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netUser`owhats up, anyone else received a 'BadAlloc' error when starting eclipse-sdk ?00:46
netUser`o[package = eclipse-sdk\00:46
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Romstersorry don't use it.01:11
Romsteri'm having fun reading about quirksmode and standards mode for IE5.5 and IE6. i'd rather not support them browsers but the client requested it.01:11
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pitillogood morning01:24
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surrounderheya sepen02:47
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concorrgood morning03:40
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Rotwangsepen: ping08:30
Rotwangdo you store old pkgfiles somwhere?08:32
Rotwangim asking for ati 8.40.408:32
sepenone moment08:33
sepen8.41.7 here
sepensounds that I update from 8.37.6 to 8.41.7 (no 8.40.x appears) sorry08:36
Rotwangsepen: ok, thanks08:37
concorrnas sepen08:50
concorrhi SiFuh_08:56
SiFuh_hi concorrDDDDD08:59
SiFuh_iphones are ugly and pieces of 5h1709:00
sepenSiFuh_, test iJam09:00
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concorrhi Romster09:43
concorrRomster: tell me who you think? -->
RedShiftNo File Packages Defined09:48
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concorrRedShift: the project is not finished ;) i make Pkgmk09:53
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triare there packages which use "python install" in there Pkgfile - is this "allowed" ?12:51
thrice`very much :)12:51
thrice`usually you can do root=$pkg12:51
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triwhat do you mean with root=$pkg ?12:52
tilmansee contrib/python-xlib/Pkgfile for an example12:53
tilmanline 1812:53
tilmantri: and yes, running seems to be the right way to install python extensions. at least lots of ports do it :D12:54
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SiFuh_sepen:     its white13:22
sepenits nice!13:22
sepenand you can buy ijam nano XDD13:22
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triI don't want to install the full gnome ports but I need gnome-python... should I just add the gnome ports to prt-get.conf and just prt-get depinst gnome-python ?13:53
treachadd the gnome repo and look at prt-get.conf13:54
triyes, I looked also at
trido I have to install the hole gnome just for gnome-python ?13:56
treachno, the required deps should do.13:57
trisomebody did a midori pkgfile - in the portdb is none till now ?14:33
treachsome of us keep an eye on it, but I think we all have come to the conclusion it's too early yet.14:34
triah ok I just have seen screenshots and looked at there webside - the features look quiet nice :-)14:35
tribut it also depends one webkit... which depends on qt ?14:35
treachmmh, I think so, anyway, it's still way too immature14:36
thrice`hm, midori ?14:37
thrice`ah, nice14:38
treachyeah, it's definitely one of those "deserving projects" :/14:40
thrice`you've tried it?14:40
thrice`ah, I might when I get home :)14:40
thrice`wonder if flash any everything will work14:40
treachbut it looks interesting and I like the ideas.14:40
treachOtoh, pretty much *anything* looks like a good idea compared to firefox.. :>14:41
thrice`except mozilla :)14:42
treachsame sauce, different recipe. or somthing.14:42
treach(same recipe, different sauce?)14:42
thrice`same shit, different stink :P14:42
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jaegerI wonder why nvidia and kernel 2.6.23.x only have problems on *one* of my machines15:00
treachsame dist?15:00
jaegerall crux in this case15:01
treachmmh, ok.15:02
thrice`not all nvidia cards are created equally?15:02
treachI've had some funkyness as well here but with different distributions, so I was thinking it migth be some combination..15:02
jaegerwell, in this case it's a compilation issue15:04
treachthrice`: probably, but all mainboards aren't. :/15:04
jaegerneither 100.14.19 or 169.09 will build on one machine15:04
jaegerwith at least, gonna try .14 as well15:04
jaegeron a machine running it built fine15:04
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jaegerlooks like and some kmem_cache_create patching might fix it15:13
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treachah, scheduler problems. strange it works on some systems though.15:19
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Romsterconcorr, dunno about that wpasterr, i might keep an eye on it though.16:22
surrounderlawl, seems I really gotten used to installing crux (as I always seem to fall back to it \o/)16:23
surroundernever got mpd working as now16:23
surrounder*never got mpd working as fast as this time16:23
surrounderenglish schminglish16:23
treachcareful, or crux cd's might become a "controlled substance", because of it's high addictiveness. ;)16:25
surroundercrux never left my server though:16:25
surrounder 00:13:31 up 257 days,  5:38,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0016:25
Romsterit arn't even doing anything <<16:26
treachbut it's true, once you pick it up, it's *really* hard to go back to something else. At least IMO16:26
treach"He/she is" "It/they are"16:26
treach"I am"16:27
surrounderRomster: nah, shellaccount for some peeps and some puny websites, but at least it keeps my online all the time ;)16:27
jaegerit are?16:27
* treach shots Romster 16:27
treachit IS dammit16:28
treachI guess you could even say "it's it is" :P16:29
Romsterwell it's not doing anything significant right now, or it wouldn't say 0 load.16:29
Romstereh anyways i've only woke up not long ago.16:30
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surrounderhmmm ilenia is nice \o/17:03
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SiFuh_treach shots Romster??21:03
haoledo you know of a good program to mess with mp3 tags that has already been packaged to crux?21:03
Romsterprt-get search tag21:03
SiFuh_treach how about I would not have - I'dn't've21:04
Romsterhaole, tagtool or easytag the too i know about.21:04
haoleanother thing: what is the difference between the gnome's repository gstreamer-plugins-* and the contrib's repository gst-plugins-*?21:05
treachSiFuh_: romster should be, if not shot, at least moderately flogged - he completely screws up both my spelling and my grammar. :/21:08
RomsterSure, blame me treach.21:09
treachI sometimes feel like it's just a matter of time until I start saying stuff like "I aren't" or some other horrendous example of approximately english.21:10
treachRomster: of course, who else?21:10
treachyou're lingustically bad company, no use in denying it.21:10
haoleyou two should settle your differences in a match at :D21:11
haolelol... i got addicted to that shit21:11
treachhaole: we don't really have that much differences, just some amicable arguing. ;)21:12
haoletreach, i figured... i was just doing some marketing over that Risk site :D21:12
Romstertreach, at least i pitch in, i don't see you maintaining ports in contrib, what do you do here?21:13
treachyou have to maintain ports to be allowed to be here?21:14
treachsorry never heard that requirement before..21:14
Romsternope but what do you do, pick at me most of the time <<21:14
Romsterjust because i never learned english as good as you.21:14
Romsterso what?21:14
treachsorry if you felt picked on. That wasn't the intention.21:15
Romsteri can handle corections, but saying i should be shot is a diferent matter.21:15
haoledamn... how can i get around this delay???21:16
treachRomster: please calm down, I'm really sorry if I hurt you feelings.21:16
Romsterneh no harm done.21:16
haoleit's annoying21:16
treachRomster: I guess sometimes you get blinded by what you're used to.21:16
Romsterhaole, set a line in your hosts.conf21:16
Romsterpoint it to the closist mirror.21:17
haolei don't have a hosts.conf :(21:17
treachhaole: touch /etc/hosts21:17
treachif you don't have it..21:17
treachthen somethings is really wrong. :D21:18
haolei have a host.conf21:18
treachRomster: it's not a .conf file. ;D21:18
treachhost.conf isn't for that..21:19
haoleim confused21:19
Romstersorry /etc/host.conf and it was ment to be /etc/hosts21:19
Romsteredit /etc/hosts21:19
Romster211.29.132.142 dl.sf.net21:19
treachhaole: two files with different meanings.21:19
Romsterchange the ip to the close mirror.21:19
Romsterto you.21:19
Romsterit's set to currently.21:20
treachor at least "the closest, most reliable" mirror21:20
Romsteror what treach said.21:20
treachsome of them are only reliable to feed you crap21:20
Romsteroptus is ok for me.21:20
haoleit's rare for a package in crux to add icons to the users desktop21:22
Romsterwhy i always get confused with hsot.conf and hosts21:22
haolei only used hosts to give aliases to the computers in my home network21:23
Romsterwhat one does that?21:23
treachhost.conf sets the nameresolution order21:23
Romsterso i keep finding out after opening it.21:24
Romsterwasn't there a new mirror path added to pkgutils?21:25
Romsteri haven't even looked at that yet.21:25
treachI've set that one to point at some gentoo mirror. :p21:26
Romsterlol neat.21:27
Romsterwhat happend to the sources for the 2.4 iso to be on the site?21:27
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Romsterhaven't seen anything more than 'we should do that', from one of the dev's.21:28
jaegerwhat do you mean? the sources are available21:28
treachjaeger: I think he's refering to the SNAFU that hit that MEPIS guy.21:29
treachI think it was mepis at least21:29
jaegernot familiar with that, sorry21:29
jaegerhrmm, funky21:31
Romsterit was along the lines that the source code should be accessable to rebuild the binary cd packages. to agree to the GPL license or something like that.21:32
jaegerwell, the sources for the packages on the iso are available and the sources for the iso itself are available21:32
treachwell, this is one of those instances where I notice english isn't my native language, so in order to avoid major headaches, I've actively avoided reading about it too much. :)21:34
Romsterthe sources are available now but as you know some sites remove old versions take a look to sudo can you download the version that's on the iso now?21:35
jaegerwhat do you think the sources iso is for?21:35
treachHitting Romster with!21:36
Romsteroh ok i didn't read that part too well so there is a sources iso with all the tarballs on it...21:36
Romsteri didn't see it on the download page.21:36
jaegermight not be listed on the download page, I suppose, but it's on at least my rsync/http/ftp mirror21:37
jaegerprobably should be listed on the download page so it's obvious21:37
Romstershould be easily accessable.21:37
jaegerit is easily accessible21:37
jaegerit's just not obvious where it is21:37
Romsterbtw what is sip upto his ports are geting stale.21:37
jaegerno idea, I haven't talked to him recently21:38
Romsteri never seen it so it's defently not obvious.21:38
Romsterseems he has disapeared.21:38
Romster@seen sip21:38
clbRomster: sip was last seen in #crux 1 year, 8 weeks, 1 day, 10 hours, 15 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?21:38
treachwrong channel21:38
Romsterah i rememebr he sit sin devel more..21:38
Romstersits in*21:38
Romsterages ago.21:39
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SiFuh_Australians always fsck up my language skills22:13
Romsterya think22:46
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SiFuh_Romster: youse guys is not correct english, but it seems common here23:23
SiFuh_same as   those ones, them ones, these ones.23:23
SiFuh_why add the   ones? at the end of it23:24
SiFuh_or the 45 year old taxi driver 2 months ago..  I standed up for myself!23:24
SiFuh_or the common, i ridded my bike. I drived here23:25
SiFuh_man man man23:25
SiFuh_and what is with all the  dudes, buddies, pals, mates,23:25
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SiFuh_menu font in firefox.. is configured from which file?23:54
Romsteri think it's controled by gtk23:58
SiFuh_me too23:58
SiFuh_but, it isn't accepting the new settings23:58
SiFuh_all other gtk apps did23:58
SiFuh_and the colour scheme of firefox was affected by gtk... just not the font23:59
SiFuh_widget_class "*" style "user-font"23:59

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