IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-01-16

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pitillogood morning01:21
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namenlosdoes anyone here know how to make menues in css?02:24
namenlos i want to remove the 1 pixel space from the top of the first submenu...02:25
namenlosjust hover over top1...02:25
Romsteri do CSS02:37
* Romster looks02:37
Romsternamenlos, you don't even need the .nav on it,  take a look to my new layout i'm working on and the css for the menu
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Romsterhi sepen02:53
namenlosRomster: i might be wrong, but i couldn't find anything expanding, when i was hovering over it...02:57
Romsteron my menu?02:58
namenlosRomster: yes.02:58
namenloshave you done it with javascript?02:59
Romsterit's static that's why..02:59
Romsterbut it'll be generated from some code when it's done.02:59
Romsterpure html/css02:59
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Romsteronly java script i got on that page is to make the menu dividers aline up to the content div03:00
Romsterand one to change the colour theme.03:00
namenlosRomster: on my test file, simply hover over top1 and then over top203:01
Romsterstill working on one java script to expand the content over the top of the menus too.03:01
Romsterah i hadn't had javascript on..03:01
namenlosyou don't need javascript03:01
namenloslook at the source code.03:01
namenlosthe only thing, wich is annoying me, is the one pixel space above the submenu...03:02
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Romsteri told you to look at my css code for the menu you most likely don't have it set correctly or do i have to edit it myself and pastebin the changes.03:22
Romsteri gave you a example to go by.03:22
namenlosnevermind. i think we are talking about 2 different things.03:47
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pitillonamenlos, ul.nav li ul {.. top: -1; ...}04:13
pitilloor check the source if I didn´t explained it well:
Romsterlook at margin and padding you most likely haven't aplied it to the right tag.04:15
pitillowith that trick the menu appears well :)04:16
pitilloI don´t know if namenlos means that04:19
namenlospitillo: yes, it works, but i wonder, why the right list appears one pixel down.04:19
namenlospitillo: i mean that.04:19
pitillobecause you are using tha px for the margin04:19
namenlospitillo: the margin of the nested ul?04:24
pitillonamenlos, I think so04:25
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namenlosi got to read more about this. i have now set both padding and margin to 0, but it somehow still positions the element not how i want it (except with top: -1px)04:30
teKnamenlos: you may want to try out firebug (if you use firefox)04:31
namenlosteK: ok, i will give it a try04:36
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teKyou're welcome. it's *really* useful04:45
Romsternamenlos, did you take into account the 1px border?04:53
Romstermargin + border + padding=04:54
namenlosRomster: thanks for the tip. i think i got it. we got to calculate the absolute position from the inner li elements, since they are the outer absolute elements...04:59
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namenlosso stupid... Romster, you where right, it where the right, it was the border...05:04
Romsteri got on that one ages ago too.05:05
Romsterand figured it out.05:05
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Romsterwhen it's relative it's the containing container you need to work it from, position:absolute; is always from the body05:06
Romsterit is fun, that's why it's always wise to use a background to test div's and not borders.05:07
Romsteras the border can mess the layout up.05:07
teKfirebug can display the box model active for a chosen element, too05:18
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namenlosRomster: good point with the background colors05:52
Romsterbeen messing with css for quate awhile now.05:53
* Romster makes a coffee05:53
* SiFuh makes a baby06:04
SiFuhthis weather sucks bad for putting coats of varnish on furniture06:05
Romsterwhat is the weather like too cold ?06:05
SiFuhtoo wet06:05
SiFuhrain rain rain all the time06:06
Romsterah would make it go milky.06:06
SiFuhi will give you a hint about how bad it is06:06
SiFuhyou leave a piece of bread on the couter at 600am and by 1300pm it is covered in mould06:06
Romsterpeople in boats goingdown the street <<06:06
SiFuhyes, it is so bad that everything i own is not in a cupboard anymore but layed accross the floor06:07
SiFuhto stop the clothes from going mouldy06:08
SiFuhand the furniture (that's not varnished)06:08
Romsterbe like a tropical rain forest like that.06:08
SiFuhwe do have a dehumidifier and fans going all day..   I went to get sandpaper today.. every sheet in every place is soaking wet from the air alone.06:08
SiFuhi like it.. i just don't like the heat/mould mixed in with it.06:09
Romsteryeah that part would suck..06:10
Romsterwell put it this way wet and dry sandpaper will still work <<06:10
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SiFuhmaybe but, i don't think the dry part is of any use :-P06:11
Romstergrab some infrared heat lamps.06:11
Romsterhady things to heat a surface up.06:12
SiFuhwould be even better if the members of my family were reptilian rather than mammalian06:13
SiFuhyou got any at home?06:16
SiFuhinfrared heaters ?06:16
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Romsterno i haven't but i've seen them and used them. they comon in them IXL heater units used in bathrooms.06:33
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Romsteri've seen others use there own amde up array of them.06:34
Romsterhi concorr06:34
Romsterthings working ok?06:34
concorrhi Romster06:41
concorrok, all work fine ;)06:41
concorrRomster: i like very much the pekwm ;)06:44
Romsteryeah i'm liking it too.06:44
Romstersimpe and does what it's told.06:44
concorrsimple-fast-and-functional ;)06:45
concorrand irssi ;)06:45
Romsteri need to figure i fi can edit the menu so i don't have to click on the menu to open the submenu but just hover to do that.06:45
concorri have root menu with rclick06:46
concorrand click for submenu06:46
concorrand Mod4+r06:47
Romsteryeah i have right click for root menu but to open the sub-categoys i need to click on them i'd like to use hover to open the sub-categorys06:48
concorryes, click for subcategories, but better i use keys ;)06:49
concorrRomster: do you know for applets, style conky?06:50
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concorrhi RedShift-06:58
RedShift-sup concorr06:58
Romsterconcorr, haven't played with conky yet still using gkrelim07:00
concorrand other applets for diferent proposit?07:01
Romsterhmm can corky monitor other boxes too and show on my desktop?07:01
concorri thing that no07:01
concorrany port for gkrelim?07:02
Romstergawd i can't type...07:04
concorrok thx07:04
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concorri just installing now07:06
concorrcool, better than conky07:09
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Romstercan theme it and everything.07:37
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Rotwang3rd time :P07:47
concorrRotwang: you spy my logins? ;)07:49
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concorrwhat happend Rotwang ;)07:59
concorrsorry Romster07:59
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Romsterno need to be sorry i was laugthing at Rotwang <_<08:04
concorrok Romster, I was translating into Google xP08:08
concorrRomster: can you helpme with this footprint error?
concorri dont know what is the error08:11
Romsterlooks like your missing gpgme08:12
concorrok, thx08:13
concorrRomster: As you saw what was wrong?08:13
Romsteri'd say it'll work without it if oyu do a -uf08:14
Romsterjust you'll lose functuinality of gpg signing keys.08:14
Romstertook a wild guess.08:15
concorrbut ok, thx08:15
Romstergenearly missing files will just mean, some optional package or a missing dependency isn't on the system.08:17
Romsterfootprints don't always match up.08:17
Romsterthere handy to see if there is a problem or can be ignored.08:18
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pitilloRomster, what do you think in this case? must the packager update that footprint to a newer without that ports installed?08:18
pitillo(in this case gpgme and clamav aren´t really deps)08:18
Romsterfor rights gpgme should be listed as a dependency or that footprint should be cleaned out of them files.08:18
Romsternot required but add optional functionality.08:19
concorrno gpgme as depend08:19
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Romsteri'd say add gpgme as a dependency as that would be the most handy one to have. clamav isn't really needed in linux.08:20
Romsterconcorr, the maintainer of that port has gpgme on there system but not listed in that port.08:20
concorrok, i now install gpgme, but pinentry download error08:21
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concorrhi Rotwang08:22
Rotwangconcorr: dzien dobry08:23
pitilloimo both must be added like nice to have or in a readme file, updating the footprint, and let the user check if he wants or not both.08:24
namenlosconcorr: prt-get edit pinentry Pkgfile and change ftp:// to http://08:25
namenlosconcorr: afaik something like that should help.08:26
concorrnamenlos: yes, but broken link in ftp, i dont find for download08:26
namenlosconcorr: changing just the protocol should work.08:27
concorrnamenlos: ok, i resolved
concorri write http://ftp... lol ;)08:28
concorryes, i just downloaded, thx08:28
thrice`pinentry has been broke for a long time08:29
Romsterhmm pinentry seems to be a problem..08:29
Romsterthat should of been fixed ages ago..08:30
Rotwangi was just trying to be usefull :)08:30
Romsteri'm so gonna have to get this sshit on flyspray.08:30
concorrpinentry in pkgfile source=http://, chage to ftp://08:30
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concorrRomster: pinentry is a problem?08:31
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thrice`yes, you had to change the source line - that's definitely a problem :)08:32
* pedja kicks firefox (it ate all RAM, so oom killer killed everything). 08:33
concorrthrice`: ;)08:33
Romsterconcorr, pinentry source file address yeah.08:33
concorrme hago la picha un lio08:33
pedjaShouldn't oom killer terminate just the memory hog?08:35
Romsteri thought so too...08:36
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namenlosthrice`: sure, but if everyone has the same problem with the source line, it wouldn't be a bad thing, to change it in the source...08:42
thrice`namenlos: of course :)  that's what I was getting at08:43
concorrwhat email client you use in pekwm Romster ?08:45
Romsterstill using thunderbird.08:46
concorrRomster: error pgpme
Romstergrr... why does it build on my desktop but everyone else has issues...08:49
concorrummm i use oficial ports08:49
Romsterconcorr,  you got crypo modules built in kernel?08:50
pedjaheh..., aka don't kill my xlock)08:50
concorrRomster: i thing that yes, i go to see...08:52
concorrRomster: yes, i have config_crypto08:53
Romstersha md5 blowfish ase des whirlpool stuff enabled?08:55
concorrRomster: i cant nothin in this path /usr/share/gnupg/08:55
Romstermeh i'll look into it again....08:56
Romsterpos port..08:56
Romsterworks for me but no one else..08:56
concorrwhat port?08:57
concorr... where is whirlpool in kernel config?08:58
namenlosis a load of 6.2 good?08:58
namenlosstill increasing... shouldn't order 3 downloads simultanously save to my usb stick...08:58
Romstercrypto section in kernel config...09:01
concorryes, i dont see whirlpool09:02
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Romstermight be a kernel version issue maybe... nevermind i'll look at the darn port.. leave gpgme for now.09:03
concorryes, prt-get -f install claws-mail09:03
concorrRomster: i have clawsm running now, thx :)09:11
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Romsteryeah it'll work without you'll just lose functionality09:37
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concorrsomeone p2p console client?09:48
concorri have mlnet, but i need other option09:49
Romstergift amule09:53
concorri need for console09:53
Romsteramule has a console mode..09:54
Romsteryou'll have to edit the options to configure in the port.09:54
concorryes? i dont know09:54
concorrsorry xP09:56
concorrRomster: --without-x option?09:57
Romstertake a look at the options ./configure --help09:58
concorryes, i see now09:59
concorr--disable-amule-gut, but error for wx-config :(10:01
namenlosman, man, man, why are so much dump people allowed to use computers...10:02
namenlosif they weren't, it would solve so much problems.10:02
concorrnamenlos: sorry, thx10:02
namenlosconcorr: no, no, not you10:02
namenlosconcorr: a friend of mine just called me, with a computer problem10:03
namenlosin the way of: there is something not working, what can i do?10:03
concorrok namenlos ;) i make very questions ;)10:03
namenlossecond question: do you have time next weekend to setup my computer?10:04
namenlosconcorr: it is not about you.10:04
concorryes, i understand you ;)10:04
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Romsterconcorr, odd think you can disable wxgtk?10:09
Romsternamenlos, lol that does not make sesne.10:10
concorri dont found who disable wxgtk option10:10
namenlosRomster: why?10:11
Romstersomething not working then, could yous et up my computer.10:12
Romsterisn't 'seting up my computer', like unpacking it pluging it all in instaling a OS type of stuff...10:12
concorri go to compile mlnet now10:12
Romsterconcorr, do you hate gtk?10:13
Romsteryou don't want anything but console by the looks of it...10:13
Romstererr well you do have gkrellm now that's gtk but you don't want wxwindows for amule..10:14
concorrno, i dont want gui for amule10:14
Husiomldonkey supports ed2k ?10:15
namenlosRomster: first he wants to open a view files (where he couldn't tell me the type of), and then he asked me, whether i got spare time (no, i don't have) next weekend to remove vista and install xp (because it is so funny)10:15
Husioso, why won't you use mldonkey?10:16
concorrnamenlos: xP10:16
concorrHusio: for know other options10:16
namenlosthe problem is, that if people know someone, they could ask, they stop thinking...10:17
namenloslets say: most of the people..10:18
Romstersadly xp support will drop and there be either vista or goto linux.10:19
Romsterwonder what other montrosity microsoft brings out for there next version..10:27
namenlossomehow, it seems, that people don't realize, that in short term it is as expensive to switch to vista, as it is to linux.10:29
namenlosin long term i think linux will be cheaper.10:29
Romsterthe expense will be in learning time.10:34
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concorrhi Man0l010:37
Man0l0como estas concorr ?10:39
Man0l0sorry !!10:39
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Romster10x battery life13:00
Romsteri want...13:00
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teKI want those solar devices that even work at night13:19
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concorrsorry ;)13:29
concorrmy fingers Romster ;)13:29
Romsterthat's ok i oftern type out of sequence or wrong keys.13:30
rehabdollindeed :)13:32
concorrall terminals are the same look xP13:35
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Romsterrehabdoll, yeah i'm kinda bad at that.13:45
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concorrhow can i capture a screen window 'pts/4' from another term?14:10
concorryou know Romster, SiFuh ?14:11
concorrhi Romster SiFuh ;)14:12
Romsteruse screen.14:13
Romsterprt-get info screen14:13
concorri have screen instaled, i dont understand Romster14:15
rehabdollscreen -x ?14:21
concorrrehabdoll: without use screen command14:22
rehabdollthen I dont understand :)14:22
concorranybody understand me ;)14:23
Romsterarn't you trying to attach to pts/4?14:23
pitilloI think no concorr, I don't understand you in spanish.... in english harder xD14:24
concorrnobody, sorry Romster ;)14:24
concorr;) pitillo14:24
pitilloRomster, I was thinking in -R -D but that didn't the trick14:24
concorri wont make this, but witout use the screen command14:25
Romsterno idea14:25
Romsteryou always ask some tricky question...14:25
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Romsterjsut use screen like the rest of us <<14:26
concorr;) Romster14:26
pitilloI think he want to make the detach but without using screen, and I think that isn't possible, but not sure.14:26
Romstercan't make a detach if it wasn't started though screen.14:27
pitilloRomster, he want to start screen and make the detach without it14:27
rehabdollhe could use dtach :)14:28
Romsteri haven't tryed that..14:29
concorri want make the atach, without screen command14:29
pitillorehabdoll, nice :)14:30
pitilloconcorr, look for what rehabdoll told you. dtach will do the trick I think14:30
concorrthx people, sorry for my english ;)14:30
rehabdolldtach is just a simplified screen14:31
concorri study dtach14:31
rehabdollbasically just the detach feature14:31
pitilloyeah, it's only the dtach feature14:31
pitilloyes :)14:31
rehabdollbtw, folding laundry is fun..14:31
concorrthx rehabdoll14:32
Romsterah that package..14:34
Romsteri didn't mess with it since screen is handy14:34
rehabdollme neither14:35
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rpeterHello, yesterday I asked why I don't managed to connect to net on Arklinux via my Ralink wireless card. Now it works. I write it if by accident somebody interested in it14:43
rpeterifconfig eth0 up; iwconfig ra0 and parameters; dhclient ra014:44
rpeterand the modul was automatically loaded after the first command14:44
rpeteryes ark14:44
rpeteron crux iwconfig ra0 and parameters and dhcpcd ra0 are the nesessary commands14:48
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Romsterand you put them in /etc/rc.d/net14:55
Romsterisn't that documented in the handbook.14:55
rpeterwhat should I do?14:56
Romsterdhcpcd is listed so ip dosn't handle wifi cards? ip replaces ifconfig.14:58
rpeteryes I have now 2.4 installed, and there I put iwconfig in /etc/rc.d/net, but the password in an other file14:58
Romsterrpeter, if it works i guess leave it as it is.14:58
rpeterI saw yesterday a txt file here14:59
rpeteran attachment14:59
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rpeterRomster, I think iwconfig handles wifi cards, not ip or ifconfig15:10
rpeterbut "ip link set ra0 up" does something15:11
Romsteryeah replaces 'ifconfig eth0 up'15:12
pitillorpeter, it makes the net device became up15:12
Romsterifconfig is a old tool ip is the new one.15:12
Romsterit's still on the cd but i'm guesing it'll be removed in the next release.15:13
rpeterpitillo, yes15:13
Romsterdhcpd is in the handbook listing so that just leaves iwconfig for wifi cards.15:13
Romsterwtf is it me or the hadbook makes no reference to iwconfig for wifi cards..15:15
pitilloiwconfig it's only used to manage wifireless parameters15:15
Romsteri could of swore it used too *looks at the 2.3 one*15:15
pitilloI don't understand the last sentence15:16
Romsterpitillo, i know but i'm wondering why i can't see a reference in the handbook to for iwconfig for wifi15:16
pitilloRomster, ummm I think it isn't related to crux directly, you can always use google for that point but if you find interesting, can be added easily15:16
pitillobut man iwconfig does the trick, imo (I think the objective of that handbook's section it's top explain the aim of the /etc/rc.d/net file)15:18
Romsteryes but it's related to network setup15:18
pitilloI don't know if you see my point15:18
Romsterthat's jsut plane stupid to not state or even have a commented out line for iwconfig15:18
Romsteryeah if they know it is iwconfig there looking for...15:18
pitilloI think the user using a wifi card can read documentation provided by the driver... or ask google directly15:19
Romsterthere should be a line in the handbook that says "Use iwconfig for wifi cards"15:19
pitilloI think that isn't needed...15:19
Romsterwhats the point of a handbook if it arnt complete oh wtf ever15:19
pitilloI see that section wich tries to explain the aim of the rc.d/net file, not the options you can use there15:20
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Romsteri could of swore the old 2.3 documtation said to replace ipconfig with iwconfig for wifi cards15:21
pitilloit's quite easy to add that, but I belive it isn't the point of that section (that is only my opinion Romster, don't take it bad)15:21
rpeterdoes anybody here wireless connection?15:21
jaegeryou can still use ifconfig for wireless cards15:21
jaegeriwconfig and ifconfig are meant to achieve different things15:21
pitillorpeter, this last weeked I made a setup for a rt250015:22
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pitilloand it's working perfect there15:22
jaeger"replace ifconfig with iwconfig" isn't meaningful as they don't have the same purpose or options15:22
pitillojaeger, that is the point, iwconfig to setup wifi parameters15:22
clickonceiwconfig makes sense for Wireless but ipconfig does not really relate to "cable". "iwconfig" and "icconfig" would be nice. :)15:22
rpeterit works15:22
rpeterpitillo, it is perfect for me15:23
pitillothen you need to setup the wifi inteface with ifconfig15:23
pitillorpeter, for me too :)15:23
Romsterip replaces ifconfig...15:23
Romstershouldn't it be that ip can do all.15:23
* Romster looks at man pages15:24
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rpeteriwpriw and iwlist are yet wireless associated, I think15:24
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rehabdollregarding iptables, removing ip_tables.h, ip6_tables.h breaks the build on my x86_64 system. builds fine on the 32bit one though16:44
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concorrbye people17:29
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DarkNekrosgood night everybody ;918:01
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* SiFuh hopes there is a spare taxi to drive tonight..23:43

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