IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-01-15

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SiFuhRomster: found someone complainnig that they want keyclick off, and can't disable it..00:33
* Romster facepalms00:34
Romsterunplug the speaker <<00:34
Romsterprobabbly in the bios and they haven't figured that out00:35
SiFuhi might go for a drive thursday night.. nothing else to do here :-P00:36
Romsterdoes get boring00:39
SiFuhso does randomly hitting repeat on settings you know wont work00:41
SiFuh<gives up for now00:44
Romsterno idea hack in the xset source see if there is any reference of pc speaker stuff.00:45
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Romsterif not then that so would be a good candidate to patch00:45
Romsterif it's there though thats borked00:45
SiFuhyes, but i am a little lazy to extract that huge archive :-P00:47
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Romstergrr i hate nonstandared configure scripts00:50
SiFuhi hate non standard hard ware00:52
Romsterthat too.00:54
Romsterwell i guess with software it's easier to edit, hardware ya stuck with.00:54
SiFuhsays click is default00:54
Romstersurely there is a way to hack up a beep on keypress method on a dawmon or something.00:55
* SiFuh is already in the source00:55
Romsterwhy does that bother you anyways?00:55
SiFuhi like it00:55
SiFuhit is funny, i hate it on phones, but like it on unix machines00:55
Romsteryou'r strange <<01:01
* Romster hacks up a patch for this stupid configure script01:01
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SiFuhRomster: just found that out?01:02
Romsterhehe yeah01:03
Romsteri guess i'm strange too01:03
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:05
RomsterDarkNekros, could you do a favour and not say hi in both channels <<01:06
DarkNekrosok Romster01:07
Romstermakes me look thinking there is a new update anoucment or a chat on something intersting <<01:07
DarkNekrosi didn't know, sorry Romster01:07
Romsterthats ok.01:07
Romsteri don't mind it in here as anyone chats.01:07
Romstersay hi if ya gonna chat in devel but not just hi and nothing.01:08
Romsterso whats up?01:08
Romsteri'm hacking away at some stupid configure stuff for a program.01:09
DarkNekrosit's morning and i would like to say hello to everybody :)01:09
DarkNekrosjust to be polite :)01:09
Romsterthat's ok :)01:09
SiFuhhi in both channels01:10
* Romster swats SiFuh 01:13
Romsteryou don't know how anoying that is when ya look to see if somethng interesting is going on.01:14
SiFuhi tend to ignore other channels unless i am super bored01:14
SiFuhi almost always look at #crux only01:14
Romsteri see.01:25
pitillogood morning01:36
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Romsterargh wxWidgets and unicode is giving me some fun...01:50
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SiFuhwow keyclicks is working..02:30
SiFuhoh, no it's not..02:30
teK &&
RomsterteK, ... you sure your on the right channel?02:46
teKread it02:46
teKespecially the second page *g*02:46
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Rotwangis there any app to make screenshot from console in one of the repos?02:55
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Rotwangfrom tty02:58
* SiFuh waits to be slapped02:58
teKfbgrab or so.. dunno if it's in the repos03:01
Rotwangit's not, ehh03:03
Rotwangi'll make fbgrab port later03:03
teKyay! :)03:04
RomsterSiFuh, there is wgetpaste03:05
Romsterbut not a screen shot maybe there is some frambuffer program (thought)03:05
Romstercheck up on sourceforge freshmeat etc.03:05
Romsterwhat are you trying to take a picture of?03:05
Romsterand fbgrab hmm..03:06
RotwangRomster: fbgrab or snapscreenshot seems ok03:06
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SiFuhnot me,03:16
SiFuhthere use to be a program for reading bios under linux, but not modifying bios.. anyone remember the name of it?03:16
Romsterah i ment Rotwang i read the wrong line i saw your hmm...03:16
Romsterno idea..03:17
Romsteri think there is a kernel option to read the bios memory under /proc03:17
Romsterand even write to the few bits that arn't used so i'm guessing you could write to any bios memory bit.03:18
Romsterand really screw it up if not careful.03:18
SiFuhlike installing an OpenBSD kernel into Bios03:18
Romsterlol yeah <<03:19
SiFuhactually having a bios these days seems pretty useless03:19
Romsterone day i wanna use a linux bios.03:19
Romsterwhen it's more ready.03:20
SiFuhoneday i will get a sparc book03:20
mike_kSiFuh: got one?03:29
mike_koh, dreaming... me too03:29
SiFuhno i have wanted one for about 7 years but i dont have 10,000 US to spend03:30
mike_k10K just for fun03:31
teKhow about a leapforg? ;)03:32
mike_kand that is a little bit outdated hardware, I guess03:32
SiFuhfor 10K you could buy Alienware, Voodoo Books, or another high end gaming book.03:32
SiFuhmike_k: they have other models.03:33
mike_kAFAIK, I saw the very same models two years ago on their website03:33
SiFuhoutdated but I am sure, their status as living fossils would still be of value in comparisson to a 2 year old intel box. :-P03:33
SiFuh2 years? hehe no hurry to spend 10K then :-P03:34
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SiFuhit is a pity most notebooks use a clover leaf style plug, instead of a standard IEC/M03:36
SiFuhas AC IEC cords are far more common and cheaper03:36
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mike_kSiFuh: IEC C13 and C14?03:41
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mike_kcommon, but very unreliable... very easy to pull off03:41
SiFuhi guess, but notebooks run on batteries also03:43
SiFuhso if it pulls out, who will cry?03:43
Romsterthat clover leaf is bull crap if you ask me.03:43
Romsterwhat better is a 240v cannon conecter thsoe you can't pull out with the clip you gotta push down on.03:44
Romsterbut that's for professional gear03:44
SiFuh couldn't find one of these  in Australia03:45
Romsteryeah the cloverleaf plug?03:47
Romstershould be able to get them from a computer store.03:47
SiFuhthat actual plug03:47
Romsteryou want the plug alone so you can fit to a cable?03:48
Romsterthat IEC socket you can get nearly anywhere.03:48
SiFuhi decided to get that in the end03:48
SiFuhit was easier to find03:49
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SiFuhi made one of those already03:50
SiFuhbut using it for UPS03:50
Romsterya can buy them.03:51
Romsterbut tis' jsut as easy to make ya own.03:51
SiFuhyes i made my own last time because shop was out of stock03:53
SiFuhthis time they are out of stock for the parts, but i noticed that they had the complete leads in stock. :-)03:53
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SiFuhhaha ffs04:01
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SiFuhnothing just cursing some chinese stories.. one of my friends tells me that her parents were born in the time where they did not know what love is.. and married because of making family, not making love.04:21
Romstermike_k, i keep seeing references of cloverleaf as a IEC C5 dunno where you got 14 and 15 from.04:22
mike_kI meant PC-like power cords.04:23
SiFuh IEC 14 is an entire cord04:23
SiFuhRomster: i came it accross it on a single site.. did not see any reference to it after though04:24
SiFuhlol  Romster   google search   "IEC C14"04:26
Romsteryeah your after a C14 to a C5 lead04:32
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SiFuhor just buy those, and then i have no problems :-P04:42
Romsterthought you were after one of these
SiFuhbasically, IEC cables are as common as anything overseas04:48
SiFuhcan pick them up real easy, and real cheap. Plus my friends places, have piles of them laying around.04:48
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SiFuhI will take my notebook with me, so i have several options. I decided to aim for the IEC as it means less wires to carry around as they are common everywhere..04:49
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SiFuhjust got to watch out when i am in argentina04:50
SiFuhas the Neutral and live are switched around04:50
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SiFuhall 220v-240v 50hz countries should use the same socket!04:53
rehabdollall countries should use the same voltage too04:53
SiFuhyeah, but small problem :-P04:54
SiFuhall countries would need to replace the power supply unit for ALL their electrical appliances04:54
rehabdollso what, everyone would have to change to 220-230. no skin off my back! :)04:55
SiFuhsince most countries use 220/240-60 i guess it would take presedence04:55
SiFuhwhat's up with madagascar?04:56
Romsteramerica are stupid they use black as active and white can be active too but is genearly netual, there split 120-120 system..04:56
Romsterand ehre black is netril and red is active but then they had to change other power cords to brown and blue grr04:57
rehabdollheh, well madagascar is a genetic freakshow so no surprise there :D04:57
SiFuhi'd have thought madagascar with all those monkeys and bicycles would be able to produce more power than that..04:57
Romsterruning wheels with generators <<04:58
RedShift230v/50Hz FTW04:59
Romsteroh and 3 phase uses white as an active too...04:59
SiFuhi did not know Romster was in Au04:59
Romsterwhich is a netual in america.04:59
Romsteryes i'm a australian, and i have a diploma in electronics04:59
Romstersomething i'm good at compared to computers <<05:00
SiFuhI am God, and have a diploma in physics/chemistry/biology05:00
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Romsterhardware good software is were i get unstuck.05:00
RomsterSiFuh, cool05:00
concorrhi SiFuh Romster05:00
Romsterhi concorr05:00
SiFuhhi concorr concorr05:01
Romsterconcorr, sounds like a jet name.05:01
SiFuh<-- australian/american and hating it05:01
SiFuhyes i concur05:02
Romstereh its the good verses bad people in every nationality, it's the bad people that give a nationality a bad name.. like they could in a sport.05:02
Romsterbad apples every where but there are good too.05:03
SiFuhRomster: i beleive nationality, and patriotism are just forms of racism. I'd rather be cosmopolitan.05:03
Romsteri really hate the hate that country or that.05:03
concorrRomster: concorr mean another thing ;)05:03
SiFuhA nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.  ~William R. Inge05:04
SiFuhRomster: concorr is what happens to the jewish males :-P05:07
Romsterhmm k05:10
concorrRomster - SiFuh , my X run cool with the Romster driver ;)05:10
concorrole ole05:10
SiFuhRomster driver :-)05:11
concorrthe Romster link for driver ;)05:11
concorr1.7.4 i810 driver05:11
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concorrdo you know a console app translator?05:12
concorrenglish2spanish spanish2english ;)05:12
SiFuhno tengo console apps05:14
concorrwhat do you say SiFuh ? dont use console? :)05:15
concorri come here now...05:16
SiFuhshould have been05:16
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SiFuhno tengo aplicacion console05:17
SiFuhi don't have console applications   (in reply to your translation tool)05:17
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Romstermake a script to submit and retreve the text.05:21
Romsterand pipe the text to it <<05:21
concorryes SiFuh, this isue are for when i cant x ;)05:21
SiFuhlinks depends on X ?05:21
concorryes Romster i thing your hint05:21
concorrSiFuh: dont, but is better console command ;)05:22
SiFuhTodos ustedes locos!!!05:22
concorri make a script for this issue05:22
concorr;) :) ;)05:22
SiFuhinfact, now i have a new project :-)05:22
SiFuhthere is an irssi script05:26
SiFuhthat uses babel05:26
Romsterconcorr, there is links too for console.05:27
Romsterno x05:27
Romsterno pictures either.05:27
concorryes, i have links and lynx05:28
Romsteri find it hard to use.05:28
Romstertheres 2?05:28
concorryes googling with links is hard05:28
concorrand elinks05:28
Romsterso you tryed vesa i810 and intel drivers and no luck.05:28
concorrnono, i now in X, driver 1.7.4 for i810 work fine ;)05:29
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Romsteronestep, i did find this if it's any help
Romsterwerr concorr05:29
concorrnow i go tu run firefox with flash, if dont crash, all ok, flash is a crash test :P05:29
Romsterman i'm geting worse...05:30
concorrthx Romster ;)05:30
Romsterflash and java will find a bug very fast in video or anyhting else it touches.05:30
concorri go now to test...05:31
SiFuhlinks, elinks, lynx, w3m05:31
concorrole ole flash work ;)05:31
concorrand play in fullscreen05:31
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*** luxh_ is now known as luxh05:32
concorr;) thans Romster SiFuh05:32
SiFuhwow, google translate works awesome05:32
concorrLin SiFuh Yenjie05:33
SiFuhjoke, i don't have words on my page. Just pictures..05:34
concorryes, in picture05:34
SiFuhno that's just some white marks in the image to look like lin sifuh's yenjie05:34
concorri cant see bottom box, is java applet?05:35
concorrgoogle make a text search in pictures05:36
SiFuhyes java05:36
Romsterafter that i'm otu of ideas concorr05:36
Romsterask in xorg i guess.05:36
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Romsteror get new hardware <<05:37
concorrsorry if I did not express well in English Romster. I already have everything settled with the link that I gave yesterday. Thank you!05:40
concorrall run ok in x now05:40
Romsterconcorr, what one did you settle with05:41
Romsterand version.05:41
Romstergood to know if someone else comes in with the same issue.05:42
concorrumm, s/settled/all work ok/05:43
Romsterwhat driver did you settle for and version.. the i810 one?05:44
concorrxf86-video-i810-1.7.4.tar.bz2 work ok in macbook intel (black)05:45
SiFuhi type You are all crazy  and translated to spanish 3 times.05:45
SiFuheach time is different result05:45
concorr;) ole ole05:45
concorrSiFuh: i make the same thing for english translations05:46
SiFuhTodos ustedes locos!  Ustedes son todos locos.05:46
concorrtodos vosotros estais locos!05:46
Romsterconcorr, sweet.05:46
Romsteri'll make a note of this for others and make that i810 port too.05:47
concorrok, i have this port05:47
concorrPkgfile Romster05:48
concorrsorry, i dont change descriptions05:49
concorrand link for download the driver source05:49
concorrRomster: thx for wgetpaste hint05:50
Romstervery handy05:50
Romsterthat's ok i can fix that.05:51
Romsteri'll throw it in contrib unless tilman wants to add take over it in xorg.05:51
concorrthx for your attention05:52
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concorrRomster: i use pekwm, I have read that he has bugs. You know anything about that?05:56
Romstereh nope pekwm hasn't crashed on me and if there are bugs he'll be working on them.05:57
Romsterpekwm has not crashed once.05:57
Romsteryet anyways been only a few days now.05:57
Romstergonna take me awhile ot get used to it.05:58
Romsterconsidering i was in kde.05:58
Romsteri could go back to kde but if i force myself away i'll use it less.05:58
concorrok, thx. I was enjoying much pekwm, its cool05:58
Romstersmall and works.05:59
Romsterhave you set a background ywt?05:59
Romsteri got a simple one generated atm.05:59
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concorrpekwn is Everything necessary for wm05:59
Romsterfrom imagemagik05:59
Romsteri have pypanel too06:00
concorri have slim background06:00
Romsterah i just used display -root file.png06:00
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concorrI do not want to have units with python06:00
concorryes imagemagic cool06:01
Romsterdisplay -window root  ~/.pekwm/themes/bg.png &06:01
Romsterah i like using python.06:01
Romsterto each threre own i guess.06:01
concorri think that Python has more things that needed06:04
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concorrgo back now, thanks people06:06
*** concorr has quit IRC06:07
Romsterhe really has bad english..06:11
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concorrhi all06:51
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rehabdollanyone running a x64 system?07:40
*** acrux_ has joined #crux07:41
rehabdollim trying to figure out why i get the standard (32bit binary on 64bit system) "No such file or directory" errormsg on a 64bit ELF file07:43
mike_krehabdoll: /j #crux6407:49
rehabdolloh :D07:49
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RedShiftrehabdoll: that's because your kernel doesn't have support for executing 32 bit binaries07:55
RedShiftyou have to explicitly configure it to allow that07:55
pitilloand anyone know if is there a channel for crux-arm?07:56
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:58
RomsterRedShift, does is have a -m32 on it instead of a -m6407:59
Romsterargh rehabdoll07:59
rehabdollno RedShift, it does have that. but i am running a pure64bit system08:01
rehabdollie no 32bit libs08:01
RedShiftthen you need the 32 bit libs too, if you want to run 32 bit binaries08:01
rehabdollseemed the binary was a bit fux0red, tried looking in lib64 instead of lib08:02
RedShiftI recommend using a chroot, that way everything is nicely seperated08:02
rehabdollthe binary in question was a 64bit one08:02
rehabdollstupid non-free software08:03
RedShiftnvidia works fine here08:03
RomsternipuL, or hannes should be able to answer that.08:04
RedShiftman cacti is The Real Shizzle08:04
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concorrhi ;)08:13
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Man0l0RedShift: Shizzle, I dont know the meaning of this word !08:27
concorrhi Man0l008:28
RedShiftMan0l0: nothing, just something we use here08:28
Man0l0hi concorr08:29
DarkNekrosRedShift, it is not polite to not bring Man0l0 the translation to that Shizzle xDD08:36
RedShiftDarkNekros: it has no translation08:37
DarkNekrosit's an expression?08:37
*** acrux_ is now known as mafarka08:37
RedShiftit's something like "Product X is the shit", or "Product X is the bomb"08:38
DarkNekrosRedShift, I know that "The real Shizzle" is slang language and I know also that has to have a meaning (good or bad, but a meaning)08:38
jaegerit's not really a word, just a slang thing08:38
RedShiftwe use "Product X is the shizzle"08:38
DarkNekrosok RedShift ;)08:38
pitilloRedShift, is there a reason to take that conclusion?08:39
RedShiftit works great08:39
Man0l0RedShift, what do you refer as a shizzle, cacti or my port of cacti ?08:39
RedShiftcacti in general08:39
RedShiftyou wrote a cacti port or something?08:40
RedShiftwell actually cacti + plugin architecture08:40
Man0l0yes, I wrote a crux port for cacti and the plugin architecture08:41
RedShiftwell I use cacti to monitor all my servers08:42
RedShiftit works great08:42
RedShiftI've recently added those plugins, so I can cut costs on external monitoring services08:44
RedShift(which is quite expensive for what it does)08:44
Man0l0I'm using it too08:45
RedShiftusing threshold, discover and monitor plugins08:46
DarkNekrosRedShift, I just wonder how you can know if "product X is the shizzle" has a good meaning or a bad one :)08:46
RedShiftDarkNekros: usually good, but depending on the context08:47
DarkNekrosok, thank you RedShift ;)08:47
RedShiftone could say "man what bad shizzle" meaning that's really really bad stuff08:47
DarkNekrosI'm improving my slang english xD08:47
Man0l0me too :)08:48
DarkNekroscool Man0l0 :D08:48
Man0l0RedShift, are you using catci alone or integrated with nagios ?08:50
RedShiftusing cacti alone08:50
RedShiftnagios seems like a big PITA, haven't come near it08:50
Man0l0I know PITA now :D, more slang08:52
RedShiftMan0l0: are you using nagios?08:52
RedShifthow much of your hair have you lost?08:52
RedShiftI knew it. I'm not coming near nagios anytime :X08:53
Man0l0It does its job very well08:54
Man0l0I know it is a bit painfull08:54
pitillopaintfull? ummm letting a bit of time checking config files isn´t hard to setup (the more computers the more time... but with oganization and patterns can be done easily)08:55
RedShiftbesides, nagios is ugly08:56
RedShiftcacti is much easier on the eyes08:56
Man0l0but is a question of efficiency not of beauty08:57
pitilloRedShift, I found both very usefull. Checking availability for nagios and check performance with cacti.08:57
RedShiftthat should be able to check availability of services but it is far from finished (trust me, I just tried - it doesn't even install correctly)08:58
pitilloI am using cacti  only to check servers and nagios to monitor status (ping and some snmpd to get info of some devices)08:58
Man0l0pitillo, I'm using that configuration too08:58
pitilloyeah, I think it´s the propper way to use both, but we are free to use them like we want :)08:59
Man0l0RedShift, how many server are you monitoring with cacti ?09:01
RedShiftMan0l0: 7 servers, 1 switch and a bunch of routers09:01
RedShiftMan0l0: you?09:03
Man0l0RedShift, I'm monitoring with nagios more than 1000 devices, server, routers, switches, print server, ups, airconditioned system09:03
sepenI think Man0l0 has more than that09:03
Man0l0and now I'm trying to monitored the coffe machine too :)09:04
RedShiftwhich company?09:04
sepenMan0l0, monitor me! please!09:04
RedShiftMan0l0: which company?09:06
pitillohere with nagios 64 devices (printers, switches and 8 servers) with cacti 10 servers. Far from you Man0l0... xD09:06
RedShiftholy crap big motha' of a traceroute09:08
RedShiftwell I know which ISP in spain to avoid :D09:09
Man0l0yes, you are right, try to avoid telefonica as much as posible09:10
RedShiftlooks like they are trying to save on transit traffic09:11
RedShiftnot the first time I've heard their uplinks are overloaded09:11
Man0l0it's a nightmare09:11
Rotwangsepen: ping09:12
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC09:25
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sepenRotwang, pong09:41
Rotwangmldonkey asks to compile ocaml locally09:41
Rotwangconfigure somehow cant see installed ocaml09:42
Romsterthere should be a option to pass to it the location.09:43
*** mrks has quit IRC09:46
sepenRotwang, I finished to fix that09:47
sepenIll commit the change on contrib, please wait a moment09:47
Rotwangok thx09:49
sepenthe problem appears after the lastest update of ocaml09:52
Rotwangk, thx sepen09:53
sepentry and tell me whatever you find09:53
*** discomaxus has joined #crux09:54
sepenRotwang, are you using mlnetd daemon?09:58
Rotwangsepen: no09:59
sepenI wrote this service script to use my /var/mlnet/incoming/files as the path where store downloads10:00
sepenits running fine here!10:00
Rotwangsepen: i use mldonkey rarely, and earlier i was using mldonkeygtkui10:02
sepenI also ported 'sancho-gui' for it10:02
*** onestep has joined #crux10:02
Rotwangill look at it10:03
sepenbut I think its usefult to have mlnet as daemon if you shared your computer with other users and also they are using mldonkey10:03
Romstersepen, local OCAML_VER=...10:05
Romsteris wise to make it local.10:05
sepenOCAML_VER=$(pkginfo -i | grep ocaml | cut -d' ' -f2 | sed 's|-[0-9]*||')10:05
Romsteralthough i dont see any conflicts happening.10:05
sepenah ok like qt ports10:05
Romsteryeah all vars inside build (most) are set to local10:06
Romsterso no chance of conflicting.10:06
Romsteri got told this along time ago,10:06
Romstergrep '^ocaml ', is safer too..10:07
*** concorr has quit IRC10:07
Rotwangocaml -version | awk '{print $6}'10:10
Romsterah yeah looks neater10:11
sepenIll update the port10:12
Romsterand if the command dosn't exist you better put a exit in it.10:12
Romsteror then again it'll fial anyways so no need.10:12
jaegeranyone know if it's possible to use a function inside a conditional test in bash?10:16
jaegerif [ ! function ]; then blah; fi10:16
jaegerspecifically with an argument10:16
jaegerif [ ! function arg1 ] fails for me10:17
Romsterfunction() { return "something" }10:18
jaegerhrmmm perhaps if [ ! `function arg1` ]10:18
jaegerthe function is defined, romster, that's not what I'm asking10:19
jaegerI need to USE it in a conditional10:19
Romsterit has a return value?10:19
Romsterarg1=someting; if [ ! function ]10:20
*** onestep has quit IRC10:20
Romsteri haven't been able to do if [ ! function(arg1) ]10:20
Romsterno idea why..10:20
jaegerwell, bash functions don't get invoked like that10:21
jaegerat least it doesn't work in the conditional10:21
Romsterso i figured it arn't like python and stuch10:21
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:22
*** RedShift has quit IRC10:24
*** RedShift has joined #crux10:36
*** RedShift has quit IRC10:38
jaegerscripting this stuff in ash is a bit aggravating but oh well10:42
rehabdollSynopsis   Support Java Plug-in on 64-bit AMD and Intel10:44
rehabdollSubmit Date   14-JAN-200310:44
rehabdollwow, sun really sucks10:44
rehabdoll(still no support)10:45
*** RedShift has joined #crux10:54
*** onestep has joined #crux11:03
*** c0merr has quit IRC11:19
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux11:29
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:30
Man0l0has anybody a crux port for gcc 2.95 ?11:37
*** rpeter has joined #crux11:39
*** c0merr has joined #crux11:41
rpeterHello, yesterday I would have liked to know why I don't have sound with mplayer, and now here is the output after running mplayer: "Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound. Audio: no sound" And once again I have video.11:43
rpeterAt the same time I could play mp3 files with sound.11:44
rpeterWith the mpg32111:45
*** c0merr has quit IRC11:45
rpeterDo you have any idea?11:45
thrice`that better not be all the iphone shit11:46
thrice`oops, wrong one :)11:46
jaegerrpeter: the "could not open/initialize audio device" sounds to me like it's either a permissions issue or the audio device isn't created11:46
thrice`(getting mad at keynote :)11:46
jaegerif other apps have sound then the device is created11:47
tilmanmaybe mpg321 uses alsa, and mplayer wants to use oss11:47
tilmanmplayer -ao help11:47
tilmanshould list the audio plugins that mplayer knows about i think11:47
rpeterjaeger:I have a member of audio group11:47
jaegerit does, yes11:47
jaegertried both -ao alsa and -ao oss with mplayer?11:49
rpeterOk in the list of "mplayer -ao help" is not alsa there.11:49
jaegerdo you have alsa-lib installed?11:49
*** discomaxus has quit IRC11:49
rpeterof course I have alsa-lib installed11:50
jaegerdid you install it after mplayer?11:50
rpeterI don't know it11:50
jaegertry ldd /usr/bin/mplayer | grep -i asound11:51
rpeterno output11:53
rpetershould I reinstall mplayer?11:55
thrice`alsa-lib was installed after mplayer :)11:55
jaegerwhat you want to see is this: => /usr/lib/ (0xb7c6b000)11:55
rpeteri have this: /usr/lib/ ->
jaegerI mean when you ran ldd on /usr/bin/mplayer that line should have shown up11:57
jaegerif you rebuild mplayer now (with alsa-lib installed) it should do the right thing (tm)11:57
rpeterShould I run ldd as root?11:58
tilmanldd just needs to be able to _read_ the so files11:59
tilmanso no11:59
rpeterthen there is no libasound in the output11:59
rpeterthen rebuild?12:00
jaegerbut there will be when you rebuild mplayer :)12:00
rpetermany thanks12:00
jaegerit looks like you built mplayer first, then alsa-lib, so mplayer didn't have alsa-lib available at the time it was installed12:00
*** sepen has quit IRC12:04
*** tri has joined #crux12:04
*** onestep has quit IRC12:04
rpeterinteresting that I have to rm mplayer package from the ports dir, or else it will reinstall the same bad package12:05
*** mike_k has joined #crux12:05
jaegerthat's a bit more in-depth discussion but the short version is that since the Pkgfile hasn't changed the ports tools think it's unnecessary to rebuild12:07
Romsterdepends what order you have of directorys in prt-get.. and bad mplayer?12:07
Romsterpkgmk -f12:07
Romsteri had to downgrade to rc112:07
Romsteror it didn't work to recode a avi file for me..12:08
Romstercould be just me though.12:08
rpeterbad but just in this certain situation12:08
*** Viper_ has joined #crux12:13
*** Viper_ has quit IRC12:17
rpeterCompiling mplayer accomplished.. I am deeply indebted to you for your help.12:26
rpeterThere is sound :)12:27
rpeterMay I ask a not Crux related question here?12:28
rpeterIt is about ArkLinux and ArkLive12:29
rpeterI have a Ralink wireless card for internet connection12:29
rpeterThe problem, that on the Live system, that works only on CD I could connect to tne net, but not on the installed Ark12:31
rpeterI find, that ra0 (the device name) can not found in /sys/class/net dir on Ark, but it is on the Live system12:32
tilmanno idea on that12:32
jaegertry and found out exactly which driver the live system is using and duplicate it on the installed version12:33
rpeterthe driver exists on both system12:33
jaegerthere has to be something different, though, or it would work12:34
jaegerperhaps missing firmware or a different driver version12:34
rpeterthe driver is built-in in Ark12:35
rpeterOtherwise ra0 is not in output of command "ip link show"12:39
rpeterWhat may the reason, if a dev is not in ip output?12:40
rpeterMaybe I should do an "ip link set ra0 up"?12:41
jaegeryou can also check if "ifconfig -a" sees it12:43
rpeterI think not12:43
rpeterand not eth012:43
jaegerthe driver may not be loaded12:44
jaegerif it's a module you could load it yourself12:44
*** boe has joined #crux12:45
rpeterI loaded the driver with modprobe12:45
jaegercheck the output of "dmesg", too, see if it looks like the module did something useful12:46
rpeterBut I'm going to try command "ip link set ra0 up"12:48
jaegerdon't think it'll help much if ra0 didn't show up in the "ifconfig -a" output12:48
RedShiftdoesn't ra need firmware to work?12:49
*** drijen has joined #crux12:50
rpeterwhat kind of firmware?12:53
rpeterbut maybe I will tray a manual compilation, it's not difficult, altough the Live and not Live release are the same version12:54
pitillorpeter, do you have the module loaded?12:55
jaegeryou could also take a look in /lib/firmware on the live system12:55
rpeterNow I watch the /var/log/messages as mentioned, and there are weird thing:  "Unknown hotplug event: module"12:57
rpeterand " Unknown hotplug event: drivers"12:57
rpeterand below " DEVPATH=/bus/pci/drivers/rt2500"12:58
jaegerno idea on that one12:58
Romsterudev rule for it?13:00
RedShiftrpeter: what do you mean what kind of firmware?13:00
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC13:00
RedShiftthere's only one kind of firmware and it's called firmware13:00
rpeterrt2500 1.1.0 CVS CVS Release http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com13:01
tilmanthere's old firmware, new firmware, buggy firmware, free firmware, proprietary firmware, ....13:01
*** sepen has joined #crux13:02
rpeterOk on Crux I downloaded rt2500-cvs.tar.gz, and compiled, then was no problem with it13:02
rpeterThen "iwconfig ra0" with parameters, then "dhcpcd ra0" and I had net13:03
sepenrpeter, you can easily make a port for it and publish the Pkgfile for others13:04
rpeterPerhaps if needed "modprobe rt2500", but not needed13:04
sepenwith this comments on a README file too13:04
rpeterI'm not handy in this thing yet13:05
rpeterI will see some docs, but my problem was always, that this card is not too common13:06
rpeterTherefore I had to compile myself13:07
rpeterShall I try to reinstall the system?13:08
rpeterBut it doesn't seem to be broken13:08
rpeterThe weird thing is for me, that net can be connected on LiveCD, but not on the not Live, and both are the same version13:11
RedShifttilman: I'm guessing OLD|BUGGY|PROPRIETARY13:11
*** tri has left #crux13:14
rpeterAnyway I don't understand this firmware; it is a program for instance to CD drives, isn't it?13:16
rpeterAnyway I had problems with compiling sorce of rt2500, but then a newer cvs was a help13:18
*** ryuo has joined #crux13:26
rpeterI'm still going to answer this problem. I'm grateful all of you for the help.13:28
*** treach has joined #crux13:32
*** concorr has joined #crux14:05
concorrhi all14:05
rpeterRedshift: did you think the firmware oh the wireless card?14:33
RedShiftsome wireless adaptors need a firmware image14:34
RedShiftread the kernel docs on ra14:34
*** concorr has quit IRC14:34
rpetershould I search in my kernel source documentation?14:45
rpeterThere is nothing from ra0 there14:48
rpeterIs there an easy method, if I want to install a full repo to my machine, for instance kde?14:53
treachnot really. there is a kde repo but it means pretty extensive compiling.14:55
*** tri has joined #crux15:07
RedShiftpeople are fscking stupid15:12
RedShiftsome guy on a forum asks what the difference is between myisam and innodb15:12
RedShiftI explain to him that innodb supports transactions and myisam doesn't, and supply him with a few links about innodb and myisam + a comparison15:13
RedShifthe still doesn't know which storage engine to use15:13
RedShiftthe articles explain the differences and he's asking for what reason you'd use either myisam or innodb15:13
treachheh, looks like it doesn't matter to him. :P15:14
RedShiftapparently he's also using mysql with a load balancer in front and master/master replication15:15
RedShiftso I'm pretty sure he hasn't got a clue what he's talking about15:15
treachmmh, if you don't know the differences between myisam/innodb, the odds of knowing head from tail about load balancing seems pretty bad.15:16
RedShiftexactly ;-)15:17
*** luxh_ has joined #crux15:19
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:25
*** luxh has quit IRC15:36
*** luxh_ is now known as luxh15:36
*** tri has left #crux15:37
*** rpeter has left #crux15:42
*** concorr has joined #crux15:53
*** boe has quit IRC16:08
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:08
*** discomaxus has joined #crux16:13
*** discomaxus has quit IRC16:55
*** treach has left #crux16:56
*** andarius has joined #crux16:59
andariusgreetings and salutations17:00
ryuowoot kernel upgrade17:05
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:07
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux17:08
*** ryuo has quit IRC17:10
*** ryuo has joined #crux17:17
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:44
*** Rotwang has left #crux17:58
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:00
ryuowell i upgraded my kernel18:15
ryuojust for the heck of it since i was bored18:16
ryuooui the irony18:16
ryuo#crux-es is more active than #crux XD18:16
nipuLthat's because spaniards never shut up18:20
SiFuhmaybe i can make a crux-pl ir a crux-ru :-P18:28
SiFuhcrux-mg :-)18:29
concorrhi SiFuh ryuo18:30
sepennipuL, xD18:31
concorrhi sepen ;)18:31
sepennipuL, tiene celos18:32
ryuoonly worth it if theres enough crux users of those languages18:32
SiFuhhola concorr18:32
concorrxP ole18:32
SiFuhdo we have an madagascans crux users?18:32
concorrSiFuh: my x run how a ferrary ;)18:33
SiFuhthat'c very good18:33
concorrall was driver problem18:33
SiFuhhaha an old lady in a ferrari is a driver problem ;-)18:34
concorrpekwm is the ferrary ;)18:35
SiFuh<- flux box18:36
concorri am the driver18:36
concorrmy old selection was fluxbox18:36
concorrnow pekwm18:36
concorrcool fluxbox18:37
concorrOpenBSD SiFuh18:37
SiFuhyes, that is what I thought, only problem is you get bored after a week of looking at it..18:38
* SiFuh is a very big fan of OpenBSD18:38
concorri want work with bsd18:39
concorrSiFuh: cool visual effect...
concorrwho can i make materm transparent window with feh?18:42
concorri am googling, but ...18:42
concorrSiFuh: do you now make transparent window?18:50
ryuoconcorr: issues with transparency?18:52
concorryes ryuo18:53
ryuoconcorr: I got aterm working quite nicely18:53
ryuobut i dont think it supports your languae18:53
concorrwho you make transparency?18:53
ryuoconcorr: what you do is set your root window with a program18:53
ryuosuch as hsetroot, feh, etc.18:54
ryuoyou can also install imagemagick and use its display program to do this18:54
concorri have feh, but i dont know18:54
concorri have imagemagick18:54
*** drijen has quit IRC18:54
ryuowhich would you prefer to use18:54
concorrfeh and imagemagick18:54
ryuono i mean18:55
ryuowhich do you want to use18:55
ryuoto do this job18:55
ryuolemme research i dont use feg18:55
ryuoimagemagick i know how to use18:55
concorrok ;)18:55
ryuodisplay -window root (image)18:55
concorri run with display -root (image)18:56
concorrthis is my error18:56
ryuoreplace (image) with the path to the image you want to use18:56
concorryes yes18:57
ryuoenable transparency in materm and you should be set18:57
*** Ditzi has joined #crux18:58
concorri have transparency enabled, but dont work :(18:58
ryuodid you get display to work?18:58
*** Ditzi has left #crux18:58
concorrmy display background change ok18:59
ryuowhat other arguments are you passing19:00
concorrsorry, paste 4 lines...19:01
concorrMrxvt.transparent:              True19:02
concorrMrxvt.transparentScrollbar:     True19:02
concorrMrxvt.transparentTabbar:        True19:02
concorrMrxvt.transparentMenubar:       True19:02
ryuowhy mrxvt? i thought you were using materm19:02
concorryes, this is from .mrxvrtrc that i use with materm19:02
concorris a error?19:03
ryuowell i don't know.19:03
ryuoi don't use those terminals.19:03
ryuodid you try just passing it like19:03
concorrand with other terminal?19:03
ryuomaterm (argument)19:03
ryuoto see if you can even get it working?19:03
ryuoif you have conflicting options, they might cancel out tranparency19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
concorrmrxvt --transparent --shading 85 ++transparentTabbar19:04
concorrdont work19:04
ryuotry the opposite19:04
ryuoof a plus instead of negative19:04
concorrok, sorry19:05
ryuoi had to try both ways to find the right setting19:05
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
concorrdont work19:05
ryuowell i dont know what to say then19:05
ryuoi know aterm works...19:05
concorrwhat terminal you use?19:06
ryuobut i dont know if its unicode compatible19:06
concorri install aterm19:06
ryuoheres my .Xdefaults19:07
ryuoaterm*transparent: true19:07
ryuoaterm*loginShell: true19:07
ryuoaterm*scrollBar_right: true19:07
ryuoaterm*foreground: snow19:07
concorrcoll ryuo aterm transparency ok ;)19:10
concorrryuo: aterm have tabs?19:11
ryuoyou use pekwm now, if you find a good terminal, you might be able to group their windows together with pekwm19:12
concorrand real transparency for aterm?19:12
ryuono, its pseudo transparency19:12
ryuoit only takes the root window image into account19:13
concorrgroup windows with pekwm?... i see someone for this hint19:13
ryuoit can be setup as an autoproperties19:13
ryuobut it doesnt seem to work with aterm19:13
ryuoi already tried it19:13
concorrryuo: i make real transparency with transset-df19:14
*** RedShift has quit IRC19:15
ryuoconcorr: if you use this, you can make any? terminal "tabbed" :p19:17
*** sepen has quit IRC19:17
concorryes :)19:18
concorrthx ryuo, i go to sleep now ;)19:20
*** andarius has left #crux19:21
concorrbye ryuo SiFuh (hi Romster) Romster ... thanks19:21
*** concorr has quit IRC19:21
*** ryuo has quit IRC19:25
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:30
*** mwansa has joined #crux19:36
*** mwansa has joined #crux19:37
*** mwansa has quit IRC19:53
*** Ditzi has joined #crux20:32
*** haole has joined #crux20:45
haolemy fonts in epiphany and firefox doesn't look good... where do i start from to get them configured?20:45
haolegoogle is not helping me :D20:45
*** tri has joined #crux20:59
*** haole has quit IRC21:07
*** luxh_ has joined #crux21:22
*** DaViruz has quit IRC21:31
*** DaViruz has joined #crux21:35
*** luxh has quit IRC21:39
*** luxh_ is now known as luxh21:39
*** Ditzi has quit IRC21:56
*** tri has quit IRC22:34
SiFuhi get a thanks for help and i was not even at the PC :-)22:46
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:41

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