IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-01-14

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SiFuhI format using Windows XP (Fat32)01:04
SiFuh 0: 72 771960   3 40 - 1904410   4  7 [   778135908:  1141509631 ] <Unknown ID>01:04
SiFuh 1: 65 167350  11 30 - 2088013  10 28 [   168689522:  1936028240 ] NetWare 3.xx01:04
SiFuh 2: 79 1855041   2 12 - 3775704   0 25 [  1869881465:  1936028192 ] <Unknown ID>01:04
SiFuh 3: 0D 2862778  14 47 - 2862833  15 42 [  2885681152:       55499 ] <Unknown ID>01:04
SiFuhand it always creates a partition table like that..01:04
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pitillogood morning01:24
SiFuhgood evening01:24
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:56
* ryuo nibbles on Romster's arm.01:56
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concorr_hi ryuo04:46
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clickonceHmm, is there any nmap channel on freenode?07:08
clickonceAnway, I get Offending packet: TCP > when I run nmap on my firewall (.1). iptables is configured as follows: I can't see any offending rules.07:16
clickonce(after the Offending packet line, it says Operation not permitted)07:17
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RedShiftclickonce: you're dropping packets in prerouting, postrouting, input and output07:48
RedShiftit could be in any of those chains07:48
RedShiftclickonce: #networking, #iptables07:48
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clickonceRedShift: Thanks.09:41
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aondamn gprs is horrible11:43
aonespecially when shared by multiple people11:43
aonand this coffee is bad too11:44
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concorrport qemu-bin download broken?11:58
thrice`probably needs to be version 0.9.112:01
concorrthx thrice` thats right12:02
tilmanplease shoot a quick mail to sip at crux dot nu asking for a version bump12:14
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jaegeranyone using vm with linux guests and have a minute to help me out with something?14:19
jaegervmware, I mean, sorry14:19
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teKI do have crux running in a vmware instance.. what's up14:23
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jaegerwould you do me a favor and send me an lspci output from a vm with both scsi controllers vmware supports enabled?14:24
jaegerif I remember right, there's a buslogic one and an lsi14:24
teKI'll fireup vmware first, then I'll see what I can do14:25
jaegerthanks :)14:27
teK(and windows, that's why it took that long)14:30
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teK[ ] you can change this after creating a VM14:33
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teKyou have to choose when creating the vm and you can only enable one of them _iirc_14:35
jaegerthat's fine, too, but is there any chance you could send me the lspci from both?14:36
jaegerI'm trying to make sure my rewrite of the disk/cd support on the iso supports them both14:36
jaegereven a temporary vm that only boots long enough to get it would be fine14:36
teKI'm downloading grml-medium to boot from it14:38
teK5 Minutes left14:38
jaegerok :)14:38
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teKlet's have a look14:57
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rpeterI have installed mplayer under 2.4. with prt-get, and I have picture, but not sound. ALSA is also installed, and seems to work. What can I do in order to watch movies?15:12
Rotwanginstall xine15:13
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rpeterI did not install xine, because it is not under the official packages, but mplayer is. And mplayer was also good as far.15:17
jaegerteK: thanks, I appreciate the help :)15:18
teKI appreciate helping15:19
jaegerrpeter: any indication of the problem from mplayer's output when you play a media file?15:19
rpeterI'm not under Crux now, but "no sound device" or somthing similar.15:20
jaegerdid your user have access to the sound device?15:21
jaeger(being a member of the audio group)15:21
sepenI recently installed a new crux 2.4 box, only core packages are now installed, and at this moment I've some errors trying rsync ports15:21
sepenrsync: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or director15:22
teKprologic: dhcp is _still_ broken15:22
thrice`sepen: that's not crux 2.4 final, I don't think15:22
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sepenhmmm one moment15:22
thrice`one of the RC's had a bad popt dep15:23
jaegersepen: you installed with an rc15:23
sepenhmm sounds like that15:23
Romsterrpeter, you'll find alsamixer has Master and PCM muted15:24
sepenI had this cdrom unlabeled15:24
Romsteralso xine-ui works very well.15:24
Romsterquality of contrib is very good.15:24
Romsterand some private repos are very good too.15:25
rpeterYesterday I did a lot of work to make it work, and one thing is sure, "aplay *.wav" works.15:25
pitillorpeter, may be codecs?15:28
sepenany who tested the lastest vbox port?15:29
sepenpitillo, did you take a look?15:29
Romsterrpeter, mplayer dosn't install any decent codecs or librarys take a look at prt-get deptree xine-ui15:30
pitillosepen, I tested it this morning... working fine. Thank you for the update :)15:31
Romsterand see the codecs/librarys that your missing.15:31
jaegerRomster: most of mplayer's are built in15:32
jaegerit'll play damn near anything without external libs15:32
thrice`even without win32codecs?15:32
sepenpitillo, thnx for your tests15:32
jaegerthrice`: quite a lot of stuff, yeah, though the codecs will get more, certainly15:33
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Romsterjaeger, oh, didn't realise that.15:34
teKdoes anyone know if prologic is still afk or simply ignoring me?15:34
jaegerteK: email him, it'll probably be more useful15:35
Romsterprologic, is at work15:35
jaegerhaven't seen him talk much in here recently15:35
pitilloteK, I asked him something at his private mesage.... and I will probly email him with the same question15:35
Romstercatch him in the evening or early morning.15:35
teKI highlighted him five times over the past _few_ weeks15:36
Romsterah i don't get much done either unless i pester him alot.15:36
rpeterNow do I need codecs for mplayer to play sound or not?15:36
teKeven though dhcp is just in 'contrib' I think it's not too much a effort to update the source=()15:36
thrice`teK: email him?15:37
teKI received a bounce, iirc15:37
Romsterjaeger, seems to know all about mplayer.15:38
Romsterrpeter, depsends what you trying to play15:38
Romsterfile filename15:38
Romsterand see what audio format it's in15:38
Romsterthen check up on the mplayer site or something on if it's a inbuilt codec15:39
Romsteror even the ./configure --help might list what it supports.15:39
rpeterRomster, a wav file15:41
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Romsterlol it should play that as it is.15:43
rpeterRomster, I have read on the alsa site, that if "aplay something.wav" works, then alsa is ok, and it was good.15:44
Romstermplayer plays wav fine i got one on now.15:44
rpeterWhat I would watch is an avi file, and this has no sound15:44
Romstermplay foo.wav15:44
Romsteravi files have a diferent format than wav15:45
Romsterx264 poaable or mpeg215:45
rpeterI know, just so far I have no problem with mplayer and avi files15:46
rpeterI installed with "prt-get depinst mplayer", so it should work15:48
jaegermight help if you could pastebin the mplayer log or something15:48
rpeterok tomorrow I will paste it15:49
Romsterrpeter, type file foo.avi15:49
Romsterand see what audio format it's in.15:49
rpeterThis is:RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 464 x 256, 23.98 fps, video: XviD, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo, 48000 Hz)15:51
Romsterso you need mpeg..15:51
rpeterbut it was not a dependency15:51
Romsterlibmp4v2 i think is what you need15:52
jaegermplayer needs no external lib to play mp3 audio15:52
Romsterjaeger, can you set a betetr descriptive name on libmp4v215:52
jaegerI'll look into it15:53
Romsterjaeger, then i have no clue why rpeter can not hear audio.15:53
jaegerthat's why I want the mplayer log15:53
rpetertomorrow evening I will send the log15:53
rpetersorry I am not under Crux now15:54
Romsterdual boot let me geuss windows vista <<15:54
rpeterthanks for help15:54
rpeterand an other issue, I have also installed xfce, but in its terminal I can not write anything. Why may be it?15:57
rpeterat the same time rxvt or xterm are good15:57
Romstermaybe it is writing but the colour is the same as the background?15:58
RomsterEterm and aterm are other alternitives too.15:58
rpeteris this possible?15:58
Romsteri've not used the xfce4's term but i've tryed xfce4.15:59
sepenRomster, Im using materm on my xfce desktop16:02
rpetertomorrow I will come from under crux, so will be no problem with outputs, once again thanks for help16:02
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Romsterhmm i haven't seen materm16:04
Romsterah you made a port16:04
sepenRomster, yeah look at in contrib16:04
Romstermy main pain of a term is the stupid ways you copy text16:04
Romsteri so prefer the highlight control+c method.16:04
sepenmaterm -> mrxvt (multi tabbed rxvt based terminal)16:05
Romsteri hate the middle click crap to paste.16:05
Romsteroi fix the description on it <<16:05
Romsteryou pasted the url for the description16:05
sepenohhh sorrry16:05
sepenIm going to16:06
Romstersimpe mistake.16:06
Romsterhmm and they changed there name to Mrxvt16:08
sepensee materm.sourceforge.net16:09
sepenseems its the new name for the project16:09
Romsterfeatures of konsole O_o16:09
Romsternew name yet the text says otherwise.16:09
Romsterdunno what to beleave.16:10
sepenis not the more important of the port16:10
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bdfyHi All!!16:24
bdfyI had problem with build kqemu..
Romsterbdfy, update to lateist 13 is out now then retry?16:31
Romsterthere is a patch in kqemu that fixed a ussie with kernel 2.6.23.x16:32
bdfyWhere I can find fixed patch?16:33
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bdfyRomster: - that is this patch16:37
bdfy+#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(2, 6, 23)16:37
bdfyI executed  "ports -u opt"16:38
bdfyThen I started pkgmk16:38
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/kqemu#1.3.0pre11-3.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.16:39
Romster$ uname -r16:40
* Romster shrugs16:40
* RyoS farts 16:43
RyoSjeez what was that? :P16:43
Romsterso glad smeslls don't transmit over the net.16:45
RyoSits time to develop that :P16:45
bdfy2.6.23.9 :(16:45
RyoSi would leech tobacco :þ16:45
Romsterbad for ya health.16:46
RyoSi still love it16:47
RyoSdont consume 40g a day :P16:47
Romsteroh wow dhcp and bind prologic updated.16:47
bdfyRomster: Need I to update kernel?16:47
Romsterbdfy, it wouldn't hurt to try.16:48
Romsterit worked for me so i'm hoping it works for you.16:48
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:53
Romsterhi andarius17:00
andariusgreetings Romster17:00
Romsternever did look up the word salutations17:00
Romsteran expression of greeting, goodwill, or courtesy by word, gesture, or ceremony17:01
Romsterbig word for something so simple.17:01
andariusthat it is17:01
Romster <- is a better dictionary.17:04
Romsterthey make a book too.17:04
andariuslol. i used to use their book. but their site name is harder to remember :(17:05
Romsteri have it in my firefox search plugins.17:05
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*** rehabdoll_ is now known as rehabdoll17:06
rehabdolli actually own a 1916 edition of websters :)17:16
andariusluckily the definition of words is one thing that does not change much ;)17:20
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Romstersepen, if ya gonna keep the materm symlink you should create a materm symlink to the mrxvt man page too.17:55
*** onestep has quit IRC17:56
* Romster is trying out mrxvt17:56
sepensounds reasonable17:57
Romsterhmm and i'm gonna try to edit it to look and function more like kterm17:58
Romsteri liek my scroll bar on the right thank you <<17:58
Romsteri can handle the tabs at the top.17:58
Romsterbut i can't use the cope and paste shit that i'm so used to still17:59
sepenwhats your first opinion?17:59
sepenthere are many makros for it17:59
Romsterlooks good but it's missing the main feature i've been missing from other terms17:59
Romsteris the highlight right click copy17:59
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Romsteror control+c17:59
Romsterif it worked as the copy of xchat worke di'd be fine with that too.18:00
sepenmy personal config
sepenand a example of materm screenshot
sepenthe only problem I found with materm. utf8 is not yet supported18:03
sependespite, they are working on it18:04
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Romsterlike the tab style you've done.18:09
RomsterMrxvt.scrollBar: True <- that's pretty pointless when you say Mrxvt.scrollbar*18:12
Romsteron another note why can't it use the window decorators for the scroll bar on the WM18:19
sepenhmmm internal programming?18:20
Romsterit's not picking up on my /etc/profile either.18:20
Romsterso my PS1 isn't set...18:20
Romsteri don't have a bash_profile...18:21
Romsterdo i need one to set my PS1?18:21
sepenor .bashrc18:21
sepenthats in my case18:21
Romsternope not that either.18:22
Romsterseems pointless if i have to set my PS1= line in there when it's in /etc/profile..18:22
Romsterguess i can do  cat . /etc/profile > ~/.bashrc18:23
Romstererr make that echo..18:23
sepen$ grep PS1 ~/.bash_profile18:24
sepenexport PS1="\[\033[1m\]\u@\h:\w\n\[\033[0;36m\]\$ \[\033[0m\]"18:24
sepenis just all I need18:24
Romstergrep PS1 /etc/profile18:24
Romsterexport PS1="\[\033[1m\]\\$ \[\033[0m\]"18:25
Romsterexport PS1='\n\[\033[1;34m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\[\033[1;31m\]\h\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[0;32m\]\d \t\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;37m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\n\$ '18:25
sepenmine export PS1="\[\033[1m\]\\$ \[\033[0m\]"18:25
Romsterhmm it's picked the other too as i got a diferent one for root.18:25
Romsterpoint is stupid if it's already set in /etc/profile...18:25
sepenuse id -u to select it in your profile config18:25
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sepenRomster, Im using the same bash_profile for every system I use18:31
sepenIm not always the admin of the box, only guest or similar18:31
Romsterwtf it's still not using it grr.18:31
sepenI think the better way to do (imho) is using bash_profile18:32
Romsteror don't it read ~/.bashrc18:32
Romsteroh i hate every god damn term that dosn't have the paste feature of kterm...18:33
Romsteryet i'm trying to stop using kde.18:33
Romsterpisses me royaly off.18:34
sepenRomster, surely you can try to configure it18:34
sepenI add some keybinding to my personal requeriments18:35
sepencontrol+t  -> new tab18:35
Romsterit arn't using ~/.bash_profile either do i need to logout and back in again to read it?18:35
sepenshift + right/left   switch tabs18:35
Romsterthat sounds handy.18:35
Romsteri use ctrl+t alot in firefox.18:35
sepenRomster, use source ~/.bash_profile18:35
sepen$ source reloads your confs18:36
Romstereven bash_profile/bashrc ?18:36
Romstersouce is the same as using a single dot?18:36
sepenI think its used by bash18:37
Romsterok it worked after i did that command...18:38
Romsterbut it dosn't stay set...18:39
sepensounds like 'dot' only load  the config on the current environment18:39
Romsteri guess that wont untill i log out and log back in maybe?18:39
sepennot under bash environment18:39
Romsteri'll see if it works after i log otu and back in later.18:41
sepenhmm I can't understand18:43
sepenthe other test would be $ ssh localhost18:43
Romster# Depends on: xorg <- isn't that a bit lame.. and should be xorg-libx11 for core xorg stuff.18:43
sepenyeah, it need a real cleanup18:44
Romsterlike i did with xine-lib and list every xorg package it needed.18:44
sepenI imported it from my own repo18:44
sepenand the Pkgfile was too old18:44
sepenIll try to finetune it18:44
Romsteri admit i've done it too but i think i got all of mine now.18:45
Romsterthink my private repo needs some cleaning too.18:45
sepenyeah, I think the same18:45
Romsteralready removed some junk.18:46
sepenIll try to change my old xorg depends stuff to the real xorg dependencies they need18:46
sepenI've a couple of ports that need this review18:46
Romstercool. my safe-build port so is hady to find that stuff.18:46
sepenhmm I want it18:47
Romsterit's in my repo.18:47
Romstermight need to fine it.18:47
sepenIll grab it18:47
Romsterit looks in /var for the crux iso.18:47
Romsteris working on 2.418:47
Romstersafe-build -h for a help list.18:48
sepenIll try it at office box18:48
Romsterand you can sue safe-build in the chroot too it copys itself over.18:48
Romsterit's not exactly safe with everything yet. but ti's ok if you don't do anything silly.18:49
Romster--clean is handy it'll clean out all packages and you can start again with the next port for testing.18:49
Romsteri really need to clean it up more i work on it from time to time.18:49
Romsterany feed back is accepted <<18:50
sepenhow much time it need for a medium size port?18:50
Romsterit has to still build everything the port requires but there is a -b to backup the made ports and there is a restore option in the safe-build.conf file.18:51
Romstermost of xorg dosn't take much time besides mesa18:52
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*** nipuL has joined #crux18:54
sepenRomster, this script could be perfect for my intentions18:55
sepenthnx for your effors18:55
Romsteri'm still working on it i got a huge list of ideas for it's use main one being a build/test bot18:55
Romsterand to check out footprints.18:55
Romsteri'm thinking of listing all # Optional: ports it can use.18:56
Romsterwhen i find them.18:56
sepenand integration with buildbot x)18:56
Romsterhmm maybe but i have my own ideas on this.18:58
Romsteri should list them out in a text file.18:58
Romsterbut as it is now it's still very handy.18:59
Romsteri'm gonna work on it more sometime.19:00
Romsterright now i'm messing with pekwm.19:00
Romsterand mxvrt19:01
sepentake a snapshot! x)19:01
Romsterof my desktop?19:02
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*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
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Romsterlooks ugly but
Romsteri'm still messing with it.19:08
sepenalso you can modify materm icons19:09
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haolehey there... can't find the svn package anywhere in the repositories... prt-get search svn gives only svn2cl package for me19:09
haolewhat am i doing wrong?19:09
Romstersepen, ah and i need to figure out transparancy.19:10
sepenhaole, prt-get search subversion19:10
haolethat's odd... cause there are some user contributed packages that uses, as a dependency, "svn" as a package19:11
sepenuser contributed? in contrib?19:11
haoleno, user repositories... sorry19:12
haolehttpup ones19:12
sepenah ok, you can send a mail to their mantainers19:13
haolegonna do that... thanks for your help19:13
Romsterprt-get fsearch svn19:13
Romsteris very handy19:13
Romsterif you arn't sure but know the command.19:14
sepenyeah it does the trick too19:14
haolejust another thing... is there a way to prt-get the httpup repositories... i didn't find it in the handbook19:14
sepenjust click on portdb repo19:15
sepenand then in his sync file19:15
Romsteryou download the name.httpup/name.rsync file to /etc/ports/19:16
Romsterand then do the useal ports -u or ports -u name19:16
Romsterand add it to prt-get.conf if you like.19:16
Romsteri actually got a rsync file now but it's not listed there yet19:17
haoleim making some packages too, but i don't have a webserver to post them yet... is it possible to create a local repository?19:18
sepenyeah read your prt-get.conf for more info19:18
Romsteryeah sure jsut make a directory on your pc and get making.19:18
Romsterand add in to prt-get you just skp using the ports command.19:19
*** discomaxus has quit IRC19:19
sepen              # use mutt and yafc from local build directory19:19
sepen              prtdir /home/jw/build:mutt, yafc19:19
*** discomaxus has joined #crux19:19
Romstersme users host there own and use a dynamic ip dns name.19:19
sepeni.e me19:20
sepen[romster@:~/] $19:20
haoleok, thanks... gonna try :)19:20
Romster? sepen19:21
sepenIm so tired19:21
Romsterwell goto bed then <<19:21
sepenIm gonna to bed19:22
*** haole has quit IRC19:22
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:25
sepenwell later Romster19:25
sepenlater crux!19:25
* sepen sleeping zZ.z.zzzZz...zz19:26
Romsternight sepen19:26
SiFuh sepen is now known as sleepen19:27
*** concorr_ has joined #crux19:28
concorr_hi to all19:29
Romsterhi concorr_19:29
andarius ello19:29
concorr_hi Romster ;)19:29
concorr_i have a big problem... ;)19:29
SiFuhtalk about flooding the channel19:29
RomsterSiFuh, lol... this a flood pfft.19:29
concorr_my X always crash, a need xorg.conf for macbook19:30
SiFuhit is for Crux :-)19:30
Romstermake one...19:30
concorr_yes, i make but all there crash19:30
Romsterand what does it crash on.19:30
concorr_firefox, xfce wm, ...19:30
Romsterpastebin the Xorg log file.19:30
concorr_sorry, i dont have x now, i cant paste :(19:31
Romsteryou can19:31
Romsterinstall wgetpaste19:31
Romsterout of contrib.19:31
SiFuhxset c on && xset c 10019:32
SiFuhdoesn't work19:32
concorr_ok, i go...19:32
Romstercat xorglogfile |wgetpaste19:32
Romsterand it'll spit out a url.19:32
concorr_Romster: sorry jeje, i cant write pipe character, i dont have altgr19:34
Romster... wtf19:34
concorr_i have wgetpaste now19:34
Romsterdon't have pipe char...19:34
concorr_wgetpaste < xorglogfile ?¿?19:34
Romsterdo i haev to give the exact command...19:35
concorr_wgetpaste filename19:35
concorr_its ok?19:35
Romsteri use cat /var/log/Xorg0.log |wgetpaste19:36
concorr_i go to probe19:36
Romsterbut i don't know but try wgetpaste < `cat /var/log/Xorg0.log`19:36
concorr_ok, a put the url...19:36
Romsterwhy don't you have no pipe char, it's used alot...19:37
concorr_thx Romster19:37
concorr_i have that modify keymaps19:37
SiFuhmaybe concorr_ should download a pipe charcater19:38
SiFuhi was serious19:38
SiFuhand keep it in a text file for when he gets round to fixing up his keyboard19:38
concorr_i resolve this problem19:39
Romsterhah silly but that would work...19:39
concorr_keymap dont problem19:39
concorr_i am in console mode without mouse19:39
concorr_i dont know copy&paste with irssi19:40
SiFuhconcorr_:   `file-with-pipe`19:40
concorr_okok thx :)19:40
SiFuhthere is a pipe command in their19:40
concorr_;) thanks19:40
SiFuhyou know whats really funny,19:42
SiFuhthis xorg file crashes during a fifo (aka. pipe)19:42
Romsteri can't see what that error is ment to mean.19:42
SiFuhVirtual buffer ring..19:43
SiFuhseems to be trying to access some memory that is forbidden19:43
RomsterError in I830WaitLpRing()19:44
SiFuhit seems to be a common error19:44
SiFuhgoogle is plastered with it19:44
concorr_Romster: ok, i dont know this error, is vga card problem?19:44
concorr_my vga card is i81019:45
Romsterah so video card driver maybe19:45
concorr_but, this is the video card driver for macbook19:46
concorr_in all sites, all the people use i810 driver19:47
RomsterpI830->>NeedRingBufferLow = TRUE19:47
Romsternot sure were you set that but says that fixes that issue.19:47
concorr_where i put this?19:47
concorr_in xorg.conf?19:48
Romsterah not sure.. still googling.19:48
concorr_i searh .... yes yes19:48
concorr_for this isue19:48
concorr_thx Romster ;)19:48
concorr_thx SiFuh ;)19:49
concorr_i go to reset...19:51
*** concorr_ has quit IRC19:51
Romsterthis looks like it
Romsterhy can't he stay long enough...19:52
Romsterlooking in that file and i don't see that hmm.19:59
Romstergonan see if i'd make a patch for him to try.19:59
Romsterpuzzling that it says I830WaitLpRing() when he is using a i81020:02
Romsterfound a patch that might fix his issue if he shows up can soemone repaste this to try
Romsterhmm xf86-video-i810-1.7.4.tar.bz2 ?20:21
Romsterand it's not ported...20:21
Romsterthe intel one has i180 too...20:22
Romsterthat patch dosn't apply cleanly..20:24
*** concorr has joined #crux20:27
concorrhi Romster SiFuh20:27
concorrmy x always crash, i cant use grafical browser :(20:28
Romsterconcorr, i found a patch but it won't apply cleanly but i found something else for you to try20:28
Romstertry that driver.20:28
concorryes, i see, for i810 driver20:28
Romsterthrow it in the you have xorg-xf86-video-intel ?20:29
concorryes, i found before a x crash xP20:29
Romstereh badly wored sentance..20:29
concorrRomster: do you know who can i save the text in irssi ?20:29
Romsterchange that intel to i80 and match that version and change the name to match and build that remove the intel on and pkgmk -i that one.20:30
Romsteri don't know that sorry.20:30
concorrok, make driver with other name20:30
concorri go to see man irssi20:30
Romsterot hard to edit that other one and store it locally if it works.20:30
Romstermight do the trick...20:31
Romsterother than that try older versions on that site.20:31
concorrRomster: ok, i can copy-paste with mouse ;) xP20:32
concorrthx Romster ;)20:33
concorrsomeone know windowlab wm?20:33
concorrit is very very little20:33
Romsterhaven't seen that one i'm on pekwm that's very small.20:49
concorryes, i now work with pekwm ;)20:50
concorrRomster: i have now compiled your link, i rename to, y go to make a probe20:51 it should do that on it's own?20:51
concorri dont understand, sorry20:51
concorrsee you now...20:53
*** concorr has quit IRC20:53
*** concorr has joined #crux20:56
Romsteras i was going to say it should already be usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/i810_drv.so20:56
Romsterand seting it to use that i810 in xorg should be enough. for xorg to load it.20:57
Romsteri never modprobe my nvidia module.20:57
Romsterand it works.20:57
concorrRomster: in my xorg.conf, change to Device Driver "ii810", and x start, but x crash20:58
Romsterthe driver should already be named i810_drv.so20:58
Romsterso all you do is change Driver "i810_drv"20:58
concorrok, them i rename old driver, its ok?20:59
Romsterwhat driver did you rename?20:59
concorroriginal driver rename, and new driver set to i810_dev.so20:59
Romsterthis is anoying.. did you remove xorg-xf86-video-nvidia and install xorg-xf86-video-i810 ?20:59
Romsterno need to edit any names.20:59
Romsterprt-get remove xorg-xf86-video-intel21:00
concorrok, i understand you21:00
Romsterand in the directory you edited the xorg-xf86-video-i810 pkgmk -i21:00
RomsterDriver "i810_drv"21:00
concorrok, thx ;)21:00
Romstermight pay to reboot too.21:00
Romstercould have the old driver in memory21:01
concorryes, now x crash and dont start21:01
concorryes, and locked21:01
Romstertry the vesa driver then..21:01
concorrok, i try21:01
concorrno, x dont start with vesa now21:03
Romsteractually you only need Driver "i810" don't need the _drv ont he end of the name.21:03
Romsteror "vesa"21:03
concorri go to reboot21:03
Romsterthen retry "i810"21:04
concorrthanks Romster, i make this...21:04
Romsterthen "vesa" if i810 don't work.21:04
Romsterafter that no idea but trying older intel versions.21:04
Romsterdon't know if intel has a binary driver?21:05
concorrok, when i have gui browser, i googling21:05
Romsterlike ati and nvidia.21:05
concorrno, i dont now21:05
concorryes, ati have, i googling for intel21:05
concorrthx for help me Romster ;)21:06
*** concorr has quit IRC21:06
Romster i810 and forwared... so your out of luck there.21:07
Romsterand he arn't on..21:08
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC21:23
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux21:31
*** destruct has quit IRC21:47
*** andarius has left #crux22:13
SiFuhgay gay gay22:40
Romsterwhat at?22:57
SiFuhwhat's the point of putting a function that can be implemented accross all platforms, but only choosing to use it on some?22:57
SiFuhxset c 100  (should turn on key clicks for keyboards that support key tones)22:58
SiFuhusually alpha/sparc22:58
SiFuhhowever, they could have adapted it to be use pc speakers as well..22:58
SiFuhAnd I know of a couple of Alpha servers that do not have key tones in their keyboards. so how would this effect them ?22:58
RomsterO_o it dosn't work for pc speakers?22:58
SiFuhno idea..22:58
SiFuhi have not been able to get it to work22:59
Romsterhave you even enabled the pc speaker driver in the kernel <<22:59
SiFuhor i would not have the console/terminal beeps22:59
Romsterother things make it beep?22:59
Romsterwonder if it works for me..22:59
SiFuhyou wouldn't know how to enable a usb mouse on an ALREADY running X server?22:59
SiFuhonly one way to find out23:00
SiFuhxset c on && xset c 10023:00
Romsterunplug it and plug it back in useally?23:00
Romsterig you got hal/dbus23:00
SiFuhif i launch X with it in.. and unplug it and plug it in  it works.. no issues23:00
SiFuhif X already has launched.. and i plug it in.. it doesn't work :-P23:01
Romsteri think x has a rehash or reload command i haven't used it.23:02
Romsterhmm no beep23:02
SiFuhi think that's for font23:02
DaViruzuse /dev/input/mice for device?23:03
DaViruzit will multiplex any mice and future mice you connect23:03
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
nipuLmouse wars!23:06
SiFuhi'd have to install linux if i wanted to use  /dev/input/mice23:07
Romster key click percent:  7023:07
Romster bell percent:  50    bell pitch:  400    bell duration:  10023:07
Romsterthat indercates it'll work on pc speaker to me.23:07
Romsterbut no sound....23:08
SiFuhyeah i have the bell set23:08
SiFuhxset b 94 2100 3223:08
SiFuhfor both X and Console..23:08
Romsteryou just export them?23:09
SiFuhin openbsd we have   wsconsctl.conf23:09
SiFuhwhere we add the lines23:09
SiFuhfor console23:10
SiFuhfor X11 i use  .xinitrc .xsession xorg.conf or any other config file that can load it23:10
nipuLwell maybe you should ask in #openbsd, last time i checked this is #crux23:10
Romsterwell backspacing in the term akes the pitch change..23:11
SiFuhnipuL: it is an question :-P23:11
SiFuhyes same here Romster23:11
SiFuhand using irssi in screen23:11
SiFuhor vi23:11
Romsterah it's a etc/sysctl.conf for us23:12
SiFuhhehe openbsd has a sysctl.conf also but mostly for user and kernel changes23:12
Romsteri use it to change tcp stuff mainly and one for my dvd drive23:13
Romsterdev.cdrom.autoclose = 023:13
Romsteri never hit that level of processes.23:13
Romsternet.core.rmem_max = 16777216, net.core.wmem_max = 16777216 <_<23:14
Romsteranyways odd that don't work23:14
Romsterkeyclick that is.23:14
SiFuhyou need a keyboard with tone speaker23:15
SiFuhthat is what i was whining about23:15
Romstershouldn't it be able to use pc speaker...23:16
SiFuhthat is why coders are dipshits if they did not implement it :-P23:18
Romsterhmm i found this "all keyboards will do it. it's a BIOS setting and an X setting that controls it."23:18
SiFuhwhen i have time i will rip the code apart and see if i can make a patch for it23:18
Romsterit should alraedy unless there as you say23:18
SiFuhall keyboards23:19
SiFuhexcept ours23:19
* Romster is googling23:25
Romsterhrmm fiik23:30
RomsterZenity is a tool that allows you to display Gtk+ dialog boxes from the command line and through shell scripts. It is similar to gdialog, but is intended to be saner. It comes from the same family as dialog, Xdialog, and cdialog, but it surpasses those projects by having a cooler name.23:55
Romstergotta love random browsers though freshmeat23:56

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