in console16:12
Lukasz$ prt-get edit /etc/issue16:13
LukaszIs that correct jaeger?16:13
thrice`prt-get is not an editor16:13
jaegertry nano, it's simpler. prt-get isn't meant for editing16:14
Lukasznano /etc/issue16:14
RyoSemacs or vi? lets do a christmas fight16:14
predatorfreakjaeger: Better yet, use vim! :P16:14
predatorfreakRyoS: Neither! Vim! :P16:14
jaegerI think vim is a bit too much in this case16:14
RyoSvim is my editor of choice too, but oh well16:14
RyoSthats a classic16:14
predatorfreakjaeger: vim is NEVER too much.16:14
Lukasz$ prt-get vim install is that correct?16:15
jaegerI disagree16:15
predatorfreakYou never know when you might need regex search-and-replace :)16:15
jaegerLukasz: you might also want to look at the prt-get man page16:15
Lukaszis that in doc?16:15
predatorfreakLukasz: Don't bother with vim if you don't ever do any serious programming or something.16:15
RyoSLukasz: can you read the manual maybe?16:15
RyoSwould it be too much to say use ubuntu? XD16:16
predatorfreakIt's overkill unless you're a zealot or a programmer/scripter :P16:16
predatorfreakRyoS: Bah! I say go for the total noob-extreme.16:16
predatorfreakUse Linspire.16:16
RyoSlinspire, bleh16:16
predatorfreakjaeger: Also, once one adapts to vim, using anything else feels.... weird.16:17
predatorfreakI honestly can't use nano or even NOTEPAD without doing :wq anymore.16:17
jaegerI've used vi/vim for 11 years now, I know how it is16:17
predatorfreakjaeger: Hehe, it's a gift and a curse :P16:18
tilmanRyoS: got what again? segfault?16:19
RyoSgot that like a 100 times :P but its working now, except that the problems still are their16:20
tilmanGOT WHAT16:20
RyoSsegfaults Oo16:20
RyoSi said that one or two times now :P but no idea why was that.. got it through now16:21
RyoSbut still my keymap is forced to be us which i dont like..16:21
*** RedShift has joined #crux16:22
LukaszThere is /etc/login.defs as well16:22
LukaszI will play around once I get it installed16:23
LukaszIm getting my disk toomarow16:24
LukaszI will be very tired since I got to work toomarow so I probobly won't be able to chat16:24
LukaszI deliver newspapers16:24
RyoSLukasz: no problem.16:24
LukaszI already downloaded it :)16:25
LukaszWell i see ya maybe Monday probobably Tuesday :)16:25
RyoSyou pirated crux? :O16:25
RyoSif only bill knew..16:26
LukaszDownloaded from official site heh :p16:26
tilmanRyoS: you can run 'strace X' and see whether it fails to find some file16:27
*** Lukasz has left #crux16:27
*** Lukasz has joined #crux16:27
RyoStilman: i will do that16:27
Lukaszwell good luck all16:27
*** Lukasz has quit IRC16:27 just fails to move the log file16:32
*** bjohan has joined #crux16:33
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:42
RyoSsetxkbmap de -variant nodeadkeys läuft16:43
tilmanhow did you fix it?16:43
RyoSwell, just realized its not yet fixed.. ctrl and alt still dont work..16:44
tilmanlog is still empty?16:45
RyoS(EE) Error loading keymap /var/tmp/server-0.xkm16:46
RyoS(EE) Error loading keymap /var/tmp/server-0.xkm16:46
RyoSjust got that in the log now16:46
RyoSits not from starting X though i guess.16:46
*** Romster has quit IRC16:54
tilmanRyoS: is /usr/bin/Xorg setuid root?16:58
RyoS-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 1675080 2007-12-23 22:57 /usr/bin/Xorg16:59
RyoSi guess ._.16:59
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:20
*** mwansa has joined #crux17:32
*** jmvr has joined #crux17:34
RyoSi will try again tomorrow when i get the time.. merry christmas everyone17:36
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:37
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC17:56
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux17:57
*** RedShift has joined #crux18:00
*** RedShift is now known as RedShift218:00
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC18:02
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux18:03
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*** Dudde has quit IRC18:05
*** sepen has quit IRC18:05
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux18:06
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:07
*** vico has quit IRC18:18
*** roliveira has joined #crux18:25
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:29
*** jmvr has quit IRC18:33
*** jefferos has joined #crux18:35
*** jefferos has quit IRC18:49
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux18:50
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*** sepen has joined #crux18:53
*** jefferos has joined #crux18:55
*** DeSm0N has joined #crux19:04
*** sepen has quit IRC19:04
DeSm0NHellow  haym  help from spain aim not got speak englis19:04
tilmantry #crux-es19:06
*** mwansa has quit IRC19:07
*** mwansa_ is now known as mwansa19:07
jefferosassuming kernel + modules are configured correctly, for a wlan all i need to do is add atho to /etc/rc.d/net ?19:09
DeSm0NAs Since the mistake solves "kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block19:09
tilmanjefferos: depends on the wlan chip :/19:09
tilmanjefferos: usually you'd load the module and the fire up dhcpcd for the interface19:10
jefferosah its a broadcom card so the bcm43xx module. the "net" demon in /etc/rc.conf should also start dhcpcd as a dependency right ?19:11
tilmanjefferos: no, the choice of wether you need dhcp or not is up to you19:11
tilmanhang on19:11
jefferosyea i will use dhcp19:12
DeSm0Nhealp form me please hay am four ours on error "kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block19:12
jefferostilman: thanks :D19:15
roliveiraDeSm0N, ajuda em portugues?19:16
DeSm0Nroliveira potuges domino un pouco19:17
roliveiraquel es el problema?19:17
DeSm0N"kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block19:18
roliveirasi pero has instalado CRUX por la primeira vez?19:18
tilmanis that with the crux 2.4 CD, or with an existing crux installation?19:19
DeSm0Nsi yo soy novato pero hay una persona que me ayudo me gusta aprender instale pero me quede en ese punto qe me da el error al iniciar19:19
roliveirasiguiste los pasos de instalacion del handbook? penso que poderá ser un problema de configuracion del kernel no?19:21
DeSm0Nsi lei que podria ser de lilo pero me suena a kernel19:21
roliveirahas instalado, compilado el kernel correctamente? no has esquicido ningun passo? (< esto es portunol...)19:25
DeSm0Nel portunol lo entiendo mas o menos soy practicante de bjj :D  si segui todos los paso alomejor me equivoque al configurar lilo o rc o fstab ?19:26
DeSm0Ninstale debian sin problemas19:26
roliveirapuedes poner lilo.conf e fstab en un pastebin?19:27
DeSm0Nsi un segundo19:28
DeSm0Nalli tienes lilo fstab i rc19:29
*** RedShift2 has quit IRC19:32
roliveirame parecen bien...lilo hay instalado sin problemas?19:33
*** jefferos has quit IRC19:34
DeSm0Nsi  pero haber si logro copiar tood el error19:34
roliveiracomo configuraste el kernel? muchas alterationes en la configuration inicial?19:35
jkrGCC doesn't build :(19:35
DeSm0NNo casi nada lo qe ves es lo configurado haber me sali esto tambien VFS: Cannot open root device "821" or unkom block please a ppen a correct root= kernel panic not syncing19:36
jkr"bad reloc symbol index"19:36
DeSm0Njkr You say it to me ami19:37
*** mwansa has quit IRC19:39
roliveiraesse erro es muy estranho...puedes dar un boot novamente con el cd de CRUX e hacer un chroot en la partition, tentando nstalar lilo novamente?19:39
DeSm0NSi pero necesitaria  que me guiases19:41
roliveirafazes el boot normal, como se fuera una instalacion..entao hazes "mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt" e setup-chroot19:42
roliveiradepois de teneres una consola bash simplesmente "lilo"19:43
DeSm0Nwarnin: /dev/sdc is no on the first disk19:45
DeSm0NAdded CRUX *19:45
DeSm0NOne warning was issued19:45
roliveiraquantos discos tens?19:46
roliveirame parece que lilo no esta sendo instalado en el mbr del primero disco no?19:47
DeSm0Ne ntfs 500 giga 2x160 gigas todos sata19:47
DeSm0Npuede ser tendria qe estar instalado en /dev/sdc diria yo19:47
roliveirael problema me parece la orden dos discos.../dev/sdc es el primeiro en el boot order?19:48
DeSm0Nme parece qe no como lo miro19:49
roliveirael la bios19:49
DeSm0Npero si no tubiera en el primer hdd donde tengo crux puesto no me podria dar el error creo yo19:51
roliveira"warning: /dev/sdc is no ont the first disk" estas instalando lilo en el disco sdc, pero este parece que no es lo primeiro disco en lo qual se da el boot...19:53
roliveirano deberias instalar lilo en /dev/sda?19:54
roliveiraclaro pero lo instalarias (lilo) en lo mbr del disco certo? la particion ntfs seria intocada ...19:56
DeSm0NMbr a qe referencia al espacio qe guarda el disco al particionar  de nuevo ?19:57
roliveirano entendi la question19:58
DeSm0Nqe  me recomiendas para solucionarlo19:58
roliveiratienes que entender como esta la configuracion de los discos..despoes instalas lilo en el master boot record del primeiro disco que seria /dev/sda20:00
*** jkr has left #crux20:00
DeSm0Nperdona i como puedo instalar de nuevo lilo20:01
roliveirapodes intentar editar lilo.conf e alterar /dev/sdc para /dev/sda pero debes fazer-lo conocendo los riscos20:02
roliveirapenso que no haveran problemas pero...20:02
roliveirano puedo garantir20:02
DeSm0NMeu podrias decir los pasos lo pruebo i si se soluciona reinstalo de nuevo con todo bien20:03
roliveiranano /etc/lilo.conf? e despoes simplesmente "lilo"20:04
DeSm0Nentrar en el menu de configuracion de lilo no ?20:04
roliveirasi editar el ficheiro de configuracion de lilo (nano /etc/lilo.conf)20:05
DeSm0NI cambiar sdc por sda20:06
roliveirae depois veras se el warning se mantiene20:08
DeSm0Nvoçe tener msn20:15
roliveirano utilizo msn, pero costumo estar por aqui...20:16
DeSm0Ntoy pensando en fer una  instalaçao neta pero nose donde esta el fallo20:17
roliveirapodes experimentar en maquinas virtuales antes...20:18
DeSm0Nel comando prompt para qe servir en lilo20:20
roliveiraindica que lilo vai automaticamente para o prompt (de outra forma necessita de un enter por exemplo)20:22
roliveiraporque no cambias la posicion de los discos20:22
DeSm0Nmarcho a descansar zzzzzz muchisimas gracias por ayudarme estamos en contacto20:24
roliveiraok, buena sorte e no desistas...CRUX vale a pena...20:24
DeSm0Nyo kerer  ser a ex usuario de la secta windows20:26
roliveiraok :D20:27
DeSm0Npero para mi razon crux tendria qe tener un entorno visual de instalacion20:30
roliveirayo creo que es facil instalar crux..pero es diferente de las otras distros20:33
DeSm0Nati te molestaria ayudarme a instalar de 0 crux ? mañana20:34
roliveiramanana sera dificil: navidade...20:36
DeSm0Nqe ora es en brasil20:36
DeSm0N aqui en españa las 3:30 am20:37
roliveiraen portugal es menos 1 hora :D20:37
roliveiraestarei por aqui entre las 11h e las 120:38
roliveira12-14 para ti20:38
DeSm0Nbueno pero mañana por la mañana o al medio dia ok para esa ora esta por aqi por cierto cres qe seria mejor instalar crux namas dejado conectado el disco duro a usar ?20:38
roliveiraque tienes instalado en sda? windows?20:40
DeSm0Npartcion con descarga de emule pero qe algun resto de windoes20:42
roliveirapenso que poderias desligar los otros dos discos e deixar somente lo que tiene crux instalado...e verificar se continuas con el kernel panic20:43
roliveiraasi no arriscarias danificar los dados que tienes20:43
DeSm0Nmañana lo pruebo ahora a cargar baterias nos bemos i gracias20:44
roliveirae confirmar se el erro es de lilo o de alguna configuracion errada del kernel20:44
roliveiravou a descansar tambien...20:44
roliveiraaté amanha! (< em portugues de Portugal :P)20:45
*** roliveira is now known as roliveira_20:48
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:50
*** DeSm0N has quit IRC21:03
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC21:05
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