IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-01-09

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SiFuhoh for crying out loud....01:29
SiFuhi am calling time in ansi c however it isn't displaying the letters which define your timezone..01:30
SiFuh        printf("%s", ctime(&now));01:30
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pitill0good morning01:41
pitill0can someone try to build tightvnc in 2.4?01:41
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Romsterpitill0, it requires a old xorg lib01:51
Romsteris now obsolete.01:52
Romsterbut you can get the file off the site still01:52
pitill0Romster: I think it needs the xorg-libxmp01:52
Romstereh it might of been that01:53
Romsteri have it installed still.01:54
pitill0yeah, me too, that is why I am asking if it´s my problem or something related to tight01:54
Romsteranoying thing is i got clients with windows versions of tightvnc.01:54
Romsterthat's the problem it's mising the library.01:54
Romsterit works with it installed.01:54
pitill0I have it installed under 2.3 and works fine, but no way with a new 2.4 fresh install01:54
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pitill0I think I will open a new bug to see if viper can take a look into it. Thank you for your confirmation Romster.01:57
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Romstertillman is aware of it too.02:04
pitill0ah oki, btw I didn't see it in flyspray. I think can be a good idea to keep track of it.02:05
Romsterthat library is obsolete it's the tightvnc programemrs that should update there codebase.02:08
Romsterbut just droping that package that another depends on isn't nice either.02:08
pitill0knowing that it's a problem related directly to tightvnc I will not open a bug. Thank you Romster.02:13
Romsterxorg droped that library.02:14
Romsterso any programs that used it should be updated.02:14
pitill0nice to know.02:15
Romsterbut tillman shouldn't of just removed the programs should of been renamed to xorg-<name>-obsolete or something.02:15
Romsterthat would be like me droping a port oh hay foo is obsolete but bar and baz require foo, who cares lets drop it anyways.02:16
Romsteractaully i use tightvnc and i don't fancy moving to another so i've thought of going back in git and pulling that port out that i need for it. that i do have on my system still.02:17
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pitill0ummm I used it sometimes in 2.3, at home I have x11vnc server running and here at work I made a fresh 2.4 install and now I can't connect to home. I will look to another client.02:23
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Romsterpitill0, if oyu don't have the windoze issiue i have that i got it on a number of clients computers yeah, i on the other hand need one that runs on windows unless i mess with rdesktop or something.03:02
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pitill0Romster: I use realvnc in my windows client and x11vnc server at my desktop. But now I am under a 2.4 and no way to connect. I will look for another clients to make a port and see if it works.03:28
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Romsterpitill0, k03:29
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:03
SiFuhhi only you04:05
DarkNekrosthanks :D04:05
sepenSiFuh, and me?04:05
SiFuhgreetings and salutation sir sepen04:05
sepenxD ... put your head on my shoulder .... lara lara'04:06
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prologicanyone familiar with mplayer ? trying to play an avi video here and all I see is a green window - audio works ok05:18
sepenprologic, use another video driver05:19
sepenmplayer -vo help for a list05:19
prologicwhat do you normally use ?05:20
prologicI was using 'xv' by default05:20
sepenyeah. not sure whats causing your problem05:20
pitill0prologic: do you have all codecs installed?05:22
prologicI should have yes05:23
prologicgl/x11 are working ok05:23
sepenok also sdl would be a good choice05:23
prologichmm ok05:24
prologicsdl don't work :)05:24
prologiconly gl/x11 are05:24
prologicother videos play fine with xv05:24
pitill0I think it's a codec issue05:24
prologiccould be05:25
prologicI haven't updated my desktop in a while05:25
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bjohanany one that use matlab with crux 2.4?05:47
bjohani got it working05:48
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bjohanmrks, did you have the problem with xlib.lock?06:02
Romsterlibxcb ?06:08
UsrJhello everybody06:34
pitill0hello UsrJ06:36
UsrJhas somebody experience vith pkgmk and prt-get in a fakeroot environment ?06:37
namenlosimho that shouldn't work. or do you want to build packages with fakeroot?06:41
UsrJwhen I build packages with Fakeroot, the .footprint doesn't get generated /updated. I have followed Jukka Heino' s instructions on www.crux.nu06:46
mrksbjohan: yes, i had to export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit and LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=006:49
bjohanmrks, ok, i just allowed sloppy locks. but your solution is probably better.06:51
mrksdunno, but it works :)06:51
bjohanyeah :)06:52
mrksand xorg-libxp was needed for the installer06:52
bjohanit works for me to06:52
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namenlosUsrJ: it depends on the write rights on the .footpring file and the directory the .footprint file is in.07:07
namenlosUsrJ: afaik the user launching fakeroot must have write access to these.07:07
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UsrJnamenlos: Thanks..07:51
namenlosUsrJ: np07:51
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Husio_where should I type modules to load? modprobe.conf or rc.modules?11:18
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jaegerHusio_: rc.modules11:21
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thrice`huh, 2 gtk releases today?  fishy o.O11:37
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SiFuh_there is no orange in irssi??16:39
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concorrhi Romster18:30
Romsterhi concorr18:31
Romsterthrice`, hmm maybe the found a critical bug?18:31
Romsterin gtk18:31
DarkNekrosnight Romster xD18:36
Romsternight dude <<18:37
concorrbye Romster18:37
Romsterlater, everyone goes when i wake up.18:38
concorrRomster, what time is it?18:40
concorrhere 01:41am18:41
Romsterheh swatch time.18:50
Romstersomething i've been meaning todo, chage xchat timestamps to swatch time.18:50
Romsterand have a dual local time and swatch time coclk on my taskbar.18:50
concorri make this now, its ok?18:51
Romsterif you like18:52
Romsteri just had a thought.18:52
concorryes yes, i make this18:52
Romstermaking a gui app probbably is beyound me still, but making a console app to do the math in D <<18:53
Romsterunless there is a swatch library already18:53
concorrI find it difficult to understand the English ;)18:54
Romsterah sorry..18:54
Romsteri'm thinking of a small program in D to do the math of conversion of localtime to swatch time, that can be used in any program.18:55
Romsterthen maybe later add a function to convert timestamps back and forth.18:56
SiFuh_Romster: xchat? whats wrong with irssi ? :-(18:56
concorris a util program18:56
Romsterbecause i like GUI on my desktop18:56
SiFuh_i see18:56
Romsteri have some console apps in a term, but mostly GUI18:57
Romsterdon't get me wrong i use curses for server stuff mainly.18:58
Romsterbmon htop all that stuff even irssi when i don't have xorg18:58
Romsteralthough i started with bitchx *quivers*18:58
concorrRomster, I work just as you18:59
Romsteri just want my desktop to have  GUI's, but i never shy away using console commands.19:00
concorra eficient gui, don't gnome, kde, ... style19:01
Romsteri'm in kde but i'm looking at alternitives icewm, ffvm, haven't tryed out pekwm yet.19:02
SiFuh_i think my own gui is firefox19:02
SiFuh_opera and soffice19:02
Romsterthat's a browser <<19:02
SiFuh_ok gui app19:02
SiFuh_so pedantic :-P19:03
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Romsterthis whole qt/gtk clipboard fighting and apps that don't let you copy paste without holding shift or some other wacky method is the most anoying to me.19:04
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concorrSiFuh_, as gui a good htm layout, don't firefox, opera, there are fat programs19:04
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Romsteropera isn't so bad.19:05
concorri don't know, i don't find anything19:06
SiFuh_me too19:06
Romsterfirefox is bloatware and containing it's own librarys i hate.19:06
SiFuh_that is why i still use them19:06
Romsterthe port of konquors engine and with gtk could be the answer unless firefox 3 really goes well.19:06
concorri use firefox for now19:07
Romsterbut i hate firefox3's adding of apng19:07
Romsterinstead of using mng19:07
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SiFuh_anyone know if it is possible to strip the @ and + from nicknames that are talking on chan in irsii themes/config?19:24
* Romster shrugs19:33
Romsterhi treach19:33
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SiFuh_oh i think i found it..19:34
Romsteryou don't like seeing voice or chanops SiFuh_ <<19:38
SiFuh_not that19:40
SiFuh_it is just annoying in some themes19:40
treachRomster: shouldn't that be "crux::sifuh << blahabla" ? :p19:40
SiFuh_crux::treach huh?19:41
treachI might be wrong though, c++ isn't my forte. :>19:41
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Romsterheh yeah it is some::name19:50
Romsteri don't know C++ that well but i've seen enough code to last a lifetime.19:51
Romsteranyone know were i can find this font? Unable to load font "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--10-100-75-75-p-56-iso8859-1"19:51
Romsterreferences in xorg-server but *shrugs*19:51
RomsterEterm compalins19:51
Romsterok i found something funky19:57
RomsterAdobe, Inc. lists several forms of Helvetica and Helvetica Neue in the Adobe Type Library. Note that they drop the numbers from the Neue fonts. They are available as families or within various CD collections such as Type Basics. All the Adobe Helvetica fonts are available in OpenType and PostScript Type 1 format.19:57
Romsterit's a font ya gotta pay for so why on earth is it a default in Eterm!19:57
DarkNekros'cause it's cool? xDD19:57
Romsteryeah that's just it but it's wrong to have a default font thats nto free for a opensource program in my books20:03
DarkNekrosperhaps they didn't notice it or it was freeware in the begining, who knows20:04
Romsterno idea it's a font owned by adobe.20:12
Romsterso maybe the former but the could of changed it in there version.20:12
Romsteri found a alternitive free font that i'm gonna replace it with.20:12
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DarkNekroshas you tried to change or delete the line?20:13
Romsteryeah i can but i need todo something from the default install. so i'm gonna add this font as a alias.20:25
DarkNekrosgood ;)20:26
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DarkNekrosnight everybody go to sleep a little ;)21:43
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andariusanyone have gpgme fail to build?22:41
Romsteri've recently updated it too..22:43
andariushmm, ok. more diggin. mine is failing the gpgsm tests :(22:43
andariusonly 3 of the 1322:43
Romsterdon't sound good..22:44
andariusi agree22:44
Romsterforce rebuild gnugp and see if that solves it.22:45
Romsterwhen i get stuck i resort to rebuilding it's dependencys.22:45
Romstersometimes solves the issue.22:45
Romsteri wouldn't of updated it if it didn't build for me.22:46
Romsterlet me knwo if you get any luck andarius22:54
andariusit just finished, still fails the tests. will rebuild gpgsm as well i guess22:54
andariusmmm, think that is part of the pgpme. man i know so little on gpg22:55
Romsteri don't have a gpgsm package...22:55
Romsteryeah i was gonna say22:55
Romsterit's a internal library.22:56
Romsteris your system upto date?22:56
andariusminus that yes22:56
Romsterwith that excemption <<22:57
Romsteri'm trying a rebuild22:58
andariusgpgsm is part of gnupg22:58
andariusor involved at least :)22:58
Romsteractually gpgsm is part of gnupg22:59
Romsterprt-cache fsearch gpgsm22:59
andariuspasses if i back up to gnupg 2.0.723:02
andariuswell builds, footprint missmatch23:02
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/gpgme#1.1.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:02
Romsterbut passes the test.23:03
Romsteri'd say do a prt-get update fr -if `prt-get quickdep gnupg` with gnupg 2.0.8 then see if gpgme passes the test.23:04
Romsteri'm not having any issues..23:04
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andariusroger, will give that a try23:05
Romsterthat's more brute force and might take some time.23:06
Romsterif that sitll dosn't pass then there is something wrong that i haven't detected.23:06
Romsterwhat CFLAGS are you using?23:07
andariusi may let it run while i rack out23:07
andariusi have not modified anything like that so far23:07
andariusi tend to leave such things alone unless i have a problem23:08
Romstershould be ok then. that's something i'd likely see if some cflag was messing it up.23:08
Romsteryou can optomise if your careful.23:08
Romsterbut it runs risks and and expeareance in what's safe or not.23:08
andariusthat is the catch23:08
Romsteri'm still learning gcc <<23:09
andariusbetter than me, i just follow the white line23:09
Romsteranyhow if you are going to duck out just same my nick whe you get a result, i got nick highlighting on23:09
andariusi will give it a few before i bail. not sure how long it will take23:10
andariusi will give it a few before i bail. not sure how long it will take23:11
Romsterat the worst check there arn't any security risks running a 2.0.7 of gnupg.23:12
Romsterand loce that version untill 2.0.9 or a new gpgme comes out.23:13
Romsteryou could try with gpgme 1.1.5 if that passes the tests too.23:13
Romsterthis might be a known issue i haven't come across.23:13
andariustrying it now23:14
andariusstill bolos :(23:15
andariusgpgsm: unknown hash algorithm `1.2.840.113549.1.1.11'23:16
Romsterno one else has reported this issue..23:16
RomsterO_o hmm23:16
andariusi have murpys law imprinted on my head. if things can go wrong they will with me :)23:17
Romsterah man..23:17
Romsterhmm i'll test in a clean chroot for crux 2.423:18
Romstermaybe that'll turn up the problem.23:18
andariusif so that would be awesome. for now i guess i roll back to 2.0.723:19
andariusnot a biggy as i dont use it really23:21
Romsteri have a script i sue called safe-build does a very clean build of only installed packages.23:21
Romsteri'd like to have bug free ports23:21
andariusi figure it is one of those off the wall things between my sys, me and something else23:22
andariuslol. 2 new files :)23:23
andariusi really appreciate the help23:24
Romsterwating for the chroot setup.23:26
Romsterbeauty of how i got it now is i don't have to downlaod source files i already got etc.23:26
Romsternow testing time.23:27
andariusi hope to get up to speed myself before too long. only been running crux for a few weeks23:41
Romsterah ok.23:42
Romsterwhat were you running before crux?23:43
Romstershould hang out here more, ya get to meet a few people.23:43
Romsterah that <<23:43
Romsteryou finding crux better?23:43
andariusi drop in a linger from time to time23:43
andariusi dont think of it as better or worse. i like slack a lot. crux i like a lot so far as well. each just does things differently23:44
andariusi think at present crux will suit me better23:45
andariusRomster: again thanks for the help.23:48
andariusi am off to bed23:48
Romsternp it is one of my ports after all.23:48
andariusohh, sorry. i am slow at this hour ;)23:49
Romstermaintainer is me <<23:49
andariuswell blame me. it is likely on my end23:50
Romsterget to bed <<23:50
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