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RyoSmwansa: what?01:12
pitillogood morning01:16
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Romsteranyone had issues with mplayer crashing?02:35
sepenno here (mplayer 1.0rc2-1)02:42
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RomsterMPlayer interrupted by signal 4 in module: demux_open02:46
Romster- MPlayer crashed by an 'Illegal Instruction'.02:46
Romsteri'm recompiling and i'll try again.02:47
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)02:51
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Romsterok downgrading mplayer to rc1 fixed my problems.03:31
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Rotwanganyone compiled OOo from source before?04:25
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Rotwangit's bootstraping for about an hour now04:27
Romsterlol never04:31
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Romstermwansa, you got a crappy net connection?04:31
namenlosi don't like OOo...04:37
namenlosmost of the time you areforced to use it, because most of the peopele are too stupid to write plain text files...04:39
teKif you don't want the bloat on your machine you may use google docs04:39
Rotwangim not using it often, but crux locks of OOo binary port04:39
Rotwangand creating OOo port is very educating04:40
Rotwangmaybe ive done something wrong?
namenlosi want to instlall gnupg. but prt-get says, it can't connect to http://ftp.gnupg.org04:44
sepen do the trick04:44
namenlosftp:// works.04:44
namenlostoo slow...04:44
Romsterah not my port not my problem to sort.04:56
Romstermaybe there is a mirror you can use.04:56
Romsterwould take me awhile to upload to my site..04:57
Romsteri can only do 12kbps04:57
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namenlosRomster: are you talking about pinentry?04:59
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concorrhi Romster05:01
pitill0bueno vamos a ver que me cuenta ahora05:03
Romsternamenlos, nope.05:04
namenlosgnupg worked fine. it used ftp://, but pinentry doesn't...05:05
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mwansaRomster, yea connection is terrible05:06
mwansamanaged to get 2.4 tho :P05:07
mwansaRomster, did a rebuild fix mplayer05:07
Romsterpinentry is small i can upload it if you like?05:19
Romsteror even dcc it to you at 12kbps.05:19
Romsteri got mplayer working.05:20
Romsterwent to rc105:20
Romsterrc2 has a bug.05:20
Romstercan get it from my opt stuff i alter myself
mwansaah ohk05:22
Romsteri got sick of wating and this avoids having duplicates in my private repo05:24
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Rotwangconfigure was looping for 2h X_x05:57
Romsterrm -r missing05:58
Romstermight solve that.05:58
Romsterif it exists.05:58
Romsterbefore you run configure.05:58
RomsterRomster, oh oyu are doing a native build for your language..06:01
Rotwangno for default06:02
Romsteri did say grep '^firefox ', not grep '^firefox$'06:02
Romstera space.06:02
Romsteror you'll get the whole version string too.06:03
Romsteractually could use awk '{print $1}'06:03
RotwangRomster: no, it work ok06:03
Romster$(cat /var/lib/pkg/db | grep '^firefox$') < what the?06:04
Romsterif pkginfo -i |grep '^distcc ' > /dev/null; then06:04
Romsteryou do things oddly.06:05
Rotwangif it will give firefox that means firefox is installed06:05
RotwangRomster: im learning bash06:05
Romsterah you haven't done much bash..06:05
Rotwangbut ADDFLAGS variable works06:05
Romsterif not being so unotherdox method.06:06
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Rotwangprobably i know whats wrong06:06
Romstereh good luck on it..06:08
Romsterloosk mroe of a mess than my safe-build script <<06:08
Romsterlooks more*06:09
Romsterbut i need to clean that up more too.06:09
Rotwangmethod is good as long as it brings good results i think06:13
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Rotwangpkginfo -i | grep '^firefox ' <--- you will get full version string06:21
sepenRotwang, $ prt-get list -v firefox06:23
Rotwangsepen: but i was looking for method to get name of the package without string06:24
Rotwangi have two methods06:24
sepenRotwang, $ prt-get list firefox06:24
Rotwangcat /var/lib/pkg/db | grep '^firefox$'06:25
sepen-v shows version of port installed06:25
sepenwhy doing the same as prt-get does?06:25
Rotwangah thats good one06:25
Rotwangi didnt know06:25
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sepenRotwang, prt-get rocks!!06:26
Rotwangi agree06:26
sepenthe real poWer of crux (imo)06:26
sepenalso other ones too06:26
Rotwangprt-gtk is very nice ;)06:27
sepenI don't use it06:29
Rotwangme too, but its worth to take look at06:29
sepenalso you can try with 'yapo '06:30
Romsterah it does too this works06:34
Romsterpkginfo -i |awk '{print $1}' |grep firefox06:34
Romstersurely there should be a argument for pkginfo todo something like this internally.06:34
Rotwangpkginfo -i | grep 'firefox ' |grep -o ^[[:space:]]*[^[:space:]]* | sed -e 's/[[:space:]]//g'06:36
namenloshm, somehow my dhcpcd is broken. over my wlan card it works fine at home, but if i try it in my company, it fails to get an ip address.06:41
Rotwangit works! OOo is compiling! harrrrrrrrrr06:42
pitillonamenlos, try with a static ip to see if there is any problem with any wifi parameter (essid, channel, key)06:43
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namenlospitillo: i am already using a static setup06:45
namenlospitillo: now it works06:45
RomsterRotwang, there is egrep06:45
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RotwangRomster: i used dmake instead of build --all06:48
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pitillonamenlos, then my only thought can be sniffing, to see where is the problem.06:48
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namenlospitillo: sniffing? you mean getting debug statements?06:50
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namenlosi already tried this, but they don't tell me anything06:50
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pitillonamenlos, i mean trying with wireshark to see if it can show any clue about06:51
namenlospitillo: wow, i never messed with wireshark06:54
namenlospitillo: i will try it with a kernel update, and then recompile wireless-tools and dhcpcd. maybe that helps (did in the past)06:54
pitillonamenlos, strange, not sure about, ethereal solved some problems some time ago. I hope you can fix in that way.06:55
namenloshopefully. thanks for the tip.06:56
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SiFuh_@seen RedSpike09:14
clbSiFuh_: I have not seen RedSpike.09:14
SiFuh_RedSpike #crux Tue Oct  9 2001 22:07:36 <RedSpike>     godday :D09:15
sepen@seen @seen09:17
clbsepen: I have not seen @seen.09:17
SiFuh_@seen elvis09:18
clbSiFuh_: I have not seen elvis.09:18
sepen@seen binladen09:18
clbsepen: I have not seen binladen.09:18
SiFuh_@`killall supybot`09:19
SiFuh_@`killall jaeger`09:21
SiFuh_@`dd if=/dev/zero of=\*-hi`09:23
SiFuh_@google "Lin SiFuh"09:26
clbSiFuh_: Search took 0.16 seconds: Hyperion Server Solutions: <>; Hyperion Server Solutions: <>; Lin SiFuh's - Yenjie: <>; Synthese neuer Aminofluorsilane, sowie Alkoxylierung von Bis ...: <>; Napster (classic) - Reviews on RateItAll: (1 more message)09:26
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SiFuh_any good software for recovering data from a b0rk3d CD ?10:53
RomsterSiFuh_, ddrescue in contrib10:56
SiFuh_no no10:58
SiFuh_no dd_resuce for OpenBSD10:58
Romsterbad luck...10:58
Romsterport it han has pkgutils for bsd.10:59
SiFuh_i wish someone would port han11:00
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SiFuh_must be bad11:10
SiFuh_dd_rescue hasn't even moved past 0%11:10
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RedShiftSiFuh: dd_rescue doesn't have a %-meter13:06
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SiFuhssyeah it does13:16
SiFuhdd doesn't13:16
SiFuhlooks like i wont be able to save the archives13:19
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SiFuhimages will have lines through it13:25
RedShiftSiFuh: I use dd_rescue almost every day13:33
RedShiftI'm pretty sure it doesn't have a %-meter13:34
RedShiftnope it doesn't13:34
RedShiftyou must be talking about ddrescue13:35
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SiFuhsays dd_rescue13:40
SiFuhbut i just downloaded it from the site13:40
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SiFuhdd if=brokenbitch of=readablebrokenbitch conv=noerror,notrunc13:44
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onestepwhy there is chmod +w -R $PKG in core/ppp/Pkgfile?14:15
prologicmistake ?14:18
SiFuhmaybe someone in your family, is out to get you ;-)14:22
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untamedhi everyone14:54
untamedthe block devices in 2.4 have aren't group writeable and optical drives are not in the cdrom group, is that normal behavior now?15:01
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SiFuhi have never known block devices to be group writeable..15:24
SiFuhbut then again, linux does some weird things15:24
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RedShiftuntamed: udev manages permissions15:32
RedShiftthe kernel has nothing to do with that15:32
SiFuhRedShift: I got all my files back.. with a few exceptions. Some were beyond repair but luckily they were the unimportant rubbish files. As for the archive. I managed to get enough information to reconstruct it :-)15:33
SiFuhdd, bzip2recover, dd_rescue15:33
RedShiftand I'm still sure that dd_rescue doesn't have a progress meter15:34
untamedRedShift: I know it's udev, the rules are now different than what I'm used to with *crux* 2.3 so I was wondering if it's intentionnal15:34
SiFuhyes  you are correct15:34
RedShiftuntamed: yes, that is intentional15:34
SiFuhRedShift: it was me looking at it wrong :-P15:34
untamedok thanks15:34
RedShiftSiFuh: good. now bow before me!15:34
SiFuhi would but :-) but i still had a progress15:35
RedShiftuntamed: this way you can easily assign certain users permission to do something with certain devices by joining them in those respective groups15:35
RedShiftfor example audio and optical15:35
SiFuhi knew how many blocks were in the file so when it was counting through the blocks, i had an idea of the prgress15:35
untamedhow about the cdrom group?15:35
RedShiftuntamed: that's called optical15:36
untamedyeah but I can't nfs mount my drives as user , with no write15:36
RedShiftdid you install nfs-utils and start portmap?15:36
untamedroot mounts them just fine15:37
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RedShiftbut why would you want to mount an NFS share as a user?15:38
RedShiftoh noes, it said hi15:39
untamedfor the 'optical drives' I meant they are part of the disk group now and was wondering if it's intended too15:39
RedShiftuntamed: you can configure that in /etc/udev/rules.d15:39
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untamedI'm just pointing differences between 2.3 and 2.415:41
SiFuhConversation ended on Mon Dec 25 23:02:36 200015:45
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SiFuhgoing to install an embedded Linux on my mums Washing Machin.. be back later..16:10
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RedShift!grab SiFuh16:33
RedShiftthis isn't #archlinux16:33
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SiFuhArchived in 20011013 - TheHolyKernelConfig-2.4.617:18
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DarkNekrosnigth everybody ;)17:35
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untamedwell if it makes more sense to not have write privilege for the 'disk' group, maybe the optical drive should go back to their own 'cdrom' group.17:45
untamedmplayer for one needs write acces to set the drive speed, not a critical error but it complains.17:46
untamed...and I can't growisofs as a user as it is now.17:47
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Romsteruntamed, set your cdrom to the cdrom group and set the sticky bit on growisofs19:04
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Romsteredit the udev rule for the cd drive.19:04
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Romsteruntamed, chown root:cdrom $PKG/usr/bin/growisofs; chmod u+s,o-x $PKG/usr/bin/growisofs19:06
Romsternot hard todo i 've got my own port that does that for me.19:06
untamedRomster: I thought of writng my own rule at first but it seems like it might be legitimate to fix in the udev port itself19:07
untamedRomster: yeah I know all that19:07
Romsteryeah it should be fixed in the udev port.19:07
untamedThanks  nonethe less :)19:07
Romstereh everyone else thts asked didn't knowof the sticky bit19:08
Romsterso i tend to assume too much because of that.19:08
untamednp at all19:08
Romsterstick a bug on flyspray i guess, i sould of alog time ago but i made my own work around.19:09
SiFuhcplay doesn't support themes right?19:10
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Romsterdon't think i've used cplay19:11
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SiFuhis that think in the middle of the screen19:17
SiFuhi like it, i just dont like the colour scheme19:17
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mwansaSiFuh, what fonts ya menu ? anorexia ?19:25
SiFuhartwiz snap19:28
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SiFuhthose artwiz fonts are nice in a terminal21:15
mwansayeah havent had a look at them in eterm bet they would look nice tho :P21:16
SiFuhi snap a shot21:18
thrice`which one is that?21:20
mwansayeah looks nice. love the bgg21:21
SiFuhnot sure what the smoothansi will look like on a display larger than 1024x768 though21:21
SiFuhsticking with snap  though for the menu.21:22
SiFuhartwiz-aleczapka-1.3  font's come from this package21:22
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SiFuh:@ damn sisters computer is dangerous23:12
SiFuhi plugged a hard disk in about 4 months ago.. and it started smoking..23:12
SiFuhi plugged in my speakers today.. and now the amplifiar is borked23:13
Romsterthr former is a dodgy hdd, never seen a hdd smoke yet.. and hope i don't.23:15
Romsterthe later i bet she craked it up too loud and had the amplifer cliping.23:16
SiFuhi usuualy have backups, x 3 so i dont mind if drives smoke23:16
SiFuhbest i ever saw, when i was working for Khon Kaen University..23:16
SiFuhI came into office, and couldn't see with the smoke23:17
Romsterwhat went up?23:17
SiFuhthe my Sun Server :-P23:17
SiFuhthey have a a plastic shield around the CPU23:17
Romsterpower supply?23:17
SiFuhwhich melted when the fan stopped spinning23:18
SiFuhenough to eventually catch fire..23:18
SiFuhlocukily the servers were on titled floors away from everything..  so if one does burn it doesn't really effect anything else23:18
Romsteri would of thought it would have thermal shutdown23:19
Romsteror cpu throttling23:20
SiFuhultra sparc it was either a 2 or a 523:20
SiFuhwont be sure which because i had a about 10 of the machines (stole them from the store room)23:21
SiFuhno one else waqs using them.. :-) I also picked up an OLD DEC Alpha.. well, hijacked, not really picked up :-P23:21
SiFuhhad 4 VAX machines too.. but I didn't want them.. ANy computer larger than my car, is not worth messing around with.23:22
Romstercould of made a good case for a huge hdd array though.23:24
SiFuhpretty solid23:26
SiFuhkind of like look at huge safe, with tiny little doors all around that barely crack the surface..23:27
SiFuhscrew the speakers..23:34
Romsterget a decent set and don't put it on her computer it's evil <<23:49

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