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Bandit0972hi all01:26
Bandit0972how can activate(install) on livecd01:28
pitillogood morning01:30
Bandit0972how to i use pkgadd for gcc...?01:31
pitilloBandit0972, in the same way that other packages?01:37
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clickonceSince most of you are tech geeks like me. Would you buy product X for A [locale-currency] or Y for A*2 [locale-currency]. X is something you have use for in the future and now (which isn't it's main purpose) while Y is something you can use now and in the future?01:37
teKY. But that's not a question of being a geek (or not).01:39
clickoncePerhaps not. :)01:40
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concorrhi people05:41
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JTNLhi all!05:45
concorrwhats happend Roomster ;)05:51
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Romstereh not alot messing with gnupg and gpgme right now and watcing tv.05:52
Romster{ "1.2.840.113549.1.1.11", "sha256WithRSAEncryption" }05:53
Romsterseems it fails on 3 of the tests and there all sha hash too.05:53
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Romsterbored as shit...06:30
RedShiftRomster: nice06:30
Romstercan't figure this damn key alog why it won't pass..06:30
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namenlosyeah, i read about that, yesterday, but i got no idea, why sun choosed mysql...06:52
namenlosor is "has chosen" a more correct english?06:53
namenlos-n (my english is crap)06:54
Romsterno idea what this will do.06:56
Romstermaybe everyone wil move to PostgreSQL.06:57
namenlosimho all (real) database applications (exept blogs, forums...) should use postgres.06:58
namenlossomehow i don't trust mysql. and everyone, i talked to, and has a better knowlege about dbms recommended postgres over mysql.06:59
Romsterhmm i see.07:00
Romsteri've only ever sued sqlite and mysql honestly.07:00
Romstermaybe it's time i read up on postgres.07:00
Romsterwhat is it with about a dozen programs using /usr/bin/<progra>-config instead of using pkg-config..07:04
concorri like sqlite Romster07:05
Romstergood for small things.07:05
concorrRomster: You think about your installing each package in his' dirname ', instead of putting all their' bin 'by' / usr / bin '?07:09
concorranother concorr silly question ;D07:09
JTNLhi concoor07:12
Romsteri'm talking about why they use programname-config when there is a program.pc file that prt-config does.07:13
Romsteri find it redudent and it just cluters /usr/bin up with crap.07:14
concorrRomster: sorry, my question is for other thing07:14
Romsterbut ya can't move it out as all the programs rely on it.07:14
Romsterthen you didn't word it too well.07:14
concorrRomster: with links in /usr/bin over packages bins07:14
concorrwhat happend when 2 packages have the same bin program name?07:15
Romstertheres only symlinks to /usr/{lib,share}/<program>/bin for programs that don't work when moved about and expect to be in one location.07:16
Romsterkike java and some binary ports07:16
concorrok, them only for someone ports?07:17
Romsteronly the ones that won't work if you move the binary as it then can't find all the other files it wants.07:18
Romsterso it's basicly ran in it's own directory with a symlink to /usr/bin for convenance.07:18
concorrthis is ;)07:19
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nipuLgrr, I can't get user access to my scanner08:31
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RomsternipuL, add the users to the group scanner?08:32
Romsterand make sure the scaner device in /dev is root:scanner08:32
Romsterand right permissions..08:33
nipuLno device shows up08:33
nipuLit's accessed via libusb08:33
Romsteri thought udev has a rule to make /dev/scanner08:33
nipuLnot here08:33
nipuLgreped for scanner08:34
nipuLudev 117-108:34
nipuLscanimage -L wont even work for the user08:36
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Romsterhmm i dont' have a scaner so i'm going by other devices i've done.08:37
pitillonipuL, nave you kernel support for scanner devices? (I haven´t a scanner)08:37
nipuLscanner support was removed from the kernel in 2.608:37
nipuLin favour of libusb08:38
Romsterit should be reading from one of the /dev/usb[a-z0-9] or something..08:38
pitillonipuL, I didn´t know that, thank you for that aclaration08:40
RomsternipuL, does sudo scanimage -L return the device?08:41
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nipuLdevice `brother2:bus5;dev1' is a Brother DCP-130C USB scanner08:43
Romsterwhat's listed in ls -l /dev/usb*08:44
nipuLusb/* or usb*08:44
Romstereh you got a usb/ aswell?08:44
nipuLyeah my printer is in there08:45
Romsterhmm i got /dec/devusb* stuff08:45
nipuLcrw-rw---- 1 root root 254,  0 Jan 18  2008 /dev/usbdev1.1_ep0008:45
nipuLi have a heap of entries like that08:46
Romsterep sounds like a epson printer or something epson branded?08:46
nipuLno it's a brother08:46
nipuLall the usbdevs end in epNN08:47
Romsternone of mine dont...08:48
Romsterso device 5 is what usb port it's in, you shoudl have a udev rule to detect the id of the scanner and make a /dev/scanner symlink to the right usb port.08:50
nipuL# Brother DCP-130C08:50
nipuLSYSFS{idVendor}=="04f9", SYSFS{idProduct}=="01a8", MODE="660", GROUP="scanner"08:50
Romsteryeah like that..08:51
Romsterdoes them vendor and product match up with a lsusb?08:51
nipuLBus 002 Device 002: ID 04f9:01a8 Brother Industries, Ltd08:51
Romsterand you have no /dev/scanner entry i'd try runing udevtrigger then check.08:52
nipuLno dice08:54
nipuLhmm, can't lsusb as user08:55
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Romsteryeah /usr/sbin/lsusb08:56
Romsterworks fine for me as a user.08:56
Romsterjust /usr/sbin isn't in the path.08:56
nipuLi know08:56
nipuLnothing happens08:58
Romstertry that on the end of that udev rule.09:01
Romsterand see if you can use it though that symlink.09:01
RomsternipuL, you using sane and even have the sane udev rules? /etc/udev/rules.d/80-libsane.rules09:04
Romsterok here is one soen one said worked SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idProduct}=="011f", GROUP="scanner", MODE="0660"09:06
Romsterof course use your id's09:06
Romsteryou dont' have SUBSYSTEM=="usb"09:07
nipuLhmm in my libsane is uses usb_device as the subsystem09:07
nipuLchanged it to usb09:09
nipuLnow i have a scanner09:09
Romstermaybe it'll work now..09:09
nipuLsane is in opt, and ships with a broken rules file09:10
nipuLtime to file a bug report09:10
Romsterbut does it now work as a user?09:10
nipuLi'll just do a reboot to make sure09:10
Romsterglad to of helped.09:10
nipuLthanks for helping :)09:11
Romsteryour welcome.09:11
nipuLworks after a reboot09:14
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Romsterso time to file a report <<09:15
nipuLdone and done09:17
nipuLnow to lose a fight with my pillow09:18
Romsterg'night nipuL09:19
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tilmannamenlos: thanks!10:20
tilmanhey aon10:21
namenlostilman: you're welcome10:24
tilmannamenlos: looks like we shouldn't be using 1.1 at all10:30
tilman1.0 is stable, 1.1 is development10:30
namenlostilman: true, but just as an example: for mutt we take the development version, too10:33
namenloss/we take/crux uses/10:33
tilmanmutt is a bit strange ;))10:34
tilmanstable mutt is probably lacking all the essential features that the development version offers10:34
tilmanlike imap header cache10:34
namenlosi might be wrong, but isn't the imap support a target for the next version10:36
namenlosor is is "full" imap support...10:36
namenlosah, now i see, the even numbers are the stable versions:
tilmanno idea10:38
namenlosthere are some imap tickets in there...10:38
tilmani don't really follow mutt development10:38
tilmani wanted to try alpine around christmas, but didn't do that yet o_O10:38
namenlosnever tried pine...10:42
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namenlosatm i am still happy with mutt10:46
Romsteralot of programs use odd numbers for devalopment.10:47
namenlosatm i only know gnome and the kernel.10:50
namenlosanyone here uses his gmail address in a whois entry?10:53
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jaegerI'm getting close to done with this revision of the CRUX ISO - gonna need some testers soon :)11:53
Romsterall my boxes are updated..11:56
clickoncejaeger: Ping me, I'll try it.11:56
jaegerok, thanks11:56
clickoncejaeger: I love CRUX updated CDs. :)11:56
clickonceIt's like christmas eve.11:56
jaegerthis one technically doesn't have updated packages, it's just got a rewritten boot script11:56
jaegerwhen I'm happy with that boot script and have had a few people test it I'll probably make an updated package set with it11:57
Romsterand maybe include man pages on the cd and a few missing wifi ports too <<11:57
jaegerthis version of the boot script allows the legacy "root=/dev/X" rescue thing, allows you to control which modules are loaded (ide, scsi, sata, usb, firewire), allows you to force the sata stuff to load before the ide stuff if you want, and falls back to the live cd if your root= line is bogus11:58
clickonceThat'll be interesting. :)11:59
jaegerit also supports the buslogic and lsi logic drivers that vmware users were complaining about12:00
clickonceI've been running CRUX for quite awhile in VMware, I've never had any problems with it.12:01
thrice`wow, crux is turning so mainstream :-)  features!12:01
jaegerclickonce: do you use the ide or scsi disk drivers?12:01
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jaegerin your guest machines, I mean12:02
jaegerthen you would not have encountered this problem12:02
thrice`anyone germans around?  sorry for off-topic12:02
clickonceAh, wait a minute...12:02
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* ryuo hears a pin drop.13:54
RedShiftI have to call someone but I can't read the number that's written down14:04
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concorrhi all14:56
jaegerclickonce: want to test that iso?15:09
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TRIBBany good ideas how to read data off a failing disk where the reiserfs is reporting serious i/o read/write errors?16:56
RedShiftTRIBB: dd_rescue16:57
TRIBBty RedShift17:01
TRIBBis it in the Crux ports system ? :)17:02
TRIBBhehe it is :)17:02
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RedShiftstop trying to do stuff on the disk like mounting and such17:06
RedShiftmake an image first17:06
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RomsterTRIBB, prt-get info ddrescue18:16
Romsterah TRIBB found it in the ports?18:17
Romsterdunno what the diference is with dd_rescue and ddrescue but i've used the later and it works good.18:17
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andariusgreetings and salutations18:18
Romsterevening i've been asleep.18:19
andariussleep well?18:19
Romsteryeah okish naped for 4 hours approx, some how i've got a crap sleeping patern again.18:20
thrice`hi andarius18:20
andariusgreetings thrice`18:20
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mwansaRomster, im having problems with mplayer and sound. iirc you had the same problems and fixed them with a patch roll back18:54
Romstermwansa, someone else did recompile mplayer after installing the alsa driver.18:57
Romsteryou'll be missing the alsa output driver <<18:57
Romsterwhat i read from the last conversion jaeger had with the user.18:57
thrice`mwansa: be sure you're in the audio group, and that it's unmuted18:59
Romsterah that too but i was expecting mwansa had checked that master and pcm is muted by default, which i find rather stupid.18:59
mwansaalsa works fine, i can get audio output just not with mplayer grr19:00
thrice`what does ldd /usr/bin/mplayer return ?19:00
Romstermwansa, did you compile mplayer before or ater installing alsa-driver?19:00
Romsteror what thrice` said..19:00
mwansaRomster before and then after aswell19:00
thrice`ldd /usr/bim/mplayer | grep -i asound19:00
jaegerldd /usr/bin/mplayer | grep asound19:00
Romstermwansa, force rebuild?19:01
Romsteryou got libasound in mplayer?19:01
mwansaah nah didnt19:03
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mwansaRomster false a rebuild with libasound ?19:06
thrice`mwansa: be sure alsa-lib is installed, and prt-get update -fr mplayer19:06
Romstermwansa, yeah what thrice` said.19:08
Romsterjaeger, i think it would be wise to add alsa-lib to mplayer?19:08
jaegerit's not required19:19
jaegeryou can use mplayer with oss without any trace of alsa on the system19:19
mwansathrice also that got it working thanks. i ran that without the update potion :?19:19
jaegerI might add it to the "nice to have" category19:19
Romsterjaeger, then add that note to the README19:21
Romsterthat way you can go look at the README!19:22
Romsteri'm more for 'nice to have' to be renamed to 'optional' imo.19:23
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Pig_PenCrux is sweet!!! i been a slackware user for years i gave Crux a test drive and was addicted immediately, kudos to the crux developers :)20:45
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SiFuhhe hides his passion well.21:02
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andariusgreetings and salutations again ;)21:25
Romsteryet again21:42
Romsterhmm what do i wanna do now...21:42
andariusbuild a fully functional clue-star :)21:46
Romsterlol what's that?21:46
andariussimilar function to a clue-bat but you can target users anywhere in the world ;)21:47
Romsterlol as wht clue-bat...21:48
Romstera waht*21:48
Romstererr what*21:48
Romsteri'll start again..21:48
andariusclue bat resemblesz a baseball bat, but used to beat a clue into a clue-less user21:49
Romsterlol a what clue-bat... sounds like a bomb or something.21:49
Romsterso there is someone you wanna beat some sense into.21:49
andariusnot at present. but a clue star would allow me to get that odd out user that pops up from time to time21:50
Romsterhehe, i see.21:51
andariussleep required, find some, get some enjoy some!!22:23
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SiFuhclue star and clue bat..22:26
SiFuhis that software, script or what?22:26
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haolejaeger, where can i find help to install compiz fusion, in crux, using your packages?22:26
haolei don't have a clue about how am i going to use it after i install the packages22:26
jaegerhaole: check the README as well as the compiz-fusion website22:36
haoleok... thanks22:36
jaegerthere's not much to it, really22:37
jaegeryou probably need to set an option or two in the xorg.conf but the website (or even the gentoo website) has more info22:37
haoleyeah, i have runned the command from the wiki, but a got no title bars lol22:40
haolejust the effects and the windows insides22:40
haolenot from the wiki, from the readme: compiz --replace ccp &22:42
haolein my Xorg.0.log, i get the following line: (II) NVIDIA(0): Support for GLX with the Damage and Composite X extensions is22:44
haoleguess that i have composite, then... don't know what is wrong22:44
jaegertried starting the window decorator?22:44
haolenot yet... :D22:45
haoleis it the ccsm?22:46
jaegerno, a separate executable22:47
jaegeryou can tell compiz to invoke it by setting it up in ccsm or you can just run gtk-window-decorator itself22:47
haolewindow decorator appears as an activated plugin in ccsm22:47
haoleyeah, now it worked22:47
haolei gave the command and it worked... why was my plugin activated and no window decoration, then?22:48
jaegerno idea, call it a bug22:49
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SiFuh haole> jaeger, where can i find help to install compiz fusion <-- #crux:jaeger?  hehe23:37

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