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Romsteri'm amazed the mailing list works for me again.00:35
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pitillogood morning01:05
pitillonice Romster. Replied there too :P01:09
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Romsterheh it's only been years since i could use the ML.01:14
Romsternow i dunno what to use it for lol, i'm sure a use will arise.01:15
pitilloI know you had lot of problems with the ML. I hope these were solved to see you there too :)01:21
Romsterthere solved now since i can mail it now and it don't bounce.01:30
Romsterpitillo, s/lot/alot01:31
Romsteri'm cooking me up some chicken and veggies <<01:31
pitillothank you for that corretion :)01:32
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Romstercorrection :)01:32
pitillohere cooking my brain at work :P01:32
Romsterwhat are you doing there?01:32
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Romsteri'm sure to spell some word wrong <<01:33
pitilloI will cook a coffee... I need to heat my fingers to start writting a bit better.01:33
Romsterah ya frozen there.01:34
pitilloI am starting reading an interesting book, clfs. I want to see if I am able to understand some things....01:34
pitillofrozen fingers and the worse, frozen brain :P01:34
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Romsterpitillo, Cross Linux From Scratch, interesting topic.02:36
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pitilloRomster, very interesting. sepen is working with a gp32 and crux-arm. (Or something similar, with some kind of gp32 tools). I will play with an ipaq and crux-arm but atm (using opie) I need more knowledge about cross-compiling02:45
Romsteri've only ever messed with mingw02:47
Romsterto cross compile to windows. would be nice to do some inbeded cpu stuff.02:47
Romsterand put my electronics to us at interfacing.02:48
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pitillowell, I will report things related to crux.arm if I can do something, and sepen will do the same if I am not in wrong. (That is the reason I asked about a crux-arm channel the other day)02:51
pitillobut by now, I am not ready to start since I read the book02:52
pitillo(time to take a bite, bbl)02:52
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sepenpitillo, related to this conversation
Romsterdeclare -x ?03:33
sepenRomster, I read this from a arm manual03:33
sepenbut seems it the same as 'env'03:36
Romsterwouldn't export work the same?03:39
Romsteror is this a arm thing.03:39
nipuLhmm, would be nice if pkgmk could handle https://03:40
Romsterhmm yeah03:41
Romsterand .torrent is one i wanna add too.03:42
Romsteri've been thinking of hacking at pkgmk pulling out the wget and related download code, making a pkgdl for downloading and having pkgmk call pkgdl for retreaving the files.03:43
Romsterthat way prt-get could download all the files while pkgmk is busy compiling.03:43
Romsterand addin other backend to pkgdl wouldn't be too tricy to handle other protocols.03:43
RotwangRomster: i agree03:48
Romsteri could do it in bash since pkgmk is bash now but pkgdl could be done in c  using libcurl and friends. if i knew c well.03:50
Romsterwouldn't even need wget in core then as curl is there.03:51
Romsteroh and another issue is renaming files currently dosn't work though wget.03:54
Romster?id=7 that it won't get renamed to the name in the header.03:54
Romsterso that could be fixed at the same time.03:55
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nipuLRomster: i have a modular variation of pkgmk i'm playing with04:11
nipuLsimilar to drivers for ports04:11
nipuLdriver support for downloading, verification and extraction04:13
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nipuLhmm, just looking at the code, never got around to adding drivers for verification, probably didn't need it04:14
RomsternipuL, oh.04:15
Romstermaybe i could hop in and look though your version, you working on that muli arch version of it?04:16
nipuLhaven't added multiarch to it as yet04:16
RomsternipuL, sounds like something i'd be into i wanna make a torrent driver for downloading.04:16
nipuLhanve't touched it in about 6 months04:16
nipuLnot much free time lately04:17
nipuLwife and kids will do that04:17
Romsterhehe yeah.04:17
nipuLplus i have a short attention span04:17
nipuLthat dog has a puffy tail!!04:18
nipuLactually i'll just tar it up04:25
Romstergot it i'll have a browser though it.04:28
nipuLah i see what i did, verification is defined in the "getter" drivers04:28
nipuLit's set up as a proof of concept04:29
nipuLjust run 'sh ppkgmk'04:29
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Romsterk i see.04:31
Romsteri think pkgdl sounds better to manage downloading.04:31
Romsterthan that name, but i'll have a look though.04:31
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nipuLit makes the package too05:01
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clickonceWhere's jaeger?07:33
thrice`how should we know? :)07:36
tilmanbecause we're awesome \o/07:41
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nipuLawesomeness radiation field generators at full capacity07:54
nipuL!seen jaeger07:54
tilmani've displaced one of my matrox cards :(07:55
nipuLthe flux capacitor must be broken07:55
tilmanfound it \o08:05
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clickoncejaeger: Finally, I can check out the ISO now.11:53
clickoncejaeger: I had gone to bed yesterday when you notified me.11:54
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jaegerclickonce: no worries, there's no rush12:59
clickoncejaeger: I'm here to help you now though. :)13:02
jaegerdo you need the link or did you get it from the devel mailing list?13:05
clickonceI'm not on the mailing list. :)13:07
jaegerthe -e1 iso is the one to be tested, ignore the other13:08
clickonceThank you!13:09
tilmanjaeger: wow, great list of changes13:20
tilmanjaeger: i think we have vmware at work, i'll give it a try next week13:21
jaegertilman: great, thanks :)13:21
* clickonce is booting now13:24
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* clickonce is not booting now13:31
clickonceI forgot to change from IDE to SCSI to test it in VMware.13:32
jaegerwell, you could test it with IDE too if you wanted, but I'm sure that works fine :)13:33
Romstermorning all.13:34
Romsterman that's a few updates.13:34
Romsterand i foundout the ML now works for me, thank you to whoever sorted that out :)13:35
jaegerglad that's fixed13:36
clickonceEww, it's colored....13:36
clickonceAnyway, BusLogic seems to work fine.13:37
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Romsterjaeger, totally.13:45
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concorrhi all13:55
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concorrgood night Romster13:59
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concorrwhat are you doing Romster ? ;)14:00
Romsteri woke up not long ago.14:02
Romstergonna do some updates soon after i check a few ports of my own.14:03
concorrok Romster ;)14:06
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jaegerclickonce: so is the official 2.4 iso :P14:15
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Romsteri don't see colour as being a bad thing.14:24
Romsteras long as it's sensable and readable.14:24
jaegernor do I. it was put in to highlight information, not for the sake of color itself14:25
Romsterthat blue really needs to be edited though when i figure out how. dark blue is too dark, and too bad the console didn't have more colour options than what 16 or so?14:25
Romstertrue some parts highlighted makes it easier to spot.14:26
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rehabdollhas anyone tried 2.6.24-rc8 ?15:12
rehabdolli cant get past post after rebooting with that kernel15:13
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Romsterwhy on a rc?15:25
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rehabdollwhy not? :)16:20
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* Romster shrugs.16:45
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ryuobeos is interesting... too bad its proprietary16:54
rehabdollbeos _was_ interesting16:57
ryuofine, mr. technical :>16:58
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nipuLhmm, time to clean the computer i think. temp goes up to 75 when ever i comile something17:42
Romster75C? omg...17:46
Romsteri'd say your cpu heatsink is full of dust, not evne my pc hits that temp.17:46
jaegercleaned about a quarter of a cat out of a friend's heatsink once when his computer was randomly screwing up17:48
rehabdollmy cpu reaches about 70C too17:50
rehabdollquad core though17:50
clickoncejaeger: Why did you make it colored? This is why I'm using CRUX instead of Debian, Gentoo, etc. Clean and simple without clutter and bloat, like colors.17:51
ryuoclickonce: your saying ANSI is bloated? move into the 21st century, dude.17:52
jaegerI will be quite honest here: I like the colors. That is the main reason. And while I'm being honest, I firmly believe that complaining about colored text is a waste of effort17:53
clickonceryuo: ANSI is not, colored console output is.17:53
jaeger*especially* when you only see it during the install and you're never forced to endure it again17:53
ryuoi actualyl like colored console output :p17:53
ryuoit helps certain types of text stick out17:53
jaegerwith all that said, you are more than welcome to make a customized version of it that does not include colors :)17:53
ryuothere are things way more bloated than "colored text"17:54
clickoncejaeger: Please tell me to do that when I'm in a better mood.17:55
ryuoman gimp's colorify is cool17:55
ryuoneat for changing the general color scheme of pixmap window decor :D17:56
clickonceWhat WM do you use?17:56
clickonceOkay :)17:56
ryuomy constructed DE only uses about 120 MBs when i first boot up17:56
ryuono kde/gnome/xfce here17:57
clickonceFVWM here. (Configured to clone MWM as close as possible)17:57
ryuoi use firefox, gimp, irssi in aterm, etc.17:57
ryuorox filer conky17:58
ryuoconsidering trying to port my own color mod of beos window decor :)17:58
ryuoi messed with fvwm for awhile... but eh.. i felt like using something else in the end17:59
ryuoi found pekwm had the features i wanted with easy configuration to learn and understand17:59
clickonce I switched WM like 10 times a day before I found FVMW.17:59
ryuoit feels like a hybrid of icewm and fvwm18:00
nipuLRomster: yeah it had about a centimeter of dust caked in it18:12
nipuLrunning temp is now 40 instead of 5518:12
Romsterlol that sounds alot better.18:13
Romsterryuo, materm looks nice18:14
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jaegerdid someone say the other day there's an e17 crux repo?20:00
jaegerI've been using morlenxus' easy_e17 script, just curious how the repo compares20:01
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mwansajaeger you got the qemu-0.9.0 binary file20:45
mwansaseems to be missing from the fabrice site20:45
Romstermwansa, build from my port in my repo.20:46
Romster0.9.1 source20:46
jaegermwansa: I don't use qemu20:47
Romsterof course you need gcc34 from contrib installed.20:47
Romsterjaeger, is a vbox user and vmware iirc20:47
mwansaah ohk. i like vbox, just gonna try qemu :P20:48
jaegerI use vbox and parallels20:48
jaegerI dislike vmware intensely20:48
Romsteri dont' see a need for vmware where there is opensource alternitves.20:49
Romsteri guess maybe support might be it's bigist asset.20:49
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nipuLhow do you checkout a new branch, in the contrib howto it says to "git branch 2.4 origin/2.4"21:18
nipuLbut i get not valid object name 'origin/2.4'21:18
Romsterodd that should work. it did for me.21:25
Romsterthen git checkout 2.4, to switch to it.21:25
Romstermaybe you wanna try a fresh git repo?21:26
jaegerthat's how I do it. git clone blah, git branch 2.4 origin/2.4; git checkout 2.421:26
nipuLi'd rather do it the long way21:27
nipuLthese repos have all my x86_64 modofications21:27
Romsterbut you haven't commited yet or you just can't push yet.21:27
nipuLguess i can go in and inject remotes and commit ids21:27
nipuLi think that's how i did it for core before i went on a 3 week vacation21:28
Romsteryou should keep your chages in a seperate brach and import them to 2.4 when there ready.21:29
Romstergit merge . 2.421:30
Romsteronce you got a 2.4 branch working.21:31
Romsterthat site saying git pull is old, i need to email sip to see if i can get a wiki account.21:31
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nipuLi do that already21:56
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haolemy amule always core dumps when i tell him to do anything, like to connect to a server or enter preferences window... does anybody gets this too?23:01
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SiFuhhaha the other night a Brisbane taxi driver picked 4 people up. ALl going to multiple destinations. As each one was getting out he would say the lady in the back is paying. She agreed... the second last guy told the driver her destination. He took her to home. He asked for money but she did not reply. He realised she was sleeping. So he gets out of the cab to wake her up.23:08
SiFuhThat is when he realised she wasn't sleeping. She was a manequine.23:08
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Romsterhaole, only when i press the uppate kad nodes but it works fine for aon so i dunno.23:55
RomsterSiFuh, lol23:56
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