IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-01-24

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SiFuh_haha i got it00:06
SiFuh_but now the other apps are not working00:06
Romsterwhat did you edit?00:10
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SiFuh_there i another line i added00:21
SiFuh_gtk-font-name = "smoothansi 13"00:21
SiFuh_controls some apps  like firefox00:21
SiFuh_style "user-font" { font_name="smoothansi 13" } widget_class "*" style "user-font"00:21
SiFuh_controls other apps00:22
SiFuh_kind of ^$&%#* stupid if you ask me :-)00:22
Romsterwhat the..00:23
Romsteryou'd think the gtk-font-name = would do the lot..00:24
SiFuh_gtk font name  did gimp and firefox00:24
Romsterdoes xchat too.00:24
SiFuh_userfont * did pidgin and gimp00:24
SiFuh_i dont know i dont use many gtk apps  just those 3 :-)00:25
Romsteri haven't tryed the later but i'll add it in.00:25
Romsteri've just used Tahoma regular 1000:26
Romstermight be a bit plain but it works with anti-alising00:26
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SiFuh_plain is all way better00:42
SiFuh_:-) too much code, is a waste of disk space and memmory00:43
SiFuh_Where is this Taxi?? I am bored.. want something to do tonight00:43
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pitillogood morning01:23
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namenloshi, i have following problem: i have updated my system from crux 2.3 to 2.4. then when i try to update subversion i get the following:
namenlosthe problem imho is, that it checks for db version 4.4, but in crux 2.4 it was updated to 4.5 (see -ldb-4.4 in line 375)02:18
namenlosor lets say, it tries to use...02:18
Romsterhmm it's dying on the linking stage.02:19
Romsterhave you ran ldconfig and ran revdep for any broken libs to force rebuild?>02:19
namenlosi did a ldconfig. revdep is running atm.02:21
namenlosok, apr shines up - i think i got to rebuild that one...02:22
namenlosthanks Romster02:22
Romsterhmm could be db too02:24
Romstersed the Makefile and change that -ldb-4.4 to 4.502:25
Romsterand see what happens..02:25
Romsteryou'd think the configure script would check for this.02:26
Romsteryeah force rebuild anyone that has errors, tings in /usr/share like firefox will always show error unless you add it to LD02:27
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namenlosRomster: rebuilding apr solved the problem.02:45
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namenloswas wondering, if the wrong version would be written in the Makefile, i wouldn't be able to compile the port on my newly setup 2.4 system.02:46
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Romsterit was compiled agenst the old db so i bet subverson read the db version as 4.4 reported by apr?02:47
namenlosi think so, yes02:47
Romsterbe my guess.02:51
Romsterit's always wise to run revdep between major updates.02:51
Romsteror when you find problems.02:51
namenlosi came to the same conclusion ;)02:52
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Romsterthe wrong version would of come from a *.la or a *.pc file from pkg-config.02:55
Romsterwhy some updates break other things and need a recompile.02:55
Romsterthere ment to use the symlink to avoid that breaking issue.02:56
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sepenis the same?  sudo su Vs sudo -s05:54
Rotwangsudo su wins! yay06:03
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concorrhi Romster SiFuh_07:04
concorrhi tilman07:17
concorrI have a new project, someone to give me their opinions?07:20
concorrwget -O wpasterr-1.0.0.tar.gz
namenlosconcorr: the sf link leads to a 404.07:28
namenloswhat should this project do?07:29
concorrmirrors problem07:29
concorris similar to wgetpaste07:30
concorrfor share binary or text files07:30
concorrnamenlos: you can download with the wget top line07:31
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namenlosconcorr: to put something into a pastebin?07:43
namenloserr.. i mean paste service?07:43
concorrpaste bin in centralized server07:43
namenlosi do not want to demotivate you, but for me it seems, that you are reinventing the wheel:
namenlosi use it for all my pastes07:43
teKit's done in C :)07:43
concorri dont now pbotutil project07:44
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concorryes, c07:44
namenlosthis is why i am telling you ;)07:44
concorris a little src c code, and i programming other utilities07:44
concorrprobe this namenlos ...07:45
namenlosthe problem you will have is the layout of the different pastebin services..07:45
concorr/msg wpasterr help07:45
concorr/msg wpasterr ls07:45
concorrwpasterr bot is very bug for now07:46
namenlosstupid question: is there a crux port?07:48
concorrwill be a crux port ;D07:48
namenlosi will try out then ;)07:49
concorri am terminating the wpasterr src code, parse params ...07:50
concorrnamenlos teK ...07:52
namenlosbtw: what does wpasterr stand for?07:56
namenlossounds weird for me...07:56
concorri dont understand, sorry, i am spanish ;)07:57
namenloswhat does the name "wpasterr07:58
namenlos" stand for?07:58
namenlosfor me it doesn't make much sense..07:58
concorrwww http protocol paster07:59
namenlosand the additioal 'r' (sorry for being so picky (but i would like to remember the name...))08:00
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concorrnamenlos: ;D is my firm ;)08:05
concorrcross current08:05
concorrsorry, 's' character08:07
concorryou understand me namenlos ? :P08:08
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namenlosconcorr: sure ;)08:14
concorrwhat do you thing namenlos ?08:15
namenlosif there will be an irc bot, it is for sure an enhancement over wgetpaste.08:15
namenlosabout the sf page? i can't say much about it, since it seems very new.08:16
concorr;) i put the src package in sf today08:17
concorrnamenlos: wpasterr is usefull for bash script integration08:19
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namenlosyes, but if i am brave, i coul also source the wgetpaste script ;)08:21
namenlosbut go ahead. if there will be a bot, which would be integrated here, it is for sure a neat tool (and would help spreading it ;) )08:22
namenlosthe only problem i then see is that i got to use different scripts for different channels...08:23
concorrother useful url08:23
namenlose.g. #perl uses the perl script i pointed you formerly.08:23
namenlosconcorr: i mean an irc bot.08:24
concorr/msg wpasterr ls08:24
concorrrun this command08:24
concorrthis bot is in probes08:26
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tilmanRomster: what do you think about putting patchutils in contrib? :)10:09
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concorrnas Man0l010:41
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RyoSdoes somebody knows the origin of "Ali Assembler" (especially the ali and what it stands for)?12:29
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treachAcer Labs Inc12:30
RyoSreally? okey cool, thanks treach12:30
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Romstergood one tri13:05
Romstertilman, perhaps, seems logical.13:05
jjpkSucceeding in failure. :D13:22
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jaegertilman: is there another xorg server update available? getting crashes on a few apps since the last port update13:48
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Romsterjaeger, there is a v2 of that patch13:54
jaegerof which patch?13:54
Romsteradd -v213:55
jaegerI wonder if it's the same cause13:55
jaegercan't hurt to try, I guess13:55
Romsteri hadn't have issues but i updated anyways.13:56
Romsteri notice you made a tight-vncviewer any chance of it going into contrib/opt?13:56
jaegerperhaps into contrib13:57
Romsteri use the viewer to windows boxes13:57
jaegerprefer vnc over rdp?13:58
Romsteri still got the old xorg libs, not sure if anything else i sue uses them.13:58
Romsterto be honest, i hadn't tryed to use remote desktop.13:58
Romsternor how it works.13:59
treachrdp -> one session only, unless you cough up $$$ :>13:59
jjpk"give us your cash!" nice.14:00
treachwell, all commercial sw is like that, right?14:01
thrice`I have found xorg-server working pretty well too...could try that14:01
Romsteri was on that but even when i downgrade to 1.4 i get the dependency of that old lib.. must check over my configure options.14:02
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Romsterhmm yeah i need to edit my configure line...14:11
tilmanjaeger: i'll fix that tomorrow14:13
jaegertilman: is it just that v2 patch or a different version of x server? I'll try it locally to see if it fixes my stuff14:15
Romsterthere is also but tilman won't move to it.14:16
thrice`with good reason :-)14:17
thrice`I see gentoo has 1.4-0007-CVE-2007-6429-Don-t-spuriously-reject-8bpp-shm-pix.patch .. could try that ;)14:21
Romsterwhats is the good reason.14:21
thrice`Romster: it's not a stable release?14:21
Romsterhmm so its testing...14:22
Romsteron a 1.4....14:22
Romsterwouldn't they work on a 1.5.x.x14:22
Romsterfor unstable.14:22
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thrice`no, is the "beta" of 1.4.114:22
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Romsteroh lovely.14:23
thrice`i'm pretty sure that's the case :)14:23
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thrice`hi concorr14:58
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concorrhi all16:16
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concorrRomster: has you see my wpasterr project?16:30
Romsteryeah i saw.16:30
Romsteris that yours?16:30
concorryes ;)16:31
Romsteri don't see much sue for it yet..16:31
concorrwhat do you thing?16:31
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concorr;) ummm ....16:31
Romstermight be of use for binary files, but not sure what use yet.16:31
concorrYou think of the project?16:32
concorrthe same use that wgetpaste16:32
concorr/msg wpasterr ls16:33
concorrsend this msg16:33
Romsterno your sentance. 'what do you thing?' dosn't make sense.16:33
concorrwpasterr is in development16:33
Romsteri did that earlier and the bot wasn't on.16:33
Romsterwpasterr :No such nick/channel16:33
Romsterand still isn't16:33
concorrsorry, bot logout, a moment...16:34
Romsterusually a project is in development.16:34
concorrok, bot running16:35
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Romsterhmm you wouldn't be the mario that used to be here ages ago?16:39
Romsterjust say your name in a file.16:39
concorrI knew the crux Channel 1 month ago :(16:40
Romsterah was another Mario then.16:41
concorranother mario ;D16:41
concorrRomster: To show the usefulness wgetpaste, you gave me the idea of creating wpasterr xD16:43
Romsterah i see.16:45
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Romsteroh crap the new coreutils messes up my uname -p...17:16
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Romster,23636,23106165-462,00.html < holly fuck 8 billion aud frawd18:05
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treachwell, I suppose that makes him qualify for australian citizenship?18:06
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thanos0101hello..anybody here using an EFIKA?18:31
jaegerI'm not aware of any crux users running one but I know a gentoo dev who has one18:35
treachacrux|pippici should know something about it.18:35
thanos0101looks like 'acrux|pippici' isn't around right now.18:36
treachwell I was trying to hint at that it might be something of a longshot.18:37
thanos0101heh, thanks.18:37
treachEFIKA isn't that common.18:37
treachCrux is probably even more rare.18:37
treachso, the odds isn't that good.18:37
thanos0101I now some of these guys post on the power developer site...18:37
thanos0101they are all quite skilled, I'm not a registered member there, I just read the posts.18:38
thanos0101I've tried a few installations, some are more complicated than others to get going.18:39
treachwell, then crux must be optimal. not much of an installation to stub your toes on there..18:39
thanos0101heh, there is an ISO, I have tried it but can't get past a certain point.18:40
Romsterwhat point is that?18:40
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thanos0101I think I'm stuck on  the USB keyboard.18:40
Romsterif that's the case you might need to compile your own iso and enable that in the cd kernel?18:41
thanos0101I get a message that says I should pass an argument, init, I think it expects that I should use a terminal prg, and a serial connection.18:41
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Romsterjaeger, is usb keyboards supported on the iso kernel?18:42
thanos0101I was hoping to get a lazy install, like just pop in a cd, boot the damn thing and go...18:42
jaegerRomster: yes18:43
treachhaha, sorry. wrong dist for that. :)18:43
thanos0101there is no ps/2 connector, so USB is the only way to go.18:43
Romsteryeah it's not common if it just works without some headache.18:43
Romstersince jaeger said use to usb keyboards, maybe you have a nonstandared usb driver?18:44
thanos0101heh...none of the installs have been super easy.  most use a USB and network connection to get the job done.18:44
thanos0101everything about the device is nonstandard...18:45
Romsterthere you go, find ot what usb chip it uses.18:45
thanos0101it is way cool, and almost worth the effort.18:45
thanos0101there is also some script for the open firmware, I'm not sure if I have to use it first though.18:47
Romsterno idea of what it's even able todo without googling it.18:50
mafarkathanos0101: i'm sorry, but now i've no time to help you18:50
*** mafarka is now known as acrux___18:50
thanos0101ahh well, perhaps another time...18:51
acrux___btw, usb keyb works fine18:51
acrux___please if you subscribe an account on cruxppc forum18:51
thanos0101all right, I'll do that.18:51
acrux___i'll enable it asap18:52
acrux___but i (or nullpointer) 'll reply only tomorrow (cet)18:52
acrux___i must finish a university project18:53
thanos0101good luck with your project!18:55
acrux___eheh thanks :)18:55
thanos0101I've applied for an account, I will let you to your work now.18:55
thanos0101thanks again.18:55
acrux___ok, your profile is active18:56
acrux___you can post18:56
acrux___io go away, bye18:57
*** acrux___ is now known as acrux|away18:58
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concorrhi Romster20:33
concorryou know cairo libsvg ?20:38
concorri am googling for libsvg core example-code.c, but i dont find20:39
concorryou have libsvg in your ports, you have someone libsvg example code?20:40
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:45
concorrhi andarius20:45
andariusgreetings concorr20:46
thrice`hi andarius20:46
andariusgreetings thrice`20:46
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Romsterconcorr, sorry i don't have example code. to go with libsvg.21:50
concorrok, thx Romster21:50
Romsteri'm begining to think libscg is dead, been 2 years since anything in cvs21:51
concorryes, i see21:51
Romsterand the home page for libsvg isn't there on the cairo site anymore.21:51
Romsterso i'm not sure what the go is now.21:51
concorri need a svg render with only xlibs dependences21:52
Romsterlooked at librsvg?22:02
concorrlibrsvg is cpp :(22:08
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Romsteroh darn..22:15
Romsteroh sorry i never looked at what language it was coded in.22:16
concorr;) sorry Romster ;)22:16
concorrthx xD22:16
Romsteri would like to learn D more.22:16
Romsterso i'd either sue C or D but never C++22:17
concorrif you have c, because another low level programming language?22:17
RomsterD is a cleaned up C++ and objc i beleave.22:18
concorrc can be used as oop22:18
Romsteri'm not very good at C either i can only mess with existing code and only small amounts.22:18
concorri know D22:19
Romsteri'm into OO22:19
concorrD better that c++ i think22:19
Romsterand yes i'm liking the concept of D22:21
Romsterreally thinking the only 2 languages i'd program in is D or use python for the small stuff.22:21
concorri dont like python22:21
Romsteri'm still hacking at bash scripting i've got good at that but it's one of them languages that probbably isn't very portable unless extra careful.22:22
Romsterwhats wrong with python for small stuff/22:22
RomsterD's layout resembles python in ways.22:23
concorri used better than python... lua, see, arena22:23
concorrsripting languajes22:23
Romsterif ya gonna goto that why not use lisp?22:23
concorrportability and embedding in c code22:24
Romsterembeding in c code hmm.22:24
concorrlua,see,arena engines22:24
concorrarena is cool cool22:24
Romsterautomatic memory management and runtime polymorphism on top.22:30
concorrvalgind test ok22:30
concorrRomster: you have instaled cairo-svg ?22:32
Romsteri think so.22:32
concorryou can try compile22:33
concorror this22:33
concorrhome.svg file
concorri have linking errors22:35
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concorrbye Romster , i go to sleep zZz zZz23:23
concorrthx !!23:23
*** concorr has quit IRC23:24
Romstercrap i jsut noticed i got like a half dozen programs that are poiting at my old gcc23:55
Romsterdependency_libs=' -ldl /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/'23:55
jaegerer, what?23:57
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:57

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