IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-12-25

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nipuLho ho ho merry syphillis02:28
bitwise_hey, that's what i am giving this year, too!02:29
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LukaszHi people10:08
LukaszMerry Christmass10:08
LukaszI need one quick thing10:08
Lukaszhow do I list partitions?10:08
LukaszHey tilman you there?10:10
Lukasznevermind I figured it out :)10:14
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fetzer/usr/ports/opt/rxvt-unicode version 8.8  is outdated and fails to install. version 8.9 is the new version since yesterday :)11:17
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RyoStilman: seas, anything new on that xkb issue?12:23
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rehabdollseems like spammers dont celebrate christmas13:52
jjpk"hey, it's xmas, give it a break. NO"13:55
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RedShiftwhat did you guys all get for christmas?16:00
tilmanfetzer: fixed16:10
tilmanRyoS: no16:10
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RyoStilman: okay16:22
RyoStilman: all i can say is that it somehow forces to load us layout, but there is no error in the log...16:23
RyoSin the log it says "loading de" "variant nodeadkeys" and so on16:23
RyoSon the console it says "loading us" no errors though..16:23
RyoSnot a single warning even..16:23
RyoSjust about missing fonts dirs or empty ones16:24
tilmanyou should probably ask for help in #xorg or better the xorg mailing list16:24
RyoSyes, i will do that tomorrow then16:24
tilmani don't know enough about xkb to provide better help16:24
tilmannot the best season to get timely help though16:24
RyoSi will let you know when i know why thats happening16:24
RyoSi know :) i'll be in vienna for a week soon too16:24
jjpktilman: finished upgrading the laptop, no xorg problems. \o/16:27
jjpkat least not yet.16:27
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jefferoshm iwlist says eth1 no such device but iwconfig shows eth1 as a broadcom adapter19:39
morlenxusHm, still that numlock issue.20:20
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