IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-01-04

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pitillogood morning00:59
pitillolo Romster :)01:00
Romsterreally warm today here. currently 34c inside.01:04
pitillouau nice, here around 6º01:04
Romstercold <<01:04
Romsterhmm i have to do something about seting xchat to unicode.01:05
Romsterinfact i should do my whole pc.01:05
pitillocan't you change it in the server configuration?01:05
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pitilloah oki01:05
Romsteryeah but per a server.01:05
Romsterbit of a pain having some unicode and not others imo.01:06
Romsterand why bother changing the lot when ii could fix it permantly globally <<01:06
Romstererr i*01:06
Romsteri've nearly got a k6-2 tool chain done for 2.4 if anyone is interested in the built packages.01:07
ryuodoes anyone here run crux on a 2.4 kernel still?01:13
Romsterno idea i don't think so unless there got a spefic pourpose.01:14
pitilloroboflop, well, the only idea was that, not sure how to do to all the system or to all servers by default.01:14
Romsterryuo, why would you wanna do that?01:14
ryuoI dunno01:14
Romsterpitillo, you typing to the right channel O_o01:14
ryuoif your systems really old, you might prefer the 2.4.x kernel01:15
Romsterryuo, you got a spefic need?01:15
ryuoi'd probably use it if...01:15
ryuoi was making a dedicated server01:15
pitilloomg, sorry, I was talking to you Romster01:15
pitillosleept, bad tabbing  and the vnc delay.... sorry01:16
Romsteronly reason miht be worth it is for openmosic other than that i don't see a need plus you'd have to go back to devfs ad not udev ?01:16
Romsterpitillo, lol...01:16
Romsterpitillo, export LC_ALL=....01:16
Romsterbut i dunno what it would break.01:16
pitillowell, I played with that and didn't well for all apps...01:17
Romsterthat's the thing.01:18
Romsteri've changed stuff to unicode like boost and wxgtk, but who knows what else i need to do.01:18
ryuokinda sad01:19
pitilloI don't know... I was talking with sepen about trying to make a lang selection to CRUX, and make it bigger (breaking CRUX philosophy) but adding support to the lang you choose (some kind of building all .po and taking only the one you choose)01:19
ryuosawfish is impossible to compile without patches01:20
Romsterryuo, hmm01:20
ryuoone of its dependencies, the library for lisp to gtk bindings01:20
pitillothe idea was to use CRUX in computers wich were managed by us, but used by users who don't know english01:20
ryuois old and wont compile unless you patch it01:20
ryuobecause gtk2 has changed a lot :p01:21
Romstersawfish isn't even in the portsdb...01:22
ryuonot surprised01:22
ryuobut i know how you can fix it if you want 2 add it01:22
Romsterwas sawfish a wm?01:22
ryuoit is a WM01:22
ryuoand its maintained still01:22
Romstererr is..01:22
ryuocheckout #sawfish :p01:22
Romsteryou got a port of it?01:23
ryuoarchlinux has a working version of sawfish01:23
Romsteror you trying to make one.01:23
ryuothey patched the libraries01:23
ryuoerr library01:23
ryuono i dont01:23
ryuojust remembering01:23
Romsterlisp to gtk2 issue..01:24
ryuoits a library01:24
ryuoif you use the archlinux patches to the librarys source01:24
ryuoit compiles and then you can compile sawfish01:24
ryuodo you find sawfish interesting?01:25
Romsterah i'll have a look.01:25
Romsterseems i've already started to expand out so much from what i use.01:25
ryuoyou tried pekwm?01:25
ryuoit seems very interesting01:25
Romsteri'm gonna try and get mor einto fvwm.01:26
Romstermor einto*01:26
Romstergah more into*01:26
Romsteri've seen pekwm.01:26
ryuoFri Jan  4 01:25:06 UTC 200801:26
Romsterlol is 6:28pm here <<01:28
ryuowhich rox port has just rox-filer?01:28
ryuorox is my favorite file manager :p01:28
Romsteri haven't used rox.01:28
Romsteror have i..01:29
pitilloryuo, take a look to prt-get fsearch01:29
pitilloit's inside rox port (opt)01:29
Romsteryeah prt-get fsearch rox-filler01:29
ryuoi have noticed that the footprint stops depinst sometimes01:29
Romsteryou can -if01:29
Romsterignore footprint or set it in prt-get .conf01:29
pitilloryuo, man prt-get01:30
Romsterprt-get help01:30
Romsteror as pitillo said.01:30
ryuoi consider the footprint check useless01:30
ryuobut eh01:30
ryuoi guess thats cause md5sum01:30
ryuofills the role better01:30
pitilloryuo, I don't think so ... think about removing a package... the footprint keeps track of the files you have installed01:30
ryuomd5sum helps check for download corruption or01:30
ryuobut i mean01:31
ryuoits useless when it comes from the port01:31
ryuoand hasnt been updated for your system01:31
ryuohrm i remember lunar linux, it was interesting...01:32
pitillowell, depends on the port... I think it's a good idea to see how the packager did it... and you have the choice to ignore or regenerate a new one to your system01:32
ryuoit kept logs of all installations, compiles, etc. it also kept an archive of the compiled packages01:32
pitilloryuo, you have the choice here too... take a look to prt-get.conf at log section01:33
ryuodoes it log just compiles?01:33
ryuoor can it log all successful installs/removes?01:33
pitilloryuo, you can log all, from the download to the installation sucessfull01:33
Romsteri try to keek footprints to only the dependencys listed.01:33
Romsterso you'd only see new files but shouldn't see missing files, missing files is a more concerning thing to be looking for.01:34
pitilloryuo, try to read that file (prt-get.conf) and make your own tests to see what is being logged01:34
pitilloI am agree Romster, that was a good point01:34
ryuoi was just thinkin i wish the footprint was...01:34
Romsterit's upto the person to decide what todo with a missmatch sometimes it could really show a obvious error.01:35
ryuoupdated upon build time completion01:35
ryuoeven if it exists...01:35
ryuobecause sometimes01:35
ryuothe package is updated and the footprint is not01:35
Romsterbut as soon as you do a ports -u they'll get reverted.01:35
ryuoyou could keep it all in a /usr/ports/local01:36
ryuoor something01:36
Romsterwell i always update the footprint unless it hasn't changed.01:36
ryuoif i maintain a port i would01:36
ryuoupdate the package version, md5sums, and regenerate the footprint01:36
Romsterso your saying a override .footprint customised for your system to keep and use instead of the one the maintainer used?01:36
ryuoi've run into default footprints that didnt match up when i01:37
pitilloryuo, an updated port must have an updated footprint01:37
ryuocompiled packages using THEIR pkgfile01:37
Romsteri've had quite a few too..01:37
ryuoi know01:37
ryuojust sayin01:37
Romster-if if you dare or check each one then install it.01:37
pitilloryuo, if you got NEW files, then you have some packeges installed that the packager hadn't01:37
ryuoideally you should update footprint for version changes01:37
Romsteri do and so should everyone else.01:38
ryuothe version updated and has new files01:38
pitilloryuo, when a mantainer update a port, he updates the footprint to the new version01:38
Romsterbut msot update on there working ssystem that may have optional programs that it will add support too.01:38
ryuoya know...01:38
ryuoi think the footprint would work better if01:38
ryuoit was stored in a universal place01:38
ryuoand only updated when you installed packages to your system01:38
Romsterif you do a depinst from a clean system it wouldn't have aditional stuff.01:38
ryuoso its custom-tuned to your system01:39
pitillothe universal place it's the port directory01:39
ryuowhen you run ports -u it gets overwritten01:39
Romsteruse maintainer footprint unless you got a local modifyed one?01:39
ryuoand if yours varied01:39
ryuooh well01:39
ryuojust an idea01:40
ryuoit sounds more sound to me but eh whatever i don't run this distro01:40
Romsteri think ryuo is saying that if he ws todo a sysup or a force rebuild you'd nto get very many footprint mismatches.01:40
pitilloyeah, I see your point now and I am not sure how to avoid that overwritten01:40
ryuoyou could simply create a port tree that contains install info for future reference...01:40
ryuoor a /var/ path01:40
pitillono Romster, I think he dont want to update his personal footprints when he does a ports -u01:40
Romsterryuo, i' open to new ideas, if there feesable is the other point.01:41
ryuoperhaps a default /usr/ports/local one that01:41
ryuowhen you install or update or rebuild a01:41
ryuoit creates a directory with the ports name01:41
ryuoand stores the .footprint there01:41
Romsterpitillo, upon a build and update footprint to match his systm store the .footprint and don't update it... a hack to ports -u maybe possable.01:42
ryuolocal could also be used for the default location for your custom ports01:42
pitilloRomster, yeah01:42
Romstereh it's useally /usr/ports/romster or what ever you name it.01:42
ryuoi mean01:42
ryuoif your making the change to a future crux release01:43
ryuoit might also be nice if crux included a dhcp net file variation by default01:43
ryuogets kinda old having to manually retype it each time i install crux :p01:43
ryuothe one in the handbook01:43
pitilloretype the dhcpcd command at net rc.d/script?01:44
Romsterryuo, you could save your /etc directory <<01:44
pitilloor better said, rc.d/net script ...01:45
Romsterryuo, and you probbably hadn't looked at rejmerge enough and it's conf file.01:45
Romsterhmm maybe a example one be in order?01:45
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Romsterjust a few extra lines in /etc/rc.d/net that you uncomment for either dhcp or static ip.01:46
Romsteranyways back to looking at if i wanna mess with sawfish01:47
ryuocheck out then :p01:48
ryuosawfish can use ESD for sound output01:48
ryuoif you want sound effects01:48
ryuoon window events01:48
Romstereh i wananavoid esd and i even wanna stop using arts.01:49
ryuodont worry...01:49
ryuoits optional01:49
Romsterand i'm gonna move away from jack and use pulseaudio01:50
ryuobut you have to manually disable it with ./configure or it wont get past ./configure :p01:50
Romstersawfish with kde O_o01:50
Romsterthat's not hard todo <<01:50
* ryuo presses Romster's buttons.01:52
* ryuo watches Romster self-destruct.01:52
* ryuo slowly backs away.01:52
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Romsterpitillo, some how i don't think ryuo thinks about KISS and the fact crux is not a distro to hold your hand, that you must decide what action todo.02:06
pitilloummm not sure about that, I think he was looking a way to store his .footprints to avoid being overwritten by ports -u02:08
Romsteryeah i saw that too.02:11
pitilloI forgot to ask him if he readed the handbook, but I think he did it.02:12
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Romsteri guess he did.02:15
Romsterhi Rotwang02:16
SiFuhthanks for the help this morning morlenxus. The newbie me got it working...02:29
____mavrick61Hi all.. Dose Crux 2.4 support current VMware Server 1.0.4?02:29
SiFuhif another version of linux supports it, then it surely can ____mavrick6102:29
sepensure, but is not yet ported, version 1.0.3-44356 here!02:30
____mavrick61It has not always been so...02:30
espohmm is someone able to build ghc? From this PKGFILE? (
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SiFuhHaha, I did it again.. apcupsd[3925]: apcupsd FATAL ERROR in newups.c at line 100 Mutex lock failure. ERR=Invalid argument  last message repeated 680 times03:00
SiFuhIgnore, go to sleep, wake up dreaming of the answer..03:00
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DrEvilDoes anyone have an idea what's the uncompressed size of the squashfs image used on the crux-2.4-i585 iso image? I'm trying to install crux-2.4 on my old i586 laptop (80MiB RAM), but there are "No space left on device" errors while populating the "newroot" tmpfs03:19
DrEvilThere seems to be no kernel command line paramter to adjust the default tmpfs size, but only a mount option (according to "Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt")03:23
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SiFuhisn't it around 500MB?03:26
Romsterespo, you don't need libiconv it's in glibc03:27
Romsterbah figures now they put a i586 image up after i have done the tool chain and crap on my k6-2 box <<03:28
espohmm i got an error on configure have to try when im back @home03:29
Romsterwell lets jsut say i'm not new to messing with tool chains <<03:31
RomsterDrEvil, maybe you could do it the add all of the packages from the core/* off the iso loop mounted?03:33
Romsterthat's how i edned up doing my i686 since i can't boot off my dvd drive.03:34
SiFuhcan't use a floppy ?03:36
Romsteri removed my floppy drive <<03:40
Romsterand it won't boot off a sata dvd drive from a add on sata pci card yet it will off the sata hdd.03:41
SiFuhoh, what about DrEvil ?03:41
Romsterstupid old bios.03:41
Romsterah he could make a boot kernel on floppy.03:41
SiFuhif he has a floppy drive03:42
SiFuhWell, i don't think i forgot anything on this server build.. I think it might be completed..03:43
SiFuheverything seems to work..03:43
RomsterDrEvil, if it's still a working system and you want to upgrade you can mount the iso in loop back mode doa  for loop int he core packages after removing the old not sued packages.03:44
DrEvilNo, i'm trying a clean install on a new harddrive. The previous crux-2.3-i586 installation is saved on another harddrive03:47
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:01
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SiFuhthey have a very anoying search bot04:18
Rotwangis it possible to generate somehow two sets of numbers dependent on each other using shell?04:32
SiFuhas example?04:48
sepenRotwang, maybe #bash is the best channel to ask this04:49
Rotwangnvm, SiFuh: some random data dependent somehow on each other04:50
prologicafaik that's not really possible04:50
Rotwangsepen: youre right04:50
prologiccertainly not numbers - variables can be dependent on each other04:50
prologicrain may depend on the presence of clouds for instance04:51
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mike_kreading line (mic) input for the noise is a good starting point =)04:53
SiFuhtar -czpf - /mnt/wd2/admin | tar -zxpvf -04:54
* Rotwang throws a vodka at Romster, thx for gcc-fortran04:55
prologicfortran lol04:55
prologicwhat a piece of rubbish :)04:55
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Rotwangneeded for lapack04:56
prologicmeh :)04:56
SiFuhprologic: i bet you would say that back in 1954 :-P05:04
prologicprolly not05:09
prologicbut I can say it now :)05:09
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SiFuhreminds me of the advertisement "real nice guys ride hondas"  wouldn't dream of saying it now..05:12
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prologicwhat's with 2.4 and the quick-install ?06:16
prologicI get ... Login:06:16
prologictry to login and get06:16
prologicUnable to determine your tty name.06:16
bjohanany way to make pkgmk give the -j option to make?06:24
prologicedit /etc/pkgmk.conf06:25
pitillobjohan, pkgmk.conf06:25
prologicuse std. GCC options06:25
bjohanprologic, how do you mean?06:26
prologicexport CC=...06:26
bjohanprologic, can i give options to make like that?06:27
bjohanis not that just for the compiler?06:27
bjohanwhat i want to do is to pass -j 4 to make because i have 4 cpu's06:30
prologicaccording to the man page for make, it doesn't list any env vars that you can use to set this06:31
prologicso you may just have to edit the Pkgfile06:31
bjohanit would be a pain to edit all those files :)06:32
bjohanbut thanks any way06:32
bjohani guess the other 3 gets to watch and laugh the one that is woriking :)06:33
treachbjohan: export MAKEFLAGS="-j X"06:33
bjohantreach, thanks06:33
prologicthere ya go :)06:33
prologicwhy that isn't in the man page I don't know :)06:34
SiFuhman make06:34
prologicyou man make :)06:34
treachit may break some builds, so it's not a recommended default setting06:34
prologichmm it is too06:34
prologicjust not very obvious06:34
prologicis there because make has no concept of "wait for x to finish before starting y" if y depends on x ?06:36
treachmost likely, yes.06:36
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LithiumFXHey everyone, I was wondering if anybody is having problems building the latest glibc, sox and subversion port updates07:57
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teKprologic: dhcps URL in contrib-2.4 is broken. It's not 4.0.0b3 but 4.0.008:28
prologicI'll update to 2.4 soon08:30
teKgn8 :)08:30
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jkrIs it safe to mount the ISO on a running CRUX 2.3 and just pkgadd all the updated ports from the ISO to upgrade the system?08:44
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Man0l0hi everyone09:16
Man0l0I'm having an extrange problem building the 2.4 iso09:17
Man0l0any idea ?09:19
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Rotwangmy repo dissapeard from
tilmanRotwang: please shoot an email to, he should be able to explain why it was removed, and he should be able to fix it, too09:40
Rotwanggrrrr, i have bad day09:40
*** mrks_ has quit IRC09:45
Rotwangwhat could be cause of removing my repo?09:48
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jkrDoes anyone else have problems with the curx 2.4 port of subversion?10:13
tilmanwhat kind of problems?10:24
jkrWhen compiling it complains about some missing libs10:25
jkrThe libs  are there, but in another version10:25
tilmancan you please leave out more details?10:25
jkrE.g. libdb10:25
jkrIt wants 4.4, but 4.5 is installed10:26
tilmantry to rebuild apr10:27
tilmanmaybe your current apr is linked against 4.410:27
*** tri has joined #crux10:27
jkrOk, I'll try10:28
tilmanbtw, you can easily see if that will help or not10:29
tilmanjust run ldd on libapr10:29
tilmanor: grep ldb /usr/lib/pkgconfig/apr-util-1.pc10:30
jkrLooks like liapr isn't liked against libdb at all10:31
tilmanjkr: it's libaprutil, not libapr10:31
jkrRight, it's linked against 4.410:31
jkrI'll rebuild10:31
jkrThanks :)10:31
jkrStar Trek Voyager FTW!10:33
*** ____mavrick61 is now known as mavrick6110:37
j^2fuck that, DS910:47
* j^2 ducks10:47
jkrThere's no 7/9 on DS910:47
tilmani didn't like either of those10:48
tilmanTNG ftw ffs bbq wtf10:48
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roboflopanyone knows a good console program for a calendar and todo list?12:02
treachvim or emacs, probably. :p12:05
roboflopmeh :/12:05
roboflopnot what im looking for exactly12:06
treachwith some plugin/script I mean.12:06
treach"remind" could be useful as well.12:07
roboflopkk, hmms ill google some more then, and btw treach i switched to zsh it was awesome :)12:08
treachglad you liked it.12:09
*** f1y13af has joined #crux12:13
*** boe has joined #crux12:17
jkrwyrd is a nice curses interface to remind12:19
*** Viper_ has joined #crux12:19
Rotwanghi Viper_12:20
roboflopjkr: thanks will check it :)12:21
jkrI also have a simple todo-script I wrote some time ago12:23
jkrWorks fine for me, but it is really very very simple :)12:24
roboflopjkr: kk, just found devtodo, think im gonna use that, seems to have what i want :)12:25
jkrThat's nice too, but I think it's even a little more simple than mine *g*12:26
roboflopjkr: kay, do you have yours somewhere on web so i can test it?12:29
jkrWait a second12:30
jkrThe help texts are not too helpful I guess, so if you don't get it just ask me :)12:33
roboflophmms, i get a 403 error forbidden :/12:34
jkrSorry, try again :)12:34
jkrWrong perms12:34
jkrIt's a very simple approach to implement that "getting things done" hype12:35
jkrIt allows projects, contexts, deadlines and fixed dates12:35
jkrAnd of course colored output!:D12:35
roboflopgot it now, will have a look at it now12:36
jkrThe format for tasks is a bit strange I guess12:36
roboflopcolored nice :)12:36
jkrTo add something, just type "task -a '#:high p:myproject @home @online @whatever @context Do this and that.'12:36
jkr# is the priority, p: the project, @ adds contexts12:37
jkrd:yyyy-mm-dd adds a date, t:hh:mm adds a time, D:12h5m adds a duration12:38
roboflopcool, seems to do all i want, ill use it :)12:41
jkrGreat, I got a user!!12:42
jkrI should make a channel #task for support12:42
roboflophehe :P12:42
jkrHmm, some things are not documented in the -h output yet12:44
jkrIf you're missing something, have a look at the source, it's probably already implemented :)12:44
jkrlike -f for the full output instead of the default short list12:45
jkrOr searching like "task -l context=home" etc12:45
roboflopill take a look at the source, just gonna install remind also, gonna add birtdates to that, altho i know nothing about perl trying to learn C atm :)12:46
jkrFor birthdays remind is a bit oversized12:47
jkrTry "birthday" instead :)12:47
jkrIt's good for birthdays and other repeating or one-time events12:47
roboflopahh thanks :) will have a look at it12:48
jkrThat's a good introduction12:49
*** onestep has quit IRC12:50
*** boe has quit IRC12:51
roboflopkay thanks, now i got something to do for a few hours hehe12:54
jkrWait a second, I just made a birthday port for crux :)12:58
jkrIf you don't have it yet12:58
jkrIt's in the nexscrp repo12:59
roboflopahh cool was just looking at the makefile :P ill use the port then :)13:06
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mavrick61Hi.. Have any core member change things on Crux server.. No backup running..13:16
mavrick61Last backup 11-28-0713:20
RotwangViper_: ping14:05
Viper_Rotwang, pong14:07
Rotwangi'll pm you14:07
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC14:10
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*** ryuo has joined #crux14:23
ryuowow thats a surprise14:23
ryuothey made an update to xmms o_O14:23
jkrThey also update ed regularly :)14:24
ryuowhats ed?14:24
jkrA text editor14:24
tilmanfucking noobs14:24
*** onestep has joined #crux14:24
jkrWell, kind of :)14:24
tilmanryuo: ed is used to patch vim, or something14:24
tilmaniirc that's the sole reason why we have it in crux14:25
ryuonano feels lonely i bet :/14:25
aoned is there because i use it, ofc14:25
ryuoi noticed nano isn't part of core :p14:25
ryuoi kinda thought xmms was never gonna be updated again14:25
ryuoxmms may be old, but its functionality is still working :)14:26
ryuokinda surprised audacious isn't in contrib though14:27
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:27
jkrCMUS is in opt, that's enough :)14:27
rehabdollbmp does the job if you want gtk214:27
aonand herrie is in contrib14:28
ryuojust feels awkward to carry around gtk2 and gtk1 :p14:28
ryuoespecially if gtk1 is only used by one app14:28
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:29
ryuoaww that sucks amus has not support for musepack:(14:30
jkrherrie can chroot into music directories? :D14:31
jkrWhat's that needed for?14:31
rehabdollaudacious was wonderful before they started to depend on two obscure libraries14:32
jkrroboflop: CMUS should support musepack if you have the lib installed14:32
jkrYou might have to rebuild CMUS though14:32
ryuojkr: does CMUS respond to clicks from gpm or xorg?14:33
jkrI don't think so14:33
ryuoi was thinking it might14:33
jkrWhy would you click on a textbased application? :)14:33
jkrirssi? :)14:34
ryuoirssi doesnt support it14:34
ryuoi dont think14:34
jkrAh, btw14:34
jkrHow do I disable that in elinks?14:34
jkrThat's totally frustrating14:34
ryuowhy would you want to?14:34
ryuoi don't even use elinks14:34
ryuoi take it jkr doesn't use xorg much?14:35
jkrBecause sometimes I want to copy URLs or text out of elinks in an ?term and it doesn't work because it catches the clicks14:35
jkrelinks rocks14:35
jkrBut in [xa]term it really sucks sometimes14:36
*** null_logik has joined #crux14:36
null_logikhi folks14:36
*** null_logik has quit IRC14:37
treach"speed planet", huh. :>14:43
ryuothats wierd14:55
ryuoi changed my udev rules, and its listed all sorts of things, not just my /dev/hda cd drive as belonging to group cdrom...14:56
tilmansame here14:56
tilmani didn't change anything though14:56
ryuoI better revert it...14:56
ryuoi dont want users to have such intricate access to hard disks14:57
ryuowow, xorg picks 1024x768 as my default resolution o_o14:57
tilman25-lfs.rules sez: KERNEL=="hd*" GROUP="disk"14:58
tilmanbut i *think* 81-cdrom.rules is supposed to override it14:58
treachwhat version of udev?14:58
ryuowhatever was on the 2.4 disk14:58
ryuoi'll check14:58
treachsame here, no issues. :/14:58
ryuowell i modified my rules slightly14:59
treachyeah, but tilman didn't.14:59
tilmantreach: /dev/hda is group cdrom for you?14:59
ryuo/dev/hda = my cdrom /dev/sda = my hard drive14:59
tilmansame for treach and me i supposed14:59
treachI don't have any hd* devices.14:59
treachmight be that.14:59
ryuoSATA hard drive and IDE cd drive15:00
treachI used to have that setup as well.15:00
tilmanryuo: yes, same here. you didn't break it, it's broken in the vanilla setup, too :D15:00
ryuohow do you suggest i fix it then?15:00
ryuorevert the rules and just add a chown to rc.local?15:00
tilmanthat's certainly the quickest way15:00
ryuoi changed the15:01
tilmanespo: a great way to contribute would be to look after udev, btw15:01
tilmanwe lack a udev guru15:01
ryuo60-cdrom_id.rules though15:01
ryuoi have no knowledge of how udev works15:01
ryuoI added15:02
ryuoGROUP=="cdrom" and MODE=="0660" to it15:02
ryuowierd how15:02
ryuoudev gets the group wrong but still notices that my /dev/hda is my dvd and cd drive15:03
jkrryuo: What do you want to do?15:03
ryuosimply add my cdrom to the cdrom group and not to the disk group15:04
ryuoso i can access it in userspace15:04
jkrTry = instead of ==15:04
jkr== is for comparison,  = for setting15:04
tilmangood catch :p15:04
treachheh, a classic. :P15:05
jkrIt's all in the manual :)15:05
ryuowell brb time to reboot and see if it worked15:05
jkrYou don't need to reboot15:05
jkrudev watches the config with inotify, so you don't even need to restart it15:05
jkrJust take the drive out15:06
jkrHmm, probably doesn't work so good for hard drives *g*15:06
ryuohey jkr15:06
ryuoget a load of what udev did :p15:07
tilmanjkr: sata is hotpluggable (sometimes)! ;)15:07
ryuoit has the RTC marked as15:07
treachsoon it will put stuff in the registry as well, automagically :>15:07
ryuoCDROM GROUP15:07
* ryuo laughs.15:07
treachtilman: but the drive was ata. :P15:07
treachotherwise it wouldn't be hda :>15:07
tilmantreach: yeah, but he mentioned "hard drives" later15:07
ryuoi have 4 partitions :)15:07
jkrOf course you have to describe the device in the rule so it does apply only to the drive you mean15:07
ryuoor i could take the easy way out and15:08
ryuojust modify it manually :p15:08
treachfor a moment I feared you'd type "install windows" there. *g*15:08
jkrYou could just set the group and perms manually once and then never reboot again ;)15:08
ryuojkr: not quite15:09
ryuojkr: I lose power eventually :p15:09
tilmanso you're in the usa?15:09
ryuoand your point is?15:09
tilmanthat the usa have a crappy power system?15:10
jkrThen you have to decide what's the smaller problem - ensure power supply or learn to use udev rules :)15:10
tilman+ mild ignorance + exageration and all that15:10
treach"once you check in you can never leave"?15:10
tilmansomeone wake romster, i misspelled a word15:10
treachand then another one. :D15:10
* ryuo grabs the cattleprod.15:10
* ryuo prods Romster into action.15:11
tilmantreach: which one?15:11
ryuotreach: Isn't it..15:11
ryuotreach: once you check in you don't check out15:11
tilmani think he was quoting the motherfucking eagles15:11
treachrofl, yeah. :D15:12
tilmanso i'm back at the office for 3 days, and the stupid radio program already drives me nuts15:12
tilmani didn't remember it was so freaking braindead15:12
treachlocal stations?15:13
tilmanand the charts seem to have gotten MUCH worse since summer15:13
tilmantreach: yes15:13
aontilman: have you listened to the new excrementory grindfuckers album?15:13
aoni mean the one that came out last year15:13
jkrThere's a new one?15:13
aondunno if that's considered new15:13
ryuoso isnt udev supposed to notice when i change the rules?15:13
tilmani think i downloaded a sample song from it15:13
treachman, "Radio Kristianstad" must have *the* most retarded radio show ever.. :/15:13
ryuoI changed some and saved it15:13
ryuonothin change15:13
aonyes, "Bitte nicht vor den Gaesten"15:14
aonit even has a bee gees cover!15:14
*** ryuo has quit IRC15:14
aoni can put it somewhere if u wish15:14
treach"Faxofån" was invented to torture younger co-workers with by older people with severe alzheimer. :/15:14
* jkr wishes :D15:15
tilmanaon: yes please :)15:15
tilmanjkr: are you from hessia by chance?15:16
tilmanthe local station we listen to in the office is 'ffh'15:16
tilmanthey got a comedy show with a crappy girl making stupid prank calls15:16
jkrtilman: Yup, but I just moved here about 4 months agog15:16
aonwe have that too, afaik15:16
tilmanand she's called "marie aus paris", ie crappy french accent etc15:16
tilmanomfg so fucking retarded15:16
tilmanjkr: don't listen to ffh, it makes your brain rot15:16
aoncan't remember which station(s) had it15:17
aonas i don't normally listen to fm15:17
tilmanplus their djs only have half a brain15:17
jkrI once listened to "you fm" because there were ads on all the buses here, but they have only about 5 top tracks they play all the time15:17
treachcan't be worse than people faxing in to the studio, who subsequently calls them up..15:17
tilmanjkr: same with ffh really15:17
treachman, where do they find all those ufos?!15:17
jkrNow I listen to my station at the office, usually15:17
tilmanthey play the same shit every DAY15:17
tilmanthey played nothing else matters the last three days15:18
tilmanthey played november rain the last three days15:18
aonit's fun when you flip between two stations and they play the same song slightly out of sync15:18
tilmanthe radio edit without the solos of course15:18
tilmanTHE STUPIDITY15:18
tilmanhaha aon15:18
treachmmh, german radio playing something that was actually hits once. In english?15:19
tilmangerman radio doesn't play much german music15:20
tilmanexcept when its in the charts :/15:20
* treach remembers hearing some horrible version of "stand by me" translated in german15:20
*** RyoS has joined #crux15:20
tilmanso there's one german band from which they play 2 songs all day15:20
tilmanie you get to hear those 2*3 times15:20
treach99 Luftballons and? ;)15:21
tilmani think i'll bring my ear plugs next week15:21
tilmantreach: no, recent songs ;)15:21
jkrtreach: And the remake by Otto :)15:21
treachheh, figured, just kidding. :P15:21
treachjkr: it can't be any good remake for the german market unless it's done by david hasseldorf ;D15:22
tilmancan the world please stop making fun of hasselhoff's success in germany?15:23
jkrIs that a joke name or is there really such a person?15:23
treachjkr: there is such a person.15:23
jaeger-more hasselhoff than hasseldorf, though15:23
tilmanjkr: david hasselhoff, aka hassel the hoff? knight rider? looking for freedom? cameo in spongebob squarepants?15:23
Rotwanghaha imagine knight rider german version15:24
jkrSure I know Hasselhoff, but not Hasseldorf15:24
treach"baywatch star", and apparently somewhat succesfull as a record artist in germany.15:24
Rotwangtalking corvette would be volksvagen beetle15:24
treachjkr: thinko. sorry15:24
tilmanRotwang: trans am, no?15:24
tilmannot a corvette15:24
Rotwangah, k :) i always thought that was corvette15:26
treachtilman: You don't have to take your fellow germans poor taste in music personal. After all, the fall from Bach, Beethoven and Brahms had to be big, right? ;)15:27
jkrIs this a good idea?15:27
jkrsetopt nullglob; for port in `prt-get listinst`; pkgadd -u /mnt/iso/crux/{core,opt}/$port\#*15:27
jkrThe CRUX 2.4 ISO is mount on /mnt/iso of course.15:29
treachI'd say "no".15:30
jkrWhat'd be a better idea?15:30
treachboot on the cd, use the "upgrade" option15:31
treachor, upgrade through the ports, carefully.15:31
jkrI can't boot from it, the host is somewhere in Frankfurt :)15:31
treachthat would be a bother.15:31
tilmanjkr: can't you reboot into a rescue system?15:31
jkrSure, but why would that be better?15:32
treachjkr: you see, just blindly updating the packages would probably break stuff.15:32
tilmanbecause then you can use the iso's pkgadd program15:32
tilmanwhich doesn't rely on your system15:32
tilmanthus it cannot break after you upgraded libc15:32
jkrWhat if I install the ISOs pkgadd first?15:32
tilmanit *might* not work on the old glibc15:33
jkrI think I already updated libc some time ago15:33
jkrI stopped the whole upgrade because I realized that my hard drive was too small for compiling GCC :)15:33
treachlibpcre might cause problems too, I think.15:33
jkrNow I'm trying to upgrade using the prebuilt packages from the ISO15:33
jkrHmm, I think I'll just try it :)15:34
jkrIt it breaks something, I'll boot from the rescue CD and reinstall the packages15:35
*** ryuo has joined #crux15:35
ryuogot it workin15:36
ryuojust modifyed the rules :p15:36
ryuoKERNEL=="hda", GROUP="cdrom", MODE="0660" to the cdrom rules15:36
jkrWhat did you have before? :D15:37
ryuojust the defaults15:37
jkrJust GROUP="cdrom", ...? *g*15:37
ryuoi didnt have a condition before15:37
jkrSo everything was cdrom?15:37
ryuoall my block devices15:37
ryuowere marked as such15:37
jkrudev rules15:38
jkrI made it sync my MP3 player with my music folder automatically whenever I plug it into the USB port :)15:38
ryuoi disabled usb mass storage in my kernel15:39
ryuoi rarely use USB15:39
jkrI couldn't live without USB anymore :)15:39
ryuoin fact the only 3 filesystems i gave my kernel are15:39
ryuoudf, iso9660, and jfs15:40
jkrUSB drive, MP3 player, DVB-T antenna, remote, ...15:40
jkrKeyboard, mouse15:40
ryuoi offloaded my kernel to a /boot jfs partition :p15:40
ryuoand its not automounted15:40
ryuojkr, how do you get stuff like CDs to show up in a non-kde/gnome/xfce GUI environment?15:41
ryuowhen their presence is detected but their not mounted15:41
jkrWhat do you mean with "show up"?15:42
ryuoyou know how kde/gnome/xfce show an icon when they detect cds?15:47
ryuothats what i mean15:47
jkrWell, I use ZSH as desktop and sometimes Fluxbox, it's pretty hard to show an icon there :)15:48
ryuoi use rox :o15:48
jkrI think the last time I used a CDROM was when I initially installed CRUX a few years ago :)15:49
jkrWhen I really need a CD, I just mount the ISO15:49
jkrIf you just want to be notified about it, you could write a script for udev or something15:50
rehabdolloh, old as hell15:50
ryuojkr: seems kinda moot when you should know when you connect stuff :p15:51
jkrJim Beam Cola rocks15:51
jkrryuo: Hmm?15:52
jkrWhat do you mean?15:52
ryuoshouldnt i know if i put a CD in or15:52
ryuoconnect a USB?15:53
jkrWell if it was you who put the CD in there you should know about it15:54
jkrHowever I could imagine that you forget after some time15:54
jkrBut you should see the cdrom activity when you boot your computer15:54
jkrBut actually you should take the CD out of your drive before rebooting since it slows down the startup process IMO15:56
ryuoi leave audio CDs15:56
ryuoin the cd drive at times15:56
jkrMaybe you should just rip them :)15:57
ryuowould if tagging them wasnt such a pain15:57
jkrCDs are soooo outdated15:57
ryuoseveral of my CD sets are 415:57
ryuoor more15:57
ryuojkrs are sooo last century15:58
jkrryuo: Try abcde for ripping15:58
jkrIt does a really great job15:58
ryuojkr: one problem, none of the CD databases have the right info for my CDs15:58
* tilman <3 musicbrainz15:59
ryuoits japanese CDs :p16:00
jkrIf you really want to, you can make udev run script whenever a device is recognized16:00
ryuoone problem, jkr16:00
jkrSo you can play a stupid windows *pling* sound or something :)16:00
ryuomy cd drive is always connected16:00
ryuohow do i get it to detect the presence of media then?16:00
jkrHmm, never thought about that16:01
jkrMaybe having a look at the kernel automounter would help?16:01
ryuosad isnt it... how...16:02
ryuopeople seems obsessed with money16:02
RedShiftryuo: are you earning money yourself?16:03
ryuomore or less, but i mean16:03
ryuocorporations always try to earn more it seems at any cost16:03
jkrYup, those evil automounter monopolists16:03
ryuoenough is never enough16:03
ryuoit seems16:03
RedShiftthat's capitalism for you16:04
ryuohey wait...16:04
ryuoaren't you from arch?16:04
jkrI'd be glad if I had enough money to buy all the tech toys I want to play with :)16:04
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:04
RedShiftsup jkr16:05
RedShiftyeah that's the problem with new toys, once you got those you wanted, you want more16:05
RedShiftsmall example, at first you buy a layer 2 switch wich you've always wanted16:05
RedShiftafter playing with it for a while you are satisfied, but start wondering what a layer 3 switch could do...16:06
ryuoman its kinda sad how computer tech is obsolete before you even take it out of the box, eh? :p16:06
RedShiftbefore you know it you want some of those loadbalancers that cost an arm and a leg16:06
RedShiftit never stops16:06
jkrRedShift: I'm more interested in *real* toys :)16:06
RedShiftyou mean, females?16:06
jkrLike the chumby, for example16:06
SiFuhPanic! The sun has changed to RedShift!16:07
RedShiftIt's on my list for this year16:07
RedShiftget a female16:07
SiFuhyou have a list?16:07
jkrA shopping list :)16:07
RedShiftlife is pointless, so you have to make it worth living yourself ;-)16:07
RedShiftthis list of things I have to do, does just that16:08
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:08
SiFuhoh My list would be simple, live... maybe die, but i will make it the last thing on the list16:08
RedShiftsome people go find religion for stuff like that16:08
RedShiftI just acknowledge the fact that life by itself has no meaning16:09
ryuooh, brother. now they have machines for exercising your muscles and you can just sit there? meh. whats next? an automatic nosepicker, back scratcher, ass scratcher?16:09
RedShiftso I'm trying to make the best of it :D16:09
RedShiftthey've already got back scratchers and ass scratchers16:09
RedShifthaven't seen an automatic nosepicker yet...16:10
SiFuhryuo: The Gods Must Crazy (Intro)16:10
jkrThat's how to automatically mount your CDs16:10
ryuoone problem jkr :p16:10
ryuoaudio cds have no filesystem16:10
SiFuhno cdrom?16:10
jkrOh wescht16:11
ryuoall i'm wanting is it to inform me when it detects the media16:11
SiFuhRedShift: no need for religion, this is modern world, we got stupifying drugs..16:12
ryuodrugs... ick16:12
ryuowhat, do people seriously think drugs can fix everything? sickening...16:12
SiFuhnow you can experience life from a pill, after a few attempts, you will lose all common sense and simple things in life will become too complex, till you have a breakdown, and start a killing spree :-P or go to a padded cell.16:13
SiFuhryuo: drugs don't fix, they conceal.16:13
ryuowell people sure seem to think it does16:13
SiFuhryuo: Advertisement on TV in Malaysia use to make me mad. About Paracetamol. Guy doesn't come to work cause he has a headache. Lady from work calls him, recommends Paracetamol, he then is seen at work. She says "I thought you were not feeling well" He laughs and says "better now" (This is bullshit, because he still has a headache, he just used a drug to help him ignore it. What is the real reason for the headache? No one knows)16:15
jkrIs anyone interested in my great bundestrojaner honeypot? :D16:15
SiFuhsure, IP address?16:16
ryuoonly a trojan bee would be interested16:16
jkrIt's a software16:16
ryuo"You make something idiotproof, and they'll just build a better idiot."16:16
SiFuhryuo: "never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"16:16
jkrIt's meant to provide terrorist documents that the bundestrojaner might be interested in and when the trojan accesses them, send the trojan to a safe place where it can be anaylized :)16:17
ryuoanalysis complete: jkr is crazy.16:17
SiFuhSuicide Computer.. :-) Get 19 virgin disks..16:17
jkrBut I guess there will never be a linux version of the bundestrojaner :(16:17
SiFuhi want IP16:18
jkrThere's no IP16:18
* ryuo spoon-feeds SiFuh "Intellicuctal Property".16:18
ryuoor however you spell that I word16:18
jkrI need people who might be considered terrorists in Germany to install the honeypot software :)16:19
*** tri has quit IRC16:19
ryuohere sifuh, the IP16:19
SiFuhssh root@jkr.bundestrojaner.com16:20
SiFuh#> now what?16:20
*** jaeger- has quit IRC16:20
ryuoProcessor to hard drive -> Hey, baby, let me format you.16:21
SiFuhwhat about the user?16:22
SiFuhmust be a cron job ryuo  ;-)16:23
jkrWah, stupid sourceforge16:28
ryuoSiFuh: get a grep, mann.16:28
ryuojkr: download trouble?16:28
ryuoI fixed it with a little patchin in my hosts file.16:28
ryuoit redirects all downloads to a specific mirror :)16:29
jkrI did that too, but it doesn't seem to work anymore16:30
jkrWhen I ping my favorite dl host now, I'm redirected to projects.sf.net16:30
ryuohers what i have16:31
ryuo66.35.250.221 dl.sourceforge.net16:31
jkrAh, got it16:31
jkrThanks, but I'm using now which seems to work16:32
ryuoyou use
jkrUhm, I think it's mesh16:32
jkrHowever, it works :)16:33
ryuosourceforge is a great site, but its mirror selecting is really shitty16:33
jkrHehe, CSI is cool16:33
ryuoif you leave it up to sourceforge...16:33
ryuoyou may never get your file16:33
ryuoi found a defunct contrib port16:34
ryuohow do i report it?16:34
ryuothe download url needed updating16:34
jkrryuo: I know, I'm always directed to puzzle in netherland which lets me hang forever, while mesh is in Germany and works pretty fine16:34
jkrryuo: There's a maintainer email address in the Pkgfile16:34
ryuoRene Lengwinat?16:35
ryuosounds german or something16:35
jkrI guess you have to learn german then if you want to get the port fixed ;)16:36
*** f1y13af has joined #crux16:36
ryuocan't someone else with access to the contrib system fix it?16:36
* ryuo boggles.16:37
treachit's considered extremely rude to mess with other peoples ports.16:39
treachjust send the guy an email.16:39
jkrOr make your own repo with the fixed ports :)16:40
ryuoi think i'm gonna make a local port of my own that i put first in prt-get16:40
jkrYou could register it as ryuo-fixed-it in the portdb :)16:41
ryuothat way it overrides defaults if i fixed one16:41
jkrBut if you forget it there, you'll never get the updates16:41
ryuowhen i run ports -u16:42
ryuoi'll cross-reference any changes to the other ports with my own16:42
ryuoi must say prt-get saves a lot of time16:44
ryuoat least depinst does :)16:44
jkrHaving two PCs with two monitors and ssh'ing on each other + using screen is very confusing16:44
ryuowhat is screen exactly?16:44
ryuoone big terminal on the root windw?16:45
jkrA kind of text-based window manager :)16:45
jkrYou can have several shells running in one shell16:45
ryuosounds like those wierd tiling WMs16:45
jkrNo, it has only full-screen shells *g*16:46
treachtry combining screen with some tabbed terminal emulator + some tiling wm. :P16:46
jkrThe weird thing is that you can attach more terminals to one screen session16:46
ryuoreminds me16:46
ryuoEterm has some form of compatibility with screen16:46
jkrSo if I have screen running on one PC and ssh on it from another PC, attach to the running screen and type something, I see it on the monitors of both PCs16:47
jkrOr you can let different people attach to one session *g*16:48
jkrThen you have some kind of ssh-chat16:48
ryuoxmmms removed :o16:48
ryuoi find dark-themes on xorg hard to use16:49
jkrThen stop doing so :)16:50
ryuoi wonder... can sdl work within the framebuffer?16:51
treachI think so.16:52
jkrIIRC there was a project some time ago that did something similar16:52
ryuodepinsting wesnoth :)16:53
jkrHumanity lacks a good way to make cold french fries eatable16:53
ryuoFrench fries have feelings too! ;(16:53
treachor oven, takes sligtly longer though.16:54
ryuoi dont mind installing sdl16:54
ryuofor wesnoth16:54
ryuoI have a few other apps that use it16:54
ryuostill trying to decide on my xorg terminal :o16:55
jkrtreach: Microwave makes them to slimey and oven too hard16:55
ryuoaterm lacks pixmap background...16:55
treachmmh, I've got some "grill" stuff in the micro, doesn't make them slimey.16:56
jkrBut it can fake a transparent background16:56
treachI'd vote for mrxvt or aterm16:56
ryuonvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.16:56
ryuowtf is up with that?16:56
jkrtreach: I heard that holding them over boiling water makes them as good as new, but you need some kind of metal sieve16:57
treachk, never heard of that method.16:57
jkrNever tried it though16:57
treachsounds like *that* would make them slimey, if anything16:57
jkrryuo: The nvidia driver is binary, so it's not good for the kernel16:57
jkrtreach: I'll try it one day and then report here :)16:58
ryuojkr: lol16:58
jjpkjkr: probably not, bet it has to do with the license of the module.16:58
ryuoi don't remember the last time my kernel sneezed because of a binary module :p16:58
jkrWell, with binary I mean proprietary/prebuilt/not-available-as-source16:59
treachjkr: consider yourself our guinea-pig. :P16:59
ryuoits either that or no fully-functional card :/16:59
ryuoone of these days i think i will change to a FOSS video chipset17:00
ryuosuch as VIA17:00
jkrHasn't AMD open-sourced the ATI-drivers recently?17:00
tilmanthey'll probably never open-source fglrx17:00
treachradeon < 9250 works pretty well17:00
treachwe'll have to wait and see for the rest.17:01
ryuovia/intel video is about the only fully open source chipsets capable of 3D i think17:01
ryuomaybe sis17:02
tilmanthere's fully open source drivers for ati's r100, r200, r300, r400 chipsets17:02
tilmanmga does 3d17:02
ryuothose are really old though17:02
treachbut they work well enough for most uses, unless you're a gamer17:03
jkrI think if you're not a gamer you don't need a 3d card17:03
treachenemy territory worked pretty well with a r30017:03
ryuoyea, compiz seems pointless :p17:03
treachjkr: I was refering to newer games-17:03
f1y13aftreach: ?17:03
f1y13afi have r350 and problems with et17:04
f1y13afradeon 960017:04
treachI said "<"17:04
jkrI have a radion 9700 which worked fine with ET before AMD screwed the driver17:04
ryuocrux doesn't have openchrome? O_O17:04
f1y13afcatalyst freezes my machine :/17:04
ryuoisnt openchrome the best driver for via?17:05
* ryuo shrugs.17:05
f1y13aftreach: ok sorry, i see it now17:05
* ryuo presses treach's buttons.17:06
treachI have buttons?17:06
treachdamn. that's news.17:06
jkrThe internet could use some acceleration holes IMO17:06
jkrVoyager incoming too slow17:06
* ryuo watches jkr's web browser crash and burn because of an accleration hole.17:06
jkrMy browser does fine, but the torrents are slow17:07
jkrWheee, looks like I successfully upgraded CRUX17:07
ryuois the CRUX theme related to crux?17:07
* ryuo boggles.17:07
jkrAt least revdep doesn't report any broken deps and prt-get diff says I'm up to date17:08
ryuowhats revdep17:08
treachryuo: what's manpages for?17:08
ryuoi dont have revdep installe17:09
jkrInstall prt-utils, pretty useful scripts in there17:09
* jkr <3 chocolate17:10
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:12
tilmani could play doom3 with a r420 (and the free drivers) on a athlon xp 3500+17:12
tilmanie it was barely playable ;)17:12
jkrIs there anything else to check if the system is ok?17:13
tilmanbut games that give you a heart attack every 10 minutes suck anyway17:13
tilmani'd probably get permanent damage if i finished it17:13
jkrIt was shocking in the beginning, but after 10 minutes it became boring17:13
jkrIt was always the same17:13
*** tri has joined #crux17:13
jkrSome shadows at the wall and some beast jumping out of the dark17:14
predatorfreakjkr: Yawn, another imp behind me.17:14
predatorfreakjkr: Another pinky eating my limbs *yawns*17:14
predatorfreakActually, first time through, Doom 3 scared the shit out of me.17:14
jkrI didn't even finish it17:14
predatorfreakBecause I'd constantly be in a paranoid state of "WHERE ARE THE LITTLE BASTARDS?! I WANNA KILL THEM!!!!"17:15
jkrHmm, now I wanna play it again :)17:15
jkrNeelix is one stupid monkey17:17
ryuowhats the use of findredundantdeps?17:18
predatorfreakryuo: Saving 2 bytes of space!17:18
predatorfreakPRECIOUS BYTES!!!!17:18
predatorfreakryuo: Man, being crazy is no fun if all people do is type .... onto words :(17:20
* jkr <3 bytes17:20
jkr2 bytes are better than nothing17:21
treachryuo: avoiding circular deps iirc.17:21
*** RyoS has quit IRC17:26
ryuohrm i found a use for pkg_installed17:31
jkrprt-get remove /usr/bin/installed/* ? :)17:32
ryuoit makes it easier to check all your installed ported17:33
*** tri has quit IRC17:34
*** tri has joined #crux17:35
jkrJim Beam Cola FTW!17:35
ryuoif i setup a httpup port, how do i get it listed in the CRUX ports database at the website?17:37
treachask Viper_. :p17:37
ryuoI will once i get something to show for the effort :p17:38
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:38
treacherr "*you* ask"17:38
ryuoi'm gonna try to package some stuff none of the other ports have yet, or stuff with fixes17:38
ryuoi mean17:38
ryuoi will ask once i am ready17:38
treachwe'll wait with anticipation.17:39
ryuono sense filling my port with garbage17:39
ryuoor redundant ports17:40
triwhere should i set a additional Path to PKG_CONFIG_PATH in crux ?17:41
SiFuh¿Anyone seen rxi, lately?17:41
treachtri: wherever you like17:41
trisure but is there any config file where it is the "right way" ?17:42
treachI don't think so.17:43
treachpkgmk.conf would make sense, I guess.17:43
*** tri has quit IRC17:52
*** tri has joined #crux17:53
*** jaeger- has joined #crux18:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger-18:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC18:05
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:05
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux18:06
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:06
*** bjohan has quit IRC18:14
*** Viper_ has quit IRC18:25
*** onestep has quit IRC18:37
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:43
*** tri has quit IRC18:54
*** roboflop has quit IRC19:18
*** roboflop has joined #crux19:22
*** errdil has quit IRC19:33
*** Rotwang has left #crux19:36
SiFuhshe don't like cocaine...19:39
SiFuh she don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, paracetamol19:42
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux20:01
LithiumFXHey everyone, anybody got any experience of enable concurrent builds with make (the -jX MAKEFLAG)20:02
ryuoon crux? no but i used to use it on another source distro20:03
ryuowhat do you wish to know?20:04
LithiumFXWell, I've upgraded to CRUX 2.4 and rebuilt all packages (excluding the toolchain)20:04
LithiumFXI've got a list of failed ports20:04
LithiumFXThe fix in the Pkgfiles is make -j1, I believe?20:04
ryuosome ports cannot compile with multiple jobs20:04
LithiumFXBut the maintainers need to update them20:04
LithiumFXI was wondering if there's anybody I could submit the list to, or should I contact the individual maintainers?20:05
ryuodo you use CFLAGS other than the default?20:05
ryuodefault being "-i686 -O2 -pipe" or something like that20:06
ryuoi'm on irssi, i can't view that link right now20:06
LithiumFXThe flags have rebuilt fine in the past, as in I used to use unsafe flags but now I don't20:06
LithiumFX-march=k8 -msse3 -O2 -pipe20:06
ryuodual cores?20:07
treachLithiumFX: you put the export for MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf20:07
LithiumFXThat's correct for my CPU (Athlon X2 4400+, older revision)20:07
treachLithiumFX: but note, that it might break some builds to do so20:07
*** RyoS has joined #crux20:07
LithiumFXtreach, I've got the export MAKEFLAGS="-j4" line already20:07
LithiumFXtreach, some builds are broken. I was wondering what I should do to notify the maintainers.20:07
ryuomodel: 7520:07
ryuomodel name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+20:07
ryuomodel: 7520:07
ryuomodel name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+20:07
ryuothats mine20:08
treachLithiumFX: that's not a maintainer problem really20:08
LithiumFXMine's the socket 939 chip, quite old now20:08
ryuoi use the regular optimizations20:08
LithiumFXtreach, the maintainer can fix it by adding -j1 to all make lines though20:08
ryuoAh, yes that.20:08
treachLithiumFX: yes. but that's the standard20:08
treachso, if you use -j 4 you are using a non-standard. unsupported configuration.20:09
ryuoLithium, why don't you try using lunar linux then? its a source distro and it has its packages already marked for -j1 if its known to be broken under that20:09
LithiumFXIf it's not a maintainer problem, how should I address failed ports?20:09
LithiumFXComment out the line in pkgmk.conf as and when?20:09
treachLithiumFX: you rebuild them with sanersettings20:09
LithiumFXI understand I'm using non-standard settings but the speed improvment using -jX is noticable20:09
ryuoDid you see my suggestion, Lithium?20:10
treachjust like welding the accelerator to the floor in your car20:10
treachthe car goes much faster.20:10
LithiumFXYeah, I know I'm sounding like a 13 year old Gentoo user who's obsessed with -O320:10
treachbut you don't get a repair on the warrant after hitting a tree20:10
LithiumFXIt's not that I MUST use -jX, I was wondering why it's not used/causes problems/if there's a fix20:10
treachLithiumFX: it causes problems sometimes due to race conditions20:10
ryuoLithiumFX: if its that big a deal, try lunar linux. it takes care of that for you.20:11
LithiumFXIt's not a big deal, I never said it was20:11
ryuoLithiumFX: it also does a lot of other stuff to make system management easier20:11
treachie, some poart of the application might depend on a part that isn't built yet20:11
LithiumFXtreach, I understand20:11
predatorfreakryuo: Gentoo does it too.20:11
treachLithiumFX: good. :)20:11
predatorfreakMost other source-based distros waste time filtering.20:11
ryuopredatorfreak: true, but eh20:11
ryuoi can count on my hands the number of source distros :p20:12
treachLithiumFX: the point is that the default works, the alternative is faster, but increases maintainer workload.20:12
LithiumFXI know my suggestion seems pointless, but considering desktop chips exist with four cores surely it'd make sense to mark ports -j1 at some point20:12
predatorfreakLithiumFX: BTW, I know who you are!20:12
treachand we're pretty low on manpower20:12
LithiumFXI don't mind maintaining some extra ports20:13
LithiumFXMy repo is
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, I have your location in Google Earth :-P20:13
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Enjoy the snow.20:13
ryuolunar is a big different, uh... their moonbase (their set of packages) is one big database. anyone using lunar can submit module fixes or new modules for inclusion in the main database20:13
treachryuo: I think that's enough advertising20:14
predatorfreaktreach: If I get unlazy I might implement a flags variable in specially hacked pkgmk.20:14
ryuookay okay20:14
ryuojust remembering20:14
LithiumFXryuo, I understand "somebody does it different", and that it's too much work for CRUX maintainers to mark all ports since it's a big job20:14
ryuofrom when i still used it :p20:14
ryuoi know20:14
ryuotheres like 800 ports20:14
LithiumFXMy point was why doesn't the -jX option get used, but I understand20:14
ryuototal in the official ports20:14
predatorfreakSo that you could define like flags=(clear-cflags clear-ldflags clear-makeflags)20:15
treachpredatorfreak: you'll get cru(x)sified. :p20:15
LithiumFXThe easiest end-user way of doing it would be to have selective -jX options for certain ports20:15
predatorfreaktreach: Yep.20:15
predatorfreaktreach: It20:15
LithiumFXSomething like /etc/pkgmk.exclusions20:15
predatorfreakIt'd be useful though*20:15
ryuobetter idea20:15
ryuoDon't use -jX20:15
predatorfreakryuo: Some apps get a near-linear improvement in performance with -jBLAH20:16
predatorfreakIn terms of build time.20:16
LithiumFXTo put it this way20:16
treachpredatorfreak: maybe, seems to open a lot of cans with worms in..20:16
LithiumFXUsually make on a vanilla kernel takes 8 minutes20:16
LithiumFXToday, using -j4 (with the makeflags in my .zshrc) 3 minutes 50 seconds20:16
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Depending on build.20:16
predatorfreaktreach: Mostly with shitty, badly written makefiles20:17
treachI'm with ryuo about this. Generally speaking it's the big packages that gains from -j X, and *drumroll* those are the ones that tend to break...20:17
LithiumFXtreach, is a list of failed ports - 18 in total20:18
predatorfreaktreach: I can't name any big packages besides gcc that break with -jX20:18
LithiumFXOut of 45220:18
LithiumFXSo you're not doing bad :P20:18
treachpredatorfreak: qt unless I'm wrong20:18
predatorfreaktreach: mm, maybe, I'd have to check around.20:18
predatorfreakI'm still willing to implement some sort of MAKEFLAGS system and a flags variable to set "sane defaults" for shit known to break easy.20:19
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, I agree20:19
treachLithiumFX: interesting list. You're not a kde/gnome user I take it?20:19
LithiumFXtreach, I use openbox with kicker for the panel and conky for sys monitoring20:20
treachalso, what breaks and what doesn't break might be a bit random too.20:20
treachyeah, that's what I thought.20:20
LithiumFXIdea -20:20
treachif you had used any of those, you'd probably hit more problems20:20
LithiumFXA user-maintained list of broken ports could be created20:20
LithiumFXSomething that's part of each repo20:20
predatorfreaktreach: 'course, if I actually submitted the patch, it's got zero chance of being integrated :)20:20
LithiumFXAnd a user submits a report at saying, "port X breaks with -jX"20:21
treachLithiumFX: just because something builds or fails once doesn't mean it *always* builds or fails.. :/20:21
LithiumFXSomebody tests to confirms, and adds the port to a repo list20:21
LithiumFXSo basically20:21
LithiumFX-jX is like "it may or may not be the port"20:21
treachmight depend on the load on your system20:21 says: not our problem20:21
predatorfreakLithiumFX: It's repeated build problems that signal -jX being the problem.20:21
predatorfreakor obvious signs of a race condition.20:22
predatorfreakI know gcc has a race condition with make install and anything over -j120:22
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, gcc built and installed fine with -j420:22
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Might have just been a one-time thing, I dunno.20:23
LithiumFXBut that's with the CRUX 2.4 package (4.2.2)20:23
treachCoincidentally, I've had mplayer failing too, due to race in the build, playing with -j4 :)20:23
predatorfreakI just hit it on one of my boxes.20:23
treachfailed first time, built the second time.20:23
LithiumFXI'll disable -j4, but it gives HUGE improvmements20:23
predatorfreaktreach: Same, mplayer Makefiles are fucking crap :)20:23
treachLithiumFX: as I said. It's like welding the accelerator to the floor.20:23
LithiumFXThanks for clearing it up treach, ryuo and predatorfreak20:24
treachif the track is straight, it's fast.20:24
LithiumFXI didn't mean to sound like I was blaming anybody or advocating ricer compilation flags20:24
treachif it's not.. better bring a map.20:24
predatorfreaktreach: I'll still probably hack together something in pkgmk when I get unlazy :)20:24
LithiumFXtreach, good analogies. Are you a teacher? :P20:24
treachLithiumFX: no, but people keep telling me I should become one. :p20:25
LithiumFXtreach... treacher?20:25
predatorfreaktreach: Don't bother!20:25
predatorfreakKids don't learn anymore.20:25
ryuowhen i try to install zsnes from contrib, md5sums dont matchup20:25
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, you sound old20:25
treachpredatorfreak: it's just a matter of motivation20:25
* treach swings cane in the air.20:26
ryuomaybe the guy who updated it forgot to update the md5sums?20:26
LithiumFXryuo, sounds likely20:26
ryuoi ran it through twice20:26
LithiumFXJust use the -im option with prt-get20:26
LithiumFXIf the footprint matches the md5 mismatches can usually be ignored20:26
ryuoif it was file corruption20:26
predatorfreakLithiumFX: I'm only 16 you crazy!20:26
predatorfreakMy brain just isn't 16.20:26
LithiumFXI'm 1720:27
ryuoit would have worked 2nd time20:27
ryuoi'm 20...20:27
LithiumFXThis means I'm right20:27
treachryuo: that's usually a broken download20:27
predatorfreakryuo: OLD PERSON!20:27
treachsourceforge is happy to feed you crap20:27
ryuoit doesnt dl from sf20:27
LithiumFXSF is a joke20:27
ryuoi dont think?20:27
LithiumFXThe mirrors never resolve20:27
treachryuo: it was an *example* :)20:27
ryuoLithiumFX: thats why i redirected the SF reference in hosts :)20:28
treachLithiumFX: use your hosts file like all the smart kids. :P20:28
ryuolike this20:28
LithiumFXI do, but I still get problems20:28
LithiumFXIt's my router20:28
ryuo66.35.250.221 dl.sourceforge.net20:28
LithiumFX213.203.218.122 works for me20:28
ryuothe mirror i use is osdn.dl.sf.net20:29
predatorfreakeasynews works best for me.20:30
ryuoeh i dont care too much20:30
ryuomy connection caps out around 800 kb/s20:30
treachsetting PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS to some gentoo mirror also helps sometimes. ;)20:30
predatorfreaktreach: Bah!20:31
LithiumFX800 kb/s... :(20:31
LithiumFXI'm lucky if I get 23020:31
ryuois that slow?20:31
ryuoi'm using US broadband >_>20:31
LithiumFXADSL in the UK is pretty poor20:31
LithiumFXOur phone networks are made out of string20:31
ryuoi had heard that the broadband in europe is a joke...20:31
LithiumFXUnreliable, slow, flaky20:31
treachdepends one were you are. :P20:31
ryuowhere not were20:32
LithiumFXI don't care much though, I've downloaded 48GB in December without violating fair use20:32
LithiumFXWhere are you treach20:32
treachryuo: yes, sorry for the typo20:32
treachgot 100Mbit down, 10 up.20:32
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Random porn downloads don't count!20:32
LithiumFXEngland still thinks the internet is a "series of tubes"20:32
predatorfreaktreach: Teach me Swedish so I can move to Sweden?20:32
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, SpongeBob SquarePants = 22GB :(20:32
ryuowow lithium20:33
LithiumFXtreach, would you adopt me so I can have your internet access20:33
predatorfreakLithiumFX: That's violating copyright law.... for a sponge.20:33
ryuothe broadband in Europe sucks so bad, satellite might be better!20:33
treachLithiumFX: sorry, I hate kids. :P20:33
LithiumFXI'm on 2.2Mbps down, 0.3 up20:33
LithiumFXSatellite is great but expensive20:33
ryuoits main advantage?20:33
ryuoit can be used anywhere20:33
predatorfreaktreach: Then why do you hang around here?20:34
LithiumFXDoesn't Kenya have the fastest broadband connections in the world20:34
ryuowho knows?20:34
ryuoeven if you have the fastest20:34
ryuoif you connect to slower connection20:34
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Yes, but you have to brave the Lions to get it.20:34
treachpredatorfreak: because, you know, once upon a time most people here weren't kids..20:34
ryuoit all evaporates in a puff of smoke20:34
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, "Encapsulation method: Lion"20:34
treachand I was a lot younger when I started hanging here20:34
predatorfreaktreach: Well, hopefully I'm not the most annoying person here :P20:35
ryuoyou can only be as fast as what you connect to20:35
predatorfreakAlthough since Han left I'm probably pretty high on the list...20:35
treachpredatorfreak: not by far, unfortunately20:35
ryuoi think my broadband is...20:35
LithiumFXDo you remember HTS20:35
LithiumFXI miss lolage :(20:35
ryuo8 MBPS/356k UP20:35
LithiumFXryuo, that's what mine should be20:35
predatorfreaktreach: Anyone you want killed? :P20:35
LithiumFXBut I only get 2.2 Mbps since my phoneline is old20:35
LithiumFXpredatorfreak's an assassin20:36
ryuoi dont have ADSL though20:36
treachpredatorfreak: not at the moment.:)20:36
ryuoi have cable20:36
treachpredatorfreak: I'll let you know. ;)20:36
* LithiumFX hides20:36
predatorfreakryuo: 8-12MBPS/400Kish up.20:36
* treach sits on fiber. :P20:36
predatorfreakComcast are weird in that their upload is total crap but their download is fucking awesome :\20:36
ryuokinda funny how it CLAIMS 8 MBPS... but its like you always download much less20:36
LithiumFXI get speeds as low as 25KB/s downstream20:36
ryuoeww comcast20:36
LithiumFXThe connections in the UK fluctuate immensely20:37
treachthe claim is usually "up to" 8Mb/s20:37
LithiumFXI've had 2.8KB/s before20:37
LithiumFXYeah, that's what it is treach20:37
ryuorealistically i cap around20:37
ryuo800 kb/s download, 50 KB/s upload20:37
LithiumFXBut it's "up to depending on where you live and if you have divine power"20:37
predatorfreakryuo: Short of shitty satellite services in this area, there's no other viable service.20:37
ryuoat least its not dial up :/20:38
treachLithiumFX: yeah, and everyone is too drunk to be on the net, or something20:38
predatorfreakI'd rather put up with Comcast's bull than AT&T, but AT&T don't provide services here period.20:38
ryuobasic DSL is becoming the new dialup20:38
LithiumFXNobody here would happen to have the Nokia N95 8GB would they?20:38
ryuokinda glad dialups gone...20:38
treachthey aren't.20:38
treachnot by far20:38
ryuowell they are dieing20:38
ryuoslowly but surely20:39
LithiumFXThat's like the floppy disk drive argument20:39
LithiumFXThey still have a use20:39
LithiumFXJust not as mainstream20:39
ryuoLithiumFX: oh really? i can't find any place selling those drives anymore.20:39
treachsome places will probably NEVER get anything else here.20:39
LithiumFXBuy as many as you want ryuo20:39
* ryuo chuckles.20:39
predatorfreakryuo: I still have floppies :(20:39
ryuoI'm considering getting a VIA system one of these days.20:40
predatorfreakI'm gonna retrofit this box with one sometime.20:40
predatorfreakThey come in handy for speedy recovery.20:40
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, I've got one20:40
ryuoonce their 64 bit processor comes out20:40
LithiumFX/dev/fd0 :P20:40
*** f1y13af has quit IRC20:40
predatorfreakThere's a lot of crap that just doesn't work well or is more annoying to do with a CD.20:40
ryuoya know20:40
ryuothe way linux is...20:40
treachfloppies are useless these days, actually.20:40
LithiumFXWindows <Vista CDs are an example, I've got a SATA merged one but it's just *easier* to use a floppy20:40
ryuoits kinda closed the incompatibility between architectures20:40
treachnot because of the format, but because the poor quality of the drives and floppies20:41
ryuoone day, it may no longer be a concern20:41
LithiumFX(Before I get hurt, I ONLY have Windows for Visual Studio and Creative Suite)20:41
ryuoWhy not try using wine, lithium?20:41
LithiumFXryuo, Visual Studio takes 40 minutes to install native, so anything else is painful20:41
predatorfreakryuo: There's bugs with every Adobe product that, while not completely crippling.20:42
LithiumFXI've got Crossover Office for MS Office and run Photoshop 7 in Wine20:42
treachLithiumFX: using it professionally, or as a student?20:42
ryuolithium, wine isn't the same as running a virtual machine20:42
predatorfreakSure as FUCK make it annoying as hell.20:42
LithiumFXI've got Dreamweaver, Flash etc20:42
ryuowine is much lighter on your system ;)20:42
LithiumFXtreach, professionally but part-time (I'm a student :P)20:42
LithiumFXryuo, wine isn't native speed20:42
predatorfreakryuo: I keep winders around myself too, for games.20:42
treachah, sure kdevelop won't do?20:42
LithiumFXEven though it's "pretty dman good" Windows is quicker20:42
LithiumFXtreach, never really tried20:42
ryuoI've gotten to the point where20:43
predatorfreakor just vim? :P20:43
ryuoif its windows, and won't run on wine, fuck it.20:43
predatorfreaktreach: There's NOTHING that can't be solved with vim.20:43
LithiumFXI was interested in mono but the problem is I've got used to the .NET environment20:43
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, what about the US economy, can vim solve that :P20:43
treachvim is nice, but not something for someone who is used to VS..20:43
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Yes.20:43
ryuowine works wonders with WC3 ^_^20:43
predatorfreakUS economy is solved by making everyone learn UNIX and telling microsoft to Fuck Off.20:43
LithiumFXtreach, VS is nice, I don't mind coding by hand but I've got to pump out applications to get grades so I need to know 100% I can write them and 100% they will run20:44
treachkdevelop is quite nice IMO, if one feels to fight with dragons, there's always eclipse. :D20:44
ryuoUS could learn a few things from the EU on how to handle M$ :p20:44
LithiumFXtreach, obviously, I've paid for Visual Studio 98 2003 2005 and 2008 legally20:44
LithiumFXSince I'm a student with £800020:44
LithiumFXI miss VS 9820:45
LithiumFXSince then the VS installers take forever20:45
ryuoi wonder if i should persue a carerr in linux/unix or windows :/20:45
LithiumFXAnd fail on SQL components sporadically20:45
treachI've only ever installed VS6, that sucked.20:45
LithiumFXI've got a job as a web developer atm20:45
ryuoat least that doesnt require you to use windows :p20:46
ryuohello, seamonkey :D20:46
LithiumFXYeah, but where I work it's like20:46
predatorfreakI'll make my money doing IT and selling cocaine on the side :P20:46
LithiumFXWHO IS LINUX?20:46
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, you should watch Scarface :P20:46
treachWHO IS W3C?20:46
predatorfreakLithiumFX: SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND.20:46
* ryuo cuts off predatorfreak's little friend.20:47
LithiumFXThe work I do can be summarised with :20:47
LithiumFX"My work is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6, 1024x768 on Winshit systems"20:47
predatorfreakryuo: Jeez.20:47
predatorfreakDon't sexual my rifle.20:47
* treach renames ryuo to mackie ;)20:47
* predatorfreak pulls out his M14.20:47
predatorfreakryuo: Every man needs a good gun.20:47
* ryuo grabs his tank.20:48
LithiumFXI hate it but I get paid £15 per hour ($29/20 EUR) which is fantastic for a 17 year old20:48
* LithiumFX sends George Michael after predatorfreak 20:48
ryuodont you hate those gay sites that block out non-IE web browsers?20:48
treachlol, that's scary.20:48
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Don't make me kill you.20:48
LithiumFXryuo, I get told my browser doesn't exist by some sites20:48
* treach sends gary glitter after predatorfreak for good measure20:49
LithiumFXtreach, you are a genius20:49
* predatorfreak pulls out nuclear bomb20:49
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, Michael Jackson is nearby20:49
predatorfreakF *Detonates bomb*20:49
predatorfreakFUCK YOU ALL!20:49
LithiumFX"preatorfreak is not his lover, he's just a Linux user who claims that Bill Gates is his lover, and George Michael is not his son"20:49
LithiumFXHas anybody heard that the world ends in 2036?20:50
predatorfreakLithiumFX: World ends when I say it does.20:50
LithiumFXAs the odds of an asteroid hitting the earth are 100:1 for 2036 instead of the usual 1,000,000:120:50
treachIf the odds are 1000000:1 normally, I'd worry more about the normal case20:51
* ryuo checks predators's bomb: Made in China. No wonder it didn't work.20:51
LithiumFXResults 1 - 10 of about 109,000 for 2036 end of the world20:51
treach"Manufactured by Seagate"20:51
predatorfreakryuo: Yeah they forgot the Uranium.20:51
LithiumFXI've had no problems with Seagate20:52
LithiumFXtreach, AMD or Intel?20:52
ryuoLithiumFX: correction, AMD, Intel, or VIA?20:52
LithiumFXI used to be an AMD fanboi but Intel...20:52
treach"AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+"20:52
LithiumFXAM2 socket treach?20:52
LithiumFXI've got an old HP box20:52
LithiumFXS939 Athlon X2 4600+, 3GB DDR-400 RAM, 300GB SATA-150 disk + 80GB IDE20:53
ryuoonly 300?20:53
LithiumFXWith an Nvidia 8600GT and two 22" displays20:53
ryuoI got myself a 1 TB bad-ass. :p20:53
LithiumFXryuo, I can't upgrade since anything substantially bigger is SATA-30020:53
treachLithiumFX: I felt that I needed an upgrade.. I used to have a barton 2500 @ 600MHz.20:53
LithiumFXSATA-300 isn't compatible with SATA-150 is it20:53
ryuoi think it is but i can't say for sure20:54
LithiumFXMy motherboard is a OEM-bullshit-HP-MSI-doesn't-exist-so-I-don't-know-if-it-has-the-300/150-jumpers20:54
ryuomy specs are this20:54
ryuofor ram...20:54
ryuo             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached20:54
ryuoMem:       1035316     761384     273932          0          8     61018420:54
ryuo-/+ buffers/cache:     151192     88412420:54
ryuoSwap:       996020          0     99602020:54
roliveiraLithiumFX, it is20:54 that's everything I own, excluding a PII 233 and PII 300 :P20:55
ryuoi have 2 sticks of DDR2667 Ram, 512 MB each20:55
ryuoAthlon 64 X2 4600+20:55
ryuoand SATA 3.0 GB/s 160 GB hard disk with 16 MB cache20:55
LithiumFXroliveira, as in the S300 drive would work on a S150 motherboard?20:55
roliveirayes LithiumFX20:56
ryuomy board's manufacturer is...20:56
LithiumFXroliveira, can I send you an e-beer - I've just bought a 750GB drive20:56
ryuowhy so much storage?20:56
ryuoif you don't use it all, its a waste of cash20:57
LithiumFXIt's not for me20:57
predatorfreakryuo: Lithium needs it for his every-photo-of-George-Michael-evar.20:57
ryuoif your big data storage center....20:57
LithiumFXI've got seasons 1-6 of Sex & The City, seasons 1-4 of Desperate Housewives, 1-5 of SpongeBob etc20:57
treachI'd rather use several smaller disks than putting all eggs in one basket. :/20:57
predatorfreakand the billions of photoshops he makes of naked men with George Michael's head put on it.20:57
ryuoyou watch SpongeBob?20:57
roliveiraLithiumFX, find me a job instead :D20:57
* ryuo faints.20:57
LithiumFXryuo, for my nephew who's 620:57
LithiumFXI do find it funny though20:57
ryuohey squidward, am i annoying enough?20:58
predatorfreakLithiumFX: You see, I TECHNICALLY have nephews.20:58
LithiumFXroliveira, out of work? What are you looking for - I hear Microsoft have an opening...20:58
predatorfreakBut I'm like.20:58
predatorfreak"Eh fuck this."20:58
LithiumFXryuo, you don't seem very happy20:58
LithiumFXYou say "fuck this" to your nephews predatorfreak, how Michael Jackson of you20:58
predatorfreak"Kid, don't kill your parents, but if you do, cut the fingers off and remove the teeth, then throw the bodies in a river."20:58
predatorfreakLithiumFX: They'll hear fuck sooner or later.20:59
predatorfreakI'm just pre-exposing them.20:59
treachI guess that's what michael and gary says too.21:00
LithiumFXI wonder if Gary Glitter has a website21:00
treach"Do you know what Michael Jackson have in common with a plastic bag?"21:00
treach"They are both dangerous to kids"21:01
predatorfreaktreach: They offer advice on how to properly dispose of bodies21:01
LithiumFXMichael Jackson went out to sea, but the boat sank21:01
LithiumFXThree days later he was found bobbing up and down on a small buoy21:01
LithiumFXI'm off to bed21:02
LithiumFXI can hear my server's disk spinning, meaning it's 3AM maintenance21:02
treachwell, it's 4 am here.21:02
predatorfreakI should sleep too :(21:02
LithiumFX3AM when I'm up at 7AM and at a party until 6AM the next day = bad21:02
predatorfreakI'm tired.21:02
treachsee you guys.21:02
* LithiumFX commands predatorfreak to sleep21:02
*** treach has quit IRC21:03
LithiumFXTHanks for the help treach21:03
predatorfreakLithiumFX: You cannot command me!21:03
* predatorfreak buys nuclear bomb from KOREA this time.21:03
predatorfreakNorth Korea.21:03
* ryuo checks the bomb. Imported from China.21:03
* LithiumFX buys giant tazer from Wal-Mart21:03
predatorfreakryuo: That's a disguise.21:03
* ryuo checks the tazer. Warning: does not really work.21:04
LithiumFXI have a problem21:04
LithiumFXTickleStix = my web dev site, TickleSticks = gay sex toys site :(21:04
LithiumFXNo wonder business is quiet21:05
ryuoi typoed the other day as and something stupid came up -.-21:05
LithiumFXWhat I mean is ryuo21:05
ryuosome stupid ad portal21:05
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Change the company name to "Dildos"21:05
LithiumFXTalking to a client over the phone21:05
predatorfreakDildos, Inc. For all your Web Design needs.21:06
ryuomaybe its time for a domain name change?21:06
predatorfreakTotally not related to dildos.21:06
LithiumFXI say "" which sounds like "", even if I say it's stix they might not remember21:06
LithiumFXryuo, I've had for four years :P21:06 take a look21:06
ryuoone time i used the wrogn ending to goto xchat's website21:07
ryuoand i ended up at an x-rated site21:08
* predatorfreak founds Dongs Incorporated.21:08
ryuohey lithium, change the name to dingbats :p21:08
* LithiumFX becomes the first customer of Dongs Inc21:08
LithiumFXryuo, if you ever want free hosting from me drop me an e-mail21:08
predatorfreakLithiumFX: We only sell imported Chinese AK47 rips.21:08
ryuooh i know21:08
* LithiumFX purchaes AK47s21:09
ryuowhys that?21:09
predatorfreakThey only shoot air :(21:09
LithiumFXryuo, I've got server space to spare if you don't have your own21:09
ryuoi already have some storage online for $15 a year21:09
LithiumFXFair enough21:09
ryuovery low capacity thoug21:09
ryuobut really high bandwidth21:09
predatorfreakNow, night humans.21:09
LithiumFXWhat's your site?21:09 :P21:09
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, you're going?21:09
ryuo20 MB limit21:09
predatorfreakIf you stab someone, make sure you hide the body well.21:09
LithiumFXCan I run Dongs Inc while you're away21:09
ryuoand i think i get like 3 GB a month21:09
predatorfreakLithiumFX: I'm tired!21:10
LithiumFX20MB is pathetic21:10
ryuoi know but eh21:10
ryuoits also a blog21:10
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, sleep well21:10
LithiumFXDream of George Michael21:10
SiFuhlow capacity? high bandwidth?  either  or maddox.xmission21:10
SiFuhhaha  goatse.cx21:10
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Fuck no.21:10
LithiumFXSiFuh, haha at goatse21:10
ryuo... maddox...21:10
ryuoi remember him21:10
predatorfreakryuo: GOD OF THE INTERWEBS21:10
ryuohe used to play one of the MMORPGs i once did21:10
ryuonever actually met his character though21:11
LithiumFX Hello predatorfreak21:11
SiFuh<ryuo> i remember him < see high badwidth :-P21:11
predatorfreakLithiumFX: ...21:11
ryuohe posts a lot of random garbage21:11
predatorfreakNot before bed.21:11
ryuobut eh21:11
predatorfreakNightmares I do NOT want.21:11
ryuofunny but not something you want to take seriously21:11
SiFuhbastards.. you just sent ryuo's url off screen21:11
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Good night, don't eat anyone.21:12
predatorfreakand stop obsessing over GM!21:12
ryuoi'll repost it21:12
SiFuhok done21:12
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:12
LithiumFXGoodnight everyone21:13
ryuobyond is a community i joined back in 200121:13
LithiumFXIf you fancy some more space ryuo, contact me via
LithiumFXSiFuh, same to you for a new goatse mirror :P21:13
ryuoi'm thinking of putting a small crux port on my webspace21:13
SiFuhlol 9 5 7 11 3 2 4  :-P21:13
ryuosince its pkgfiles...21:13
ryuonot much bandwidth would be consumed21:14
LithiumFXGoodnight all21:14
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC21:14
ryuoi must say though...21:14
SiFuhLithiumFX: they use to have an ASCII version of goatse21:14
ryuoarch is pretty funky21:14
SiFuharch linux and pacman21:14
ryuoseems someone always beat me to the punch to reporting out-dated packages21:15
ryuoi'm listing all the crux tools that only crux uses21:15
ryuoand writing what they do basicly for reference later...21:16
SiFuhdon't ever type goatse in google image search21:16
ryuoya know, the one thing arch has that crux doesnt is...21:18
ryuoa phrik bot :p21:18
SiFuhMy friend brother Rawl, has suggested i use arch, and i have suggested he uses crux. In an attempt, we both returned faithfully to our original distros..21:19
*** haole has joined #crux21:28
haolehey there guys... do you know any irc channel that gives support about microcontroller programming?21:28
haoleim having issues using the sdcc compiler21:28
ryuoyou might have better asking in #linux, or one of the major distros21:33
haoleok, thanx21:33
ryuosince i have no idea what your talking about...21:33
SiFuhryuo: :-)21:36
haolepeople in linux channel doesn't reply to me, and keep talking about stupid things like installing suse21:38
ryuoi noticed that too21:38
ryuothey only seem to care about idle banter21:38
*** haole has quit IRC21:41
SiFuhand the channel embedded only has 2 people in it21:41
ryuopeople will complain about anything...21:43
SiFuhhow many is on chan in linux?21:44
ryuo600 or so21:44
SiFuhheh, too many21:44
ryuoarch linux averages about 30021:44
ryuoif you think thats band21:45
ryuocheck out #ubuntu :p21:45
SiFuhWoden averages  121:45
ryuoits a constant flood21:45
ryuo1,160 people in #ubuntu21:45
SiFuhii59 wooooooooo21:45
SiFuh1160 was me coming and going21:46
ryuobut i must say...21:46
ryuoi dont like ubuntu at all21:46
ryuoexcellent support, but...21:46
ryuothe community is lost21:46
ryuoin the process21:46
SiFuhits unstable for me21:46
ryuoisnt it kinda funny how21:47
ryuoarch has more people in it than some of the higher ranked distros on distrowatch?21:47
SiFuh300? i bet about 280 are arch bots..21:47
ryuoarch is around #2021:48
SiFuh222 in SuSE21:48
ryuoit seems to hold that spot fairly well21:48
ryuoi first used IRC a long time ago21:49
ryuomy first IRC network has long since gone under though21:49
SiFuh179 OpenBSD 153 Solaris 314 FreeBSD21:49
ryuothose 3 aren't linux with just a different representation21:49
SiFuhubunut is kicking21:50
ryuomost distros on distrowatch are...21:50
SiFuhredhat and mandrake are dieing21:50
ryuolinux with a different twist21:50
ryuoi dont like suse at all now :p21:50
ryuosuse = traitors XD21:50
SiFuhsoon as Novel took over, i quit working with suse21:50
ryuoi never did but eh21:51
ryuoanyone who makes such a deal with M$21:51
ryuois a traitor21:51
ryuopclinuxos is interesting...21:52
ryuoits ranked #1 for some reason21:52
SiFuhi thought BackTrack was better than pcbsd21:53
SiFuhbacktrack is too buggy though21:53
ryuoremember BeOS?21:53
SiFuhhow can i forget it?21:53
SiFuhits running about a meter from me21:53
ryuoversion 5.0?21:53
SiFuhits got to be the most useless os21:53
ryuoman that thing is so ancient21:53
ryuowhat machine it run on?21:54
SiFuhand I have QNX21:54
SiFuhToshiba Tecra 510CDT21:54
ryuoisnt QNX proprietary as well?21:54
SiFuhit crashed, physically. feel to the floor and shattered, so since it was useless i put BeOS on it21:54
SiFuhI want LynxOS realtime..21:55
ryuowhats that21:55
SiFuhbut you need to have an interview here in Australia if you want to obtain it.21:55
ryuosome other proprietary software?21:55
SiFuhembedded system used for aircrafts, missle forth21:55
SiFuhand simple webservers21:55
ryuowhy do you need an "interview" to use it?21:56
SiFuhto obtain it21:56
SiFuhno idea21:56
SiFuhif i was back in USA i am sure i could purchase it21:57
ryuowhy not import it then?21:57
SiFuhbut here in Australia any systems that are too powerful for the general public are illegal to own21:57
SiFuhcan only order frm a local reseller21:57
ryuowhats "too powerful"?21:57
SiFuhAustralia is a super facist country. More so than any other western countries. It is just well hidden..21:58
SiFuhtools of terrorism are considered too powerful for the public21:58
ryuohow is "too powerful" defined?21:58
ryuoa processor that is 3 ghz?21:58
SiFuhthat includes handbooks for making posions and explosives,21:58
ryuoi thought you were refering to hardware?21:58
SiFuhlynuxworks designs OS's for Military purposes21:58
SiFuhAustralia says, military? oh, the public cant touch that.. they might hack us, or terrorise us.21:59
ryuohow bad is the censorship there?21:59
ryuoI heard about something passed around 2000 for australia21:59
SiFuhWe also do not have freedom of speech. Most people think we do, because it comes hand in hand with democracy..22:00
ryuowhen i was checkin out a proxy software place22:00
SiFuhits like the Great Firewall of China22:00
SiFuhyou dont know a page is blocked/banned/filtered22:00
ryuochinas worse i bet though...22:00
SiFuhyou just get a connection time out22:00
SiFuhchinas system is being used here22:00
SiFuhexcept china's version has more search terms and filters22:01
SiFuhwe use a lightened version of it22:01
ryuoas far as i know, my ISP has no filtering of this sort22:01
SiFuhsame. infact my isp flatly denies it is filtereing22:01
SiFuhbut i know it is.22:01
ryuothere IS a way around it...22:01
ryuoproxys, etc.22:01
SiFuhssh tunnel22:01
ryuowhat type of sites are blocked?22:01
SiFuhwhen i lived in china, i use to look at internet through ssh tunnel22:01
ryuosome i don't mind seeing go22:02
ryuo1) ad portals22:02
ryuo2) phishing sites22:02
SiFuh3) porn22:02
SiFuh4) banking22:02
*** errdil has joined #crux22:02
ryuowhy is banking blocked?22:02
SiFuhit is what i wanted blocked22:02
SiFuhthey are boring22:02
ryuoad portals, icky stuff22:03
SiFuhOk Youtube is being banned in China this week22:03
SiFuhbecause youtube is considered too stupid for chinese peoples minds22:03
SiFuhwhich.. i agree22:03
ryuoif you ask me...22:03
ryuochina is just trying to keep their stranglehold on their people22:03
SiFuhthey have good filters and bad filters..22:04
ryuothey could care less what happens to them22:04
ryuothey just want power22:04
SiFuhgood filters remove  porn, insults, immoral behaviour, stupidty..22:04
SiFuhbut the bad is politics, history, knowledge22:04
ryuoI only consider filters good if they are optional.22:04
SiFuhevery countries government wants power22:04
ryuoand not forced on you22:04
ryuoby government at least22:05
SiFuhthere was a site i was trying to look at the otherday, that timed out from both my brothers ISP and mine. We share same ISP but different accounts.22:05
ryuoi wonder if the USA will ever start filtering...22:05
SiFuhbut from an ssh tunnel/proxy i was able to get it..22:05
SiFuhisn't US already filtering?22:05
ryuoat work, yes.22:05
SiFuhbut only certain ISPs and companies22:06
ryuocomcast is doing something like that22:06
ryuoit has software that interrupts some types of connections22:06
ryuobit torrent for example22:06
SiFuhthe introduction of internet 2  is what i am NOT looking forward to22:06
SiFuhit is deisgned to give telecommunication companies and governmental powers, corporations total control22:07
ryuoyour source is?22:07
SiFuhthe design of it22:07
* ryuo has no idea how Web 2.0 is structured.22:07
SiFuhthey wont waste money to make something better for the people. They only plan to change over because they can profit from it22:08
SiFuhyou will be charged for going to certain parts of the internet22:08
ryuosickening how china imprisons people for their ideas, huh?22:08
SiFuhlike toll bridges22:08
ryuosounds like the "tiered internet" and "net neutrality"22:08
SiFuhsounds like canada/germany with the zundel case..22:08
SiFuhcorporations will get the lines free22:09
ryuoremember like 20 years ago...22:09
SiFuhpublic must purchase22:09
SiFuhi was 9 years old22:09
ryuowhen satellite was free?22:09
ryuosatellite TV22:09
SiFuhno idea22:10
ryuothen they came up with blocking stuff22:10
SiFuhwe did not have satellite here22:10
ryuoto keep non-payers out22:10
SiFuhwhen it did arrive here we were paying through the nose22:10
ryuomy voice on the toll bridge thing is22:10
ryuo"Don't we pay enough for internet access already?"22:11
SiFuhChina Excution Busses.. :-)22:11
ryuoyou have to pay to use the internet22:11
SiFuhI think Australians pay alot22:11
ryuousually at least22:11
SiFuhvery rare to find an unlimited download22:11
SiFuhor free internet22:12
ryuofree wireless in some cities here in the US is the closest i've seen22:12
ryuooh, and, where is web 2.0 being developed?22:12
SiFuhif i want to use SO CALLED free wirless, i need to purchase a mobile phone and type my number in and a password.22:12
SiFuhthey charge your phone.22:12
ryuothe company?22:13
ryuoyour phone company or the wireless provider?22:13
SiFuhok Telstra Phone Company has a few wirlesss hotspots22:14
SiFuhyou get your notebook and try to connect  it will come it with a login page22:14
SiFuhto let you log in, you type in your mobile number, and they wills end you an sms with a password22:15
SiFuhtype in the password, now your wireless is freely connected22:15
SiFuhbut the phone number you typed in is billed22:15
SiFuhsomething like 1 cent a second22:15
SiFuhfrom what I read about Internet 2. All audio, video files, will be baned. If you wish to transfer them or put them on a site, you must pay for the rights.22:16
SiFuhif a computer you access is in UK and you are in US, you will be charged fee's like STD calls22:16
SiFuhcertain companies will provide bonus sections which you need to pay for to enter22:17
SiFuhthe control will be much tighter, harder to hack. Spam can be tracked straight away. Each email you receive and send will cost a couple of cents.22:17
SiFuhso spammers, will need to steal your CC details to be successful22:18
SiFuhit will be annoying though, receiving spam and having to pay a couple of cents to download them, to find out they are spam22:18
SiFuhhonestly, internet 2 would be great, if they took the corporations, the money hungry fat greedy pigs, and the politics out of it..22:19
SiFuh"Internet2" is a registered trademark22:20
SiFuhcommunity dedicated, customizable, on-demand bandwidth.22:26
SiFuhthose fee's are not bad22:29
Romsterthe internet should be free.22:48
Romsterall the net is gonna do is make more greedy arseholes.22:49
Romsterwhat's next block all plans to make a hydrogen powered car for the oil companys protection?22:50
SiFuhRomster: i picked up a customer in my Taxi. Australia has a lack of water. She tells me that the Government is stealing the water, so they can introduce a car that runs on h2o and charge us a fortune to buy water..22:54
SiFuhactually it is forbidden, against the law, to work on a free energy source.22:55
SiFuh"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun."22:57
RomsterSiFuh, lmao...23:02
Romsterwell the oil companys don't own water either <<23:02
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
SiFuhand they dont oil either23:09
SiFuhno man owns any part of this earth, yet they dig it up and claim it..23:10
SiFuhthey process a pile of dirt/sand/ore/gas/plant parts/oil and slap together a car and offload it for 20grand or more..23:10
SiFuhpretty funny if you look at it23:11
SiFuhthen you pay for it with a few pieces of worthless metal you slaved for..23:11
SiFuhoh the irony of life23:11
ryuoi wonder if linux'll provide a way to play blu ray or hd-dvds ever...23:13
SiFuhi wonder if linux will support computers ever...23:13
*** errdil has quit IRC23:15
SiFuhall we need is a couple of people to offload some cheap blu ray/hd-dvd drives to theo, wait for him to harass them for hardware specifications and grab the drivers off him..23:15
SiFuhi forgot to through in the nationality  taiwanese made...23:15
ryuowhos theo23:15
SiFuhif I speak the word 'OpenBSD' will that help?23:16
SiFuhOpenBSD secure by default. That's because it hasn't included support for computers yet..23:18
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:18
ryuothe "crux" command is pretty useless23:25
ryuoCRUX version 2.423:25
ryuothats all it does :P23:25
SiFuhit is a shell script23:25
SiFuhwhich crux23:26
ryuoi wonder if the crux theme is related to this distro23:26
SiFuhi didnt know crux had a theme23:27
ryuoi mean23:27
ryuothe theme named "crux"23:27
SiFuhsome one was working on it a few years back23:27
ryuois it related or is it mere coincidence...23:27
SiFuhIceWM it was made for i think  first23:28
SiFuhdamn it, i cant remember who it was..23:28
SiFuhi remember it came out when we were on crux 1.023:30
*** Romster has quit IRC23:32
*** Romster has joined #crux23:36

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