IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-12-30

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SiFuh_server upgrade... 1 TB disk comming02:06
SiFuh_would be cool, if OS's and programs were still only kb's in size like the good old days..02:07
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RomsterSiFuh_, cool02:20
Romstereh crux isn't that big you could use damn small linux or something too.02:20
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Romsterone step closer to anti-aliasing, export GDK_USE_XFT=1 # anti-aliasing for GTK03:05
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tilmanRomster: what kind of oooolld system is that? GDK_USE_XFT has been ignored since gtk 2.4 or so :D04:41
Romsterthen what do i use?04:42
tilmannothing, it's anti aliased by default04:42
Romsteri was googling ok.04:42
Romsteryeah right then why does my fonts look like crap...04:42
tilmanif you don't get AA, then maybe your fontconfig config is messed up04:42
Romsterit's default and i've3 ran rejmerge.04:43
tilmandid you switch any video drivers recently?04:43
Romsterand i'm guessing QT_XFT=true is also old?04:43
tilmanno idea on qt04:43
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Romsterno, fonts haven't been anti-aliased since i've had my system i never bothered untill someone pointed it out to me.04:44
Romsteri'm on nvidia04:44
Romsterread some fonts don't work well so i've changed that.04:44
tilmanso every gtk app looks shitty?04:44
Romsterand everything else. and turning on anti-alising on kde dosn't do anything.04:45
tilmanare you using a crappy freetype port, or the one from opt? ;)04:45
Romsterone from opt.04:45
Romsterand yes i did force recompile to be sure.04:45
tilmanmaybe your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 is b0rked?04:46
Romsterand i had a read over
Romsterdidn't exist untill i added gtk-font-name = "Tahoma regular 10"04:47
tilmanwell, i'd kick that out again04:47
Romsterseemed to help a little.04:48
Romsteri think sans is the default.04:48
Romsterfor gtk anyways04:48
tilmandid you install the bitstream vera font?04:48
tilmani think it gets picked by fontconfig for certain fonts04:48
Romsterxorg-font-bitstream-vera is installed.04:49
Romsteri supose i shoudl make some screen shots of diferent fonts and see if anyone can pick it.04:50
Romsterso that GDK_USE_XFT is obsolete then... so much for using google.04:50
Romsteri thought i was on the right path.04:50
tilmanif webpages in firefox look ugly, you can tell firefox to use bitstream vera as fonts btw04:50
tilmancan you show me a sshot of a random gtk app (not firefox)?04:50
Romsterand i don't find XFtconfig either.04:51
Romsteri can.04:51
Romsteri'd upload to a server but prologic hasn't got his ip block yet...04:53
Romsternote i'm messing with colours still.04:54
Romsteri've added this
tilmanthose fonts are anti-aliased :)04:54
tilmanif you're using a flat panel, you might want to enable subpixel rendering to further improve font quality04:55
Romsterstill see soem of the pixils.04:55
Romsteri gues it's todo with my dotpitch of this crt?04:56
tilmanphew, i don't know04:56
Romster$ xdpyinfo |grep resolution:04:57
Romster  resolution:    91x91 dots per inch04:57
Romstershouldn't that be 96?04:57
Romsterthere is no DPI setting that i can see except to set DisplaySize325 24504:58
Romsterand without that set it's still 91dpi04:58
tilmanif those DisplaySize values were *wrong*, you could end up with a screwed dpi04:59
Romsterthey are correct.04:59
tilmanmaybe you can double check them from the monitor manual?04:59
Romsterbut even without that line.. it's set to 91dpi05:00
Romsterno manual i used a tape measure.05:00
Romsterand i've checked 4 times to make sure i got the right measurments.05:00
Romsteri guess 91dpi is right for 1152x864 pixels (322x241 millimeters)05:01
tilmanit might be05:02
Romstersays it's a bit diferent there maybe i should use what xdpyinfo05:02
Romsteri'd use 1280x... but i can't get a high enough refresh rate.05:02
Romsterso it flickers and is a bitch to view.05:02
tilmanyou should get a flat panel, they are dirt cheap these days05:03
Romsteri guess this monitor dosn't support that size at that refresh rate.05:03
Romsteryeah and then turn on sub-pixel...05:03
tilmanand if you connect them with a dvi cable you're guaranteed to get *great* display quality05:03
tilmanit's great even without sub pixel rendering05:04
Romsterwhat i showed a friend was with scrot whatever part of buffer it grabs. wouldn't accoutn for the bale to the monitor.05:04
Romsterluckly i got a dvi on this card.05:04
Romsterso i guess i should get rid of the crt and get a 1TB hdd too, need a bigger drive.05:05
Romsteri'll comment out the GDK_USE_XFT=1 out but still i arn't sure with but still leaves the QT_XFT=true one. if anyone knows if it's needed or not.05:07
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tilmanhere's a story05:15
tilmani've been using two flat panels since one year now05:16
tilmanuntil 3 weeks ago, i used a graphics card that had one dvi output, and one vga output05:16
tilmanpanel1 was connected to the dvi output, panel2 was connected to the vga output05:16
tilmannaturally, panel1 gave a better image05:17
tilman3 weeks ago i got a dual-dvi card05:17
tilmanbut the image on panel2 looked slightly worse than the on panel105:17
tilmanfinally i've tried to hit the "auto" button the panel, and that fixed it05:17
Romsteri wouldn't expect that..05:17
Romsterso the LCD has a calibration that needs to be done to work on DVI.05:18
Romsteri wasn't aware.05:19
tilmanditto, i thought it was all the same with dvi; being digital signals and all that :P05:19
Romsterso i would of thought.05:20
tilmanbtw romster05:20
Romsterbeing digital there shouldn't be any calibration.05:20
tilmandid you try to run your screen at 1024x768 and see if that improves image quality?05:21
Romsterhmm not for a long time, i could try that now and see if it does05:21
tilmanmy 17" eizo ran great at 1184x768, but it was a pretty good monitor05:21
Romsteri went up as far as i could so i got more space.05:21
tilmani wouldn't be surprised if crappier 17"s couldn't handle 1184x768 well05:21
Romsterthis is a vewsonic e1705:21
tilmane17? :D05:22
Romstererr ok not e17 i got model mised up with a DE/WM05:22
RomsterE70 it is..05:22
Romsterok now i've gone to 1024x76805:23
Romsterwhat res have you got your LCD's at?05:24
Romsterah i'd do that but my crt flickers.05:24
Romsterwhat Hz and dpi?05:24
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Romsteri don't notice anydiference on the res.05:24
Romsterfor fonts.05:24
tilmanmine run at 75 hz05:24
Romsterone thing puzzles me.05:25
tilmanlcds usually run at 60-75hz05:25
tilmandoesn't matter though, since there's no flickering anyway05:25
Romsterwith the nvidia driver kde contrl center reports 51Hz now it says 53Hz..05:25
tilmanwhat does the monitor osd say?05:25
Romsterwonder why i got 91dpi...05:25
Romsterhmm didn't check that.05:25
tilmanif it defaults to 50 hz at 1024x768, something is very wrong05:26
tilmanmaybe the monitor sucks and doesn't give correct mode data via DDC05:26
tilmanin that case, specifying modelines in xorg.conf yourself helps05:26
RomsterOSD says 85Hz05:26
Romsternvidia driver is giving the wrong value to kde contrl center or someting i knew something was not reported right.05:27
tilmanhehe, much more likely05:27
Romsteri'll try a higher res and see what i get.05:27
Romster1152x864 i get 51Hz displayed now my OSD says 75Hz05:28
Romsterhmm now for 1280...05:28
tilmanforget it05:29
tilmanyou don't want to go below 75hz!05:29
tilmanres up, refresh rate down, it's math ;)05:29
Romster60Hz eww o wonder i get flicker.05:29
tilmanyou only have so much bandwidth/dotclock freq to spend05:29
Romstersucks this vid card can do 150Hz or so <<05:29
Romsteryeah this monitor is the limitng factor.05:29
Romsteri know refresh rate goes down with higher res.05:30
RomsterIt supports a horizontal dot pitch of 0.23 mm and a diagonal dot pitch of 0.27 mm. The frequency range supported by this model is 30 KHz to 70 KHz (Horizontal) and 50 Hz to 160 Hz (vertical). The maximum resolution supported is 1280 x 1024 at 66 Hz refresh rate but the maximum usable resolution is 1152 x 864 at 75 Hz.05:34
Romsterfigures the setting i have now is what i can only get too that's useable.05:34
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deus_exYet another fine release from Crux developers :)09:46
deus_exjaeger: updated iso worked like a charm :)09:47
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jaegerpedja: awesome :)09:54
pedjai'm updating xorg atm, and running revdep'll take a while :)09:55
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SiFuh_Romster: I don't use crux anymore..12:13
SiFuh_Since 200312:13
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RomsterSiFuh_, bad <<12:26
Romsterjaeger, i noticed the 2.4 update would install xorg-libpixman, when xorg is not installed at all... tsk no checks what so ever on that one <<12:27
jaegertalk to tilman, not me12:28
jaegerprobably a dep of something else that gets installed12:29
Romsterk, not blaming anyone just thought of it as an anoyance for say a server setup.12:29
Romsterit was said as injected12:29
jaegerah, maybe not a dep, then... hrmm12:30
jaegermaybe some checks can be added12:30
Romsteras part of the update process just like the util-linux-ng12:31
Romstera dep of xorg it was injected just like libarchive would of been if i didn't have it on the system already.12:32
Romsteras a prt-get update xorg, wouldn't install the new dependency of xorg-libpixman12:33
Romsteralthough if xorg isn't already on the system it still installs that, not hard to manually remove.12:34
Romsteri was more suprised.12:34
Romsteris jue making a i586 iso too? i resuracted a k6II last version i had on cd was a crux-2.2 cd12:34
Romsterso i threw that on and doing a tool chain rebuild now as we speak.12:35
Romsterknowing my luck jue will release a i586 jsut after i've done the tool chain.12:35
thrice`of course :)12:36
* Romster slaps thrice` with a cd spindle of blank dvd's <<12:38
thrice`hm, look what is on tuxmachines12:40
thrice`is that someone from here?12:40
teKno but I do CRUX on 400MHz K6 with 256 MB of RAM, too :-)12:41
teK(right no)12:41
thrice`sounds brutal12:42
teKI use X for firefox and feh _only_ the other time i'm using a framebuffer console + screen12:42
teKfirefox sucks more and more with every version.. with my slow process I do experience that in a really intense way ;)12:43
RomsterteK, 450MHz K6II <<12:45
RedShifthe should have used archlinux12:49
jaegerI've heard the firefox 3 beta is fast but I haven't tried it12:49
jaegerfaster than 212:49
RedShiftoh he did12:49
RedShiftnever mind12:49
Romsterjaeger, i've tryed the firefox3 binary it loads fast12:49
Romsterbut i didn't have any luck what so ever when i tryed to compile firefox3 back a month ago.12:50
Romstermake sure you move your ~/.mozilla directory if you wanna be able to go back to firefox212:50
Romsterand have your settings.12:50
drijenmorning everyone12:54
Romsterhi drijen12:55
* drijen bows before romster12:55
Rotwangdrijen: evening12:56
Rotwangdrijen: evening12:56
drijenRotwang, hi :)12:56
RomsterRotwang, typing the same thing twice <<12:57
Rotwangcosmic irssi lags12:57
Romsteryou leaching again <<12:57
jjpkRunning irssi locally or in the same lan does not lag, fyi.13:01
Romsterkind of obvious jjpk, Rotwang is maxing out his isp connection13:08
drijenall that pornography.13:11
drijentsk tsk13:11
jjpkGUI lag is not synonymous to connection lag.13:12
jjpkBesides, you will not get too much connetion lag on irc even if you are busting your connection on whatever.13:12
drijeni disgaree13:13
drijenhuge d/l's = lag13:13
drijenfood time, bbaib13:13
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jjpkLag exists everywhere, only the amount of it changes.13:14
Romsteri can rake up to say 4 seconds lag if i max out my dsl so it takes 4 seconds to recive text.13:15
RedShiftnice :O13:21
RedShift4 seconds is quite alot13:21
RedShiftconsider putting a cap on upload/download that is just below the cap your ISP gave you13:22
RedShiftthat should fix it13:22
Romsteri have added QoS so that dosn't happen.13:23
Romsterand yes just below the connection bandwidth so i can control what has the highist priority like real time packets from ssh.13:23
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haolehey there... yesterday i tried to install the fixed version of crux 2.4 with jmicron... but had no success13:34
haolefirst, there was a strange error at the instalation... when it was going to install the FILESYSTEM package, it couldn't because there was some file conflict... i installed it with -f option, but i know it is not good to do so13:35
haolethen, i use the kernel from the cd to boot the first time, but had no success... i get a kernel panic saying that it can't mount the root filesystem, that it can't find /dev/sda (wich is the right device) or that the controller (0,0) is unknown13:36
haolesorry, the "ok" slipped away here :D13:38
jaegerthe jmicron support was built as a module, not builtin, so you'd have to recompile your kernel to fix that last problem13:38
jaegeras for the filesystem package, dunno what's up with that. was this a fresh install?13:38
haoleyes... as i don't know how to use properly the package system at this rate, i couldn't see which file was the problem13:39
haoleif u tell me how to do so, i can install again and give u feedback13:40
jaegerin a fresh install that shouldn't happen, there should be no conflicts13:41
jaegerI used that iso to install 2.4 on my main desktop without any trouble13:41
haoledo i have to be chrooted before i execute the setup script?13:45
Romsteri didn't get any file conflicts.13:45
thrice`you can't be chrooted13:45
haolethen i did it right... strange...13:45
haolei wasn't13:46
haolei will do another fresh install, then... perhaps i missed something13:46
haolebut... about the kernel module... which option do i have to use built in?? there are two concerning jmicron13:46
haoleis it necessary to make a initrd?13:47
* Romster guesses your new to the kernel compiling.13:47
* drijen has never made an initrd13:47
Romsterfind out which module you use then see what option builds that from it's help.13:47
Romsterdrijen, me neather.13:47
drijennot even sure i know how13:48
Romsternor the nice logo that jaeger has done in framebuffer.13:48
haoleweel, i'm not new to kernel compiling but i never went to deep into it :D13:48
Romsterlook at iso.git13:48
haoletoo deep*13:48
Romsterhaole, help on each of the 2 drivers fidn the one that matches the foo.ko reported in help.13:49
haoleit's just that the jmicron driver that i found was EXPERIMENTAL13:49
haoleis it right?13:49
Romsterdisable the one that dosn't match and compile it in as * instead of M13:49
drijendoes anyone here SMS from an IM client like gaim?13:50
haoledamn... i didn't take a note about the foo.ko that was loaded for my controller13:50
haolemaybe jmicron.ko? :D13:50
haolehow do i do to discover the name of the module for my controller?? lsmod isn't that much of a help in this13:52
* haole is a noob13:53
jaegeryou can use either the libata version or the older ide version13:53
jaegerthe libata one is in the sata section13:54
jaegerif you use that one, the disk shows up as sda, if you use the other, it'll be hda13:54
haolejaeger, do u remember if the sata version is experimental? i saw one that was and got confused13:55
haolemaybe u know, cause u are messing with it13:55
jaegerI don't remember if it is but I'm using it and so far no problems13:55
haoleok, thanks again for your help... gonna try again, from the start13:56
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* Romster shankes my head 14:03
Romsteri did tell him if he looked at help for the driver it'll say what the foo.ko name would actually be.14:03
Romsterlsmod see the one loaded fine it in the help..14:04
jaegerwell, a lot of unnecessary ones get loaded on the iso but that's a good start14:06
drijenRomster, he was pretty good at asking questions14:06
drijenfollowed the etiquette well IMO14:07
thrice`jaeger: yeah, but it almost has to for an install iso14:07
Romsterasking but not reading answers.14:08
* Romster is playing wesnoth.14:09
* drijen goes for stalker14:10
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Rotwangalsa sound "squirts" any ideas how to solve that14:53
jaegernew one to me14:59
Rotwangit sounds like farting speakers when i play mp3 with some basses15:02
jaegerturn down PCM in the mixer?15:02
tilmangnn, i just wanted to propose that :D15:02
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Rotwangits turned for 70%15:03
tilmaneg on my emu10k1, anything above 71% screws up the sound15:03
tilmanRotwang: maybe disable tone control, too?15:03
Rotwangill try with xmms15:03
Rotwangtone control? i disabled everything except for pcm and front15:03
tilmanmaybe try turning all channels down to 50%?15:04
jaegerthrice`: my intent is actually to convert them ALL to modules15:08
jaegerinstead of the half and half weirdness we have now15:08
Rotwangsolved, something wrong with moc15:09
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haolehey there again... now i compiled my kernel with PARA_JMICRON=y option, rebooted and got the same results... this time i had a clean install: no errors until the kernel panic :(15:20
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jaegerdid it give you suggestions as to what partitions were available when it failed?15:24
jaegernew kernels do15:24
haoleyes... i copied everything15:24
haoleit's four lines, i'll type it here if it is no bother to u15:25
jaegermsg it to me15:25
haoledid u get anything? im on my friend's pc, it has windows and this irc client is very strange15:26
haolei sent u a msg15:26
jaegerI got one line15:26
jaegerthe "cannot open root device" line15:26
haoleok, i'll send the other15:27
jaegerwhich, unfortunately, isn't one of the useful ones15:27
*** haole has quit IRC15:35
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haolejaeger, i sent the outputs in pvt, but don't know if u got thehm because my connection went down a while ago... can u confirm to me?15:45
jaegerdidn't get any before you disconnected :(15:47
jaegertry or one of those15:47
haolejaeger: (lspci -vvv)15:50
jaegerhaole: so you've got intel SATA controllers as well15:51
jaegertry adding BOTH the jmicron and intel support and also add this to your boot line in lilo.conf or grub.conf: "combined_mode=libata"15:52
haolecan i find this just by looking for intel controllers in my kernel config file?15:52
haoleand where do i add this line, in grub.conf? anywhere?15:53
haoleah, no, it's a kernel option... :D15:53
* haole is not so noob as he seems to be :D15:53
jaegerintel and jmicron support in the kernel, that combined_mode thing in grub.conf15:53
haolegonna try15:53
haolethanks, brb15:54
haoledamn... im having a hard time to find the option to compile the intel controller... there isn't any INTEL in the name, that's for sure :(15:59
jaegerlook for piix or something16:03
haoleok... also, all of my CONFIG_SATA_FOO are set as modules... is this supposed to be like this?16:07
jaegerset the intel and jmicron stuff to Y instead of M, it'll make life easier16:08
jaegerthe rest you can set to M or disable as you like16:08
haolei found a CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=m16:09
haoleset to =y and recompiling16:09
jaegeris that in the sata section?16:10
haolealready did the combined_mode=libata thing... tried with the old kernel and got the same result16:10
haoleyes, it's the first line, i think16:10
jaegerthe combined_mode thing makes the kernel use libata for both the ide and sata16:10
jaegerI do that for my desktop so that both the cdrom and the disks show up as libata devices16:11
jaegerlittle less confusing that way16:11
haoleyeah baby!!!! system up and running!!!!16:14
haoleCONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y did it!! :D16:14
haoleweel, that was nice... learned a little things, read all the ide.txt in kernel documentation... nice16:14
haolethanks for your help, jaeger... sorry to have bothered u so much16:15
RedShiftif you compile those as module you need an initrd to load them in time16:16
haolethat was what i thought, but crux won't come with the mkinitrd program on the cdrom16:18
haolenow i forgot to configure fstab :D16:18
jaegerglad it's working now :)16:24
jaegerI was thinking about adding mkinitrd to the cdrom, too, but I'll test that with the other changes soon16:24
haoleok, got everything working now, just one doubt that it's easier to ask u guys... my root is still logging without password... how do i change this?16:25
haolejust passwd works?16:26
Romsterand that's so in the handbook <<16:32
haolei swear i read it... i forget things easily :(16:33
haolebut im doing all my configuration now by reading the handbook... im not such a terrible noob :D16:33
RedShifthaole: you already told your answer after you asked your question16:34
RedShiftso why did you ask that question in the first place?16:34
* RedShift is covering some philosophical grounds here16:34
Rotwangreading handbook at once is pointles, it's much better to look for essential things first, and refer to the rest of the handbook if needed.16:35
haolebecause i booted the system, it didn't ask for my root password, than i did passwd and i didn't had rebooted by that time16:35
haolei was curioues16:35
haolethen i did passwd*16:35
RedShiftyou could have just logged out and back in...16:35
haoleok, sorry to bother you :(16:36
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RedShifthaole: what?16:36
RedShiftyou're sorry?16:36
haoleyes, i could have just logged back in but i annoyed you, so im sorry :)16:38
RedShiftI didn't say I was annoyed16:38
haoleoh, i thought u were kinda scolding me :D16:39
*** mwansa has joined #crux16:40
RedShiftoh I don't scold people16:40
RedShiftI only reap their souls16:40
haolelol :D16:41
jjpkSomeone has a vivid imagination today.16:45
mwansawow 12hrs till new years :)16:52
RedShiftyou mean, 24 hours?16:52
RedShift(and 8 minutes 3 seconds)16:52
mwansanah not in New Zealand lol16:53
*** jmvr has left #crux16:53
RedShiftdamn 12 hour difference16:54
RedShiftso you're about to have lunch?16:54
Rotwangmwansa: you live in new zeland? how the heck do you walk upside down and dont fall?16:54
mwansayep :)16:54
mwansaRotwang, ha ha ha16:54
RedShiftRotwang: you know, for them, we are walk upside down16:55
Rotwangi always wondered when i was a child :P16:58
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haolewow, im talking from crux, now!!! :D17:02
haolei installed xorg 7.3 and there was no /etc/X11 directory created... is this normal?17:02
haolewhere do i put my xorg.conf, then? my keyboard is messed in xorg17:03
Rotwangmkdir /etc/X1117:04
haolelol!! ok17:05
* haole is embarassed17:05
*** haole has quit IRC17:05
*** haole has joined #crux17:10
haoleis there a easy way to uninstall gnome, if i want, later on? im installing through the installation script (--install-scripts gnome)17:10
haoleor do i have to look for each packages that belongs to it?17:10
jaegerthere's not really an easy way without scripting a bit17:11
haoleok... it's not a problem, though17:11
haoledo u guys mess up with the cflags? i have a core 2 duo and im gonna try the march=prescott flag17:13
Rotwanghaole in gcc march=native is recomended17:13
Rotwang*gcc 4.2.217:13
Romsternative O_o17:14
haoleRotwang, what do u mean? in my system, the march=686 was set17:15
haolei changed to prescott17:15
Rotwang-mtune=native and -march=native will produce code optimized for the host architecture as detected using the cpuid instruction.17:16
RomsterRotwang, instead of using uname -p17:16
Romsterexport CFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=$(uname -p) -fstack-protector -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe"17:17
Rotwangare you sure?17:17
Romsteri've used that for packages just for my desktop and everythings been working.17:18
haoleok, gonna set native17:18
Romsternot portable to other cpus doing that though.17:18
Romsteri'm gonna read this native thing.17:18
Romstermakes that method i do obsolete..17:18
Rotwang Using -march=native will enable all instruction subsets17:19
Rotwang              supported by the local machine (hence the result might not run17:19
Rotwang              on different machines).17:19
haolethat's great news17:20
haolebut i compiled a lot of packages with the default cflags17:20
haolei can't find a reinstall option in prt-get :(17:20
Rotwangbuil simple script17:20
Rotwangpkginfo -i > ports && sed -i -e 's/$/ \\/g' ports && sed '1i/prt-get\ update\ -fr \\' ports17:23
Rotwangi think it should rebuild whole system :P probably17:23
*** kb_ has joined #crux17:23
Romsterprt-get --install-scripts -fr -if `pkginfo -i |awk '{print $1}' |xargs`17:24
*** kb_ has joined #crux17:24
*** mike_ has quit IRC17:34
Romstereven a generic target too.17:38
RomsterRotwang, using -mtune would make code spefic to your cpu and not portable.17:38
Rotwangyep i know that17:39
Romsterthis native detection is preaty much doing the uname -p for me..17:39
*** kb__ has joined #crux17:39
*** kb__ has quit IRC17:39
Romsteri've rread gcc but there's chaged some things in this version.17:40
Romsteri'm gonna try native and see what cpu it detects.17:40
*** mwansa has quit IRC17:42
haolehow do i reinstall one package? is it using upgrade?17:46
Rotwangman prt-get17:47
jaegeruse update17:48
Romsterprt-get update <port>17:48
Romsteradd -fr to force rebuild, prt-get help lists the options.17:49
haolei was looking for this in man prt-get :D17:49
haolethanks for the quick answer :D17:50
Romsterjust as fast to use prt-get help17:50
Romsterbut yeah man pages are handy.17:50
Romster i found is handy too.17:51
RotwangIm wondering why crux won't switch to rolling releases like gentoo or arch, it would make crux even simpler.17:54
haolewhat is the difference?17:55
Rotwangjust update packages and occasionaly release new iso, no hassle with helper script etc.17:56
RedShiftRotwang: crux probably doesn't have the resources to prebuilt packages for everyone17:56
RedShiftand many people probably modified the Pkgfiles themselves, rendering the prebuilt packages useless17:56
Rotwangi meant ports17:56
RedShiftports -u? ;-)17:57
Romsterports are the Pkgfiles, packages are the built program#1.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz17:58
Rotwangyeah prts -u but in constant way, no changing repos17:58
RedShiftyou only have to change the repos upon a distribution upgrade17:59
Romsterrest of the time it's ports -u; prt-get cache; prt-get sysup18:00
Rotwangthats my point, with rolling release you dont have to18:00
Romsterwho wants to download a huge iso every time?18:00
jaegerRotwang: that's basically what my updated iso was18:00
Romsterplus i prefer to use my cflags18:00
Romsterand yeah jaeger has that too.18:01
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:01
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC18:01
RedShiftaah yes, the newbies18:01
Romsterthat i'm sure be handy for when there is alot of updates.18:01
RedShiftalways trying to change things18:01
Romsterhehe RedShift18:01
RedShiftsame thing with arch, only the arch devs are so stupid to bend over and get fscked18:01
RedShiftok that's not entirely true, but they did make alot of changes I don't like18:02
*** ___mavrick61 has joined #crux18:02
RedShiftall in favor of the less knowledgeable community18:02
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:02
Rotwangjust an idea, im here for few months now btw. so i promoted from newbie to older-newbie :P18:04
Romsteri like good changes but since most do sysup's i don't see a big need for a updated iso but jaeger maintains one and even a net install one.18:04
*** kb_ has quit IRC18:05
Rotwangi didn't know18:06
Romsterbetter thing todo get soruceforge to fix there darn servers to download reliable.18:09
jaegerI wish18:09
jaegerI've started hosting all my own sources to avoid using sf as much as possible18:10
Romster'i'm gonna test out a torrent idea..18:10
haolei got a great first impression on crux... im installing gnome and other packages, and my system looks clean and organized... great work!18:10
Romsterhaole, :)18:10
*** eliteforce has joined #crux18:11
eliteforcei just installed 2.4 and i'm already having problems getting the network to work :/18:12
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:12
eliteforcethe module (sis900) is loaded and i can get the device up, but all i can ping is localhost18:12
Rotwangwhat about resolv.conf?18:13
eliteforcei shouldn't need that to ping should i?18:14
jaegerwhat commands are you using to set up the interface?18:14
Romstereliteforce, did you edit /etc/rc.d/net ?18:15
Romsteras per the handbook.18:15
eliteforceRomster: the defaults should be ok18:15
Romsterno you need to set up dhcp or set a static ip..18:16
eliteforce/sbin/ip addr add dev eth0 broadcast +18:16
jaegeryeah, the defaults are workable if your network uses that space18:16
jaegerand your router is 1.118:16
Romstermine isn't..18:17
jaegernot sure why you'd have problems if that's the case... any errors showing in the ifconfig output?18:17
Romsterbut anyways..18:17
eliteforceusually i use dhcp, but dhcpcd doesnt get any response :/18:17
Romstergot the right gateway set?18:17
jaegerif dhcp doesn't work either then there's likely something else wrong18:17
eliteforcei didn't see any errors18:17
jaegeron the network itself or the router, or perhaps the wrong driver loaded (not likely if it shows an ethernet device you can configure)18:18
Romstersounds like you got a firewall blocking the dhcp broadcast packets.18:18
eliteforceOo, I don't think it's preconfigured to block anything18:18
* Romster shrugs.18:20
eliteforcemaybe a reboot helps, heh18:21
haoledamn... when are they going to fix these keyboard leds bug in xorg 7.3?18:27
haoleis there a good emacs repo in crux?18:30
Romstereliteforce, you did do a make modules_install <<18:34
Romsteri sometimes forget that <<18:34
Rotwanghe said that the module (sis900) is loaded18:36
Romsterhaole, update xorg-server version to rebuild and install then rebuild any video drivers if you use nvidia etc.18:37
RomsterRomster, he could of edited the config rebuilt and forgot to run it again.18:37
Romsterno idea.18:37
Romsterother than it might not be the right driver?18:38
Romsterlspci it.18:38
haoleis alsaconf the best way to configure alsa under crux? can't find any guides in the website18:38
Romstertry another kernel version maybe if it's really stuck.18:38
Romster /etc/asound.conf18:39
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:50
eliteforceit's quite weird hehe18:54
Romstereliteforce, not sure what you've done wrong there.18:55
Romsteror some version.18:56
eliteforcefrom a forum "As far as I can tell sis900 is probed ok, the mac address is correct and it uses interrupt 5. lsmod shows that the module sis900 is loaded. However, it does not work. It seems that nothing goes in or out."18:57
eliteforcehmm maybe i should try acpi=no, noapic or other funny options19:00
Romster2.6.23.12 ?19:00
eliteforceyes thats the one from crux 2.4 install cd right?19:01
Romster2.6.23.9 i beleave.19:02
Romstercould be a issue with 2.6.23 and might also want to try 2.6.22.x19:03
eliteforceRomster: yeah19:03
Romsterwhat did /var/log/messages spit out or dmesg19:03
Romsterand i know it's old but i still type /sbin/ifconfig to see whats listed.19:04
eliteforceit lists my eth0 with its ip and lo19:04
eliteforceand it says eth0 has lots of dropped packets19:05
Romsterwell that sounds ok.19:05
eliteforceand the other counters are zero19:05
Romsterhmm nothing at all is being transfered hmm19:05
eliteforceshould i get the vanilla kernel sources?19:05
Romsterno other numbers errors frame etc?19:06
Romstercrux uses vanilla.19:06
Romsterbut you might wanna try .1219:06
eliteforcewhat about 24-rc6 xD19:06
Romstersince the one on the cd is .919:06
Romsterif your inclined to try that.19:06
eliteforceno thanks :P19:06
Romstersome do.19:07
eliteforcei'll wait for the final releases19:07
Romsteri like using ketchup, ketchup 2.6; make oldconfig; make ....19:07
Romsterdoes the patching for me.19:07
Romsterits in contrib.19:08
Romsterjsut handles geting the kernel tarball and patches to get to what ever version you want.19:08
Romstercd /usr/ports/linux; ketchup 2.619:08
eliteforcelatest == greatest :P19:08
Romstergives you the lateist version.19:08
Romsteror you can do 2.6.22 to downgrade.19:09
Romsterjsut keep goung aorund versions untill you find one that works.19:09
eliteforceok lets try 2.2.26 -__19:10
Romstereliteforce, you are sure you got the right device driver?19:10
Romstergit if your so inclined <<19:10
eliteforceRomster: i think all i need is sis900 for my network card to work19:11
eliteforceRomster: used to work on other distros19:11
eliteforceRomster: do you know what's needed to get ntfs read support?19:13
Romsterinstall ntfs-3g out of contrib19:13
Romsterprt-get depinst ntfs-3g19:14
eliteforcethat could get a bit hairy without a network card :/19:14
Romsterah yeah..19:14
Romsterdownload the fuse and ntfs-3g tarballs and drop them on the system from a usb stick or something.19:14
eliteforcestrangers have stolen my usb flash drive!19:14
Romsterdid you save a old config of /proc/config.gz  ?19:15
Romsterrw/r disc to use.19:15
eliteforcekernel config? its in /usr/src/.../.config19:15
eliteforceRomster: good idea19:16
Romsteroff your old working system <<19:16
eliteforceRomster: ah no ;D19:16
Romsterdon't you ever save configurations...19:16
eliteforceRomster: well nearly _every_ live cd/dvd works19:16
eliteforceso i could just fire one up, lsmod > moo and diff :)19:17
Romsterdon't even need to lsmod.19:18
Romsterjust copy or even view the config file and see what you did wrong.19:18
Romsteror even use it..19:19
Romsterand modify from there.19:19
Romstertake note of the kernel version too.19:19
Romsteryou'll figure it out.19:19
eliteforceRomster: yay i'll get the config from archlinux's kernel ;)19:20
Romsterthere ya go, that might solve your issues.19:25
Romsterand see were you went wrong.19:25
Romsteryou do have depmod -a before modprobe?19:26
Romsterin rc.modules19:26
Romsteralthough i'd compile the lan into the kernel as it's something you'd use all the time.19:27
eliteforcehui that diff is not nice :P19:29
eliteforceRomster: thanks for your help, i'll try that tomorrow19:36
Romstereliteforce, you'd have to update the kernel on your current machine and doa  make oldconfig19:36
Romsterthen try a diff19:36
Romsterso both configs are on the same kernel version.19:37
eliteforceyeah i understand19:37
eliteforcebut now, sleeeeeeeeep!19:37
*** jdolan has quit IRC19:47
*** jdolan__ has quit IRC19:47
*** jdolan__ has joined #crux19:48
Romsternote to self -fstack-protector breaks glibc compiles.20:09
haoledamn... im installing gnome here, and it is going like these: it install one package, and gives an error on the next one compilation20:39
haolethen i tell him to install again, he installs the one that didn't compile before and stops on the next one... lol20:39
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:43
haole=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:20:48
Romsterhaole, footprint mismatch?20:48
haolewhat is this error?? ^20:48
Romsterah do -if20:48
Romsterdo you ever read the handbook20:48
haoledamn it! i don't believe that even this is there... :(20:48
Romsterprt-get depinst --install-scripts -if gnome20:48
Romsterthere is even a gnome howto on the wiki.20:49
haoleprt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome20:49
haolethat was on the gnome howto20:49
Romsteradd -if20:49
haoleok... but what does -if do? and why it breaks without it?20:49
Romsterthen restart it.20:49
Romsterignore footprint.20:49
haolewhat is a footprint? :D20:50
Romsterrtfm <<20:50
haolelol ok20:50
haoleThe .footprint file will contain a list of all files that should be in the package if the build was successful or a list of all the files that were installed in $PKG20:51
haolebut why do i have to ignore footprint in this instalation? it doesn't make sense20:51
Romsterif you have aditional or misisng aditional programs that can be added on to a package but arn't listed in the depends on line20:52
mwansaoff to celebrate my new years, happy new years everyone :D20:52
Romsterhappy new year mwansa20:52
mwansaRomster, :D20:53
haolehappy new year :D20:53
RomsterPackage footprint (used for regression testing).20:53
Romsternew/missing files.20:54
Romstermissing file is mroe of a concern than new files.20:54
haoledoes one of the user repositories have some emacs packages?20:54
Romsterpossable search the portsdb20:59
Romstersee topic20:59
Romsteror you might find it with prt-get search20:59
Romsteremacs in opt..21:00
Romsternow that wasn't hard...21:00
haolethat wasn't what i meant21:02
haolei meant emacs modes, addons and so on21:02
haolelike slime, vhdl-mode, ecb, cogra...21:02
jaegersearch the portdb in the topic21:05
jaegerchances are someone has made them21:05
jaegerif not, make your own :)21:05
haoleyes, im using crux because i want to make some packages for programs that are important to my research in robot soccer21:06
haolemy firefox is crashing... :(21:07
haoleit started when i recompiled it with march=native hahaha21:08
haoleim only screwing up today21:08
Romsteryay prologics netowrk should be back up soon21:08
Romstergot ip block just doing dns stuff now21:09
Romsterjaeger, you can check out that exale player in awhile.21:09
Romsterhaole, strange i always build with my processer i stuck to using -march=$(uname -p), don't trust that new option yet.21:10
haoleuname -p gives me i68621:11
haoleoh, i think im gonna have some headache to recompile my system, if it is necessary21:12
Romsterhaole, odd21:19
Romstergives me21:19
RomsterLinux arkanoid #17 PREEMPT Mon Dec 24 10:34:54 EST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux21:19
Romsteruname -a21:20
jaegeruname -p shows i686 for my core 2 duo, so not that great :)21:20
Romsteruname sucks..21:21
Romsterit should work.21:21
Romsterthat would still compile but not be very spefic.21:21
haolewhat is the most specific march= for core 2 duo?21:43
jaeger-march=prescott I think21:53
Romsterprescott Improved version of Intel Pentium4 CPU with MMX, SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 instruction set support.21:54
jaegerI think it's technically a merom but prescott is the closest gcc gets21:56
jaegernot 100% sure, though21:56
haolei read in a forum that gcc 4.2 has march=core2 option21:57
haoleim afraid to test it :D21:57
jaegerno idea, new to me22:03
Romsterhmm i think 4.3 has something else added.22:11
jaegerI don't see core2 in the gcc 4.2.2 manual but I do see prescott and nocona22:12
Romstercat /proc/cpuinfo | grep name22:14
Romsteri find march=prescott -mtune=generic, but don't really need the later unless you plan to make the packages portable.22:16
*** morlenxus has quit IRC22:22
*** morlenxus has joined #crux22:22
*** haole has quit IRC22:36
*** haole has joined #crux22:44
haoledamn xorg-server 1.4... it doesn`t read my xorg.conf in /etc/X11 anymore... got my keyboard screwed again and no leds :(22:45
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** kb_ has joined #crux23:10
tilmanhaole: are you absolutely sure it doesn't read xorg.conf? i kinda doubt that :D23:10
jaegerit'll say in the log which file it uses, won't it?23:11
tilmanah, indeed :)23:11
haoleyeah, i checked and it is reading the file, it is loading the right configuration for the keyboard, but the keyboard is behaving like there was no xorg.conf23:11
haolestrange... i was looking around some documentation here... can`t find anything useful23:12
tilmanany errors in the log?23:12
haolelet me see23:13
Romsteri already said the fix for the led issue...23:14
Romsteri give up..23:14
haolei did what u told me23:14
haolei updated to xorg-server 1.4 and rebuilt my nv driver23:15
haolei bumped up into this, now...23:15
tilmanso the keyboard worked before you switched to another xorg-server port?23:15
haolei wanted to solve the leds issue and got another one ?D23:16
tilmanwhich port did you upgrade to?23:16
haolei did a prt-get update xorg-server, and the new version was 1.423:17
tilmanbut crux 2.4 already comes with xorg-server 1.423:17
*** kb_ has quit IRC23:17
*** kb__ has joined #crux23:17
* tilman confused23:17
haolewell, that was what i did...23:18
* haole confused and with a crappy keyboard23:18
haoleis there an install-script to rebuild all xorg packages? like gnome?23:18
*** kb__ is now known as mwansa_23:18
tilmanto fix the keyboard, mount the cd and run: pkgadd -u /mnt/crux/xorg/xorg-server#blabla.pkg.tar.gz23:19
tilmanis there an error message in the X.log, yes or no?23:19
haoleno, not even one23:20
haolewhen i did this update, it update (or installed, don`t know) mesa3d too23:20
haolei just downgraded xorg23:21
haolelet me test it23:21
haole(to the version in the cd)23:21
haoleit worked...23:22
tilmancan you build the xorg-server port again, capture the output of the configure script, and put it or so?23:24
haoleu mean, like: prt-get update xorg-server > output?23:24
tilmanyou can abort the process when you see that configure is done23:25
*** mwansa has quit IRC23:27
*** mwansa_ has quit IRC23:28
haolejust wait a while, let me compile gedit :D23:28
haolewell, gonna go sleep now... thanks for the help, i`ll come back another day... thanks for your patience23:32
haolegood night23:32
*** haole has quit IRC23:32
*** j^2_ has joined #crux23:58

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