IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-01-20

ryuowouldnt it be nice if crux had its own WM called cruxwm? :p00:23
Romsterhonestly it's hard enough to find a wm than to add more to the list to try.00:24
Romstermaybe a modular WM.00:25
ryuoyou noticed how when people think linux gaming is poor, they fail to take into account the old stuff?00:32
ryuostuff you can run on emulators, muds, opengl games, etc.00:33
ryuoSDL games00:33
ryuoheck, muds were the first online games really00:34
ryuonot to mention, flash games, java games, browse-based, etc...00:34
prologicreal    30m14.186s <-- build tiem for gcc here00:50
prologiclinux is not poor for gaming00:51
prologicit's just not many gaming companies have taken the opportunity to develop for linux00:51
prologicor cross platform (windows/linux/mac)00:52
prologica lot of companies though use linux for development stuff00:52
nipuLa lot of windows games run faster in wine that in windows01:26
nipuLwhich is impressive considering all the windows->linux and dx->opengl conversion that need to be done01:27
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RomsternipuL, it's the bad implmentation of windows that's the slow down.02:13
Romsterall the crap it has todo.02:13
Romsterthat wine dosn't need.02:14
Romsterand being a api between the two is less work than to translate.02:24
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rehabdollRomster: lvm2 2.02.31 already released04:42
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tilmanprologic: contrib/dash is outdated06:39
tilmandoes fontforge build for anyone/06:42
triis pam support for crux planned ?06:48
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rehabdolltilman: builds for me07:14
Rotwangme too07:14
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ryuoahhh much better09:17
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SiFuhoh no.. i just realised10:27
SiFuhChinese olympic games is this year10:27
SiFuhhope I am not in beijing around that time..10:27
SiFuhwill suck badly10:27
teKSiFuh: maybe, bot people will be in good spirits10:28
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SiFuhhaha sure?10:29
SiFuhrehabdoll: heh10:29
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SiFuhjerry: maybe you don't like chinese!  <-- neither do the chinese10:30
teKa single reason for not giving them the olympics is the fact that they do censor the internet. period.10:31
SiFuhtek, I know.. I lived there over 2 years10:32
SiFuhThe great firewall of china10:32
teK.. can even be seen from space :\10:33
SiFuhThe huns, porn.. same thing :-10:34
SiFuhssh tunnels are always best10:34
SiFuhDo as the mongolians did.. just go around it :-)10:34
teKyou remind me of tibet..10:35
teKit's sad.10:35
SiFuhnever been to tibet. Didn't feel like being castrated or shot.10:36
SiFuhStories of the Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, Kasmir border should be enough to scare anyone away.10:36
SiFuhi think though CHina wants to turn taiwan into another tibet10:37
SiFuh"But they are our cousins, why would they not want to merge with us? We will have to spill their blood"10:37
SiFuhI think China wants Taiwan for 2 reasons. 1) It is one of the richest nations on earth 2) lots of natural resources.10:38
teKyou may expect prtoection if you're econmical potent10:38
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SiFuhdamn it.. I am going to sleep. I have been talking about China for the last 12 hours, to a fellow taxi driver who wants to go there with his chinese wife for exploration...10:39
SiFuhsee ya10:39
* Romster yawns10:53
Romstermorning everyone.10:53
Romsterrehabdoll, it's in my ck4up i run every day or two.10:53
teKRomster: please bump lvm2 to .3110:56
Romsteryeah wait i'm on it....10:57
teKthx :)10:57
Romsteri jsut woke up..10:57
teKno hurry :>10:59
Romsterit is in my ck4up like all my contrib ports are.11:01
Romsterso rarely does ck4up miss any unless i didn't configure the path corectly.11:01
teKstill waiting for dhcp being updated (by prologic?)11:04
treach@seen prologic11:04
clbtreach: prologic was last seen in #crux 10 hours, 12 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <prologic> a lot of companies though use linux for development stuff11:04
teKtreach: I told him many times :)11:08
RomsterteK, rehabdoll lvm2 update.11:09
treachI'm sure, just thought it had been a while since I saw him.11:09
Romsterprologic, did it but he pushed it to crux-2.311:09
Romsterall of his ports need to be looked at.11:10
Romsteri've even asked him i'll ask him again.11:10
ryuohey Romster11:23
ryuodid you look at those rox ports yet?11:25
ryuohow unusual...11:26
ryuo/home/ryuo/ToggleDesktop/Linux-ix86/ToggleDesktop: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:26
ryuooh.. rofl11:27
ryuoit already had a compiled version11:27
ryuodeleted it and recompiled it11:27
ryuoand it works now11:27
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ryuohey Romster: Should we remove the source of the ROX apps that require compiling and aren't simply python scripts?11:32
Romster"remove the source of the ROX apps"?11:34
Romsterand no not yet.11:34
ryuoin the end installation11:34
ryuowhat ends up on the system11:34
ryuoit has a src directory that currenty is just installed11:34
ryuotoggledesktop doesnt seem to work11:35
ryuoits supposed to let you minimize all windows at once11:35
Romstershouldn't have source stuff, but as for python there should be .py and .pyc11:35
ryuoi mean't for the ones i have to compile and not simply move11:35
ryuolike ./$name/AppRun --compile11:36
ryuohaving the source code leftover like that seems wasteful11:37
ryuobut eh whatever =p11:37
ryuoi'm gonna try installing some of these as a regular user to see if they even work11:37
Romsterin my opinion all source code left over after compiling shouldn't be in the finished package, but i haven't looked yet.11:37
Romsterit was like my yacy port it used to have soruce files left over untill i cleaned it up.11:38
ryuosource headers should be left alone, but if its the raw source code11:38
ryuothats another matter11:39
clickonceHmm, a little question, "management" could be abbreviated "mgmt", but, how would you abbreviate "manager"?11:41
Romsterraw source code shouldn't be in a package.11:41
clickonceThank you!11:42
Romsterlooks hard to even figure tht out if you didn't already know.11:42
ryuoRomster: i'm trying to run this python program from my terminal and it spits out some errors... (rox)11:42
clickonceRomster: My mind was blocked or something, I couldn't find anything suitable. :P11:43
Romsterryuo, you doing anything wrong?11:43
ryuonope i just tried to run it from its11:43
ryuolike it should11:44
clickonceryuo: Pastebin the errors11:44
Romsterbrb coffee time.11:44
ryuotrying to get these ROX apps functional so i can port them :)11:45
ryuoin a way so it works on a system installation11:45
treachmanager is usually abbr. as "mngr" iirc.11:46
ryuosounds like the problem is in the system ROX Lib11:47
ryuoi found a notice saying python 2.5 causes some things in rox lib to stop working11:49
ryuomaybe this rox-lib upgrade will fix it11:50
rehabdollpizza and beer, followed by coffe and nicotine. is there a better combination?11:51
ryuofor ruining life? no11:54
ryuo... oh...11:55
ryuoSo thats why these apps are not working... a lot of them only work with an older version of python11:55
Romsterrehabdoll, i agree to all but the nicotine part.11:58
ryuoRomster: I figured out why some of the apps refuse to function11:58
Romsterryuo, hmm python 2.4?11:58
ryuoRomster: we should package an older version of python that does work until this is fixed.11:59
Romsterwhat is the lateist verison that they ask for?11:59
ryuoits not like python is usually used with other critical components, eh?11:59
ryuoPython2.2 or later must be the default version:11:59
treachare you trying to turn us into debian?12:00
ryuoread the bug post at the bottom12:00
Romsterand maybe the fix wouldn't be too hard to patch them.12:00
ryuounless we can fix it ourselves12:00
Romsterdebian quivers..12:00
ryuobut i'm no programmer...12:00
Romsteri'm barely one myself.12:01
treachmaybe someone else have already fixed it.12:01
ryuoworth a look12:01
Romsterbut should at least try to see what has changed and try to fix it in the code.12:01
ryuoi'll go dig for a fix.12:01
Romsteryeah google, someone might have alrady made a patch.12:01
ryuosee if i find anything12:01
treachRomster: I'm hinting at looking around for patches..12:01
treachfedora, lfs, gentoo might be good candidates.12:02
Romsterwhy would they still use python 2.2?12:02
Romsteriirc 2.2 -> 2.3 had some major changes, after that i don't think there was anything critical to stop it.12:03
Romsterbut i could be wrong.12:04
treachone of us is entirely off the map... and I'm pretty sure it's not me.12:04
Romsterwell i've had python 2.3 scripts work on python 2.4.112:04
Romsterjust fine.12:05
Romstererr 2.5.1*12:05
Romsterbut i guess it depends what modules they depend on.12:05
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ryuofound an ebuild for rox12:08
ryuowhats this mean12:09
ryuodoes it mean it needs at least python 2.3 or only python 2.3?12:09
treachNEED would imply ONLY 2.3.12:11
treachhowever, if that's what really meant is another question12:11
treachyou can't trust people to mean what they say. :/12:11
RomsterPython 2.4 is now the base version, so test against that.12:13
Romsterin the 2.0.5 ryuo12:13
ryuoeven so...12:14
Romsterneed means =2.312:14
Romsterand not >=2.312:14
ryuoi found a port of in mandriva's cooker12:15
ryuoand their packaged python is 2.412:15
ryuowell until we find a better fix, we may need to through in an older version of python12:16
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ryuoi'll give it a shot in awhile and if it works12:17
ryuoi'll write a port for it and add a README to explain why12:17
ryuoso... 2.0.5 is the same as 4?12:18
Romsterthe 2.0.5 release forgot to edit a string.12:22
Romsterso it reported the 2.0.5 as 2.0.412:22
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ryuoi'm getting some help in rox...12:26
*** maro has quit IRC12:28
ryuowhats this romster?12:45
Romsterapply it to rox-lib and up it to 2.0.512:45
Romsterit should help other programs detect that you actually have version 2.0.512:46
ryuooops :p12:46
Romsterthey forgot to update it on the 2.0.5 release.12:46
treach"dir"? :>12:46
Romsterlol we arn't in windoze12:46
ryuosomeone in #rox is saying12:46
ryuothat the apps work fine with his 2.5 pytho12:47
ryuoso if thats the case12:47
Romsterthought they should.12:47
ryuoits not python at fault12:47
ryuohe said that bug i found12:47
ryuois old12:47
ryuoaka fixed12:47
ryuohow do you want me to apply this patch?12:48
Romsterpatch -p1 -i ../rox-lib-$version-roxlib_version-fix.patch12:48
ryuoso it needs to be applied from the $PKG dir?12:49
Romsterbut ../ works too.12:49
Romsteri can't decide if i like $SRC or ../ in this case.12:50
Romsteri'm thinking ../ is easier to type and patch dosn't need a absolulte path.12:51
Romstercould even put it above the cd line and remove the -p1.12:51
Romsteranother thing that should be done is to compile them .py files and add in the .pyc as a speed up12:53
* Romster digs for the command.12:53
ryuoRomster, still same error12:58
ryuoI found a forum with same error i'm having posted13:00
ryuoand its in some other language13:00
Romsterunrelated but a speedup add in "python -mcompileall ROX-Lib2" before the cp line.13:00
ryuoif i knew the language i could try a translator13:01
ryuooh... polish13:02
ryuogoogle doesnt even translate polish13:03
ryuoaltavista has nothing13:04
Romstereh look for another site then i guess.13:20
ryuoWHY WON't YOU WORK13:20
ryuothat guy was supposedly using the devel version of rox lib and also13:21
ryuopygtk 2.10.613:21
Romster2.10.6 is current.13:26
ryuoo wait13:26
ryuoi meant 2.10.313:27
Romsteri've added in the one commit for the version string fix there is only one other comit above that so devel dosn't mean much.13:27
Romsteri have 2.10.613:27
ryuoquestion is why would it be pygtk13:27
ryuoits the rox lib it claims is the problem13:27
Romsterhmm there is a 2.12.113:32
Romsterconsidering gtk is on 2.12.413:33
Romsteri would assume pygtk 2.12.1 would be a good idea to try.13:33
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* ryuo screams.13:44
ryuoI wish this stupid thing would just work...13:44
*** destruct has joined #Crux13:44
ryuoi found the line that triggers it...13:47
Romstercairo and pycairo are out of date.13:48
Romsterwhats the line?13:48
ryuolemme see13:48
ryuoit mentions line 187 and a file...13:49
ryuo_old_excepthook(ex_type, value, tb)13:49
Romstertb hmm13:49
ryuoTypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable13:49
ryuoNameError: name 'rox' is not defined13:50
Romstertb is todo with 'trace back'13:53
Romstermake sure there is a import traceback, at the top of that file.13:54
ryuoi dont see anything named import near it13:55
ryuooh wait13:55
ryuoi see an import line lower13:56
ryuo        if have_display:13:56
ryuo                import debug13:56
ryuo                debug.show_exception(ex_type, value, tb)13:56
Romsterit's is a guess but try adding import debug, traceback13:57
Romsterit is*13:57
* Romster looks up the debug module13:57
Romsteri keep finding pdb and not db...14:03
ryuoour version of python has a patch14:06
*** concorr has joined #crux14:06
Romsterwtf why is sqlite3 removed in python..14:11
Romsterand ctypes14:12
Romstereh that patch dosn't do alot set the right path, enable shared etc.14:14
ryuoi wonder if rox is worth this much trouble...14:14
treachthat's a daft question14:16
* Romster makes coffee14:23
ryuoin Russia, the coffee makes you.14:24
teKRomster: < Romster> prologic, did it but he pushed it to crux-2.3 .. I sync with 2.3 YFYI14:25
tilmanryuo: i don't know of any compiler optimization flag that changes the ABI of a library/so, so a change of optimization flags does not require a full toolchain rebuild14:25
treach"-m 64" ? :p14:26
tilmanand my personal experience supports that... i'm often running debug builds of x or other stuff14:26
* Romster slaps treach 14:28
Romsterthat one is obvious <<14:28
* tilman joins the slapping14:28
* treach kicks Romster in the crouch14:28
tilmanDo you mean "crotch"?14:29
RomsterteK, i sync with 2.4 so?14:29
* tilman hides14:29
teK2.3's dhcp is outdated, too14:29
treachtilman: shh, I'm trying to type so Romster understands14:29
Romsterhaha treach14:29
RomsterteK, go and bug prologic maybe he'll go though all his ports then..14:30
*** sepen has joined #crux14:30
teKI do it everytime I see him in here ;)14:30
ryuoRomster: I feel like giving up on the non-functional apps of rox for now.14:31
tilmanteK: sure, nobody cares about 2.3 now14:33
teKas far dhcp is concerned, 2.4 == 2.314:35
Romsterryuo, if you like jsut keep the packages you've made so either you or i or someone can try again.14:36
ryuoi didnt make any14:36
teKoh well14:36
Romsterryuo, l14:36
teKI will take it all back.. d'oh14:36
ryuoI was trying to get them functional as a normal user first14:36
ryuoto see if they would even run14:36
ryuosince they are essentially executed from a directory in rox14:37
teKdhcp in 2.4 is uptodate, sorry14:38
tilmanmake up your mind! ;)14:38
teKyes, opt is not contrib...14:39
teKbut forget about it14:39
teKit's broken. my last word. I'm out.14:50
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ryuorecompiling pygtk with its dependencies updated15:00
ryuomaybe this will help15:00
*** ryuo has quit IRC15:02
*** ryuo has joined #crux15:03
ryuono change :(15:04
* ryuo faints.15:17
ryuoits so simple... I feel stupid15:17
RyoSshere the wisdom15:18
ryuothere was a corrupt that caused it to crashg.15:18
ryuoI removed it and it works just fine now o_o15:18
treach*share* (probaly :o) )15:19
ryuoit was .DirIcon15:19
ryuoi think its the icon that the program is supposed to use15:19
ryuobut it seems to be corrupted in these versions15:19
RyoStreach: thanks :P15:19
treachI assumed that. :P15:19
ryuoO RLY?15:19
ryuoit seems its croaking on svg icons...15:21
ryuois there some library i need to install for those15:21
treachwell, at least he didn't tell you to "shear" it. :P15:21
*** Viper_ has quit IRC15:51
Romsterryuo, i'm doing that now nearly done updating pygtk15:53
ryuoRomster, i fixed it :)15:58
Romsteri'm still updating though <<15:58
Romsterbut good you found it but now why <<15:59
ryuoahh crap...15:59
Romsterlibsvg or something you missing?15:59
ryuoit keeps complaining about svg files not being a recognize file format or something15:59
ryuoGError: Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/home/ryuo/Volume/images/stock_volume-mute.svg'16:00
ryuoi got ripper working16:00
ryuoany idea what i need to do, Romster?16:00
ryuoman i hate svg... its such a wierd format16:01
treachwhat to do? Repent, and join the ubuntu using masses.16:02
* treach takes cover16:02
prologicI still haven't switched to 2.4 :/16:02
* ryuo pelts treach with rocks.16:02
ryuoso do it?16:03
prologichaven'tf ound the time yet16:03
prologicI'll plan for this weekend16:03
ryuo... it is the weekend...16:04
Romsterit's monday here now.16:06
Romsterprologic, and i are in australia.16:06
ryuoah foudn the fix16:13
ryuoyou just have to compile gdk-pixbuf16:13
ryuo... meh16:15
Romsterbut that's only for gtk116:20
Romsterand gtk2 has that in the package.16:20
Romsterfor v216:21
ryuoguessn ot16:28
ryuoits still not working16:28
ryuoso i have to install librsvg?16:28
ryuoi compiled it without all the gnome stuff and it still doesnt work16:29
ryuoi even tried recompiling pygtk and its buddies but no go16:29
ryuomaybe i need to recompile gtk?16:29
ryuoi'll try that16:30
Romsteri doubt it?16:31
ryuowhy not?16:31
Romsterrun revdep over your system if you think you got problems.16:31
*** ryuo has quit IRC16:31
Romsteri guess you can't waste anymore time trying.16:31
*** ryuo has joined #crux16:31
ryuoctrl+alt+backspace :/16:31
Romsteryou silly billy why did you do that for.16:33
Romsteri guess you can't waste anymore time trying to recompile gtk.16:33
ryuoi'll recompile them if it fixes it, great, if not i need to try something else16:33
ryuoi noticed gtk, etc, depends on png/jpeg, so i figure it might also take into account librsvg16:34
ryuoif its present16:34
Romsterinstall librsvg then recompile gtk to add in support, that makes sense.16:34
ryuothats what i'm doing16:35
ryuorecompiling the pygtk bindings too16:35
ryuoto make sure it has a chance to work16:35
Romsteri did all them alot were otu of date.16:35
ryuoi recompile glib and gtk both16:35
Romsterif you see your notice.16:35
Romsteri sent you.16:35
ryuoi think gdk pixbuf for gtk2 is integrated into it16:35
Romsteryeah gtk-pixbuf for gtk2 is intergrated16:36
Romsterwhich is why i said why do you need that, it's only gtk1 that didn't have it intergrated.16:36
ryuoi didnt notice that =p16:36
Romsterhmm maybe i should add a note about that in a readme.16:37
ryuoif this fixes it, we should add a notice to the effected ports16:37
ryuothat gtk needs to be compiled with librsvg16:37
ryuoi compiled librsvg without all its gnome depends since16:37
ryuoit doesnt really need it16:37
ryuoi still wonder why they didnt just use png for files...16:37
ryuosvg is kinda icky16:38
ryuoif this works, i should also recompile gimp16:38
ryuowierd thing is16:38
ryuoI remember firefox being able to read them16:38
treachmakes a huge difference if you're packing one set of icons or 4..16:38
ryuobut it can be a pain to16:39
ryuoread them16:39
nipuLyou don't need to recomile gtk for librsvg support16:39
ryuoyou don't?16:39
nipuLgdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders16:40
nipuLafter you install librsvg16:40
Romsterhmm gtk uses cairo so i might need to rebuild gtk now..16:41
Romsterryuo, i have librsvg in my private repo witout all of gnome.16:41
ryuoit was in the post install for it16:41
ryuoand.. its functional now16:42
ryuoRomster: we should add our own librsvg port thats been stripped down of all-gnome depends16:42
ryuofor rox16:42
Romsterryuo, already done look in mt romster repo.16:43
ryuomind if we put these in your port, Romster?16:43
ryuoits fixed ^_^16:44
ryuoits all working now16:44
ryuotime to write ports16:45
nipuLi have a stripped down librsvg...for rox16:45
Romsterhah add in librsvg, i should throw that in contrib i think16:45
ryuoMusicBox'll need some works16:45
RomsternipuL, i got a striped down one too.16:45
ryuoit doesnt matter what we use16:45
ryuojust need one16:45
Romsterseems everyone is duplicationg ports.16:45
nipuLi have a rox repo16:45
ryuoAll of them?16:46
nipuLlots of stripped down version of ports16:46
ryuothere is not a complete rox port on the website16:46
nipuLwell, a couple16:46
Romsterthen why is it not on the portdb16:46
ryuowe're working on porting as many apps from rox as we can16:46
*** boe has quit IRC16:46
nipuLbecause i'm incredibly lazy16:47
RomsternipuL, url to repo..16:47
nipuLand there a probably some multiarch ports in there16:47
Romsterwould save us alot of time.16:47
ryuoRomster: lets just proceed with our plans16:47
Romsterah we can strip them16:47
ryuoi already have a decent # of ports ready16:47
Romsterseems silly to do work when someone has already.16:47
ryuofine i'll do this myself...16:48
nipuLsome are out of date, i've been away for 3 weeks16:48
Romsterwhat? i didn't say i wouldn't, i ment was we could use what nipuL has done that you haven't orted yet.16:48
ryuothats really wierd16:49
ryuoin xorg, my num lock/caps lock/scroll lock lights dont work but on the virtual consoles it does16:49
*** onestep has quit IRC16:50
nipuLit's a known bug16:50
Romsterthey work for me.16:50
nipuLthat's going to be "fixed real soon"16:50
Romsteri fixed that.16:50
Romsteragain in my xorg repo.16:50
ryuoRomster, it would seem the Volumer control panel app is having issues when i try to dock it on my panel16:51
nipuLthe patches are out there, so i guess tilman is waiting until a release16:51
ryuoit complains because my alsa device is non-standard16:51
ryuoit doesn't have a "master" channel16:51
ryuowell i bet it still works for most people16:51
Romsteryou might like that nipuL16:51
nipuLwhat does that do?16:52
Romsterfix a version string they forgot to update for the 2.0.5 release16:52
Romsterelse it reports that 2.0.5 as 2.0.416:52
Romsterlook in there gitweb if you need proof.16:53
Romsterguess you wont accept or your dcc is broken.16:54
nipuLi'm in a rush to get to work16:54
nipuL55 minutes late16:54
Romsterthats not good.16:55
Romsterwell i'm crusing off now too down the street.16:55
Romsteri'll bbl16:55
*** concorr has quit IRC16:56
ryuofinished with Volume and Ripper16:56
Romsterryuo, start up a hg repo hg init, and add in your ports i'll get a portsdb and page for it.16:56
ryuohg repo?16:56
* ryuo boggles.16:56
Romsterso we have a rox repo.16:56
ryuoi don't understand entirely16:56
ryuo"hg repo hg init"16:57
Romsterto version16:57
ryuoi'll just ready these ports for use16:57
ryuoif thats what you mean16:57
Romsterinstall mercurial, in the rox directory of them ports, hg init, hg add directory, hg ci -m port: inital commit"16:58
treachRomster: had enough of git? :D16:58
Romsterand when i get my end done you can push to it.16:58
Romsteri use hg for everything of mine git is a bitch of a program.16:58
ryuoi'll work on it once i'm happy with the state of my ports16:58
Romsterryuo, k16:59
ryuonow i need to work on the deps of musicbox16:59
sepenhere using subversion16:59
ryuoits a bit more complicated16:59
ryuoVolume required pyalsaaudio, a port I completed16:59
Romsteri was on subverison but i moved to mercurial16:59
sepenI think Ill move to git17:00
Romsterryuo, cool, i'll check these ports you sent me soonish for dependencys etc.17:00
ryuoRomster, the ones i sent you are out of date17:00
Romstersepen, if you wanna mess with that.17:00
ryuoi'll send you my draft for today later17:00
ryuoonce i seperate the rox stuff from my personal ports17:00
Romsteri'm off now catch ya in a hour or so.17:01
*** discomaxus has quit IRC17:24
*** treach has quit IRC17:40
*** schniggie has quit IRC18:08
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:08
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:18
*** schniggie has joined #crux18:20
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:26
ryuomusicbox is comng together18:32
ryuoi've ported all the python bindings it needs for all optional playback18:33
sepenmy own irc log for the crux-es channel
Romsterif only i could understand <<18:53
sepensee data function18:53
sepenI write a little way to get old logs18:53
sepenby picking directly the day you want18:54
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
ryuothat should do it19:21
ryuofor now19:21
ryuoi'm sick of porting for today :p19:22
*** sepen has quit IRC19:23
Romsterryuo, started a rox repo send me what you got and i'll add it and get it listed in portsdb too.19:24
ryuocare to review it first?19:24
Romsterand i'll get you access to it too.19:24
Romsteri'll look over before commiting.19:25
ryuoi count 19 ports so far19:25
ryuothat includes libraries that were needed but not in the main ports19:25
Romsterthat's cool i might throw a few in contrib if there of value. or jsut leve them in rox.19:26
Romsteri'll send a email to get rox listed in portsdb <<19:26
ryuok i got it ready19:26
ryuotime to configure xchat for dcc19:26
Romsterjsut set the bind address and port range is what i did.19:27
ryuodid it work19:28
Romsterconnect but no transfer.19:29
Romsterah you didn't set the port range to what your firewall allows?19:29
ryuotry again'19:30
Romsterdcc ip and port range i've set.19:30
Romstergot it.19:30
ryuofor musicbox, i ported a bunch of ...19:31
ryuopython bindings for various audio stuff19:31
ryuocouldnt get it to play regular files... you probably have to feed it precreated playlist formats19:34
ryuoi kinda consider it too limited to be of use as an audio player for me19:36
ryuobut for someone its sure to be of use19:36
ryuoif all you use is mp3, wav, and ogg :p19:36
Romsteri guess we jsut port everying of rox so the repo is complete.19:36
Romsterthat and flac support would be nice.19:36
ryuoflac support is broken in it19:36
Romsterhope they fix that.19:37
ryuoyou can try to compile its python binding for flac... but dont get your hopes up19:37
ryuoi think you need an old version of flac for it to work19:37
Romsteri'll have a try.19:37
Romsterah it be that, i think i know the issue.19:38
Romsternewer flac had a API change.19:38
ryuoyou also need a specific program to compile it19:38
ryuosomething called swig19:38
ryuoRipper includes its own python version of cddb for support19:40
Romsterah i got swig.19:41
ryuoROX-MAME is interesting...19:43
ryuobut its still merely a frontend19:43
Romsteryeah might be good i got no mame roms though.19:44
Romsteri got other roms.19:44
ryuobonkenc... ah this program is a classic19:45
ryuoi remember it from back when i used windows =p19:45
ryuotoo bad it has no linux port19:46
ryuoit does provide the source...19:46
Romsterrun it in wine, the source be good but i arn't that expeareanced.19:47
ryuoyea... i didnt bother with source code on windows19:47
ryuoit was too much trouble to compile anything19:47
Romsterwhat line do you want me to add for you as a packager?19:48
ryuocheck your query(s)19:48
ryuois this a good start?19:49
ryuoyou think?19:49
ryuosome things are not worth porting, mainly OroboROX19:49
ryuoits too buggy19:49
Romsterjsut do the good stuff for now and we can pick the rest maybe if we are bored if too buggy i'd skip it.19:49
ryuomaybe you can get the "System" program to work19:50
ryuoi installed its libgtop req and19:50
ryuoit crashed when i tried to start it19:50
Romsterwould have to look at it's errors to find otu what happend run it from a term.19:51
ryuoi did19:51
ryuoit spit out a backtrace19:51
ryuoand i stopped there :p19:51
ryuoi figure "if its not working right now, **** it for now"19:51
ryuothe ripper app i like19:53
ryuowe may wanna port rox-term...19:53
ryuobut eh19:53
ryuoits based off vte19:53
Romsterah dunno.19:54
Romsterthre is alot of terms now.19:54
ryuotheres probably as many terms as there are wms :p19:54
Romsterlol yeah19:55
ryuoi've kinda found x86 to be the best choice for linux...19:56
ryuothe only arch with the highest compatibility level for apps19:56
ryuounder linux19:56
ryuo(especially if you deal with binary only packages*19:57
ryuoisn't it kinda funny? if you want to try out SkyOS, you have to pay then 29 euros for the "privelege" of helping them beta test :p19:59
Romsterhmm i might get a email address made, rox at shortcircuit dot net dot au for the repo so we and who ever else that may pitch in on the rox repo can jump on board.19:59
ryuoi started my descent into FOSS when i started using only free software(first costing nothing)20:01
ryuostuff like winamp, irfanview, etc.20:01
Romsteri like how i can do alot of things and it don't cost a cent20:02
ryuoi avoided the software that was riddled with spyware :p20:02
Romsterand how ya can pipe and batch stuff.20:02
ryuoor bash it :P20:02
Romsteror bash.20:02
* ryuo bashes this script.20:02
ryuoi bet bash stands for20:02
ryuobasic administration shell20:02
Romsterthe power of simple programs that do  one thing and one thing well and can be used to a pipe for in and out-put20:03
Romsterhmm maybe i never did think of looking that up20:03
ryuosh is obviously shell20:03
ryuoBourne-again shell20:04
ryuothats what its called?20:04
Romsterah yes..20:04
Romsterthat's the one.20:04
ryuoi thought i had it :p20:04
ryuoi like trying to guess what it stands for usually20:04
ryuosome arent even acronyms20:05
ryuopidgin sure isnt20:05
Romsteri wanna switch to ash or someting smaller for scripts and ony use bash where it's needed.20:05
ryuolike busybox?20:05
Romsteri guess busybox is ment to keep ya busy <<20:07
Romsteri haven't tryed it.20:07
Romsteri'm starting to think libsvg isn't maintained anymore..20:07
Romsterlooks like librsvg is the go for everything?20:08
Romstercairo removed there page but it's still in there svn20:08
*** sepen has joined #crux20:14
*** sepen has quit IRC20:15
Romsterodd how they name the versions.20:34
*** slyson has quit IRC22:01
*** haole has joined #crux22:05
haoleim having troubles with some avi movie files... they got perfect sound, but the image gets a little glitched, and i don't know how to find out wich codec is the right one22:06
haolecan anybody help me?22:06
ryuowhat player?22:09
haoleryuo, im using mplayer22:17
ryuodid you try installing the pack of wincodecs?22:17
haoleryuo, i wanted to use totem with gstreamer, but i can't get it to work with AC3... i get no sound in it for most movies22:17
haoleryuo, yes, i did22:18
ryuooh... i only have experience using plain mplayer22:18
ryuo<3 libdvdcss =p22:18
haoleim using it too, and the problems occur there22:18
haoleok, gonna try that22:18
ryuothat doenst effect this22:18
ryuoit only allows you to decrypt dvds22:18
haoleoh, sorry22:19
haoledidn't stop to think :D22:19
haolethe name of the file suggests that it is encoded with AC3 codec22:19
haolewich, in crux (i believe) is installed through liba52 package22:19
ryuoi wonder how many people actually use the framebuffer on x8622:20
haolei just removed liba52 and the movie runs just as the same: with sound, but with glitches22:21
haoleso, it doesn't affect it... im lost :)22:22
ryuoi wonder when wine will hit 1.022:23
ryuoi bet it'll still be years from now22:23
ryuooui the irony22:25
haolei removed win32-essential-codecs and the movie still runs in mplayer, with the same problemas as before!!!22:25
haolehow do i know wich codecs are available for mplayer and wich codecs my movie need?22:25
Romsterhaole, run "file foo.avi"22:35
Romsterit'll say what video codec it uses.22:35
Romstermplayer --help22:35
Romsterthere is a command to list what it can play alternitively install xine-ui22:36
haoleRomster, ok, gonna try now22:37
Romsterryuo, when i get it set. still reviewing and adding.22:37
haolevideo: XviD22:37
haoledamn! im almost sure i can run other xvid files22:37
haolegonna check...22:37
Romsterhah install libxvid then.22:37
haoleit's already installed22:38
Romstermight be a difeerent xvid codec version?22:38
Romsterthere is a legacy one too some programs don't work on the new one yet22:38
haoleis there a package in the repo for it?22:39
haolecause i tested now, and i run other xvid videos as well with no problems22:39
Romsterdoh got xine on the mind..22:39
haoleprt-get search only gives me libxvid22:40
Romsteri could of swore i added a legacy version hrmm..22:42
Romsterah that was libdivx-legacy22:44
Romstersorry i got myself confused.22:44
*** haole has quit IRC22:50
SiFuhi think that's easy right?23:02
* SiFuh runs 23:02
* Romster swats SiFuh 23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
SiFuhRomster: check this23:08
SiFuhthey translate the town name to english characters.. even change the arrows :-P23:08
SiFuhi want to go to syria, russia, lebanon, bosnia and mongolia23:10
Romstersyria a person thought it was a state or country <<23:20
SiFuhalright don't have a complex23:28
SiFuhecho syria | sed s^syria^syrian^g23:29

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