IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-01-07

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pitillogood morning01:19
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Romsterrandom browing around and i stumble onto a interesting blog
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Romsterwhen will they invent the thinking out a sentance instead of typing it <<01:38
ryuolooks like i've found my new favorite GUI text editor02:32
mwansaeyes wide open....02:32
ryuosome gtk2 based editor called leafpad02:32
ryuolooks very basic...02:32
ryuofeels like a good replacement for nedit02:32
mwansamm might have a look at it02:33
ryuoits basic, doesnt support a whole lot02:33
ryuobasic search/replace i think02:33
ryuobut i dont need much for text editing02:33
ryuounlike vim *cough*02:33
mwansayea currently using vim. i dont mind it though02:33
mwansadoes the job02:33
ryuoi still like vim better for console02:33
ryuoeven if it is a pain to work with02:33
ryuoit feels like it combines less with nano02:34
ryuoi use it to search for text and edit, kinda hard with console02:34
mwansaanyways im off cya later02:35
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Romsterhi sepen02:42
Romsterwhat was that odd commit you did in git contrib;a=commit;h=f42e1af07b0ec56405524b5a47848d17da8b788902:42
sepen1 moment02:47
sepenmerge changes on 2.4 from 2.302:48
sepenwhats the problem?02:48
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RomsterMerge branch '2.4' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.403:01
Romsterdosn't look like a 2.3 -> 2.403:01
Romsterbasicly looks like you didn't do a fetch and rebase before pushing.03:01
* Romster shrugs03:02
Romsterjust looks stupid that's all.03:02
ryuoi'm disecting how to configure pekwm ^_^03:05
ryuoman, i rarely find a case where algebraic math does not come in handy when configuring linux03:06
ryuowhat does "<<" mean?03:11
* ryuo boggles.03:11
sepenRomster, ohhh03:11
ryuoyou keep typing it, but i have no clue03:11
sepenRomster, can you do commits?03:11
sepenwithout problems?03:12
Romsteri got access to contrib yes.. if that's what you mean.03:12
sepenso sorry03:12
Romsterso far i have managed.03:12
ryuoit would be nice if Pkgfile's had a conflicts array03:12
Romsterhave you got a problem?03:12
sepenno here03:12
ryuoif you built different versions of the same software03:12
Romsterno or none?03:12
sepenIll try to be care03:12
ryuolike a cvs/svn Pkgfile03:12
ryuoand a "stable" Pkgfile03:13
ryuofor same port03:13
Romsterryuo, hmm *shrugs*03:13
Romsterlike my x264 snapshot port as they don't release oftern?03:13
ryuoromster, if you build a cvs/svn port, is there a way to make the version the current date?03:13
Romsterso i tarball a snapshot03:13
ryuoah k03:14
Romsterbut it's diferent for cvs, svn you gotta go by revisions.03:14
Romstererr svn.. you'd have to check the revision to the date i hadn't looked into how.03:14
ryuoi plan to build a firebox port after its next release03:14
ryuodeveloper says it should be done by the end of the month03:14
ryuoi said fireBOX03:15
ryuoits a window manager03:15
ryuohey romster03:15
ryuoyou feel like tryin out a very basic WM called karmen?03:16
ryuoit has no real config to mess with03:16
ryuoits fairly new03:16
ryuodesigned to be very "basic"03:16
ryuoat the least, i wish you could configure its behavior some03:16
Romsteroh right no idea what firebox is..03:17
* Romster loads the url03:17
Romsterryuo, hmm i guess.03:17
ryuoi can send upload my current set of ports in a tar file03:18
Romsteri arn't sure if i like fvwm yet, wonder if there is one written in python.03:18
Romsterryuo, k do that i can host them tempery on my site if you wish?03:18
* ryuo shrugs.03:19
ryuoi don't want to put them online to a place i have no direct access to03:20
ryuoif i need to change something03:20
ryuoi'd like to do it asap03:20
ryuoin all, my ports already take up 100 KB03:23
ryuoi guess you shouldn't underestimate the size of text =p03:23
ryuo100 kb uncompressed i mean03:23
ryuoi just got an idea03:24
ryuoif crux could handle ports within a gzip or bzip2 archive...03:24
* ryuo chuckles.03:24
ryuoit would save some bandwidth03:24
ryuoso what do you think?03:26
ryuoi'm hoping to eventually earn the privilege of possibly having some of my ports including in contrib03:27
teKryuo: imho it's not worth the effort03:32
teK(saving bandwidth)03:32
ryuobecause their already so small?03:32
Romsterryuo, ta, btw next time you make a archinve incluse your 'ryuo' nick in it so it's easy to know whos ports they are.03:32
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Romsterhi RedShift03:40
RedShiftsup Romster03:40
Romsternot alot going though port updates.03:41
Romsterwatching tv and got music on at the same time lol.03:41
Romsterand the usual chating.03:41
ryuothats annoying.03:48
ryuofor some reason, firefox sometimes goes forward or back one page when i use my scroll button03:49
ryuothe middle button on my mouse03:49
Romsterscroll wheel and yes i've had the same thing happen to me!!03:55
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Romsterhi mike_k03:55
mike_khi Romster03:55
ryuomakes me wonder if i should just use normal clicks on the scrollbar03:55
Romsteroh not that grab focus and sroll thing..03:57
Romsteris kinda silly if oyu ask me.03:57
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ryuoso are the ports i made any good?03:57
Romsteri'll have a look in a moment.03:58
Romsterone thing don't use capital letters in name= or directory names no one else does.04:00
* Romster looks over them now.04:00
Romsterryuo, oi where are all the .md5sums and .footprints04:02
Romster# Depends on: x11 < that should be xorg-something04:03
Romsteruseally base stuff uses xorg-libx1104:03
ryuoi'm guessing04:04
Romsterbut depends on the package might need aditional ports too.04:04
ryuothe tar -cf ports.tar * didnt get them04:04
Romsterlike see xine-lib04:04
Romsteryeah <<04:04
ryuoi forget that * doesnt catch .'s04:04
ryuowierd, huh?04:04
Romsteryeah that's normal i thing there is a flag to include them?04:04
* ryuo shrugs.04:04
ryuoi usually have to use04:06
ryuo.* :p04:06
Romsterwtf is that...04:06
ryuoit has to be that way04:06
ryuothe package is named oroborus_2.0.18.tar.gz04:06
ryuothat works too04:06
Romsterthat's the prefered way04:06
ryuobut is my version any worse?04:06
Romsterno idea i've enver seen anyone else do it..04:07
Romsteryour way.04:07
ryuoi just used a quick way to fix it04:07
Romsterbut don't go doing ${var} on everything only where it's needed.04:07
Romster${name}_$version.tar.gz < does it fine.04:07
ryuosince _ if used with variables04:07
ryuois considered part of it04:08
ryuohey romster04:08
ryuocan {}'s be used for variable calculations?04:08
ryuolike a numberical variable -= 104:09
ryuough man unix focus model pisses me off04:09
ryuoaka sloppy focus04:09
Romsteryou don't look too hard prt-cache info pekwm04:09
RomsterName:         pekwm Path:         /usr/ports/contrib04:10
RomsterMaintainer:   Rene Lengwinat, rugek at dirtyhack dot net04:10
Romsterso your version should be listing that and not # Packager: ryuo, flakeroats at hotmail dot com04:10
Romsterno you use [] for that.04:10
ryuoi didnt use his Pkgfile to create it...04:11
ryuoI created mine from scratch...04:11
Romsteror (( ))04:11
ryuoso if i make a port that someone else has already made, i have to mark them as the "Packager"?04:12
* ryuo boggles.04:12
ryuoeven if its not in the main repos?04:12
Romsterwell i have been..04:13
Romsternot over sure on that.04:13
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ryuoI thought packager only applied if you were editing someone else pkgfile04:14
Romsterwhen there is more than one i jsut pick one that's the closeist to what i want the edit it from there, or oyu end up like another self centered looking person like yhafri that renames all ports he finds as his own.04:14
ryuoif i make a port, i dont use someone elses port...04:14
Romsterwell yours liiks like it was based off of that specasily since you used x11 and not xorg-libx1104:14
ryuoI construct mine from scratch...04:15
Romstersame name same version... meh upto you04:15
ryuowell, what AM i supposed?04:15
ryuoto use them04:15
Romsteri could say the same with half of mine04:15
pitilloPackager is used to when you aren't the maintainer of a port, (if you are the maintainer you can left only that var) Packager var must be changed if your port differs a lot from originals ports04:15
Romsterthere is no rule on it but i find it's fair to credit a person for a port with the same name.04:15
Romstereven if you later highly modify it.04:15
ryuoRomster, theres more than one port that have like a dozen copies of it04:16
Romsterpitillo, hmm.. when is the criteria of that though i've never edited a packager not even once.04:16
ryuoideally, there should one be one of each port04:17
ryuonow that i think about04:18
ryuoI did use some other peoples ports, if they had one of the same name, to help me track down dependencies04:18
ryuobut eh04:18
Romsteri'd go by the notion of core|opt|xorg|contrib|the rest of the wm's| then the users you pick oen that matches what you want copy it edit.04:18
ryuoi dont know if that counts04:18
pitilloRomster, I feel the same, I prefer maintain Packagers name if I make little changes on ports, but like you said, may be not all people do the same04:18
Romsterthat's what i've done but i really don't know what the best approch is on that.04:18
ryuokinda hard when you cant find the ORIGINAL04:18
ryuowhen theres like 5 of the same name04:19
ryuomost of which are not properly maintained04:19
ryuopeople put 'em up and forget about it04:19
pitilloryuo, there are some like that, but all in private repos...04:19
ryuoonly the officials are properly maintained, usually.04:19
pitilloif you check offcial repos, all porst are well maintained04:19
Romsterpitillo, i know not all do yhafri i have a grudge agenst he pinched one of mine and changed the name to make it he made it and it even had my style of formating in it.04:20
pitillothat is the point... private repos are that, only private, well/bad maintained04:20
ryuoi made 3 ports of my own to refine Eterm04:20
Romsteri dont' mind others using my ports but keep the Packager.04:20
ryuoEterm, regular program, libast, required library, and Eterm-bg, a packaging of the optional backgrounds for Eterm04:20
Romsternot always, i found one out of date.04:20
RedShiftryuo: maybe you have mouse gestures enabled? that could cause that04:20
Romsterin opt even.04:20
pitilloRomster, like I said, there are more people doing that. They are free, but IMO, I prefer to respect it.04:20
ryuoRedShift: How would i disable that then?04:21
Romsterand i'll have a word to the maintiner when he is here to fix it.04:21
RedShiftugh dunno, I don't use firefox04:21
RedShiftisn't that a built-in feature?04:21
ryuoif it is, it probably has a disable switch04:21
Romsterthere si a option in preferences - advanced04:22
ryuoRomster, what GUI editor do you usually use?04:22
ryuoI have picked up leafpad for my purposes.04:22
Romsterryuo, pitillo it's my opinion but you can choose your own i'm jsut going what i've chosen todo.04:22
ryuofeels like a GTK version of nedit04:22
ryuoand much nicer04:23
ryuosome of the features i found annoying in nedit are fixed in leafpad :p04:23
Romsterah i just use kwrite or (g)vim04:23
ryuolike the file directory switching was a pain with04:23
ryuoleafpad's pretty small04:23
ryuothe download was like 300kb04:24
Romsterthe readme of pekwm04:24
Romster"Note: Download of this site is wacky, that is why the file is called file is04:24
Romstercalled "15"."04:24
Romsterthe 15 is called a ID04:24
Romsterfor the downlaod script on the serverside.04:24
ryuowhen you try to DL from it with firefox, you get the properly named file04:24
pitilloryuo, I use leafpad to open test files with ff... it does the trick, gtk2 based and little :)04:24
ryuobut if you use wget04:24
ryuoit stays named 1504:24
Romsterif you look closer it'll supply the filename in the comment field that a browser will pick up on and rename it but wget dosn't04:25
ryuofor some wierd reason04:25
Romsterit's a anoyance yes.04:25
ryuowell i had to adjust it04:25
ryuoto match it04:25
Romsterone i had looked into.04:25
ryuolike adding04:25
ryuotar -xf 1504:25
Romsterits not wacky it's a download script on the server side.04:25
ryuookay if you say so...04:25
Romsteryeah that's fine todo jsut youre readme disn't need to state that.04:25
ryuoi sometimes run into files that dont file standard packaging outlines04:25
Romsterthat produces a new problem like a download without a version number..04:26
Romsteryeah like boost and others.04:26
ryuonot a damn thing i can do about that04:26
ryuoif its not the right version in the future04:26
ryuomd5sum will catch it04:26
Romsternope not alot other than hsot the file, or do some editing so the name/version to pkgmk appears sane.04:27
ryuowhy should I host the version? i'm not the developer04:27
Romstereasy way to get around the wacky filename.04:28
Romsterit's like saying i shoudln't host tarballs of snapshots of cvs/svn/other.04:28
* ryuo shrugs.04:29
Romstereh i guess i'll keep doing what i do.04:29
ryuofor some reason i thought leafpad's icon would have leaf :p04:29
Romsteri got my own views and i'm seeing yours don't even come near mine so do as you please.04:30
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pitilloryuo, wich port are you using for leafpad?04:30
ryuoofficial one04:30
ryuolemme check04:30
pitillooki, thank you04:31
ryuoi figure since i have to have gtk2 for my main apps04:32
ryuowhy not try to have my other apps use it too?04:32
ryuoand cut down on the number of excess libraries i use04:32
ryuoi'm gonna try without a windowlist bar :)04:34
ryuoand use rox's builtin, iconified windows on root window04:34
Romsteri'm starting to see ryuo's thing about keeping dependencys to a miniumn.04:40
Romster$ pkginfo -i |wc -l04:40
ryuowhat do you mean?04:41
Romsterthat i got so many and it can get to dependency hell finging what needs what and half of them are not used for everything.04:42
ryuothats my number of ports i guess?04:42
Romsteryes, installed ones.04:42
ryuohard to imagine some places have thousands of packages04:43
ryuowhy use glib/gtk 1 anymore? I'd rather use a gtk2 version of a gtk1 app04:44
ryuoits kinda sad that gtk2 is used way more than qt3/qt4 it seems04:46
* ryuo ponders.04:47
ryuoiconified windows on root menu seems like a poor substitue for a bar window list sometimes04:47
ryuoif i need more than one full screen app running at a time04:48
ryuoits a downright pain to switch between them with a mouse04:48
ryuoprobably should get used to alt-tab i guess :p04:48
Romsterwell you could have a auto hide task bar04:51
ryuokinda hard to break away from some stuff from windows04:55
ryuoLinux noentry #1 SMP Fri Jan 4 02:57:47 UTC 2008 i686 athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux04:55
ryuokinda sad how zip is still the standard for windows, yet there are far better archive formats now04:57
ryuopekwm can put windows in fullscreen mode with a keybinding05:00
ryuofullscreen in pekwm = window consumes whole screen and titlebar/borders are removed XD05:01
ryuopekwm's level of configuration reminds me of fvwm05:03
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:18
* ryuo chirps like a cricket.05:25
sepenheyo DarkNekros05:26
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Romsterwhat on earth this article is bizare
RomsterSee with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses ? and build a few new ones.06:09
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ryuoThats what happens when scientists inhale paint fumes for too long...06:15
ryuotsk tsk06:15
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SiFuhweird.. sendmail not running, yet gmail was able to send mail to my server, and i received it..06:39
teKtry yourself (netcat,socat,telnet,$MTA,...)06:45
* ryuo ponders.06:45
ryuoI wonder if i should setup my own dedicated personal server :)06:45
ryuoemail & storage :D06:46
ryuowho needs online storage if you setup yours right?06:46
teKsudo netstat -ape | grep LISTEN06:46
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SiFuhryuo: i work overseas in asia, but come back to australia every now and then. I prefer having my own server, for various reasons. Mostly my data is accessbile world wide. It comes in handy having a server in another country when you are in china (redirecting websites)07:04
SiFuhi can have all my email on the server, my instant messages(bitlbee), irssi, all running in a screen session07:04
SiFuhthat way i can use mobile phones, internet cafes, my notebook, whatever has support for ssh clients and go straight in and check my emails, instant messages and so on.07:04
SiFuhbut i think the best reason of is, 'it's cool' haha..07:05
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ryuoriiggght <_<07:13
ryuoSiFuh: what type of command can i run from within an x session started by slim/xdm to logout?07:20
SiFuhxlogout ?07:22
ryuoi'll try that07:22
SiFuhusually a seperate package07:22
treachryuo: if you're using slim, just close your wm.07:22
ryuotreach: one problem, i want to trigger it throug lxpanel07:23
ryuoand it requires a command line07:24
ryuokillall X works fine if you use startx07:24
ryuobut i'm using slim07:24
ryuoin this case, i can't07:24
ryuosudo killall X?07:24
ryuoif i set sudo to no password07:25
SiFuhxdm ?07:25
ryuoand restrict to this command07:25
ryuoi don't use xdm07:25
ryuoi was thinkin it might07:25
ryuobe the same for xdm07:25
Romsterctrl+alt+backspace :P07:27
Romsterbut that's brute force.07:27
ryuoif do that07:28
ryuoslim doesn't respawn07:28
ryuoif i*07:28
treachryuo: that might be because it doesn't die properly07:29
ryuoif so, its probably a bug07:30
SiFuhi don't think X was meant to be killed using killall07:30
Romstercan run nodaemon mode?07:30
ryuoi wonder if it could run it from init07:31
SiFuhbut i think that it might be fore xdm sessions07:31
ryuono, i remember setting up xdm, kdm, gdm, and slim under inittab when i used arch07:32
treachryuo: I've had problems with slim refusing to die and using all available cpucycles.07:32
ryuothink i should stop using slim?07:32
treachso looking in top might be a good  idea07:32
treachwell, that's for you to decide.07:33
ryuostarting to look like too much trouble07:33
ryuoxdm always seems to work correctly07:33
SiFuhslim uses all cpucycles? that kind of defies the word slim :-/07:33
ryuoi just got an idea07:34
treachIt only happens when you try to restart it.07:34
ryuomaybe i can make an xdm theme07:34
treachie, start it normally and use it, no problem07:34
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SiFuhfetchmail: Server certificate verification error: self signed certificate08:02
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SiFuhthat's pretty weird also.. 4 years I used the same configs and now it complains i need a fingerprint?08:04
*** concorr has joined #crux08:13
concorrhi Romster08:13
Romsterhi concorr08:14
*** jaeger- has joined #crux08:25
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger-08:25
concorrRomster, You know if "prt-get" and "pkgmk" can be freely used in other linux distributions?08:29
teKiirc they're GPL'd.. so 'f course you can by obeying the usual restrictions08:30
*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:32
Romsterthere already used in bsd and some other distros as a aditional layer of pkgmanagemnt not associated with the primary management on distro.08:33
concorrThen can be used as a packaging system to a new Linux distribution, also GPL08:33
Romsterthere GPL'd as teK said so use as the licence says.08:33
concorrok, thanks08:33
Romsterwould be nice to know were and what it's used on for thoughts etc.08:34
*** pedja has joined #crux08:34
concorrRomster, I have needs that can not meet with any distribution I know. I have worked with lfs, coredistro and crux, and I am basing on them to make the distribution I need08:38
thrice`wow, jue is an updating monster :)08:38
Romsterthrice`, yeah08:40
Romsterconcorr, what are you after that these distrbutions lack, i might help out <<08:41
RyoScan anyone link me up on how to make an nice quality mkv from dvd source with mencoder maybe?08:41
RomsterRyoS, hmm i haven't gone that far with mencoder..08:42
RyoSRomster: k08:45
RyoSthere is not much info and i am no "videofreak"08:45
Romstermkv is a container format iirc?08:46
Romsterh264 and oggvorbis?08:46
Romsteri've extracted dvds.08:47
RyoSthats not what i need :) thats no problem actually but i hate makeing nice rips :/08:48
RyoSbut i really want one since i got my nice uncut scarface dvd from austria during my holidays :p08:48
concorrRomster, I want a distribution with few dependencies between packages, to console and x. Gui very simple. Binary packages and dev separated. But all that the minimum of units08:49
Romsterhmm sounds like arch/debian/ubuntu?08:49
Romsterkinda all roled into one.08:49
concorrufffff, dont08:50
Romsteranother one that wants binary packages...08:50
concorrThese distributions do not meet any of this08:50
Romsteranother words crux with binary packages is what your after? its the same with RedShift  he uses archlinux becase of the not needing to compile.08:51
Romsterhmm ok..08:51
concorrNot, I do not want binaries, I am a programmer, I want to take them separately08:51
Romsterwhat pourpose is it inteded for?08:51
Romsterwhy seperate the packages like port and port-dev ?08:51
concorrAlthough not feel that way, it really is a distribution for programmers08:52
thrice`hm, wonder if the new qemu will build on gcc 4.x08:52
concorrfor size, arm...08:52
Romsterthrice`, not sure. is there a new one out, alst i heard tilman had to use gcc3 still and i got a gcc34 port in contrib it'll use.08:52
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux08:52
Romstercrux is a distrbution for programers now <<08:53
Romsterbut go for it the tools are out there.08:53
concorrRomster, yes is it08:53
Romsterit's opensource so grab what you want and hack it together.08:53
thrice`Romster: no, 0.9.1 was released08:53
Romsterthrice`, oo08:53
Romsteri'll update my qemu port in my private repo.08:54
thrice`from source, or binary ?08:54
*** thrice`_ has quit IRC08:54
ryuohey Romster08:54
Romsterhi ryuo08:54
ryuodoes --prefix affect anything other than where make install installs to by default?08:55
Romsterthrice`, from source of course.08:55
ryuoi got a wierd package i'm trying to port08:55
ryuothat doesnt use a standard makefile08:55
ryuoit still accepts prefix, etc, but08:55
thrice`Romster: :)  I don't have access to my linux box currently, i'll try when I get home08:55
ryuoDESTDIR it does not08:55
RomsterDESTDIR= useally is what you use but some programs don't have that.08:55
ryuoso i tried08:56
ryuo./configure --prefix=$PKG/usr08:56
ryuowould this cause problems?08:56
Romstermight be some other name look in the Makefile for the install part.08:56
Romsterryuo, yes some programs do not like that but some will work ok ymmv08:56
ryuoi'll try to avoid it then08:56
Romstercan try it08:56
concorrIf I use the system crux packages, which I have enjoyed very much, all packages that do may be installed in crux08:57
Romsterbut the best way is to either use your own install stuff in the Pkgfile, look int he Makefile to see if it has anything suitable if not patch it.08:57
Romsterconcorr, if there compatable yes.08:57
*** treach has joined #crux08:59
Romsterthrice`, i'll have it in my repo by then.09:00
Romsterit still uses gcc-3.409:00
thrice`Romster: did you try with gcc4 only?09:00
Romsternope it defaults to that09:00
ryuoat least the few that dont follow the rules are09:01
ryuofew and far between09:01
ryuoit would seem that this makefile does not support redirection of where files are installed09:02
concorrRomster, crux is fine, it is manageable, I can remove and put whatever i want, my philosophy is to eliminate packages instead of adding. Look for ways to do the same with less ...09:02
ryuoRomster, i got ani dea09:02
ryuoi can see where it installs shit to normally and then move them manually...09:03
ryuoor would that backfire...09:03
Romsterqemu compiling.09:03
Romsterryuo, then add a $PREFIX to the makefile.09:04
ryuoi see...09:04
Romsterit' isn't that hard todo then do a diff -pruN program.orig program > make-prefix.patch09:04
ryuoit supports $PREFIX09:04
Romsterit does..09:04
ryuobut i thought it would bust it09:04
ryuosince i thought it was the same as09:05
ryuo--prefix :p09:05
Romstermake PREFIX=$PKG install09:05
Romster--prefix and $PREFIX are not the same thing.09:05
concorrRomster, We could say that would be another version of crux. Doing this is well regarded by the communities?09:05
Romster--prefix is like /usr or /user/local09:05
ryuoi checked an AUR build for what i'm trying to build09:06
ryuoto get an idea of how to fix it09:06
Romsterconcorr, sounds like a fork of crux and there is noting to stop you doing it.09:06
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux09:06
treachconcorr: Not sure what your point is, but there already are other versions of crux out there, some of them apparently somewhat popular even.09:06
ryuoJudd did it once already09:06
ryuowhos to say someone else can't too?09:06
*** thrice`_ has quit IRC09:06
Romsterryuo,  look for the install-am or whatever int eh Makefile see the install lines09:06
ryuoi checked the instlal line09:07
treachryuo: he claims he didn't. apparently he claims to just have been "inspired" by crux09:07
ryuoit does $PREFIX install stuff09:07
ryuotreach: well its still a fork, kinda.09:07
Romsterwere it installs to $(PREFIX)/$(BINDIR)/program09:07
ryuotreach: their build system is very similar to crux's09:07
treachyes, I've heard so.09:07
Romsterjust add in $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(BINDIR)/program09:07
ryuotake one look at their PKGBUILD and you'll see :p09:08
ryuoRomster: why do i need to patch it if it works as is?09:08
treachstill, react os is very similar to windows, doesn't make it a fork for that reason.09:08
Romsterif it didn't work as is..09:08
Romstertheres a fix for it.09:08
teKforking windows is kinda hard09:08
ryuostill dont see why anyone would fork Crux, but whatever09:08
ryuousually forks occur on bigger distros :p09:09
Romsterno idea.09:09
thrice`arch is hardly a fork anymore09:09
ryuoi'm starting to wonder if arch is starting to mirror ubuntu09:09
treachit's evolved to a steaming POS instead of a fork? :p09:09
ryuowith all its newbie friendly documentation09:10
ryuoand stuff09:10
treachIMO, if you need to extensively document your distro you've failed, to some extent.09:10
teKdocumentation for setting up $FOO regarding Distro-specific things is no bad thing09:11
ryuothe only real knowledge that needs documenting is how your distro varies from the norm09:11
teKGentoo comes to mind..09:11
thrice`yeah, I do like gentoo's docs09:12
treachteK: keyword, "extensively". :)09:12
thrice`helps catch the "gotchas"09:12
ryuoi remember a joke someone put into phrik's gentoo response09:12
Romsterlike in every detail covering the basics of linux that should be already known.09:12
ryuo"Watching text scroll by for hours on end is fun for the whole family!"09:12
treachthat is, if you have to read an entire book on distrospecific behaviour, that distro is a failure09:12
teKryuo: it also enhances your unix skillz09:12
teK"i learned alot by using gentoo" ... hmhm.09:13
teKgotta go. bye :)09:13
ryuocompiling shit doesn't make you a better linux user :p09:13
concorrI am doing it to implement programs and systems to sell, no busco nothing else with it. Gpl be if someone likes. And the packages will be valid for crux. What you see OK?09:13
ryuoby itself09:13
Romsteractually wathing a comple sometimes makes ya find a problem.09:13
Romsteri have found anyways.09:13
ryuoI usually only notice compile issues if it fail ;)09:14
Romsterwell i've see -O2 overiding -O4 and things like that are wtf..09:14
Romsterso i fix it so it's -O309:14
teK-2 + -4 is -6 -> -O6 dumbass *g*09:15
pitillono busco nothing else? xD09:15
RomsterteK, lol...09:15
ryuo-O3 is unsafe09:15
treachRomster: that enigma is easily solved by looking in the gcc manual..09:15
ryuoo rly?09:15
treachRomster: it is09:15
Romsteri know what each does.09:15
ryuoi fucked up my system before with it09:15
Romsteryes but some programs are already designed to work with -O309:16
Romsternot everything mind you.09:16
treachwith what verision of gcc?09:16
ryuoits not safe for system wide optimizations09:16
Romsternot system wide but per a program.09:16
ryuoi hear its safe with gcc3 but not 409:16
Romsterwhat's the unsafe with gcc4?09:16
treachwho knows?09:16
Romsterit'll cause the program to crash?09:17
ryuoi dont know it just isnt safe09:17
concorrpitillo, xP09:17
ryuono they malfunction09:17
treachRomster: that's the point, you don't know09:17
ryuoit caused my filesystem utilities to malfunction09:17
ryuoand make my system unbootable09:17
Romsterwell duh something that critical you gotta be careful..09:17
treachO3 might be fine with some version of glibc/gcc, and totally flopp with some other combo09:17
ryuoi'd rather stick to -O209:17
Romsterhmm true.09:17
Romsterwimp <<09:18
treachthus it's dangerous, even if the programmer designed the app to use it09:18
Romsterdon't learn if oyu don't try.09:18
* ryuo throws Romster into a pit full of razor blades, and says "Don't get cut, now.".09:18
Romstereven if it's default flag is -O3 it's dangerious O_o09:18
treachRomster: correction, it *migth* be dangerous09:18
Romsterk 'might;09:19
concorrRomster, You feel it necessary to use optimization in compilations?09:19
Romsterso i'm treading on thin ice and haven't fallen though yet.09:19
Romsterin critcal things that use alot of cpu.09:19
RedShift-O3 is dangerous09:19
ryuothis package installs to /usr/share/man09:19
RedShiftkernel doesn't compile correctly if you use -O309:19
Romsterryuo, --mandir=/usr/man09:20
ryuoit won't accept --mandir i think09:20
ryuobut i'll try anyway09:20
Romsterthen use sed09:20
Romsterto remove the share09:20
ryuoyep it doesnt accept it09:21
Romstermore than one way todo it or patch it whatever you prefer or the really lazy way is a mv09:21
ryuoRomster: whats it matter as long as it turns out right?09:21
Romstersed -i -e 's|/share/man|/man|g' Makefile09:21
Romsteror something.09:21
* Romster shrugs.09:22
concorrRomster, with actuals cpu, i think a few things need optimizacion if programmed in C. what do you thing?09:22
concorrWe will romster to stun xP09:23
treachsomethings gain from optimizing; most doesn't.09:23
Romsteri think C++ has mroe room for improvment the new not export all stc stuff is gonna make C++ programs faster.09:24
concorrbetter stability09:24
Romstertrue some won't even notice a diference.09:24
treachlike building mutt with -O3 would be fairly idiotic. :P09:24
Romstererr stl*09:24
Romsteror owhatever its' called i'm partly brain dead now and gonna goto bed very soon.09:25
Romsterwouldn't be worth it but building lame at -O3 for faster encoding would be.09:25
Romsterif indeed it does work faster at that,09:25
Romsterwhile still being stable.09:25
Romsteri'll take stability over speed anyday/09:26
SiFuhryuo: you want the Xserver to respawn right?09:26
SiFuhnothing much, I was just reading something about Xserver -terminate -noreset.. which is not what you want09:29
*** jmvr has joined #crux09:31
ryuoalmost got this port righ09:31
SiFuhi see slim is designed by per liden..09:31
SiFuhhe had another name for this way back in 0.8x09:32
treachnot quite09:34
treachslim was written by sip and cptn, based on by pli09:34 sounds familiar09:35
*** mrks_ has joined #crux09:37
SiFuh@seen sip09:39
clbSiFuh: sip was last seen in #crux 1 year, 5 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?09:39
SiFuh@seen cptn09:40
clbSiFuh: cptn was last seen in #crux 13 weeks, 2 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <cptn> ;-)09:40
sepen@seen vektori09:40
clbsepen: vektori was last seen in #crux 21 weeks, 0 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <vektori> Sorry, we're out of halp.09:40
SiFuh@seen vkd09:40
clbSiFuh: vkd was last seen in #crux 1 year, 32 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 35 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <vkd> back in a bit...09:40
SiFuhback in a bit??09:40
espo:D09:41 sounds obsolete09:41
SiFuh@seen skuupi09:41
clbSiFuh: I have not seen skuupi.09:41
SiFuhmust have been before the bots time.09:42
Romsteroh i wish that sip wasn't said my nick as the last thing grrr09:47
Romsteri have lost count how many times i've seen the channel flash and see it was from that.09:48
SiFuhbetter than this one ;-)09:49
SiFuh#crux.log:00:00 < treach> yeah, like "JESUS CHRIST ON A FUCKING BICYCLE, JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!"09:49
Romstertreach, you said that O_o09:50
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux09:50
treachyeah, I don't like windows habit of spamming you with all sorts of idiotic messages.09:50
Romsterah that crap.09:51
treachXP too.09:51
Romster'drive c error please insert a disc and continue', c is a harddisk ya cunt of windows <<09:51
treach"I've found a new device"09:51
treach"Device classified as usb memory"09:52
Romsteryeah wtf is that one.09:52
treach"Device sucessfully attatched"09:52
SiFuhactually if Jesus was on a bicycle 2 thousand years ago, I am sure people will be chasing him in awe..09:52
treachetc, ad nauseum09:52
Romstererror hx7839406 you are low on memory.09:53
Romsteror 'this program hs performed an illigal operation and will be shutdown'09:53
Romsterthat one always anoyed me.09:53
treachany way, I'm fucking trying to get some work done on the computer, *not* bloody have a chat with it. :/09:53
Romsterwhat fucking illigal operation.09:54
SiFuhbetter treach :-09:54
Romsterwith us not it <<09:54
treachRomster: refering to windows, not you09:54
SiFuhRomster: the one that always annoyed me "Windows is now starting"09:54
Romsterah lol09:54
RomsterSiFuh, <<09:54
*** mrks has quit IRC09:55
*** treach has quit IRC09:55
Romsterconnection reset by quear.09:55
SiFuhyes, i was thinking the exact same thing09:55
Romsterfor such a small archive qemu sure does take ages to compile.09:58
SiFuhso small i dont even know what a qemu is09:58
Romsteremulateor for hardware.09:59
Romsterlike i got a win98se in one img i made to run in qemu09:59
Romstertakes me back seeing win98 stuff.10:00
Romsterok i'm so off to bed10:01
Romsterlater all10:02
pitillogoodnight Romster10:02
sependf -g10:14
*** onestep has quit IRC10:52
*** concorr has quit IRC10:58
*** treach has joined #crux10:59
treach"quear" Romster?11:03
*** Romster has quit IRC11:35
treachhaha, devine retribution. :)11:37
*** mwansa has joined #crux11:43
thrice`tilman: see the new qemu release?11:45
tilmancool, no i didn't see it yet11:46
thrice`haven't tried compiling yet, as I have no access to a gcc4 box.  no mention of it in their changelog, so it's not looking good :|11:47
tilmanno, it surely still requires gcc 3.x :)11:47
tilmani tried cvs head a onth ago or so, and it didn't work with gcc4 yet11:47
ryuoi'll try to compile qemu11:48
ryuowith gcc4 now11:48
thrice`i don't get how they can still expect that to work11:48
ryuowow slow dl11:50
ryuo18 kb/s11:50
* treach hands ryuo his old 14.4 modem11:50
mwansaryuo, thats about my average speed :|11:50
ryuoi'm connecting a really slow server11:52
thrice`the version in ports isn't source, it's the binary release (I think)11:53
ryuoyep its binary11:53
ryuoit whines about gcc being missing11:53
ryuogcc3 that is11:53
*** onestep has joined #crux11:54
ryuowhen i use ./configure11:54
ryuoshould i bypass the check?11:54
* ryuo boggles.11:54
*** mwansa has quit IRC11:56
*** mwansa has joined #crux11:56
*** Romster has joined #crux12:03
*** j^2 has joined #crux12:07
*** onestep has quit IRC12:08
*** onestep has joined #crux12:08
*** sepen has quit IRC12:13
*** boe has joined #crux13:04
*** sepen has joined #crux13:14
*** errdil has joined #crux13:21
*** roliveira_ has joined #crux13:47
*** roliveira has quit IRC13:49
*** roliveira has joined #crux13:51
*** roliveira has quit IRC13:52
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux13:55
*** errdil has quit IRC13:59
*** treach has quit IRC14:04
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:11
*** tri has joined #crux14:14
*** jaeger- has quit IRC14:18
*** errdil has joined #crux14:25
*** jaeger has joined #crux14:26
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger14:26
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*** Romster has joined #crux14:31
*** Bandit0972 has joined #crux15:02
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux15:23
*** mwansa has quit IRC15:25
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*** roliveira has joined #crux15:30
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux15:30
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*** tri has left #crux15:44
sepenRomster, ping15:56
*** Bandit0972 has quit IRC15:59
*** errdil has quit IRC16:07
SiFuhkind of curious why someone would make a script..16:15
SiFuhwhen all you need to do is  /exec -o fortune16:15
*** boe has quit IRC16:24
rehabdollperhaps someone was bored?16:44
sepenSiFuh, test cowsay port16:47
sepenthats an example
SiFuhas in ?16:49
sepenyou can combine fortune with cowsay like by doing $ cowsay `fortune`16:49
sepenso funny16:50
SiFuhjust checking this out16:50
SiFuhlooks a bit happhazard16:50
SiFuhyes, i really dont like it16:55
SiFuhthat  script is insane16:57
SiFuhturns irssi into a tv program guide17:00
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:09
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:10
*** andarius has joined #crux17:21
*** SiFuh has quit IRC17:29
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux17:30
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:33
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:43
*** Rotwang has left #crux17:48
SiFuhoohh i like this script17:49
SiFuhthat's quite a cool idea17:49
Romstersepen, you wanted me?17:50
sepenlook at 1 moment please17:51
sepen$ pkg-config --libs qt-mt17:51
sepen-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt-mt -lz -lGL -lXmu -lXi -lXrender -lXrandr -lXcursor -lXinerama -lXft -lfreetype -lfontconfig -lXext -lX11 -lm -lSM -lICE -ldl -lpthread17:51
sepenand also with contrib/qt4 ports17:52
sepen$ pkg-config --libs Qt3Support17:52
sepen-pthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lQt3Support -lQtSql -lQtXml -lQtGui -lpng -lSM -lICE -lXi -lXrender -lXrandr -lXfixes -lXcursor -lXinerama -lfreetype -lfontconfig -lXext -lX11 -lQtNetwork -lQtCore -lz -lm -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.0 -lpthread -ldl17:52
Romsterah lame old default, if you look alot of programs still have that17:52
Romstersi it breaking anything?17:52
sepenyeah but it can be replaced for X11 path17:52
sepenRomster, not yet here17:53
RomsterX11 is now basicly /usr/lib isint it?17:53
sepenusr/include/X11 and usr/lib/X11 would be fine for me17:53
sepenonly a opinion17:53
sepenIm updating some qt4 dependent ports such as qca, etc ...17:54
sepensince now, all built fine17:55
teKprologic: dhcp still does not build17:55
teK(broken source=())17:55
Romsterit's actually /usr/lib and and /usr/include/X1117:56
ryuoI need a command to shutdown my XDM session the moment its used...17:56
ryuoif i use killall (window manager)17:57
ryuoit closes the WM, but display stays open until i move my mouse17:57
Romsteri plan to test qt4 in place of using it as a addon to qt3.17:57
ryuoqt4 is to qt3 as gtk2 is to gtk117:57
Romsteri told prologic to update his ports he is quite busy17:57
teKI told him some days ago, too17:58
ryuoRomster: any ideas?17:58
* Romster shrugs17:58
sepenRomster, I think we should migrate to qt417:58
Romstersepen, yeah17:58
Romsteri'm gonna do that and seeif it breaks anything.17:59
ryuoit'll break things like kde318:00
*** roliveira has joined #crux18:04
DarkNekrosnight everybody (morning to Romster) ;)18:07
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:07
Romsterryuo, hmm really <<18:07
Romsterqt4 does have qt3support.18:08
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:11
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux18:12
*** Romster has quit IRC18:27
*** Romster has joined #crux18:28
SiFuhwow, i have a question18:32
SiFuhssh user@domain ("run command ") | command -18:33
SiFuhis there a way i can do this, but doesn't stream?18:33
SiFuhonly connects when there is a change in the command?18:34
SiFuhprobably would have to be the other way around also.18:34
*** mwansa_ is now known as mwansa18:38
Romsteryou'd have to do it in bash and store the previous result?18:39
Romsterand if change then send the command.18:39
ryuoi wish i knew what variables work with fb/lx panel's clocks18:44
ryuosome of them are %I, %R, etc18:45
*** onestep has quit IRC18:46
Romsterisn't there a man page?18:46
Romsteror a info page for it.18:46
Romsterif you got texinfo installed.18:46
SiFuhwhat's an fb/lx panel clock ?18:48
SiFuhfluxbox ?18:48
ryuoits the clock thats part of the fbpanel or lxpanel18:48
SiFuhi have never seen this before18:50
ryuoi found it18:50
ryuoI was lookin for 12 hour clock format ^_^18:50
ryuoi find 24 hour format to be a pain in the ass18:51
*** j^2_ has joined #crux18:51
*** j^2 has quit IRC18:51
SiFuh24 hour is all i like :-(18:51
ryuoi created a Pkgfile for fbpanel and lxpanel18:51
ryuoboth are GTK based... pretty nice18:52
Romsteri hate 12 horu time ever set an alarm clock to pm when you wanted am and vice versa?18:53
ryuowell excuse me :p18:54
ryuoi grew up around 12 hour clock format18:54
Romsteram/pm is just stupid18:54
Romsteryeah well so did i and around 24h time too.18:54
Romsteri chaged to 24h since 12h time can give problems. 3:00 what am or pm easier to say 15:0018:55
*** j^2_ has quit IRC18:55
*** j^2 has joined #crux18:56
ryuothe main reason i still use taskbars is for the clock...18:56
Romsteryeah and cpu load graph.18:57
Romsterand it's easy to see when xchat or a im task bar item flashes.18:58
Romsterisn't seting 12/24h time like doing hh: or HH: ?18:58
ryuoyea i guess18:58
ryuoI set my clock to %r and it gave me what i want18:58
Romsteror does it use it's own format it should follow man time18:58
ryuoi dont really need second18:59
ryuobut eh18:59
Romstercan omit ti wht anoyes me the most is blinking dots can't stand them <<19:00
*** j^2_ has joined #crux19:01
*** j^2__ has joined #crux19:08
*** j^2 has quit IRC19:08
*** j^2_ has quit IRC19:11
*** j^2 has joined #crux19:13
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:13
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:13
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:14
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:15
*** j^2__ has quit IRC19:17
*** j^2_ has joined #crux19:18
*** j^2 has quit IRC19:26
*** j^2 has joined #crux19:26
*** j^2_ has quit IRC19:28
*** j^2_ has joined #crux19:31
*** j^2__ has joined #crux19:36
*** j^2 has quit IRC19:37
*** j^2_ has quit IRC19:37
* ryuo ponders.19:38
ryuotrying to find a nice white theme ^_^19:38
ryuofor gtk219:38
*** j^2 has joined #crux19:41
Romster4425 spam emails in the past year...19:42
*** j^2__ has quit IRC19:43
Romsteri've never found a theme i've liked with gtk2 yet..19:43
ryuosad how all forms of communication always seem to get riddled with ADs19:43
ryuoor marketers19:44
mwansaisnt so bad...19:46
*** j^2_ has joined #crux19:46
ryuoI found a good and white gtk2 theme19:49
*** j^2 has quit IRC19:51
*** j^2 has joined #crux19:51
*** j^2_ has quit IRC19:53
*** j^2_ has joined #crux19:56
*** j^2 has quit IRC19:58
*** j^2 has joined #crux20:01
ryuonow i need some window decor...20:05
mwansafluxbox > openbox20:06
mwansaif only written in c ...20:06
mwansaryuo, using gnome ?20:07
ryuojust some gtk2 apps20:08
mwansaah ohk20:09
ryuoi'm trying to find some good pixmap window decor to port to my WM20:09
ryuoto match my default gtk2 theme20:09
ryuoany suggetions would be appreciated ;)20:10
ryuothe gtk2 theme i'm using is overall, a very nice blend of white20:10
mwansawhat theme is it ?20:10
ryuolets see20:11
ryuoI got it from gnome-look.org20:12
ryuoand its called...20:12
* ryuo feels pekwm is more versatile than fvwm in some areas.20:14
*** j^2_ has quit IRC20:15
Romsterhmm i'm starting to not like fvwm...20:16
ryuowhys that?20:16
Romsterhas some bad points i don't like.20:16
Romsterthe menu for one..20:16
Romsterand it's in perl and i hadn't learned perl <<20:16
Romsterneed something in a language i know.20:17
ryuoI'm using a combination of20:17
ryuorox, fbpanel, and pekwm20:17
Romsterbash/python maybe someting else maybe.20:17
ryuopekwm is very configurable, once i checked the guts of it =p20:17
Romsterwhat language is it in?20:18
Romsterto configure etc.20:19
ryuoits configuration is all done in its files20:19
ryuoit uses {}'s20:19
ryuoto define its variables20:19
ryuocheck their documentation if you want a better idea20:20
ryuolets see20:20
ryuoyou can find it on the website20:20
ryuoits default config is decent, but some of it i dont like :p20:20
ryuonamely the excessive alt+click and such macros20:20
*** mwansa has quit IRC20:21
ryuoit does have workspaces though20:21
ryuopractically all its behavior can be programmed20:21
ryuobut your still limited to what internal functions it already has defined20:21
ryuolemme find its "format" file20:22
*** concorr has joined #crux20:22
Romsterthat's jsut it most i've found don't do quite what i'm after internally.20:23
Romsterhi concorr20:23
concorrhi Romster20:24
ryuothats generally how stuff is filled out20:24
Romsterand i'm lacking programming expeareance todo anything heavy20:25
ryuohow is using config {}'s hard?20:25
Romsterand clipboard compatability between qt and gtk is a real bitch.20:25
ryuonot a problem for me...20:26
ryuoI only use gtk...20:26
Romsterthat url says not found20:26
Romsterusing {} isn't ahrd.20:26
RomsterThe requested URL /pekwm/015-docs/html/config/syntax.html was not found on this server.20:26
ryuoi took that from20:27
ryuocopy+paste url20:27
ryuoin leafpad20:27
ryuothen output it to here20:27
ryuothats the problem20:27
ryuohyphen instead of _ :p20:27
Romsterthat's better.20:28
Romsterah is too.20:28
ryuobtw, if you want to use a different form of this documentation, check here20:28
concorrow I was looking for a small window manager xP20:28
ryuodefine small20:29
ryuoI know of several "small"20:29
Romsterhmm almsot looks like apache style configs except it don't have the semi-colin20:29
ryuoRomster, you feel like giving it a try?20:29
Romsterevilwm <<20:30
ryuoI found it much easier to figure out over fvwm20:30
Romsterah might.. be what i'm after *shrugs*20:30
ryuocheck hewphoria if you want some themes for reference20:30
Romsterfvwm is jsut hard to figure out how todo anything. and iw as looking though all the files and google.20:30
ryuoif you make window decor20:30
concorrI just want to manage windows with a simple mark, and multiple desktops without specific apis. And it is manageable20:30
ryuo"simple mark"?20:31
concorrAs the basic appearance of e1620:31
ryuoa fairly complete WM that stands on its own is windowlab...20:31
ryuobut it doesnt support virtual desktops20:32
concorrmark -> Window frame, without title20:32
ryuoso a window of only borders?20:32
ryuoif thats what you want, dwm may be what you want20:32
ryuoits small and only puts a simple border around each window i think20:33
ryuothen theres karmen, a very basic WM20:34
ryuohas some builtin features, documented in the manual20:34
ryuobut the only config you can pass it, is the default font20:34
ryuooroborus, i can go on...20:34
ryuoi wouldnt use oroborus though. it has issues with maximizing certain apps, etc, firefox20:35
ryuoin these cases maximize doesnt work at all20:35
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*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:36
Romstersounds like fun.20:37
concorrryuo, Windowlab I think that is what I was looking for, are source files in 8 c. I can well understand its structure20:39
concorrryuo, orobus - keylaunch looking for20:45
concorrany core html layout in c?20:46
concorrvector basec window manager?20:47
*** sepen has quit IRC20:47
*** mwansa has quit IRC20:50
ryuowhat do you mean?20:50
ryuovector based... i only know of fvwm20:51
ryuoit can draw its buttons with vectors20:51
concorryes it is20:52
concorrI have been a long time looking for a container that renderice html and its events20:53
concorrSomething like this for X20:55
concorrOther than a browser, just a html container20:56
ryuoAnyone know where i can find an icon of the crux logo?20:56
ryuolike in 32x32, etc form20:57
concorrryuo, the c code of oroborus is good20:57
concorrryuo, no :(20:57
ryuoi was thinking i'd like to use it for my menu icon =p20:58
Romster a what...
*** jmvr has left #crux21:00
*** mwansa has joined #crux21:00
ryuothey got it all wrong :p21:00
ryuohow is that the crux theme?21:00
Romsterno idea21:01
ryuoRomster, do you know where i can find a version of the crux penguin i can use for icons?21:01
Romsterhmm not really, resize the one off the site?21:01
ryuoi guess i can21:01
Romsteri think the wiki on has a few other pictures too21:02
concorrryuo, pekwm is write in c++ :(21:04
ryuothen don't use it...21:05
ryuowhy is that  an issue anyway?21:06
concorrI seek that all these packages written in C21:07
ryuowhy is C a problem?21:07
concorrsorry for my english21:07
ryuoits not like it requires extra libraries... all distros have the stuff for them21:07
RomsterC++ isn't that bad..21:08
Romsteri wouldn't program in it if i was to program though.21:08
ryuowhats wrong with c++21:08
Romsteri'd be looking at D21:08
concorrI want a distribution with packages that are written only in c. whenever i can21:09
ryuoi don't see why, but whatever.21:10
concorrRomster, i have been a developer of c++ for many years21:10
ryuoi find most distros have perl more often than python21:10
ryuobut eh21:10
Romstertrue but perl has been around alot longer tha python.21:11
ryuowhenever i see perl, i think of pearl21:11
ryuois perl pronounced the same as pearl?21:11
Romsterno idea21:11
concorrthe object-orientation protramming, forced and limits, makes programming more complicated21:11
ryuoso many damn programming languages21:12
ryuotheres even vbasic21:12
ryuothe list goes on21:12
ryuopython, perl, c, c++, ruby, and probably more21:12
mwansaBASIC ftw lol21:12
concorrarena,lua,see more portable21:13
ryuoI think i'm gonna make an xdm theme around crux's logo one of these days21:13
mwansaRyoS, yea i need an xdm theme let me know when ya done21:13
concorrmwansa, basic ftw? dont understand21:13
mwansaahh ryuo*21:13
ryuoI need to figure out the syntax first21:14
ryuocrux's logo already uses alpha transparency so21:14
mwansaconcorr, bigginers all purpose symbolic instructional code21:14
ryuoi can slip it in over a colorful background21:14
mwansamy first programming language21:14
mwansaay yep21:14
ryuoI'm thinking of using part of arch's XDM theme21:14
ryuomaybe not21:15
concorrmwansa, yeah21:15
ryuothe first programming i've done is with BYOND21:15
ryuoit resembles C21:15
ryuoit uses its own programming language called DM21:15
mwansaDM >21:16
concorrmwansa, was my first language also21:16
ryuoits a game programming thing21:16
ryuoit has a lot of internals already defined21:16
ryuoto make it easier for you to use their stuff21:16
mwansaah ohk. i did some glut stuff back in windows a while ago21:17
concorrnow use it for some task dynamics inside c21:18
Romstermy first lanuage was either apple basic or logo. i can't remember now what came first.21:20
Romsterthen it was commodore64 basic then i moved to batch programing and moved on.21:21
Romsterthough logo is a drawing program with a turtle.21:21
concorrI am changing linux for the nokia n800. someone did something about arm linux?21:22
concorra question about kernel...21:23
concorrcan i compile a kernel with a cross-toolchain different to that used to create the rootfs?21:25
Romsterhmm i don't think you can the same compiler needs to be used on glibc as the kernel21:27
ryuo romste21:29
ryuoRomster: I noticed has its icon next to the URL, how do i download it? ;/21:30
Romsterfavicon.ico or something you can see it in the <head> of the html souce21:30
concorrRomster, same glibc for kernel and rootfs?21:32
concorri have a small problem with this item21:34
concorrglibc, kernel, binaries21:35
Romsteri arn't sure about the rootfs, what do you refer to there21:37
concorrSorry, I do not speak English very well, not well explained21:40
Romsteryou mean all of the core packages or just the program that was used to format your partiton21:42
concorrexample... n800 original kernel with crux compiled with my arm-toolchains21:44
concorrthis is possible?21:45
ryuoyour trying to port crux to ARM?21:53
concorrlinux cross platform21:55
concorrin all platforms the concepts are similars21:55
concorrhard, boot, kernel, init, rootfs21:56
Romsterwell since you have a kernel and toolcahin and i supose it ha it's own glibc, in it's tool chain you should be able too. it be like making crux for ppc or crux for x86_6422:01
Romstersome ports might need editing.22:01
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:05
concorri make some test to finish understand...22:05
concorrthanks Romster22:05
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