IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-01-03

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pitillogood morning01:13
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Romsterpitillo, sepen my repo is back on line finally << and morning to you lot.02:07
Romstermorning espo too.02:07
espohi Romster02:09
pitilloyeah Romster, I saw it, thank you for the notice :)02:11
Romsterfun wating for a isp to fix a problem <<02:25
Romsterbtw ihave other files *.httpup that i keep that contain modfications to other ports that i keep seperate so i don't get dulpicats in my normal private repo.02:26
sepenIm updating flex from 2.5.34-1 to 2.5.33-102:27
sepenas jue said at ML's02:29
Romsteri'm trying out jfs on another box so i got another pc to do distcc with too.02:29
Romsterhmm i havent looked at the ML for awhile. day or 202:29
Romsteri'm in the process to do updates and finish off the compilers that i haven't updated in contrib yet02:32
Romsterand updates to my repo but not much seems out of date. i keept editing as it was off line in a cms.02:32
Romstersepen, what are you working on other than flex update?02:34
sepenworking related to crux?02:35
Man0l0I have got this error compiling libdrm02:37
Man0l0tar -C /root/crux-2.4/iso/ports/opt/libdrm/work/src --use-compress-program=bzip2 -xf /root/crux-2.4/iso/ports/opt/libdrm/libdrm-2.3.0.tar.bz202:37
Man0l0bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.02:37
Man0l0        Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)02:37
Romsteryeah crux related stuff.02:39
Man0l0could anyone test this package ?02:39
RomsterMan0l0, hmm deleate the file and download it again looks corupt02:40
Romsteri'll test02:40
Man0l0Rom, I did it serveral times, I think the problem is the source file but I'm not really sure02:40
Romsterit's fine here02:41
Romster01a1e1ee0268a2403db42fa630036ab2  libdrm-2.3.0.tar.bz202:41
Romstermd5 of it.02:41
Man0l0d76caee84fba6ec8db566d7f02748dcb  libdrm-2.3.0.tar.bz202:41
pitilloMan0l0, look for another mirror to get that file, if you tried the source from Pkgfile and didn't work02:41
Romsteryour file is borked..02:41
Romsteri'm sending Man0l0 a good copy, that site has a borken copy odd.02:43
Man0l0Romster, thanks02:43
Romsterthat should sork.02:43
Romstererr work*02:43
Man0l0it's building now !! thanks02:44
Romsterk, i'm testing that source url02:52
RomsterMan0l0, the source site is fine, some how you got a corupted copy.02:57
Man0l0Romster, No idea, I'm getting a 500Kb file probably some kind of transparent proxy in the midle, out of my control :(02:58
Romstermaybe can you reproduce that error and even md5 it exactly?03:02
Romsterwith another download.03:02
Romsteri'm guessing it was your net connection being dodgy that corupt it.03:02
Man0l0it happen with p5-xml-parser too03:03
Romstercould be the right file but cut shirt look at the length to the good file03:03
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SiFuh_la la la04:23
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SiFuh_synaptics driver isn't open source right?05:36
pitilloSiFuh_, not sure if you refeer to this05:39
SiFuh_yeah I was checking that one out, thanks.05:39
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SiFuh_looks like i need a computer if i want to install it05:49
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SiFuh_i wonder if i can put a partition on my mp3 player and make it linux bootable ..06:08
RomsterSiFuh_, lmao what are you on <<06:17
SiFuh_i already started it06:20
SiFuh_i have created a 500m Partition at start FAT3206:20
SiFuh_and a 500M partition at end FFS06:20
SiFuh_and installing OpenBSD in minimal mode on it for fun.06:21
SiFuh_partition 2 is flagged bootable.06:21
SiFuh_and when i plug it in the notebook auto detects it and is able to boot it06:21
SiFuh_hehe runs too slow though06:21
SiFuh_it might be a good way of concealing a the salt/key files and bootable kernel.. :-P06:22
SiFuh_THis is no Ordinary MP3 player. Without it, this computers data is useless! muhaha06:23
SiFuh_actually, if I could make linux firmware, i could modify it so that it could boot a console off the little digital screen. :-P just keyboard input would suck.06:32
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arnuldI see there is udev how to for CRUX06:53
arnuldcan I change the static dev to udev after installation ?06:54
arnuldwithout causing troubles ?06:54
thrice`it's udev by default06:54
arnuldbut i do mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev06:55
arnuldnot udev06:55
thrice`that's just for the install06:55
thrice`when you reboot into the live system, you'll have udev06:57
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Romsterheh O_o07:17
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jjpkHow unexpected... arnuld showed up.07:42
jjpkWonder how long this distro boomerang will last. :D07:43
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Romsterhe better not start on the ML again.07:49
jjpkIf anything, it will be a long thread about udev pain.07:52
Romstermost likely.07:53
Romsteron that note udev is quite nice.07:53
Romsterwhy the rules have to have prefixed numbers at the start that don't seem to have any logical reason on each rule file, i haven't figured out.07:54
jjpkI think it could be much easier if you could just tell udev the order in which to load them.07:57
Romsterah is that what the number at the start is a order number to load?07:57
jjpkI do miss the older releases a bit in terms of the rules files.07:57
jjpkI would think that is the reason why they have a number prefix.07:57
Romsterhm true something changed from the old rule set to the newer one i can't quite pinpoint and it's been so long i forget now.07:58
jjpkSomething was merged. Could have been the permissions, but I can't remember anymore.08:02
jjpkMight as well find an old release and have a look.08:02
Romstercould do.08:06
Romsterpaste a link when you find, or even a diff of the old and new08:06
Romsteri'm geting tired..08:07
jjpkudev rules and permissions were separate files, that would be more or less it.08:08
jjpkWell, at least it was in udev version 035 :D08:09
Romsterhmm be just looking though gitweb at diferent revisions.08:10
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SiFuhhi morlenxus14:06
SiFuhRaid Disk 1 = Disk 0, Raid Disk 2 = Disk 1, Sata 1 = Disk 3, Sata 2 = Disk 414:07
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SiFuhlibexpat ?15:32
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null_logikhi folks16:13
null_logiki got a question, how can i make a pkg from a local tar.gz?16:13
Rotwangnull_logik: write pkgfile?16:15
null_logikhmmm but what about the source in the pkgfile? can i enter the location of the local tarball? and does wget accept that?16:17
Rotwangnull_logik: yes16:17
null_logikRotwang: it does?16:18
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Rotwangif foo.tar.gz is in Pkgfile's location then source=(foo.tar.gz)16:20
null_logikRotwang: thanks for the info16:20
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User954hello all17:28
* drijen tosses Romster a beer17:29
User954how's the cruxing business going tonight?17:30
* drijen is screwing around17:31
User954hi mwansa17:31
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Romsterhi drijen17:39
Romsterbeer <<17:39
Romsterdid i do something right?17:40
Romsterah maybe you saw me on <<17:40
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rehabdollbeer, also known as "aussie fuel"17:46
Romsteryep <<17:47
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ryuois there a way i can make pkgmk by default try to compile with certain make options?21:53
ryuolike -j221:54
jaeger-add a line to /etc/pkgmk.conf like so: "export MAKEFLAGS=-j2"21:56
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