IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-12-24

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Romsterglibc: file: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:17
Romsterfrom revdep04:17
rehabdollb0rked zlib  installation?04:19
Romsterlooking into it.04:21
Romsteri got zlib i rebuilt it just in case and i'll run revdep again.04:22
Romsterrehabdoll, or anyone can you confirm this
Romsternot sure if that is normal04:29
Romsteri did run ldconfig too.04:32 lives in /lib, not /usr/lib04:33
rehabdollso your output seems normal04:36
Romsterah i should of realised that.04:36
Romsterfor rights libz should be in /lib as it's a core package?04:36
rehabdollnah, the footprint of zlib puts everything in /usr/lib04:37
rehabdollbut glibc needs to be accessible even if /usr is not mounted, or you're screwed :)04:38
Romsterbut if /usr was on another partiton and not mounted then ya screwedwith zlib too.04:39
rehabdolltrue it would cause some problems.. but its not _that_ critical, right?04:40
rehabdollbut glibc is required for mount etc.. and everything else for that matter04:41
Romsterjust wonder what else would happen if /user got unmounted.04:44
Romstermaybe zlib isn't critical but there could be something else that is.04:44
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sepenI finished to update my pc at office04:46
sepen2.3 _> 2.404:46
tilmandid it work?04:46
sepenvery satisfied with 2.404:46
sepengreat work cruxers!!!04:46
sepentilman, and all the core devels: many many many many thanks04:47
sepenI've updated all my home machines without problems (included my lastest lenovo laptop) too04:47
tilmaneverybody who's contributing did a good job :P04:48
sepen2.4 its a nice Santa' present for me04:48
* Romster is still rebuilding packages04:51
Romsterbut 2.4 is working.04:51
Romsterthoguth it wouls mess my sound up i still got alsa-driver installed.04:51
Romsterand on a old kernal.04:52
Romsterbe the next thing i alter after fnishing this rebuild.04:52
sepenalso I experienced some diffs in various boxes04:54
sepenat home, after update, my /etc/ports/*.rsync files has been modified to 2.404:55
sepenhere no04:55
sepenalso at home /usr/ports/* dissapear04:55
sepentilman, yes I do it04:56
Romsteryeah gotta run rejmerge04:56
sepenthere are only differences, but not a problem for me04:56
tilmanwell, does it show differences for /etc/ports/*.rsync?04:56
Romsterisn't a problem04:56
Romsteror is not04:56
sepen$ ls /var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ports/04:57
sepencontrib.rsync.inactive  core.rsync              opt.rsync               xorg.rsync04:57
Romstermv contrib.rsync.inactive contrib.rsync04:57
sepenRomster, yeah04:57
sepenwell, conclusion of 2.4 for me: I love this linux distro04:58
sepenIm going to prepare a tea (im so happy)04:59
tilman<3 sepen04:59
Romsterim happy jsut got some minor teething issues to solve.05:01
rehabdollwhen was 2.4 released? i've used the 2.4 branch for a while now so i didnt notice :)05:02
sepennow its time to finetune my ports for 2.405:02
sepenrehabdoll, see ML's05:02
sepenalso page05:03
tilmanrehabdoll: saturday evening05:03
sepenxfce.rsync file is not yet updated on portdb05:04
Romsteri thought viper fixed that?05:04
Romstersepen, maybe your browser cache is stale?05:04
sepenRomster, Im trying directly with ports -u05:05
Romsteror transparent proxy05:05
tilmani don't even see xfce in the port db05:05
tilmansepen: huh? ports -u will not update /etc/ports/xfce.rsync05:05
sepenit uses xfce.rsync file to obtain ports05:06
sepenbut it can't obtain 2.4 ports05:06
sepenbut is strange that xfce isnt appear at portdb05:06
tilmansepen: it will be fixed in 5 minutes05:07
tilmanRyoS: do you see something like that?05:08
sepen1 moment05:08
RyoStilman: yes05:09
RyoSat X startup05:09
RyoSits not in /var/log/Xorg.log05:09
tilmanRyoS: i asked about things in the log 2 times yesterday, why didn't you mention it? >:05:09
RyoSsorry - np time :/ grandparents just came05:12
RyoSits not in the log.. :( just at startup, and since i cant change back to VT05:12
tilmani can reproduce it on my old box05:13
sepentilman, xfce updated without problems05:14
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RyoStilman: okay, what did cause it?05:55
tilmanno idea, i'm looking through the damn code atm :(05:56
tilmani hate xkb05:56
RyoSme too05:56
tilmani fucking hate qwerty06:23
tilmanerr, qwertz06:23
tilmanRyoS: whats your symptoms again? alt doesn't work?06:28
Romsteri've never seen quertz06:28
RyoSalt and ctrl06:28
RyoSand it does not load de.nodeadkeys on startup06:29
RyoSi have to manually run setxkbmap de -variant nodeadkeys06:29
tilmani only see that error i pasted above06:33
tilmanbut the layout is working06:33
tilmanRyoS: i wonder why you're the only one who hit this problem twice already :x06:49
RyoSits not only twice but i got that a several times after updating xorg06:51
* tilman remembers06:51
RyoSbut mostly it has fixed with cd /usr/ports/xorg && prt-get remove `ls`06:51
RyoSand then depinst xorg06:51
tilmanRyoS: does it work if you run "X" as root once?06:51
RyoSi try thatn06:51
RyoSdoes not work06:52
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grmlhello (again). did anyone report any problem with the new isos since yesterday? i downloaded and burned 3 different isos from 3 different locations.i get the same behaviour with all of them06:55
grmlwhen the iso boots and after boot: i get some lines of weird characters06:56
tilmani guess you verified the md5sum of the iso?06:56
grmland more are generated after i press enter06:56
grmlyes ofc06:56
grmlall 3 times it was correct06:57
tilmancan you take a photo? i'm not sure what to make out of 'weird characters'06:57
tilmangrml: it's an i686 compatible box, right?06:57
grmlhmm, let me see if i can get qemu on slack06:57
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tilmangrml: can you try on another computer? :x07:03
grmlyes that will be faster prolly too. didnt try til now cause i want to install on this one07:04
grmlit seems to be ok on another computer07:06
grmli fail to see why it behaves like that on this one though07:07
RomsterRyoS, prt-get update -fr -if --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`07:07
Romsterand then restart xorg and see if it does it then.07:08
Romsterand force rebuild any remaining xorg packages you got installed.07:08
grmlany ideas why?07:10
Romstergrml, did you md5 the cd after it was burned?07:18
grmlno...but as proven it works ok another computer07:19
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RyoSRomster: did that already yesterday07:22
Romstergrml, then what hardware are you trying it on?07:22
RomsterRyoS, known bugs on xorg bug tracker?07:22
grmlLinux dark #2 SMP Tue Jun 19 14:58:11 CDT 2007 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1700+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux07:22
Romsterjust a althon.07:23
Romstergrml, so something on the install kernel isn't configured right07:23
Romsterwhat's the exact output you get on the screen when you boot up the disc07:23
grmlthe one i tried it and works is a PIII07:23
grmlill try to get a screenshot from qemu. might take a while07:25
grmlthe 2.3 installation worked on the same pc btw07:26
Romsterso someting changed from 2.3 to 2.4 that isn't compatable with that hardware.07:37
grmllet me try something bbl07:40
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triping rho07:42
Romsterhi tri07:42
trisome crux'ers at 24c3 ?07:42
Romsteris it me or are we seeing new users in here.07:43
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grmlthe error is could not find kernel image.07:44
triromster: i'm searching for the /ports/rho creator - if is you - can you update the iwlwifi packages ? :-)07:45
grmleven tho i still get a bunch of C's with a line on bottom, like an underlined C , a char that has three parallel lines and a lot of x's^n. plus some square ones07:45
Romstergrml, you sure you burned the iso as a cd image and not too fast say 12x?07:47
tri24c3 ->
Romstertri look in the Pkgfile for the Maintaienr07:47
triah sorry sure...07:47
triping Rouven Schuerch :-)07:48
Romstergrml, and that cd/dvd drive might be iffy07:48
Romstertri, email the person, unless you know they be on irc like myself.07:48
Romsterand my packages have my irc name in them.07:49
grmlwell it worked for all others i tried. and last time i burned it with 8x just in case but no luck :/07:49
triRomster: thx :-)07:49
Romstertri, or you could take that package and edit it yourself and add your own repo to the portsdb07:50
Romsterthat's the other option07:50
triyes, but i read the guide for new repos and there was this "first contact the maintainer..." sentence :-)07:51
Romstergrml, check the cd that you burned
Romsterand maybe that brand of disc you used dosn't work well in that drive on that spefic computer?07:52
Romsterso maybe try another brand of disc07:52
Romstertri, yeah07:52
Romstergrml, could do what i did since i got a sata dvd drive nwo and my motherboard hasn't got sata so i got a add on sata pci card, so i can't boot of the cds so i booted normally, su to root07:54
Romsterinit 107:54
Romsterlog back in goto root mount the crux-2.4 cd goto the /mnt/cdrom/crux/core07:54
Romsterthen, for p in *; do pkgadd -u $p; done07:55
Romsteryou'll haev to remove some packages before you do that and then run that command without the -u07:55
Romsterto add anything that's new that's not a update.07:56
Romsterrebuild the kernel reboot07:56
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Romsterthen rebuild everyting else.07:56
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* Romster randomly browses hnc repo08:02
Romsterhe hasn't seen the diff/patch program
Romsterthat many sed's id' use patch in that case.08:03
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Romsterman.conf really needs a update some old paths need to be nuked.08:12
Romster /usr/share/man /usr/local/share/man and /usr/X11R6/man, i've removed out of mine.08:13
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Romsterwhoops added SYSLOG=sysklogd to rc.conf...08:16
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RyoSRomster: didnt check that08:54
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RomsterRyoS, rejmerge covers it i just ran it back then.08:59
roliveira_merry christmas everyone09:02
tilmanthanks, same to you09:07
tree42hi all, i get an "switch_root: bat init '/sbin/init'" Kernel panic with the new 2.4 iso - 2.3 iso was booting fine on an intel core duo with p5b mobo (JMicron). any idea?09:09
Romsternot much of an idea but maybe the kernel on the new 2.4 dosn't have your driver enabled for your ide/sata on the cd kernel.09:16
tree42ok, is there a way to upgrade from 2.3 over ports?09:17
RyoSRomster: nothing to rejmerge09:17
Romstertree42, boot up as normal switch to init 109:19
Romstercd to the core ports on the cd and do a for p in *; pkgadd -u; done09:20
Romsterthen run it without -u09:20
Romsterbut there is a a few ports you need to remove first.09:20
Romsterthen rebuild the kernel09:20
tree42thx will try that09:21
Romsterreboot and do the rest of the stuff.09:21
Romsterthat's how i did mine since i cant' boot off a sata dvd drive09:21
Romsteri'd give the hardware report and if you can a screen shot of the error to the crux devs so they are aware of the problem09:23
Romsteryou might wanna check out the iso.git tree and build your own and see if you can fix the problem.09:23
tree42ok will try that later on09:24
Romsterand do a patch -pruN of the orig to the modifyed version.09:25
Romsterbut yeah do that method i said and don't forget rejmerge.09:25
tree42u mean after bulid?09:26
Romsterand to run lilo <<09:26
Romsterafter runing the pkgadd command when your done run rejmerge09:26
Romsterand review the changes.09:26
Romsterman rejmerge if you haven't read about it yet09:26
Romsteryou can lose your etc/* settings if you don't be careful.09:27
tree42is upgradeing that way tested and save?09:27
Romsterwell i've done it and i'm here09:27
tree42:/ oh09:27
tree42hrhr ok :)09:28
Romsteri cleared otu my built packages and ran prt-get update -if --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`09:28
Romsterand for my kde and ran revdep and rebuilding anything else that is broken.09:29
Romstercheck the changlog for what packages that core arn't using anymore and pkgrm them before doing the for p in *; do pkgadd -u $p; done09:30
Romsterand run it without the -u to add i new packages.09:30
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tree42Romster: found da error -> "650 # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON is not set" on system/iso.git / kernel / linux-
Romsteri'll report that for you. you could remaster the iso if you had todo that.09:54
tree42thx for help09:55
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Man0l0merry christmas to everyone10:27
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limpiohi, is there a way during partitioning to use cfdisk instead of fdisk?10:48
trihm type cfdisk ?10:55
Romsteryeah jsut type cfdisk instead i think it's on the cd.11:04
Romsterls the directory if not sure.11:04
* Romster prefers fdisk11:05
Romsteri could never get the hang of cfdisk11:05
limpiodoes it give an option for dhcp?11:09
Romstercdfidsk is to partiton dhcp has nothing todo with cfdisk.11:09
Romsterand the cd has dhcp on it.11:09
Romsterif you read the changelog.11:09
limpioRomster: i never implied dhcp has to do with cfdisk, it's just a different question11:10
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DeSm0Nhellow speak espanis ?13:32
RyoSDeSm0N: #crux-es13:33
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DeSm0NHealp form me please13:42
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jjpkYay for unorthodox update methods. \o/15:59
jjpkThe other day I noticed my desktop's burner is dying after 3 failed burn attempts.16:00
jjpkMounted the 2.4 iso in loopback, copied the packages, updated them, rebuilt the kernel and rebooted.16:01
jjpkNow to check everything is working.16:01
Romsterah i did a crazy way to update myself.16:02
rehabdolli think ive installed with the crux-cd once16:03
jjpkRomster: what you described earlier is not too different from what I did.16:03
rehabdolland this is with 2 machines, one starting with 2.1 wich is now running 2.4 and the other one with 2.2 :)16:03
tilmannobody else has strange XKB related errors?16:04
tilmanor are you all using the us layout?16:04
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jjpkI have not updated the xorg files from 2.4 just yet.16:04
jjpkChecking core/opt first with revdep.16:05
Romsteri'm using the us layout too bad there is no aus one?16:06
Romster2.4 xorg is fine.16:07
RyoSstill not wroking for me, but i could not be working on it today16:07
RyoSxorgs what i am talking about16:07
* Romster slaps RyoS with a grammar book <<16:08
Romsterrelaly have no idea since i don't use other keymaps.16:08
tilmandamnit romster16:09
jjpkIt would be redundant to have separate keymaps. US and AU both use English. ;)16:10
aona bit like sv is redundant when we have fi16:10
jjpkcp sv fi. done :D16:10
RyoSRomster: i am drunk ok? :P16:11
RyoShave mercy16:11
jjpkThe finnish keymap is the same as the swedish. Politics ftw...16:11
tilmanhaha, nice16:11
aonno, the swedish keymap is the same as the finnish16:12
RyoSvi or emacs? :S16:12
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jjpkvim has the upperhand in here. I think han was the only one to admit using emacs.16:14
aonand me16:14
aonalthough not atm16:14
jjpkcptn might have also.16:14
aoncptn uses xemacs16:14
aoni seem to maintain {x,}emacs at the moment16:14
* jjpk kicks tetex.16:20
jjpkrevdep is nicely stalled on this pkg.16:20
tilmanrevdep opens every single file in the package and checks whether it's an executable16:25
tilmani dunno how many gazillion files tetex contains16:25
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jjpkIt is no lightweight, that's certain.16:30
mantonoCan I access the installation documentation on the crux CD?16:40
DarkNekrosMerry Christmas you all!!! ;)16:46
tilmanmantono: handbook.txt is on the cd16:49
tilman /crux/handbook.txt or so16:49
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tilmannot sure whether it has been linked before16:54
jjpkThat's nice. :D16:55
aon not here afaik16:57
aonsaw that in another channel, though16:57
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Romsteroh hay the style of keyborard i've been looking for
Romsterold ibm clicky keyboard <<20:43
Romsterwith no windoze keys.20:43
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