IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-01-05

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RomsterSiFuh, RyoS i've seen it on freshmeat00:03
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* ryuo pokes Romster.00:58
ryuoPing! Pong?00:59
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Romsterreally geting anoyed at my dsl droping out...01:27
Romsterthink this weather has done something to the phone line i've been seeing wrong packet length errors.01:28
ryuotoo bad bmp is dead :(01:29
ryuoi wonder when the 1.2.11 xmmx source 'll make it into the ports01:30
Romsteryeah sad and bmp2 was looking promising then they went and changed the layout away from the winamp style i liked.01:30
ryuoaudacious still mimics it but01:31
ryuoi don't see why i need dbus for a fucking music player01:31
ryuoi only need alsa for sound, thank you very much01:31
ryuoif you ask me, OSS output is kinda stupid :p01:32
ryuosince once application hogs it and no one else can get a sound in edgewise01:32
ryuoBMP generated a footprint mismatch01:33
ryuobecause i dont have esd :p01:33
Romstercan ignore that01:34
Romsterhave you looked at bmpx?01:34
Romsterit's in my private repo01:35
Romsteri'm messing with exaile now, i can never find a player i like.01:35
Romsterit's one has this that one has that crap..01:35
ryuowhats the difference between bmpx and bmp?01:37
Romsterbmpx uses gstreamer has the ipod layout like exaile has.01:38
Romsterlooks nearly like audacious really.01:38
Romsterhonestly i'd like plugins to work for vst DirectX or some free opensource ones that do what i'm after.01:39
ryuohow the fuck am i supposed to play CDs in bmp?01:39
ryuoit has a CD audio plugin... so?01:40
Romstereasy i got it to work01:40
ryuoso what do i do exactly?01:41
Romsterlook at the settings and set it to digital extraction01:41
ryuoin xmms its not hard.. i just load the directory :p01:41
ryuono i mean01:41
ryuoi have no idea how to even LOAD the tracks01:41
ryuobmp is different...01:41
Romsterbutton bottom left play cd01:41
Romsterfrom the + button01:41
Romsterto add01:41
ryuoat the very least i need a media player that is winamp style and...01:43
ryuocan play musepack, vorbis, and cd audio01:43
ryuoi think my first encounter with FOSS was ogg vorbis01:43
ryuoi first tried linux a number of years ago but i wasnt quite ready for a complete shift01:44
ryuoman sloppy focus drives me crazy01:44
Romsterah try out bmpx it plays alot of formats.01:45
Romsterget it out of my repo add it and then do a depinst of bmpx01:46
Romsterunless you wanna try out exaile.01:46
ryuoexaile? no thanks.01:46
Romsterwhich i also got.01:46
ryuoi do not want an amarok clone01:46
Romsterhmm k01:46
ryuoi used winamp for years as my main media player01:46
Romsterwell i can't find a winamp style and bmp is geting old.01:46
ryuobmp, xmms, audacious = winamp style01:47
Romsterso did i even with professional vst/dx plugins too.01:47
ryuoi dont mind using vlc for video01:47
Romsterbmpx was winamp stlye then they had to fuck that...01:47
ryuoxmms is cool, but way way old01:47
Romsteri was keen on it to look like winamp/bmp01:47
ryuowanna know whats funny romster?01:48
Romsteri've even thought of runing winamp in wine <<01:48
ryuomy video card's max resolution is higher than my monitors01:48
Romsterah so is this01:48
ryuoi'm considering getting a flatpanel01:48
Romstermy card can do something so insane and this monitor is craply limited01:48
ryuobut my main problem...01:48
Romsteryeah a lcd01:48
ryuohow are you supposed to clear dust off one?01:49
ryuoits not like CRT's glass exterior01:49
Romsterthere is special wipes for that.01:49
ryuodamn monitors dusty again, time to clean it again brb01:49
Romsteri'm gonna get food cooking.01:49
ryuodamn this dust gets old01:50
ryuoclear and clean again01:50
ryuoi'm thinking of getting a cool and sleak small PC case this year ^_^01:51
ryuonot a laptop mind you01:51
ryuoi used to encode all my music in vorbis but since i lost it all01:52
ryuoin a bad format01:52
ryuoi'm gonna encode in musepack now01:52
ryuoBMP is faster than audacious01:52
ryuoi remember i used to have big freezeups with audacious when i first started playing CD01:53
ryuoif i use xmms again i think i'll need a good gtk1 theme to go with it01:54
ryuoits normal menus are ugly :o01:54
ryuothats funny01:56
ryuocrux has libmpcdec but not the encoder...01:56
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Romstershould add the encoder.02:31
Romsterryuo, after i eat i'll look into it02:32
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Romsterryuo, mppenc is in my repo now i won't move it to contrib untill it's been tested.03:08
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SiFuhhaha I just found a photo of Jaeger04:49
SiFuhMorlenxus, Caleph, Maverick^, Miles, vkd,04:51
SiFuh250059350016 bytes transferred in 35411.693 secs (7061491 bytes/sec)04:52
SiFuhnot bad, 250 gig in 9 hours04:53
aonwhat was the url to the homepage of the crux penguin?05:09
aonwith various different versions of it05:09
aonah, found it05:11
SiFuhthat display is aweful05:16
* aon founded a crux facebook group05:21
SiFuhoh oh add add05:24
SiFuhi want the CIA to know i use crux05:25
SiFuhNow crux has a black ninja protector05:28
SiFuhall distro's should have ninja05:28
tilmana ninja penguin would be cool05:30
tilmanbut i'm sure someone else already thought of that05:30
aonnot rly05:32
SiFuhA ninja penguin would kind of look like a naked penguin.05:32
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SiFuhthat's cool05:33
SiFuhlooks more like a ninja bat guano though..05:34
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LithiumFXHey everyone, has anybody had difficulty building the latest updates to the coreutils, fontforge, gpgme, mplayer and sox ports (CRUX 2.4)06:52
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;908:25
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jkrThe t1lib port is broken :(08:37
tilmanit is?08:38
tilmanhow? i built it a couple of days ago08:38
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jkrLooks like the source tarball has moved or the server is down08:39
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jkrHowever, I just uninstalled the port08:39
jkrI don't even know what that lib is good for :)08:39
jkrtilman: Looks like the PASV command hangs for a while and then times out08:40
treachhmm. someone who would care to tell me what germans means with "u.A" ?08:40
jkramong others08:40
jkr"unter anderem"08:40
treachah. thanks.08:40
jkrOr "beside others"08:41
jkrI think that's better08:41
thrice`among sounds better :)08:41
treachamong others makes more sense08:41
jkrOk :)08:41
treachat least "beneath others" makes absolutely no sense at all. :p08:42
jkrunder others08:42
treachmh, I wish Hr Meyer would update his 64 bit release soon. :/08:45
jkrThat's the working URL08:45
jkr <-- list of working mirrors08:46
treach..and that he'd use torrent rather than ftp, since he apparently has a bw limit.08:46
* treach stops externalizing his musings08:47
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onestephi everyone09:02
onestepI have problems :(09:02
onestepthere's something strange with the console...09:03
onestepfor example, I can't switch to shell from mc - it gives me an error message, smth like "This is not an xterm or linux console, switching disabled"09:04
onestepvte in X does not work09:04
onestepPS1 ignored, when I'm in xterm09:05
onestepand some other interesting things happen... :)09:05
onestepbut this happens only when I work as my regular user. when I use root account, everything is ok09:05
onestepcan anyone help me, what to do? :)09:06
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onestepoops, I've found a problem :)09:12
onestepI forgot to set my shell in passwd09:12
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thrice`in passwd?09:13
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onestepso it works...09:14
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treachthrice`: your shell is set in /etc/passwd. Or at least it should be. ;)09:22
onestepis there a way to set a default shell for useradd?09:26
onestepso when I run useradd -m username, it will set /bin/bash09:27
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tilmanonestep: maybe the default is the first entry in /etc/shells?09:31
tilmanthat's how i would do it, but it's just a guess :)09:31
treachtilman: useradd apparently doesn't look in /etc/shells at all.09:32
treachsince if you don't specify a shell you don't get one in passwd.09:33
tilmanoh well ;D09:33
treachonestep: you could have a look at the -D option though. ;)09:36
onesteptreach, that's not KISS-like :)09:37
* onestep continues investigating09:37
onestepI'm too lazy to remember -D option09:39
onestepfrom the source of useradd...09:39
onestep#define USER_DEFAULTS_FILE "/etc/default/useradd"09:39
onestep/etc/default gets killed in PKGBUILD09:40
onestepmaybe use sed to change this to /etc/useradd.defs09:40
treachor you could just create /etc/default/09:41
onestepand put useradd there?09:41
onestepbut this is not CRUX-like ;)09:41
treachyou don't even need to do that09:41
treachif you specify -D once, it will be created09:41
onestephmm, yeah?..09:41
onestepI'll check09:41
treachno need. ;)09:42
treachtilman: could we please get a /etc/default dir by default for the next release? ;)09:43
treachor maybe in an update to the appropriate port? :p09:43
onestepappropriate port is shadow :)09:44
onestepbut me personally would prefer to have smth like /etc/useradd file with defaults, not the /etc/default directory :)09:45
tilmantreach: isn't it /etc/skel?09:46
onesteptilman, that's another dir09:46
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onestep/etc/skel is the directory from where files get copied to newly created home dir09:47
onestepanyway I don't have it :)09:47
treachI don't think anyone has it, unless they created it themselves09:48
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onestepbut I'm too lazy to do it too :)09:48
tilmanis the shell getting read from /etc/default/useradd?09:48
tilmanthe man page doesn't say explicitly09:48
onestepthe source does09:49
treachtilman: well.09:49
treachif you try to change the default settings you'll see. :)09:49
treachIMNSHO, it could be a good idea to ship with a default setting there, since a lot of problems we get here are related to not having a default shell set in /etc/passwd09:50
jaeger-I suggested that as well as /etc/default and got shot down long ago09:50
onestepI agree09:50
treachjaeger-: ok, sorry to hear that.09:51
jaeger-I just create them myself, one of the first things I do in the chroot09:51
treach*them*? More missing dirs?09:52
jaeger-skel and default09:52
treachah, ok.09:52
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onestepskel with bash_profile seems a good thing to do as well :)09:53
treachno. ;)09:53
treachuseless crap file. :P09:53
onestepokay, okay :)09:54
onestepPS1 is still unset in xterm/vte09:55
onestepI've googled that it's needed to do "echo "loginShell: true" > ~/.Xresources", right?09:55
tilmani used to: ln -s .bashrc .bash_profile09:56
tilmanit's probably evil, but it works :P09:56
treachonestep: no idea, you could try putting it in .Xdefaults as well, I guess.09:56
onesteptreach, yeah, I think about it too09:56
treachyeah. I have it ther.09:57
onesteptilman, PS1 is set in /etc/profile09:57
onestepbut isn't set in xterm09:57
treachI just forgot about it. :p09:57
onestepthat's strange :)09:57
treach*loginShell:    True09:58
onestepwhere's default Xresources? :)09:58
onestepor Xdefaults09:58
treachdoesn't seem to exist by default.09:59
onestepbash-3.2$ cat /usr/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc | grep sysresources10:00
treachwhich doesn't exist either.10:01
onestepyeah :(10:01
* onestep just created it10:01
onestepok, trying...10:02
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treach.Xdefaults would be nice to put in /etc/skel too.10:04
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onesteploginShell is merged to xrdb, but PS1 is still unset, hmm...10:05
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onestepokay, so it works for xterm, but does not work for vte...10:08
tilmanah crap, my elfutils port broke10:11
tilmanwhy do people think it's cool to force -Werror onto others?10:23
tilmanit's just so stupid10:23
tilmanthey can happily do it in their dev environments, but with gcc changing so much every year, it's just dumb10:23
onestepsed -i 's/-Werror//' Makefile10:26
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roboflopgot a problem i did prt-get install nvidia, but it complains about the glx when starting X, is there something i have forgoten?10:34
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treachroboflop: prt-get readme nvidia11:12
roboflopi downloaded nvidias drivers from their homepage, worked then11:19
treachare you going to read it, or argue about it?11:20
roboflopive read it now, so now i know what i did wrong, thanks11:21
treachyou're welcome11:21
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treach<- afk, laundry. :/11:22
onestepanyone here using mc with UTF-8 patch? :)11:22
SiFuhmc and ftp :-)11:32
SiFuhthey have a good shell ftp smb setup11:32
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triping James Mills11:46
aonping prologic11:47
SiFuhaon: it's pretty useless, we aren't able to deface it unless admin11:55
aonindeed :>11:55
SiFuhhaha  2 words per minute11:56
tilmanmust have been looooong words11:58
aoni got 104wpm11:58
aon98wpm before i raised my chair a bit11:58
SiFuhYour typing speed for this test was 54 wpm. * Typing Speed: 54 wpm * Accuracy: 100% * Correct Words: 23 * Incorrect Words: 0 * Score: 547 points11:59
SiFuhi only got 5411:59
SiFuhaon, you changed gear?12:00
aoni wonder if the ibm model m would be even faster12:00
SiFuhhaha I wonder why they don't allow real words, like the way most people type.  LOL u r so like, tmrw....12:01
SiFuhlol aon, i can't get any faster than 60..12:04
SiFuh54 60 6712:04
SiFuh54 60 5712:04
SiFuhtry to cheat it.. but it comes up with 0 words per minute and 0% accuracy.12:05
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tilmantreach: that might be something worth checking out ;)12:37
treachtilman: yeah, I think I've even mentioned it once to someone here. Still alpha though.12:38
triis midori already in the ports ?12:39
tilmanyes, that's what kept me from downloading it right away12:39
treachI think I made something wrong with git. :P12:40
treachyou showed up as the author to everything for some reason. :p12:40
treachI was in the wrong dir12:41
treachso I managed to get the commit log for rakt. :P12:41
thrice`what is rakt, out of curiosity?  heard it before12:42
treachthrice`: it's tilman's little pdf reader12:42
thrice`ah, neat :)  does it work?12:43
* treach heads down to the basement for more laundry.12:43
tilmanthrice`: "depends". it doesn't have all the features that epdfview has12:44
tilmanit's a bit faster than epdfview though iirc12:44
thrice`ah, sounds neat :)12:44
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onestepwhat do you all think about kernel preemption?12:51
onestepwill it make the programs compile faster?12:51
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treachonestep: afaik, it's ricing. ;)13:19
treachalso, if it has *any* effect, it'll probably be adverse.13:19
treachtilman: btw, that text rendering issue I had with rakt is gone now.13:24
treachthe fix was kind of expensive though. ;)13:24
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ryuookay its official. i am keeping bmp13:45
ryuohey guys, you know the command "eject"? is there a software command to make the CD drive close?13:48
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aonuh, eject -t13:50
ryuoi never knew i could do that ;p13:50
ryuoi usually use the button on the outside13:51
ryuosometimes my drive makes grinding like sounds when reading CDs, but an eject/uneject fixes it after a few times13:52
aonso now you need to wire a mic to the drive and automate the eject/close when the volume level raises enough13:52
ryuoi wonder what the sound means13:53
ryuoi've only had this drive about 15 months or so13:54
treachtilman: ugh, webkit has a buildtime dep on qt, apparently. :(13:58
tilmantry --disable-qt? ;)13:59
treach"The Gtk port has made a compromise on its build system by incurring a dependency on qmake 4, the Qt toolkit build system"14:00
treachdoesn't sound like it's an option. :/14:00
treachwell, webkit is based on khtml after all.14:01
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treachRomster: hey, what happened to your KDE4 experiment, btw?14:26
*** Romster has quit IRC14:30
tilmanhe's fleeing the interview!14:31
treachapparently :>14:32
ryuowhere the heck can i find a place for recycling ewaste that ISNT for businesses?14:36
* ryuo has old computers that no longer work to get rid of.14:36
*** tri has quit IRC14:39
treachebay? :>14:39
esposo next try to install linux on the ps3 :)14:40
* ryuo grumbles.14:48
ryuoAll the places i've found require you to fill out shit. Can't I just drop it off and be done with it?14:49
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treachRomster: about to dodge the question again? :>14:59
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Romstertreach, there in and i hadn't done anymore yet but i got  a another computer i've setup i can install and test and fine tune it on soonish, still seting up xorg and firefox etc atm.15:43
Romsterand i just woke up.15:50
treachRomster: time to update them. ;)15:50
treachyeah, I guessed so.15:50
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Romstertreach, yeah they need more work done to them.16:09
treachafaik, 4.0 is tagged16:11
tilman6 more days until the miracle happens16:11
tilmanuntil humanity is saved16:11
treachmiracle? It's not Duke Nukem we're discussing. :p16:12
tilmanhaven't you seen the buttons on the intarweb?16:12
treachhah, no, I hadn't :)16:13
Romster6 days dang16:15
treachtilman: not sure what his point is.16:18
tilmanon the hand, the ziomg-DREAM becomes reality16:18
tilmanon the other hand, kde 4.0 isn't that great because lots of stuff is missing16:18
treachno matter how broken 4.0 is, I bet it beats the "smelly foot desktop environment". :)16:19
treachAnd I know it's not done yet.16:19
Romsterhonestly i'd be on gnome if it compiled and all worked way back when crux-2.1 came out, but it was horrable broken, so i went to kde and it worked just fine.16:20
Romsternever tested out gnome since.16:20
Romsterstill think i might goto fvwm.16:21
treachbasically, gnome doesn't have anything near the infrastructure in kde, and it shows.16:22
treachthat's why their users are so keen on bagging kde. :)16:22
jaeger-I'll bag on both, I'm equal opportunity16:23
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tilman#crux is such a ghetto16:25
tilmanwhat does bagging sth mean? :P16:25
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*** deus_ex is now known as pedja16:26
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haolehey there... i tried to install crux on two old pcs, and i got a strange problem... tried other distros too, but with the same problem... my ethernet card doesn't work! it's a simple and well known realtek 8139 fast ethernet card, and when i try to load the module 8139too, it fails and says that there is no device for that module... what could be wrong?18:08
haoleim not with the pcs right now, so i can't give u the proper output... i'll do it later on, but i would like to hear some ideas if u guys have one... thanks in advance18:09
*** Romster has quit IRC18:13
*** treach has joined #crux18:18
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Romsterhaole, i have one and it's fine, i don't even have to modprobe it.18:19
Romsterno other sub-options are set.18:19
jaeger-haole: what's the line for the card in lspci's output?18:20
Romstermy only guess is that the pci socket maybe dirty, contact cleaner would fix that, or pull the card otu and in a few times might be enough to get a good contact. or try another pci socket.18:21
treachother options include being an older version of the chip, might need some added support.18:25
treachor it might just be plain broken. :)18:25
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SiFuhThat green crusty scale build up is not factory standard :-P18:48
Romstercoper oxide.18:52
*** treach has quit IRC19:15
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haolejaeger-, im sorry for the late reply... my lspci tells me that i have this ethernet card: 00:11.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek semicondutor Co., Ltd., RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+20:22
*** roliveira has joined #crux20:22
haoleand i can't modprobe it's module (8139too)20:22
ryuodid you build it into the kernel?20:28
haolei just booted the crux cd20:31
haoledidn't do anything yet20:31
haolewhen i try to modprobe it, i get the following error:20:31
ryuothat it doesnt exist?20:32
haole8139too 0000:000:11.0 region #1 not an MMIO resource, aborting20:32
haolenever saw this one before, and it happens on both two computers that i tried... they have the same hardware20:33
ryuotry google?20:34
haolewill try now :D20:35
haolegoogle is telling me to clean up the contact of my card... but on both computers?? :S20:37
haoledoesn't feels right, but i can try that20:37
ryuomy ethernet is built in so20:37
ryuoi have not that problem :p20:37
haoleevery forum that i saw someone with this issue remains unsolved until today20:39
ryuomy motherboard requires the forcedeth module >_>20:44
haolewhat is this? can it help me?20:44
ryuodoubt it20:44
ryuoits the kernel driver for nvidia ethernet20:45
haoleim alone in this one :D20:45
haolei was hoping that jaeger would help me, but he seems away right now20:45
Romsterhaole, try cleaning the pci contacts first.. useally old boards have dirty contacts.20:51
Romsteri've had it happen to me many times on various computers, not just lan cards.20:51
Romsterlook for a can of crc contact clener if you need to get serious <<20:52
haoleyeah, i think it's a physical issue too20:54
haolegonna clean it20:54
Romsteri even had one pc that had dirty agp that was so bad it would work ok except for directx would hang it.21:04
Romsterit took me like 5 attempts to spray it with contact cleaner and put the card in and out them 5 times and tested every time to see if i had fixed the issue.21:05
Romstereither clean or throw it in another slot.21:05
haoleyeah, it was dust21:05
haoleit's working now... damn old pcs21:05
haolemy laboratory has 6 pentium III21:06
Romstersome paoer is good to wipe the contacts on the pci card itself.21:06
haolethey are A LOT of trouble21:06
Romsterhah i bet it's all dirty sockets.21:06
Romstereven ram can get dirty sockets.21:06
haoleand the mouses are serial21:06
Romstereww old21:06
haolemy xorgs behaves badly with those21:06
roliveiranao reclama haole sao grandes maquinas ainda cara21:07
haolei have to keep moving it like crazy, without the pointer moving, so that, sometime, the pointer starts to move and then it behaves properly21:07
haolebizarre, no?21:07
haolehahaha sao mesmo21:07
haolea gente faz miseria com elas21:07
Romsterroliveira, lol what the21:07
Romstervery odd. maybe a irq thing.21:07
roliveiraRomster, i bit of chat in our native language :D21:08
roliveiraa bit21:08
haoleroliveira is portuguese and i am brazillian21:08
haolebut we share the same language: portuguese :D21:08
roliveirasomos manos21:09
roliveiraoff to bed, god night boys21:10
* ryuo can't find the right audio player.21:12
ryuoi wish there was a winamp clone for linux, and yet could play video too :/21:12
Romsterroliveira, so i gathered what language is that?21:15
Romsterah i should read more before typing..21:16
Romsterryuo, yeah... i like xine for movies it's realy good21:16
Romsterbut i can't find a god damn audio player that i like..21:16
Romsterwish i could program good i'd make one if i knew how.21:16
ryuoaudacious seems to use the wierdest libraries21:17
ryuoxmms uses gtk1 still...21:17
Romstergtk1 is too old really..21:18
ryuoand bmp is no longer developed21:18
Romsterbmp was the closeist to winamp imo.21:18
ryuoheck, the only reason distros still have it is because some obscure21:18
ryuosoftware still uses it21:18
Romsteri had hopes for bmpx, untill they decided to chage there gui...21:18
Romsterlike what?21:18
*** haole has quit IRC21:18
Romsterbrb puting food on for a late lunch.21:19
ryuoxmms for one21:19
Romster2:20pm <<21:19
ryuo9 pm here21:19
Romstercan keep typing etc i'll read when i get back ina few minutes21:19
ryuoonly 3 winamp clones for linux really21:20
ryuoand they all branch from xmms21:20
ryuoheck, i'd use xmms2 if any of the clients were good winamp clones21:20
ryuoi would use xmms still if it was gtk221:20
ryuoi just dont like audacious anymore21:23
Romsterhmm maybe mpd could have a winamp looking gui for it?21:27
Romsteri relaly like the seperate daemon and frontend serup21:27
Romsterryuo, it's just the layout your after to lok like winamp right? or some other functionality your missing too.21:28
ryuolayout more or less21:31
ryuoaudacious uses librarys that none of my other applications use21:32
ryuoWASTE :p21:32
Romsterhmm what librarys are they, yeah it sucks to install librarys that ya don't use for anthing else.21:33
ryuolike uh21:36
Romsterwhatever that is <<21:41
Romsternot even on my system <<21:42
ryuobecause you dont use audacious :p21:45
Romsterthat's smart forgeting to enable the mouse input in the kernel on this other pc i'm seting up.21:48
ryuoyou can do without mouse if your 100% keyboard21:48
Romsterin xorg.21:48
Romsterin fvwm?21:48
ryuoyou can program key bindings :p21:48
Romsteri couldn't even figure out hwo to focus the window and find the key binding to close it.21:48
Romsteri would of thought alt+space21:49
ryuoi think of alt-f421:49
Romsteroh fuck...21:49
Romsteri didn't even think of that.21:49
Romsterman i'm a idiot.21:49
ryuodid alt-f4 work?21:49
Romsteri didn't try i'm recompiling the kernel21:50
Romsterit's not on this pc.21:50
ryuoback on windows, winamp was my all in one media player22:02
ryuoisnt it funny how xmms is multimedia system yet it can only play audio formats?22:03
Romsterywah winamp was all that i used in windows.22:14
Romstera media player, should be able ot play videos and music.22:15
ryuomedia players today seem to suck so bad :/22:18
ryuoi swear, it was like xmms gave the audio it played...22:25
ryuoa 3rd dimension or somethingh22:26
Romsterspatual sound?22:30
Romstera default install of xorg and firefox relaly has crap fonts.22:31
ryuoi found a sourceforge project thats very recent called rebmp22:33
Romsterryuo, you porting it or shall i <<22:37
ryuodo you want to? I'm compiling it as a user to test it out before i consider that22:38
ryuono problems so far22:38
ryuocompile complete22:38
Romsteri'd give it a go, did oyu make a port or you doing it the rough way?22:39
ryuoi can't tell a difference between it and the last version of BMP22:40
*** roliveira has quit IRC22:41
ryuotime to make a port for audacious, a high quality and maintained one22:45
ryuoi think i'm gonna make my port full of all software not in the officials that i need :)22:48
Romsterwell i'll make some if i find a use for it.22:51
Romsteri don't like making something that i may not use.22:51
Romsteror is too much trouble to maintain and test.22:51
ryuoromster, can i package a readme with a port and have it be downloaded when people sync with it?22:51
Romsterryuo, what i read seems more backend editing than eye candy.22:52
Romsteryes just make a README file.22:52
ryuoso like to explain what dependencies are needed for22:52
ryuooptional dependencies22:52
Romsterdon't need to include it in source=22:52
ryuosounds like a good idea :)22:52
ryuoif theres any worth mentioning22:52
Romsterwell i tend too see # Optional: or # Nice to have: in Pkgfiles.22:53
ryuowell i would like to explain what their used for.22:53
ryuoif i know :p22:53
Romsteri tend to stick to the idea of adding a Optional:22:53
ryuolike libvorbis for ogg decoding22:53
ryuoand libmpcdec for musepack22:53
Romsteryeah like kde README does.22:53
Romsterwell i got libmpcdec in contrib << and i made the encoder in my private repo.22:54
Romsteri haven't tested though.22:54
ryuoLAME'll be around until mp3s die...22:54
ryuoif ever22:54
Romsteri'm gonna try out xdm on that other pc.22:54
ryuoI prefer vorbis/musepack now22:54
Romsteryeah, but i won't use mp3 anymore.22:55
ryuoRomster: whats wrong with slim?22:55
Romsteri haven't tested either of them for sound quality really i've been using flac., lossless.22:55
Romsternever tryed slim either..22:55
Romsteri've always had the console and typed startx.22:55
ryuoi consider musepack/vorbis great, but only for a "final" encoding :p22:55
ryuomeaning i dont transcode vorbis/musepack files22:56
ryuotheir quality is at their highest when taken from a lossless source22:56
Romsterhmm is slim better than xdm?22:56
ryuonot necessarily22:56
ryuoits just an alternative22:57
Romsteri might try both.22:57
ryuoi think it requires less libraries22:57
ryuothan xdm22:57
ryuonot sure22:57
Romsterdepinst of xdm only added itself and one other.22:57
ryuoRomster, if you use slim, remember this:22:57
ryuoslim reads from .xinitrc instead of .xsession22:57
ryuoxdm reads from .xsession22:58
Romsterisn't it .Xsession ?22:58
ryuono .xsession22:58
Romsteri'll see how i go that's a gottcha one..22:58
ryuoxdm can be themed like slim can22:58
ryuoi used xdm when i used to use arch22:58
ryuoand i used the arch theme for xdm22:59
Romsterwe need a crux theme <<22:59
ryuoit had a blue background with the arch logo22:59
ryuoand a shutdown/reboot button in the bottom right corner22:59
Romsterah i see22:59
ryuoprimitive, but it copies gdm/kdm rather well22:59
ryuoin features :)23:00
ryuoi prefer using xdm/slim and then using a non-kde/xfce/gnome environment23:00
Romsteri've nver bothered on my desktop pc just ran startx, but i'm seting up another pc to be all point and click from the moment it's booted.23:00
ryuoyea i kinda prefer that :p23:00
ryuobut theres one problem i have with slim23:00
ryuowhen i log out, it shows me the virtual consoles23:01
Romsterkde on my desktop and i'm doing that other pc with fvwm.23:01
ryuobefore it respawns23:01
Romsteri may switch mydesktop to fvwm evently23:01
ryuofor a few months, i used23:01
Romsterbut i'm stil gonna test kde4rc223:01
ryuofor my desktop environment23:01
Romstergot icewm looks nice too.23:02
ryuoit has a builtin tray/taskbar23:02
ryuoif you want to use it :p23:02
ryuopekwm's default theme reminds me of...23:02
ryuoand its 2 buttons23:02
ryuoone maximizes the other closes23:02
ryuoahh, prtcreate saves time23:04
Romsterwhat the hell i type in my user then pas into xdm, apss dosn't show up as **** just nothing then upon enter it restarts xdm...23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
ryuomaybe your .xsession isnt setup right for the user?23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC23:06
*** Dudde has quit IRC23:06
Romsterah i hadn't made that right lol..23:06
Romsterit won't run wihtout it..23:06
ryuohow do i fill out maintainer and packager?23:07
ryuofull name then your email?23:07
Romstercan .xsession have the same as .xinitrc ?23:07
ryuoyou just need the right name23:07
Romsterprt-get info someport23:07
Romsterfull name, email at some dot host dot com23:08
ryuoi just thought of something that could make prtcreate easier23:08
Romsterbit silly haveing both maybe a symline would be better23:08
ryuoif you could set the defaults for packager/maintainer23:08
Romsterone that puts your name in it <<23:08
ryuoand it could fill in those 2 fields for you each time23:08
Romsteri just copy one of my other Pkgfiles and edit.23:09
ryuojust an idea :p23:09
Romsterryuo, submit a feature request <<23:09
ryuowhy do they want your full name?23:09
* ryuo boggles.23:09
Romsteror even make a diff of it.23:09
* Romster shrugs23:09
Romsterdo oyu hate giving it out?23:09
ryuoi'll just use my freenode nick ^_^23:09
Romsterupto you.23:09
ryuowhere can i submit a feature request?23:10
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux23:11
*** Dudde has joined #crux23:12
Romsterooo xdm is missing a dependency23:12
Romster /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession: line 51: /usr/bin/xsm: No such file or directory23:12
ryuoslim doesnt use xsm :p23:12
Romstermade a .xsession-errors file23:13
ryuoonly problem i got with slim is23:13
ryuoit doesnt generate a file with all the errors generated by programs run from within xorg23:13
Romsterhmm /usr/share/fvwm/themes/default/settings/session-manager/xsm23:13
Romstermaybe i should dosoemn more reading before i go making a symlink or editing my fvwm port.23:14
ryuocan any of the prt-util scripts help me find dependencies for when i'm making a port?23:21
Romsternot really.23:22
ryuoi can use ldd manually...23:22
ryuois there a way ports can tell me which package the file belongs to by checking my installation database?23:23
ryuothe files they link agaisnt23:23
Romsterwhat i do is use my safe-build script that's basicly a chroot with extra stuff, and i depinst the program and if it compains about something i depinst that too and add it to the dependencys.23:23
Romsterya can use ldd but it won't catch everything.23:23
ryuothats funny23:24
ryuosometimes i accidently run cat on binary23:24
ryuoand it fucks up the terminal i'm usin23:24
Romsterworks quite well but needs more work done to it.23:25
ryuomakes its characters all wierd23:25
Romsterah run 'reset'23:25
Romsteryeah i've had that happen.23:25
ryuoi checked the files that libmowgli wanted to install23:26
ryuono garbage to clean up so this ones good23:26
ryuogarbage = useless documentation, etc.23:27
Romsterbah xdm is a bitch to get to work..23:28
Romstergogole time man page si no help23:28
ryuohow so? I didnt have any trouble.23:28
ryuowhats your trouble23:29
Romster liests all the options nto a simple howo set it up.23:29
Romsterthat file error i listed earlier.23:29
ryuoi saw some errors with ./configure so23:30
ryuoi check it in libmcs23:30
ryuoturns out its just complaining about gconf/kconf's absence23:30
Romsterthat's nothing to worry about.23:31
ryuotime to inspect the package for garbage23:31
Romsteri'm reading
Romsterfindredudentdeps is handy and prt-verify23:31
Romsteror if it's not much just use vim .footprint <<23:32
Romsterfor the later.23:32
ryuoi'm doing all this as root o_O23:32
ryuofrom virtual console23:33
ryuolibraries rarely have any documentation Xd23:34
ryuolooks like libmcs has no surprising dependencies23:35
ryuoi ran ldd on all its binaies23:35
Romsteri remember i went chaing for a lib that dosn't exist before <<23:36
Romsterthe one that's virtual.23:36
Romsteri think nearly everyone has done that.23:36
ryuofunny how $PWD == .23:38
ryuoi found linux easy to adapt to because its not too much different from DOS23:39
Romsterman the changing frm \ to / pissed me off the most.23:43
Romsteri used to be a huge dos user.23:43
Romstercd \this\that23:43
ryuoi've always used /23:43
Romsterand then going to linux and doing cd /this/that23:43
Romsterin dos O_o23:43
Romsterms-dos used \23:44
ryuowell i first used dos on a system with no hard drive :p23:44
ryuowhen i was like 8 or something23:44
Romsteri used to get like 1.6MB -1.8Mb out of a 3.5inch floppy too <<23:44
Romster2mgui with jar compression lolz23:45
ryuochecking audacious's configure log for any dependencies i missed :)23:45
ryuolooks like audacious is checking for dbus?23:46
ryuoi'll make a note of it23:46
ryuowhats dbus even used for23:46
* ryuo boggles.23:46
Romsterhal uses dbus23:48
Romstersoem subsystem for devices and polling them.23:48
ryuoyea well i dont use hal23:48
ryuototal # of extra ports needed to get audacious functional: 423:49
ryuotime to check audacious for garbage documentation23:49
ryuoi'll leave the manual23:51
Romsterthere we go .xsession -> .xinitrc23:58
Romsterworkie now.23:58
ryuowell well23:59
ryuoi CAN build audacious without dbus23:59

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