IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-12-29

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mike_ktilman: core/file is at 4.23, 4.22 is not at that ftp anymore.02:17
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haolehey there, im thinking about using crux distro in the lab that i work, at my university, and i wanted to know if crux community is still active... is it?10:13
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roliveira_very much haole10:14
haolethat's nice... i was using arch, but the compiled packages didn't met my needs10:15
haoleso i wanted something like that, but compiling the sources... and i discovered that arch is based on crux :D10:15
haolei took the reverse road10:15
roliveira_never tried arch, but with crux i have the perfect OS10:16
haoleok, thanks for your attention... bye10:17
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roliveira_tnhat was fast10:19
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pedjaIt looks like I'll have to rebuild 2.4 iso before I update, there is no support for JMicron controler.Did it conflict with something, so it's not included?10:36
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haoleim having troubles booting crux 2.4 in my computer... i get a kernel panic message and it appears that crux can't mount tmpfs on my system... does anybody have a clue on this?11:09
ikei install crux 2.4 in vmware11:12
ikebut can not boot11:12
tilmanpedja: no idea _why_ it's not included. maybe jaeger knows11:14
tilmanike: details?11:14
tilmanhaole: can you provide details, too? it's hard for me to guess what the problem is11:15
haoletilman, i know, but it's hard to log a kernel panic :(11:15
haoletilman, how can i do that?11:15
ikei follow the install doc11:15
tilmanuse pen and paper, or take a photo?11:15
tilmanike: without a detailed error message nobody can help.11:16
ikejust two disk: sda1 is swap and swap2 is /mnt11:16
haoleyeah, but the error gets off the screen... it appears a lot of "cp: cannot copy something to /dev" and so...11:16
haoleit's just after loading modules...11:17
haoleit appears: loading modules... DONE11:17
haolethen i get the error11:17
haolei'll try to get more details, then11:18
haolethanks tilman11:18
haolei'll be back in a minute11:18
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ike    * Edit /etc/lilo.conf to boot the kernel you just compiled and run lilo to make the new system bootable.11:19
ike    * Remove the CRUX CD-ROM from your drive and reboot from harddisk.11:19
ikei edit lilo.conf and reboot11:19
ikegetride of iso install file from vmware11:19
ikebut when i reboot, it's can not find os to boot11:20
tilmandid you fill in the correct values for the 'boot' and 'root' parameters in lilo.conf?11:20
ikei just have two sda1 is swap and sda2 is /11:21
tilmanwhere your swap partition is is totally irrelevant for lilo.conf11:22
tilmanuse boot=/dev/sda11:22
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tilmanand root=/dev/sda111:22
ikei try11:24
ikebut now i can not use iso file as cd-rom for boot11:25
pedjatilman: I talked to jaeger few days before the release about that, it was on his TODO list iirc :) It's no problem to rebuild the iso, I'm just curious.11:25
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haoletilman, im back with some logging... it goes like this:11:27
haole* Waiting for devices to settle...11:27
haole<lines that gets off the screen>11:27
haolecp: cannot create '/newroot/<files>': No such file or directory11:27
haole*Unmounting squashfs filesystem... umount: cannot umount /.tmpfs/.squashfs: Invalid argument11:28
haoleumount: cannot umount /.tmpfs/.cdrom: Invalid argument11:28
haole*Unmount tmpfs... Ok11:29
haole* Switching root.11:29
haoleswitch_root: bad init '/sbin/init'11:29
haoleKernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!11:29
haolesorry for the paste... i was ansious :)11:29
haoleany clue?11:30
tilmandon't think i can provide instant help11:30
haoledo u have any idea for me to get those missing lines?11:30
tilmani'll talk to jaeger about that, he might have an idea11:30
jaegerusually get that if the boot script can't find your cdrom11:30
haoleso, jaeger, how can i help crux find it? :)11:31
jaegerneed to know what kind of controller the cdrom is on, I guess11:31
jaegermodel, etc.11:32
haolehow do i see that? on /proc?11:32
haoleok, i'll post only the line about my cdrom11:32
tilmanlook for IDE11:32
tilman"dmesg | grep IDE" might suffice to identify it, too11:33
haole00:1f.5 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) 2 port SATA IDE Controller (rev 02)11:33
haole03:00.1 IDE interface: JMicron Technologies, Inc. JMicron 20360/20363 AHCI Controller (rev 03)11:33
haolethese are the IDEs11:33
mike_kike: just a guess... have you marked one(the correct one) of your primary partitions as bootable? Does it vmware bios complaining?11:33
tilmanheh, jmicron again11:33
pedjait's rather popular, it seems ;)11:34
jaegeryeah, I just made a custom iso yesterday for that11:35
jaegerI can upload it if you want but it'll take a while11:35
haoledmesg | grep IDE output:11:35
haoleUniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 7.00alpha211:35
haoleJMB363: IDE controller at PCI slot 0000:03:00.111:35
haoleProbing IDE interface ide0...11:35
haoleProbing IDE interface ide1...11:35
pedjajaeger: no problem, I can wait :)11:37
haolejaeger, is my IDE controller supported? will i be able to boot crux through the CD?11:38
ike@tilman: thanks11:39
ikeit's work11:39
ikeit's work11:39
jaegerhaole: I think so. it's not the same one as mine but I did add support for jmicron ide for my main desktop11:40
jaegerit's uploading, ETA 1 hour 45 minutes =/11:40
haolejaeger, so, what's wrong in my case? can u tell from the info i gave u?11:41
tilmanhaole: what was said about jmicron above was targeted at you :P11:41
jaegerhaole: the default iso does not support jmicron controllers11:41
haolesorry, i think i missed it... how can i modify the iso so that i can boot it?11:42
mike_kjaeger: what about hosting it on such fixes and package updates can make new users happier.11:42
mike_kan offical release iso and a current one nearby.11:42
ikejust lanch firefox11:42
ikebut how can i max windows11:43
tilmanmight be a candidate for 2.4.1 ;)11:43
ikenot find some where can do this11:43
tilmanclick the maximize button11:44
pedjaike: max windows?as in full screen?press F1111:44
ikenot f1111:44
ikejust as big as the screen11:45
haoleike, alt+f10 if on gnome11:45
ikei can not find the maximize button11:45
ikei just install x.org11:45
ikeit's have gnome?11:45
haoleike, it appears that u don't have a window manager yet11:45
haoleu should be seeing twm11:45
haoleu need to install something more friendly than this, then :D11:46
ikei think it's twm11:46
tilmancrux doesn't ship with twm11:46
ikebut twm is have not max windows button?11:46
tilmanike: if it's green and ugly, then it's twm11:46
ikei just want to use a little windows manger11:46
haolejaeger, how can i modify the iso so that it supports jmicron?11:47
tilmanike: try blackbox, or openbox, or fluxbox11:47
ikeit's just three windows for bash#11:47
Rotwangike: try awesome11:47
ikewhere is good and quickly11:47
haoleike, try xfce ;)11:47
tilmanRotwang: pfff, what kind of silly name is that11:47
ikei think i used blackbox and fluxbox11:47
Rotwangtilman: awesome is based on dwm11:48
tilmanyes, i just had a quick look at the pkgfile11:48
ikenow i can use crux online in vmware, and what's way is more quickly for install windows manger?11:48
tilmanprt-get depinst blackbox11:49
ikejust input this command?11:49
tilmani strongly suggest you have a look at the crux handbook (at, which is really well written :D11:49
tilmanike: yes11:49
pedjahaole: wait for updated iso, which will have support for it, or read, and;a=tree11:50
pedja;a=blob;f=new_iso-buildref.txt;h=7ceb88ee247e4fb8f9b52e5c41ad678a3bf2b78f;hb=2.4, to be exact.11:51
haolepedja, thanks... and when the updated iso will come out? any idea?11:51
pedjahaole: jaeger is uplaoding it atm, so in a few hours.11:52
tilmansome minutes ago jaeger said his upload would be done in 1 hour 45 min11:52
haoleoh, so it was about that... i didn't know that crux 2.4 was so fresh :D11:52
haolethink i just got bad luck :D11:52
tilmanwe released 2.4 a week ago11:52
delphikihot off the iso presses ;)11:53
haoleis this "bug" present in crux 2.3?11:53
pedjayes, iirc11:53
pedjaI had to rebuild kernel to upgrade to 2.3.11:54
haolewhat is the main cause for this problem? the kernel just doesn't come with the compiled driver for the jmicron controller?11:54
haoleas an option by the developers?11:54
tilmanseems 2.3 had CONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON=y11:54
tilmanhaole: exactly11:55
pedjatilman: really?so I fscked up something then.nothing new there...11:55
haoleand i have a doubt about crux... the packages doesn't need the pkgfiles to be installed, right? pkgfiles are just metadata for the package manager to use11:56
haoleam i right?11:57
pedjaCONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON=m, in my current .config.11:57
pedjahaole: read the handbook, it's nice :) all is explained there.11:57
tilmanpedja: well, it's possible that i didn't look at the right file, or at the right revision... :D11:58
haolei read but i didn't get this part11:58
haolethat's why im asking :D11:58
tilmanhaole: pkgfiles belong to ports. ports are used to create packages (*.pkg.tar.gz), which you then install11:58
pedjatilman: :D11:58
tilmanif i send you my foobar.pkg.tar.gz, you can install it without having my foobar port11:59
haolehum... guess i'll understand better when i try it myself, as soon as the upload finishes12:00
haolejaeger, please tell me when it's over12:00
jaegerwill do, 1:25:26 left according to rsync12:00
pedjaanyone using jfs as a filesystem?I have a spare 100Gb partition which I want to use as a storage( movies, music, etc.)12:00
tilmantreach is a jfs fan iirc12:01
jaegerI've only used it once, a couple years ago... I mostly use reiserfs or xfs12:01
haolei heard xfs is dangerous in some cases... is that true?12:03
pedjafew people on ubuntu forums have reported 'jfs ate my files', but afaict they have some weird setups( LVM, crypt).12:03
haolesomething like dataloss if u turn off your computer brutally12:03
tilmanxfs used to overwrite 'random' sections of open files with zero bytes when you lost power12:04
pedjaif you turn your computer brutally, all bets are off, anyway :)12:04
delphikii have crypt with jfs and have never experienced dataloss myself12:04
tilmani read they fixed it some months ago12:04
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pedjadelphiki: so, you could recommend it?12:04
haoleis there any good benchmark reports about those filesystems on the web? i am in the same situation as pedja12:04
delphikipedja: depends on types of files you have on average12:05
tilmanfrankly, i don't know if it matters that much for media partitions12:05
ikeConfig error: can't access /usr/ports/core12:05
ikewhen i use prt-get12:05
delphikipedja: i wouldn't recommend it if you have many small files (less that 4K each in size or something)12:05
tilmanie, you don't copy over dvds all day, right? :P12:05
Rotwangike: ports -u first12:05
pedjadelphiki: It will be used as a storage, mainly.and for Vmware VM.12:06
delphikipedja: if you have a lot of large files, then i might try it out12:06
pedjaok, thanks for the info :)12:06
delphikipedja: no problem12:06
ikethere is chinese input way?12:07
delphikipedja: also, the deadline I/O scheduler works wonders with jfs, so if you do try it out, don't forget to use that kernel option12:07
ikeand some config for display chinese more beautful?12:08
pedjahaole: and
tilmanike: i think you need to switch to a better font12:10
tilmanunfortunately i have no idea which fonts are good for asian scripts12:10
jaegerhaven't had xfs problems, myself, but I don't stress it12:10
pedjadelphiki: currently, cfq  scheduler is default here.12:13
ikeif i follow slackware's way for font can it?12:14
tilmanike: yes. you might have to adjust a few paths though12:15
haolewhy are ppc and x86_64 architectures hosted on a different website than
pedjathey are not official Crux projects i.e different developers.12:17
haolegot it12:19
delphikipedja: do you know if there is any inherent advantage to using a particular scheduler for ext3 filesystems?12:26
pedjadelphiki: afaik, cfq is best/optimal for ext3, and deadline for jfs/xfs.But, it depends on the workload etc.12:34
pedjaCFS is pending for  2.6.24 kernel,  it should be best all-around scheduler  to use.12:37
tilmanaren't those two different beasts?12:41
tilmancfq/deadline/anticipatory are io schedulers, cfs is a process scheduler12:42
tilmanafaik ;P12:42
pedjaYou are right, of course.12:48
pedjaI should really stop talking about things I don't understand...12:48
pedjaWikipedia to the rescue!12:49
RedShiftpedja: that article was written a LONG time ago, using kernel 2.4.2612:50
RedShiftpedja: the kernel has been improved a very great deal, those figures are not correct anymore12:50
pedjaRedShift: filesystem benchmarks?Yes, it's old.Fresher one:
pedja2.6.15 kernel12:53
pedjaConclusions are similar, though.12:54
RedShiftwasn't xfs the one that caused all files to add a null character at the end when it was unproperly unmounted or something?12:54
RedShift(btw I use reiserfs almost everywhere... even on laptop, which the battery is dead it has always recovered nicely)12:55
RedShiftwhoah, sequelential write speed a good 10 mb/s better than ext3/reiser4 :O12:57
tilmanRedShift: they apparently fixed the NUL bug in xfs12:58
RedShiftstill, reiserfs has been very good to me12:58
tilmannote that that benchmark is from october 200612:59
delphikii have nothing against reiserfs, but it doesn't play nice with my harddrive (mounting the partitions makes the hd sound like a squealing weasel ;-) )13:07
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haolehey there... is the upload of the new iso with support for jmicron controllers already finished?13:26
jaegerjust finished, moving it into a public dir13:27
haolenice! :D13:28
pedjathanks :)13:30
jaegernp, good luck :)13:30
haoleis this considered a new release candidate?13:32
jaegerunofficial for the moment13:32
jaegerI also added a legacy boot option to test but you probably won't need that13:32
jaegercan use it to boot an old install, like "legacy root=/dev/hda4"13:35
jaegeralso called "rescue"13:36
jaegerI didn't add anything to the boot messages, though13:36
jaegerI'll have to make it a bit more robust in the init script to make it useful with a lot of ide modules13:37
jaegerhaven't had time to really test that and flesh it out yet13:38
haoleok... thanks for the effort13:39
jaegerno big deal, I had to make it for my main desktop as well13:40
haolemy debian has gone wild... this was the last chance i gave it13:58
haoleit is a great distro, with a great community, but things just tend to not work with me13:58
haolewhen the subject is debian13:58
RedShiftdebian <works>14:02
RedShiftbig mess in /etc though14:02
RedShiftbut it works14:02
RedShiftimho using system v style init is prehistorical14:02
RedShiftnobody uses 6 runlevels anymore14:02
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haolemy programs crash much more often in debian than other distros14:04
haoledesktop ones... like firefox, some gnome tools, amule...14:04
RedShiftwell that shouldn't be14:05
jaegerhow odd14:05
haoleand it's the same on ubuntu14:05
haolewith gentoo, arch and fedora, everything goes fine14:05
haolewell, gonna use crux now for some time to learn a bit more than i know about linux and tohave fun :)14:05
RedShiftoh well, lots of distros are Major Suckomatics (tm)14:05
RedShiftjust take the one where you feel most comfortable and never look back14:06
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SiFuh_Haha today I saw something that suprised me.14:18
SiFuh_A cop in his personal car (still in uniform though) come skidding to the lights, cut me off... drove 75km per hour in a 60 km zone. (in australia you can legally do 10% over)14:19
SiFuh_next thing you know, an unmarked cop car, comes up. Flashes his lights, pulls the cop over. Starts shouting back "I don't give a fsck if you are a police man" and gave him a speeding ticket.14:20
RedShiftnice one14:22
SiFuh_I think crux is a good distro because you are basically at the source and core of linux. Can build it into everything and anything. Once the system is built to your liking, it should be the perfect linux... that's why I use OpenBSD :-P14:22
RedShifteven police officers should obey the laws14:22
SiFuh_The only three OS/Distros i ever liked were   OpenBSD, Crux and LynxOS14:23
SiFuh_My dad uses BackTrack Linux.. Loves it too much.. More anti microsoft than me.. took him 2 months to figure out how to work comfortably in it though.. Not bad for a 60 year old man.14:24
SiFuh_Couple of the older taxi drivers, use Ubuntu. Asked me to help them migrate some windows data into it.. But have been using it and loving it for the past year. They can't beleive how much windows sucked after using a linux distro. The oldest cab driver is 6414:25
tilmanisn't that just a live cd you can use to crack wlans and such? :P14:26
SiFuh_unfortunately, my dad has no chance since the only other machines on the network are OpenBSD :-P14:26
SiFuh_actually i am kind of proud this year. Shown a few people to light, of the RTFM Gospels.. hehe14:27
tilmani tried to make my father try linux a few times, but he prefers to stick with his windows xp14:28
tilmani'm not sure i would stand to teach him how to use ubuntu though... i'm not very patient ;)14:29
SiFuh_haha I just installed it. And gave him the old Linux Book I wrote, for my University Lectures. That seemed plenty14:29
SiFuh_as for the Taxi drivers, i don't mind. They aren't incompetant. Although have some weird stories about them and computers. But never-the-less. Always good to go around for a free coffe or 12. And a meal just to teach them a few new tricks.14:31
tilmanhehe :)14:31
SiFuh_Haha One person called me up. Says "Is there anyway you can make it so I can read my emails on a larger screen?" I just put the mouse over the application bar and slid it upwards.. And burst into laughter.. He had been looking at the emails on the bottom of thunderbird with a box 1cm high14:32
tilmanit's surprising how easily they seem to take the suffering sometimes14:35
SiFuh_2 weeks his thunderbird was like that.14:36
teKI gave up evangelizing people14:37
teKand this fucking tofu on the ML drives me nuts :o14:37
SiFuh_i dont think it is evangelizing14:40
teKEverybody Gets What He Deserves14:41
SiFuh_it is just enjoying the humurous side yourself over others lack of logic14:41
tilmanteK: ronny drives me nuts...14:41
SiFuh_right time to sleep14:45
SiFuh_2:05 is amazinf14:47
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rehabdolllol, ronny owns14:53
*** onestep has quit IRC14:53
*** onestep has joined #crux14:54
tilmani mentioned it only because you mentioned tofu and the ml :p14:54
teKhe does not post as ronny $FOO, right?14:54
tilmanhis first mail was From: root, the followup was with his real name14:55
tilman> > No.14:57
tilman> No?14:57
tilmancptn ftw :D14:57
tilmandidn't someone propose to set up a cafepress shop with crux shirts?14:58
tilmani remember someone came up with the slogan "CRUX - lacking the BASICS since 2001"14:58
teKRonny is an unlucky name for a german guy, imho15:00
rehabdollthink i stole it fron sip15:01
tilman<3 <3 <315:01
SiFuh_crux.. Linux kernel on a CD named CRUX..15:02
jjpkhahah :D15:02
* tilman slaps SiFuh_ 15:04
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SiFuh_I'm trying to sleep.. stop beating me.15:06
teKget your tips off your keyboard15:06
jjpkThen you wonder why you cannot sleep.15:06
tilmanSiFuh_: oh, i'm sorry :]15:07
jjpkYou deserve another slapping for that miserable logic.15:07
SiFuh_:-( sleep walk, sleep type same thing.15:07
teKsleep punch15:07
teKyou lose15:07
SiFuh_never wake a sleep walker15:08
SiFuh_night all ;-)15:08
jjpkYet another one who believed the hype.15:08
RedShiftomg some of those pictures are from movies15:09
RedShiftfake :X15:09
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j^2if i have an attached screen session, but i want to steal it and screen -DD -R doesnt work, what are my other options?15:12
*** onestep has quit IRC15:12
tilmantry -x15:12
SiFuh_screen -rx15:12
SiFuh_screen -rd15:13
SiFuh_killa screen && screen -wipe    hahaha15:13
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j^ la la...15:14
j^2lame it hangs :(15:14
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Rotwangsomething wrong happened to gnupg, im not sure if its temporary15:32
tilmanlet me update to 2.0.8 and try it15:35
tilmandamn,  i forgot to push the radeonhd update from last week15:36
tilmanerr, what the hell15:37
tilmani downgraded radeonhd accidentally some hours ago15:39
haolewhat window manager do u guys use? just curious15:41
*** haole has quit IRC15:43
rehabdolli just love that..15:46
rehabdollask a question and just leave15:46
jjpkrehabdoll: A.D.D. nation16:16
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drijenjjpk, sorry i had to go ride my bike, were you saying something?17:56
tilmanwhat's the joke for that punch line again?17:58
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jaegerwonder if that iso worked for haole19:16
drijenjaeger, greetings19:17
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rehabdollhmm, is --with-cpu=x86 in opt/mpg123 really necessary for it to build properly on i686?19:36
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Romsteroh this si fun goto plug in a monitor into my firewall pc and guess wha, i now remeber i removed the video card as the gpu fan was noisey19:43
Romstergot another gpu card i'll throw in that has no fan.19:44
rehabdollheh, i used to have an old geforce1 in my firewall19:46
rehabdollit got damaged by the heat and produced all sorts of gibberish on the screen :)19:46
rehabdollyou can probably find cheapo' 2d cards for like $1 on auction sites19:47
jaegerI have a geforce 7900gt that's doing that, unfortunately19:47
Romsterthat's way too good to be in that pc19:48
Romsteri got a old s3 (462 i think...) 8meg wow <<19:48
Romsterthe other one i think is a 16meg sis19:48
Romsterwith an anoying fan.19:48
rehabdolljaeger: a friend of mine has a 7900gt.. he said something about heat issues being wide-spread on some designs :(19:49
Romsterand i did the old remove the label squirt contact cleaner in it let it dry and machine oil trick..19:49
jaegerrehabdoll: wouldn't surprise me, the card ran very hot19:49
Romsterhot means poor effecency19:50
jaegerusing an 8800gts now, it's much nicer19:50
jaegerand cooler19:50
rehabdollthe issue he spoke of was not related to the gpu though, but to the components surrounding it19:50
Romsterthis 7600GS is ok.19:50
rehabdollwell, i guess its related to the gpu producing sun-like temps :)19:50
Romsteri'm now using ast agp card i could get that's not too cheap or expensive.19:51
Romstersays my gpu is on 54C19:52
Romsterruns cooler than my cpu does.19:52
Romsterand is passive cooled.19:53
rehabdolli stressed my new quad core for the first time yesterday, reached 65C :(19:53
Romster65 is ok but if you got a fan that's running flat out at that temp and it's nto a hot day then you got issues.19:54
rehabdollnah, i run my fan at 1200rpm or something19:54
Romsterthe msot i've ever had was 65C out of my cpu in a room that was at 35C 100% cpu laod for hours on end and the cpu fan was around 4200rpm and the fan can goto 6000rpm so i still had some reserve.19:55
Romsteri got mine set to control itself thermally.19:55
Romster1200rpm is slow19:55
Romster80mm fan on this, my new system will have 120mm, unless i decide to go with a heat pipe passive design.19:56
Romsteronly one concern with a full passive system, hdd tempature, unless there is a metal block i can sit on a hdd to cool it.19:57
rehabdollyeah, harddrives suck in that regard19:58
rehabdolli have 5 drives in my desktop, one being a wd raptor19:58
Romsteryeah not sure what i'll do about that.19:58
Romsterraptors run hot?19:58
rehabdoll10K rpm.. lots o' heat :(19:59
Romsteri want to use a 15,000rpm for the main OS19:59
* drijen pipes in19:59
drijeni was thinking of building a shuttle box with a raptor, decided against it for that reason19:59
*** Viper_ has quit IRC19:59
drijenwhat changed my mind, was a buddy had two raptors in his desktop and i put my hand on one20:00
rehabdollhehe, that would do it :D20:00
drijenit was pretty warm - not super hot, but warm enought to make my hand cozy20:00
rehabdollsolid state drives seem quite accessible these days20:01
rehabdollstill not managed to find a 3.5" sata one at the right price though20:01
Romsterhmm SSD might be the way togo20:02
Romsterbut i read a like 10 year write age, writing so much data a day to a SSD drive.20:03
rehabdollim just reading a review of samsungs ssd drive20:03
rehabdollsupposed to last an average of 114 years!20:04
rehabdollaccording to samsung that is20:04
rehabdollthe only drawback in this review is the price and storage capacity20:04
Romsteri'd only want one to store the main OS and maybe some other files that need fast reading time.20:04
rehabdollyeah, one can use traditional ones for pr0n-storage :D20:05
drijenrehabdoll, 1, Romster 020:05
Romsteryeah slower drives for pron and mp3's20:07
Romsteri'd still want a fast drive or maybe jsut get a shitload of ram like 16GB of ram and use that instead for large file editing.20:08
drijenbut then there will be a petabyte photoshop image20:08
drijenscrewed again!20:08
Romsterlol yeah20:12
rehabdolla 4gb samsung ide 2.5" ssd costs about 100EUR20:12
Romsterhmm i'm guessing that be a fair bit in aud20:12
Romsterbeg enough for CRUX.20:13
drijenand 2 more installls20:13
drijenRomster, can you link that please?20:13
drijenthe drive you are looking at20:14
rehabdollin swedish though :)20:14
drijenrehabdoll, i have a better idea20:15
drijengo to your college20:15
drijenand take pics of the girls there20:15
drijenand send them here20:15
drijenMUCH better20:15
Romsterhmm my /usr/bin is almost 400MB20:16
drijendefinatly not your pron, check /system3220:17
Romstersbin is 23MB20:17
Romsterpron is on my /home <<20:17
rehabdollmy home is 920gb out of 1.5tb :(20:18
Romsterlol were is the rest going..20:21
rehabdolleverything else is like 5gb :)20:22
Romsterseems ssd dosn't have that much faster access/seek time.20:22
Romsterrehabdoll, you keep ya other stuff in /media or something?20:22
rehabdollno, everything in home20:23
Romstermines still figuring out how big my home is.20:23
rehabdollrm -rf ~/ would _hurt_20:24
Romsterwhat i should do is keep like 500GB in my desktop and the rest in a data computer.20:24
Romster1) it would take ages to run 2) ya screwed unless you got backups <<20:25
*** delphiki has quit IRC20:25
Romster3) time to restore all the backups20:25
rehabdollyeah.. i do keep backups of all dotfiles in home20:25
rehabdollthe rest is mostly crap actually :)20:26
Romsteractually i want to implment a new backup method.20:26
rehabdolli keep backups of dotfiles from home, not the other way around20:27
Romsterman it's still running though my home dir... msut be big.20:27
Romsterdot files being all your settings mainly.20:27
Romsterah there we go it jsut finished.20:27
Romstersome of it is svn,hg,cvs,bz,git repositorys though but that only be like 5GB i think.20:28
rehabdolli was thinking of perhaps gettig one of those via boards with an external usb-disk connected to it.. would be quite silent atleast20:29
rehabdollyeah, one keeps lots of useless stuff that just take up space20:29
Romsterhmm you could shove it in a cubbard at least to reduce it's noise.20:30
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:30
Romsterbetter off with one that can do firewire/usb20:30
Romsternot sure about this new ata conector for external hdd's thing.20:30
Romsterunless every new mobo is gonna have support for it.20:31
Romsteryeah that's the one, esata20:31
Romsterexternal sata20:31
Romsterand why did they have to haev firewire and usb instead of one protocol..20:31
rehabdollyeah, its all apples fault :)20:32
Romsterand then they had to make it more fun with 2 usb conectors a and b20:34
Romsteroh and even miniture again for cameras20:34
Romsterand the fact of 'have i got it the right way around or is it the other way'20:35
rehabdolllol, yeah20:35
Romsterthe shorter sides could of been slanted.20:36
Romsterlike the db series20:36
Romsterhmm the 1TB wd hdd is cheap now.20:36
Romsterno ssd's listed yet..20:37
Romster1TB sata2 $369aud20:37
Romsteri'd hate to see the formating time.20:37
mwansaanyone managed to get wifi working with a broadcom based card..20:39
* Romster hasn't touched wifi yet20:40
Romsteruseally i'm up on technology..20:40
drijenspeaking of backups20:41
drijeni could use some advice20:41
Romsterask away20:41
drijeni have a large hd, where i keep all my media files20:41
drijenproblem is, they are from 6 diff comps, some windows, some reiser, some ext3 etc20:41
drijenperms are so screwed i don't even know where to begin20:42
drijensome files don't have UID, some don't have perms at all, some are still windows owned20:42
drijenreal mess20:42
drijenso, next comp, i plan on sorting it all ouit20:42
drijenwhat to do, besides a mass chmod -R?20:42
Romsterrun a find over them.20:42
Romsterchmod on it's own would mess up directorys20:42
drijenthat leaves going through each file piece by piece20:43
drijento correct the permissions down to 755 at least20:43
Romsterfind /home/user/media -type f -print0 |xargs -0 chmod 64420:44
Romsterthen run20:44
Romsterfind /home/user/media -type f -print0 |xargs -0 chown drijen:users20:44
Romsteror something like that.20:44
Romsterit'll fix them all up.20:44
drijeninteresting fix, i didn't think of using chown like that20:44
drijenthanks romster20:44
Romsteryou might want to do directorys with -type d20:44
Romster644 for media or maybe 640 if you don't want everyone to see them.20:45
drijenjust me :)20:45
Romsterupto you.20:45
Romster600 then <<20:45
drijenthanks i owe you one20:45
drijenbeen agonizing recently becasue my HD's have been displaying "i'm going to die soon" behavior20:45
Romsterah that's nothing it's a easy one todo, might take some time on the drive.20:45
drijeni don't hav the space to backup either20:46
Romsteri see.. burn all to dvd's?20:47
Romsterread up on dar20:47
Romsterprt-get info dar20:47
Romsteri'd like to build a robot arm to manage changing the dvd's for me <<20:47
Romstercomerical units are way too expensive.20:48
Romsterand i'm thinking of some sort of raid sets of 5 or something for dvd backups.20:48
drijeni'm thinig of grabbing a TB hd and tossing it there, till i can afford a new comp20:48
drijeni'll rip the HD's out of this, and make it an NFS backup server20:49
Romstercreat the 5 dvd images then burn them. so it's in a raid set so even if some get damaged the data is safe.20:49
drijenuse mondo backup or similar20:49
Romsterhaven't tryed mondo20:49
Romsterbeen with dar for years.20:49
* drijen shrugs20:49
drijensometimes simple > big package is best20:49
Romsteri'll take a looka t mondo20:50
drijencan't argue with tar and rsync20:50
Romsteri like dar's catalog.20:50
Romsterreally handy.20:50
Romsterwhere was that file again <<20:50
Romsterotu of a set of say 50 dvd's20:50
drijenyou should try my media collection sometime20:51
drijensomething upwards of 750,000 images, 200 movies, little over 100GB of music20:51
drijenmost of it is untagged and unsorted20:51
Romsteri got alot of music mainly some movies.20:51
drijenit sucks20:51
Romsteri can put it on ftp for someto look at and grab.20:51
drijenyar if i ever get organized i will share20:52
Romsteri hate untaged and messy but some of mine is like that.20:52
drijeni have some stuff that you will NEVER find again20:52
Romsteri'm only gonna share with friends and to get new material i'm not aware of that i'd like.20:52
* drijen kisses amarok for music control20:52
Romsteryeah things like that i'd like <<20:52
drijeni go for the rare and unheard20:53
drijen<- techno guy20:53
Romsteri have soem stuff you'd enver get again or very ahrd to get.20:53
Romsterah sweet.20:53
Romsteri love techno.20:53
drijenthat stuff is very difficult to get, and when you do its generally crap quality20:53
drijeni have 9 years of DJ dawn20:53
Romsteri'm also into metal 70-80's stuff not the shit they amke today.20:53
drijen90% is decent quality20:53
drijenspace: above and beyond, only missing 2 eps20:53
drijenthe entire dr. who collection20:53
Romstermost of my stuff is 192kbps + quality in mp320:54
Romsterdr who oh sweet.20:54
drijentook 2 years to get it20:54
Romsterso want that i'll get a 1tb hdd then i'll grab some stuff off ya <<20:54
Romsterand i'll give you what i got.20:54
drijenmight take a long time to transfer20:55
Romsteryou can pick out what you want out of my stuff.20:55
Romsteri don't mind <<20:55
drijenbe faster to walk it to your plave20:55
Romsterhmm or maybe burn it all to dvd but that's also time consuming bt mail might be faster than transfer <<20:55
drijenwhere do you live?20:55
drijenwhich part20:56
drijeni may have you deliver a message to a lady friend there20:56
Romster4 hours from melbourne20:56
drijeni've shipped to singapore20:57
drijenaustrailia is quite a bit faster20:57
drijensmaller amount of corruption20:57
Romsterah i see.20:57
predatorfreakRomster: I HEARD METAL!20:57
drijena 14cd debian set took 32 days to get to the lady20:57
Romsterpredatorfreak, yes metal <<20:57
* drijen prefers modern metal20:57
* predatorfreak grabs his Axe Of Metal and begins slaying in the name of Vikings.20:57
* drijen gives predatorfreak an In Extremo CD20:58
Romsterdrijen, predatorfreak also has a huge colection of music and movies too i beleave?20:58
predatorfreakdrijen: What the shit is "modern metal"?20:58
predatorfreakRomster: Craptons.20:58
drijenpredatorfreak, i'm meaning time period20:58
Romsterdefine modern metal.20:58
drijenas in > 2K20:58
predatorfreakdrijen: Eeek.20:58
predatorfreakModern crap.20:58
drijenmid 90's too20:58
predatorfreakOnly a handful of solid bands from that timeframe.20:58
drijenIn Extremo is up your alley20:58
predatorfreakand the majority is underground.20:58
* drijen perks up20:58
drijeni like underground20:58
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah20:58
drijenit the masses haven't heard it, i want it20:59
predatorfreakDoom, stoner, melodic death?20:59
Romsterpredatorfreak, you got stuff like blind gardian?20:59
predatorfreakSludge too, but I'm selective on the goodness of sludge bands.20:59
predatorfreakRomster: Power Metal, yeah.20:59
Romsterah sweet.20:59
Romsterpredatorfreak, nearly got my colection sorted for my ftp << but i'm updating crap still21:00
predatorfreakRomster: I sort mine when I rip and/or pirate it :P21:00
Romsteri've been sorting out as i play stuff.21:00
Romsterstill got mroe in my to sort out.21:00
predatorfreakmmm stoner :321:00
predatorfreakFu Manchu - King Of The Road - King Of The Road21:01
j^2hey all21:01
predatorfreakEasily the best of the recent metal/rock styles.21:01
Romsterah Fu Manchu are good.21:01
Romsterhi j^221:01
j^2what's up Romster21:01
predatorfreakRomster: I'm still trying to figure out who I should call the "best" stoner band.21:01
Romsterchatting about hard disks backups music/movies.21:01
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah.21:02
predatorfreakI'm split between Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Sleep and Fu Manchu XD21:02
predatorfreakThey're all SOOO good21:02
Romsterstart placing votes on there songs then tally it up <<21:02
Romsteras in how oftern there played.21:02
*** lasso has quit IRC21:03
predatorfreakRomster: By how often I play an artist.21:03
predatorfreakMotorhead win by miles.21:03
Romsterdrijen, message me or email if you need me to send something off, anytime.21:03
drijenthanks mate21:04
predatorfreakor for this week.21:04
predatorfreakMan Or Astro-Man.21:04
drijenbrb phone21:04
Romsterhmm been emaing to look at lastfm21:05
Romsterit isn't free is it?21:05
predatorfreakIt's free.21:05
Romsteroh then i better sign up <<21:06
predatorfreakJust need a program/plugin to submit what you play.21:07
predatorfreakI'm an MPD lover, so I've been using lastfmsubmitd21:07
Romsterexaile has lastfm support but i'm still not sure if i like that program yet it's still a bit buggy21:09
predatorfreakI'm a whore for something that Just Works(tm) and can have a console client control it :P21:09
Romsteroh i got a nice one i'm trying out moc21:10
Romstercurses based.21:10
predatorfreakYeah, I've seen it before21:10
Romsterdecided to test it.21:10
Romstermaybe mpd is still the best one out there?21:11
predatorfreakRomster: Also, as a general rule, whenever a song starts with a clip from a David Cronenberg film, it's going to be awesome :P21:11
predatorfreakSo far, I've only found one that does :(21:11
predatorfreakRomster: Still is in my book, I've yet to find anything to trump it.21:11
Romsteri like how exaile tags music.21:14
Romsterit's jsut missing a what was played the most..21:15
Romsterand the rating system is nice but, it should include diferent ratings to what mood you set it too.21:15
predatorfreakRomster: I keep tagging and playing separate21:15
Romsteri've been thinking of symlinks.21:15
predatorfreakToo complex :P21:16
Romstersurely there is a fuse setup.21:16
predatorfreakWhen I want to tag, I fire up easytag.21:16
predatorfreakWhen I want to listen to music.21:16
predatorfreakI hit play :P21:16
Romsteri got tagtool.21:16
predatorfreakRomster: I practically worship Easytag.21:16
predatorfreakI tag everything with it XD21:17
predatorfreakThe only thing it needs is mass regex search-and-replace in tags XD21:17
Romsterah that would be nice.21:17
Romsterdid you send that feature request to the dev?21:18
predatorfreakToo lazy and I don't tag ENOUGH to need it that often.21:18
Romstermass tagging albums is nice21:19
Romstermost of the time i have trouble what genre to select for a song.21:20
Romsterso i look up wikipedia.21:20
predatorfreakRomster: I created a simple solution for that.21:20
predatorfreakFuck Genre tags.21:20
Romsteroh do tell.21:20
Romsteroh you arse...21:20
drijeni tend to agree21:20
drijenbut that does not work for techno21:20
drijenat all21:21
Romstertechno is even harder to clasify.21:21
drijeni try to keep it general21:21
Romstertecho has even more styles than metal has?21:21
drijenby far21:21
drijenever seen ishkurs guide to eletronic music?21:21
drijenthe guy is a nazi from hell21:22
drijenbut you can't argue with him21:22
predatorfreakdrijen: There's like three zillion five billion and a jagillion techno styles.21:22
drijenyeah and he has classified them all21:23
drijengo look at it, its a breathtaking piece of work21:23
predatorfreakFuck that! I don't have a year to spent reading genre names like Hard Hardcore Dance21:23
predatorfreakand shit!21:23
drijenits more listening21:23
drijenless reading21:24
drijenand hes fuinny21:24
predatorfreakdrijen: I'd rather fill my ears with Music :P21:24
drijenwhat did i just say.21:24
predatorfreakdrijen: Uhh I dunno?21:25
drijen<drijen> its more listening21:25
predatorfreakdrijen: I have my own musicz!21:26
* Romster plays Iced Earth - Hallowed Be Thy Name21:27
predatorfreakМастер - Берегись - Мастер21:27
predatorfreakBwahahaha! Fear the Russian metalz.21:27
predatorfreakand Cyrillic text!21:27
Romstererr i get alot of crazy chars is that ment to be utf-821:27
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.21:27
Romsterhmm so i should set my xchat to utf-821:27
drijenyou want a mindfuck, go listen to jumpstyle, hardstyle, nustyle, then house, hardhouse, and jumphouse21:28
drijenyour brain will spin21:28
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.21:28
predatorfreak... Jumphouse?21:28
jaegermine's already spinning21:28
predatorfreakCan't they just fucking call it House Music and be done with it?21:28
drijenno, its not the same21:28
predatorfreakEven metal has less derivative forms!21:28
drijenbeats are different21:28
drijentrust me its annoying21:29
Romsterthe tr-808 is listed O_O21:29
predatorfreakdrijen: Technically neither is freaking Sabbath and Saint Vitus.21:29
predatorfreakA lot of genre-nazi's just call Sabbath and Vitus doom metal.21:29
drijengod i hate 80's rock/metal21:29
predatorfreakand be done with it.21:29
predatorfreakdrijen: I hate the standard pop metal shit.21:30
predatorfreakI love the underground stuff.21:30
drijenpredatorfreak, and i don't?21:30
predatorfreakand a few of the "big" acts like Van Halen.21:30
drijenfor every rotten mainstream theres 3 undergrounds, no matter what time period21:30
predatorfreakdrijen: Your taste sucks if you can't like Maiden or someone.21:30
drijenok, ir etract my earlier statement21:30
drijentoo broad21:30
predatorfreakdrijen: Plus.21:31
drijenoh you gotta be kidding me21:31
drijentheres a "microhouse"21:31
drijenand its...porno music21:31
predatorfreakdrijen: In metal, we don't make a new genre for one band.21:31
RomsterVan Halen was good untell they changed singers that fucked them way up21:32
drijenpredatorfreak, oh trust me techno doesn't either21:32
predatorfreakRomster: They were good until they went pop.21:32
predatorfreakdrijen: Yes, you need TWO in techno.21:32
bitwise_well, they had david back for about, oh...a week21:32
drijensort of like arch enemy gota  new femal lead and went downhill21:32
predatorfreakIn metal you need like 10-20!21:32
drijenpredatorfreak, yes, we have 10 - 2021:32
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah that screwed them..21:32
drijenpredatorfreak, the differences aren't that great21:33
Romsterthere later stuff sucks.21:33
predatorfreakdrijen: They went downhill they day they were born.21:33
predatorfreak-they +the21:33
predatorfreakdrijen: Abbot's a good guitarist, but I despise Arch Enemy.21:33
predatorfreakerr wait.21:33
predatorfreakwhat was his name?21:33
predatorfreakI knew it was something like that XD21:34
drijenLamb of God21:34
Romsterand silverchar has gone pop ewww21:34
predatorfreakSome musical knowledge with a wall of shitty vocals.21:34
Romsteroh yeah 'lamb of god' rule21:34
drijensilverchair always sucked21:34
predatorfreakdrijen: Wall of Shitty Vocals in my opinion.21:34
Romsteri liked there earler stuff 'pure mascure' etc.21:35
Romsterafter that it went crap21:35
predatorfreakdrijen: The rawrist I go is Obituary.21:35
predatorfreakand I can still make out the words with Obituary.21:35
drijeni want to see a study on that btw21:36
drijenmy sister is a speech path, its fun to watch her shudder listening to grunts21:36
predatorfreakand that's mainly because Obituary is like doom metal to be honest.21:36
predatorfreakThey call them Death Metal, but fuck.21:36
predatorfreakSlowly We Rot is a doom record.21:36
* drijen leans mroe for symphonic/progressive21:36
drijenfat guy with bagpipes in a metal band is cool21:37
predatorfreakIt's like fast-slow doom with growl.21:37
drijenhell i'll like anything different21:37
drijenvitas for example21:37
* Romster plays Mortification - Nocturnal21:38
predatorfreakHawkwind time.21:39
Romsterdrijen, drijen lol, for some reason i can't stop listening to scooter songs too <<21:40
predatorfreakdrijen: oh and take a look at NWOBHM and compare to Techno of one style.21:40
drijenat WHa?21:40
predatorfreakEverything that has a different beat in techno gets it's own genre.21:40
predatorfreakYet NWOBHM was basically a shitton of bands sharing only a punk influence in common.21:40
Romsterno wonder there is a million diferent styles.21:40
predatorfreakdrijen: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.21:41
drijenpredatorfreak, this is why i have 3 generic genres and call it even21:41
drijenwell 421:41
predatorfreakIron Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon, etc.21:41
Romstercan't jsut go by the beat, gotta go by the melady tune and bpm21:41
drijentypically the words "british" and "music" = "suck"21:41
Romstersaxon <<21:41
predatorfreakdrijen: Shows your lack of taste.21:41
drijenaccording to you21:41
drijenname a band that is english that i have forgotten about21:41
predatorfreakIron Maiden, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, etc, etc, etc21:41
* mwansa gives up on wireless networking..21:42
drijeniron maiden, ok21:42
drijenmotorhead yes (they are british?)21:42
jaegermwansa: which specific chipset do you have? I'm sure there are working broadcom ones out there21:42
Romsterand wtf is this doing in my music colection! Akon - Lonely21:42
drijenblack sabbath, no21:42
drijenRomster, ban your wife21:42
predatorfreakdrijen: ... If you can't like Sabbath.21:42
predatorfreakYou've problems.21:42
predatorfreakdrijen: and yes, Motorhead are British.21:43
mwansajaeger, i got broadcom to work (a few errors). i can iwconfig and register an access point. just cant get a connection DHCP or static..21:43
predatorfreakdrijen: Only teens who don't respect metal's origins don't like Sabbath.21:43
Romsterdrijen, bagpipes Dropkick Murphys - Blackout - 01 - Walk Away21:43
j^2mwansa: i've always gone with ndiswrapper when i "give up"21:43
drijennot a fan21:43
predatorfreakThey're the basis of all metal.21:43
drijencool for about 2 second21:43
predatorfreakand especially doom and stoner.21:43
mwansaj^2, yea seems like the way to go...21:44
predatorfreakBut no Sabbath, no metal.21:44
Romsterdidn't sabbath start the mental revolution21:44
Romstererr metal*21:44
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.21:44
predatorfreakThey were the first major metal band.21:45
Romsterthought so.21:45
predatorfreakTechnically Blue Cheer recorded a "metal" song before them.21:45
predatorfreakBut they went nowhere fast.21:45
Romsteroh i see.21:45
predatorfreakSabbath were the ones that got metal off the ground and got people to notice.21:45
j^2brewing beer la la la21:46
predatorfreakdrijen: Also, how old are you, so I can profile your tastes based on age like a prick :)21:46
mwansapredatorfreak, LOL21:47
drijengo ahead, lets see how much you are wrong21:47
* Romster plays Queensryche - Best I Can21:47
Romstervan halen rock style.21:47
drijenyou seem to overlook21:47
drijenjust becasue sabbath was first21:47
Romsterj^2, <<21:47
drijendoes't mean i like their sound21:47
drijenthey have 1 or 5 songs i probably like21:47
drijenbut thats true for just about any band in the genre21:48
drijenmy tastes range so wild its nuts21:48
j^2Romster: ?21:48
Romsterdrijen, i dont' like all there songs either but i do like the fact they went there own way not with the crowd21:48
Romsterj^2, you brewing beer21:48
Romsterwhat type?21:48
j^2belginum quadruple21:48
predatorfreakdrijen: late-80's metal, 90s metal, 00s metal, electronic music, plus some assorted one-off bands from some of the Popular styles to appear in your time.21:48
j^2havent added the hops yet21:48
predatorfreakdrijen: Possibly minor taste in rap. Strong possibility of taste in hard rock.21:49
Romsteri know a person taht makes there own, and even fruit wine too.21:49
drijenpredatorfreak, be precise21:49
drijenthose terms mean shit to me21:49
predatorfreakLow probability of taste in 60s/70s rock/metal.21:49
j^2yep it's fun+you save ungodly amounts of money21:49
Romsteri still like mc hammer <<21:49
Romsterrun dmc21:50
drijenbee gees21:50
predatorfreakdrijen: You might like a grunge act or something.21:50
predatorfreakdrijen: One band.21:50
drijenmommas and the poppas21:50
predatorfreakdrijen: 2.21:50
Romsterbeach boys <<21:50
drijenand probably a dozen others i can't think o fthe singers atm21:50
drijenfuck the beach boys21:50
drijenjimmy buffet21:50
predatorfreakRomster: Depends on the era.21:50
drijencuz hes a cool mofo21:50
predatorfreakEarly Beach Boys yes.21:50
predatorfreakOther than that no.21:50
Romsterthey had the best vocals.21:50
drijenand they were catchy21:51
predatorfreakRomster: But that's because I like surf.21:51
drijeni saw the beach boys in concert when i was young21:51
drijenpredatorfreak, drop the rap21:51
drijenrap sucks21:51
drijenalways did suck21:51
predatorfreakdrijen: Doubt you have a taste in surf music, space rock, etc, etc.21:51
drijenalways will21:51
drijenwth is space rock21:51
predatorfreakHawkwind, some of Brain Eno's work, other assorted no-name artists basically.21:52
drijenan dyou say i'm splittin hairs21:52
predatorfreakCouple of songs from Pink Floyd's early songs.21:52
predatorfreakdrijen: Oh there's lots of space rock bands.21:52
jaegermusic is more of a holy war than vi vs emacs21:53
predatorfreakIt's just that Hawkwind is my favourite :)21:53
jaegernot worth arguing :)21:53
drijenjaeger, nah - noone is arguing21:53
predatorfreakjaeger: HERETIC21:53
jaegersharing, sure :)21:53
predatorfreakjaeger: HERETIC21:53
Romsterand wats with fatman scoop being on jsutan timberlake and scooter's lastist album and every other darn song O_o even on southpark21:53
* predatorfreak grabs his Axe21:53
drijenjaeger, i just take offense at being pidgeon holed - noone can come down on anyone else musical taste21:53
jaegerit's entirely subjective21:53
jaegerand nothing's gonna change that21:53
drijenoh OW21:54
drijengo listen to noisecore -.-21:54
jaegerthat's why I say not worth arguing but worth sharing :)21:54
predatorfreakdrijen: I like my noise with style!21:54
Romsterjaeger, true everone ahs there tastes.21:54
drijeni'd appreciate it a LOT21:54
drijenif somone could throw a ton of swedish/nordic/belgium metal my way21:55
drijeni'm having a TERRIBLE time finding new bands fromt hat area21:55
predatorfreakdrijen: I've got Bathory.21:55
predatorfreakThat's about it.21:55
drijeni have...drain sth21:55
drijenwhich isn't even metal21:55
Romsteri'm trying to find more german metal bands.21:55
predatorfreakI'm searching for things outside the borders of metal.21:55
predatorfreakI'm even getting into swing music and shit.21:56
predatorfreakdrijen: and my tastes range everywhere.21:56
drijenpredatorfreak, as do mine21:56
predatorfreakdrijen: Btw, listen to more than the popular songs for Sabbath.21:56
predatorfreakTheir best work wasn't what made them famous.21:57
drijenpredatorfreak, i belive thats true of any band21:57
predatorfreakdrijen: Yes, but especially so of Sabbath.21:57
predatorfreakParanoid, Iron Man, etc.21:57
predatorfreakThose are good songs.21:57
drijenbut not great21:57
predatorfreakBut they seem dated in retrospect.21:57
drijenOH SWEET21:58
drijenvitas does ave maria21:58
drijeni love this guy21:58
predatorfreakdrijen: In Extremo remind me of like Finntroll style "folk metal" non-sense.21:58
drijenthey are folk metal21:58
drijenmostly nordic, some scot and german21:59
drijentry this guy21:59
drijenactually one of his stupidest songs21:59
drijenbut he has a voice that would make celine dion cut her throat out21:59
drijenwhich is reason enough to like him21:59
predatorfreakNot quite my taste..22:01
drijenrussian pop *shrug*22:01
drijenlunik is a weird cross22:01
drijenvitas other music is much better22:01
drijenbut that concert made him famous22:01
predatorfreakdrijen: Like the only folk metal band I like is Korpiklaani.22:03
predatorfreakand that's because it's sooo fucking funny.22:03
drijenthats a new one22:03
drijen*notes it down for later*22:04
predatorfreakIt's like Party Hard as a folk metal song22:04
* mwansa Jazz = real music :)22:05
predatorfreakmwansa: I like some jazz myself.22:05
predatorfreakdrijen: Although, I hate the 80s because bands like Devo became shitty pop acts.22:07
predatorfreakTheir first album is awesome experimental rock.22:07
predatorfreakBut their other shit is total pop crap.22:07
*** roliveira__ has joined #crux22:07
Romsternever ddi like devo but i didn't hear there early stuff.22:14
predatorfreakRomster: stuff like Jocko Homo and Mongoloid.22:16
predatorfreakOddball stuff, but I like it XD22:16
*** morlenxus has quit IRC22:17
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*** roliveira_ has quit IRC22:25
Romstertime to do this firewall pc i'm dreading to update.22:26
predatorfreakRomster: Time to listen to Hawkwind and constantly go SEAKING FUCK YEAH whilst listening to their song The Sea King22:28
jaegeranyone have exaile ported?22:29
jaegerbeen meaning to check it out22:29
Romsterjaeger, i have but prologics network still is wating for a ip block22:30
Romsteri can send you a tarball though22:30
Romsteror i could setup so you can pull from my hg repo?22:30
jaegerno rush, I can mess with it later22:30
Romsterstill wating on his isp to assign a /28 ip block...22:31
Romsterbut it's in my private colection.22:31
Romstersomeone else has exaile ported but it's not every well done.22:32
Romstermisisng deps etc. out of date too iirc.22:32
Romsterok i'm going offline for awhile.22:32
*** Romster has quit IRC22:33
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