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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:45
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arvin_I am very interested in crux05:59
arvin_but i have a problem whit it06:01
sepenwhat kind of problems?06:02
arvin_Management of  dependences06:02
sepenwhat are you trying to do?06:03
sependid you read the crux handbook? did you read the manual of prt-get?06:04
arvin_no i did not06:04
sepenso you should read before nothing06:04
sepenand then maybe your problems dissapear06:05
rehabdolldependencies is not a big issue06:05
rehabdollprt-get handles all, although the only thing i really miss in crux is something like gentoo's USE flags06:06
rehabdollbut its nothing a little manual labour wont cure06:06
rehabdollcrux is superior if you want control of your computer06:07
arvin_ is out of date :-(06:10
sepenarvin_, sure06:12 is not maintained by the crux team06:13
arvin_here it is said that "Attention, I remind that with Crux the dependences between packs are not managed"06:17
arvin_that's why i ask the question of dependences06:18
mwansaas rehabdoll said dependency is handled through prt-get a front end tool to pkgmk06:20
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Romsteryay for stale information in a language i can't understand <<06:51
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SiFuhla la la11:26
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thrice`all is quiet in crux land :D11:35
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SiFuhi wonder if anyone is still using crux11:39
rehabdollno, we are all dead11:39
SiFuhspeaking of the dead11:40
SiFuhSkuupi seemed to come online using ICQ.. but was randomnly sending me ascii characters that made no sense11:40
SiFuhi tried using english but he responded with more ascii11:41
SiFuhSo I wonder if Skuupi is still on chan under another name..if not I haven't seen him in almost 9 years.11:41
rehabdolluh, ok11:41
rehabdolli'll write that down11:41
SiFuhwhat's a rehab doll ?11:43
rehabdolla doll used for rehablitation of the criminally insane11:43
rehabdollim life-sized and everything!11:43
SiFuhnothing to do with Green River?11:43
rehabdollcaught me11:44
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SiFuhhehe cool11:50
SiFuhonscreen volume is working11:50
thrice`that's the same fluxbox theme I use :)11:50
SiFuhhows that possible11:50
trisomebody here at 24c3 ?11:51
thrice`wait, very close11:51
SiFuhyou got the same comic book as me?11:51
thrice`no, the orange, small bordered11:51
SiFuhi scanend No 703 Batman Detective comics11:51
SiFuhoh no that's also hand made11:51
thrice`theme, not wallpaper11:51
SiFuhso are my menus11:51
SiFuhthe menus11:52
thrice`do you have the theme available anywhere?11:52
SiFuhhmm i can make it available11:52
thrice`or is that blackbox11:52
rehabdoll - my desktop is so noisy :)11:52
thrice`rehabdoll: won't load here :(11:53
rehabdolloh? whats wrong ?11:54
rehabdoll404 ?11:54
thrice`just sits at "loading"11:56
thrice`could be on my end :)11:57
SiFuh  <-- theme   menu icons are under folder images..11:57
SiFuhyou will need artwiz fonts also11:57
rehabdollwhat do you resolve to?11:57
rehabdolllooks right12:00
SiFuhgot right permissions ?12:00
thrice`is that safe for work sepen ?12:00
RyoSthis promises to be good12:00
thrice`SiFuh: thanks :)12:01
SiFuhthrice`: want the wallpaper ?12:01
thrice`SiFuh: no thanks :)12:01
sepenyeah! is the better backoffice I have12:01
RyoSthrice`: this is not worksafe :P12:01
SiFuhhaha cause i got batman at 1961x258612:01
SiFuhwow wow12:02
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Romsterthrice`, so not safe for work unless they don't mind seeing tits <<12:02
thrice`hehe...not me that minds, but my boss, I think :)12:03
tilmanright click save to12:03
SiFuhleast you don't need to go looking for porn ;-)12:03
SiFuhrehabdoll: still nothing12:04
SiFuhRomster: ho ho ho  is banned in Australia12:04
SiFuhtoo insultive, too many morons took it literally12:05
SiFuhnow santa is only allowed to say  ha ha ha12:05
Romsterthat's retarded seen it on some show12:05
SiFuhnot kidding either.. it was on the news 4 weeks before christmas. Whinging about politcally incorrect/correct12:05
Romsterthey think ho ho ho refers to a ho prosterute or that ho ho ho scares children.12:06
Romsterwon't stop me using it they can all goto hell <<12:06
SiFuhi won't be happy till some one shoots him though12:06
SiFuhover sized coca cola salesman12:07
SiFuhalways liked that one12:09
rehabdoll enjoy :)12:10
thrice`are those unsafe for work too?12:10
rehabdollyeah, most are :)12:11
SiFuhstill waiting to see the noisey desktop12:11
thrice`ok, will wait until later :)12:11
Romsterlol nice one SiFuh12:11
rehabdolla friend told me im blacklisted on Ericsson's workstatoins12:11
jjpkMindless censorship ftw.12:12
jjpkAn even bigger ftw for the drones who enacted said legislation.12:13
SiFuhyet, they still never sensored opera or friends12:13
SiFuhdays of our lives..12:13
SiFuhrehabdoll: no chance..  times out12:13
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SiFuhneed a new system admin ?12:14
rehabdolldie :)12:15
jjpkApparently you do. Works fine here.12:15
SiFuhmaybe australia does12:16
Romsterthought it was just me that it don't load.12:16
rehabdollcool, im banned in .au too!12:17
SiFuhApparently jjpk is on a US OCT line..12:17
Romster(110) Connection timed out12:17
SiFuhright, going to hunt a proxy12:17
RomsterGenerated Thu, 27 Dec 2007 18:15:43 GMT by (squid/2.6.STABLE16)12:17
Romstersoit's baned in australia that's hard to beleve.12:17
RomsterSiFuh, tor12:17
jjpkrehabdoll: welcome to the modern world. _anything_ even remotely offensive = terrorism!12:18
SiFuhmay as well ban anything to do with western media then12:18
jjpkKeeps busybodies occupied.12:18
SiFuhrehabdoll: looks like you are banned by internode.on.net12:19
SiFuhsending an email to assholes12:20
Romsterhmm i'm on efnet and i can't access it12:20
SiFuhhow dare they filter my viewing time12:20
Romsterthe fuckers..12:20
SiFuhi used that12:20
SiFuhcause it was the first result in google12:20
SiFuhthis internode filter seems to remind me of the great firewall of china..12:25
SiFuhtimes out only, rather than saying it is banned12:25
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Romsterthat proxy gave me a zero sied reply...12:36
Romsterbut it's at the melbourne transparent squid so i dunno could be a temp problem.12:36
RedShiftSiFuh: that trick has been known for a very long time12:41
Romsteri never knew of it.12:42
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SiFuhrehabdoll: i know why these sites are blocking you :-)12:56
SiFuhrehabdoll: your html code is full of worms and viruses12:56
* SiFuh runs and hides before rehabdoll kills him..12:56
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Romsterwhat on earth ^13:37
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SiFuhconfigured the pc to ignore tcp rst13:39
SiFuhhehe killing my logs13:39
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SiFuhright i'm gone13:41
Romsteri'll do that later to for the ip blocks of china.13:43
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rehabdollupdating an existing installation to x86_64 was painless..15:41
tilmanmake -j4 sucks15:46
tilmanif something fails, the last error message you see is likely not the one that casued the abort15:47
* tilman scrolls through megabytes of make/build logs to find the error15:47
tilmani also gave up after 30 seconds15:50
rehabdoll90% of my apps are broken now15:50
tilmani'm now building with -j115:50
rehabdollah, how fun to rebuild *15:50
rehabdollatleast im running 64bit :)15:51
rehabdollmemory is dirt cheap now, ordered 4gb yesterday15:51
tilmani got 4 gb in this machine, too15:51
tilman3g tmpfs' ftw15:51
tilman3gb even15:51
tilmanqemu with images in tmpfs ftw^215:52
rehabdollstill on a 32bit kernel?15:52
tilmanthat's why i only made it 3gb15:52
tilmannot sure how it handles things with the 3GB:1GB ram split15:52
rehabdollthe 36bit thingy seemed like too much of a hack for me15:53
tilmanis that PAE or what it's called?15:54
tilmanintel address extension thingy15:54
tilmani didn't keep this memory split in mind at all15:54
tilmanand then i wondered15:54
tilmanhow the hell is the kernel going to map in my graphics card's ram when i have 4 gb of ram already??15:55
rehabdollhehe yeah15:55
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tilmansubversion only builds with -j1 here (i have j4 by default)15:58
tilmandid anyone see similar problems?15:58
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rehabdoll/usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format16:03
rehabdollthis might take a while..16:04
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rehabdollworked for me tilman17:04
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brodatkai have a big problem with ports in crux17:31
Rotwanghi brodawka17:31
brodatkasry. mistake17:31
brodatkaIn documentation it is sayed that if I would like to enable contrib i should move file contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync. Anyway, there is no contrib.rsync.inactive... And when I downloads any *.rsync from and do the same procedure that is writed in documentation it does not work (prt-dir don't see it at all). I don't know that this is a bug or I'm just a lame. Crux version 2.4.17:32
brodatka[Sorry for my english, i'm teenager from Poland]17:32
tilmandid you look in /etc/ports?17:33
Rotwangbrodatka chodz na #crux.pl17:33
tilmank ;)17:33
brodatkathx xD17:33
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jjpkprt-get will only use the port dirs you tell it to use in /etc/prt-get.conf17:43
brodawka_oh. i forget to say: Rotwang helped me on in polish.17:46
brodawka_but thx ;)17:46
tilmanwhat was the problem? just curious17:46
Rotwangwe didn't solved it ;)17:47
Rotwanghe will install crux soon17:47
brodawka_*reinstall ;p17:47
tilmanmaybe that's not needed17:47
Rotwangnont reinstall17:48
tilmanif it's just the "ports" package that's missing -- you can install it from CD17:48
Rotwanghe needed working system quick17:48
brodawka_I've looked on logs from few days (or even yesterday) ago and fouded idea about kind of USE flags (from gentoo) in crux. does anybody understood becouse my english is veeeeeeery bad17:53
tilmanuse flags are a gentoo feature that's often asked about in #crux17:54
tilmani think the majority of cruxers believe it would be bad to add it17:54
brodawka_so why developers do not implement this in crux?17:54
tilmanwe prefer to keep the system simple[tm]17:54
tilmani personally don't miss use flags at all17:55
jjpkGentoo's USE flags would complicate crux and possibly cause more pain that it is worth.17:55
tilmanand i don't have a bloated gnome desktop17:55
Rotwangbrodawka_: you may edit Pkgfiles by hand17:55
tilmanmost ports are trimmed for minimum dependencies (i think :D)17:56
brodawka_for example. i work some in webdeveloping/webdesigning and I've heard about lighttpd (i love it now ;p). I added just php, mysql and mysqli to my make.conf's use flags and then emerge lighttpd and i've had a beautiful and working http server with php and mysql - in 2 commands17:58
tilmanin crux you would run:17:59
tilmanprt-get install php mysql lighttpd17:59
brodawka_and lighttpd will be with php and mysql?17:59
tilmanthough this is a special case, since lighttpd doesn't link against php, but uses cgi/fcgi to run it17:59
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RedShiftbrodawka_: no18:01
RedShiftphp will be available as cgi though, you have to use that18:01
RedShiftphp doesn't have a module for lighttpd18:01
brodawka_oh, i didn't knew18:01
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brodawka_tilman: if they want minimal dependencies they should leave use flags blank (USE="")18:03
brodawka_anyway, why gentoo has that much users and crux not? there are very similar distros. imho18:04
brodawka_oh wait! i know! becouse of numer of packets in ports/portage?18:04
Rotwangcrux's low popularity is not bad thing18:05
brodawka_i mean, ports have few packages and portage veeery much18:05
tilmanthere's also arch linux, which is quite similar18:05
tilmanbut it has a bunch of features that are appealing to ... non power-users perhaps18:05
brodawka_(i hate arch linux, but i don't want to start a flamewar)18:05
Rotwangit's part of crux philosophy to make your own packages18:06
tilmannewbies might be afraid because not every package in the universe has already been ported18:07
brodawka_main reasons why i think that is not true that arch is similar to gentoo and crux: 1 - kernel, it is not compile by user; 2 - packets - there are not compiled18:07
brodawka_i love compilation18:07
tilmanbut writing your own ports is sooo easy18:07
brodawka_compilation is sense of life18:07
Rotwangyeah, compilation is fun18:08
brodawka_... and unstable tar.gz...18:08
brodawka_i love it18:08
tilmanwait, does arch linux hide the PKGBUILDs from the user these days?18:08
Rotwangtilman: no18:09
Rotwangyou can find them in abs18:09
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RedShifttilman: no they are even accessible from the cvs repository, they link to it from their website18:13
RedShifthaving the source of how packages are built is a must-have18:13
RedShiftdistros like debian don't have that18:13
RedShiftvery annoying18:13
RedShiftI don't know I should have a look at that some time18:14
RedShiftbut I'd just appreciate searching the repos online and have a direct link to the source18:14
RedShiftno specialties required18:14
tilmanlike this?
tilmanthe source is at the bottom18:16
tilmanoriginal tarball + debian's diff18:16
RedShiftno, like this18:16
RedShiftthen click view cvs entries18:16
RedShiftno downloading required, no unzipping, just straight to the source on how the package is built18:17
RedShiftyeah that doesn't work because testing isn't available in the online cvs viewer18:17
RedShiftI really miss that feature arch has in debian18:17
RedShiftthat isn't...18:18
RedShiftoh well, time for sleep18:18
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rehabdollhey, what owns the clearlook gtk-theme? cant find anything18:27
rehabdolldoesnt seem to be in gtk18:27
tilmanin gnome-current.rsync eg18:28
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brodawkaPLi have to go18:34
brodawkaPLthx again18:34
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thrice`I dont' think is updating - does it need to be re-directed to 2.4 ?19:21
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Romstertilman, i built 1.4.6 subversion with makeflags -j4 just fine.20:16
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jaegeracrux|ppc: you here?22:23
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