IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-12-31

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ivan_hey there... can`t get sound on crux... compiled alsa stuff as modules, i modprobe them but get no sound... where should i begin to fix this?00:47
ivan_alsaconf tells me that my card driver module is snd_hda_intel00:48
tilmanunmute and increase the volume...00:48
ivan_yeah. there were some mutted stuff... didn`t see... let me try to fix it00:49
ivan_everything unmutted and increased and still no sound00:50
ivan_but alsamixer seems strange00:51
ivan_the channels that are not mutted are:00:51
ivan_no pcm, master...00:51
tilmanhow are you testing it?00:52
ivan_in youtube :D00:52
tilmanaplay would be a good test app00:52
ivan_don`t have a /dev/dsp00:52
tilmanthat was a silly idea00:53
tilmancause youtube puts flash in the mix00:53
tilmanmodprobe snd-pcm-oss to get oss compat stuff00:53
tilmanie /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer00:53
ivan_there is no package aplay... what package should i install?00:53
ivan_i modprobed snd_pcm_oss and still don`t have those devices00:54
tilmani think it should just work :/00:55
ivan_i just got a bizarre error00:56
ivan_i put on a cd to test with some music00:56
ivan_and i got dbus complaining something about hal... my god00:56
ivan_im lost in this installation... im under gnome00:56
tilmandon't you have some mp3s handy? :p00:57
tilmanor wave files00:57
ivan_no :D00:57
tilmanthen download some :>00:58
ivan_i got sound, but just noise00:58
ivan_tested on a mp300:58
tilmanaplay doesn't handle any advanced codecs00:58
tilmanbut you can use mpg12300:58
tilmanif it still doesn't work, use mpg123 to decode the mp3 to wave, and then use aplay on it00:58
ivan_ok, gonna try this one00:58
tilmani think the new mpg123 can use both alsa and oss00:58
tilmanso it should probably be good enough for testing00:59
ivan_i don`t know what i did wrong... i have lot`s of problems with my crux linux00:59
ivan_like, in gnome... when i try to log off, gnome freezes00:59
tilmandid you follow the gnome howto?00:59
ivan_and i have to reboot the computer, or else it loses the panels01:00
ivan_just crazy stuff like that01:00
ivan_yeah... gonna check it again01:00
tilmanforgetting to run the post-install scripts can result in quite some strange errors01:00
ivan_i used the --install-scripts... is this what u are talking about?01:01
ivan_yeah... i have sound, man...01:01
ivan_one less error01:01
ivan_i think that all those problems are related to dbus01:01
tilmanivan_: i suggest you run 'alsactl store' now01:01
tilmanand put '/usr/sbin/alsactl restore' in /etc/rc.local01:02
tilmanso you don't have to set the mixer levels after boot every time01:02
ivan_shouldn`t this be done by alsa in /etc/rc.d?01:02
tilmandid you have a look at /usr/ports/opt/dbus/README ?01:02
tilmanin theory, it should be done by a line in /etc/modprobe.conf01:02
tilmanbut that didn't work very well (read: not at all) for me in the past01:03
ivan_hey, there are some instructions here that i didn`t follow :D01:03
ivan_create a group or something...01:03
ivan_gonna try!01:03
ivan_well, it said that thegroup already existed, so i guess that was not the problem01:04
ivan_SERVICES=(net crond dbus hald avahi gdm)01:05
ivan_my services01:05
tilmansays dbus' configure01:06
jaegerthat's not for the end user to be added to, though01:06
tilman i was just quoting01:06
ivan_the other bizarre error is that totem always freeze when i start it01:06
tilmani wonder, if the user doesn't exist at build time, maybe you get a bad package?01:07
ivan_well, gonna try rebuilding it, then01:07
jaegera footprint mismatch or build complaint, probably, don't remember which one dbus does01:07
ivan_im compiling right now01:07
ivan_done, gonna restart this thing01:07
ivan_be right back01:08
ivan_ok, great01:08
ivan_i clicked the restart button and it freezed too01:08
ivan_that is hell, my friend01:08
jaegerweird :/01:08
ivan_well, gonna reboot in a mean way01:08
ivan_gonna be back01:08
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tilmanoh, the messagebus user is added in pre-install01:09
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ivan_good call, man01:11
ivan_everything working now01:11
ivan_i just rebuilt dbus and everything is shining01:11
ivan_thanks a lot01:11
ivan_now i have sound and a usable gnome :D01:11
ivan_just two things left for me:01:11
ivan_a) my keyboard was right with the installation from the cd... i updated it and now my keyboard won`t work01:12
tilmanremember to always check for README's in ports. only very few ports have them, but if they do, they are important :D01:12
ivan_b) my keyboard leds won`t work01:12
tilmanb) is a known issue... that i'll probably have to fix today :/01:12
tilmana) didn't you reinstall the xorg-server package from the cd?01:13
ivan_yeah... but i was afraid that my xorg would be broken01:13
ivan_look this error:01:14
ivan_Error activating XKB configuration.01:14
ivan_It can happen under various circumstances:01:14
ivan_- a bug in libxklavier library01:14
ivan_- a bug in X server (xkbcomp, xmodmap utilities)01:14
ivan_- X server with incompatible libxkbfile implementation01:14
ivan_X server version data:01:14
ivan_The X.Org Foundation01:14
ivan_If you report this situation as a bug, please include:01:14
ivan_- The result of xprop -root | grep XKB01:14
ivan_- The result of gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd01:14
ivan_ooops... kinda big paste, sorry01:14
ivan_i recompiled all the packages that he talked about with no success01:14
tilmandid you re-install xorg-server from the cd?01:14
ivan_yes, and it works, but i was trying to make it work with the one from the repositories01:15
tilmani'm not quite sure whether i'm understanding you ;)01:15
tilmanwhere does that error message come from?01:15
ivan_when i try to configure the keyboard via gnome01:15
ivan_since xorg doesn`t do it anymore01:15
tilmanokay, then i would like to see the configure output of xorg-server01:15
tilmanlike i suggested earlier01:16
ivan_i have it01:16
tilmanmaybe that can help tracking it down01:16
ivan_now ill post it01:16
ivan_just wait01:16
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tilmanhrrrm, i don't see anything obvious01:19
tilmanivan_: i need the log from the port that you installed... which as far as i understand isn't opt01:19
tilmanbut from some user's repository?01:19
ivan_no, it is the one from xorg collection01:20
ivan_where do i get this log?01:20
tilmanrun pkginfo -i|grep xkb and pkginfo -i|grep xkey and paste their outputs somewhere01:22
ivan_i sent in private to u01:24
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haolei think it went to u, now01:24
tilmanlooks good01:25
haoledamn, i just detected something more serious than the keyboard... just this one more :D01:26
haolemy sound works only with mpg123 lol... in gnome, it doesn`t and i get errors about gstreamer... but every package about gstreamer is installed01:27
haolethis sucks again :(01:27
tilmanso what does "xprop -root|grep XKB" say? might have to install xorg-xprop01:27
haolepasted the output to u01:27
haolei don`t want us, i want br... it is wrong01:28
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haolefixed the hal problem too... now there is just the keyboard and the gstreamer issues between me and happiness01:46
haoleoh oh oh oh wait a minute01:48
haolewasn`t gstreamer the one package that we can`t compile using -O2???01:48
haolehey, i think i found out something interesting about this gstreamer stuff... it seems to work with root01:50
tilmanis your user in the audio group?01:50
haoleno, but neither do root01:51
haoleoh, it worked01:51
haoleim so stupid01:51
haoledamn me01:51
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* tilman ponders leaving #crux01:51
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haolegreat, my gstreamer apps work, but i can`t get the volume control applet in gnome to work :(01:55
haolecrappy little applet :D01:55
haolewhen u find something about the keyboard issue, let me know... ill be around02:00
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Romsterhaole, gst-ffmpeg didn't like -Os or -O3 so that's why i fixed that at -O2 in contrib04:51
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thrice`tilman: I still don't think is working properly with core/opt updates =|07:07
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roliveirai tought there was a port for fam, no?08:43
teKdon't seem so08:45
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aondo we still have httpup for {core,opt,xorg} somewhere?09:40
tilmando these work?09:42
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tilmanlulz ancient09:42
aonand the faq is totally useless on this too09:42
tilmani remember cptn helping somebody out on irc with httpup for core/opt09:42
tilmanin 200709:42
aon"take a look at our httpup page", which links to the httpup manual09:42
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aonwhich isn't very informative either09:43
tilmanaon: i can set up something temporary09:43
aoni'm already doing it09:43
tilmancause i'm a bit drunk09:43
tilmannot sure whether it's a good idea to mess with crux.nu09:44
aoni think it should exist, though09:44
tilmani did some 'find' runs on, and i don't see them09:44
aonyeah, i'm beginning to think there aren't any09:45
tilmanwe have REPO files in the git-to-rsync-copy directories09:45
tilmanbut those aren't accessable over httpup afaik09:45
aonbut httpup repositories should be generated09:46
aonas shitty locations like this one still exist09:46
tilmanthe perl script that exports git to rsync is still called git_to_httpup :D09:46
tilmanspeaking of it09:47
tilmanwe finally need to make it smart09:47
tilmanand only invoke it after the repos have been written to (= new commits)09:47
tilmanand sometimes the rsync fails with ENOENT even though i thought i fixed that09:48
tilman=> git_to_httpup sucks09:48
tilmanalso why are we still exporting 2.1 and 2.2? :p09:49
tilmananyone who's using those is insane :P09:49
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tilmanaon: oooh, i found something09:52
tilman :)09:52
thrice`anyone recommend a decent gtk2-engine to use in a *box09:54
dokpm0Does anyone have any tips on getting TeTeX installed on 2.4?  I think I was able to install it successfully under 2.3(under VMware), if I remember correctly.  I just tried installing it under 2.4 and flex is complaining about some invalid charcters in pl.l.09:54
aontilman: 40409:54
aonoh what09:54
tilmanaon: lies! don't forget the trailing /09:54
aonyes :)09:55
tilmani had that problem too :D09:55
dokpm0I found some posts in the mailing list archive saying that TeTeX might be switched to texlive after 2.4.  Is there any progress on that switch?09:55
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tilmanthrice`: i'm using the Astonished theme atm, it's pretty cool imo09:55
tilmanit uses clearlooks (from gnome/gtk-engines) apparently09:56
tilmandokpm0: crap, i didn't try it on 2.4 yet09:56
thrice`ah, neat.  got a port tilman ?09:56
thrice`or shall I09:56
tilmandokpm0: i'll put it on my todo list, mayeb i can look at it tomorrow09:56
tilmandokpm0: noone dared to tackle texlive yet ;O09:57
tilmanthrice`: nah, i didn't think single themes were worth porting. feel free to do it :)09:57
dokpm0tilman: Thanks!! I need to get pdflatex working to get a newsletter out for a locale canine agility group.  For the time being I can get it working on a distro(perhaps CRUX 2.3) under VMware.09:58
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tilmandokpm0: let me know if it doesn't work, i still got a tex-enabled 2.3 box around09:59
dokpm0tilman:  Will do, and thanks again!!  It'll be later this afternoon after I get home from work before I can try it.10:01
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haolehey there... i was looking up why the repo version of xorg-server 1.4 was breaking my keyboard, and i found something interesting10:02
haolemy cdrom version, that works, has 6119088 and the version is 1.4-310:02
haolethe repo has 6104425 and is also 1.4-310:02
haolehow can they have different sizes?? and they don`t look like the same package to me, since one works and the other don`t10:03
tilmanyou likely used different CFLAGS10:04
haolecan this be the problem?10:05
dokpm0tilman: You beat me to it.  I was going to say the same thing.  :-)10:05
tilmanhaole: sure it *can*, but i doubt it in this case10:06
tilmanthe difference isn't that large10:06
tilmandokpm0: :P10:06
dokpm0haole: What's broken with your keyboard?  I know some recent xorg-server ports have a keyboard let problem.  There is a patch floating around to fix that.10:07
haolemy leds aren`t working, but that`s not my issue right now... i need to use my keyboard with abnt2 model and br layout, but my xorg are ignoring my confs10:07
haolexorg is*10:07
thrice`aah, the deathly LED issue10:08
haoleand the most bizarre thing: with the version that came in the cd of xorg-server, everything works... if i compile one of my own, it doesn`t10:08
tilmani have another idea btw10:08
tilmanwe should compare config.h and friends10:08
haoleok, i can use the cd version, but i was using crux to study a bit more about linux and i would like to figure this out10:08
tilmanbut not today :P10:08
haoleyeah hehehe10:08
haolehappy new year :D10:09
haolein my country there are still some hours to go10:09
tilmanyeah, same here10:09
dokpm0haole:  I use the default keyboard layout, so I'm not sure what to suggest about that problem.  If you want to grab the patch, and updated Pkgfile, to fix the LED problem it's available at:
haolei just need to replace my xorg-server with this one?10:11
dokpm0We have about fourteen hours to go here in Central Texas.10:12
Rotwangabout 7 in CET10:12
haoleabout 10 in brazil10:13
Rotwanghaole: nic party you've got there, samba, pretty dancers10:14
haolei have a girlfriend but yes, we have those :D10:14
haoleit`s not a matter of the party that your are in... people use costumes only in carnaval, that happens on march10:15
thrice`tilman: did you just extract that to ~/.themes ?  (the Astonished theme)10:15
haolebut people around here are very receptive, and women are usually easy :D10:15
* Rotwang is booking ticket for airplane to brasil right now10:16
Rotwangin his mind :(10:16
haolei got a japanese girlfriend... lol10:17
haoleand im brazillian :D10:17
haoleshe lives here, of course10:18
tilmanthrice`: yup10:18
haolemy volume control applet started working... don`t know why10:19
haolei hate when a i don`t learn anything from a problem :(10:20
thrice`tilman: ah, it uses clearlooks.  figured it needed to be compiled.  certainly no port is necessary then :D10:20
thrice`haole: don't try to fix what isn't broken10:21
haoleyeah... gonna control myself10:21
dokpm0haole: Still pondering.  The xorg-server port doesn't install an xorg.conf file, so there shouldn't be any chance of your config file being overwritten.  Did you create an xorg.conf file?  Does it have XkbLayout set to br?10:24
haoleyes... let me pastebin you10:26
haolethe same xorg-conf file works with the cd version of the xorg-server 1.4-3 package10:26
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haolethe opt port of openoffice doesn`t create menus in gnome.. how sad.. :D10:28
haolegonna do that myself later... or make my own package :D10:28
Rotwanghaole: compilation OO from sources would be nice :P10:29
haolethere isn`t any package like that in any repo?10:30
thrice`jaeger has a good OOo port10:30
thrice`dunno why menu's aren't in the opt port10:30
thrice`always thought they should be myself10:30
haolethis is easy to fix...10:31
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haoleim creating a package for gedit-plugins11:58
haoleone of the plugins needs the vte python module11:58
haolei have it installed through ports, but the configure of this package cannot find it... how do i do to fix this?11:58
jaegerread config.log and find out why it can't be found11:59
haoleok... gonna do it12:00
haoleconfigure:23720: error: the python vte module could not be found, needed to built terminal plugin12:05
haolenot very useful...12:05
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mwansawoot new years was good now time to sleep12:12
Rotwangmwansa: how 2008 feels like?12:12
mwansalol pretty much the same lol12:13
jjpk"new and improved 2008 feeling!"12:15
mwansajjpk, loi12:18
jjpkNever understood the hype about changing years.12:19
jjpkIt's just a time measure. damn.12:19
haoleit's just an excuse to get wasted... enjoy :D12:19
haolethere is something wrong about the vte port12:22
haoledon't know if this is how u do it, but a entered "python -c "import vte"" in the terminal, and it said that there is no vte module12:22
haolebut i have the port installed and the binary is under PATH either12:22
jjpkLibraries normally are not listed under $PATH12:33
dokpm0haole: Where did the Python vte module get installed?  I recently had a problem with a couple of Python modules I tried to create ports for.  They got installed in /usr/lib/python.  Before I installed the port /usr/lib/python was a symlink pointing to /usr/lib/python2.5.  My new port overwrote the symlink and created an actual directory with the Python package in it instead of installing in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages as it should have.12:34
dokpm0No, wait a minute.  I'm misremembering.  I didn't try to create the ports.  I tried to install Django and psycopg ports from Yhafri's repo and after I discovered they were being installed in the wrong place I modified them.12:37
haolewait, im trying to understand what u told me :D12:38
haoleoh, now i get it12:38
haolegonna check my system12:38
haoleno, /usr/lib/python is a symlink to /usr/lib/python2.512:39
haolebut the vte port doesn't use /usr/lib/python12:39
haoleit goes straight to /usr/lib12:39
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dokpm0That might be the problem.  Looking at some packing lists for Python vte on other distros, and checking the .footprint file for the pygtk port, I suspect the Python vte files should be installed in the same path as the pygtk lib files: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/12:48
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dokpm0haole: If you start Python interactively then type "import sys", followed by "sys.path", it will show you all the paths it searches for Python modules.  On my CRUX box, /usr/lib is not amoung the paths Python searches.12:54
haolehum... so, how do i add this path for python to look for?12:55
haoleor is it better to modify the vte port?12:55
haoleim gonna be away or some minutes... brb12:56
*** tri has left #crux12:57
thrice`haole: are you using vte from xfce ?13:07
thrice`haole: according to the vte port I have from /usr/ports/xfce, there is not python included at all13:10
thrice`(as --disable-python is passed in configure)13:11
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eliteforcehappy new year13:30
Rotwangtoo early13:31
eliteforceRotwang: well better early than late :P13:31
dokpm0haole/thrice`: It looks like the vte port in /usr/ports/xfce just needs a minor change to install the Python VTE library.  All I had to do on my CURX box was install pygtk, then change the --disable-python config option to --enable-python and build/install the vte port and it got the python vte libraries in the right place.13:36
dokpm0That might not have been entirely obvious the way I wrote it.  That would be changing --disable-python to --enable-python in /usr/ports/xfce/vte/Pkgfile or a local copy thereof.  And, if doing so, one would need to delete the .footprint file or tell pkgmk to ignore it.13:39
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SiFuhI have returnith13:52
RedShiftoh noes14:08
Rotwangnow give back mah bucket!14:10
SiFuhthere's a hole in your bucket dear Rotwang, dear Rotwang14:11
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roliveiraola haole14:28
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux14:32
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SiFuhnew years been and gone14:44
SiFuhthat cracks me up everytime15:00
drijenthey go to extrems15:09
drijeni would like to know how they rigged the car to go on two wheels like that15:10
Rotwangskilled driver15:10
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SiFuhjust go to youtube15:16
SiFuhand search  ARAB DRIFTING15:16
SiFuhscroll down till you see a 4WD and click it15:16
SiFuhkind of stupid though what they do.15:16
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haolehey there, im back15:42
haoledokpm0, im using vte to have a terminal tab on my gedit :D15:43
haolei like to use it for scripting15:43
haolegonna try what u said about pygtk15:43
haoledokpm0, u were right... my vte has a disable-python option added in the configure line15:44
haolegonna try without it15:44
dokpm0haole:  Do you have pygtk installed?  If not, install that before trying to build vte.  Without pygth installed the python libraries don't get built even if you pas --enable-python to ./configure.15:45
haoleyes, its installed... do i need to change the configure of pygtk too?15:46
dokpm0haole:  I just installed pygtk from the /usr/ports/opt/pygtk port.  That should work as is.15:47
haoleok, im compiling it right now...15:47
* dokpm0 has his fingers crossed. :-)15:48
haoleoh, damn... footprint mismatch... lol15:49
haolegonna disable it... is there a way to quicly create one?15:49
haoleim compiling it in /home/packages15:49
dokpm0haole:  You can just rm .footprint and recompile.  If it doesn't exit, it gets created.15:49
haoleyay! now i get the plugin for the terminal installed, but the tab shows what appears to be a terminal without a shell15:52
haolebut that is not ports fault anymore...15:52
haolethat's even more bizarre... the terminal on gedit plugin only works if i am root15:53
haolebeats me15:53
roliveiraentao haole como vai15:54
haolefala cara... ta querendo estressar os gringos falando em portugues aqui? hahaha15:55
dokpm0haole: I have no idea what to sugest from there.  I use vim for editing.15:55
roliveiraé mesmo, é a primeira oportunidade de falar em portugues com outro user de CRUX :D15:55
haolei use it and emacs too... i was just messing aroud, waiting for my new year dinner15:55
haolecomecei faz 3 dias e gostei15:56
roliveiraeles que se virem15:56
roliveiraeu gosto bastante, uso faz mais de um ano15:56
haoleainda to apanhando em alguns pontos, mas foi a distro q mais me fez aprender sobre linux até hoje15:57
dokpm0haole: I was an emacs user at one time too.  I do as much as I can via text consoles and only resort to X for graphical stuff, like web browsing or image/movie viewing.15:57
haoledokpm0, it's just that i really appreciate antialiasing on my fonts and integration with my gnome environment... but both of them are great15:57
roliveiradepois do CRUX não olhei mais para tras, faço tudo o que quero e com controlo total do sistema15:58
haolei was hoping to use gedit and write some plugins for the things i need :D15:58
roliveiragnome é que não :P15:58
haolede onde vc é/15:58
haoleeu sou brasileiro... moro em Santos, no estado de São Paulo15:59
haolecidade do melhor time de futebol de todos os tempos :D15:59
haolee que cedeu o bruno moraes pro time de vcs15:59
roliveirae o diego15:59
haolemas o diego vcs nem usaram16:00
haoleencalharam o coitado aí, até ele ir pro werner e estourar16:00
roliveirapois o treinador era uma besta16:00
roliveirae eu tambem gosto muito do bruno16:00
haolecom certeza... diego é craque16:00
haoleno santos, ele era melhor que o robinho16:00
roliveiramas foi dispensado por mais um treinador maluco16:00
roliveirapois mas o diego tinha dificuldades aqui, tava sempre a levar porrada porque agarra muito a bola16:01
roliveiraja o anderson que agora ta no united se deu bem...mais uma estrela16:02
roliveirabem vou curtir a passagem de ano16:02
roliveiraaté mais16:03
haoleeh, eu tambem16:03
haolefoi um prazer! abraço e feliz 200816:03
roliveiraigualmente! espero encontrar-te mais vezes por aqui16:03
*** roliveira has quit IRC16:06
*** haole has quit IRC16:07
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:17
*** mike_k has joined #crux16:41
*** onestep_ has quit IRC16:44
*** haole has joined #crux17:42
haoledamn it... can't compile clisp package no matter what... tried to compile from source, withou Pkgfile and i always get segmentation fault... guess im gonna have to talk to the developers of clisp17:43
haoleand now i tried to compile rhythmbox, from the official repositories, and got another segfault... something looks odd17:44
eliteforcehappy new year17:48
Rotwangtoo late :P17:54
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:59
*** ___mavrick61 has quit IRC18:01
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:01
*** ___mavrick61 has joined #crux18:02
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:02
jaegerhaole: you should test your ram18:07
jaegerwith memtest86+18:07
haoleyeah, i was thinking about that18:07
haolein clisp, it tells me that my max stack size is insufficient18:07
haolebut i already did a ulimit -s "a lot" and didn't worked18:08
haoleand now rhythmbox compiled no so right, like, there were some missing icons, in the tray, for example, but it didn't segfault18:08
haolenot so right*18:08
haolebut i think there is something wrong with the rhythmbox port... could u test it for me and install it, when u have the time?18:10
haolein my computer it only installs when i ignore the footprint and there are a lot of missing icons in the program18:10
*** mike_ has joined #crux18:12
Rotwanghaole: i also get footprint mismatch18:18
Rotwangdifference is really big18:19
haoleand, if u ignore, u get an incomplete install of rhythmbox18:20
Rotwangthere is more NEW than MISSING18:21
Rotwangi think thats footprint from older package18:21
haolecheck if the missing are the files on the hicolor theme18:21
*** mike_k has quit IRC18:29
haoleyeah, looks like mine... how do we do to inform the mainteiner?18:29
Rotwangjaeger is the maintainer18:30
haolewell, he is already informed, then :D18:30
jaegerthe rhythmbox port actually isn't maintained, I should remove it from the gnome repo18:31
*** mike_ has quit IRC18:42
*** mwansa has joined #crux18:44
haolerhythmbox comes in every distribution of gnome i have ever seen :D18:54
Rotwanghaole: audacious is very nice18:58
*** Romster has joined #crux19:07
*** kb_ has joined #crux19:09
*** kb_ is now known as mwansa_19:10
haoleaudacious is not on the main repositories :(19:23
haoleim too lazy right now to install manually from the portsdb19:23
*** mwansa has quit IRC19:27
rehabdollaudacious sucks these days, requires lots of obscure libraries19:30
Rotwangrehabdoll: what do you suggest for gtk?19:31
rehabdolli use bmp19:32
haolethe thing that is most bothering me right now is the fact that i can't compile clisp no matter what i do19:35
haoleit always segfaults on some point...19:35
jaegerhave you tested your RAM yet?19:37
RomsterRotwang, exaile, mpd, bmp. bmpx19:39
RotwangRomster: exaile looks interesting, ill try it later19:42
*** mwansa has joined #crux19:43
haoleof course not... to test my ram, i will need some good 10 hours of ram testing19:44
haolebut it always stop on the same stop, so it is unlikely to be my ram19:44
RomsterRotwang, i got a port of it, if prologic finishes fixing the domain ns delegation today.19:44
Romsteri say a badram kernel patch to use faulty ram where only a section is bad.19:45
Rotwangat last :P19:45
RomsterRotwang, yeah i've waited for ages for the isp to assign a ip block he got that yesterday.19:45
Romstercan get to stuff by ip.19:46
Romsterbut i haven't pushed my hg repo yet either.19:46
jaegerhaole: you can tell usually in the first 10 minutes if the RAM is bad19:46
jaegerjust harder to know if it's fully good :)19:46
haoleok, but now it is my time to celebrate....19:46
haole2008 arriving in brazil1!!19:46
jaegerhave fun19:46
haolehappy new year to u, guys19:46
Rotwanghaole: maybe comment out MAKEFLAGS from pkgmk, it sometimes helps.conf19:47
haolesee u later19:47
Romsteryeah short test dosn't reveal i it's a really hidden fault.19:47
Romsterbut if it's really bad it'll show sooner.19:47
*** mwansa_ has quit IRC19:47
RomsterRotwang, i use -j1 on packages that don't like my -j<greater than 1 make jobs>19:48
Rotwangi keep MAKEFLAGS="-j3" commented out in my pkgmk.conf because it tends (rarely) to break compilation, i dont know why.19:50
RomsterRotwang, i have it to -j6 for 3 computers.20:00
RomsterRomster, ports that break i edit and add make -j120:00
Romsteronly one i'm aware of is opt/libpth needs make -j1 install....20:01
Romsteror else the install itself borks20:01
Rotwangive go Segmentation fault on clisp too20:05
Rotwangmust be something with gcc 4.2.220:05
Romsterhmm i just piced up a line on one of my computers and it's the one that hangs ocasionally.20:08
Romsterkernel: Activating ISA DMA hang workarounds.20:08
Romsteri don't even use isa on that pc so i should try to disable that.20:09
RomsterRotwang, what cflags you using?20:09
Rotwangi commented them out for this build20:09
Romsteredit them in the Pkgfile...20:10
Rotwangbut usually i use -march=native -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer20:10
Romsterlike i've done in gst-ffmpeg, qt4 etc.20:10
Romsteri really arn't sure about using native.20:10
Romsternot sure how reliable that is.20:11
Romstertry your cpu name or i68620:11
Romsterand see if you get the same issue.20:11
Rotwangnative works ok for me, no problems so far20:11
Rotwangearlier i used prescott, and now i dont see much difference with native20:12
Romsterhmm k20:18
Romstershould do a diff on the binarys, i never did bother to try.20:18
Romsterthis is funky of a hang
Romsterit's like a pci/lan driver issue.20:19
*** haole has quit IRC20:29
*** Romster has quit IRC20:33
*** Romster has joined #crux20:34
*** mwansa has quit IRC20:38
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:41
*** haole has joined #crux20:48
haolejaeger, i had to come back and tell you20:49
haolemy memory ram is wasted!!! and it's a new 1GB DDR2 RAM20:49
haoleim so sad... :(20:49
haolegotta see... i hope i got one20:50
rehabdollstill, ram is sooo cheap right now20:50
haolenot so much in brazil, but it's not expensive either20:50
rehabdolli got 4gb ddr2 6400 for 100EUR20:50
haolehowever, im curious... is it possible that my ram only were screwing my clisp compilation?20:50
haolecause i compiled so many things...20:50
rehabdolldunno, doubt it though20:52
Rotwanghaole: ive got segfault also20:52
haoleyeah, i doubt it too... but, at least, i found out that my ram sucks20:52
haolebut i got a segfault without using crux package system20:58
haoleso, what could be the problem? our gcc compilation?20:58
Rotwangi thin it has something to do with new gcc20:59
Rotwangbut its only my guess20:59
haoleis there a way to compile it using another gcc by crux pkgmk?20:59
haolemaybe an environment variable?20:59
haolei don't think i have another version installed, though20:59
Rotwangyou have to downgrade gcc i guess21:00
*** haole has quit IRC21:00
*** haole has joined #crux21:00
haoledamn... that should give me some headache21:00
Rotwanghaole: you might do another trick21:01
Rotwangdownload clisp rpm or tar.gz ie. from arch repo21:01
haolei could get this tar.gz and make a crux package, no?21:02
Rotwangi did that few times21:03
Romsterhaole, install the gcc34 out of contrib and set CXX=gcc-3.4 CC=gcc-3.421:03
Romsterand try again21:03
Romsteronly in the Pkgfile that needs a older gcc version to work21:04
Romstersome programs like qemu uses that be default.21:04
haolehey, that's a nice solution21:05
haolegonna try... thanks21:05
haoleoh, damn... i forgot how nice it is to compile gcc... im gonna sleep in my chair :S21:05
Romsterand with ram try removing it and put it back in the computer, maybe contact cleaner too, i use that stuff and it works good for bad conections.21:06
Romstertry a bit of normal paper to wipe the contects on the ram module if it's got any gunk/oxide on it.21:06
haoleim hoping it's just this... there are, i think, 12 tests in memtest8621:06
Romsterlol it'll take some time.21:06
haoleit only failed in one, but millions of times :(21:06
Rotwanghaole: compiling OO is better, few hours of compiling21:07
Romsterhmm swap them around if there the same size21:07
haolefew days, in some cases21:07
RomsterRotwang, you got a source package file?21:07
Romsteri've been meaning to do a compile of OO21:07
Romsteri got distcc and a few computers.21:07
haolei just talked to some people in lisp channel21:08
RotwangRomster: no, i compiled it once in gentoo21:08
Romsteractually i have another one sitting here i'll put into service too.21:08
haolethey told me that clisp has big problems to compile with gcc >= 4.221:08
RomsterRotwang, damn.21:08
haoleand they said that it works perfectly in gcc <=4.121:08
Romsterback to making my own Pkgfile when i get around ot it then21:08
Romsterhaole, ah so use gcc-3.4.6, i've been thinking if i should add in a gcc41 port21:09
Rotwangyeah, oo from source would be nice21:09
Romsterbut then again if it's just a 4.1 -> 4.2 issue i'd jsut use 3.4 branch.21:10
haoleRomster, if there are more problems related to it, it would be a nice decision... but if it's just clisp... :P21:10
Romsteruntill they updated the code to use 4.221:10
Romsterquemu uses gcc3421:10
Romsteri can't really see a point in making a gcc4121:10
Romsteri was thinking of making a gcc43 port though to do some testing <<21:11
Romsterif i can be bothered21:11
*** eliteforce has quit IRC21:16
*** eliteforce has joined #crux21:16
Romsterhmm i'll try out westwood+ in congestion control..21:22
Romsterand disabled isa on that pc as i don't even use isa..21:39
*** Romster has quit IRC21:41
*** Romster has joined #crux21:43
*** Rotwang has quit IRC21:44
*** mwansa has quit IRC21:45
*** Romster has quit IRC22:16
*** Romster has joined #crux22:18
Romsterjaeger, how hard is it to edit the build process to make a i586 iso?22:19
Romsteri've edited the pkgutils port, but i have a feeling theres more to it than just that...22:20
Romsterand i'm gussing i'll have to run it in qemu to get a i586 system?22:21
Romstersome how i messed up doing the tool chain on my k6II pc, after i finally got glibc to build and i changed over i fucked it up...22:22
Romsterfirst time i've had that happen..22:22
Romsteri might of had to update all of core then rebuild glibc maybe...22:22
Romsteralready did gcc recompile.22:23
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** errdil has joined #crux23:12
jaegeryou should have no problem building an i586 iso on a different system23:18
jaegerediting pkgmk.conf and bootstrappin with it should be good23:19
jaegerI was thinking about building a prescott one that way23:19
jaegerhaole: sorry to hear about the RAM :(23:21
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux23:23
jaegerSiFuh_: so what are you running these days?23:24
Romsterjaeger, but building a i586 on a i686 computer?23:28
jaegerwhat about it?23:29
Romsterwould it work i'm guesing not sicne after the first stage it'll try and use the gcc/glibc compiled for i586 hardware and i got it compiling on a i686 computer as it's faster tahn doing it on the i586 that i just recently broke.23:30
jaegeri586 binaries will run fine on an i686 machine23:30
jaegerjust not the other way around23:30
Romsteri only have a crux 2.2 i586 here could of swore i had a 2.3 i586 cd.23:30
jaegerso it should be fine23:30
Romsterphew so i'm good then.23:30
Romsteri didn't think of that.23:31
*** SiFuh has quit IRC23:37

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