IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-01-13

Romsterhaole, file foo.avi00:40
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Romstermeep meep03:54
ryuoBus error: shoot the driver03:56
ryuoBus error -- driver executed.03:56
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DarkNekroshi eveerybody ;)04:22
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Romsterwho was it that had a problem with gpgme?04:47
Romsteri found the problem.04:47
* ryuo is compiling the upgrades to wine and libxml2.04:50
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ryuowee i redesigned my desktop a bit04:51
ryuocare to see?04:51
Romsterscrot it <<04:53
Romsteri've installed pekwm too ryuo04:53
ryuoand what do you think?04:53
Romsterand mesingwith finding a them i like04:53
ryuoif you like the wallpaper i can send it to you04:54
ryuoI decided to use pypanel over fbpanel...04:55
ryuobtw, romster...04:55
ryuoif you like dockapps from Window maker,etc.04:56
ryuopekwm has support for them.04:56
Romsterwhat sysinfo are you using? ech i hate that tittle bar i prefer the 3 buttons on the right.04:56
Romsterwell the info i got gtkrellm04:56
Romstertop right.04:56
ryuowhats gtkrellm04:57
ryuoi'm running conky04:57
ryuopypanel works well with EWMH04:57
ryuowindow managers04:57
Romsteri was looking at pypannel since i'm into python.04:58
Romsterwhat proggie for icons on the desktop rox?04:58
ryuorox, yes.04:58
ryuoI use rox for the drag and drop support.04:58
Romstergotta have that04:58
ryuoit makes adding files to audacious and such easier04:58
ryuoand downloading too04:59
ryuoi can drag most stuff in firefox to a filer window04:59
Romsternow i need ot change my title decorator and that menu click to show sub menu is a pain.04:59
ryuoand it downloads it04:59
Romsterwould rather a slight delay over to open sub menus.04:59
ryuoi don't use sub menus04:59
ryuoi put all my apps in the main menu04:59
Romsterwould get messy for games.05:00
ryuobetter if you don't have a lot of apps05:00
Romsteri love how it's easy to edit the menu05:00
Romsteri'm kicking fvwm out i think05:00
ryuoit reminds me of icewm05:00
ryuofor ease of configuration05:00
ryuoits window decor i've noticed is a little limited05:00
Romsteroh yeah what command did oyu use for the background.05:00
ryuoi use 2 background programs05:01
ryuoone is rox's backdrop05:01
Romsteri've loked setroot esetroot hsetroot ugh can't find what.05:01
ryuoand the other is to set the actual root window05:01
Romsterxset -title file.jpg or something?05:01
ryuobecause aterm's transparency doesn't work against rox's05:01
Romsteroh i see.05:01
ryuoif you use Eterm05:01
ryuoit will work05:01
ryuojust fine05:01
ryuosome programs grab whats directly underneath them05:02
ryuoothers go for purely the root window05:02
ryuoso i fixed it by05:02
ryuojust adding a root window program05:02
Romstercan ya show me the comamnds you used to set that.05:02
ryuoi used imagemagick's display command05:02
Romstertodo both?05:03
ryuorox's background is very easy to setup05:03
ryuobut you see, rox pinboard is just a window over the root window05:03
Romsterah you used imagemagick and rox.05:03
ryuoimagemagick configures the actual root window05:03
ryuotheres also idesk05:03
ryuoif you want just icon launchers05:03
Romsterso you use rox's pinboard to get aorund the transparency issue.05:04
ryuoany program that directly changes the root window05:04
ryuowill work05:04
ryuodisplay -window root (image)05:04
ryuoi set rox and display to pull the same file :)05:05
Romsterah good idea.05:05
Romsterso it's easy to swap pictures.05:05
ryuoheck, you could set is a sym link05:05
Romstershould use ~/.bg.png <<05:06
ryuoas long as the input is the same format each time05:06
ryuowould you like a copy of my wallpaper05:06
Romsterwell could do ~/.background/05:07
* ryuo shrugs.05:07
ryuothis works05:07
ryuoi don't really need rox05:07
Romsterand have default.png symlinked to what ever picture.05:07
Romsterthinking icons on the desktop isn't the ebst todo i knwo me i'll cover the wall paper.05:07
ryuoidesk is also a background program setter05:08
ryuoof the root window05:08
ryuobackdrop image05:08
ryuoi tried it05:08
ryuoits not what i wanted :p05:08
Romsterhmm k05:08
ryuowant the port i made for it?05:08
ryuoits dependencies are mainly imlib305:09
Romsterah if you made it i'll try it.05:09
ryuoi decided to keep the port even if i didnt want it05:09
Romsterand pypanel i was looking at trying it but looked at fbpanel and others too.05:09
Romsteri keep everything and evently move crap to attic05:10
Romsterseems all my really good ports all end up in contrib.05:11
ryuookay i tarred it up05:11
ryuocan you accept direct DCC?05:11
Romsteryeah dcc works05:11
Romsteri fixed that ages ago05:12
ryuodid you accept05:12
ryuois it going?05:12
Romsteryour dcc is broken?05:12
ryuolets try again05:12
Romstercheck what ip you got set in your bind.05:12
ryuohow do i check that?05:13
Romsterin your settings05:13
ryuoi prefer running irssi in a virtual terminal on xorg05:13
ryuolooks pretty good with transparency05:14
Romsteri guess you set  dcc_own_ip =05:14
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Romsterin ~/.irsi/ some file05:15
ryuomy internal IP is like05:15
Romsterah that would be why05:15
Romsterset  dcc_own_ip = to your isp ip05:15
Romsteryou on a static ip?05:16
ryuomy external IP changes sometimes but not very often05:16
Romstercool so set that and you don't have to worry about it much05:16
Romstercould make a sed line to update it maybe if you wanted too05:16
Romsterthere we go :)05:17
Romsterdcc master.05:17
ryuoi already set port forwarding05:17
Romsteryeah the porgram needs to be able to listen.05:17
Romsterstupid dcc protocol.05:17
ryuomy router is a dlink thingie05:17
Romsteri got a p3 with iptables.05:17
ryuoi'm considering replacing it with a linux box with a bunch of other useful05:17
ryuomain server services too05:18
Romsterand a dsl i stuck in bridge mode05:18
Romstersquid, maradns openntpd05:18
RomsterQoS aswell on iptables.05:18
ryuodo i need a bunch of ethernet PCI cards for the other PCs?05:18
ryuoor can i just get one huge ethernet PCI card05:19
ryuofor routing05:19
Romsteri use a lan card ineach and 2 in the gateway pc05:19
Romsterand a switch05:19
ryuothe gateway requires # of clients + 105:19
Romster1 for the dsl modem and 1 to the switch05:20
ryuoand it links them all with bridging, right?05:20
ryuowill basic networking like05:20
Romsteryou can even get a dual lan card05:20
ryuowindows stuff05:20
ryuostill work?05:20
Romsterwindows to windows though a switch over a linux gateway sure05:20
ryuoit might be fun to put firewall into router with other stuff like05:20
ryuomail server and storage05:21
Romsterbbs i'm gonna get dinner started05:21
Romsteri'd keep that on a seperte pc to the firewlal pc.05:21
treachhe likes having lots of boxes humming?05:30
Romstereh i just like to keep things seperate.05:32
Romsterand i use them all in distcc05:32
ryuowhy do you need that kind of power?05:32
Romsteri plan to get miniatx board for the firewal.05:32
Romsterso i can use it <<05:33
ryuoRomster: don't underestimate VIA powered boards. they could be a good low-power consuming firewall.05:33
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Romsteryeah that's someting i'm gonan look into they only use a few watts05:33
Romsterand are silent.05:34
ryuoyou should get one of the ones that have more PCI slots though05:34
ryuothe ones I saw only had 105:34
ryuotheir mean't for carputers05:34
ryuotheir a bit cheaper than other hardware i noticed too05:35
Romsterone i want would have on board vga sata maybe usb and defently lan05:35
Romsterand a memory card for booting off sd or something.05:35
ryuoi think they support SATA15005:35
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ryuoand they come with VIA's own video chipset usually05:36
ryuoshould be enough for VGA05:36
Romsteronly need video to set them up05:36
ryuovideos builtin :)05:37
Romsterso don't want a huge hungery video gpu.05:37
ryuoi'd take VIA or intels builtin video over ATI or nvidia any day05:37
Romsteri so would like to build a lunchbox compile farm >>05:37
ryuoyou probably don't compile enough to be worth it05:37
Romstereh i got a nevidia card it works fine.05:38
ryuowell i'm not saying its not good05:38
ryuoi wouldn't want it because their proprietary05:38
ryuothe better software drivers for them at least05:38
Romsterthat bit sucks but i can't do much about it wanting 3d that works.05:38
ryuoRomster, VIA's 3D is actually pretty good under linux.05:38
Romsteri'd use soemting else if it was doable.05:39
ryuofrom what I hear05:39
treach"Pretty good"?05:39
Romsterah ok..05:39
treachlike, "still beaten by a radeon anno 2001"?05:39
ryuoyou could ask the unichrome developers05:39
ryuofor some ideas on how it is05:39
Romsterlol yeah how good is 'pretty good'05:39
ryuogood enough05:39
ryuoits probably on par with open source video drivers05:40
ryuothat can do #d05:40
ryuowhich is not many05:40
ryuoNV isn't capable right now05:40
ryuovia, intel, and some older ATI cards looke about it05:40
treachradeon > 9250 is pretty capable.05:40
tilmani don't think there's any intel chip that can beat a radeon 300-classish05:41 is still developing the VIA drivers05:41
ryuobuiltin video lasted me for a long time05:41
ryuoon windows05:41
ryuowhen i still used windows05:41
treachIt'll be interesting to see what comes of ati's new found openness though.05:41
ryuoI used an intel chipset video system with 2 ghz intel celeron a long time ago05:41
ryuomaybe ATI will open source enough for05:42
ryuothe open source drivers to write much better drivers05:42
ryuobut since their now owned by AMD05:42
ryuoI would say, "Don't get your hopes up."05:42
tilmanif the merger didn't happen, we wouldn't have all this now05:43
ryuoAMD seems to release mostly proprietary stuff for their processor stuff on linux05:43
ryuothey don't seem to want to open source their processor stuff05:43
treachAmd have so far done a shitload more than ati ever did..05:43
ryuobut it doesn't matter much for that05:44
tilmanffs, they hired alex deucher05:44
tilmanthat DOES matter05:44
Romsterwell they won't relase all the specs for 3D05:46
Romsteronly soem form what i read05:46
treachbesides, wtf is this "proprietary" stuff for their cpus you're talking about?05:46
treachRomster: it's about to be released sometime this quarter, iirc05:46
tilmanRomster: afaik the only thing they won't release is some DRM-related stuff05:46
treachthat's not "won't release"05:46
treachnivida otoh, there's some people who "won't release". :>05:47
Romsterthe DRM protection.05:48
Romsterdon't need that anyways <<05:48
treachwho does?05:48
treach :P05:49
Romsteronly vista does.05:49
treachnobody except for some media bigwhigs needs it.05:49
Romsterman the speed of vista on new hardware is slower than linux on this old pc <<05:49
treachvista doesn't need it, ms was probably forced to raped it with a "Log of DRM +50"05:50
Romstermore cpu to waste.05:50
tilmani think you need it if you want to make use of all of the chip's video decoding(?) capabilities05:50
Romsterno idea..05:50
tilmanhdmi output(?)05:50
treachprobably only applicable for hdmi crap or so, I guess05:50
Romstersuposed to stop watch some media.05:51
Romsterbu i've read someone can hack a monitor to get the data.05:51
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ryuohey Romster06:07
ryuodo you try to provide general support for other distros other than the one you use?06:07
Romsternot really.06:13
Romsteri don't know how the others work06:13
aonRomster: i can't get amule to crash06:17
Romsteri'll try again bare in mine i i compiled from this
Romstertakes forever to recheck files, that should be a seperate thread form the gui06:20
Romsterpressing the kad nove load buttion on the default url that's listed makes it crash06:29
aonno crash06:42
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Romstereh odd... i'll recompile without --enable-optimize and see what happens06:46
ryuorofl sometimes my frequency drops to <100 mhz according to conky06:48
Romsteryou got cpu scailing on?06:51
ryuoits wierd, conky sometimes reports ~2500 mhz, when my maximize is 2400 mhz06:51
ryuoi think so06:51
ryuoi didnt enable it in the kernel06:51
ryuothe power saving stuff06:51
Romsteri tryed to mess with that but this cpu don't support it.. sucks.06:51
Romsterand DPMS06:51
ryuobut it seems to support it anyway06:51
ryuoconky works with the dynamic frequency thing06:51
ryuoif it didnt report anything06:51
ryuoit probably wouldnt be working at all06:52
ryuoi find crux faster than arch06:52
ryuoprobably because its not weighed down by apps06:52
Romsterhmm what is arch weighted down by?06:53
ryuoi dunno06:53
ryuobut it just seems faster06:53
ryuofaster response time06:53
ryuoi noticed crux responds faster to failed logins06:54
ryuocompared to arch06:54
ryuoarch lags around a bit to tell you it failed06:54
ryuoit might be some intentional delay to make it harder for crackers to get in?06:54
Romsterand we are on bash too, would like to use a smaller sh interpreter.06:55
tilmanryuo: yes, that's very likely a delay :P06:57
ryuoi wonder if it would be more secure to disable root and just use fakeroot + sudo06:57
Rotwangodd question: if i make fresh crux install, should i rebuild toolchain? with my new cflags?07:13
tilmani never bothered07:14
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RomsterRotwang, only if you got alot of time and can expect it may break the tool chain.07:19
Romsterhi concorr07:19
Romsterconcorr, was it you that had problems with gpgme?07:19
concorrhi Romster07:20
concorri dont understand Romster07:20
Romsternevermind it wasn't you then i can't remember how it was now...07:20
concorrOtherwise, I had no problems with gpgme07:22
concorri have problems with tkhtml ;)07:22
Romstersomeone had a issue but it's because there missing crypto modules from the kernel07:23
Romsteroh tk eh.07:23
concorrsomeone chanel for tk?07:24
Romsternot sure what error you getting?07:32
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Romsterlook on the tk site07:32
concorrok Romster thx07:33
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concorrhi Romster10:02
concorrRomster, do you know who can i compila a program without dependence, compile all static, pure binary10:03
concorrsomeone solution?10:03
concorrthe compilation part from ./configure10:04
concorr:) sorry for my english10:04
Romster--disable-static to not build the static *.a librarys10:05
concorr./configure --disable-shared --enable-static10:05
Romsteroh you don't want dynamic10:05
concorrno, only static, pure binary10:05
Romsterthat'll do static10:05
Romsterstatic is useally enabled in most cases so just providing ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-shared10:06
Romsteris enough.10:06
Romster./configure --help10:07
concorryes, but my configure (netcat for example), dont have this option10:07
Romsterthen you'll have to mess around with it but why do you want to do that?10:08
concorrmixed arm binaries10:09
Romsterdosn't arm have dynamic librarys too?10:09
Romsterjust cross compile10:09
concorrfrom external cross-toolchains10:10
concorrmy actual error...10:11
concorrFATAL: kernel too old10:12
concorrusing my ld_library_path, my libs are a glibc version, and system libs are other diferent version10:13
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RomsterLD_PRELOAD_PATH=/usr/opt/arm/ or something id needed to link to the arm compilers gcc/glibc librarys.10:24
Romsterbeen awhile since i've did a cross compile.10:26
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concorri go In exploring this option10:27
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:27
Romstera quick google showed me this
concorrthx Romster10:29
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rehabdollprologic: bind & dhcpd needs bumping12:29
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Romsterall of his ports need editing if you ask me rehabdoll12:34
Romsterthink he has been to busy lately12:35
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rehabdollyeah, life does tend to get in the way sometimes :)13:24
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bjohanwhen i copy data between my discs the ntos_wq process peaks and after a while the computer dies, or at least the network. any ideas on what may cause this?13:28
rehabdollntos_wq ?13:30
bjohansomething from ndiswrapper i think13:37
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bjohanit gets better when i disable dma for the discs but it that is probably because the data transfer is slower13:37
bjohanfirst i thougth that the network card and the discs might be on the same irq, but they are not13:38
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Romsterbjohan, not sure you got the right ide driver?14:04
Romsterand disable generic ide if you got the spefic driver for your chipset14:05
bjohanRomster, i'll try that14:07
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rehabdolluse libata if there are stable drivers for your chip14:29
rehabdolljust remember to fix your bootloader and fstab for sd* drivers if you do :)14:29
rehabdolldrives asdf14:30
Romsteri thought everyone would be trying libata <<14:37
Romsterif it's gonna work for them.14:37
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rehabdollbtw, how do i pull a specific branch with git?14:48
tilman'git fetch' fetches everything14:48
tilmanyou then use rebase to update your local branches14:49
tilmangit checkout foo && git rebase origin/foo14:49
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PhoulHey all, quick question (Donno if you remember me or not...) Im trying to add a user in crux and i dont remember how =|15:26
Phoulyes... i just dont remember how to use useradd :\ ive become acustomed to frontends to do the stuff for me (Bad habbit i know)15:27
brointhemixe.g. useradd -d /home/foo -s /bin/bash foo15:27
thrice`useradd user -G users -g group1,group2 -m -s /my/shell15:27
thrice`there is a man useradd too, you know :)15:28
PhoulIts more the setting the password thing i dont get... But thanks :D15:29
tilmanjust ran "passwd foo" after you created it15:29
thrice`passwd user15:29
thrice`er, tilman is too quick15:29
tilmanneural interface > keyboards15:30
PhoulAnd is there a seperate group for audio? I can never remember15:31
PhoulIm sorry for being a pest... But is there a tool to add users to groups or do you just vim /etc/groups15:32
PhoulAnd my last Q is, Wheres xorg.conf kept?15:34
PhoulI need to change nv to nvidia since i installed the driver and i cant find xorg.conf15:34
thrice` /etc/X11.  these are all on google, too :)15:35
PhoulYeah... thats what i read, But i dont have a /etc/X11 :\15:35
thrice`or find / -iname "xorg.conf"15:35
thrice`did you create xorg.conf?15:36
Phoulno.. i just assumed one was there since im on X15:36
Romsterrun xorgconfig you'll have one.15:36
Romsterand move it to /etc/X11/15:36
RomsterX will run without one in guessing mode.15:37
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phoulHas anyone else noticed for packages is horridly slow :|16:39
*** acrux_ has quit IRC16:41
thrice`see the crux faq :)16:42
phoulmaybe it will also answer my keymap issue :P16:42
* phoul sighs 16:51
phoulThis is not going well at all ><16:51
phoulxmms2 is broken.... not sure why ive never seen this issue before16:51
phoulThats the error.... I have no idea how to fix that16:52
RedShiftmeh can you use an even slower pastebin? >:(17:07
RedShift(by the way no idea how to fix that error, even google gives only two results)17:08
RedShifttime for a trip to #xmms2 or their mailinglist, or whatever they have for support17:08
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DarkNekrosgood night everybody ;)17:13
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:13
Romsterwhat is fast for me.17:18
Romsterwonder if he even had oggvorbis installed.17:20 is very slow here17:23
RedShifttakes ages to load17:23
RedShift64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=53 time=212 ms17:23
RedShiftaverage ping time 175ms17:24
RedShiftthe route is gigantic17:24
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SiFuhaverage ping time 290.175ms20:26
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andariusgreetings and salutations21:37
* nipuL is back from 3 weeks holidays in FNQ, reality sucks22:05
*** mwansa has quit IRC22:24
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SiFuhnipuL: fnq?22:41
SiFuhFar North Queensland?22:41
nipuLup in the tablelands22:53
*** mwansa has joined #crux22:54
Romsterin the heat and then the storms?22:55
nipuLnot so hot where i was22:58
nipuLsaw an 8ft taipan that was cool22:58
Romsterah sweet23:03
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SiFuhweather was good?23:10
nipuLweather was ...variable23:30
*** mwansa has quit IRC23:31
SiFuhnow you know what i put up with ;-)23:33
nipuLwhere are you?23:33
nipuLqueensland is a big state23:33
SiFuhoh yeah23:33
SiFuhsunshine coast23:34
SiFuhonly problem is there i sno sun23:34
nipuLah, bit wet down there last week23:34
SiFuhand stinking hot23:34
SiFuhrains every morning and evening.. the rest of the dya and night is so humid you sweat worse than the rain itself23:35
SiFuhbut i think next month i will go to malaysia for a while.. bored here23:35
nipuLthat'll make the sunshine coast seem nice and cool23:36
nipuLmy mum is malaysian (sort of)23:36
SiFuhawesome (sort of)23:36
SiFuhplus it will be good to escape Toui. She keeps rubbing it in that Kevin was elected.23:37
nipuLher dad was in the airforce so she was born in taiping23:37
SiFuhi see23:38
SiFuhshe got Malaysian Citizenship?23:38
SiFuhno australian ?23:45
nipuLthat too23:45
SiFuhso she has to keep it secret then23:45
nipuLalthough i doubt she'd be a malay citizen anymore23:46
SiFuhif she flies to Malaysia and they see she has citizenship to another country, they will strip her Malays citizenship from her.23:46
SiFuhbut until then , she should still be23:46

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