IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-01-22

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* Romster rebuilds xorg-server00:18
Romsterwith new patch.00:18
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Toshihalf of your repo is jumpnbump00:44
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Romsteryeah i've been thnking of moving that. or compacting it...00:53
Romstermsot of my good stuff is moved to contrib.00:53
ToshiI might have to check that out00:53
Romsterit isn't single player ia the only catch.00:54
Toshijust redid my laptop with crux 2.4, feeling nice and clean now00:56
Romsterrejmerge too <<01:01
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SiFuh_ahhh cool01:18
SiFuh_i still have a working copy of  crux  0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3, 0.1, 1.1 and 1.201:20
SiFuh_and crux 0.9.4 on mini cd01:21
SiFuh_probably wont work though.. bit of corosion01:21
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namenloshm, is a bash mage here?02:36
namenlosi have some folders in a directory with names containing ' '. now i want to rename them to names where ' '  is converted to '_'. anyone got an idea?02:37
teK[tek@archer][~/foo]% touch hello\ world02:47
teK[tek@archer][~/foo]% ls02:47
teKhello\ world02:47
teK[tek@archer][~/foo]% for i in *;do mv "$i" `echo "$i" | sed -e 's/ /_/g'`;done02:47
teK[tek@archer][~/foo]% ls02:47
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teKmaybe ..;do mv "$i" "`echo "$i" | sed -e 's/ /_/g'`";..02:52
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namenlosteK: somehow this doesn't work here, since for goes for words02:59
namenlossorry, it worked...03:00
namenlosin the meantime i have also written a perl script doing that ;)03:01
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* surrounder waves04:35
surrounderhi peeps!04:35
Romsternamenlos, still need some help with bash i'm quite proficcent at.04:40
Romsterhi surrounder04:40
namenlosRomster: no, thanks, already solved.04:42
TRIBBhmm .. guys in #php isnt very talkative ...04:51
TRIBBanybody here know about using the ftp functions in php ?04:51
Romsteri haven't been in there for ages.04:51
Romsteri've used php but i'm rusty, what's the issue?04:52
TRIBBit doesnt work04:52
TRIBBi compile php with the --enable-ftp04:52
TRIBBand the phpinfo() says its enabled04:52
TRIBBbut still i get a error saying the ftp_connect() is a undefined function04:53
TRIBBand that i cant seem to understand04:53
Romsterstrange. you runing in cgi or as module?04:53
TRIBBphpinfo is at
namenlosTRIBB: i get a 404 for that url04:59
TRIBBmy err05:00
Romsterhmm TRIBB is the function int eh ersion you use
Romsterhmm --enable-shared=no ?05:01
Romsterwhy isn't it shared?05:01
TRIBBshould it be ?05:02
TRIBBshared to what?05:02
Romstershared as in shared modules that only get loaded when needed.05:12
Romsterhmm did you just update curl and maybe not recompile mod_php and restart apache?05:13
RomsterTRIBB, ^05:20
sepenuajajai! goonies ported
Romsterwhat game is that?05:23
sepenrelated to goonies the film05:24
Romsteri gathered that much.05:25
Romsteri used to watch that show.05:25
sepennow its available on my repo05:25
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TRIBBRomster: didnt update curl ... i recompiled php, and restarted apache06:04
Romsterany diference?06:04
TRIBBRomster: nope .. thats what i did before i came for help ...06:05
Romsterdamn it..06:05
TRIBBand php sees the --enable-ftp option as set06:05
Romsteri'm out of ideas.. us bftpd for ftp stuff? or is that not a option.06:05
TRIBBthats what i dont get06:05
TRIBBits not an option ...06:06
prologicwhat are you trying to d/06:07
prologicI missed it06:07
TRIBBprologic: trying to get ftp into php06:08
prologicuse php as an ftp client ?06:08
TRIBBuse the build in ftp functions06:08
prologicis this a web-based requirement ?06:08
TRIBBbut it fails06:09
TRIBBprologic: yes06:09
prologiccan't you use 'ftp' ? on the command line ?06:09
TRIBBi get a error saying the ftp_connect() is a undefined function06:09
TRIBBftp on the commandline works fine06:09
prologicah k06:09
prologicmod_php right ?06:10
TRIBBwhat i dont get is when php is compiled with --enable-ftp and phpinfo() tells me its enabled then WHY wont it work06:10
TRIBBprologic: nope ... real php :)06:10
TRIBBprologic http://saddlemenmc/test.php06:11
sepenprologic, can you build your amsn port?06:11
sepenit fails when tries to do a symlink06:11
prologicTRIBB, you are using mod_php right ?06:12
prologicphp is the cli version06:12
prologicsepen, I'll try - but I haven't switched to 2.4 yet - planned for this weekend06:12
TRIBBprologic: well ya it builds a module :)06:13
sepenok no problem06:13
sepenpedja, just a friendly report06:13
sepenpfff pedja not06:13
sepenprologic, xD06:13
prologicnps :)06:15
prologicsorry my ports are so out of date :)06:15
prologicwork keeps you busy!06:15
prologicso does one's gf/wife :)06:15
RedShiftprologic: pics06:15
RedShifthave we ever gotten pics of your girlfriend?06:15
RedShiftwe want them! :X06:15
prologicnext weekend :)06:16
prologicthey're all on my phone06:16
RedShiftnext weekend?06:16
RedShiftthat's too long06:16
RedShiftI'll have forgotten it by then06:16
TRIBBprologic: hmm ... looks like it helped to compile mod_php06:53
TRIBBinstead of php and using that module ...06:53
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Romstermod_php is alot better for apach imo.07:02
teKthe preferred way of running php/python/.. is fastcgi, right?07:03
Romsteri thought the prefered way was to use the module.07:28
Romsteri think the cgi way was prefered back in php3.07:29
thrice`prologic: gotta update ports FROM work...that's the secret :-)07:30
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Romsterhi predatorfreak07:31
predatorfreakRomster: Hi.07:31
thrice`predatorfreak: liking the weather?07:33
predatorfreakthrice`: In Michigan?07:33
predatorfreakFUCK NO.07:33
predatorfreakIt's freezing man!07:33
thrice`predatorfreak: I'm in Grand Rapids :-)07:34
predatorfreakthrice`: Well if you like the whether in this state.07:35
predatorfreakYou're crazy.07:35
thrice`it took 1.25 hours to drive 20 miles this morning to work o.O07:35
predatorfreakand we should get all the CRUX users in Michigan together and start a LUG.07:35
TRIBBthrice`: got snow ?07:37
thrice`I think it'd be just us07:37
predatorfreakthrice`: Yeah, probably.07:37
thrice`TRIBB: a bit07:37
predatorfreakthrice`: Oh well, we can sit around and be like "So..... kill anyone lately?"07:37
TRIBBthrice`: just since: <thrice`>  it took 1.25 hours to drive 20 miles this morning to work o.O07:38
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Romsterthrice`, that's a slow trip.07:38
predatorfreakRomster: Pfft, this is MICHIGAN!07:39
predatorfreakRomster: In my area it's worse.07:39
predatorfreakIt takes 4 hours to go 5 miles at times.07:39
Romsteryou could walk faster in that case.07:40
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.07:40
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Romsteralthough i'd think you'd freeze.07:44
predatorfreakRomster: I do not freeze, I merely turn into ice.07:47
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rpeterI've found a mistake in pinentry's Pkgfile in opt collection13:27
ToshiI've found that the maintainers are pretty responsive, just shoot and email I'm sure it'll get fixed13:28
rpeterthere should be ftp instead of http in the row source13:28
rpeterand because of it it was failed to download the source13:29
ryuoMaintainer: HEY! that hurt :(13:29
rpeterand now I get a footprint mismatch, why?13:32
Toshiwhat did the mismatch say?13:33
rpetermissing  usr/bin/pinentry -> pinentry-curses13:33
rpeterand new  usr/bin/pinentry -> pinentry-gtk-2 and usr/bin/pinentry-qt13:34
rpeterI think I may install, don't?13:35
ryuorpeter: footprint mismatches aren't that uncommon. usually its because you had deps that the packager did not.13:36
ryuorpeter: or the footprint hasn't been updated13:36
Toshipinentry-curses maybe console client?13:36
ryuorpeter: is ncurses installe13:37
prologicthrice`, if I could I would13:37
rpeterI've done it by hand13:37
prologicthrice`, work's network is so restricted it's not funny :/13:37
prologichttp/https out only through a proxy13:37
prologicI have to use an AJAX Terminal (hosted on my web server here at home) just to shell back in to do anything useful :/13:37
prologicfuck'n sux13:37
thrice`RedShift: no harm, looks like it picked up that you have gtk instead of ncurses (probably takes that as preference)13:37
thrice`er, rpeter :)13:38
RedShiftyeah that highlight just cost you € 50,- excl. VAT13:38
thrice`do you know how much 50 EU costs me in $$ ?  :-(13:38
*** Rot is now known as Rotwang13:38
RedShift75 dollar or something13:39
Toshimight have to change the Pkgfile if that's the case13:39
ryuoboth your arms and legs?13:39
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rehabdolluhm, does anybody have any tips on virus protection on windows machines? :D14:38
ryuowhats this look like, windows tech support?14:38
Rotwangrehabdoll: install antivirus =]14:38
ryuoavast probably a good choice14:39
ryuodont forget antispyware14:39
rehabdollis it free (as in no cost)?14:39
ryuorehabdoll: free for home use14:39
RyoSthats the best one14:39
Rotwanghome version14:39
Rotwangis free14:39
ryuowhich is probably what you are using it for14:39
ryuoavg is another choice14:39
rehabdollhey! i take offense to that14:39
rehabdollits not for me damnit!14:39
ryuoavast i find more feature pakced though14:40
Toshiformat /s c:\14:41
Toshithere's a tip14:41
ryuoheres a better one14:41
rehabdollthanks, my sister appreciates it14:41
ryuoformat /s Toshi's face14:41
ToshiI was just kidding14:42
ryuoi wonder if zfs'll ever be ported to linux kernel14:43
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Toshilooks like zfs can't be ported to the linux kernel because of licensing issues14:51
treachwell, doh. Did you think SUN would let stuff go from Solaris to Linux? :>14:52
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ryuotreach: its the GNU license that says it cant be used14:56
ryuobecause of the license ZFS uses14:56
treachryuo: so? Whdy do you think SUN chose an incompatible license?14:56
treachDo you think it was an accident?14:56
* ryuo shrugs.14:56
treachLook, dude.14:56
treachLinux is eating Solaris alive in a lot of places. I don't really think SUN would like to give away any percieved advantages that easily.14:57
treachNot unless they decide to give up solaris entirely and concentrate on being a HW company.14:58
teKs/HW/HW and Database/ ;)14:58
treachMySQL? :P14:58
ryuoat least we have some file systems in linux from IBM and other places14:59
Toshiit's being ported to freebsd, so maybe you could try it out there14:59
treachryuo: so?14:59
ryuogives you something to use other than slow ext3?14:59
teKAIX is dead *hide*14:59
treachryuo: IBM have a very different view on software.14:59
treachteK is right. IBM really sees an oppertunity to get rid of their costly unix development15:00
treachThey want to sell HW/services.15:00
ryuodoesn't linux benefit from it to some extent?15:00
treachthey need something to replace AIX with.15:01
teKLinux has XFS. Where's the point?15:01
treachAnd if they can do that with some resource pooling effort like linux, so much better15:01
treachteK: with XFS? Who knows. :P15:01
Toshianyone in here have crux related wallpaper?15:03
teKsimone rota has some on his page15:04
treachmmh, there used to be some links on too.15:04
treachapparently they've gone MIA for some reason15:05
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rehabdollthe joker! :(16:09
Romstergee there fast on wikipedia
*** rpeter has left #crux16:12
Romsterhmm found pills near his body wonder if he OD16:14
rehabdolland the vandals are fast16:16
*** haole has joined #crux16:16
Romsterbloody hell O_o16:19
Romsterwell that got removed fast.16:20
Romstergrr to the fuck that did that. ought to be shot.16:20
haolehey there, guys... the gimp package from the repository has the wrong footprint :)16:20
Romstereh i got extra files bt thats becasue i got other librarys installed.16:21
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haolethere are a lot of wrong footprints in the repository... there could be a command for prt-get, like the "edit" one, to remove the footprint :D16:22
rehabdoll-if does the job16:22
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haolerehabdoll, you are right, i forgot about that :D16:24
* Romster slaps haole with the man page16:25
Romsterand also ever thought of prt-get --help ?16:25
Romsterit LISTS it.16:25
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:26
teKit LISTS alot16:26
Romsteryeah but it dosn't take long to look though it.16:27
Romsterfist thing i di if i arn't sure man ... or -h or --help or google.16:27
Romsterin that order16:27
Romsterthen ask after. if i'm still lost.16:27
* haole is blind16:28
haoleim still getting used to all of crux possibilities16:29
haolei learned a lot, but there is a lot more to learn16:29
teKRomster: another option may be using the source (luke)16:29
*** onestep has joined #crux16:35
RomsterteK, i've done that too.16:37
Romsteralthough it's a bit of a pain todo at times.16:37
* teK should re-re-resend the prt patch to this swiss guy :>16:37
Romsterwhat patch was it you made?16:37
teKdownling the needed source files *only*16:38
Romsteri got 1 locking patch for pkgutils i haven't tryed yet16:38
Romsterah that one can you send me it to my email i'll try it out later i'm about to go shoping.16:38
Romsteri have one patch of my own too, but the compress one isn't gonna work untill i hack at libarchive i think.16:41
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teKRomster: you got mail16:43
teKI'm interested in feedback16:43
teKenough for today.. ln -s tek /dev/bed16:43
sepenln -s /dev/bed tek16:45
teKright. cu16:46
ryuorm tek16:46
Romsteras for the build only16:46
teKpermission denied16:46
Romsterhag a sec teK16:46
ryuoAre you sure you want to remove tek? y16:46
teKRomster: okay16:46
sepentek4957 []           (4)  - Tektronix 4957 input driver16:46
ryuousermod -h /jail Romster16:47
sepen$ man -k tek | tail -116:47
sepentek4957 []           (4)  - Tektronix 4957 input driver16:47
Romsteryou could do just margs= and use the pkgmk root directorys?16:47
sepenteK, are you a driver?16:47
Romsterdirectory path*16:47
ryuoBus error -- Driver executed16:47
teKsepen: I *do* have a licence16:47
teKRomster: oh dear, let's discuss tomorrow. I'm tired :)16:47
rehabdollpublic transport is a bitch16:47
sepenhmmm surely under /dev/tek but without udev?16:47
RomsterteK, k16:47
Romsteri'm off shoping now.16:47
teK% mknod -m 000 /dev/tek c 666 66616:48
teKI'm OUT. cu16:48
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jaegeranyone know of a vnc viewer that doesn't rely on gnome libraries or xprint?17:29
Rotwangjaeger: have you thought about libconfuse version bump?17:30
*** andarius has joined #crux17:30
jaegerI had not yet but that's simple enough. no breakage with 2.6?17:31
Rotwangbreakage? sorry my english is bit rusty17:33
jaegerdoes 2.6 break anything that requires libconfuse? or is it safe to upgrade?17:33
Rotwangi think its safe to upgrade, awesome requires libconfuse >= 2.617:35
Rotwangawesome window manager17:36
ryuoits awesome :P17:36
ryuoits based off dwm if i remember17:36
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SiFuh!seen rxi19:06
SiFuh@seen rxi19:07
clbSiFuh: rxi was last seen in #crux 4 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <rxi> the engrish language19:07
Romstergee he hasn't been here in ages.19:08
*** sepen has quit IRC19:12
SiFuhwonder if the floods got him19:14
Romsterit's quite bad.19:22
Romsterinsanse we get a drought now a flood up there.19:22
*** roliveir1 has joined #crux20:03
*** Romster has quit IRC20:13
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SiFuhGod's punishment for whinging too much20:14
*** onestep has quit IRC20:16
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ryuo@seen Waldo20:45
clbryuo: I have not seen Waldo.20:45
ryuoWhere's Waldo, dude?20:45
ryuofirebox looks promising... i'm porting its 0.5 release...20:46
SiFuh_xe0: interrupt for dead card20:49
SiFuh_cbb0: bad Vcc request. sock_ctrl 0x0, sock_status 0x3000031620:49
* ryuo pulls out the trumpets.20:50
* ryuo plays a memorial for the dead card.20:50
*** ryuo has quit IRC20:56
*** SiFuh has quit IRC20:57
SiFuh_i am mpore worried about21:02
SiFuh_ cbb0: bad Vcc request. sock_ctrl 0x22, sock_status 0x3000071121:02
*** jmvr has left #crux21:07
jdolan_SiFuh_, you're still here?  lol.21:07
jdolan_i remember pli complaining about you at CruxCon2004.  :p21:08
jdolan_ah those were the days..21:08
*** ryuo has joined #crux21:08
RomsterVcc is a label for the power supply...21:10
Romsterunless it means something else in this case.21:10
ryuoi get the impression firebox is still not ready for regular use21:11
ryuobugs galore21:11
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux21:12
ryuomy aterm was actin wierd in it, it randomly "froze" and wouldnt respond to my mouse anymore, and finally... it did some wierd crap with my firefox when i tried to maximize it...21:12
SiFuh_yes jdolan_21:24
SiFuh_yes i complained about pli just as much as he complained about me21:24
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC21:25
*** mafarka has quit IRC21:25
Romsterpekwm is nice but limited, fvwm has nice borders but a crappy menu, has to be something out there that's good.. that has the features we are after.21:49
SiFuh_ dd if=/dev/wd0c seek=1198 bs=1 count=1024 |more21:51
ryuoRomster: limited in what way21:52
*** mafarka has joined #crux21:53
Romsterin mainly how it looks but i gotta edit more.21:53
Romsterpekwm hasn't got alot of themes to choose from.21:53
ryuowell duh21:54
ryuoits not very popular21:54
ryuowhat do you expect?21:54
Romsteryeah we need to advertise it more.21:56
Romsterhay it sould go on the next crux cd as the prefered WM!21:56
ryuoare you serious?21:56
Romsterwhy not.21:56
ryuoi tried out fluxbox for a bit21:57
ryuoseems to have the same level of functionality as pekwm plus a panel21:57
ryuobut it has its own limitations21:57
ryuoRomster: if i ported sawfish, would you use it?21:58
Romsteri'd try it and see if i liked it.21:58
ryuoit needs 2 lisp libraries21:58
ryuoi ported firebox, but eh21:58
ryuoi don't see it as very stable21:58
Romsterkeep the port and hold out for there next release.21:59
ryuoyou tried fluxbox before?21:59
Romsterit might become useable if the programer is really into making it work21:59
ryuoit has the same stuff pekwm has for the most part21:59
ryuobut i think pekwm beats fluxbox in themes22:00
Romsterxfce4, icewm, fvwm, kde, and now pekwm is all i've tryed oh yeah and twm but that's useless for what i'm after.22:00
ryuobut fluxbox's panel comes equiped with22:00
ryuoiconbar(window list), current workspace name, window change arrows, workspace change arrows, system tray, and clock22:00
Romsteri'm not happy with pypanel, i'm gonna look for something else unless i can hack the python for it.22:00
ryuoi know of one other one that might work22:01
ryuobut you need a proper WM to use it22:01
ryuo"FOX Desktop"22:01
ryuoit requires the fox toolkit to be compilable22:01
ryuolemme give you the url22:01
ryuoa screenshot...22:02
ryuoi'll give it a try and see how it does22:05
RomsterThere are currently no downloads available, although you may look on freshmeat for some older versions.22:06
Romsterdosn't sound promising but the pannel dosn't look too bad if it can be adjsuted and use aplets etc.22:06
ryuoi'll write a port and test it out22:07
ryuoif it seems functional i'll pass the ports to you22:07
Romsteri'm gonna get more of rox sorted out.22:08
Romsteri can't do anymore to that web site without the client telling me what todo.22:08
ryuoif i could find more fox/fltk based apps I'd use these toolkits exclusively22:09
ryuotheir designed for lighter weight GUI apps22:10
ToshiI like blackbox a lot22:10
ryuoin fact, fluxbox is a fork of blackbox22:10
ryuotoo bad blackbox has not seen an update in 2 years22:10
ToshiI tried a bunch of wm, openbox, fluxbox, wmaker..22:11
Toshitried to do metacity standalone22:11
Romsterah the tk tool kit would be nice for a WM22:12
ryuowhat toolkit?22:12
Toshiblackbox with bbkeys (from cvs) is nice.. and I use fbpanel with that22:12
Toshiand devilspie22:12
ryuodoesnt BB have its own panel22:12
Romsterworks with tcl.22:12
Romstergit uses it too gfor its gui viewer.22:13
Toshiit has a workspace switcher which shos the current workspace and app22:13
Toshibut I disable that22:13
ryuoI wish i could find more apps based off fox :/22:19
Toshiwhat's fox?22:22
ryuoFOX is a cross-platform toolkit.22:23
Romsteri've hit some interesting site
concorrgood night!! bye22:34
Romsterg'night concorr22:34
concorr;) thx Romster22:35
*** concorr has quit IRC22:35
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