IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-12-28

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SiFuhstupid country... Australian police do not need to wear uniform or a complete uniform anymore..03:03
SiFuhall police vehicles, officers, station.. uniformed or not is now illegal to obtain photographs of them.03:03
SiFuh2 bicycle police officers came off the footpath, cut in front of a car on the crossing. No right to cross, to pull a guy over. He did not know they were officers. So he took their photos.03:04
SiFuh24 hours in prison cell. Phone confiscated, photos deleted.03:04
Romsterthats a bummber.03:07
SiFuhand the excuse...03:08
SiFuharabs want us dead because they are jealous of what we have..03:09
SiFuhyeah right..03:09
SiFuhDemocracy, the foot holds of Facism.03:09
SiFuhWe should have an Open Source Government..03:09
mike_kSiFuh: Government's brains are written in visual basic with many hardcoded values. I guess that source isn't of much value =)03:11
SiFuhWhat annoys me most, is that we are expected to know the law. Yet, their is no up-to-date publishment of any new laws.03:11
SiFuhhaha so true mike_k03:11
tilmanhahaha mike_k03:11
SiFuhI'd rather Anarchy+Kritarchy working together. Might start my own movement. The Australian Kritanarchy Party..03:12
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bitwise_i told you....we're an anarcho-syndicalist commune03:52
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:09
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tilmanis it just me, or is that new mail in the crux ml kind of *weird*?06:23
tilmanokay, after i looked up what colinux is i don't find it that weird anymore ;p06:25
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thrice`tilman: I dont' think "timeline" is updating on - does it have to get fixed for 2.4 ?06:58
mike_kand at least check_urls.html is at 2.3 too07:01
mike_kSome sort of an after-release-todo-list an infrastructure team could have?07:02
tilmanyeah, we definitely need that07:02
thrice`sounds too official for crux07:03
tilmanthrice`: did you mean the links to gitweb on the timeline page?07:06
tilmanmike_k: fixed, thanks07:06
tilmani looked at check_urls this morning, but didn't notice the old version *_*07:06
Rotwang_openldap wont compile with MAKEFLAGS="-j3"07:07
thrice`tilman: yeah, all of the core updates that went in today (and the past couple) don't seem to be showing up on gitweb07:10
tilmanfixed, thanks07:11
thrice`neat :)  nice to check while at work07:13
tilmanyou could also subscribe to07:13
thrice`ah, never knew about that - pretty neat07:14
thrice`thanks tilman :-)07:15
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tilmanRotwang: can you poke jaeger about the openldap build failure when he's around?07:38
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Rotwangtilman: ok, there is some thunderbird problem as well ;)07:39
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tilmani think i'll make -j2 the default with the next pkgutils release07:40
tilmanthat way such bugs should be harder to miss07:40
thrice`or perhaps commented out by default in pkgmk.conf ?07:43
tilmanmy idea was to force all maintainers to use parallel builds07:44
tilmanif some don't, then bugs like this can still go undetected07:44
thrice`if I have a single core proc, should -j2 be used anyways?  Or wouldn't one really notice a difference07:45
tilmandunno, treach said it would give a slight speed up07:46
thrice`suppose I could try with a FF build or so07:48
thrice`what else am I getting paid for at work? ;)07:48
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Romster2 build jobs per a core is fine.08:49
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thrice`my results:09:32
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Rotwanghi jaeger, openldap wont compile with MAKEFLAGS09:40
Rotwangand i believe there is missing dependency in thunderbird09:41
jaegerwon't compile with which flags?09:46
Rotwangand i couldnt compile thunderbird, but installing libgnomeui solved problem09:49
jaegerdo you have a log of the build?09:50
Rotwangunfortunatelly not09:51
thrice`I can try to build here, as I don't have anything installed09:54
jaegertesting it in a chroot09:55
thrice`configure: error: Compiler cannot compile macros used in autoconf tests.09:57
thrice`eek, that didn't go well :)09:57
thrice`that was with MAKEFLAGS="-j2"09:58
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jaegerRotwang: I've built openldap 6 times, 2 times each with -j2, -j3, and -j4. no problems any of those times10:22
thrice`jaeger: -j2 wouldn't work with thunderbird, with the above configure error10:23
jaegerI saw... I'll test that, too, when I can10:24
thrice`i'm building without to test deps though :)10:25
Rotwangi commented out MAKEFLAGS from /etc/pkgmk.conf, thats the best solution :)10:29
jaegerthunderbird just finished building in a chroot, no additional deps needed10:31
thrice`man, your chroot is much quicker than mine :|10:31
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thrice`jaeger: built OK here too, minus the same couple missing files10:53
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jaegerstill not sure what causes those11:06
jaegermaybe that's the gnomeui bit, since has some gnome links11:07
jaegerjust built it on both systems, the chroot and the gnome box, and that's the only difference in the footprint... maybe there's a way to ignore gnome when building11:16
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ultrahey everyone12:36
ultraI've got a slight problem with the nvidia drivers and my xorg, whenever I try to start a GL appy, X dies.12:36
ultradies as in dumps the very short backtrace which seems completely useless.12:36
ultrado I need to do something like I do on other distros and "select the nvidia opengl interface"?12:37
Rotwang_gl-select nvidia?12:39
ultraI don't have gl-select, guess I have to install it?12:40
ultraok, got it12:41
ultraslight problem...12:41
ultrawell, I'll test it and see if it works yet XD12:41
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ultrawell, now I get no GLX extension..12:44
ultraand the nvidia thing dumps an error...12:44
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thrice`so he leaves?  hehe12:45
SiFuhoh i dont have join part messages12:46
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SiFuhWhat a slow PC.. takes 2 weeks to zero out an 80gig drive12:47
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ultraok, well, I did it manually and it works now...12:51
ultragl-select = broken,12:51
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mike_kcan someone remind the reason for removing xorg-printproto?13:14
mike_ktilman: ?13:14
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RyoSultra: nak13:15
RyoSgl-select works fine13:15
tilmanmike_k: xprint is strange and broken and 'nobody' uses it13:15
tilmanthat's the theory so far13:15
tilmanmike_k: what's the problem, i'll try to help gladly13:15
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mike_kuhh, I've updated to 2.4 from cdrom recently, run revdep, started rebuilding _some_ of the broken stuff. so far: lesstif, tightvnc, xpdf are not very glad without xprint13:19
tilmanfucking sourceforge13:29
tilman20:29:33 (13.39 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 2181240. Giving up.13:29
mike_kcmon, valinux company is behind sourceforge, which is one of the first linux-oriented companies13:32
tilmanyeah, but their services are lacking reliability since a few years imo13:33
mike_kyep, wrong balance of features and reliability/complexity13:34
tilmancan anyone recommend a stable sourceforge mirror?13:41
tilmanheanet has been giving me problems for some time now13:41
Rotwang_im not sure which one this is13:42
thrice`tilman: crux FAQ plz13:42
mike_k213.203.218.122 is ok for me13:42
tilmanRotwang_: that's heatnet :))13:42
tilmanthrice`: d'oh13:42
tilmanthanks mike13:42
thrice`only kidding :)  but there is a good one in there.13:43
tilmani'd bet heatnet is in the faq13:43
thrice`yeah, looks very familiar13:43
thrice`I do get a bad "print" footprint mismatch with lesstif (stuff like usr/lib/
thrice`on a fresh, non-upgraded 2.4 install13:45
tilman213.203.218.122 works nicely13:46
mike_kthrice`: on upgraded too13:46
tilmani'll have a look at lesstiff in a second13:46
tilmanmike_k: for now, i can recommend poppler + epdfview ;D13:46
tilmanthrice`: haha, it really was heanet in the faq13:47
mike_kseems xpdf don't don't like that stripped(without lesstiff version13:47
mike_ktilman: thanks13:47
tilmanhah, 213.* seems to be in germany, too13:48
jjpkThe new mirror variable in pkgmk.conf has been good so far.13:51
tilmanyou can use '' instead of a cryptic ip btw13:51
tilmanthere's a list, no idea whether it's up to date or not though13:51
jjpkAlthough it could be that I have not installed anything too uncommon yet.13:52
mike_kjjpk: next challenge would be to implement a sane mirroring system.13:53
rehabdollholy crap the OO source is big13:54
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jjpkrehabdoll: have fun compiling if that is what you are up to. :P13:55
jjpkmike_k: yeah, it seems easier than getting SF to fix their system. :/13:55
thrice`heh.  and after mirroring system, perhaps use flags?13:55
jjpkthrice`: heck, merge with gentoo and call it a day! :D13:55
tilmanover my dead body ;)13:56
mike_knoway. crux do not want to be that perfect =)13:56
* tilman slaps mike_k with several wet trouts13:56
Rotwang_gentoo is not worthy13:57
tilmani can see how an xpdf port that doesn't install bin/xpdf is not exceptionally useful13:57
tilmanconfigure: WARNING: Couldn't find Motif13:58
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mike_ktilman: installing xorg-libxp,  xorg-printproto and rebuilding lesstif makes xpdf produce a sane footprint13:58
mike_kas expected13:59
tilmanso lesstif doesn't get that we have no xprint support:13:59
tilman/usr/include/Xm/Print.h:28:34: error: X11/extensions/Print.h: No such file or directory13:59
thrice`looks like arch uses the printing packs as deps14:01
tilmanremoving the two "print.h" references from /usr/include/Xm/XmAll.h makes xpdf's configure pass at least14:02
tilmanxpdf conflicts with poppler even14:02
tilmanaon: ping14:07
mike_ktilman: does poppler (and epdfview) work without xorg-libxp?14:10
tilmanmike_k: we can fix lesstif easily, too14:11
thrice`speaking of useless printing, I always wished we could build ghostscript with optional cups14:16
mike_kinteresting what else will break, though. I can't decide whether to keep old deps or fix whatever break?14:22
tilmani don't expect much more breakages14:23
tilmani should have tested xpdf though... didn't keep in mind that aon probably didn't have much time for testing14:24
mike_kmilitary man?14:24
jjpkmike_k: yes. Tends to take up a good amount of your time. :p14:26
mike_ktilman: sorry, what are the changes you've tried so far? I'll try to modify ports and rebuild all remaining...14:27
tilmani'll have a patch in 2 minutes btw14:28
tilmanjust doing another final test build14:29
mike_kthanks for dealing with this old crap14:29
tilmanmike_k, aon: -- this fixes opt/lesstif in 2.4 for the xprint removal. tested with xpdf, which still works with this modified port14:31
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bjohanI've ordered a new computer with a Q6600 CPU, is there any reason to run crux64?14:59
jjpkSuppose it depends how much pain you are willing to widthstand. :p15:00
jjpkI do not have 64-bit hardware, but it seems to work fairly ok.15:00
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bjohanjjpk, is there any performance difference?15:01
bjohanbiggest pros/cons? :)15:01
tilmanif you want to be able to run random binaries from the net, you'll have to use a "multilib" system15:03
tilmanie you'll have 32 bit libs in /usr/lib, and 64 bit libs in /usr/lib6415:03
tilmaniirc crux64 is pure 64, no multilib15:03
tilmanno multilib means you cannot run sun's java builds eg15:03
tilmani've only got 2nd hand information though, i run 32 bit crux15:04
bjohantilman, thanks. but are there any benefits of running 64-bit linux?15:04
tilmani assume it should run faster15:05
bjohani found some benchmaks, but the performance difference was not very big. Compiling something (xorg i think) was even slower in 64 rather than 3215:06
rehabdollbjohan: if you use lots 'o ram15:09
rehabdolli got a q6600 and ordered 4gb the other day15:09
rehabdollim running pure 64bit now, no multilib15:09
bjohanrehabdoll, ordered 8gb :P15:10
rehabdollthen you really need 64bit15:10
tilmanyou *have* to run 64 bit then15:10
bjohanthat does it then :)15:10
rehabdollram is dirt cheap at the moment15:10
bjohanso i need 64-bit to address more than 4gb?15:10
bjohanyeah :)15:10
rehabdollthere are some ugly hacks to use 64gig or something15:11
tilmanbjohan: remember to use PKGMK_WORK_DIR in a tmpfs then :)15:11
bjohani figured 8 gig should be enough for every one :D15:11
rehabdollbut as i said, its ugly :)15:11
bjohanok :)15:11
bjohanso 64-bit it is then :)15:11
RedShiftyou know what sucks?15:11
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RedShiftconfiguring untagged ports in a vlan, forgetting to set the primary vlan id, and then searching all day what you've been doing wrong15:11
rehabdolli used to upgrade the core ports to 64bit, then rebuilt everything15:12
rehabdollnot completely pain-free, but worth it :)15:12
bjohanrehabdoll, i will do a complete reinstall15:12
RedShiftcursing << what the hell is wrong with this thing >>15:12
rehabdollyeah, probably the easiest15:12
bjohanrehabdoll, you're swedish right?15:13
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ultraanyone happen to have a binary qt3/kdelibs? >.>20:15
ultraI need amarok but it takes ages to build them.20:16
ultrahah! fuck it, I'll use mpd.20:19
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breezehello all20:42
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SiFuh_hello single23:54
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