IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-01-10

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pitillogood morning01:23
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mwansafucksake vobcopy been going for almost 12hrs+ now01:58
mwansaprobb should run a ddrescue...01:58
Romsteri hadn't had vobcopy go that long before..02:31
Romster30 minutes or so02:31
Romsterand yeah ddrescue is the way to go if the disc is hard to read.02:31
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ryuocould someone recommend a program in xorg/opt/core/contrib for setting the background in xorg? something other than xsetroot :o03:31
Rotwangesetroot in tilman collection03:32
ryuo... uh... i asked for one thats in xorg/opt/core/contrib... :/03:32
pitilloryuo, bsetbg03:36
ryuowhich port is it in?03:36
ryuooh... blackbox...03:36
ryuoi already have a WM... hrm03:37
pitillowich one?03:38
ryuoi've taken a liking to it :p03:38
pitillothen you have 2 options.... xsetroot or install another wm to use the bsetbg... if not, try to use Esetroot... that port only needs 1 file03:38
ryuoxsetroot i don't like because it can't handle jpegs03:39
ryuoits fine if you only want a want BG though03:39
ryuosimple BG03:40
ryuoi heard feh works...03:40
ryuobut i'd rather use another picture viewer myself03:40
pitilloyou have choices :)03:41
ryuoi don't like having more than one application for the same purpose :/03:42
teKfeh works fairly well for me, BTW03:49
teKsetting background images really sucks03:49
ryuowhys that?03:50
Romsterryuo, mencoder to convert the jpg to a png simple.03:51
teKi was looking for a working working _tiny_ program with as few as possible dependencies for quite some time03:51
ryuoRomster: even if i convert to png, what program would work with it?03:52
Romsteror i bet ryuo dosn't wanna install that to use that.03:52
Romsterdosn't xsetroot use png?03:52
ryuoRomster: as far as i can tell, xsetroot does not work with pictures03:52
Romstereh then dunno..03:52
ryuoi tried on arch, and it wouldnt accept xpms, pngs, or even bmp03:52
pitilloryuo, xsetroot -bitmap ¿03:53
ryuoyes i tried that03:53
pitilloand didn´t work?03:53
ryuosaid invalid bitmap or something to that effect03:53
pitilloand changing the format of your pic?03:53
ryuoi tried changing to png,xpm,bmp03:54
ryuonothing seemed to work03:54
ryuoi remember a program people talked about before...03:55
ryuobut i never figured out what its part of03:55
Romsterhere we go xli03:56
ryuowhat exactly is xli?03:56
ryuoits not in the 4 main repos03:57
Romstermeh i was reading it on a web site03:57
Romsteri read the "It?s included as part of" bit03:58
ryuoif it is, why isnt it in xorg?03:58
Romsterget it here
Romsterhmm it's old as fuck...04:00
Romsterxorg must have some darn tool.04:01
ryuobtw romster04:03
ryuogpm is working04:03
ryuoit works!04:03
Romstereh gnome...04:03
ryuogpm = the console mouse04:04
Romsteroh.. right were is my brain today...04:04
ryuobut i had to manually pass the mouse dev location and driver04:04
ryuodoenst work with elinks04:05
ryuothe version on arch worked with links04:05
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Romsterhmm k04:06
haoledo any of u have any idea of where i could ger microcontroller support at mirc?04:06
haolenot mirc, irc :D04:06
Romsterno idea but i'm a electronics tech but not done crap all with micros other than pic chips.04:07
pitillomicrocontroller support?04:07
Romsterand 16f8404:07
haoleyeah, im working with PICs also04:07
haolei need to do some serial communication with it, and everything works great under 18f255004:08
haolebut at 16f628, it's just frustration04:08
haolei've read the datasheet word by word, done everything it tells me to do, i did several debugging sessions on it and i simply can't make it receive one byte from the computer04:08
ryuohaole: how about you nicely ask the microship to cooperate? :p04:08
ryuohaole: unmuzzle your computer? then the computer can get a bite on it :p04:09
haoleryuo, i did it, and they told me that my code was right, and that my hardware could be the problem... but i use the same hardware with my 18f2550 and it works... it just beats me04:09
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haolei was wondering if it could be a baud rate problem, but then i would get trash at my pic, and not nothing like im getting right now04:10
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:10
Romsterhaole, right voltage for the chip?04:11
haoleRomster, yeah, it does everything that i tell it to do, but i won't receive my byte... im using interrupts, and it won't ever go to the interrupt vector04:12
Romsterchip protect register not set on? i can't think of anything else.04:12
ryuofun fun04:13
ryuoI gave myself only a 2 GB root partition to see how well i do with less space for programs :p04:13
Romsteroh lord.04:13
ryuoso far...04:13
ryuoFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on04:13
ryuo/dev/sda2              1943440   1059264    884176  55% /04:13
ryuo/dev/sda4            157832960     19460 157813500   1% /home04:13
ryuo/tmp                    517656         4    517652   1% /tmp04:13
Romsterdf -h04:13
Romsteri hate that format04:14
haoleim going to try doing without the interrupt04:14
ryuowant me to repost it in a few minutes?04:14
Romsterhaole, is it even the same comamndset?04:14
haoleRomster, do u mean the instructions of 18f and 16f?04:14
Romsterah just saying percent space is enough with knowing it's 2GB04:14
Romsterhaole, yeah are the instructions compatable.04:15
haoleRomster, no, they are not, but i did all tha conversions needed, and the code is very simple also04:15
ryuoi was surprised that firefox took over 500 MBs of reserve space for compilation04:15
Romsterryuo, that's nothing qt4 is a killer <<04:15
Romsterboost isn't much better.04:16
ryuocompiling within memory can speed it up, but only a good idea if you have a LOT04:16
Romstercompile in ram is faster.04:16
Romsteri only got 1.28Gb ram it's enough.04:16
ryuootherwise it may freeze if your compiling something large04:16
Romsternah it'll goto swap if it has too.04:16
Romsterjust slow down be all.04:17
ryuoi've noticed linux only uses swap space as a last resort04:17
ryuocurious though04:17
ryuowhat determines how much space a tmpfs is allocated?04:18
ryuoa % of your ram?04:18
teKman mount | less -p "Mount options for tmpfs"04:20
namenloshi, i have following line in my crontab: */5 * * * * fetchmail || test $? -eq 104:26
namenlosbut cron still sends mails to my default mailbox.04:27
namenlosanyone got an idea?04:27
teKredirect stdout to /dev/null04:29
teKor tell fetchmail to be quiet, if everything goes fine04:29
Romsterryuo, yes04:31
Romsterit's half your ram04:32
Romsterbut can be set in fstab04:32
* ryuo gives Romster a cookie.04:44
ryuowierd. why does imagemagick need cups?04:48
ryuoRomster, i heard imagemagick can set xorg's background. is this true?04:48
Romsternot sure04:49
ryuoi find imagemagick a good supplement to gimp04:49
ryuoits useful for quick conversions between formats04:49
Romsterit's ghostscript that has the cups dependency04:50
RedShiftryuo: man imagemagick04:50
ryuoi'm compiling it now04:50
ryuojust find cups redundant since i have no printer04:50
Romsterso ghostscript can do stuff with printers i think it should be optional.04:50
Romsterryuo, likewise04:50
ryuoprinters have their uses, but rarely do i need to print stuff04:51
Romsteri think i will do what i have been doing editng and adding stuff to my repo.04:51
ryuowhat i would like to see is an audacious package in contrib :p04:52
ryuotoo bad it requires 2 obscure libraries04:52
ryuolinux is kinda nice... very useful for corporate web servers with multiple customers04:53
ryuoper server computer04:53
ryuoit can deny read access to other peoples files04:53
ryuoif your a regular user04:54
ryuoman, all there is on TV is junk junk junk04:56
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Romstereh i've got enought audio players now than to be shoving in contrib when i haven't decided what i wanna keep to i keep changing.05:06
namenlosteK: thx, that helped.05:07
ryuowell well05:19
ryuoimagemagick does well for root window images05:19
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Romsteri'll be damned.05:26
Romsterryuo, what command did you use to?05:26
ryuodisplay -window root (image)05:26
teKnp, namenlos05:28
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ryuohow do i change what the bash prompt appears as?05:36
ryuowhatever the "$" prompt is defined from05:38
teK( man bash | less -p "^PROMPTING" )05:48
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ryuotek/sepen: thanks, i got it06:05
ryuojust a regular "$" prompt got a little old06:05
sepenmy psline PS1="\[\033[0;35m\]\u@\h:\w\n\[\033[0;36m\]\$ \[\033[0m\]"06:07
ryuooh mines just this06:08
ryuoexport PS1="[\u@\h \w]$ "06:08
ryuoi like \w, it helps me to remember where I am :>06:09
sepenohh nice! http://www.flyakiteosx.com06:09
ryuotelling macintosh to go shove it?06:09
sepenryuo, you can use \j to show all your active jobs06:10
ryuoeh... macintosh is okay.. but..06:10
sepenand \bj to show blowjobs06:10
ryuo\s to show how full of it the user is06:10
teKPS1=$'%{H_COL}'m%}[%{%}%n%{H_COL}'m%}@%{%}%m%{H_COL}'m%}][%{%}%4(c.%3~.%4~)%{H_COL}'m%}]%{%}%# '06:19
teKmine (zsh), H_COL is a part of the ANSI Color  Code06:20
sepenI don't have zsh installed here06:25
teKI dont like my path being fully showed if I'm in /usr/share/prog/icons/jpg/funny06:29
ryuoi was thinkin idesk might be in the repos but it isnt..06:30
namenloshi, i have following script:
ryuoguess its time for me to make a Pkgfile ^_^06:30
namenlosanyone knows, why the second space before the lineend in the replacement at line 23 won't be inserted?06:31
teKso I let ZSH cut it down to the last three i.e. icons/jpg/funny06:32
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teKnamenlos: I don't get your point06:37
teK+ I have  no maildir available to test your script06:38
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namenlosteK: in line 23 after the \1 there are 2 " ", but only one is put.06:54
teKkinda hard without a test scenario, sry06:54
namenlossomehow sed does weird things. i read in, substitute and then write into the hold buffer, but in the end nothing is there...06:55
namenlos is the output of uniq06:55
teKI don't exactly know if this applies to your case but you can't do $ cat foo | sed -e 's/hi/ho/g' > foo06:56
namenlosteK: i know, because the file gets flushed first with the >06:56
namenlosthe same thing is with: sort < file > file06:57
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ryuoidesk comes with its own root window setting feature07:05
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KozakMANhow install crux 2.4 on asus p5b jmicron controller07:59
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mike_kKozakMAN: there is an updated iso with JMicron support.
mike_knot an 'official' yet08:05
Romsterhmm i've found another audio player08:05
mike_kKozakMAN: or you can make your own custom iso08:06
Romstertheres a manual in the iso.git on gitweb08:07
KozakMANanother way ?08:08
KozakMANtoo big to download08:08
pitilloRomster, do you know pymp?08:11
RomsterKozakMAN, not sure but maybe the netinstall cd off his site be updated too. check it it might have that extension.08:12
RomsterKozakMAN, you can mount the iso and update the system directly but it's not over simple.08:13
Romsterpitillo, seen it not used it.08:13
pitilloRomster, ok (only was a tip if you didn´t see it :)08:14
thrice`Romster: that one's ugly08:14
Romsteryeah looks it.08:14
thrice`(that media player) :P08:15
Romsteri'm not gonna bother to port it but i bookmarked it to check on it later when i get bored.08:15
Romsterwho knows they might change it.08:15
pitillohey thrice`, did you see e17 repo lately?08:16
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thrice`pitillo: works well :)  I have not tried the video player and stuff though08:29
ryuothe day e17 releases a stable build, there'll be pigs galore in the sky.08:30
pitillothrice`, I changed a bit more the ports... trying to make them a bit better.08:30
ryuoahh... man pekwm is cool08:31
pitilloryuo, xD I have been seeing pigs in the sky since some time ago... and sometimes cows too :P08:31
ryuoman i hate messin with geometry08:32
ryuoin xorg08:32
ryuoi'm trying to set the initial geometry of a window with pekwm's config and it doesnt seem to be working08:32
ryuothink i got it08:35
sepenany idea?
ryuoso whats there? I can't load it right now.08:39
mike_ksepen: try adding /usr/share/qt4/lib to /etc/
mike_kand "ldconfig"08:41
sepenIm exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before calling to make08:41
mike_khmm, take a look at atest.cpp08:42
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Romstereh i was gonna tell sepen before he left if he even has qca installed..08:52
ryuoi like pekwm :>08:57
ryuofeels like a good combination of icewm and fvwm08:57
Romsterand since ryuo is blabbering about pekwm about 50 times a day, i'm now reading the man page.08:59
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mike_ksepen:  take a look at atest.cpp. It might want to open .so from particular place or such09:05
Romstersepen, you sure you got qca installed?09:05
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Romsterprt-cache fsearch
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/contrib/qca:09:07
Romster  /usr/lib/qca/ ->
Romsterso you need to check your path for that.09:07
Romstersepen, is see your error that last g++ line needs -L/usr/lib/qca added09:10
Romster-lqca to like to it but it can't find it.. as it's in /usr/lib/qca09:10
RomsterLDFLAGS='-L/usr/lib/qca' should do it i think...09:11
Romsterunless you got some other configure option.09:11
sepenhmmm Romster the new version of qca (release 5) uses /usr/share/qt4/lib  what do you prefer?09:12
sepenRomster, the new fottprint for qca
sepenIm trying with that LDFLAGS, thanks in advance09:13
Romsterhmm i'd prefer it to install in useall locations, i plan to move qt4 to system and remove qt3 if it works ok for me.09:15
Romsternot sure how good qt3 compatability is yet.09:15
sepenstrange, $ pkg-config --libs qca209:16
sepen-pthread -L/usr/share/qt4/lib -lqca -lQtCore -lz -lm -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.0 -lpthread -ld09:16
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Romsterthat's ok since you installed it to /usr/share/qt4/lib09:18
Romsterbut i'd sugest to keep it too /usr/lib/qca09:19
Romsterqt4 will move just don't know when.09:19
sepenIll try09:19
sepenaccording to that, Imo we should migrate qt3-> qt4 in opt09:19
Romsterand replace qt3 evently i plan to test kde3 with qt4 with qt3 compatability.09:19
sepenas soon as possible09:20
thrice`kde3 doesn't compile with qt4, does it?09:20
sepenwe use gcc4, 4 is the number jejejej, then kde4, qt4, kernel-4.0.009:21
ryuorofl, someone updated kernel 0.1 to compile with gcc 409:21
Romsterthrice`, i'm about to find out sometime.09:23
Romsterthere is a qt3 compatability mode.09:24
Romsterand even for qt4 it requires qt3 compatabilty to be enabled so i got hopes qt4 can take over.09:24
Romsterif not it'll stay as is.09:24
Romsterdon't wanna mess with it now i just did a long arse compile of gcj09:25
Romsterand i got gcc34 to recompile too, and whatever else i haven't tested in crux-2.4 yet.09:26
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Romsterryuo, the very first kernel version O_o09:32
teKRomster: see kerneltrap.org09:32
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sepenRomster, can you take a look now;a=blob;f=qca/.footprint;h=f66ac750729310f085858beaae98cf4124046094;hb=8327ac28ae41cd267a38707474286ca219a4666f10:01
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Romstersepen, qcatool2.1.gz should have a smlink of qcatool1.1.gz pointing to it. is it necessary to have them other 2 symlinks?10:06
Romsterline 39-4010:06
Romsteror is this becasue of the non-standared qt4 install location10:07
Romsterother than that i don't see anything wrong.10:08
sepenRomster, just Im testing it, I symlinked to default paths10:09
Romsterproviding the qca2.pc has the right paths listed in it.10:09
sepenIm rebuilding it now, just a moment please10:10
Romsterk i'm gonna goto bed very soon.10:10
Romsterbrb bathroom time.10:10
thrice`thanks for the update :D10:12
sepenpfff not sure if thats would be nice   usr/include/qca/QtCrypto10:12
sepenI prefer usr/share/qt4/QtCrypto10:12
Romsteryeah noticed that.10:13
jdolan_how do i delete lines matching an expression with sed?10:14
Romstersepen, yeah see if you can move that.10:16
Romsterlooks like it should be easy since all programs will liik at the *.pc file for linking.10:17
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sepenhmmm noted10:21
Romstershould solve it.10:27
sepenhmmm sure?10:28
Romsterand that 2.0 in the source you can replace with ${version%.*} if you like10:28
Romsteri think so.10:28
Romsterproviding you don't get any file conflicts and i don't see anything that would conflict.10:28
sepenwith the lastest contrib/qca release   pkg-config --libs qca210:29
sepen-pthread -L/usr/lib/qca -lqca -lQtCore -lz -lm -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.0 -lpthread -ld10:29
Romsterwhy the   export INSTALL_ROOT=${PKG}10:30
Romster  make install10:30
Romsterinstead of make INSTALL_ROOT=$PKG install10:30
Romsterugh do i have todo it and then show you all the changes..10:31
Romsteri'll mess with it later ans show you sepen10:33
Romsteri'm gonna get to bed.10:33
Romsterfrom looking at that pkg-config output it appears your missing the path to find -lQtCore10:34
sepenbathroom moment10:35
sepenhmmm reading10:35
Romsterhmm but there isn't a lib...10:35
Romstereh don't know i'm tooo tired.10:35
Romsterg'night all.10:35
sepengood night R10:36
sepentoo many thanks for all10:36
sepensweet dreams10:36
Romsteri'll look ater when i'm alert10:36
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bdfyHi All!!16:42
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bdfyIs there the iso-image of CRUX 2.4 for the x86_64 architecture?16:49
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SiFuh_not officially16:53
SiFuh_but shouldn't be too hard to make.. Not sure if anyone has tried either.16:53
SiFuh_might be a good project for you :-)16:53
bdfyI had LFS 6.0 :-\16:54
SiFuh_I'd probably download crux 2.4 and crux 2.4 sources..  build a 64bit compilation under the 32,16:56
bdfychroot cross compilation?16:56
SiFuh_but you need the root first ;-)16:57
bdfyI have CRUX 2.4 and Pentium D 80516:57
SiFuh_actually my parents have an amd64 around here somewhere.. I could probably even attempt it.16:58
bdfyPentium D 805 is not x86_64?16:58
SiFuh_wont be able to start till next week16:58
SiFuh_that would be interesting, Pentium running in 64bit mode..17:01
SiFuh_it might be worth a go17:02
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bdfyI dont know.. :-x17:04
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jaegerthe pentium Ds are 64-bit17:49
jaegerSmithfield and Presler, dual-core 64-bit17:49
* SiFuh_ slaps jaeger 18:08
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DarkNekrosnight everubody ;)18:32
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Romstermorning everybody.18:33
Romsterbdfy, there are 2 flavours of unoffical 64bit crux pure and multilib18:36
Romstertop of that page18:36
Romsteri think Lucas Hazel (nipuL) is the multilib one.18:37
Romsterbrb coffee18:37
bdfyRomster: thanks!18:41
Romsterymmv :)18:42
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Romsterwoot Customers who bought this product also bought these items..., don't tink ya need anything else but crux. <_<18:53
Romsterrandomly going though the links page18:53
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Romsterquiet lot not a peep since i've been gone <<21:56
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Castraldoes anyone know if crux can boot from a SCSI cdrom drive? if so what parameters do i have to enter at boot?23:19
ryuoCastral: have you tried?23:19
Castralryuo: I get a kernel panic (trying the install disk)23:19
ryuoCastral: I got it to boot just fine with my /dev/hda cd drive23:19
ryuowhats it say?23:20
ryuodo you at least get to the boot prompt for choosing kernels?23:20
Castrali get to the boot prompt where you enter CRUX and your boot parameters23:21
Castraland then when i type CRUX and hit enter i get23:21
ryuo... hrm23:22
mwansaCastral, tried passing hda as root parameter ? "CRUX root=/dev/hda"23:22
Castralcannot create '/newroot/dev/*' no such file/directory and then 'switch_root: bad init '/sbin/init' Kernel Panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init!"23:22
ryuodid you try just booting the regular kernel (hitting enter with a blank prompt)23:22
Castralsame error23:22
ryuomaybe its trying to load the wrong CD drive?23:23
Castralmwansa: i'll try that. i'm not sure 'hda' is right because its a scsi cdrom drive installing on a scsi hard drive23:23
Castralryuo: only one cdrom drive23:23
ryuoyou could try23:23
ryuo/dev/sda or /dev/sdb23:23
mwansaor yea.. try /dev/sdb23:23
ryuodepends which the kernel identifies as the cd drive or hard drive23:23
Castrali'll try em in order (hda, sda etc...)23:24
ryuoor /dev/sda first then /dev/sdb23:24
ryuoi doubt /dev/hda has anything if you have no IDE stuff23:24
mwansaprimary would be hdd (/dev/sdb) and cdrom would be secondary (/dev/sdb) hopefully23:24
mwansai think23:24
ryuodepends on BIOS23:25
Castralhehe this machine is ancient... '9623:25
Castrali have the i586 version of crux23:25
jaegercheck for sr0 as well23:25
ryuojaeger: yea23:25
ryuojaeger: archlinux identifies my drive as that23:25
ryuobut my kernel identifies it as /dev/hda23:26
Romstercd drive is useally hdc23:26
Castralhda and sda have failed23:26
jaegerwhat kind of controller is it on?23:26
ryuoi think23:26
ryuoit uses IDE connectors23:26
Romstersr0 if i'ts sata.23:26
ryuomy old IDE cord wouldnt work23:26
Castralits using an Adaptec AHA-294023:26
Castrali think the driver is AIC7xxx23:27
ryuoMy drive is a SAMSUNG23:27
ryuoi ordered mine as OEM23:27
ryuoand it reports gibberish as the drive :p23:27
mwansaryuo so whats ya first partition ?23:27
mwansaah ohk23:28
mwansasame :)23:28
ryuoi use 4 partitions23:28
Castralthe thing is i don't see in the boot process any LUN scanning23:28
jaegerif it's true scsi there's no support on the boot cd currently for it23:28
mwansai have 823:28
Castralwhich is normally what happens when i boot debian before it tries to mount any fs23:28
jaegerI'm intending to rework most of the ide/scsi support on it in the near future but that hasn't happened yet23:28
mwansaryuo /var /boot /usr /home and /tmp23:28
ryuo/dev/sda1 - jfs /boot 32 MB23:29
ryuo/dev/sda2 - jfs / 2 GB23:29
ryuo/dev/sda3 - swap 1 GB23:29
ryuo/dev/sda4 - jfs /home 150 GB23:29
mwansa:O 1GB swap23:29
ryuois that too low?23:29
Romsterryuo, don't even need a boot partition.23:30
mwansatoo high23:30
Romsterleave it on root.23:30
mwansa512 should be enough23:30
ryuoFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on23:30
ryuo/dev/sda2              1943440   1176372    767068  61% /23:30
ryuo/dev/sda4            157832960     30620 157802340   1% /home23:30
ryuo/tmp                    517656         8    517648   1% /tmp23:30
Castrali remember reading somewhere recommended swap is 2x physical ram23:30
ryuoheh /tmp is a tmpfs23:30
jaegerthat's a standard recommendation but it kinda falls down when you have tons of RAM23:30
RomsterCastral, 2-3x but that's old skool.23:30
mwansaCastral,  yea but doesnt really matter nowerdays23:30
Romstermore ram less swap.23:30
jaegerwith 2G RAM I can run without any swap23:30
mwansajaeger, yep :P23:31
ryuoi usually have 1:1 ratio for that23:31
mwansai got a gig and i never enter swap23:31
ryuoi have had my system use swap before23:31
ryuoi have it for emergencies23:32
Romsteri got 1,280MB of ram and i've used about 500MB swap before.23:32
Romsterbut that's rare.23:32
ryuoi wonder at what point RAM ceases to speed up compilaton23:32
ryuofor things like gcc23:32
Romstercpu being the limiting factor.23:33
ryuothe main factors effecting compilation are RAM and CPU23:33
Romsterand ram-cpu bus speed.23:33
ryuoi upgraded my old PC133 laptop to 1 GB23:33
ryuoand its compilation time soared23:33
Romsterbest ever thing you can do is a memory upgrade23:34
ryuoon a pentium 3 mobile23:34
ryuo1 ghz23:34
ryuoits hard drive and cd drive were shot and had to be replaced23:34
Castralnothing i've entered seems to work.23:37
Castrali've done sda-sdd and hda-hdc23:37
ryuohmph... you might need to compile your own kernel23:37
Castralfor the install cd? haha23:37
ryuoif you can identify the drivers you need23:38
Castralwell according to the handbook the driver i need should be on there already23:38
Castralthats why i was wondering if there might be an additional parameter required to activate the SCSI drivers23:39
ryuoCastral, jaeger said true SCSI or something to that extent is not supported23:39
Castraloh, didn't catch that23:39
ryuolemme scroll up and find it23:39
Castralwell then :) nevermind. thanks for the help though23:39
ryuo <@jaeger> if it's true scsi there's no support on the boot cd currently23:39
ryuo                for it23:39
ryuo <@jaeger> I'm intending to rework most of the ide/scsi support on it in23:40
ryuo                the near future but that hasn't happened yet23:40
Castralah, have to wait then.23:40
ryuonot really23:40
ryuoif you feel up to it, you can make your own kernel that works23:40
jaegerif you take a look at the boot kernel's config the aic7xxx controller is built as a module. however, it never gets loaded in the initramfs23:40
ryuojaeger: shouldnt all disk controllers be built in?23:41
jaegernot necessarily23:41
jaegerthey should be EITHER built in or loaded in the initramfs as modules23:41
ryuoi built all my kernel modules in, and my kernels ~1,350 KB23:41
jaegeras it is, not all of them fall into one or the other category23:42
* ryuo nods.23:42
*** RedShift has joined #crux23:43
Castralwould it be possible to edit the cd contents directly to load the module i need? I'm on a windows box sadly atm, so can't recompile anything/build my own boot image23:44
ryuoCastral: you could try a livecd that correctly identifies your specific disk controllers would help23:45
jaegerthere are several ways you could accomplish it but all require remastering the iso23:45
ryuoi found out what kernel drivers i needed by using arch's livecd23:46
Castralryuo: yeah i know what driver i need, just trying to enable it...23:46
Castraljaeger: alright then... i guess i'll try a different distro, didn't intend for this to turn into a huge project23:47
ryuopersonally i don't use the kernel source on the ISO unless theres no internet23:47
jaegerthe easiest way with the crux iso would be to invoke a shell at module-loading time and make it load another one23:47
jaegerbut this would again require remastering23:47
ryuoimagine how slow compilation would be on that PC anyway23:48
jaegerI think I'll add the ability to invoke a shell there as a debug/rescue option23:48
ryuojaeger: yea, and wait 9-12 months to actualy see it :p23:48
jaegerI don't follow23:48
ryuoit probably won't be in an ISO until the next version of crux23:49
jaegeryou think so? oh ye of little faith :)23:49
jaegerwould you not say this sort of thing falls directly into the purvue of my updated iso?23:49
* ryuo shrugs.23:50
ryuomaybe one of these days23:51
ryuowhen i no longer need external kernel modules23:51
ryuoi can just build one without module support23:52
Castralthanks again guys, later23:53
*** Castral has quit IRC23:53
mwansaafter boot sound doesnt work unless i run an alsaconf23:57
ryuodo you use alsa service?23:58

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