IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-01-11

ryuomeh <@jaeger> I'm intending to rework most of the ide/scsi support on it in00:03
ryuo                the near future but that hasn't happened yet00:03
ryuohow do i clear my buffer?00:04
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ryuoi put in my usb flash drive and the kernel recognized it but doesnt seem to have a /dev node for it00:04
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Romsterryuo, dunno i got no problems with a kingston usb flash drive00:17
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ryuocompiled a kernel upgrade00:32
Romsterlol isn't that hard <<00:33
Romsteryou make it sound like it's dangerious <<00:34
Romsterlilo -R00:34
SiFuh_should work, compiling Linux Kernel in OpenBSD00:35
mwansaSiFuh_, did ya get gkrellm horizontal O_o ?00:37
mwansawhat sys monitor did ya use >00:38
SiFuh_if you know window maker, then window make has a slit with multiple apps you can run00:38
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pitillogood morning01:11
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Romsterhi pitillo01:41
pitillohey Romster :)01:45
Romsterjust did a iptables update 1.4.0 is out.01:45
Romsterso far so good.01:45
pitillocan someone confirm a rebuild problem in 2.4 of libsdl?02:14
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* Romster trys libsdl02:17
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ryuohow do i log the command that people connecting over openssh execute, and also, how do i keep them from using specific executables so i can restrict them to local users?02:21
ryuomy bad02:21
Romsterpitillo, worked fine.02:21
pitilloRomster, updated computer?02:22
pitilloI think so02:22
ryuoi upgraded my kernel to :o02:22
Romsteri'm compiling that new kernel now.02:22
Romsteri got 3 computers up here02:22
ryuobe sure to recompile any external modules you got02:22
ryuolike nvidia02:22
Romsteryeah i'm aware of that.02:23
Romsterbeen there many of times.02:23
Romsterbut this time it's my firewall i'm updating.02:23
pitillowell, may be I am missing somthing, but it´s quite strange02:23
ryuois there a way i can place restrictions on what executables that people connecting over ssh can use?02:23
ryuoalso, can i log what commands they use?02:24
pitilloon updated comps worked fine, in a fresh install... got strange problems with some ports02:24
mwansaumm pkgadd seems to not have rights to write to /var/lib/pkg/db.incomplete_transaction02:24
ryuoI'm thinking of letting some people host servers and use ssh to administrate them02:24
pitillopffff built fine now...02:25
mwansapkgadd: could not write to /var/lib/pkg/db.incomplete_transaction02:25
ryuoyou doing that as root?02:25
ryuomaybe it has bad permissions?02:25
mwansa-r--r--r-- 1 root root 688128 Jan 11 21:22 /var/lib/pkg/db.incomplete_transaction02:28
ryuoits probably because it doesnt have write permissions on the file?02:28
ryuotry chmod +w /var/lib/pkg/db.incomplete_transaction02:29
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mwansayah that should fix it02:29
mwansawierd tho02:29
ryuoconky has replaced my need for a titlebar ^_^02:30
ryuoi only really used it for time :p02:30
mwansaryuo, i think i might try pekwm later02:30
ryuoneed some help?02:30
mwansayea ill let ya know if so :>02:31
ryuousing pekwm's autoproperties, i managed to sync conky well with rox-filer on the dekstop02:31
ryuoi like rox's iconified windows on desktop thing :)02:33
Romsterpitillo, libsdl depends on xorg-libxt that's not listed but i've made a local port.02:35
pitilloRomster, I have it installed. I don´t know where was the problem, but rebuilding again did the trick. It was built fine. Sorry about spend your time in things like this. And thank you a lot :)02:37
Romsteri'd use chmod o+w ... or 064402:40
Romsterwhy did you say if it built ok <<02:40
* ryuo watches his processors compile.02:41
pitilloRomster, didn´t build fine 2 times... that is why I asked here. (I test it in a updated computer and built fine)02:41
ryuowow their cpu usage % is all over the place02:42
ryuoi have 3 CPU gauges on my conky ^_^02:42
ryuo1 for each processor and 1 for their total02:42
ryuodamn thats annoying02:43
ryuowhy does my PC try to paste stuff from virtual consoles to xorg?02:43
Romsterpitillo, that would be why sysup <<02:43
Romstereh ryuo ?02:44
ryuodoes CRUX automatically clean /tmp on boot up?02:44
pitilloRomster, I dont think so... it´s up to date this system. I am thinking in run memtest next week and make an exhaustive check of memory. (This is the first time I see something like this, and if it was build fine at 3rd try... may be can be related to mem)02:45
Romsterryuo, yes it's a tmpfs02:45
Romster/var/tmp won't clean up on a reboot.02:45
Romster /tmp will be wiped upon a reboot.02:45
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Romsterpitillo, hmm could be faulty memory or did you get some kernal oops or cc1 error.02:46
ryuouh... /tmp will be cleared, even if its not mounted as a tmpfs?02:46
* ryuo slowly compiles wesnoth.02:47
Romsterryuo, eh if it's mounted as something else than tmpfs it'll behave how ever it's done.02:47
Romsterwhy would you mount /tmp as anything else?02:47
pitilloRomster, nothing strange at logs (that is another reason I asked here)02:47
ryuoRomster, it would be nice if we had a port for the development version of wesnoth02:47
Romsterplain dumb..02:47
Romsterryuo, in my repo.02:47
Romstercan be installed along side wesnoth02:48
ryuoi know02:48
Romsterryuo, you compiling in memory?02:48
ryuoregular compilation02:48
ryuoin /usr/ports/*02:48
ryuoI'm considering moving compilation to /tmp though02:49
Romsteri mean seting work directory in a tmpfs02:49
Romsterah so you haven't..02:49
ryuoi manually mounted /tmp as tmpfs in /etc/fstab02:49
ryuoi also added a rule for my flash drive02:49
ryuoi noticed my flash drive doesnt support unhide02:49
Romster/var/tmp/ports         /var/tmp/ports tmpfs size=2G                0      002:50
ryuowhat if it exceeds my RAM?02:50
Romsterand manually mount that path untill next reboot.02:50
Romsterit'll goto swap.02:50
Romsterand just slow down.02:50
ryuoswap is useful for backup02:50
Romsteri don't hit swap that oftern.02:51
Romsterit's alot faster to compile.02:51
ryuoconky says my SWAP space is empty02:51
ryuothough i wonder02:51
ryuoromster, whats the difference between memory cache and buffer?02:51
ryuoor rather02:52
ryuo             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached02:52
ryuoMem:       1035300     592488     442812          0         12     50287602:52
ryuo-/+ buffers/cache:      89600     94570002:52
ryuoSwap:       979956          0     97995602:52
Romstercached is file cached.02:53
Romsterbuffer is for when a bit of code is wating to be written to disk.02:54
Romsterbut it's delayed to bulk write if you got delayed transactions on02:54
Romsteror that the buffer fills up on a read from a device while the cpu is busy.02:54
Romsterfifo buffer02:55
Romsterok firewall reboot wish me luck <<03:05
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Romsternow i can set it to permanint03:09
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Romsterinstead of the once boot.03:09
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namenloshm, the materm package is smaller (160k), than the rxvt-unicode-lite package (~300k)03:28
namenlosalso the manpage seems to be more structured...03:30
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:12
Romsterfirst i've seen of 'yello'04:21
DarkNekrosRomster, also you can write 'jelo' xD04:22
aonhomer simpson says "yello" when he answers the phone04:28
DarkNekrosaon, here in Spain he says "Diga"04:30
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aoni see04:39
aonwe dub very few programs04:39
aonmostly those that are for children too young to read04:40
Romsternever knew that04:40
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mike_kaon: opt/wxgtk is quite old. I've just finished building the latest one with unicode and contributions support. I do not know would it break old stuff or not... hope not. At least pgadmin3 builds/works now. Here is a Pkgfile diff just in case =)04:48
aoni know04:49
aonbut is scorched3d already updated?04:49
mike_koh, that one wants an old version?04:50
aonyes, at least last time i put any effort to the subject04:52
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aonokay, it has been updated04:54
aonlet me see what i can do04:54
mike_kaon: nevermind, I already have the version I need04:54
aonyes, but it still should be up to date now that it seems possible04:55
pitillonice, if wxgtk can be bumped at opt tree and there is no problem with scorched3d04:55
mike_kif you'll be updating anyway, can you enable unicode and contrib/ if it does not break something?04:55
aonwhat's in contrib?04:56
mike_kcd contrib && make in Pkgfile04:56
aonindeed, but what does that add?04:56
mike_kfollowed by make install. adds few libs and includes, which is at least required for pgadmin3:
mike_kand unicode is on TODO for next crux anyway =)04:58
aonsadly :)04:59
mike_kprologic: btw, dash-0.5.4 is out. only version bump required05:05
*** discomaxus has joined #crux05:09
Romsteralot of prologic;s's ports need version bumps.05:14
Romstermike_k, look in my repo i got wxgtk <<05:15
Romsterone in opt is really old.05:15
Romsterwhy isn't flex updated?05:16
mike_kRomster: too late, three rebuilds and I am done.05:16
Romsterlol silly...05:16
Romsteri have it done weeks ago infact it was last year <<05:17
Romsterlook before you go building.05:17
mike_kI know05:17
Romsteryou wasted time you could of done something else.05:17
mike_knot really. I figured, that pgadmin3 wants _that_ options05:18
mike_kRomster: does enabling unicode gave you any problems?05:18
Romsteri haven't had any yet.05:19
mike_kthan, I guess you'll be able to delete that port in a while.05:21
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ryuofinally got power back05:50
Romsterwhy would i wanna deleate a port i spent alot of time on to have soemone else make it after me..05:50
* ryuo has a UPS for times like these.05:51
ryuoLets me shutdown normally05:51
ryuomwansa: hows the exploration of pekwm going?05:53
Romsterryuo, long blackout?05:53
Romsterya need a bigger battery to last longer.05:53
ryuoyea. lasted like 4 hours05:53
ryuoat least the UPS keeps my system running long enough to shutdown properly05:54
mike_kRomster: why would you want to keep an identical copy of opt port? =)05:55
aonRomster: as i said, it's outdated to keep whole opt building05:56
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ryuoRomster, is there a way i can copy text from irssi and post to a xorg app?05:57
ryuoif irssi is running in a xorg terminal05:57
Romstermike_k, because i fucking made one before you and you have no right to tell me to deleate it, that's why.06:12
mike_kRomster: =)06:12
Romsterand half the opt ports have issues06:12
Romsterand i keep a local copy of ones i've hacked to my liking.06:13
Romsterif opt updates i'll throw my wxpython port in contrib.06:13
Romsteronly thing stoping me is the too old opt port.06:14
Romsternearly as easy for someone to use my repo if they want it and know it'll work.06:14
mike_kI see. Should I use more smileys on a per message basis?06:14
Romstertake a look at opera flex there out of date and iptables.06:14
Romsteroh hay and some don't have the right dependencys listed06:15
ryuowould you like me make some ports so sawfish can be used on crux?06:15
Romsterso shutup about me removing a port06:15
ryuoi know how if you want me to06:15
Romsterthat i spent hours perfecting06:15
Romsterhmm maybe if i find a use for it.06:16
ryuosupposedly you can customize it if you know lisp06:16
ryuoright now i'm customizing pekwm's mouse bindings06:17
Romsteri don't now lisp but i've heared it's a simple language of using lists etc.06:17
Romstermike_k, not to metain the tools to burn discs don't work as default. ya gotta mess with shit to get them to work so i made my own ports of. that way if i ever wanna do a fresh install of my pc everything works. or should. none of this why won't that work now..06:19
Romsteroh yeah and amule i had to patch to get to even work too.06:20
Romsterbecause of wxgtk diferences.06:20
Romsterment to be a distro for new technologys... yet what works without having to mess with it.06:21
Romsterhmm i'm gonna go do something else, can see everone is keeping quiet when i'm in a pissed off mood...06:22
mike_kDon't you want to submit bugreports and/or fixes? If you don't - you'll likely end up maintaining 500+ ports on your own. see Han & yhafri repos. That is really sad.06:22
*** sepen has joined #crux06:27
Romsteryeah they don't even keep them upto date.06:29
*** opi has joined #crux06:30
Romsterand no i'm not doing everything under the sun as far as packages goes, and yes i have reported bugs and submitted patches even.06:30
ryuoi like the focus model now that i've tweaked it06:30
ryuoclick to focus :)06:30
Romstersepen, did you sort out qca?06:30
Romsterryuo, are the defaults realy ugly in pekwm?06:30
ryuonot really06:31
ryuoits just sloppy focus06:31
ryuoi don't like it06:31
ryuoits not too hard to modify06:31
Romsteri haven't tryed it yet but i'm thinking of giving it a go sometime when i arn't doing anything else.06:31
Romsteryeah i looked, it looks easier than fvwm to edit.06:31
ryuoand well documented06:32
ryuoi have a feeling it doesnt get the recognition it deserves :/06:32
Romstericewm i didn't have issues with the menu, but the icons for pidgin messed up in the systray.06:32
ryuoi know06:32
Romsterryuo, yeah maybe06:32
ryuoi fixed it before by changing the icon it tried to load :p06:32
ryuoif you need a taskbar to go with pekwm, you can try fbpanel06:33
ryuoit has its own systemtray06:33
Romsterah k.06:33
ryuoclock plugin06:33
ryuowindow list, pager, etc.06:33
ryuoits also gtk+ based so06:33
Romsteryeah i'm used to with windows layout minus a few details and plus a few others.06:33
ryuoit can be themed to match your gtk apps as well06:34
Romsterah sweet love gtk06:34
ryuotheres one other gtk+ panel you might wanna look at06:34
ryuobut i dont like it much06:34
ryuoits prone to crashes06:34
Romsterthat's a big thing geting qt and gtk to look alike and with the wm decorations.06:34
Romstereh i'll keep away from unstable.06:34
ryuofbpanel also crashes sometimes06:35
ryuoit only crashed on me when06:35
ryuoi was messin around with its GUI configurer06:35
ryuoit has limited GUI configuration06:35
Romsterand anyone confirm if gpgme rails on it's tests.06:35
ryuoi set conky to update once a second06:36
ryuoi wonder if thats too much06:36
Romsteri have a feeling that gcc 4.2.2 has a bug or gnupg has a issue with it. or some other issue, as gpgme built fine on my system but failed in a fresh chroot.06:36
ryuogcc 4.2.2 might not be bugged, it could be that the program isn't compatible with it06:37
ryuojust look at qemu, it won't compile at all against gcc406:37
Romsterand i'm guessing my gnupg hasn't been recompiled since crux-2.3 so it's got the gcc-4.1.2 compiler.06:37
Romsteryeah i got gcc34 for that.06:37
Romsterin my repo too btw06:37
ryuoits also in the officials06:38
Romsterbinary yes06:38
Romsternot source.06:38
ryuoi meant gcc306:38
Romsterah thats mot port06:38
Romstergcc34 in contrib.06:38
ryuogcc3 is still the preferred compiler in some cases06:39
Romsteradd it for qemu and anything else anyone has isses with the gcc in core.06:39
Romsterthats why i added it.06:39
Romsteri thnk i'll force gnupg in my test chroot to use gcc34 and see if gpgme then passes it's tests.06:39
Romsterbut i just wanted someone else to confirm if it's a bug or not.06:40
ryuois gcc3 capable of compiling x86_64?06:40
Romsterah i think so if it was compiled on a x86_64 system06:40
ryuowoah, VIAs new processor is going to be capable of 64 bit and virtualization06:41
ryuoabout time :p06:41
ryuoit also ships with 1 MB of cache...06:42
ryuomuch higher than its predessor06:42
Romsterl1 l2 or l3 ?06:42
ryuoL2 i think06:42
ryuoi think C7 has only 128 KB06:42
Romstersounds low, don't they sually have 256KB06:43
* ryuo shrugs.06:43
Romstermaybe it's per a core.06:43
ryuoits single core06:43
*** Rotwang has joined #crux06:43
ryuoi know...06:43
ryuobut maybe they'll release a dual socket Mobo sometime06:44
ryuothats equal to 2 processors as well06:44
Romsteryeah but FSB of 2 cpus as compared to a dual core cpu on the same silicon peace would have way diferent latence.06:45
ryuojust purged some old source code06:47
ryuoRomster, would video encoding work faster if you outputted to RAM first?06:47
ryuoor is that a stupid idea..06:48
ryuo06:26 -!- sepen [] has joined #crux06:48
ryuostupid irssi06:48
Romsternot alot.06:51
Romstersince it's mainly cpu bound.06:52
Romsterif it reads from ram it would make more diference.06:52
Romsterand write to disk06:52
Romsterbut i haven't tested that theory.06:52
ryuoi noticed video encoding slows down a lot when you output to hard disk instead of /dev/null06:53
Romsterwell that's a quick test i didn't think of trying.06:54
Romsterifoyu read frm ram it would be faster too i'd imagine.06:55
ryuoif you write to a tmpfs and then06:55
ryuotransfer it to hard disk06:55
Romsterwell best would be to read and write to ram but you'd need alot of ram to fit it all in.06:55
ryuoyou'll probably save time06:55
ryuoits a good way to save time if your a professional video person06:56
Romsteri tent to put files that i'm gonna process into tmpfs06:56
ryuoafter all, why do you need to save files like the stuff generated while compiling?06:56
Romsterif they'll fit some stuff i do takes up a few gigabytes.06:56
ryuoi think i'm gonna move my work, etc, dirs to /tmp06:57
ryuoi never keep built packages06:57
ryuoromster, is there a way to purge the stuff left in RAM that isn't cached without rebooting?06:58
ryuoin other words, its leftover from an old program thats no longer running06:58
Romsterah i think there is a command to use but i forget.06:58
*** opi has quit IRC06:58
Romstertake a at preload in contrib you might like that.06:59
ryuopekwm is pretty low on memory usage06:59
Romstera look at*06:59
ryuoits locked at 0.37% of my maximum ram06:59
Romsterwell they did say it'll work on low memory.06:59
*** Rotwang has quit IRC06:59
ryuoi'm gonna add irssi to my menu as "aterm +sb -T irssi -e irssi" :)07:02
ryuoit removes the scrollbar, changes the title, and executes the program :D07:02
espo:) i added it like this "urxvt -e "ssh irssi@..." :D then i log in and get my screen07:07
ryuoi like aterm fairly well07:08
ryuotransparency is nice07:08
esporyuo: hehe i also got transparency ;)07:08
espo -> its look like this on my laptop ...07:09
*** ryuo has quit IRC07:10
*** ryuo has joined #crux07:10
ryuonoticed most of the people here never say anything?07:12
*** wavefunction has joined #crux07:21
*** slyson has joined #crux07:24
*** roliveira has joined #crux07:33
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slysonHi. I've just installed Crux, and I'm trying to download a kernel package so I can install ndiswrapper. I have tried the kernel package from Namenlos, but get error 'Gpg: Can't check signature: No public key', and the kernel from mxq repo gives error 'MD5sum mismatch found... MISSING patch- NEW patch-'. The install_latest_kernel package from han seems dead and the kernel26 packa07:36
slysonge is an older version than I would like. Any ideas?07:36
mike_kslyson: building a kernel is done by hand in crux. no official tools/ports/packages exist.07:38
mike_krefer to generic kernel building documentation for that07:38
pitilloslyson, and the kernel source is provided by the install cd.07:39
slysonI have a kernel config that should work, but ndiswrapper says it can't find the kernel tree, and something about adding it to kconfig. I searched Google and someone recommended to downloa kernel-sources?07:39
slysonas far as I recall, when I used the install cd I didn't uncheck anything to do with kernel, and I selected everything I could, so do I need to extract the kernel sources from the cd manually?07:41
pitilloslyson, take a look to the normal path to kernel sources :)07:43
Romsterslyson, not sure what your doing but ketchup can get the kernel make sure you install with --install-scripts or run /usr/ports/contrib/ketchup/post-install to fetch the public key for the kernel signature checking.07:43
slysonok. I have kernel sources already I assume, since I can boot into my system. Don't know why ndiswrapper is complaining then. I'll try Ketchup07:45
Romsterketchup jsut fetches the kernel soruce and makes it easy to change kernel versions.07:46
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:48
Romsterslyson, you are ment to get the soruce yourself compile and install the and bzImage as vmlinuz in /boot and edit /etc/lilo.conf07:48
Romstershould all be in the handbook, that linux port is unsuported and it's his way todo it07:49
Romsterhi jdolan07:49
slysonyea, I must have done that then. I did make menuconfig etc and booted into the system fine, so it is worrying ndiswrapper is saying it can't find kernel tree. Is kernel tree in /usr/src ?07:50
*** predador00 has joined #crux07:51
Romsteryou need to set KERNEL_DIR=07:51
Romsterto point to the kernel source.07:51
Romsteruseally you point everything to the kernel headers that glibc was compiled with07:52
sepenRomster, can you take a look of repoverify log as I commented to you in #crux-devel07:52
Romsterhang on sepen07:52
Romsteri will in a tic07:53
Romsterso make KERNEL_DIR=/usr/include/linux should do it slyson07:53
Romsterif not and it needs the running kernel headers then you'll use something like07:53
RomsterKERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)07:54
*** jdolan__ has joined #crux07:56
*** mxq has joined #crux08:01
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC08:10
*** jaeger has joined #crux08:15
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:15
*** acrux_ has quit IRC08:17
slysonI'm still getting the same errors. I tried both of them, ran make modules_install, still ndiswrapper says 'Kernel tree not found'08:20
Romsteri'll give that port a try.08:23
*** mxq has quit IRC08:24
Romsterslyson, not very descriptive... this is a diferent error i haven't seen before.08:27
RomsterMakefile:64: *** No .config found in , please set KBUILD to configured kernel.08:27
Romsteranother words you need to set KBUILD= to point to the .config file that the kernel used :)08:27
slysonmine doesn't say anything about .config missing, just the kernel tree - if that even makes a difference08:28
slysonok I'll try that08:28
Romstermake KBUILD=/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)08:29
Romsterworking now <<08:29
Romsteralthough i don't have a use for this port.08:29
Romsteryou'll need make KBUILD=/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r) DESTDIR=$PKG install08:30
Romsteraswell so it installs.08:30
Romsterproviding you have your kernel as /usr/src/linux-<version>08:31
Romsteror edit to suit.08:31
Romsterhmm alothough i don't haev a use for it i should throw it in my repo since i fixed it.08:31
Romsterodd that it made modules for 2.6.2008:32
slysonyea. err new problem though. When I was messing about last night trying to get the new kernel, I must have wiped my old kernel sources. uname -r says I have 2.6.21, but the source are Damn.08:33
slysonso is 2.6.21 the one that comes with the cd?08:34
Romster2.6.23.9 comes with the cd and is installed as /usr/src/linux-
slysonso the pkgfile is looking for even though I have an older kernel loa08:35
Romsterif you also lost your /usr/src/linux-2.6.2108:35
Romsteryou can get it back by making08:36
slysoni see08:36
Romstermkdir linux-2.6.21; cd linux-2.6.2108:36
Romsterketchup 2.6.2108:36
Romsterzcat /proc/config.gz | .config08:36
Romsteror something like that.08:37
slysonI'm chrooted. Does uname -r report correctly in a chroot. I'm confused how I even have 2.6.23 installed, unless that is what Crux comes with08:38
slysonI'm booting in from a live cd so I have internet you see08:38
Romsterah it'll report what the cd is using.08:38
Romstersince you booted off the cd.08:38
slysonyea I'll just set it manually then08:38
Romsterso your on the cd's kernel in memory.08:38
Romsterjsut chrooted to your hdd.08:38
slysonseems to be working now, thanks very much08:40
slysonwait... spoke too soon.08:40
*** andarius has joined #crux08:43
slysonit enters my kernel directory, starts compiling ok, then enters ...  /src/ndiswrapper-1.1/driver and fails with the same error08:43
Romsterhmm i did this and it worked fine08:44
Romster./configure --prefix=/usr08:45
Romstermake KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r) PREFIX=/usr all08:45
Romstermake KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r) PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$PKG install08:45
slysonjust gonna try getting off the livecd to reboot into Crux, it must be something to do with the chroot.  the package is downloaded in the port directory anyway now I assume08:45
Romsteryou would have to install your kernel lilo reboot not using the cd but from your systems kernel then build that port.08:45
Romstermore than likely it needs to see the running system to work like binary video driver ports etc.08:46
slysonwell that worked. luckily, I only needed the internet to download the ndiswrapper src anyway.08:49
*** Viper_ has joined #crux08:50
Romsterslyson, let me know if it all works and if you did anything to get it to work. i'll throw that port in contrib i can see it'll be very handy.08:55
slysonyea, now that you mention it, it would probably be a good idea to include it in the next cd release. Ideal, for those that don't have a direct connection to a broadband wall socket08:57
Romsterit's in contrib when you do a ports -u09:00
Romsterhmm could be on the cd..09:00
Romsterthat would be a good idea.09:00
Romsterwhat hardware have you got?09:00
slysonoverall? athlon xp 1.8 gig, 512mb ddr ram, ti4600 nvidia graphics. nothing special, I gave the good pc to my brother because I don't play that many games09:02
slysonI have a Belkin wireless dongle that doesn't load unless you give it a udev rule. I don't understand exactly what udev is, though. I've read about hotplug for detecting when stuff gets plugged in, but why do I even need udev at all?09:03
slysonI'm trying to think of a way to get my dongle working without udev you see, if that is even possible09:03
Romsteryou need udev unless you go back to the old devfs09:07
Romsterbut tha's going back in the stone ages. so you need a node for the Belkin wireless dongle09:07
slysonsister is moaning for me to get off the laptop. thanks again for the help, bbl09:11
*** slyson has quit IRC09:12
*** boe has joined #crux09:18
*** boe has quit IRC09:20
*** acrux_ has joined #crux09:27
*** mrks_ has joined #crux09:29
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux09:30
Romsteri'm reading abotu the amd quad core cpus and man they'll need a decent heatsink.09:43
Romster95-125 watts09:43
andariusheat my bed room :)09:44
thrice`wow, that's huge09:44
Romsteroh great there is two standareds for SSE409:45
*** jdolan__ is now known as jdolan_09:45
Romsterintel and amd09:45
Romsterintel SSE4 and amd SSE4a09:45
andariusisnt sse and intel thing originaly?09:45
Romsterso two completely not compatable sets.09:45
Romsteri think so.09:45
andariusdont imagine amds will live long then09:46
andariusi am prettysure it is09:46
Romsterthe l2 and l3 cache is interesting.09:46
*** mrks has quit IRC09:46
Romster128KB L109:46
Romster512KB L209:46
Romsterper a core!09:47
Romster2MB L3 shared between all 4 cores.09:47
Romsterinteresting part is the threading of that.09:47
Romsterso we wont get cache starvation for multiple threads but single threads get a good chunk of a combined L2 and L3 of 4MB09:48
*** treach has joined #crux09:49
RomsterO_o frequence scaling of all four cores independently to load.09:50
Romsterand seperate voltage for core and memory controler. hmm i want one already <<09:50
Romster1066MHz DDR2 support.09:51
treachshopping to build a new box to build kde4? :p09:52
Romsterso i need a AM2+ board.09:52
Romsterlooking at this Phenom 9500 quad core cpu review.09:53
treachIf you're looking at a phenom, I'd wait a bit if I were you.09:53
Romsteri'm wating.09:53
treachreally? :p09:53
Romsterno point in me touching a dual core when quads are gonna be out very soon.09:53
Romsteri'm still saving.09:53
treach"waiting" would probably make more sense. :D09:54
Romsteri wont know myself when i ditch the k7 for one of them.09:54
andariusquite a tep up09:54
andariusamd is saying dual to quad is seamless upgrade ...09:55
treachdual core is good enough afaic09:55
treachmost stuff doesn't handle quad core very well anyway09:55
treachah? A black page?09:55
treachmeh, stupid javascripts. :/09:56
Romsteryeah but there is no garrntee for AM2 boards so it looks like it'll be a headache unless ya get a AM2+09:57
Romsteri hate javascript is required to views pages..09:58
treachaye. better than flash though.. :/09:59
Romsterwell that was sure diferent.10:04
Romstergot sick of hearing it now <<10:04
Romsterbit disturbing that intel have 45nm process gonna come out a bit after amd's quadcore.10:06
treachwhy is that disturbing?10:07
Romsterbe a long time before alot of programs take advantage of quadcore.10:07
Romsterin thre programing. hmm reading here.10:07
treachIt's only natural. Typical intel MO, to cover up shoddy design with process tech.10:08
Romstera month or 2 in the future intels current quad-core is being replaced with a 45nm with lower TDP er a clock more total cache and faster performance.. *shrugs* markiting hype10:09
treachwell, are they "real" quadcores? And do the cores *still* have to share the same fsb....? =)10:10
Romsterdosn't say..10:12
treachI wonder why? ^_^10:12
Romsteri need more details..10:14
Romsterhate how they try to pull the whool over the consumers.10:15
treach"Wool" >_<10:15
Romsterwool then..10:16
treachbtw, phenom stepping B3 is supposed to ship in a few weeks.10:24
jaegeranyone running crux 2.4 in a virtualbox vm?10:24
treach(which fixes some serious errata)10:25
Romstertreach, ah10:27
Romsterthere've been delayed so long.10:27
Romsterin there release.10:28
Romsterjaeger, nope but i got a clean chroot to test ports right now if you want something tested>?10:28
jaegernope, just curious whether or not the vbox x11 driver works10:28
Romsterno idea.10:29
Romsteris virtualbox better than qemu?10:29
Romsteron on par10:29
Romsteror on*10:29
jaegerdon't know, really, haven't spent much time with it10:30
Romsteri guess sepen would be the one to ask about virtualbox?10:30
DarkNekrosRomster, I like virtualbox in fact I'm using it in this moment with winbug$ xP10:30
pitillojaeger, I tested test1,rcX and installed the stable under vbox10:31
Romsteri got win 98se in qemu haven't tryed my xp pro yet10:31
DarkNekrosit's easy and has a lot stuff to sare folders without working up your net10:31
Romsterah can share directorys now that sounds good.10:32
pitillojaeger, X runs well... with vbox driver10:32
Romsteri'll have to take a look into that.10:32
jaegerI'm trying to get it to match my native resolution on this laptop but at the moment the bigger concern is that my mouse has disappeared :P10:32
Romsternot good10:32
pitillojaeger, right control?10:33
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:33
treachjaeger: you should try ratpoison or dwm. :P10:33
Romsterso another words with virtualbox one could run native windows and switch screens between windows and linux?10:33
jaegerI mean the mouse is unresponsive inside the vm10:33
jaegerit's not a window manager issue10:33
pitillojaeger, press right control10:33
pitilloand get the control of your mouse, or you dont mean that?10:33
jaegerI don't need the mouse back in windows, I need it working in the VM10:33
Romsterhmm odd not nuked your /dev/mouse ?10:33
treachjaeger: I got that, just that if you pick that solution the problem goes away. ;)10:33
jaegerI can release it from vbox fine but that's not what I need10:34
jaegertreach: heh, I suppose so10:34
Romsterah so vbox messes the mouse up after you leave it?10:34
jaegernot for windows, no10:34
pitillojaeger, strange, here was working fine. All is well configured? (kernel and xorg.conf?)10:34
jaegerit works fine outside vbox, it's just not working in x right now. I'm sure xorg.conf is misconfigured but I can't check at the moment, working on other stuff10:35
pitillojaeger, yeah, I mean kernel and xorg.conf inside the vm10:35
Romsterjaeger, try runing udevtrigger might fix it.10:35
jaegerthe device is there10:36
Romsteronly sugestion i got other than exit xorg and start it again.10:36
jaegerand it shows the proper data10:36
jaegerx just won't use it for some reason. I'll figure it out eventually, got other shit to do right now10:36
Romsterhmm maybe tilman might know.10:36
Romsterrestart xorg might do the trick.10:37
pitillojaeger, are you using vbox contrib version?10:37
jaegerah, it is working, it's just not drawn10:37
jaegerI'm running vbox in windows here, not crux10:37
jaegercrux is the guest, windows vista the host10:37
pitilloummmm ok, ok10:37
tilmanjaeger: do you have the cursor font?10:37
tilmanor try to install a cursor theme instead10:38
Romsterso you are stuck on vista and running vbox to get your lovely linux goodness sanity back?10:38
jaegertilman: yes10:38
tilmanRomster: are you the real romster?10:38
jaegerno. I actually like vista. deal with it :P10:38
Romstertilman, who else could it be of course <<10:38
tilmanjaeger: oh, try to enable/disable the hardware cursor10:38
treachtilman: there can only be one "whooly shoper" :>10:38
pitillojaeger, have you tried the guest additions?10:38
Romsteris my nick identifyed <<10:39
jaegerpitillo: they're enabled, that's what made the cursor disappear... the x log says the host is drawing the cursor, which is false10:39
jaegertilman: not sure how :/10:39
tilmanjaeger: which video driver do you use?10:39
tilmanits manpage should list such an option if it's supported10:40
Romstertreach, lol10:40
tilmanbut it might not even support that i guess10:40
pitillostrange, I tried it some time ago (host XP) and additions worked fine. Never tested under vista. Nice to know that info jaeger.10:40
Romsterwell i'm off to bed g'night all.10:41
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC10:41
pitillogood night Romster10:41
Romsternearly 4am here.10:41
Romsterand start another huge compile while i sleep.10:41
jaegerah ha! using "vboxmouse" a the mouse driver solves it10:41
Romsterah good ot know jaeger10:42
DarkNekrosnight Romster ;)10:42
pitillowhich were you using jaeger?10:42
Romsterlater all :)10:42
jaegerpitillo: "mouse", the default10:43
pitillovboxmouse is the one provided by the addition, isn't it?10:44
*** Rotwang has joined #crux10:50
*** sepen has quit IRC11:07
*** pitillo has quit IRC11:08
thrice`jaeger: what was that cheap-o, flat keyboard you linked to before (probably a long while back, actually.  just shopping for something cheap, and that came to mind)11:13
*** slyson has joined #crux11:18
aonthrice`: ultrax flat?11:18
slysonis there anything I can do about md5 mismatch? I'm trying to install zsh from opt11:18
jaegerthrice`: it was a rosewill clone of the logitech ultra-x  flat11:19
aonslyson: man prt-get or man pkgmk depending on which you use, search for md5sum11:19
thrice`ah, found it - thanks :)11:19
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC11:28
treachslyson: I bet it's that damn zsh-lovers crap that causes problems again. :/11:47
treachjust fix the md5sum and it should work properly again11:48
*** sepen has joined #crux11:49
andariusmy daughter uses a rosewill flat KB that cost 12$. keys like a laptops. she loves it12:12
* treach really wants something without a numerical keyboard, but still with a sane layout. :/12:13
*** onestep has joined #crux12:14
*** RedShift has joined #crux12:19
aontreach: space saver?12:21
aonby ibm12:21
aonalthough they're rather expensive12:21
*** luxh has joined #crux12:28
*** predador00 has quit IRC12:30
treachmeh, damned idiots.. from what I can see the version with swedish layout have the numerical keys. :/12:35
*** jdolan__ has joined #crux12:39
aon :|12:51
*** roliveira has joined #crux12:53
luxh: )12:54
treachwhee. found it. now.. all I need is to save up. :P12:54
* tilman ponders trying dvorak12:54
treachhaha, have fun. :P12:55
luxhit's nice12:55
luxhif you only use your own box.. ;)12:55
treachnot until you manage to relearn touchtyping :)12:55
tilmandoes it work nicely for writing code in c like languages?12:55
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:55
tilmanie are [](){} reachable easily? :P12:55
treachafaik, it doesn't play that nice with vim12:55
tilmanyes, remapping everything in vim will be a PITA12:56
luxhmm biggest problem is all apps that's designed to work with qwerty12:56
luxhtho there are lot of already made mapping for stuff12:57
luxhi used this
tilmancan anyone say "foo tilman bar" please? :p12:57
luxhfoo tilman bar12:57
aontreach: found what?12:57
treachaon: :)12:57
* tilman just repaired irssi's hilight_act_color setting12:58
treachaon: a swedish "space saver" without numerical keys12:58
aonah, nice12:58
aonmodel m or modern?12:58
treachmodern unfortunately12:58
aoni wonder how fast average dvorak users type12:59
treachI don't think speed is the issue, really13:00
luxhhehe there are fast qwerty typers too :)13:00
aoni get ~100wpm on qwerty13:00
treachAm I the only one who get's a sore left hand when doing lots of typing?13:00
treach(with qwerty)13:01
aonmy hands are usually sore from sleeping in trains so i don't know if typing affects them :)13:01
tilmani do, but i' m not touch typing quite correctly13:01
aoni wonder how the hell that even happens, actually13:01
luxh check her out13:01
tilmani mean i do get a sore left hand when trying to touch type correctly :P13:01
*** wavefunction has quit IRC13:03
luxhmaybe you need one of those expensive ergonomic keyboards13:03
treachmmh. I've considered svorak, but it basically fell down on the fact that so many apps need reconfiguring :/13:03
aonyeah, like the maltron l-type13:04
luxhhaha nice13:04
aoni considered switching too but it's too much of an effort when you use random computers13:04
treachit's still qwerty. :D13:04
aon...and i have more interesting things to learn :)13:05
luxhu'll get fucked up when you switch beteen the layouts ;)13:05
aonthink i'll start learning morse code :)13:05
luxhand click the mouse to send evil messages to your friends at the internet café13:06
treachthat's nice, all you need is two keys then :p13:06
aonor one13:06
aontwo will be faster, though13:06
treachmmh, make that three.13:06
aonwhat's the other one?13:06
treach"space" could the nice. :)13:07
aonwell, you get that by waiting13:07
aonwith two keys you can have separate . and -13:07
luxhleft/right mouse key ;)13:08
tilmananyone of you going to fosdem?13:13
luxhna. you're going?13:15
luxhyou give a talk or just chill out?13:16
treachhere's your chance. -> ;)13:22
treach"For fame and glory!" :P13:23
luxhgo tilman go tilman13:23
thrice`we need crux representation13:24
tilmanluxh: main reason for me to go is that we'll have an xmms2 developer meeting and hackfest13:24
* andarius will vote for you13:24
luxhtilman: that'a awesome13:25
tilmanyeah, i'm looking forward to it13:25
*** treach has quit IRC13:28
*** treach has joined #crux13:30
*** RedShift has quit IRC13:32
roliveiradamn that is an impressive keyboard...i guess design matters13:32
*** onestep has quit IRC13:33
*** sepen has quit IRC13:33
*** boe has joined #crux13:35
andariusuri please ?13:48
andariusfor the KB that is13:48
roliveira19:05:56 <aon>
andariusthat must take an adjustment to use13:52
*** slyson has quit IRC13:55
andariusat 735$ i will have to pass :(13:55
luxhhuh :(14:00
treachwhat a bargain :>14:03
*** luxh has quit IRC14:14
*** drijen has quit IRC14:22
*** acrux_ has quit IRC14:33
*** roliveira has quit IRC14:34
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux14:40
*** treach has left #crux15:16
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux15:39
*** clb has joined #crux15:43
andariushome time15:57
*** andarius has left #crux15:58
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:27
SiFuh_i thought it was an ugly keyboard16:30
*** onestep has joined #crux16:39
*** andarius has joined #crux16:42
teKprologic: dhcp is *still* not working17:10
*** jdolan__ is now known as jdolan17:24
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan17:24
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux17:30
*** mwansa has quit IRC17:32
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC17:42
*** maxus has joined #crux17:53
*** discomaxus has quit IRC17:55
*** Viper_ has quit IRC18:03
*** JTNL has joined #crux18:16
JTNLKnow of any Web paste?18:17
* ryuo handles JTNL a tube of Web paste (TM).18:17
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:18
JTNLpaste gui my install crux 2.4 live cd spanish and error18:18
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan18:19
JTNLerror Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount roor fs on unlnown-block(8,1)18:19
ryuoduring CD bootup or hard disk?18:20
JTNLKnow of a website that can be done style? Thanks18:20
jaegerthere's one in the topic :)18:20
* ryuo is baffled how people can miss whats in the topic.18:20
rehabdollseems few people reads topics. its just not in #crux18:21
ryuodont you mean its not just?18:22
JTNLryuo:  bootup hard disk18:22
ryuoJTNL: if you post your kernel config, it would help. what kernel source are you using?18:22
ryuoafter my first successful crux install, i backed up my kernel config :)18:23
ryuoto my web storage18:23
JTNLok, cd /usr/src/linux-
ryuoI'm using...18:24
ryuoLinux noentry #1 SMP Fri Jan 11 00:20:38 UTC 2008 i686 athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux18:24
ryuoi'm guessing your problem is18:24
JTNLmy laptop amd turion 64 x218:25
ryuo1) you don't have the right file systems built into the kernel, 2) you don't have the right disk controllers builtin18:25
*** JTNL has left #crux18:25
ryuoi didnt even finish18:25
jaegerapparently that was enough for him18:26
* ryuo shrugs.18:26
*** Rotwang has left #crux18:45
Romstermorning all18:49
andariusevening :)18:49
Romsterwhat on earth cdrtools saying gnumake has a bug since 1998 O_o18:53
Romsterand sugests to use smake...18:53
jaegerit's always said that, pretty much18:54
jaegerthe author hates it18:54
Romsteroh well first i've noticed it then...18:54
Romsterlooks like a personal grudge agenst make18:55
Romsterhmm must be update day 4 ports to edit18:58
* Romster goes to make coffee19:00
ryuotrying to help some people in the foreign language crux channels19:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
Romsteri'd help if i knew other lanuages.19:07
ryuosome of them can speak English well enough for me to help thenm19:07
ryuoDarkNecros sure is an asset there19:08
DarkNekrosnot as good I would, ryuo ;)19:08
RomsterDarkNekros, 'not as good as i could...', i know my english spelling and sometimes grammer is not so good and i'm a native english speaker..19:11
DarkNekrosthanks Romster ;)19:12
Romsteri like the fact people point out mistakes and it helps to learn.19:12
DarkNekrosthat's right19:12
Romstermy style would be a bit diferent since i'm Australian.19:13
Romster 12:14:32 up 5 days, 23:20,  1 user,  load average: 4.97, 5.20, 4.5419:14
Romsteri really got my pc loaded up.19:14
ryuoBritish, Australian, American... its all English really19:15
*** DemonSeed has joined #crux19:15
*** DemonSeed has left #crux19:16
Romstertrue jsut diferent slang and spelling on some words.19:16
DarkNekrosdon't worry about your languge style because I heard american english, british english and some time african english ;)19:16
DarkNekrosif i don't understand something, i will say it ;)19:17
DarkNekrosi can understand almost everything, but if you speak in slang it's sure i can't do it Romster ;)19:20
Romsteri try to avoid slang as it confuses nearly all non-english speakers.19:23
Romsteralthough i've picked up habbits of other variants of english too.19:23
DarkNekrosi don't know if there are slang translators pages at internet...19:25
Romsterno idea.19:26
DarkNekrosRomster, watch this ->
DarkNekrosit works, Romster ?19:31
Romsterdidn't try.19:32
Romsterymmv xD19:32
DarkNekrosymmv==your mileage may vary19:32
DarkNekrosit works ;)19:33
Romstercu8er, wonder if it knows that one.19:33
DarkNekrosRomster, try this -> soab xD19:34
Romsterhah i know that one.19:34
DarkNekrossorry for my bad language19:34
Romsterhah it can't translate cu8er19:35
Romstersee you later19:35
Romstermeybe i dont' ened the r19:35
DarkNekrosi think i'm going to bed Romster19:35
Romsterk m819:35
DarkNekrosit's like dv819:35
Romsterg'night DarkNekros19:37
Romsteroh i hate sourceforge downloads.19:37
Romsterjaeger, i'm so tempted to do as you and upload all files to my site.19:38
*** andarius has quit IRC19:39
Romsteryay for transparent proxys.19:40
jaegerwhich files? sources?19:41
Romsterif i load it in a web browser and do the force refresh it works.19:41
ryuo"Proxy detected. You have been reported to the FBI. Have a nice day."19:41
Romsterthen wget works normal, else i was geting constant 504 Gateway Time-out19:41
DarkNekrosyou're in trouble, Romster .P19:42
DarkNekrosnight Romster19:42
Romstertheirs a transparant squid proxy in melbourne, and i got one on my firewall pc too.19:42
ryuoif i feel like letting people use part of my system through ssh, how can i stop them from using certain programs like irssi?19:42
ryuoI don't want them using irssi and then getting me banned :/19:43
ryuoif they do somethin stupid :p19:43
Romsterso what happens is dodgy sourceforge sens out 404 not found squid caches it i got no hope of geting the file unless i use the force refresh content option to force the rpoxy to look again insted of saying it can't get it.19:43
ryuoheck, romster, if your going to run a firewall linux box19:43
Romsterryuo, set them in a new group or make a chroot for them so they can't get out there hme directory and symlink commands they can use?19:44
ryuoyou could turn it into your big main server too :D19:44
Romsteri have iptables squid maradns openntpd on it19:44
ryuofile storage19:44
ryuoemail server19:44
ryuothe list goes on :)19:44
*** dokpm0 has left #crux19:44
Romsternah i'll make another box for that.19:44
ryuosince its local, you have a much faster DL speed :p19:44
Romsteri'm gonna setup local mail sometime.19:45
ryuoarent LAN speeds great?19:45
*** onestep has quit IRC19:45
Romsterwish i had lan speeds to the rest of the internet.19:45
ryuowhy use online storage?19:45
ryuoyour local storage is much faster19:45
Romsterjaeger, it was geting the new xine-lib from optus.dl.sourcefourge.net19:45
ryuopersonally, i disable ipv6 support in my kernel19:46
ryuosince i have no ipv6 compliant devices19:46
Romsterwhy do that?19:46
Romsteri've enabled that stuff.19:46
Romsteripv4 will phase out19:46
ryuoso? when it does i'll use ipv619:46
ryuoi've stripped out everything i don't use19:47
Romsterlikewise but added in ipv619:47
ryuo500 GB laptop hard drives?19:48
ryuocapacity is going up so fast19:48
ryuoi've never used all my hard drive19:49
ryuoever since my 40 GB19:49
*** andarius has joined #crux19:49
DarkNekrosnight everybody ;)19:50
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:50
Romstermine is full i need more than 200GB19:53
Romstermostly meda.19:53
*** mwansa_ is now known as mwansa19:58
ryuowb mwansa19:59
mwansaryuo, ?20:00
ryuojust saying wb20:01
mwansawb ?20:05
ryuoit means welcome back20:08
Romsterwb=welcome back20:08
ryuoi beat you to it :p20:08
Romsteri was looking at someting else.20:08
mwansaah many acronym defs20:08
*** boe has quit IRC20:23
mwansaryuo db.transaction.incomplete still returns its -r--r--r--r permissions20:23
mwansaeven after a chmod +w20:24
ryuolemme check mine in aterm20:24
ryuowhats the directory again?20:24
ryuoheres what i got20:25
ryuoone sec20:26
ryuois it possible the program reset the permissions20:27
mwansahang on ill try pkgmk on another port20:27
mwansayea seems like it20:27
ryuoi ran chmod +w on a file and it changed part of the permissions20:27
ryuo-rw-r--r--  1 ryuo users 1619292 Jan 11 20:25 db20:28
mwansayea it does that but when i run pkgmk again it changes back to -r--r--r--r20:28
ryuowhat does the incomplete contain?20:29
mwansaa long list of package installation directories20:30
ryuomaybe you need to integrate it into the main db?20:30
ryuoi assume the reason its called incomplete is because it got interrupted during installation20:31
*** dokpm0 has joined #crux20:33
Romsteri don't even have a db.transaction.incomplete20:35
mwansayea it should be prt-get.cache20:36
Romstermwansa, sounds like something bombed out at the critctal stage on installation.20:36
Romsteroh is that what it is..20:36
Romsterremove it and run prt-get cache20:37
Romstermaybe it got created on a prt-get cache interuption?20:37
Romsteri'd run a check to see what files are on the system that arn't associated to a package that's not installed.20:38
mwansammh yea20:38
mwansawierd tho cause yesterday a reboot fixed it O:20:39
mwansaas if i was on a windows box..20:39
Romsteri've never had a database issue yet with pkgutils.20:39
Romsternot to say it can't happen.20:39
*** mwansa has quit IRC20:41
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:42
*** Romster has quit IRC20:50
*** Romster has joined #crux20:51
*** ryuo has quit IRC21:07
*** ryuo has joined #crux21:07
ryuoleafpad ~/.pekwm/autoproperties21:15
ryuomeant to pass that to /exec21:16
ryuowhich filesystem types can be encrypted?21:45
mwansaRomster, i might get ya to send me the 2.4 CD if ya dont mind :P21:46
Romsterwoot mwansa ..21:46
ryuomwansa: you can't download and burn it yourself?21:46
mwansaslow connection..21:46
andariusmost can be if not i i belive21:46
ryuomwansa, whats your bandwidth?21:47
Romsterah you want it in mail, mwansa if oyu can't get the cd easily off the net how on earth will you manage with all the tarballs of programs?21:47
mwansai get like 3.6KB/s when downloading the iso21:47
Romsterwhat connection are you on?21:47
ryuoRomster, could 7-zip help reduce the CD size?21:47
Romsterand i forgot were from again.21:47
Romsterlzma has the best compression.21:48
ryuo7-zip is based off lzma21:48
Romsterbut 7-zip dosn't fair aswell.21:48
Romstertry a test lzma is in contrib 7zip is in my private repo.21:48
Romster7zip is mroe windoze orintated too.21:49
Romsterwhile lzma works with tar21:49
ryuoyea i didnt like p7zip very much21:49
ryuoit couldnt attain the same level of compression of 7zip on windows21:49
ryuomwansa: if i download and compress the iso even further, would that help?21:50
mwansayep :>21:50
*** treach has joined #crux21:51
ryuoi'll try it. maybe i can just upload it to you21:51
ryuolemme see how much i can shrink it21:51
mwansaryuo g2g ill be back later on21:52
ryuotime to load the crux iso again21:52
Romsterryuo, yeah21:53
ryuowee 800 kb/s21:53
ryuoi found a cool command line utility written in C for shrinking isos prior to compression21:55
Romsterlets see how much lzma can do.21:55
Romsteroh ryuo do share.21:56
ryuoits a GPL program21:56
ryuoincludes windows binaries21:56
ryuoyou can compile the source code easily21:56
ryuoits very simple code21:56
ryuolemme fetch the page21:56
Romsterurl and i'll take a look.21:56
ryuoi used it before when i was on windows a few times21:57
ryuoto shrink ISOs21:57
Romsterporting time and testing.21:58
Romsteri'll see how lzma fairs agenst this and then the ecm21:59
ryuoecm is meant to be used in conjunction21:59
Romsteras another step21:59
ryuoit doesnt compress the iso.21:59
ryuoit simply removes a part that takes up space21:59
Romsterit's ment to reorder the iso?21:59
ryuothe undo program21:59
Romsterso that it'll compress better21:59
ryuoreverses the process losslessly21:59
Romsterthat's what i gathered.22:00
ryuo-rw-r--r--  1 ryuo users 258381824 Jan 11 21:59 crux-2.4.iso22:01
*** Ditzi has joined #crux22:01
ryuobefore ecm22:01
ryuo-rw-r--r--  1 ryuo users 258339544 Jan 11 22:00 crux-2.4.iso.ecm22:01
ryuoafter ecm22:02
ryuofrom what I hear, its effectiveness varies from ISO to ISO22:02
Romsterls -lh22:02
treachpresumeably size matters22:02
ryuowell its a little less22:02
ryuois lzma like gzip and bzip2 in regards to that it can't compress more than one file?22:03
Romsteri'll let ya know how lzma fairs when it's done.22:03
Romsteryou use it with tar22:03
ryuolzma: Encoder error: -214746725922:03
ryuoi got that error when i tried to use lzma -9 crux-2.4.iso22:04
Romstertar --use-compress-program=lzma -cvf foo.tar.lzma foo22:04
ryuoyou can't use lzma directly?22:04
Romsteryeah for single files you can22:04
ryuo... hrm22:04
ryuooh i see why22:04
ryuoI ws trying to do it in tmpfs :p22:04
Romsterlzma is not broken.. i was gonna say..22:05
ryuoi can understand why binary distros seperate the source code22:05
Romsterryuo, did you port ecm or did you jsut do a quick compile?22:05
ryuoi simply ran22:06
ryuogcc on it manually to compile it22:06
Romsterah i'll make a port i much prefer doing that todo it.22:06
ryuoi'm gonna use time lzma -9 crux-2.4.iso.ecm22:06
Romstergcc $CFLAGS file.c -o file22:06
ryuomaybe i can get better performance by feeding it optimizations22:07
Romsterwell i'm doing tar --use-compress-program=lzma -cvf crux-2.4.tar.lzma crux-2.4/22:07
Romsterdunno be prepared for a long time.22:07
ryuoi noticed lzma seems to mainly use only one of my cores22:07
ryuobored so i'm gonna test ecm with more optimizations22:08
Romsterlet me know what you find.22:09
ryuosame outcome22:10
ryuoguess some stuff optimizations can't improve22:11
ryuoconky says lzma is taking 50% cpu XD22:11
ryuoand 32% memory22:11
treachwell, then there should be room for enhancement. :p22:12
ryuoi have 2 cores and lzma is constantly taking up 100% on one of them22:12
ryuookay now its on the other one22:12
treachso? IOW it's bad at threading22:12
Romsterryuo, hmm22:13
RomsterThe results will vary depending on how much redundant ECC/EDC data is22:13
Romsterpresent.  Note that for "cooked" ISO files, there will be no reduction.22:13
ryuoCooked ISOs?22:13
ryuothat means what?22:13
Romsterwhat do they mean by 'cooked'22:13
Romsterno idea22:13
Romsterlooked in the readme.txt22:14
ryuowell its certainly helpful if your iso has redundant data like that22:14
treach"copy protected" I guess22:14
Romsterah that could be it.22:14
ryuoso its not totally useless22:14
ryuo[ryuo@noentry ~]$ time lzma -9 crux-2.4.iso.ecm22:15
ryuoreal    7m26.642s22:15
ryuouser    7m21.605s22:15
ryuosys     0m1.718s22:15
ryuo-rw-r--r--  1 ryuo users 244581619 Jan 11 22:00 crux-2.4.iso.ecm.lzma22:15
ryuonot much of a reduction :/22:15
ryuobut it helps22:16
ryuothe repos don't have xcalc!?22:17
ryuoonly a 5.4% reduction22:18
andariusthe very nature of an ISO file does not compresss well me thinks22:20
ryuoi think part of is because22:20
ryuothe files inside it are already compressed22:21
Romsterryuo, could be it...22:21
Romsteri'm wanting to convery my built packages to lzo instead of gc format.22:22
ryuowould be nice22:24
ryuoif crux let you specify what program to compress with22:24
ryuolzma, gzip, or bzip222:24
ryuolzma... too bad its not used in more places22:24
ryuoprobably because its slow22:25
andariusrzip ?22:25
ryuo7zip is essentially another way of packaging lzma for windows22:25
ryuoi think22:25
ryuoi don't know if 7zips version is more compressive22:25
Romsterryuo, yeah i'm working ont hat when i figure out how it works22:26
treachRomster: it not being used more has probably a great deal more to do with the fact that *zip is already obiqutous(spelling...?)22:26
Romsterzip is old has shit compression, dosn't span disks very well22:27
treachdoesn't matter.22:27
treachit's "the standard.22:27
ryuoyou mean regular .zip?22:27
treachnot really.22:27
Romsteri remember making spaned zip  archives and seeing i got space left i reused a disk to store the rest of another spaed set of course later i find it chages the disk label22:28
treachbut more than "bzip"22:28
Romsterso it scred around with one spaned disk set.22:28
Romsterzip standared sucks.22:28
treachbut that goes for window too, right? :P22:28
andariusspan with tar ;)22:29
treachstandard -> lowest common denominator. :/22:29
ryuowould compiling on a flash drive be faster than on hard disk?22:30
Romsteryeah true windows being the crap standared.22:30
Romsterhell no22:30
Romsterunles it's just reading only.22:30
Romsternot sure what the read speed of a usb flash drive on usb v2 enhanced.22:30
ryuoi wonder when ext4 will be ready22:30
treachbtrfs looks a lot more interesting. :>22:31
Romsterdesktop is on ext3 and i'm trying jfs on another pc.22:31
ryuoreiserfs i hear is promising but22:31
ryuonot read22:31
ryuoi mean reiser422:31
treachand since apparently ext4 won't be backward compatible, I don't really see why not to do something radica.22:32
ryuoext4 appears to be developing into a replacement more than anything22:33
Romsterext4 could fix all the issues of ext2 and 322:33
Romsterbtw was there ever a ext 1?22:33
ryuoi dont know22:33
treach"lowst common denominator"22:33
treachagain. :/22:33
andariusconsidering the critical nature of a FS, even when the new ones go mainstream i bet it will be a hiwle before they are trusted22:34
treachso? ext4 still isn't compatible with ext3..22:34
mwansaext4 is compatible with ext322:35
mwansaryuo ill grab that iso off ya tonight later on :>22:35
ryuoits ready now22:35
mwansaah ohk. url22:35
ryuoi dont have one22:35
ryuoI was thinking of sending it to you directly22:35
mwansawhat :/22:35
mwansaah ohk \22:35
treachmwansa: there's got to be some catch with that.22:36
ryuoi just need to setup dcc22:36
ryuoi compressed with lzma on maximum and22:36
ryuoit shaved off about 11 MBs22:36
mwansamm ohk22:36
ryuobetter than nothing22:36
ryuookay, so how do i configure irssi for dcc?22:37
ryuoi'm behind a router so i need a specific port22:37
Romsterryuo, i bet if oyu zgip and then lzma all the packages it would save a hell of alot more.22:37
ryuoi know22:37
mwansatreach, also apparently ext4 is foward compatible with ext3 which means it can be mounted as ext3..22:37
treachonly if you don't use extents..22:38
ryuobut it would require extra work on mwansa' part22:38
Romstermwansa, jsut better jurniling?22:38
treachwhich is a big deal with ext422:38
mwansayep also the new "extents" feature22:38
* Romster goes to get food and coffee22:38
mwansawhich i fully dont understand yet22:38
Romsteri was jsut thining what would be even faster is to only send the tool chain over let mwansa recompile the rest from the repos.22:43
*** _ryuo has joined #crux22:44
*** ryuo has quit IRC22:44
*** _ryuo is now known as ryuo22:44
treach> for some more interesting filesystem discussions. :P22:44
ryuookay mwansa22:44
ryuodid you get the send request?22:45
ryuomaybe its not working because of your cloak22:46
mwansayea thats notworing22:47
ryuoits too big for email...22:47
ryuowhere can i possibly put it?22:47
ryuowhat about pidgin?22:48
ryuoover AIM/MSN...22:48
Romsteryeash i'll upload the tool chain files for ya mwansa then you can do it that way?22:51
Romsteryou'll need all the source archives to build the rest though...22:51
Romsterwith that crapy net conection any source based distro will be a pain.22:51
ryuowould be more painless if more places used lzma22:52
Romsterryuo, i'm thinking of actually providing source files recompressed with lzma22:53
Romsterbut then the md5sums don't match.22:53
Romsteronly catch22:53
ryuobetter yet22:54
ryuowhy not just remaster the crux 2.4 iso with packages compressed with lzma22:54
Romsteri'd do that if i figure out how to add lzma support to pkgutils22:54
Romsteri'd have to look in libarchive i'd expect.22:55
ryuoor you could just use bz222:55
ryuoheres an idea22:55
ryuoif they have enough RAM, you could write a script to convert them to gzip/bzip222:55
Romsterbz2 is slow22:58
Romsterat decompression22:58
*** clb has joined #crux23:08
ryuotransfering the file to mwansa :p23:08
Romstertook you long enough <<23:08
ryuoat a rate of23:10
ryuo5.5 KB/s23:10
Romsterwell that's betetr than 323:10
Romstermwansa, on dialup?23:10
mwansanope broadband23:11
* mwansa should upgrade to cabke23:11
Romstergot to be fucken kidden23:11
mwansaor at least change to a better ISp23:11
Romsteri got shit speeds and i have 12KB/s up and 52KB/s down on a 128/512 conection.23:11
Romsteri'd goto a faster plan but i get unlimited downloads on this one23:12
mwansayea same23:12
Romsterplus it's expensive enough now.23:12
ryuoi have...23:13
ryuo8 Mbit/dl, and 350 KB up23:13
mwansawith cable i used to get about 500 - 800KB/s23:13
ryuoas far as i know, no bandwidth limits23:13
mwansai wish i had T1 connections...23:13
ryuomwansa: yea23:14
mwansaryuo what kind of connection are you on23:14
ryuoi get at most ~800 KB/s23:14
ryuobut its more around ~850 KB/s23:14
Romsterman i want your connection ryuo23:14
ryuoit costs us ~$50 for our cable23:15
ryuo50 USD23:15
Romsteri pay $70aud for my connection...23:15
ryuohow much is that in USD23:15
mwansaRomster, :O23:15
Romsterdunno it's like 70%23:15
ryuoi have noticed australia is a bad place to live23:15
Romsterso be around $50 or something usd23:15
Romsterit's not bad to live it's bad for IT prices23:16
mwansai moving to brisbane in about a month23:16
ryuoin the US, the places that still provide dialup are trying23:16
ryuoto phase it out with low cost DSL23:16
Romsterryuo, if there in range of a exchange.23:16
ryuothe irony is23:16
ryuoto get customers to switch23:17
Romsterwhat about the poor users that are furthor than 5km23:17
ryuothey jacked up dialups prices23:17
ryuoto more expensive than23:17
ryuobasic DSL23:17
ryuofrom the same company23:17
mwansaanyways im of cya later23:17
ryuomy connection didnt start at 8 MB/s23:17
ryuoit was gradually upgraded "free of charge"23:18
ryuoour cable provider also doesnt require a contract23:18
ryuothough i hear23:18
ryuojapan has some of the best residential broadband23:18
ryuoi hear speeds of 50 mb/s quoted23:19
Romsteroh man that's awesome..23:23
Romsterif only they had decent net everywhere23:24
ryuo< phrik> ryuo: <ryuo> KDE3: MORE RAM PLEASE!23:25
ryuowtf? mwansa canceled?23:44
Romsteroh man...23:46
ryuoonly got 5% done23:47
ryuouncompressed, the kernel tree is over 250 MBs23:48
ryuotalk about a LOT of code23:48
Romstercan save some space with symlinks for duplicate files.23:53
Romsterand if you striped all the comments out it would save a ton too.23:54
ryuoLZMA shrunk it to23:58
ryuo-rw-r--r--  1 ryuo users  37578983 Jan  9 17:17 linux-
*** Ditzi has quit IRC23:59

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