IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-01-01

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dokpm0Happy new year!!!!!  Well, it's been new year for about 20 minutes in my time zone.00:22
jaegerand to you :) same time zone00:24
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Romsteris it just me or is dead.01:07
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SiFuh_Romster: I got a crux 0.94 i686 around here somewhere02:43
Romsteroldist is crux-2.102:50
SiFuh_the oldest i owned was 0.92 but some fscker in thailand stole it02:52
SiFuh_i also have crux 1.2 as well..02:52
Romsterlets hope thay used it and gave them hours of headaches02:52
SiFuh_kind of rewritten a little though, because I had to build it to support Chemistry apps02:52
SiFuh_hehe it was pretty good actually02:53
SiFuh_when i first joined Crux channel there was only 7 people02:53
SiFuh_pli, jaeger, skuupi, vkd, morlenxus (beginner), red<something> and Me02:54
Romsterah so your such a long time user now.02:55
SiFuh_ 15:24:55 @<jaeger> SiFuh_: so what are you running these days?02:55
SiFuh_i changed back to OpenBSD in 200302:55
SiFuh_pli is per linden02:57
mwansadownloading crux-2.4  @ 5.8 KB/sec...should be finished in about 14 days :D02:58
mwansanope broadband..i have the worst ISP in the world.03:00
SiFuh_no kidding?03:00
SiFuh_that's insane03:01
Romsterthat speed on dialup *dies*03:01
SiFuh_Romster: thc was also a crux user in those days03:01
SiFuh_Romster: check this03:06
SiFuh_02:24:05 -->    You are now talking on #crux03:06
SiFuh_02:24:05 ---    Topic for #crux is CRUX 0.9.1 Released - - Mailinglist crux@fukt.bth.se03:06
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SiFuh_that was in 200103:07
Romsteri get 52kbps on a shitty isp..03:09
SiFuh_haha i should put the old crux logs up on the net somewhere..03:09
Romstermwansa, whats your address i'll burn you a cd and amil it, you'd get it before that download finished <<03:09
SiFuh_could find another internet cafe, and download there03:11
Romsterdownlaod to usb drive03:11
SiFuh_floppy drive03:11
mwansaRomster ill try download it from a friend. seems like cable is the way to go now..03:25
Romstersurely you you got some bad settings?03:26
SiFuh_cable.. hehe New Zealand Slang for shit03:26
Romsteror line or there dslam is broken03:26
SiFuh_or his ISP really is the worst ISP in the world03:26
SiFuh_I think Australia pays the highest in Internet fees though03:27
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Romsterhmm this looks nice motherboard
SiFuhit is an AMD04:00
Romsterall my systems but 1 are amd....04:07
Romsterand the one that isn't amd is giving me lockup issues too <<04:07
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SiFuhi see04:18
SiFuhi have an AMD 64 here and a P3 M 2.004:18
SiFuhthe P3 M 2.0 compiles faster04:18
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Romstermake[4]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule. < oh i hate that crap06:05
SiFuhit lost a compiled job?06:07
SiFuhor should i say a compiling job06:07
Romsternah ir won't actually do more than 1 make job.06:08
Romstersome programs have some crap i don't know about with there Makefile that wont allow it to use more than 1 make jobs06:09
Romsterso i got all these pcs i can use to speed the compile up and it wont use them.06:09
Romsteronly say half the ports can use multiple make jobs.06:09
Romstermakes it worse if the port is a large time consuming compile.06:10
Romsterthat battery looks interesting for a lappy.06:12
SiFuhI see...      oh yes looks expensive too06:12
Romsteri guess good thigns are expensive.06:13
SiFuhthey have a 6 hour version and a 9 hour version06:13
Romsterwonder when they'll have a fuel cell version <<06:14
SiFuhnuclear powered Notebook06:15
Romsteri was thinking hdyrogen powered <<06:16
SiFuhhalf life of 12.5 million years06:16
Romsterand constant supply or water or run for your life.06:16
SiFuhlike Stargate series06:16
Romsterconstant supply of water*06:16
Romsteri like stargate.06:17
SiFuhthey send a drone in through the gate.. unfortunately the russians sent their own drone in. Nuclear powered with 10 years06:17
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rehabdolle2fsprogs 1.40.408:36
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Romsteralready O_o09:03
Dreamer`hm, something's wrong with my libiconv09:07
Dreamer`i have it installed but still i get lots of this: iconv.c:(.text+0x234b): undefined reference to `libiconv_open'09:08
Romsteroh noes..09:10
RomsterDreamer`, how recently did you install libiconv?09:10
Romsterglibc has iconv support, libiconv is for systems that don't have it in glibc09:10
Romsterand it's not just easy to remove libiconv either as it'll break any program that was built with it, so if you do you might need to update off the cd, and then look for any *.la files that say libiconv and rebuild them programs too and sysup.09:11
Romsteralot of fun i got bitten by that one too.09:12
Dreamer`hm, so what should i do?09:13
Dreamer`i did install libiconv when i set up the system afaik09:13
Romsteryou on crux 2.4?09:14
Romsteror still 2.309:14
Romsterbe a good time now to update to 2.4 if you prefer.09:15
Romsterdo the update as normal with either 2.3 or 2.4 cd, make sure you remove libiconv, then grep for libiconv in *.la files and rebuild the affected packages, (find them by doing a prt-get fsearch <file>)09:16
Romsterif you remove libiconv now you'll break your existing system as it takes over the one in glibc.09:17
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Romsternot sure but maybe revdep might find all the broken packages after you've done a update off the cd and removed libiconv09:18
Romsteror just force rebuild everything.09:18
Romsterto make sure.09:18
RomsterDreamer`, i'm guessing you got libiconv from yhafri's repo?09:21
Romsterthought as much.09:21
Romsteryou arn't the first to be bitten by that.09:21
rehabdollwhat requires it?09:24
Romsterpreaty much everything that uses iconv09:26
Dreamer`according to google i might be able to fix this by adding -liconv to php's EXTRA_LIBS09:26
Romsterbut iconv is in glibc.09:26
Romsterah yes but it means you even depend more on libiconv too do it for now but i'd remove all traces of it after a 2.3 -> 2.4 upgrade.09:27
Rotwangstupid question here: if revdep detects something i.e. firefox, that means i need to rebuild it?09:30
RomsterRotwang, no09:30
Romsterfirfox shows because revdep didn't look at the librarys in share only on the system itself09:30
rehabdollfirefox has some b0rked paths which revdep does not detect09:30
Romsteri do this09:31
RomsterLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(echo /usr/lib/{firefox,thunderbird,openoffice,google-earth,jdk,jdk5} | sed -e 's/\s/:/g') RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt09:31
Romsterwhich makes LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox:/usr/lib/thunderbird:/usr/lib/openoffice:/usr/lib/google-earth:/usr/lib/jdk:/usr/lib/jdk509:32
Romsterbut even then some stuff of openoffice still shows09:32
Romsterand it dosn't do jack for java either.09:33
Romsterbut it fixes the path for checking thunderbird and firefox.09:33
Romsterand might with other stuff too.09:33
Romsterbundled librarys anoy me. they should use the ones on the system.09:37
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haoledamn... tried compiling clisp with gcc34 and it says to me, in configure, that it cannot find PCRE headers and quits10:03
Rotwanghaole: better download binary package10:03
haolei installed libpcre and it passed the configure10:06
* haole is crossing his fingers10:06
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ryuowhen trying to compile libidl as part of a depinst for firefox on a fresh crux 2.4 install, libidl fails to compile11:24
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jjpkPost the compile errors to an online pastebin.11:32
ryuojust the tail end?11:32
ryuokinda hard when i havent got xorg running yet :p11:33
ryuowell i guess i could try exporting it...11:33
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ryuoit crashes complaining about undefined reference11:34
ryuowell time to check this out11:35
ryuonothing i try seems to catch the log from terminal output11:36
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SiFuhcant you just do   make > output.log12:02
SiFuhand then in tail -n 'number of lines to paste' > another.log12:03
SiFuhand  /exec -o cat another.log12:03
SiFuhin irssi ?12:03
SiFuhsecond part is precaution so that you don't flood channel incase you make a typo :-P12:03
ryuoit doesnt catch ALL the text12:26
ryuothe errors dont get logged that way12:26
ryuobut if need be i can manually copy them12:26
ryuowell better than nothing12:27
ryuo/bin/sh ./libtool --tag=CC --mode=link gcc  -g -O2   -o tstidl  tstidl.o -lglib-2.012:28
ryuogcc -g -O2 -o .libs/tstidl tstidl.o  ./.libs/ /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so12:28
DaViruzmake &> yada.log12:29
DaViruzredirects both stderr and stdout12:29
ryuo./.libs/ undefined reference to `__IDL_prev_token_line'12:29
ryuo./.libs/ undefined reference to `__IDL_lex'12:29
ryuo./.libs/ undefined reference to `__IDL_in'12:29
ryuo./.libs/ undefined reference to `__IDL_lex_init'12:29
ryuocollect2: ld returned 1 exit status12:29
ryuomake[2]: *** [tstidl] Error 112:29
ryuomake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/opt/libidl/libIDL-0.8.7'12:29
ryuomake[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 112:29
ryuomake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/opt/libidl/libIDL-0.8.7'12:29
ryuomake: *** [all] Error 212:29
ryuoanyone wish me to dcc them the full log?12:30
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SiFuhoops thanks DaViruz13:53
SiFuhryuo has gone?13:53
DaViruzwhat kind of a question is that anyway, that is very easy to check in a number of ways13:57
jjpkMight not be very obvious to someone new.14:00
tilmanhaha, SiFuh is an irc noob ;p14:01
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DaViruz19:47:55 -!- ryuo [] has quit ["leaving"]14:38
DaViruzseems obvious enough to me14:38
DaViruzand besides, i would not consider SiFuh new :)14:39
haoledamn, clisp segfaults with gcc34 too... well, i'll try to compile with gcc4.1 before i try the binary packages14:45
haolesee u later14:45
* haole is now playing war with his friends :D14:46
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SiFuhDaViruz: i dont have those messages, I either type /n or type ry<tab>15:21
SiFuhtilman I am just learning how to use a mouse and keyboard. Usually I have switches and a turtle15:22
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DeformativeHi everyone.15:23
* drijen hides15:24
DeformativeDoes anyone know if crux ppc has a hfs+ resizing utility?15:24
rehabdollperhaps parted can do that? doubt it though15:33
rehabdollParted can only shrink HFS and HFS+ filesystems.15:34
volteli have a problem with trying to compile libidl on a fresh crux 2.4 install15:35
DeformativeAll I need to do is shrink.15:36
DeformativeI am thinking about putting crux on my imac.15:36
DeformativeOne of them.15:36
mike_kvoltel: any logs? can you be more specific?15:36
voltelafter rebooting into my kernel, i performed a system update and then installed alsa-utils and nvidia (and their dependencies) and then when i tried to install firefox and all of its dependencies(libidl for one) it fails on libidl complaining of undefined references such as "lex", "lex_init"15:36
DeformativeHow is crux installation?  Hopefully not a PITA like gentoo.15:37
voltelthis is when it reaches the ld stage15:37
voltelwhat do you mean15:37
DeformativePain in the ass.15:37
voltelthe only real PITA here is kernel compilation15:37
volteland maybe compile errors if you run into them later15:38
DeformativeThere are no binaries included?15:38
voltelyes there are15:38
voltelthe base core stuff15:38
voltelyour tool chain15:38
DeformativeKernel is about as core as it gets.15:38
volteland the stuff to get you started15:38
voltelyou can install xorg binaries and such from the ISO15:39
voltelbut i typically compile everything not in core myself with15:39
voltelprt-get depinst15:39
voltelso it avoids unnecessay depends15:39
DeformativeThere is a repository of builds that the package managers searches, correct? Or do I need to do that nonsense by hand?15:40
voltelthe guide is lengthy but is adequate for walking you through initial install15:40
voltelthere is a main database of "pkgfiles"15:40
voltelit contains the info you need for official builds and such15:40
mike_kvoltel: can you 'pkginfo -i | grep flex' ?15:41
volteli do know i have flex15:41
voltelit was part of the packages upgraded15:41
DeformativeI am a hardcore archlinux user,  and I tolerate freebsd,  will crux-ppc be a good os for me on my imac g3?15:41
* voltel shrugs.15:41
volteli only ise x86 or x86_6415:41
voltelis there something else that command serves to do, mike_k?15:42
mike_ka complete log of what is failing would be nice.15:42
voltelalready got a copy uploaded...15:42
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volteli never got these errors before when i tried crux 2.3...15:43
* voltel ponders.15:43
voltelon the same machine even15:43
voltel#gnome people asked if i had mcpp15:44
DeformativeIs making a new pkgfile simple?15:44
voltelmore or less, they resemble arch linuxs PKGBUILD15:44
voltelreminds me of how frugalware uses pacman ;)15:45
voltelbrb time to do some checking on my box15:45
mike_kvoltel: hmm... I have the same issue after 2.3 -> 2.4 update.15:45
mike_kjust tried to rebuild it15:45
mike_kjaeger: can you comment on that?15:45
jaegerhaven't had any problems building idl here15:47
jaegeris there a previous one installed that has broken linking?15:48
volteli only installed core on a fresh install15:48
voltelthe environment is clean... i overwrote the original system15:48
volteli'm running kernel
rehabdollemacs, the tiny editor15:49
mike_kjaeger: complete log (on 2.3 -> 2.4 upgraded via iso)
jaegeris flex installed?15:50
voltelyes i have flex installed15:50
voltelits part of "core"15:50
mike_kit complains a bit on the start15:50
mike_kflex 2.5.34-115:50
volteli installed ALL of core15:50
rehabdolli had similar problems with some other application, turned out libtool was a bit b0rked15:50
volteland then upgraded15:50
jaegerno idea here, sorry15:50
volteli notice libidl is outdated too15:50
voltelthe latest is 0.8.915:50
voltelguys in gnome suggested trying export CPP = mcpp15:51
jaegerdoes the latest compile cleanly?15:52
mike_ksame with 0.8.9 =(15:52
rehabdolltry rebuilding libtool15:52
mike_k"flex -8 -t ./lexer.l | sed -e 's/yy/__IDL_/g' >lexer.c" gives some errors15:53
volteli did that15:53
voltelprt-get update libtool15:53
voltelrebuilds but libidl is unchanged15:54
mike_kwonder what that sed commands aims for?15:55
* voltel mutters.15:56
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voltelcould that version of libtool just be borked?15:56
volteli need gtk2 sadly :/15:57
voltelat the very least for firefox15:57
volteli'd been waiting for crux 2.4 to move to crux permanently, but now i'm not sure what to do15:57
* voltel hrms.15:57
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voltelnot much i can do if i can't find a solution15:58
Rotwangvoltel: try maybe downloading binary15:58
SiFuhvoltel: anything can become of CRUX. It just takes a little while to understand and handle compilation of packages. Once you get the hang of it, you can build custom made systems in a flash. What ever works on other distros will work under crux.15:58
volteli'm refering to the compile errors that i can't find the cause to15:59
voltellink erros15:59
voltelkinda sucks when none of the solutions you find work :/16:00
SiFuhthey aren't solutions then.16:00
voltelsolutions that worked for other people perhaps16:00
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jaegercan't find much via google except "got flex?"16:01
SiFuhjaeger: OpenBSD 4.216:01
jaegerSiFuh: ok16:02
jaegerdid you run fbsd for a while or did I make that up?16:02
voltelseems something in the binarys from the official 2.4 ISO isn't quite right...16:03
volteleither the source code is at fault or something else is up16:03
mike_kany lexx guru?16:04
rehabdollhave you guys rebuilt the toolchain?16:04
voltelme? no. i used what was on the CD16:04
voltelsince i didnt change cflags i figured i didnt need to16:05
mike_klex in "flex -8 -t ./lexer.l | sed -e 's/yy/__IDL_/g' >lexer.c" complains, and I guess is not doing what was supposed...16:05
mike_krehabdoll: me too16:05
SiFuherr, I did jaeger but that was back in 2002 and again in 2004.16:05
volteli remember that one time when my file system utilies went wacko from bad optimizations16:06
voltelmade me not want to touch the extravagant optimizations again :p16:06
mike_kI am not using extra flags here...16:07
volteli assumed the toolchain and stuff for each crux release was recompiled properly before it was released16:07
voltelagainst the default cflags16:07
rehabdollyeah it should be16:08
voltelbut only if you change gcc/glibc really16:08
SiFuhjust out of curiosity. Wouldn't it be based on an older flex rather than a newer version?16:09
voltelbut even the latest version of libidl has issues16:09
voltelit might help keep packages up 2 date if crux had a system for users to report packages in the official ports as outdated16:10
rehabdolloh cool16:10
rehabdolli get that same error with libidl16:10
Rotwangrehabdoll: me too16:10
SiFuhvoltel: what version libidl ?16:10
voltelthe newest?16:11
jaegerit's very odd... I get it on an installed system but not bootstrapping 2.4 in a chroot16:11
voltelyou still use 2.4.x?16:11
* voltel boggles.16:11
jaegerI'm referring to crux16:12
voltelcould it be related to the kernel...16:12
voltelseems farfetched but...16:12
volteli stripped my kernel down to ~1,350kb image size16:12
voltelwith modules builtin16:12
jaegerI very much doubt it's kernel related16:13
voltelyea i would think so too16:13
voltelsince libidl doesnt interface with kernel directly16:13
volteldo you get the errors with the older binary version on the CD?16:14
voltelof flex16:14
voltelmaybe the upgrade started this16:14
volteli can see one use for a system rebuild... it can let programs compile in software that didnt exist when it was first compiled16:15
Rotwangvoltel: downgrade flesx16:15
Rotwangthat will fix it16:16
SiFuhvoltel: what version flex?16:16
Rotwangto 2.5.3316:16
mike_kRotwang: have you succeded?16:17
SiFuhit seems to work here and I have Flex 2.5.416:17
Rotwangmike_k: yes16:17
mike_kso, seems libidl is using some old flex syntax16:17
Rotwangcurrent flex in repo is 2.5.3416:17
Rotwangbut inittialy in crux 2.4 iso was 2.5.3316:18
mike_ksomeone should report libidl upstream =)16:18
Rotwangso libidl built fine until flex update16:19
voltelmaybe we should downgrade flex and keep it downgraded16:21
volteluntil this is resolved16:21
SiFuhmaybe, but i think we should be certain first.16:22
SiFuhif it is true then we can make a patch16:22
voltelthats my version16:22
SiFuhi see compiled libidl against 2.5.416:22
voltelsometimes i get tired of them deprecating stuff :p16:24
mike_kvoltel: can you please submit a flyspray bugreport on if this won't be fixed today in opt/libidl? just to be sure.16:24
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:24
voltelsaying that a flex downgrade fixes it?16:24
voltelif a patch is done, it should be done against latest version16:25
mike_kyeah, submit whatever info would be available.16:25
voltellooks like i'm gonna lock flex after a downgrade ;)16:25
SiFuhwell i don't think anyone will use an acient version of flex like me..16:25
volteli typically stay up to date unless16:26
voltela newer version causes problem that arent fixed yet16:26
SiFuhi only update when the system fails to work :-P16:26
*** errdil has joined #crux16:26
voltelin other words, once your hardware fails?16:26
SiFuhi got some new drives comming this week, so the system will be updated for sure.16:28
SiFuh2 x 250gig SATA16:28
voltelnowadays i could care less how much capacity i got16:28
SiFuhalready have 2 x 250gig in it.16:28
volteli have never used it all16:29
SiFuhi will be going back to S.E.A next month, so i need the fileserver up and running before i go :-P16:29
voltelwith drives as large as they are16:29
voltelhow much spaces system files takes up is less of a concern16:30
volteli keep my system simple with only 3 partitions16:30
voltelswap, /, /home16:31
SiFuhi have 18 partitions16:31
voltelwhy so many?16:31
SiFuhseveral are encrypted though16:31
voltelya know, lilo reminds me of that disney movie...16:32
voltellilo & stitch or however its spelled16:32
SiFuhcertain partitions are created so that if some idiots decides to run a command that fills up space, it doesn't lock up /16:32
SiFuhone of those idiots is me.16:33
voltelnot a problem for me, i'm the sole user16:33
volteli put more security in my root account than my user16:33
voltelmore complex password16:33
voltelfor root16:33
volteli use 12 characters16:33
SiFuhyears ago i was doing something. Then found out I had randomly created more folders and files than i could fit on the drive crashing root16:33
SiFuhbecause my home account became too large16:34
SiFuhvoltel: :-)16:34
volteli use 8 for my regular user16:34
voltelsomething i can quickly type in for my regular login16:34
voltelsince i rarely need to get into root once my system is up16:35
volteland ready16:35
SiFuh26 character password, encrypted drives, cannot boot without a USB flash drive, that contains a salt file, and must be looped a large number of times, before you can even log in. :-)16:35
voltelanother way, put kernel on the flash drive ;)16:35
SiFuhyes kernel is on flash drive16:35
jjpkdarn it. where'd my tin foil hat disappear? :/16:36
volteli hope you secured your BIOS too ;)16:36
SiFuhbut so is the salt file.. for the encrypted drives.16:36
voltelwhats the point of ext2's file system compression? i wonder16:36
SiFuhjjpk: i read somewhere that tin foil hats allow better reception for government when reading your mind. :-P16:36
SiFuhno i have not secured bios16:36
voltelhrm... wouldnt that mean someone could change boot order and use a bootable CD to screw up your computer?16:37
SiFuhthis is the notebook i travel with..  i dont care much about the book, just the data16:37
volteli use desktops :o16:37
SiFuhbut they still need the salt file, the loop count and the password for the encrypted drives or they cant mount it16:37
voltelwhat do you store there? financial info?16:38
voltelmedia stuff you dont want people to see?16:38
SiFuhif i search hard enough i might find your financial info in too16:38
volteleven if someone could crack the encryption16:39
SiFuhnow if i told you i'd have to kill you ;-)16:39
voltelby the time they did it'd be worthless to them ;)16:39
voltelcriminals usually take the easy prey :p16:39
voltelrather than mess with the difficult ones16:39
SiFuhi think you answered yourself without asking a question then.16:39
SiFuhhaha, hows libIDL going ?16:39
SiFuhlibIDL 0.8.2:* Support new versions of flex (Jody Goldberg)16:40
SiFuh26th May 2003.16:41
*** mwansa has joined #crux16:41
voltellibidl seems to be only maintained for compatibility stuff16:43
voltelwhen i built my first crux kernel16:44
voltelit complained off a16:44
voltelof a16:44
voltelread only root system16:44
voltelfixed it by enabling tmpfs16:44
volteli dont bother with ram disks :p16:44
SiFuhthat's as funny as "If you are having trouble installing your modem drivers, please go online and check out http:/www....."16:45
voltelNo keyboard detect. Press any key to continue.16:45
SiFuh"Error, Keyboard. Press F1 to continue"16:45
voltelNo mouse detected. Click here to continue.16:45
SiFuhWindows has detected your mouse pointer has moved. Please reboot for the new changes to take effect"16:46
voltelhaha yea16:46
voltelone of the many reasons i left windows16:46
voltelis because of having to reboot for everything type of installation16:46
SiFuhi am very fortunate to have never had windows installed on any of my machines.16:47
voltelplus i no longer have to **** with windows crap when it comes to deleting files16:47
volteli just use rm and its gone16:47
voltelno ands ifs or buts about it16:47
volteli wonder why so many people use mirc on windows when xchat is completely free for windows platform16:48
SiFuhdoesn't xchat have a registration thing now?16:48
volteldont think so16:49
SiFuhi wonder why people use mirc on windows when they can ssh into a unix box, run screen and irssi  :-P16:49
voltelit does!?16:49
voltelits free on linux but not windows? wtf is up with that16:49
SiFuhwindows uses pay for everything else through the nose16:49
SiFuhmay as well take advantage of them16:49
volteli never did bother paying for windows clients... i just put with the nag screens :p16:50
SiFuh$19.99 USD16:50
SiFuhnot expesive16:50
SiFuhone time fee16:51
SiFuhBuilding XChat for Windows is a difficult process, it requires quite some skill and expertise to accomplish.16:51
voltelfunny thing is i'm the only linux user where i live :p16:51
SiFuhprobably from all the reboots and changes16:51
voltelanother thing i've noticed, no one person or group has monopoly control over linux...16:52
voltelgood thing for sure16:52
SiFuhsucks though how NSA has their hands in it16:53
voltelwhys that?16:53
voltelyou mean the US NSA right?16:53
voltelNational Security Administration?16:53
volteland thats bad why? i think better security in computers is good...16:54
voltelfrom what i saw they developed SELinux i think16:54
SiFuhi don't think they are working on security16:54
SiFuhSELinux is a small part16:54
SiFuhNSA plays around with most OS's16:55
voltelso what do you think their trying to do?16:55
SiFuhcertain kinds of encryption are also illegal if made in USA and exported or downloaded/uploaded to other countries16:55
volteli'm guessing the more difficult to break encryptions are that way16:56
SiFuhNSA also play a big part in spying16:56
voltelencryption is a double-edged sword... protects the innocent and also criminals who have incriminating evidence on their hard disks or whatever16:56
voltelprivacy of the innocent i mean16:56
SiFuhwell i don't think NSA is really working on a secure version of any OS, but rather setting up the OS's so they have access for National Security Reasons.16:57
voltel"national security" gotta love that vague phrase16:57
volteli remember the controversy over the illegal wiretapping and stuff done by bush16:57
voltelat least this is his last year16:58
voltelmaybe the next guy'll clean things up16:58
SiFuhyes just like Jehovah's Witnesses are illegal to preach in Singapore because they do not allow their children to be soldiers. Yet it is compulsary to be a soldier in Singapore over the age of 18. So for reasons of National Security they turned a religion into a crime.16:58
SiFuhMaybe it is not the job of the... next guy, but of the people16:59
volteli mean the guy who ends up elected16:59
voltelor whoever16:59
SiFuhi think that is the problem with the world today.16:59
SiFuhThey pass the buck. Politics bores them. Someone ELSE will fix the problem..17:00
SiFuh  <-- seen this before?17:00
volteli dont live in Europe :o17:00
voltelbut i regularly read news of the crap their governments pull17:00
voltelon bbc and such17:00
volteli get the feeling cameras are too populous already17:01
voltelheard the controversy over tasers lately and how people end up dieing as a result of it?17:02
DeformativeSo, are there any crux-ppc users here?17:03
volteldont know, PPC isn't the most common architecture17:03
volteldeform, do you like source distros in general? i know of one other one17:03
voltelits called lunar :o17:04
DeformativeI am not that fond of source distributions,  but most junk for ppc needs to be recompiled anywya.17:04
volteltoo bad wine won't work on PPC17:04
voltelotherwise it'd be a great portable windows thingie :p17:05
SiFuhvoltel: yes they are introducing tazors here. Telling us that no one in history has every been injured by a tasor. 2 minute intro, then a news story that did not really happen about a _MAN_ strangling his _pregnant_ wife and the police used tasors to subdue him. No one has been charged of a crime" yet never heard it on police scanner never got any other news. Just a fake story to introduce tasors17:06
voltelthe main problem i have with cameras is, they show only one thing, but how you can intepret it many, MANY ways...17:08
voltelpolice often seem to twist it to their advantage...17:08
*** mike_k has quit IRC17:09
SiFuhthe police are just like school bullies coming to get your lunch money.17:10
SiFuhthey twist everything17:11
SiFuhjudge you, arrest you, charge you, to their _hearts_ desire.17:11
voltelreal truth is one sided... it can't be anything else...17:11
SiFuhwe have cameras here. Every night the secure controls the traffic lights. Every car that enters this town is stopped at the lights. The licence plate numbers are all checked. He won't change the lights to green until your plates were approved. ANd when he is bored, he even slows me down.. Sucks driving a Taxi and being pulled up at the lights 150 times a night for his pleasure.17:13
*** mike_k has joined #crux17:13
voltelwelcome to the police mentality: guilty until proven innocent17:13
SiFuhmilitary police17:13
SiFuhlast month i was stopped by the police, walking home. Because I broke the law of vagrancy.17:14
SiFuhI was wearing black clothes, and light weight shoes at 4:00am17:14
SiFuhwhich is illegal here17:15
SiFuhdoesn't matter that it was my work uniform, and was coming home from work.17:15
voltelaww, what they gonna do? throw you in jail and throw away the key?17:15
SiFuhhe let me go but only after he asked to search me. I refused and told him i was within my rights to use force to stop him. he laughed and said "i'd like to see that"17:15
SiFuhjust bored, wanting to cause trouble. Show their power.17:16
SiFuhi was tested for alcohol 4 times one night. 5 minutes between each test. Same police man. And I was driving the taxi working.17:16
SiFuhhe said that unless I go another way around him. He will keep pulling me over17:17
voltelhere where i live, if your pulled over for a breathalyxer test and you refuse, they suspend your license for 6 months17:17
volteleffectively making it mandatory17:17
Dreamer`here if you refuse they take you to hopstila for a blood test17:17
voltelwhat happened to the days when you had a choice?17:18
SiFuhi see. We refuse, we get arrested, put in a prison and a doctor takes blood samples.17:18
SiFuhwhat choice?17:18
volteltheir approach essentially is that your guilty17:18
volteluntil their "tests" prove otherwise17:19
SiFuhwe are told what to do. how can we think for ourselves if we are never given choices. stop at traffic light because they say, even if no cars come. 80 in 80 zone because the sign says. So many people can't drive here now. They have no cognitive or reasoning abilities to decide what to do if their is no sign.17:19
volteli can understand basic rules for order17:20
voltelbut things are just going too far17:20
SiFuhyeah and like i said before. Judged you, arrested you, convicted you all without a judge. His hearts desire.17:20
SiFuhMaking profit off crime they are.17:20
volteland where is the police corruption you speak of?17:22
*** voltel has quit IRC17:24
SiFuhI am in Queensland Australia17:30
*** Rotwang has left #crux17:36
DeformativeWtf, the crux cd is not booting17:48
DeformativeOh, got it.17:50
SiFuhi bet you did not have it in the cdrom drive17:57
mwansaSiFuh, lol17:58
mwansai tried booting crux from my laptop and almost lost my hair, then finally realised cdrom drive was on hda instead of hdc :/17:59
*** ___mavrick61 has quit IRC18:01
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:01
SiFuhi don't see anything that says "The man is not included"18:01
*** ____mavrick61 has joined #crux18:02
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:02
*** vico has quit IRC18:20
DeformativeHmm, I just made an ext2 partition with parted,  and when I try to mount it it says wrong fs type18:28
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux18:38
*** roliveira has joined #crux18:42
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:54
RomsterDeformative, run fsck-ext2 over it.19:02
DeformativeYeah, got it.19:04
DeformativeShould have said so in here19:04
DeformativeI did mkfs -t ext3 and it worked19:04
Romsteri've read ext3 is slow but seems reliable i'm tryling out jfs on another computer.19:05
Romsterreiserfs jfs or xfs i dunno what to use really.19:05
DeformativeI just use ext3 because it is the real linux fs.19:05
DeformativeIt doesn't matter really.19:05
mwansaRomster i have found reiserfs to be faster than ext319:05
DeformativeEverything supports ext3.19:05
* mwansa thought ext2 was the "real linux fs"19:07
mwansaext3 is just ext2 improved with journaling support19:07
Romsterext3 is just a extension of ext2, maybe ext4 might be alot better but ext3 is slow.19:08
Romstermwansa, dunno if i wanna use reiser the dev is in jail, whos gonna maintain it?19:08
Deformativeext3 is reliable.19:08
Romsterthat's true but i have lost a few files before.19:08
mwansaah i see what ya mean19:08
DeformativeRomster: I doubt that is because of ext319:09
mwansaext3 lacks a number of features of more recent designs, such as dynamic allocation of i-nodes and variable block sizes19:11
Romsterlike a improper shutdown from a power falure useally dleated my uptimed log.19:11
mwansaext3 does not support extents, a feature found in other filesystems such as JFS2 and ext419:11
mwansammh might try out ext419:11
Romsterwhy can't it keep the previous version and not alter it than to report it has zero time and then removes it.19:11
Romstersome great ext3..19:12
*** mike_k has quit IRC19:14
mwansaRomster, what fs are you currently using ? ext2 ?19:16
Romsterext3 on my desktop and i'm trying out jfs on another computer here.19:18
mwansaah ohk. let me kno when you come upon a conclusion with jfs :D19:18
mwansaup with*19:19
Romstersomething about all the pickings i just don't seem to like trying out new filesystems.19:19
Romsteryeah if it falls over i'll defently say so. or if it works good i'll also say. i'll even throw in some power interuptions to see how it copes.19:19
DeformativeAny recommend optimizations for the kernel? (imac ppc g3)19:34
Romsterjust set the cpu type.19:36
DeformativeI do not see any real discriptive powerpc stuff19:43
*** errdil has quit IRC19:57
*** roliveira has quit IRC20:18
*** ryuo has joined #crux20:30
ryuowhich package has the default xorg font, "fixed"?20:30
ryuowhat do i do if ports i add to my system have packages of the same name?20:46
ryuowill it cause problems?20:46
ryuoi mean when using prt-get20:47
ryuooh nvm i figured it out20:55
* Romster scratches my head in confusion20:58
ryuoif i have 2 repos with the same name, how does rpt-get choose the one to index?20:59
ryuoi mean 2 repos with a port of the same name20:59
Romsterdepends what is above in prt-get.conf21:00
ryuoso if repo A and B21:00
ryuo(alphabetical order)21:00
ryuoboth have port C21:00
Romsterif repo a is listed above repo b in prt-get it'll use the port out of repo a21:00
ryuorepo A's port C takes precedence over repo B's port C?21:00
Romsterman prt-get.conf21:00
Romsterorder matters.21:00
ryuoi was kinda concerned cause one of the repos i was addin21:01
ryuohad a bunch of stuff already in the main repos21:01
Romsterwhat repo?21:01
Romsterah list it after the other repos.21:01
ryuoits the only one that has a piece of software I want21:01
ryuogpm :D21:01
ryuomakes console a bit more like x :p21:01
Romsteryou can list just that one package.21:01
Romsterin prt.get.conf21:02
ryuoi place all unofficial repos after the official21:02
ryuoso if i run into a conflict21:02
ryuothe official ones will be what takes precedence21:02
Romsterso any conflicts it'll use the main ones.21:02
ryuothe ports are nice, they have software that the main branch doesnt support21:03
Romsteruseally core then opt then contrib then others.21:03
Romsteri might add some to contrib if i see a use for them.21:03
ryuoif i wanted to submit a Pkgfile to contrib21:04
ryuohow much trouble is it to get it approved?21:04
Romsteryou need to make a private repo get it lsited in portsdb and then later submit for inclusion to contrib.21:05
Romsterthere is a page on
ryuohan's repo doesnt seem to be well maintained21:07
Romsternope take over the package21:07
ryuoany suggestions how i can just include gpm in the repo?21:07
ryuowithout a custom repo :p21:07
Romsterwell if i like it i'll add it.21:09
ryuowell its useful for console web browsers for sure21:09
RomsterConsole mouse server?21:09
ryuobut beyond that i see little use21:09
ryuoit essentially lets you use mouse on console21:09
ryuovirtual consoles21:09
ryuonot sure if it works inside terminals on xorg though21:09
ryuoi find web browsing slower with only the keyboard21:10
ryuohmph... damn it i wish i knew which port had the fixed font21:10
ryuoor how i could change the default xorg font21:10
ryuoi dont think there is a xorg-font-fixed21:11
Romstertry xorg-font-bitstream-type121:12
ryuowhy would it be in bitstream? O_O21:12
Romsterno idea... look for yourself
*** mwansa has quit IRC21:24
ryuoman i get tired of sourceforge's dl mirrors21:24
ryuohalf the time i have to manually specify a mirror to get a connection21:25
jaegerI just make it get them all from one mirror21:25
Romsteradd a line in /etc/hosts21:26
ryuotalking about the ones that make you play smokes & mirrors21:26
Romster211.29.132.142 dl.sf.net21:26
ryuowhy doesnt sourceforge police its mirrors better21:26
jaegerwish we knew21:27
ryuoonly time i feel like usin hosts is if the normal mirrors it picks all suck :p21:28
ryuoeither too slow or you can't get a connection worth ****21:28
ryuowelp got my fonts installed, time to work on getting my xorg config ready21:29
ryuoi forget, whats the autoconfiguration tool included with xorg?21:31
ryuoi use it to generate my config and work from there21:31
ryuookay found it21:32
ryuojaeger, xorg complains that the default xorg font, fixed, cannot be found. can i change the default to a different font of my choosing?21:41
jaegerno idea, honestly. I just make sure it's installed21:45
jaegerperhaps in xorg-font-misc-misc?21:45
ryuosays that package is already installed21:46
jaegerhave you run mkfontscale/mkfontdir in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc?21:47
Romsterdid ryuo even use --install-scripts ?21:48
ryuono :/21:48
ryuoi thought that was automatic21:48
jaegerhave a look at the post-install script because it's not run by default, you have to enable it in prt-get.conf or run prt-get with --install-scripts explicitly21:50
Romsterryuo, gpm looks really broken
Romsteri wouldn't put that in contrib in it's current state.21:59
Romsteri will add it to my private repo and try it out though and keep an eye on it.21:59
ryuoit is? i've used it before22:00
ryuowhats so broken about it22:00
Romstergoing by what that says and the fact han has pached it heavily.22:05
Romsterall the patches..22:05
Romstergpm_report(GPM_PR_ERR,"Oh, oh, it's an error! possibly I die! ");22:08
DeformativeBlargel, installing yaboot is impossible22:24
ryuohey, does prt-get keep logs?22:24
Romsterryuo, if you enable it in prt-get.conf22:28
Romsterhmm ryuo maybe this might be alot better for gpm
Romstersince the gpm-1.20.2-broken.tar.bz2 says broken.22:29
* ryuo snores while gimp compiles.22:36
ryuooh. its done22:37
* ryuo watches his root partition's belt-buckle break.22:37
*** haole has quit IRC22:51
ryuothere finished compiling fvwm with my patches and xdm :)22:59
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC22:59
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux22:59
ryuoahh i love xdm... very simple DM23:01
Romsterhmm what patches did you add ryuo ?23:01
Romsteri have fvwm in my repo too and i mess with it sometimes.23:01
ryuosome patches that extend fvwm's abilities with a few custom addons23:01
ryuoi downloaded them23:01
Romsteroh got a url to them?23:01
Romsteror patches you made.23:01
ryuolemme check23:01
ryuoi didnt make the patches23:01
ryuoi just use them :p23:02
ryuofvwm feels like a good choice for crux :p23:02
Romsteri'll throw gdm in contrib too <<23:02
Romstercleaning it up.23:02
ryuoi wonder if slim is available too23:02
ryuoits an alternative to xdm23:02
ryuocrux feels faster than even arch =p23:03
ryuomaybe because its not loaded down by as many procs23:03
ryuotop says i got only 47 processes running o_O23:03
ryuowell time to find Eterm ^_^23:03
ryuoEterm = my favorite terminal for xort23:04
Romsterryuo, you sure know what you are after.23:04
Romsterexpeareanced linux user off another distro?23:05
ryuoI'm from arch23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
Romsterah the derative of crux.23:05
ryuotrying to learn to handle more and more of linux's internals23:05
ryuoinstead of leaving it all to automation23:05
Romsteri don't mind some automation.23:06
ryuosome automation is very nice23:06
ryuolike auto-xorg config23:06
Romsterbut not too much.23:06
ryuoi don't like havin to f*** with that much23:06
Romsterquickstart but able to configure and fine tune.23:06
Romsterthat's really handy.23:06
ryuoi dont worry about every little config fvwm has23:06
Romsternot like some programs like apache that's a pain, no quickstart ofr that.23:06
ryuojust keep buildin23:06
ryuoit till you get something good23:07
ryuoi took some screenshots from mandriva's galaxy theme... so nostalgic23:07
ryuomandrake was my first distro23:07
ryuoand i really liked that decor23:07
ryuomore than anything i've found23:07
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:07
ryuonot sure if i'm gonna use xchat or irssi ;p23:08
Romsteri'm on xchat.23:08
ryuocurrently irssi23:08
Romsterit's lacking to what i used to use on mIRC23:08
ryuoto launch xdm, i put it into /etc/rc.local23:08
Romsteri sued to use bitchx before finding irssi23:08
ryuoi still like GUI login ;)23:09
ryuoand i can still fall back to console through Ctrl+Alt+number23:09
Romsteri jsut stick to going to console and typing startx23:09
ryuoif i need to change somethin23:09
ryuoonce i get situated, i prefer to use xorg over console still23:09
ryuothough i wonder if the framebuffer'll ever be capable of decent hardware acceleration23:10
ryuoya know, Romster23:10
ryuothere is only one app that keeps me on x8623:10
Romsterwhat's that?23:10
ryuozsnes too, but theres an snes emulator for x86_64 so23:11
Romsteryeah it dosn't do x86_64 yet23:11
ryuowell even if it did23:11
ryuoit wouldnt work on 32 bit binaries if its 64 bit23:11
ryuoor so i heard23:11
Romsteryou can have a multilib 64bit setup or run wine in a 32bit chroot.23:11
ryuono thanks :p23:11
Romsterask in whinehq23:11
ryuoi'd rather stick to x8623:12
ryuosave the trouble23:12
Romsterwhat about stupid java and flash <<23:12
ryuoeh i dont really use those much23:12
ryuofor flash theres some open source stuff23:12
ryuothought not fully capable...23:12
ryuoi'm considering switching video chipsets one of these days23:13
ryuoso i can kis binary-only video drivers good bye23:13
Romsteryet yeah i'm wating on that.23:13
ryuobest i've found are VIA or Intel video chipsets23:13
Romsterand yeah i got swfdec23:14
Romsteri hadn't looked at gnash23:14
ryuognash has its ups and downs23:14
ryuoi hear it can play youtube without any problems23:14
ryuodo you use adblock on firefox?23:14
Romsteri'm on nvidia. but i might goto ati if they get decent opensource video drivers.23:14
ryuooh. i use nvidia myself23:15
Romsteryes i got adblock and g.fliterset on firefox.23:15
ryuoi dropped g.filterset23:15
ryuoand just use regular adblock23:15
ryuoi noticed no change really23:15
ryuoif somethin gets through23:15
ryuoi create custom filters23:15
ryuosometimes i grab the useragent switcher23:16
ryuobut only if i'm trying to bypass gay IE only sites23:16
Romsterah i hate them.23:16
Romsterbut i got ie4linux instaled as i do web sites.23:16
Romsterand gotta test in sucky ie23:16
ryuosome MMORPGs have linux clients natively... nice heh23:16
Romsterthat i'd rather not support at all.23:17
ryuoi'm the only one in the house i live who regularly uses linux23:17
ryuomain reason i use linux: no more f***ing reboots for every little change23:18
ryuoand also... no more ****ing viruses, spyware, etc.23:18
ryuoat least for windows variants23:18
Romsterlol oh that's fun update driver reboot, update program reboot, ah what reboot twice todo that.23:18
Romster98 was worse than xp for that.23:18
ryuokinda why i tried to shove as many updates as possisble into each reboot :p23:19
Romstersame and then some shit happend and crashes windoze.23:19
Romsterlike updating the video driver and java can't do both then reboot.23:19
Romsterscrews up.23:19
Romstergotta do one then the other.23:19
ryuoi wonder why #linux redirects to ##linux23:20
Romsterand vista is a pile of crap.23:20
ryuowhats the difference?23:20
ryuovista? yea23:20
Romstermost goto #linuxhelp23:20
ryuoi'd say its the manifestation of what MS has been trying to do all along23:20
Romsteror #linuxn00b23:20
Romsteroh i found a sweet youtube video.23:21
ryuohrm i've seen some obscure window managers23:21
ryuomost of which are no longer maintained23:21
ryuosurprised icewm/fvwm are still maintained23:22
ryuoand boy are they old23:22
ryuowhen i finally commited to linux, i tried usin distros with kde/gnome, etc loaded by default23:22
ryuojust didnt feel like the right fit23:23
ryuofvwm reminds me of scripting a lot23:23
ryuokinda why i like it :p23:23
ryuoah... jwm... the icewm-look-alike23:26
ryuoas for the list of patches23:26
Romsterfound it it's soo funny23:27
Romsterhmm not looked at jwm23:28
ryuoso what terminal do you use in xorg23:28
Romsteri haven't got away from konsole never found one that has tabs and scroll bar etc. if you do know of one i'll try it.23:29
Romsteri'm pretty much in a mungral kde setup only using sone of kde the rest are qt and gtk programs.23:29
ryuowell there are a few other thats have those 2 features23:30
Romsterand i dabble in other window managers23:30
Romstertrying to find what i like.23:30
ryuothey are not bound in a specific environment23:30
ryuowhat have you tried?23:30
Romstertryed aterm, xterm. not tryed eterm.23:30
Romsternot sure what else.23:30
ryuoi'm thinking of mrxvt, aterm-tabbed, and urxvt with perl tabs extension23:30
Romsterif oyu got a sugestion i'll take a look.23:31
ryuothose are ones with tabs23:31
ryuoand scrollbars too i believe23:31
ryuoEterm is pretty cool in that23:31
ryuoyou can easily feed a sweet background and bring your console stuff to live :p23:31
ryuoi wonder if E17 will EVER release a "stable" build23:33
ryuoto this day its only available via cvs or svn23:33
Romsterah sounds like ffmpeg..23:33
Romsterhmm that reminds me.23:33
Romsteri still gotta do something with transcode.23:34
ryuoeterm depends on some stuff, mainly Imlib223:34
Romstergot that already.23:34
ryuobut it has some good backgrounds23:34
ryuoyou can choose a background, it even has transparency, assuming your background supports it23:34
ryuoi did try a pecular source distro one time called lunar23:35
ryuothey have one central database that contains all their modules(aka, what tells the scripts how to build packages)23:36
ryuoanyone can submit their own modules via a script within the distro to be checked out by a developer for possible addition or update in the official database23:36
Romsterhmm eterm might be what i'm after to move one thing less of kde.23:37
ryuoonly one problem23:37
ryuoit has no tabs23:37
ryuobut i dont really use tabs23:37
ryuofor terminals23:37
Romstereterm buttons and menus?
ryuoyou can custom eterm's outer decor as well23:38
Romsteri always have a few open so having them grouped is a bonus for me.23:38
ryuothis is inside your WM's window if you use one23:38
Romsteri much prefer a wm that sets all the decorators to what i set them too.23:39
Romsterso things are consistant.23:39
ryuoi know23:39
ryuothe default setting23:39
ryuohas nothing special to interfer with23:39
Romsterbugs me having gtk qt and kde all seperate even.23:39
ryuoa WM23:39
ryuooh. i only use gtk2 and maybe gtk123:39
ryuooh. thats a surprise23:40
ryuofvwm gtk2...23:40
ryuoi remember23:40
ryuoarch linux had gtk1 as a dependency for fvwm23:41
ryuoi wonder why23:41
Romsterhmm old maybe and they didn't fix that.23:41
*** haole has joined #crux23:41
haoleisn't there a java package for crux in the repos?23:41
Romsterhaole, yes23:41
Romsterjdk and sdk23:42
ryuomight need to find the right package name23:42
haoleoh, i did a search for java :D23:42
haolesorry about that :D23:42
ryuoperhaps JRE?23:42
Romstersdk if you plan to compile stuff.23:42
ryuojava runtime environment23:42
haoleis there a jre?23:42
Romsterah jre si the run time only.23:42
ryuowell most people only want to be able to run java23:42
haoleyeah, i think im gonna need jre :D thanks23:42
Romsterprt-get search jre23:42
Romsteri use sdk but i do some java stuff.23:43
Romsterincluded the jre23:43
haolei just want to play risk :D23:43
ryuosome linux games are pretty good23:43
ryuotuxracer, supertux, wesnoth, hrm23:43
ryuofrozne bubble23:43
ryuosadly i can't think of any more23:43
ryuothat arent bound to one of the desktops23:44
ryuoRomster, you might like fvwm if you get to learn its syntax :)23:44
Romstermaybe i've dabbled in fvwm.23:44
ryuoi found some good guides23:45
Romsteri got it in my repo 'romster' whenever prologic gets the dns names to work.23:45
haoleis there a risk client that doesn't use java?23:45
haolejava is such a pain23:45
Romsterryuo, any fvwm patches and guides and other stuff is welcome my way <<23:45
ryuosearch google for zensites guide23:46
ryuothats the beginners guide to basic fvwm23:46
ryuoalso, cross-reference it with the html version of the manual for 2.5.x23:46
ryuobeing able to search it in firefox is much faster IMO23:46
ryuoyou may wish to start by trying to transfer...23:47
ryuoport some themes from other WMs23:47
ryuothe easiest are ones in pixmap form23:47
Romsteri have fvwm and the themesets installed.23:47
ryuooh? i don't use fvwm-themes23:47
Romsterfvwm 2.5.24-123:48
Romsterfvwm-themes 0.7.0-123:48
Romsterfvwm-themes-extra 0.7.0-123:48
Romsterin my repo.23:48
Romsterso there are others i'm not aware of?23:48
ryuonot really23:48
ryuoi was refering to23:48
ryuotaking the theme packs from other WMs23:48
ryuoand working at porting them23:48
ryuofor practice23:48
Romsterdo they work.. ah at the scripting.23:48
ryuoi can suggest 3 sites where you can start23:48
ryuoi ported a few rather well before23:49
ryuothe reason i use the patches is because23:49
ryuofvwm's borders are very limited23:49
Romsterif you want to contrute them i'll throw them in a repo.23:49
ryuowithout them23:49
ryuoand also, it allows you to use23:49
ryuohovering icon states23:49
ryuofor window buttons23:49
Romsterah k23:50
ryuoif you need a reference for how to use the patch extensions23:51
ryuodownload the greenv2 theme from the fvwm forums23:51
Romstermissing page..23:53
ryuomaybe i copied it down wrong23:53
haolewhat is the use of /opt in crux? none?23:53
haoleit doesn't show in the handbook23:54
ryuotry that23:54
haoleoh, now i saw it...23:54
ryuoubuntu users seem to be a lot like windows ppl...23:56
Romsterhmm there is a patches section on the forum.23:56
ryuohave no ****ing idea how to use the internals much23:56
haolehow do i make a package for a program that is a binary shipped in a way that is different from the unix way?23:56
ryuoyou mean a Pkgfile?23:57
Romsterryuo, ah that works23:57
haoleyeah, like, the destination of the files23:57
ryuojust repackage them in a way that works with the distro23:57
ryuosee the nvidia package for ideas23:57
Romsterhaole, look at java and nvidia and openoffice23:57
haoleif i split them into the right directories myself, i don't know if the program would still work23:57
ryuoi did like lunar's approach to dependencies23:58
ryuoit had mandatory and optionals listed23:58
Romsterhaole, those cases like google-earth you do everything into /usr/share/program and symlink the bin to /usr/bin/program23:58
ryuoand it prompts you to install the optional dependencies23:58
ryuofor each one23:58
haolehum... that should do it, then... why do they make programs like this, anyway?23:58
Romsterryuo, yeah i've thought of build dependencys required and optional..23:58
haoleit's open source and it's just a mess23:58
Romsterhaole, binary crap..23:59
Romsterhaole, get the open source and don't mess with the binary?23:59
ryuoand usually gives you an idea as to what each optional dependency does23:59
ryuoi thought it was funny when i submitted sawfish23:59
ryuothey rejected it for being "too old"23:59

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