IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-01-02

ryuoor somethin00:00
ryuoarch linux ppl have some patches that can let you get sawfish workin00:00
ryuosawfish is old, thou, boy.00:00
ryuostill maintained though00:00
ryuokinda funny how the F in fvwm has no definite meaning00:01
ryuoits essentialy00:02
ryuo(insert any f word) virtual window manager00:02
Romsterryuo, gpm is in contrib can you test it when you ports -u.00:05
Romsterfucken virtual window manager, i think would be the most common <<00:06
Romsteror maybe free, but there is alot of free.00:06
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:10
Romsterhi pitillo00:20
Romsterhaole, what are you trying to port?00:21
haolevery nice board game ported to java :D00:22
Romstercommodore64 even made a version of it O_o00:23
Romsterwhats the url haole00:23
haolewe could create the risk league of the crux channel :D00:24
Romsterhaole, ah you can compile from ant.00:25
Romsterhaole, take a look to my yacy port in contrib00:25
haoleim really dumb about java00:26
haoleand java compiling and so00:26
haolenever done a package for anything in java00:26
haolegonna look at yours :)00:26
ryuoif you want a few themes to look at for practice porting, romster, try00:27 and search for oroborox and check out the themes that ship with each of theme :)00:27
ryuoa few cool ones i've seen before are...00:28
ryuokristallgolem and pillage00:28
haoleRomster, is this install -D -m... stuff just for ant compiling?00:30
Romsternah that's just to install other stuff.00:31
Romsterthe ant and cp * .. $PKG/usr/share/program/ and the ln bit for the /usr/bin/00:32
Romsteris about all you need.00:32
Romsterthe rest you can ignore.00:32
Romsterit's just customised, hmm would you prefer me to make a package of it ?00:33
Romsteror do you want to learn?00:33
haolei'll try to make myself... if i can't, i will ask you to help me :D00:33
haoletha package has a file that has a lot of lines like these:00:34
haolejavac -source 1.4 -target 1.4 risk/engine/translation/*.java00:34
haolelooks different from your package00:34
Romsterah k but it says it uses ant...00:36
Romsteri'd try to run ant on it.00:36
Romsterit may call that file itself.00:36
Romsterant is a compiler like make, but for java.00:37
ryuohrm got a basic fvwm config build for this time00:38
haoleok... do this test for me, then, cause my internet is slow and im downloading jdk00:38
ryuoenough for tonight00:38
haoleryuo, what about crystal fvwm?00:38
haolepeople talk good things about it00:38
ryuoits a mod of fvwm00:39
ryuoits not supported by the fvwm developers00:39
ryuoif you wanna try it be my guest00:39
ryuoits in one of the ports already00:39
haoleno, im happy with wmii and, sometimes, gnome :D00:40
ryuogot 17 lines total so far00:41
ryuosetup the workspaces, a few variables, and click behavior so far00:41
ryuoi prefer clicktofocus instead of sloppyfocus00:41
haolewhat is the difference between compiz and compiz-fusion?00:42
haolei always thought that compiz was an old version of compiz-fusion, but i say that the compiz-fusion port has compiz as dependency00:42
ryuoi think fusion is the remerge of beryl and compiz00:42
haolei saw*00:42
ryuoi find it sad if the only use for video cards people have is 3d desktop effects00:44
ryuoi feel they are better used for games but eh00:45
ryuowell i better get some rest :o00:45
haolei have an idea to make a real cool desktop00:45
ryuowrite "COOL" on it and thats it?00:46
haolei will use electricsheep as background, like a smoke or something, and use transparent terminals over it... should be nice00:46
haolemaybe with some desklets :D00:46
ryuoi'm considering building a friendly PC structure for myself when  i get some money00:46
haoleRomster, what about that ant compiling? any news? :)00:46
ryuoright now my cd drive is a pain to access00:46
ryuomy computer makes a LOT of noise, especially when i initialize my 3D graphics00:47
haoleflying coolers :D00:47
ryuoi wish i could resell my old PC parts :/00:47
ryuobut rarely00:47
ryuocan you do anything but recycle them00:47
ryuomadwifi is nice...00:48
ryuomaybe ath5k'll be a permanent replacement when its better developed00:48
ryuowell night ppl00:48
ryuo1 am00:49
haolei use my old pcs to be servers for something :D00:49
haolethey usually do a good job at this00:50
Romstersorry got busy for a bit haole00:59
haolerelax, im not in a hurry :D00:59
SiFuh_Romster, start shooting01:00
RomsterSiFuh_, lol.01:01
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haoleRomster, when i run ant, it creates a build directory with two directories in it: the classes and the game directory01:09
haolei imagine that the game directory will go to /usr/bin, /usr/share/risk and so on... but what about the classes?01:09
haolewhat do i do with then?01:09
Romsternow you copy them to $PKG/usr/share/jrisk/ and then do a ln -sf /usr/bin/risk $PKG/usr/share/jrisk/risk01:10
Romsternot sure what the classes are but i assume the game uses them so copy them over too.01:11
haoleok.... gonna sleep now, tomorroy i will do this... thanks01:19
pitillogood morning01:24
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sepenhappy new year!02:24
SiFuh_sepen: what year are you in?02:56
SiFuh_here is 18:56 02 Jan 200802:57
sepen09:58 02 Jan CET 200802:58
SiFuh_happy next year!03:00
SiFuh_it can't be any worse than this year..03:01
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Rotwangif i need new gcc-fortran, should i mail maintainer or make request on flyspray?05:25
*** pell has quit IRC05:27
rehabdollif its just a versionbump it would probably be faster to contact the maintainer05:29
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sepentilman, ping05:46
sepennp, resolved05:51
sepenI can't see this page correctly, sounds like a css style problem in
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RomsterRotwan1, i'm working on it give me time it's not simple.06:32
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang06:50
RotwangRomster: ok, i dont need it that badly, I want only to mess with R a bit06:52
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DarkNekroshappy new year everybody!! ;)08:23
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andariusand a happy new year to you :)08:31
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thrice`hi andarius :)09:13
andariusgreetings thrice` :)09:14
thrice`how goes?09:14
andariuspretty good. been hanging out with my daughter. did manage to get my wifi going and some other stuff on the box though09:14
andariusand you?09:15
thrice`not too bad here.  at work today, unfortunately, but have the rest of the week off09:20
andariuswish i did. may take part of friday so i can be at home when the case for my firewall arrives09:25
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dokpm0I noticed that flex in core was downgraded from 2.5.34 to 2.5.33.  Was that done to make tetex happy?  After downgrading flex I was able to compile/install tetex successfully on 2.4!!!10:09
thrice`not to make flex happy, it was to make you happy10:10
mike_kdokpm0: to make libidl happy10:13
dokpm0thrice`: I'm honored. :-)10:16
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tilmanomg, i just spent the whole day at work11:23
andariusthat is horrible :(11:23
thrice`how much is "whole day?"11:24
tilman8 hours11:26
tilmani was studying the past ~6 months11:26
tilmanand now back to work11:26
tilmanteh shock! ;)11:26
thrice`yeah, 8 hour days are rough :)11:26
ryuorofl, you can navigate elinks in a virtual terminal in xorg with your mouse XD11:36
andariustravelers beware. restrictions on li-ion batteries on planes11:43
ryuoi never fly :p11:44
andariusi enjoy some of my trips :)11:51
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jaegertilman: today is my first day back at work from the holiday, if that makes you feel any better :)12:22
espohi all12:23
sepenall hi!12:24
tilmanjaeger: oh, i'm over it already :D12:27
tilmanhi espo12:27
tilmansepen: you pinged me a couple of times?12:27
sepenohh yeah12:27
sepenwas only a  question about git12:27
sepengit through http could be possible?12:28
sepenor annonymous access only for clone repos?12:29
tilmanread-only access over http works in theory, and sucks in practice12:29
tilmanwriting to git repos over http just doesn't work atm afaik12:29
sepenno for develop, only for clone repos12:29
sepenmaybe there are people who want to get repos behind a firewall12:30
sepenI think that 80 is the most common port for output connections12:31
sepenI've no idea if git could use apache PROPFIND methods12:32
Man0l0tilman, is there a chance for getting access, only for reading/clone, to the git repos using http ?12:36
*** Viper_ has quit IRC12:40
tilmani did understand :p12:43
tilmani don't know... cloning over http is dead slow12:43
tilmanit's hardly usuable12:43
tilmannot sure whether it's worth the effort to try12:44
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*** Deformative has left #crux12:58
Man0l0I'm shuted in a very restricted machine, behind of a firewall out of my control, and the only way to get access to the git repos is http13:03
ryuomaybe you can try firewall tunneling?13:12
Man0l0yes, but the only way to get git repos is git or ssh13:15
ryuowhat type of git are you wanting to use? kernel tree git?13:16
ryuowanting to get my bad13:17
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:17
Man0l0crux repos13:17
ryuoyou mean core/opt/xorg?13:18
ryuoi think ports only uses httpup or rsync13:18
Man0l0and iso.git13:18
Man0l0I can use rsync13:18
Man0l0and as far as I know that ports are no longer available b httpup13:19
ryuoso what is this iso.git you speak of?13:19
ryuosome of the non-official repos still use httpup13:19
ryuojaegers for example13:19
Man0l0yes, but I need acces to the oficial repos13:19
ryuocompiling wine ^_^13:19
ryuothe official repos use rsync, and you can use rsync13:20
ryuowhats the problem?13:20
ryuoi don't see how git fits into crux...13:20
ryuocrux's repos that is13:20
tilmanMan0l0: the ports are available by httpup13:20
tilmanjust need to put together the foo.httpup file13:20
ryuotilman: is there any real reason to use one over the other?13:21
tilmanother than port 80 being open everywhere?13:21
ryuoi think one version of firewall tunneling is...13:22
ryuoconnecting to an external computer and use that for your stuff13:22
Man0l0ryun, the problem is the firewall, I'm behind a firewall and only port 80 is allowed13:34
ryuo... port 80 is blocked...13:36
ryuothat sounds really stupid13:36
ryuoMan, which ports do you need help with recieving?13:37
ryuoreceiving, my bad13:37
Man0l0ryuo, I dont undestand you13:39
Man0l0I'm having problem crossing the firewall13:39
ryuoman, would it help if you had ssh access to elinks?13:39
Man0l0I cant connect only to services running in port 80 or 44313:39
ryuoyou said port 80 is blocked?13:40
Man0l0I said: ryun, the problem is the firewall, I'm behind a firewall and only port 80 is allowed13:40
ryuoi could setup ssh...13:41
ryuohttpup uses port 80 doesnt it?13:41
ryuoso your only problem is with rsync?13:41
ryuoyou've been telling me the opposite <_<13:41
ryuoor so it seems13:42
ryuodo you want me to post the current rsync database entries for xorg/opt/core?13:42
ryuoto a tar file13:42
ryuoif only port 80 is allowed, how did you connect to freenode?13:42
ryuoirc servers are typically 666713:43
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux13:43
Man0l0I'm just at home with a personal connection13:43
Man0l0ryuo, I'm talking about the server where I placed my web server13:44
ryuomakes sense if you think about it...13:44
*** mwansa_ is now known as mwansa13:44
ryuowhat methods does the server have for you to change the stuff on your web server?13:44
ryuossh? ftp?13:45
Man0l0I can log in with ftp13:45
ryuoso couldnt you just manually upload a snapshot of the crux repos then?13:45
ryuoto the proper place13:46
Man0l0I'm doing that just now13:46
ryuosince you have root access to the server, i assume the entire machine is yours so to speak...13:46
ryuoand not shared with other web servers?13:47
Man0l0I think you have a very exact snapshot now13:48
ryuoftp is a workaround..13:49
ryuoi heard talman sayin something about...13:49
ryuoa way to get core/opt/xorg/contrib updates via13:49
ryuonot sure how though13:50
Man0l0I'm going to install httpup and test it13:52
ryuoso man, are you a big fan of source distros?13:53
*** mwansa has quit IRC13:54
Man0l0I'm a big user of crux13:56
Rotwanghoe big?13:57
ryuo             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached13:57
ryuoMem:       1035316     905976     129340          0          8     71508813:57
ryuo-/+ buffers/cache:     190880     84443613:57
ryuoSwap:       996020          0     99602013:57
Man0l0ryuo? you laptop13:58
ryuono, why?13:58
ryuomy ram is fluxing because i'm compiling heh13:59
ryuoused memory that is13:59
Man0l0rotwang, two laptops :P13:59
ryuoi'm using a dual core desktop14:00
ryuoone time installation failed when the footprint didnt matchup14:01
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Man0l0tilman, what is the url of the core repo for httpup ?14:02
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:02
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan14:04
tilmanMan0l0: with a trailing slash14:04
Man0l0tilman, thanks14:07
ryuowierd i thought i had installed gimp already14:07
sepenxD crux-master == tilman14:08
ryuoi wonder how many people actually use crux seriously14:11
Man0l0what did you mean with seriously ?14:11
ryuolike for their main system?14:12
Rotwangi guess <100014:13
Rotwang500 would be good number i think14:14
Man0l0rotwang 1000, 500 what ? users ?14:14
Man0l0servers ???14:14
Rotwangservers and desktops14:14
ryuoi kinda like obscure OSes :p14:15
ryuoor distros in this case14:16
Man0l0I know a case at Spain, a logistic operator company which have all its system running some version of crux14:16
Rotwangme too, thats why im not using gentoo or arch14:17
ryuothe big ones are better for support but14:17
ryuothe community feels like it gets lost14:18
ryuoin the process14:18
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DeformativeSo uh, how do I install a package on crux?15:16
DeformativeLike how do I get an x server up?15:16
pitilloDeformative, here you can find interesting info15:17
DeformativeI tried ports -u15:18
DeformativeBut it fails.15:18
pitillothere you'll find more info, not only a ports -u command15:20
DeformativeHrm, I think I should have installed gentoo instead.15:21
treachwhy? That's not any easier..15:21
Rotwangbut it has better documentation15:22
pitilloDeformative, have you readed that handbook?15:22
Deformativepitillo: all I see is that I need to ports -u15:22
DeformativeAnd it requires cvsup or some such thing15:22
pitilloI can not belive you readed it and ask about how to install a port15:22
treachRotwang: crux doesn't really need that much documentation.15:22
treachthere simply isn't much to document.15:23
Rotwangtreach: i agree15:23
treachthe rest is something between you and the applications you're trying to use.15:23
pitilloI think there is a very good info at handbook, but you need to spend some minutes to read it slowly and understand things15:23
DeformativeI heard that portage has nice useflags and such15:23
Deformativepitillo: I am not on the x86 handbook]15:24
DeformativeI am reading the ppc handbook15:24
treachuseflags is something *really* stupid.15:24
* Deformative shrugs.15:24
pitillowell, I have no idea about crux-ppc (never looked to that handbook) but I think can be a good idea to read the x86 too15:24
treachpackage management should work the same15:24
DeformativeWhen CRUX is installed for the first time the local ports structure (/usr/ports/) is empty. To bring your local ports structure up to date you use the ports utility with the -u option. Example:15:25
Deformative $ ports -u15:25
DeformativeYeah, when I do that I get "Updating failed"15:25
DeformativeNot "Finished successfully"15:25
treachah. looks like you can't connect to the repos for some reason15:25
Man0l0defo, what file do you have at /etc/ports ?15:25
*** andarius has left #crux15:26
pitilloDeformative, do you have net support?15:26
Deformativecontrib.rsync.inactive core.rsync drivers opt.rsync ppc.contrib.cvs ppc.core.cvs ppc.opt.cvs15:26
Man0l0what crux version ?15:27
Man0l0do you have rsync installed ?15:27
Deformativepitillo: Oh, I think the network might be failing.15:27
treachacrux|pippici: I think this guy is yours. ;)15:27
DeformativeI am stupid15:28
DeformativeI should have tried pinging google first15:28
pitillostart by the start...15:28
pitilloif you have time, check the x86 handbook :)15:28
Man0l0pitillo, you are great :)15:28
pitilloMan0l0, you more :P15:28
treachacrux|pippici: btw, do you ppc people have some dedicated channel to which we could point your customers? ;)15:29
Deformativepitillo: Well, network setup is not before ports in the handbook.15:29
pitilloDeformative, I don't know about that handbook, that is the reason I told you the x86 version :)15:29
RotwangDeformative: but its first thing you think of when installing new system :P15:30
DeformativeNetwork usually works out of the box15:30
treachpitillo: it might be a bit divergent, apparently they are still using cvs for their ports.15:30
RotwangDeformative: as you experienced, not always15:30
treachDeformative: *usually* distributions provide you with a massive kernel containing drivers for pretty much everything, which kind of helps in that case15:32
*** Romster has joined #crux15:32
Deformative /etc/rc.d/net  how do I setup dhcp?15:34
pitillotreach, I don't know, sorry then. I thought x86 handbook's info can be good for all archs15:34
RotwangDeformative: look at the handbook15:34
DeformativeEdit /etc/rc.d/net, /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf to configure your network (ip-address/gateway/hostname/domain/dns).15:35
DeformativeThat is all it says15:35
Rotwanglook at the official handbook15:35
DeformativeThat is the official handbook15:35
DeformativeOh, It has another section at the end.15:36
treachpitillo: I didn't mean that it was useless, just that it might contain some gotchas.15:37
pitillotreach, yeah, understood it. :)15:38
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux15:39
DeformativeHmm, the init scripts are ugly.15:46
DeformativeImma need to add ansi color. =D15:46
Romstervim/gvim adds colour but are you refering to console colours?15:51
Romstertilman, any idea what could cause this it hapend when i ran emule in wine 0.9.5215:51
DeformativeRomster: echo -ne "\033[1;31m Whee"15:53
Romsteri think i know console colours <<15:56
Rotwangis ldd good for dependency tracking?15:57
Romsteronly for c/c++ programs.15:57
drijenthats what prt-get is for15:57
Romsterand it won't find other programs that arn't linked but requires there command.15:57
RomsterRomster, maybe your looking at revdep?15:57
Rotwangim looking if i missed to point dependencies in my port15:58
Rotwangeoww, my english is gettin worse15:59
drijeni didn't know revdep existed outside of gentoo15:59
drijenwas i wrong?15:59
Rotwangrevdep is here too16:00
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:00
treachFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:16:00
treach  /usr/bin/revdep16:00
* drijen cheers at the crux team16:01
roboflophmms got a problem, i use urxvt but i cant write swedish charaters with dots aao..., anyone got a hint for me? :)16:04
DeformativeThe ports directory for ppc is rather small :(16:05
treachroboflop: edited your rc.conf?16:08
roboflopyupp, sv-latin116:09
treachroboflop: ok, is it a problem in console too, or just in urxvt?16:09
robofloptreach: it works in console and xterm and uxterm16:10
treachwrong charset?16:11
DeformativeUgh, I knew I should have used gentoo,  there are like, no ports for crux powerpc.16:11
robofloptreach: hmms donno rly, where do i see/change it?16:12
treachroboflop: one moment.16:12
treachif you run "export LC_CTYPE=sv_SE.ISO8859-1"16:12
treachin your terminal, does that make it work?16:13
robofloptreach: nope, also i use the terminus font can it ahve something to do with it?16:15
treachno. :)16:15
robofloptreach: kk16:15
robofloptreach: any other ideas?16:16
treachURxvt.font: -*-terminus-medium-r-normal--14-140-72-72-c-80-iso8859-1 works here. :p16:16
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:16
treachor at least it did when I used urxvt16:16
treach(in .Xdefaults)16:16
robofloptreach: hmms i dont have that last part in my Xdefaults only terminus and size, maybe its that, ill check16:17
*** Deformative has left #crux16:18
jjpkzomg no ports for crux?!?! gentoo ftw! :D16:20
jjpkSeems he missed the nice documentation about making ports. ;)16:21
treachroboflop: det funkar här, jag har bara exporten ovan plus raden ovan från .Xdefaults16:22
treachjjpk: yeah, and with extra colours too. :D16:22
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC16:23
treachI somehow think he missed renaming the contrib rsync file :p16:23
jjpkCould be. Patience and understanding what you read are not too hot lately.16:25
robofloptreach: dosent work here still, exported changed xdefaults, still no aao :/16:25
treachroboflop: did you restart X?16:25
robofloptreach: no ill do it now, sec16:26
treachmh, that was stupid. probably won't change anything.16:27
jjpkMight be obvious, but make sure you have told xorg to use the swedish keymap as well.16:29
treachwell, since it reportedly worked in xterm I think he got that right16:29
robofloptreach: works now, åäö :)16:30
roboflophehe, ganska ny på detta ned linux, vilke fil ska jag nu skriva det i så det alltid blir såhär utan att behöva exporta igen?16:31
treachberor på vilket shell du använder.16:31
robofloptreach: använder bash, bara o skriva in det i .bashrc?16:32
*** Deformative has joined #crux16:32
treachsticking to english, or someone might yell at me. ;)  I think bash might use .profile too16:33
treachI'm not a bash user, so I'm not sure.16:33
robofloptreach: ok, ill google some and see then, thank you for the help :)16:34
Rotwangtreach: crux is sweedish :) so sweadish should be primary language here16:34
*** Deformative has left #crux16:34
treachroboflop: it's in the bash manpage actually :p16:34
robofloptreach: ok ill look there then :)16:35
treachRotwang: most people here aren't though.16:35
Romsterwhat is up with Deformative...16:36
Rotwangi know16:36
Romsterseems he don't wanna put in any effort.16:36
Rotwangnext thing i like about crux, it keeps lazy people away16:37
treachyep. :)16:37
treachI think this is the only channel where I've actually seen people recommend newbies to use something else. :D16:38
jjpk"nope, too hard for you. try debian" :D16:38
jjpkCan't leave your brain at the door when you step into this distribution. ;)16:42
jjpkNot that it has stopped anyone from leaving it at the door, but you get the idea.16:43
treachwell. Other distros aren't any easier imo.16:43
treachjust different issues.16:43
robofloptreach: out of curiosity, which shell you use then?16:43
robofloptreach: kk, is there any big difference? does it matter which i use as a beginner?16:45
treachI think bash is stupid, and dangerous.16:46
rehabdolldangerous? how?16:46
treachfor instance, give the command "rm -rf <somedirname> *" if you dare. :p16:47
rehabdollnah, that would delete too much :)16:47
treachit's a very easy mistake to do, and it's catastrophic in bash.16:48
rehabdollwhat would happen in zsh?16:48
treachzsh asks you if you're sure.16:48
rehabdollah, how annoying :)16:48
Rotwangtreach: bleh16:48
treach"you're about to remove all files and dirs in this dir, you really want to do that?"16:49
Rotwangi hate when shell is asking me for confirmation16:49
treachbut that's only one question.16:49
treachI prefer it much over losing everything just because I accidentally pressed space.16:49
Rotwangit never happened to me16:50
treachbash is retarded if you use rm -i, because it then asks for every single file or dir.16:50
treachwell, it has happened to me, a couple of times..16:50
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:50
treachI managed to stop it before I lost anything important the first time, and then I switched to zsh.16:50
roboflopsounds good to me, especially if your not so familiar with commands and what they do, maybe ill switch :P16:52
ryuodoes roboflop need help? :o17:03
*** tri has left #crux17:03
Rotwangdid anyone else experienced problems with building elfutild?17:03
roboflopalready got help altho the solution got a side effect, messed up some keys in vim hehe17:06
ryuoanyone else here use fvwm? ^_^17:07
treachyeah, sometimes17:08
ryuolost my old config :/ so i'm gradually rebuilding it17:09
jjpkConsider putting the effort into backups. ;)17:10
ryuoi was kinda wanting a change anyway :p17:10
jjpkMight save yourself from the headaches caused by losing files.17:11
ryuoi wish i could rip my CDs to musepack/vorbis easier...17:11
ryuomain pain is getting the right CD info17:11
ryuomanually entering it is a royal pain17:11
ryuocddb has the wrong entry17:11
ryuoit doesnt have the right language17:12
ryuosome of my CDs are from japan17:12
treachah. ???? ?????17:12
ryuoor it shows up in japanese letter17:12
ryuowhich doesn't help17:12
ryuoi can't read that either :p17:12
ryuoI found some english translations for them17:13
ryuobut its kinda its still a pain when its not in the database17:13
treachwell, there's always easytag17:13
ryuothis one soundtrack is 4 CDs17:13
treachnice. happy typing. :)17:14
rehabdollwhat are you ripping with?17:14
ryuonot sure what to use now17:15
ryuomost rippers are gnome/kde only17:15
treachicedax and cdparanoia isn't. :>17:15
ryuoi know cdparanoia17:15
ryuofrom when i used cdex17:15
ryuoi used it to repair a CD17:15
ryuoone time17:15
ryuoripped all the tracks with cdparanoia and burned a new CD17:16
ryuoone way to fix scratches ;)17:16
ryuotoo bad not many rippers with the ability to let you tag them before it rips17:17
ryuofor CLI or whatever17:17
ryuoanyone here ever used mandrake/mandriva?17:18
ryuoi'm trying to port the mandrake galaxy theme for the heck of it to fvwm17:19
treachuse easytag then, iirc you can use it as a front end to cli rippers17:19
ryuowhat exactly is easytag17:19
treachat least it helps you with the tagging..17:19
* ryuo ponders.17:19
ryuoxmms or audacious?17:20
treachit's a gtk tool for tagging lots of files17:20
ryuogtk 1 or 2?17:20
ryuoaudacious is gtk2.. i'd like to avoid using gtk1...17:20
treachnot sure what the port in contrib uses, I used to have a port that used audacious by default.17:21
ryuoaudacious in the ports is outdated17:22
ryuokinda surprised its not in contrib but eh17:22
treachnot in contrib?17:22
Romsterryuo, did you check that other mouse console program i threw in contrib?17:23
ryuono... :/17:23
ryuoi released its only useful if you use a lot of console programs17:23
Romsteryou should..17:23
ryuovirtual terminals use xorg instead of gpm ;p17:23
ryuoi tried elinks within Eterm17:23
Romsteri do soemting good and you do that.17:23
ryuoand it responded to xorg's mouse17:23
ryuobut yes i can say it works(or should)17:24
ryuobut its use on console is limited17:24
Romsterwell i guess someone will find a use for it.17:24
*** vredfreak has joined #crux17:24
Romsterhmm why isn't audacious in contrib...17:27
* ryuo shrugs.17:27
ryuoI stumbled upon a newer WM the other day17:27
Romsterwonder if i should but i dunno if i'd use it myself i might.17:27
ryuonamed firebox...17:27
ryuothe IRC Channel is on oftc17:28
ryuoand only has 2 people usually :p17:28
ryuothe developer and the bot17:28
* treach waits for "coal box"17:28
* ryuo waits for icebox.17:29
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*** treach has quit IRC18:45
ryuothis will work nicely :D18:47
ryuoi found an xpm version of mandrakes galaxy theme18:47
*** mwansa has joined #crux18:57
*** vredfreak has quit IRC18:59
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*** ryuo has joined #crux20:53
ryuothats wierd20:53
ryuowhen i try to play music in audacious, cd drive says permission denied, and i did put my user in cdrom group20:54
ryuoaudio cds that is20:54
Romsterfor me it's /dev/cdrom -> /dev/cdrom-sr020:56
Romsterbrw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 2008-01-03 19:28 /dev/sr020:56
ryuoit says the drive belongs to the...20:56
ryuodisk group?20:56
ryuo/dev/cdrom --> /dev/hda20:56
ryuois there a way i can permanently change it to cdrom?20:57
vredfreaki had the same issue.  had to change the udev rules20:57
ryuohow so?20:57
ryuowhat do you suggest i do, red?20:57
vredfreakone sec20:58
Romsterryuo, i jsut added lines in rc.local20:58
Romstervredfreak, yeah that's the proper way but i was lazy20:59
Romsterchown root:cdrom /dev/sr020:59
Romsterchmod 660 /dev/sr020:59
ryuoi used chown root:cdrom /dev/hda20:59
ryuowhat kind of rights does it need?20:59
vredfreakryuo:  I added "GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660" to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-cdrom_id_rules21:00
Romstervredfreak, ah thought that was the right thing todo but i didn't bother to try that.21:00
*** mwansa has quit IRC21:00
vredfreakk3b kept throwing permission errors at me :)21:01
Romsterand i had to edit cdrecord too21:01
ryuowhy do i need to change the stuff?21:01
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom 377044 2007-12-27 21:51 /usr/bin/cdrecord21:01
ryuoi can play the music just fine21:01
Romsterso only the group cdrom can use the cd drive21:02
ryuoi meant21:02
ryuoreboot time21:02
*** ryuo has quit IRC21:03
*** ryuo has joined #crux21:06
ryuoif i had a SATA cd drive21:11
ryuoI could pitch my IDE kernel drivers for good21:11
jaegeryou could use the libata ones and do it now21:30
*** vredfreak has quit IRC21:46
Romsterryuo, i did that i got a sata pioneer 18dvd drive21:51
ryuoyou dont get it21:52
ryuomy cd drive interfaces through IDE21:53
jaegertry the libata drivers, though21:53
jaegerdid you notice there are PATA drivers underneath the SATA section?21:53
ryuoi was under the impression i still had to use IDE drivers21:54
Romster<ryuo> if i had a SATA cd drive < go and buy a sata dvd burner...21:54
ryuowhy? I already got an IDE dual burner21:54
jaegeryou can disable the IDE section if you enable those21:54
ryuoits regular cd write speed is 48x21:55
ryuomaximum i mean21:55
ryuoi wish i could find pixmaps for the mandrake galaxy classic theme :/21:56
ryuoo well21:58
Romsterjaeger, my repo is back up finally you can get exaile from it now.21:59
ryuohey romster22:00
ryuoi'm looking for good window decor to port to fvwm.22:00
ryuoany suggestions?22:00
jaegerI'll give it a try if I get some free time for it22:04
*** mwansa has joined #crux23:00
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