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Romsterryuo, waht did oyu do to get to that...00:05
ryuoi took an archive00:06
ryuoran bzip2 -d on it00:06
ryuothen ran lzma -9 on it00:06
andariusspent a few clock cycles on that one huh?00:06
Romsterryuo, oh..00:07
Romsterwhat was the origional size wor out the percentage.00:08
ryuo250 MBs ish00:08
Romsterah you did the kernel.00:08
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:10
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roliveiraany thoughts on XFree86 over xorg??09:00
* Romster shrugs09:01
Romsteri'm looking at trying fbpanel unless osmeone has a better sugestion.09:02
Rotwang86 is my birth year :P09:02
Rotwangroliveira: thats the only thought09:03
roliveirano one uses it?09:03
Romsteri used to use it untill modular xorg came out.09:05
roliveirawe all did i guess09:05
roliveirabut what is so good about modular09:05
Romstereasier for part of it to update and not have everything instaled that you don't use.09:07
tilmanxfree86 is dead09:07
Romsterand that too.09:07
roliveiralatest release is from 200709:07
Romstermodular is the way to go.09:07
tilmanroliveira: read the changelog09:07
tilmanit's all crap09:07
tilmanthe real development only happens in xorg09:08
tilmannot sure whether there's anyone else working on xfree86 besides Dawes09:08
roliveiranetbsd uses it no?09:11
Rotwangfbds also09:11
roliveirai see some changes in the changelog and the devel list is active09:14
tilmanfirst hit says: "Xorg is the default X11 implementation for FreeBSD"09:15
tilmanroliveira: i'm contributing to xorg myself, i think i know what i'm talking about09:15
tilmanif any driver development happens in xfree86 then it's just copy&paste from xorg09:15
Romstermaybe there just keeping it alive with small fixes?09:16
Romsteri much prefer xorg09:16
tilmanxorg isn't just a modular xfree8609:17
Romsterisn't just..09:17
Romsterguess i'm missing something09:17
tilman< roliveira> but what is so good about modular09:18
tilmani was responding to that09:18
roliveirai wasnt saying it was tilman09:19
roliveirabut i must say that with only one developper its not much alive09:20
roliveiraonly netbsd is using it i guess09:22
Rotwangfbsd was with xfree86 up to 5.2.1 i i thought it hadnt changed09:22
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concorrhi Romster10:41
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concorr_are you Romster ?10:45
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Romsterhi... yes who else would i be10:49
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concorrRomster, i have a problem with X system...10:57
concorrwith oroborus (for example) i run firefox, and the X crash10:57
concorrafter i run Xorg, but X dont start, server error10:58
concorrwhere is the problem?10:58
concorrfatal server error: lockup10:58
Romsterwithout pastebining the logs won't know.10:59
Romsterthis should have your report of what happend /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:00
concorri know11:00
Romsterwhat exactly casues it?11:00
Romsterwhat video driver are you using etc.11:00
concorrintel in macbook11:00
Romsterthey have intel's now.11:01
concorrxP yes11:01
concorri810 vga card11:02
concorrwhen i have this error, Xorg dont launch, i have make reebot11:03
Romsternot sure what your doing wrong you arn't providing alot of information11:03
concorrError in I830WaitLpRing(), timeout for 2 seconds11:04
concorr(WW) intel(0): Existing errors fond in hardware state.11:04
concorrcan be a vga driver problem?11:06
Romsterpossable. i haven't got that hardware to test.11:08
Romsterwaht modules do oyu have listed in corg.conf11:08
concorrknow i am make tests...11:09
concorri run Xorg11:09
concorrand from console, run xterm -display :0.011:09
concorrand run ok11:10
concorrfrom xterm run oroborus, and ok11:10
concorrfinaly run firefox, and crash the Xorg11:10
concorrafter this crash, run Xorg, but dont launch11:11
concorrbecause Xorg dont launch after a error?11:11
Romsteris it jsut firefox that crashes xorg?11:13
concorrfirefox or other gui program that use gnome funcionalities11:13
Romsteri'd be looking at video options and dri,dbe,GLCore,glx modules that you might have loaded.11:14
Romsterno idea tilman or jaeger be the best bet for it.11:14
concorri load in xorg.conf: glx,extmod,xtrap,record,GLcore,dbe,dri,greetype,type111:16
tilmansounds like a driver bug11:16
tilmanor maybe your hardware is dying :/11:16
tilmanjoin #xorg, and ask about that "Existing errors fond in hardware state"11:16
concorrbut, a question11:16
tilmanmaybe they can give you directions11:16
concorrok tilman11:16
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haolehey there... do any of u know where i can get documentation or any kind of help to create a server wich shares the same home for all users?13:46
haolelike, you login as foo in machine 1, 2 or 3 and your home is the same13:47
haolei only know how to create a shared folder in nfs... should i create a home in my server, and share it with all the pcs in the lan, then?13:48
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haolewhere can i find documentation for package creation? i did some packages already, based on existing ones, but i can't find the right documentation14:16
haoleit's probably right in front of me... im looking at the site and in the handbook14:16
haoleis there a link at the site?? :)14:17
thrice`of course :)14:17
thrice`it's right in front of you14:18
haolecan't find it!! damn...14:18
Rotwangits well hidden14:18
haoledevelopment section... should have guessed :)14:18
haolei was looking at documentation14:18
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andariusgreetings and salutations15:59
thrice`hi andarius15:59
andariusgreetings thrice`15:59
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RyoSanyone has setup grub2 already?16:07
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Romsterthat patched bootloader nope, lilo works fine who would wanna use grub?16:13
rehabdollthats grub116:15
rehabdollgrub2 will probably be a bit nicer :)16:15
RyoSi changed to grub when i had problems with lilo booting windows16:15
RyoSbut grub still doenst boot windows :p16:15
RyoSbecause its on a slave harddrive16:15
rehabdolldoes the windows disk have its own bootloader?16:16
rehabdollif so, you should be able to chain-load that one from grub16:16
RyoSi tried chainloading but it doesnt workl16:16
RyoSi tried so much stuff16:16
RyoSnothing works ^^16:16
rehabdolloh :(16:16
rehabdollworks for me though :)16:17
treachyou have to trick windows into beliving it's the first drive iirc.16:17
treachor something. :P16:17
RyoStreach: i tried mapping too16:17
RyoSdoesnt work16:17
RyoSi do it wrong i guess hehe16:17
RyoSah, thats how i did it16:19
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haoleRyoS, usually you have to map twice, no? example: map (hd0) (hd1) <nextline> map (hd1) (hd0)18:02
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DarkNekrosi have a stupid question:)19:37
DarkNekrosif you modify the Pkgmk file for downloading the source because the address has change and md5sum says that it's wrong19:37
DarkNekroswhat will happen if you delete the .md5sum file?19:38
DarkNekrosis it dangerous?19:38
andariusdepends on if you trust the DL source i imagine19:39
DarkNekrosandarius, i have try it and it works19:40
DarkNekrosi was wondering if it was a good idea of deleting the md5sum file or changing its content19:41
andariusif you have already built the file run "pkgmk -um" and it will update the md5sum file19:41
DarkNekrosi didn't know that, thanks andarius ;)19:42
DarkNekrosok it's made :)19:42
DarkNekrosand what about the .footprint file?19:42
DarkNekrosif i modify the Pkgmk file, have i to modify also the .footprint file?19:43
andariusman pkgmk19:44
treachheh, question is, when things work beacuse you remove the md5sum, who is it working for? :>20:00
andariusis why i asked if the DL was trusted ;)20:02
treachyeah, I know. :)20:03
DarkNekrostreach, andarius i had verify the DL before make the change20:19
DarkNekrosit was a stupid question xD20:19
DarkNekrosbut now i know how to make it right :)20:19
treachusually it's just upstream doing some sort of "stealth upgrade". :/20:19
treachmaybe you should ping the maintainer about it thoug.20:20
* andarius agrees20:20
DarkNekrosok treach i'll do it20:20
DarkNekrosbut it was for installing pekwm20:20
* treach shots DarkNekros in a back alley for being an infidel20:21
espohi everybody *got i am drunken* :D20:26
treachdunno, ask in debian. ;)20:27
* treach listens to some more grinding noises from his hardrive20:28
treach"two more days.."20:28
DarkNekrosgood night everybody ;)20:38
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andariuswelcome back thrice` :)20:57
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haolehow do i find out which codec an avi file is compressed with?22:41
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