IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-12-26

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Romstermorlenxus, rebuild xorg-server for the num,scroll lock and caps lock issue.00:51
acrux|ppcbump directly to xorg-server-
acrux|ppcdoesn't need to recompile video,input drvers00:54
acrux|ppcit's only a bugfixes release00:55
Romsteryeah i'm on -
Romsterbut tilman refuses to update00:55
acrux|ppche waits for 1.4.100:55
Romsterso it's on 1.4 with the keyboard patch still00:55
Romsterbut works ok.00:56
Romsterah i see.00:56
Romsterdosn't wanna put us though extra compiling i guess?00:56
Romsterbut there is the point of 'you don't have to sysup so oftern'00:56
acrux|ppcon powerpc and sparc00:56
acrux|ppcwe are using this port00:57
Romsteri'm on it too and it's fine.00:57
acrux|ppcwe must patch it00:57
Romsteryou even keep the built package there.. so oyu got a hybrid source/binary system00:58
acrux|ppconly for the moment00:59
acrux|ppc'cause our server (where we are going to create new git server)00:59
acrux|ppcis down00:59
Romsteri'm still wating for ptologic to get his host back up.01:00
acrux|ppctomorrow i hope to go university to fix it01:01
acrux|ppc(we'll use Engineers without borders server)01:01
Romsteryou folowing x86 ports for ppc?01:01
acrux|ppcbut with domain01:01
acrux|ppcRomster: yes, we do01:02
acrux|ppconly little number of  ports are different01:02
Romsterdon't supose i can do anything to all the packages i maintain to make it easier for you? if you use any of my stuff.01:02
acrux|ppcoh, thanks01:02
acrux|ppcthat's our ports diff01:04
acrux|ppc(only different version)01:05
Romsteryou on glibc 2.7 already... isn't that being asking for trouble?01:06
acrux|ppcno, works fine01:07
Romsteryou should change to the new cdrtools01:08
Romsteri haven't had any issues.01:08
acrux|ppcon ppc doesn't compile01:09
Romsteroverall only majoy change is yoru glibc versions.01:09
acrux|ppcnullpointer is working on this port01:09
Romsteri guess there arn't as many ppc computers as x86?01:09
Romsteri wouldn't mind geting into some embeded motherboards and extend a compile farm with them.01:11
acrux|ppcthere are but a great number use yellow dog01:11
acrux|ppc'cause is simple01:11
Romsterand any other distrubuted processsing stuff.01:11
Romsterah i see.,01:11
Romsteryeah simple and masks how a system works right <<01:11
acrux|ppceheh, commercial distro01:11
Romsterah figures <<01:12
acrux|ppconly crux is a real no-profit volunteer driven project01:12
acrux|ppcthe other ones are foundetions,inc, etc..01:12
Romsterso ppc has no others?01:12
Romsterthat are free.01:13
Romsterso new steping ground for them.01:13
acrux|ppcthere is debian ppc(ooold), gentoo ppc01:13
acrux|ppcopensuse ppc01:13
Romsterwell this should improve the image of crux.01:13
Romsterall these people that want a small distro for a file server and wht did they sugest in #linuxhelp ... debian *dies*01:15
acrux|ppci must go to my windows box to work cad01:15
acrux|ppcse you later01:15
Romsternothing that good in linux for that yet01:16
Romsterlater acrux|ppc01:16
acrux|ppcthere is one01:16
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Romsterbut dosn't do what you want i expect.01:16
acrux|ppcis good cad01:17
acrux|ppcbut they compile binary only for x86 and rpm01:17
acrux|ppcthen.. if i'm obliged to use commercial binary on x8601:18
acrux|ppci prefer cad on win box01:18
acrux|ppcok, i go away01:18
Romsteri hate closed source stuff.01:18
* Romster goes to make coffee01:19
kitiihey im trying to setup a wireless networkn i can scan and apply iwconfig bt cant get dhcp working01:19
tilmankitii: maybe your firewall blocks the dhcp broadcast crap?01:22
kitiinah no firewall is set or any encryption.dhcp just says error eth1 timed out01:26
kitiinah no firewall, dhcp just says error eth1 timed out01:27
kitiiam i supposd to have eth0 aswell?01:29
tilmanit seems a bit funny that your first network device is eth101:29
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kbfat boot i get some assertion errors with the bcm43xx module, could that be a possibilie reason why dhcp fails01:45
Romsterthe first device should be eth0, sounds to me you got some lan card driver issue.01:49
Romsteryou sure you got the right driver and what kernel version are you on?01:50
tilmankbf: assertion falures indicate something goes very wrong. so it's not that surprising that it doesn't work correctly...01:50
tilmanmaybe there's a newer driver available than the one you're using?01:51
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Romsterhis issue is the lan driver i bet. not dhcp.01:57
Romstertilman, you got a quick howto on using oprofile?02:31
Romsteri read hwotodo the daemon but i forgot how to profile a spefic binary.02:31
tilmanopreport -l /path/to/binary/im/interested/in02:32
Romsterah thanks.02:34
Romsterso it'll filter out then.02:35
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morlenxustilman: I might anoy you, but after upgrading to Crux 2.4 i still don't have numlock led lights.04:43
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Romstermorlenxus, rebuild xorg-server that has the keyboard patch or update to
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morlenxusxorg-server 1.4-305:13
morlenxusDoesn't this version contain the patch?05:13
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Romstermorlenxus, yes why don't you do prt-get cat xorg-server05:19
Romsterrebuild it05:19
Romsterprt-get -fr xorg-server05:19
morlenxusI did yesterday, but i do that again now.05:21
Romstermaybe runs ports -u first and make sure you ddi rejmerge and that you updated the xorg.rsync to the 2.4 branch05:26
morlenxusI did.05:27
morlenxusWell let's wait for that rebuild but im pretty sure it doesn't change something.05:27
Romsterand restart xorg after.05:31
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morlenxusRomster: ;)05:31
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Romster--enable-xkb            support XKB [default=maybe]05:44
Romsterin gtk configure help05:45
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morlenxusRomster: Still not working.06:34
morlenxusMight reconfigure my xserver. Is xorgcfg in some port?06:34
thrice`morlenxus: there is currently no patch in xorg-server to fix the LED's07:03
thrice`you can bump it to, and that will fix the LED issue, or patch it yourself with the current version07:03
morlenxusOh ok.07:04
morlenxusRomster: There is a difference between xorgcfg and xorgconfig.07:04
Romstermeh... then use prt-get fsearch xorgcfg07:06
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Romsterto find what package it belongs too.07:06
Romsterhonestly your asking simple questions....07:06
morlenxusIt's ok.07:08
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dokpm0Actually, there was an xorg-server patch posted to the CRUX mailing list on 11/12 that will fix the LED problem.  I've tried it on my CRUX box and it seems to work as advertised.07:38
thrice`out of curiosity, is there a reason gpasswd is removed from shadow?07:40
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tilmanstupid led issue07:55
tilmanstupid stupid stupid07:56
tilmani cannot do anything atm anyway07:56
tilmani'm stuffed :p07:56
thrice`bad tilman !07:57
tilmanin my family you're *supposed* to eat way too much around christmas ;)07:58
dokpm0A Google search for kbd-led.patch will lead one to where one can obtain the patch in question and an updated Pkgfile for xorg-server.  So, until it makes it's way into the official CRUX repo it is at least available to those who want it.08:06
thrice`tilman: perhaps sticking it in xorg-server/ but not bumping the version?08:07
tilmanif it's such a huge issues for everyone i'll apply the patch08:08
tilmandon't get why it's so important though08:08
thrice`me neither :)08:08
tilmanwho cares about numlock? and nobody uses caps lock anyway08:08
thrice`tilman: you're saying that you're still full from yesterday?08:09
tilmanjust came back from lunch08:09
thrice`ah, germans have bigger lunches than dinners, right?08:09
tilmani don't even know whether you can say that08:11
tilmanbut i think at least on holidays, big lunches are more usual than (big) dinners08:12
Romsterdokpm0, yeah i used that too but i've since updated to the newer version that has that patch in it.08:12
Romstermorlenxus, hmm i thought tilman applied that patch but he hasn't i was seeing my port of xorg-server in prt-get cat... d'oh08:25
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morlenxusRomster: No problem, this is where simple questions lead to. ;)09:08
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RyoStilman: ask me not how i got it now... but the keymap works absolutely fine now11:00
RyoSdidnt change a thing today, barely sat at my computer at all11:00
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RyoSonly thing that keeps comming to my mind is that urxvt (or zsh maybe..?) became EXTREMELY slow after upgrading crux. opening a terminal takes aprox. 5-7 seconds and closing it takes another 3 seconds.. very unusual behavior11:04
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tilmanRyoS: remind me that i do not try to fix x11 bugs when _you_ report them next time11:13
RyoSuhm, its obviously a bug..11:13
tilmanRyoS: try bash with urxvt, then zsh with xterm :P11:13
RyoStilman: yeah i will do that11:14
RyoSit seems to be an urxvt problem11:15
tilmanwhat version?11:15
RyoSjust upgraded it, it was 8.811:16
RyoSnow its 8.9, i will tell you if it solved after restarting X in some minutes11:16
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RyoStilman: restarted X - keymap problem came back~; yet, urxvtd and urxvtc seem to work normaly now11:20
RyoSafter loading de keymap i have the old problem - ctrl and alt dont work (and i didnt mention that cursor keys did never work too)11:21
RyoSxev at least tells me the same as xmodmap, the keys have the right function assigned but yet they dont work...11:21
RyoSjesus this is annoying :)11:23
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Services__please say me is my pci sound card emu 0404 suppoted? need alsa?12:50
Services__how i may get sound in the crux for emu sb 040412:52
Services__please help?12:52
Services__imnewbe )12:52
RyoSyou should join #alsa for sound questions, thats not crux related if you ask me12:52
RyoSyou need to compile the drivers as a package or in the kernel, and then you need to install alsa-lib and whatsoever12:53
RyoSanyhow, configuring the soundcard is described on the alsa page12:53
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SiFuhla la la13:08
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aonhi SiFuh13:22
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Man0l0hi everyone15:16
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Man0l0has 2.4 support for devices LSI/BusLogic of vmware ??15:23
jaegertheoretically, yes15:23
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Man0l0I tested with serveral vm and it didnt detect LSI or BusLogic15:26
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jaegerI don't use vmware, myself, but we put in the driver that mavrick said was the right one15:29
dokpm0Man010: VMware defaults to SCSI disks for Linux installs but several distros I've tried under recent versions of VMware(VMware Server 1.0.4 most recently) don't seem to like VMware's SCSI disks, especially the BusLogic ones.  I just create a "custom" VM and create IDE disks instead of SCSI disks.  I usually also have to choose LSI for the SCSI option, or some Linux distros have trouble starting even though the disks are IDE.15:29
jaegerthe one he requested we put in is for the LSI controller, didn't mess with the buslogic15:31
dokpm0I've gotten so used to switching to IDE under VMware that I didn't even try SCSI disks with CRUX.  LSI SCSI disks might work just fine.  I'll give them a try later this evening when I get home.15:35
Man0l0jager,  I think vmware lsilogic hd is FUSION_MPT not LSI SCSI Drivers15:39
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Man0l0jaeger, it looks well15:46
jaeger <-- there's the bug about it, too15:47
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dokpm0I'm home now and have tried installing CRUX 2.4 under VMware(which is running on a CRUX box). The current version of VMware Server(1.0.4) appears to default to buslogic SCSI, which CRUX doesn't appear to work with.  CRUX appears to handle VMware's LSI SCSI emulated drives just fine.  I have a CRUX install running as I type.16:55
jaegerso it works, just not with the default option?17:07
dokpm0jaeger: right.  The default is buslogic.  It work with LSI.17:08
Man0l0dokpm0, I have created a vm with 3 hd, ide, bus & lsi and only ide is detected17:16
Man0l0I load BusLogic module but no hd is detected :(17:17
Man0l0I can see both devices with lspci17:19
Man0l000:10.0 SCSI storage controller: BusLogic BT-946C (BA80C30) [MultiMaster 10] (rev 01)17:19
Man0l000:11.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 01)17:19
Man0l0but fdisk -l only show me the ide hd17:19
Man0l0# fdisk -l17:20
Man0l0Disk /dev/hda: 4294 MB, 4294967296 bytes17:20
Man0l016 heads, 63 sectors/track, 8322 cylinders17:20
Man0l0Units = cylinders of 1008 * 512 = 516096 bytes17:20
Man0l0Disk identifier: 0x89adebd717:20
Man0l0   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System17:20
Man0l0/dev/hda1               1        7329     3693784+  83  Linux17:20
Man0l0/dev/hda2            7330        8322      500472   82  Linux swap / Solaris17:20
jaegerare you using crux 2.4?17:22
Man0l0# crux17:22
Man0l0CRUX version 2.417:22
dokpm0Hummm, which host OS and VMware version are you using?  I have VMware Server 1.0.4 running under CRUX 2.417:22
Man0l0I'm playing with vmplayer 2.0.2 under ubuntu17:23
Man0l0tomorrow I will try with server 1.0.417:23
dokpm0I created a "custom" VM and went with all the default settings except switching to LSI SCSI.  Upon booting the 2.4 CRUX install ISO image my LSI SCSI drive was detected.17:24
dokpm0Maybe it's a player VS server difference.17:24
Man0l0maybe, but it would be the first time that I have problems with vmplayer running a vm17:27
Man0l0I will try it tomorrow at office with the server 1.0.4 and I will let you know the result17:28
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