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namenlosperl 5.10 has some nice new modules: Log::Message and File::Fetch03:53
prologicso ? :)03:54
prologicI hate perl03:54
prologicalmost as much as php03:54
sepenprologic, why?03:54
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namenlosi would like to hear your reasoning.03:57
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SiFuhbecause perl has ugly code05:01
namenlosthis absolutely depends on the developer writing the code.05:06
sepenperl is a write only language05:12
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SiFuh_damned internode09:21
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SiFuh_"you just killed a helicopter with a car.." "I was out of bullets"11:03
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tilmantri: no, there's no pam support planned for crux11:58
tilmantri: it came up a few times before, but it doesn't look like anyone cares enough11:58
triI have created a new pam and shadow package - so for me it is working right now12:00
triI might setup a httpup to share my package, so if somebody needs them he can just prt-get ... :-)12:01
tilmansounds good :)12:01
jaegerI remember someone in the past railing against pam as bloated, etc... don't remember who it was12:01
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trithe reason why I use it now is because I played a bit with the "thinkfinger" ( and this needs pam :-)12:04
jaegerI personally don't care, as long as things work12:07
rehabdollpam is not "kiss" imo12:09
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Romstertri, feel free to make a repo maybe others might try it.13:45
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ryuohrm the master list of all known window managers is great13:49
ryuoeven more comprehensive than xwinman.org13:49
Romsterrox is about to be listed on there too.13:53
Romsteri eman on the portdb got the repo setup, i gotta finish off comitting.13:53
Romsterbut i also got a site to get done.13:54
ryuoi bet xmms would still be popular if they worked on a new series based on gtk2 themselves =/14:48
thrice`ryuo: where is the master list?14:49
treachwell, there's audacious, or bmpx(?)14:49
ryuoi konw14:49
ryuobut it would have been nice if...14:50
treachbut who needs those, when there's cmus? :P14:50
thrice`or mpd14:50
ryuoi wish i could find another WM with...14:52
ryuothe kind of featres i like from pekwm14:52
ryuoi'm finding pekwm's themes to be a bit too limited for my tastes :/14:52
Rotwang ryuo: try awesome14:52
treachdwm/ratpoison ftw. :)14:52
ryuoRotwang: does it support windows grouped/tabbed together? does it support autosetting of window settings when they startup?14:53
Rotwangawesome is tiled wm, i dont know/'newer used' autosetting of window settings when they startup14:54
treachcool, it seems to be an dwm offspring.14:55
treachsome part saner, some part worse. :/14:56
treach"Customized through editing a configuration file"  \o/ Yayness.14:57
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thrice`haha, "screen" is on the list14:59
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thrice`er, some of sip's ports are a bit behind :|15:21
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treachguess we've lost him. :(15:46
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concorrhi all15:47
thrice`treach: oh?15:52
treachhaven't seen him in a long time. People becoming more and more absent + letting their ports dilapidate is usually not good signs.15:53
thrice`indeed not15:53
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thrice`sorta where my question was leading, indirectly :-)15:55
thrice`er, wondering15:55
ryuoRomster, how goes the port?16:17
Romsterit's on hold untill i finish this site off got 2 days todo it, not alot todo now.16:20
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:12
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haolehey there... i still can't get a working /dev/dsp for me to use with programs that need it20:59
haoledon't know if it is a kernel issue, or another thing... can someone help me?20:59
ryuohaole: can't you just redirect them to "default"?21:00
haolethe program that i miss sound the most is xmame21:01
haoleit is the best emulator available... the other are really old and buggy21:01
andarius/dev/dsp is an oss thing if i recall21:01
haolei know, and i thought that there was a kernel option for alsa to emulate it21:02
haolebut i can't find it anymore21:02
andariusthere is, under sound and alsa :)21:02
haolegonna look again..21:03
haoledamn, those protestant priests are annoying... they conquered late at night tv programs21:04
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haoleandarius, i have the option OSS Mixer Api compiled as a module, and the module snd_mixer_oss is loaded21:05
andariusloaded the modules?21:07
haoleall loaded21:07
andariusyou hwill have to forgive me, my kid is on the phone :)21:08
haolelol, this is not an emergency... please, don't pay attention to me :D21:09
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Romstercheck your kernal config i have a working oss21:14
Romsteralsa-lib 1.0.15-1 alsa-oss 1.0.15-1 alsa-utils 1.0.15-121:15
Romsteris installed too.21:15
haoleif i create the device manually, it works... but /dev/dsp doesn't get created automatically21:15
haolei don't have alsa-oss installed :(21:15
Romsteryou may wanna install it <<21:17
Romsternot sure if i really need that21:17
Romsterbut it's there and i haven't tryed without.21:18
jaeger /dev/dsp is an oss device, you'll need it if you want that21:20
Romsteryeah he can create it but it won't make itself i'm guessing config or that he really does need alsa-oss21:23
ryuoRomster: if alsa emulates oss, will it still eat up the sound so only it can use it?21:25
ryuothats one of the things i hate about oss21:26
Romsternot sure..21:26
Romsteri only have a handful of oss programs and skype is the one i use the msot but that's on another sound card.21:26
Romstersince i could enver get the mic to work in alsa on that.21:26
ryuoskype makes sense21:27
ryuowould you want your music to get into your conversations? =p21:27
Romsternope that's why onboard sound card is on my headset and i have a soundblaster for my hifi.21:27
Romsterideal setup21:27
ryuomy onboard chipset is pretty decent21:28
ryuosome onboard devices aren't half bad21:28
Romsterand i got a matching asound.conf seting default for my sundbalster and headphone for the onboard sound to my headset.21:28
ryuothey free up pci slots for other things ^_^21:28
Romsterheh bog standared ac9721:28
ryuothough the worst if any would be...21:29
ryuoonboard video21:29
ryuojust fine if you dont need anything beyond it =p21:29
Romstereww on board video sucks except for servers.21:29
ryuoRomster: its fine for people who dont need intense graphics21:29
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Romsterdosn't suit my habbits though.21:29
ryuoATI may become the graphics card of choice if anything comes of their "open source" efforts21:29
ryuofor linux that is21:30
ryuoat the very least it might give the open source ATI drivers a way to write better drivers21:31
ryuoRomster: I'm already finding pekwm's limitations compared to fvwm21:32
ryuomainly its the titlebar21:33
ryuothe only way i can see it being possible to extend its appearance might be...21:33
ryuofake buttons21:33
ryuobuttons that don't do anything, just show a window decor21:33
Romstermaybe it wouldn't be too hard to hack the code.21:33
ryuoyou can set pixmaps to tiled or scaled21:34
ryuoi wanted to port microgui21:34
ryuobut its titlebar is special and doesnt work with21:34
ryuothe theme rules of pekwm21:34
ryuoit would with fvwm since21:34
ryuofvwm can break up the titlebar into pixmap segments21:34
ryuoheck, stretch might work better than scaled21:35
ryuoscaled worked to a certain extent, but boy was it UGLY21:35
ryuoit distorted a certain part of the image21:35
ryuoi wonder fi theres any lighter web browsers out there21:36
Romsteronly opera21:42
Romsterrelaly or maybe dillo21:42
Romster has a list of the msot common.21:43
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haoledamn! i recompiled my kernel and my compiz stoped working21:46
haolei don`t get the connection between this two actions... i reinstalled my nvidia drivers after the kernel compilation21:46
andariusati or nvidia driver in use?21:50
andariusoops, sorry i am slow tonight :(21:50
haolei`ll try to log the output, now21:55
haoleit probably will freeze and i will get out of the channel ?D21:56
haolepay attention! here i go!! :D21:56
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haoleman, my crux is falling apart21:58
haolei just recompiled the kernel21:58
haolenow my compiz won`t work and my keyboard won`t configure under xorg21:58
thrice`oh no :(21:58
haoleit gives me some strange error and i don`t get the configuration for my model (abnt2)21:58
haolei just wanna understand what i did wrong, and what do i need to learn to fix this and to never let it happen again :D21:59
haolecan someone give me directions on both issues??22:01
haolei can`t get a log for the compiz crash... it justs make xorg restart22:01
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andariusnight all22:20
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haolecan someone help me with compiz? mine stopped working after a kernel recompile22:37
Romsterbinary video driver?22:38
Romstergl-select xorg; gl-select (nvidia|ati)22:39
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haoleRomster, that did it22:42
haolewhy do i need to do that after a kernel recompile?22:42
Romsterduno binary driver is fun..22:43
haoleand what does gl-select do?22:43
Romsterand after xorg-server and mesa3d updates too.22:43
Romsterswitch the symlinks between xorg dvideo drivers and the binary video driver.22:43
haolemy xorg-server is a mistery... i wanted to upgrade it, so i can patch it and get my keyboard leds back22:43
haolebut when i compile xorg-server in my system (not the one from the cd), my keyboard module doesn't get installed properly22:44
haoleand i can't load my keyboard settings at all22:44
Romstertry that.22:44
haoleso, i have to choose: keyboard leds (version from the repositories) or keyboard configuration (cdrom)22:44
treachpost install scripts?22:44
Romsteri'm on that one.22:44
Romsterah that too maybe..22:44
haolehum... gonna try22:45
treachhaole: Not sure if that applies to your current problems, but _always_ make sure you run any eventual postinstall scripts.22:46
haolei looked at the xorg-server ports and it doesn't seem to have any post-install script22:47
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Toshihmm, I just updated to Crux 2.4 did sysup to the latest packages and eclipse doesn't run22:50
*** jaeger sets mode: -b *!*n=treach@unaffiliated/treach22:50
ToshiI'm going to look into a little bit, anyone see this?22:50
Romstertreach, wtf...22:52
treachRomster: always check if your finds are going to give a reasonable amount of output _before_ sending it to channel. :P22:53
Romsteryeah really..22:53
ryuotreach, the spammer. :o22:53
treachsorry, it's 05:54 here and I haven't sleept, so I'm not thinking that well atm.22:53
jaegernot that big a deal22:54
treachryuo: as the n00b you are here, I'd be careful with such epitets if I were you.22:54
ryuoepitet isnt even a word...22:56
treachit isn't?22:56
ryuowebster doesnt recognize it22:56
treachk, it's not a word in english, then.22:56
treachah. ok.22:57
treachno "h" in the swedish variant. :)22:57
treachk, rommy, going to print it, put it in a frame and nail it to the wall? :p22:58
haoleRomster, im trying to compile your xorg-server package, but i get the following error:22:59
Romsteronly sweedish words i know is fica <<22:59
haoleNo package 'printproto' found22:59
haolethis happens at configure time22:59
haolewich package am i missing?22:59
treachRomster: "swedish" and I presume the word is "fika".22:59
Toshihaole: printproto probably22:59
Toshiif you go to the main site you can search the repos for missing packages23:00
haoleToshi, yeah, i thought about that, but there isn't a CRUX package with that name23:00
Romsterfica is coffee and cake, fika is pussy <<23:00
haoleand there are a lot of packages with proto in the name23:00
treachRomster: No..23:00
jaegermight be the removed libxp23:00
Toshiyou might hvae to create your own package then23:00
treachRomster: belive me, you're misinformed.23:00
Romsterand by a bunch of sweeds too.23:00
haolei installed xorg without the post installation scrips23:01
haolewhich is the best way to fix this mess? :D23:01
Romsterthat's odd it's removed but i have it installed.23:02
Romstermeh.. more looking into later23:02
haoleRomster, no problem :)23:02
haolegonna try the repository version with the post script installation, but i don't know how to reinstall its deps as well with --post-install23:02
Romsterprt-get update -fr --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`23:03
treachhaole: just set prt-get to always run the post-install scripts. It'll save you a lot of headaches.23:04
haoletreach, how do i do that? prt-get.conf?23:04
Romsterbut that is over kill remove the -fr if you wanna jsut run the install scripts and refresh from built packages if there already built.23:04
haoleok, did it :D23:04
Romstereh might be wise i do that too23:05
Romsterbut i know what needs it.23:05
haolebut how do i fix the mess, now?23:05
haolehow do i reinstall xorg? :(23:05
treachdo what Romster said. It's probably a bit over the top, but it should work.23:05
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haolesorry, i missed his response23:07
Romsterprt-get update -fr --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`23:07
treachman, slacking off with the sysups really comes back to bite you. :(23:07
Romsterit's a sure bet it'll work but it is over the top23:08
Romsteryeah it does.23:08
haolethat's the beauty of crux: it doesn't lie to you :D23:08
haolewhen things are complicated, crux won't protect you23:08
treachI know. It's just that I haven't used my laptop for a while, so I've fallen a bit behind.23:10
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Toshisomething in the xorg-server patch file that causes eclipse to crash23:20
Toshixorg just released a new patch for it xorg-xserver-1.4-multiple-overflows-v2.diff23:26
haolewhat is xgl?23:28
treach@google xgl23:30
clbtreach: Search took 0.15 seconds: Linux Xgl by Novell: <>; Cool Solutions: Xgl on SUSE 10.1 for Gnome and KDE with NVidia ...: <>; Xgl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; YouTube - Xgl Demo: <>; YouTube - XGL: (1 more message)23:30
haoletreach, i was doing that while i asked here :D23:34
haolelooks like a battle between novell and redhat23:34
haolexgl vs aiglx23:34
haolenever used xgl... im curious23:34
haoleis it faster? more stable? :D23:34
treachxgl is a waste of time.23:35
treachwtf.. is iso8859-1 going out of style that quickly..?23:37
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