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nipuLugh, what a day. instead of having a quiet day, i've spent all day fixing up the new guys fuck ups00:10
nipuLnext time i see him i'm going to slap him around like the preverbial bitch that he is00:11
Romsteroh lord.00:13
RomsternipuL, not fun.00:13
Romsterand i just found out i can have grep in colour like ls ...00:14
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:00
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namenloslinux 2.6.24 is out *configuring-the-kernel*01:07
pitillogood morning01:12
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ryuohey Romster?03:04
Romsterjust eating dinner.03:04
ryuoi've gotten the hang of pekwm's themes03:04
ryuoI completed my first window decor03:04
ryuoits just a port from another WM, but its a start03:05
Romsteri see.03:05
ryuotook me awhile to figure out all the requirements and such03:05
teKRomster: could mail me about the patch, no time to chat currently :-)03:06
teK+ hi there03:06
ryuonow i just need to find some window decor I like now that i have the hang of this03:07
ryuoRomster, do you need help with pekwm themes?03:08
Romstermaybe not messing with it atm though i have ice cream03:13
Romstertek k chat sme other time, i haven't tryed yet but looked at it.03:14
Romsterdoing updates this sunday i'll try it out before then03:14
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nipuLugh, finally got my ports in sync with 2.405:31
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sepenand thats better06:18
pitilloRomster, ping06:31
surrounderw 106:38
concorrhi Romster sepen pitillo06:43
concorrcan see this code and compile? ...06:43
concorrcairo core x11 example06:43
concorrthe code compile and run ok06:44
concorrin top line of code, howto build06:45
concorri need make a repaint window question06:47
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clickonceMy GF is going to buy a new monitor. Benq or LG?08:18
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tilmanso, anyone tried 2.6.24 yet?11:10
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rehabdollim on 2.6.2411:36
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roliveira /msg NickServ IDENTIFY nirvana13:07
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jjpkoops :p13:08
concorrbye all13:15
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ryuothat guy better change his password13:31
DarkNekrosI think so xDD13:32
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tilman"Allow ondemand and conservative cpufreq governors to be used as default"13:46
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ryuosounds like 2.6.24 is more powerful than 2.6.2313:46
ryuoseems like once a new kernel tree branch along 2.6.XX is released, the previous gets shelved13:47
ryuorofl my hard drive activity light goes ballistic when i play audio cds xd13:49
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* fathom hasn't been in here in forever.14:18
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Toshi2.6.24 has 21.7% more juice14:26
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clickonceMy GF has 23.1% more juices than my previous.14:34
clickonceSorry, I just had to.14:36
Rotwangclickonce: your gforce?14:36
rehabdollroliveira: have you changed your nickserv password from 'nirvana' yet? :)14:41
clickonce"nirvana" isn't a very secure password. "j@01Na!&2" would be better.14:43
roliveirarehabdoll, i know what a stupid thing i never used kirc before14:51
roliveiraksirc i mean14:52
roliveiranirvana was a great band anyways14:56
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rehabdollindeed :)15:07
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Romsterroliveira, simple advice use a more secure password and only enter it on the status window.15:40
Romsteror even better set it to auto identify on your irc client if it's only you that uses your home.15:40
* Romster takes a look at this new kernel15:41
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Toshimenuconfig looks a lot different16:12
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:39
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roliveiraafter sysup amule stopped working, anyone with the same problem?17:32
jaegercould be related to this:
roliveirait seems jaeger17:34
roliveirathe same17:34
jaegertilman: have you seen this already?;a=commitdiff_plain;h=e9fa7c1c88a8130a48f772c92b186b8b777986b5;hp=23f3f0e27dc90b7b3a375f2a5dd094e6f53552b517:35
Romsterroliveira, i have amule working fine in my repo and aon has his working fine too.17:35
roliveirait was working fine, but then i made a sysup and this started to happen17:37
roliveirai even reinstalled gtk was it was one of the updated ports17:37
roliveirabut i guess it had to do with xorg-server then17:39
roliveirai will downgrade and see what happens17:39
Romsterhmm i haven't had issues.. but i haven't checked recently.17:40
roliveiraohh xorg-server is already outdated on my system? 1.4-6 available?17:41
Romsterthere's one with a v3 patch in it.17:42
concorrhi Romster roliveira ;)17:42
roliveirahey concorr17:42
Romsteri have a xorg-server i got the keyboard led patch in too.17:42
roliveirai though there would be a notify on the ml...17:42
Romstermy amule loads up fine.17:42
concorrmldonkey Romster ;)17:43
Romsterhaven't tryed that got gift too.17:44
roliveiraso the notify by mail is not working?17:45
concorrmldonkey is console, telnet and browser target17:45
ToshiI mailed tilman and I think he fixed the port a few days ago but there was no mail to the ml17:46
roliveirai think i haven`t received any latelly17:47
Romsterroliveira, there is a crux-commits list.17:47
roliveiraohh ok then17:48
ToshiI should get on that17:48
Romsterso go sign up for it <<17:48
roliveirasame here17:48
concorri am making a xorg, graphics and gui libs study...17:51
concorrcan help me a little bit?17:51
Toshilibs study?17:52
concorrsorry for my english expresions xP17:52
concorrxorg have the graphics and window primitives, ok?17:53
concorrlibgd is a drawing image buffer library, is ok?17:54
concorrcairo is like libgd and a graphic layer over x1117:56
concorrthis is correct?17:56
Romsteri got so so far with trying to compile them files but couldn't make it find the cairo-svg despite feeing it pkg-confgig to gcc.17:57
concorrthe questions aren't for cairo-svg, i am trying know gui engines17:59
concorrCairo not recive events graphics, only draw17:59
Romstertk, gtk, qt'18:01
Romsternot sure of others.18:01
concorrCorrect what I am saying?18:01
Romsterbut i'm sure there are others out there.18:01
Romsterthere gui engine frameworks.18:01
concorri only need x11 if i have cairo and libgd. i think18:02
Romsternot sure..18:02
concorri go to cairo channel ;D18:03
concorrthx Romster ;)18:03
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roliveirajust updated xorg-server and amule now works fine18:28
concorrgood night people!!18:31
roliveirathe strangest thing is happening when i have dbus and hal working...they seem to mess with my keyboard`s layout18:31
roliveirais this normal?18:31
roliveiraunder kde...18:31
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roliveirai need to stop dbus to have a normal layout18:32
roliveirathis is very weird18:32
Romsternever had a issue there but i don't use any exotic keymap.18:32
roliveiraofftopic, so Romster the superman Roger was defeated18:35
roliveiraAustralian Open?18:35
roliveiraFederer lost the semi18:36
roliveirai see you are not a tenis guy18:38
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roliveiraFederer will still be the number 1!18:39
Toshito djokovic right?18:49
Romsterstrange where is the tags for the xorg release in there git tree...18:51
roliveiraToshi, yes18:51
Romsterah i don't follow much sports.18:51
roliveirabut that french has a freaky look and is playing like hell, he is going to win18:53
Toshipnpacpi: exceeded the max number of mem resources: 1218:53
roliveiraoff to bed18:54
ToshiI get that with 2.6.24, I must be missing something.18:54
roliveiragood night you all18:54
Romsterbored browsing in xorg and i find this18:56
Romsterchar *matches[20]; /* If we have more than 20 drivers we're in trouble */18:56
Romsterg'night roliveira18:57
RomsterToshi, hmm dunno, i'm updating a box on that new kernel now.18:57
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ryuoboo :p19:01
* ryuo is ripping CDs into musepack. =)19:01
Romsterah using that port i made? for the encoder.19:01
ToshiI just found something online, I'm guessing there'll be a patch for it shortly19:02
ryuoi'm using gnormalize ripper19:02
ryuoits gtk2 ripper without the baggage of gnome19:02
Romsterwhy not cdparanoia19:02
ryuobecause it also tags on the fly?19:02
ryuothe thing i hate most about ripping CDs is proper tags19:03
Romsteryeah that anoys me too.19:03
ryuocddb helps but19:03
ryuoif it has no proper tags, its useless19:03
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Romsterand the fact i can't always get the right list and have to sometimes manually enter.19:03
andarius ?19:03
ryuolike for my japanese soundtracks, it phails a lot19:03
ryuosome of them it has correct19:03
ryuobut its usually my old soundtracks19:03
Romstercan't you submit corrections?19:04
ryuoI don't see the point...19:04
Romsteri do.19:04
Romsterbut be selfish and don't share corections then..19:04
ryuoi don't know how reall19:04
Romsteri have no idea but theyshould have some method.19:04
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jtnlWhat worries me if the European licence will bring problems19:07
ryuo"European license"?19:07
jtnlother chanel19:07
jtnlyes european licence similar gpl ( EUPL )
Romsterlicences for everything thesedays..19:09
Romstershould be a licence agenst stupid licences <<19:10
andariuscant be, there is a licence against that :P19:10
jtnlPerhaps this wrong, but the license is a little contradiction19:12
Romsteri bet..19:12
* ryuo boggles.19:12
ryuofunny. a soundtrack that was copyrighted in 2005 has improper tags but a soundtrack from 1998 has proper tags19:13
andariussome one was likely nice enough to update/correct them19:14
* ryuo shrugs.19:15
ryuoprobably due to their age too19:15
Romsterand popularty.19:16
ryuocurrently ripping the 4 CDs from suikoden 219:16
andariuswhat is debian ?? ;)19:18
ryuodebian is the distro for people who like mold growing on their linux software19:18
ryuowhat piece of linux software would you say is the most important part?19:19
ryuoI'd say the kernel myself19:20
ryuothough the kernel is kinda worthless without software19:20
andariussince the kernel is the official "linux" part i would agree19:20
ryuoi wonder if linux will always be in the PC OS minority19:21
andariusonly time will tell. it is gaining ground though19:21
ryuoubuntu is good for somethings19:21
ryuothese days i only use 2 distros19:21
ryuoarch and crux19:22
andariusi am down to 1. i will try one out from time to time but stick with a single distro for my desktop19:28
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ryuoi wonder if i should upgrade to 2.6.2419:31
treachDepends on how much you care about your system. :>19:31
andariusi would only do so if you have a reason or desire to. i dont upgrade kernels often19:31
ryuo2.6.16.x is supposedly the "stable" 2.6 kernel branch19:32
treachthere is no 'stable' branch faik.19:32
treachdistros are supposed to provide that.19:33
andariusumm, the whole 2.6 is "supposed" to be safe19:34
andariusissues do arrise from time to time however19:35
treachyeah, but it's not "official"19:35
treachIt's Adrian Bunk's show.19:35
andariussure it is, lists each new release as the current stable release19:35
treach"The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:   2.6.24"19:36
treach*That* is official19:36
andariusthere you go19:36
andariusand it did that for numerous releases before that one :)19:36
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treach*This* is the story about 2.6.16.x ->
* andarius however is content with his current kernel as it supports all the hardware and works fine19:37
andariusDateSat, 3 Dec 2005 14:56:08 +0100 <-- :(19:38
* treach quoteth the great Adrian "One problem following from this is that people continue to use older 19:38
treachkernels with known security holes because the amount of work for kernel19:38
treachupgrades is too high."19:38
andariusthat thing is over 2 years old19:38
andariusdust in the wind19:38
treachSo, does that make it less valid?19:38
andariusi would say yes19:38
treachIt's still the story about 2.6.16.x19:39
andariusthings change, and fast int he OSS world19:39
treachIt's still true that straying on older kernels carries certain risks.19:39
ryuoonce a new kernel tree is released, rarely does the old one get updated ever again19:40
treachryuo: ahem.. 2.6.16 is at .59..19:40
andariuswhen they do recevie updates they are behind.19:40
ryuowhy do they still maintain 2.4?19:41
treachreleased the 19th of jan.19:41
ryuoi dont know of many distros that still use those kernels19:41
treachryuo: some platforms might not work that well with 2.619:41
andariusbecause some dont believe in moving away from the kernel that held them up i think19:41
treachryuo: all that runs linux isn't PC's.19:41
treachthat's why 2.2 is still supported as well iirc.19:42
ryuoit hasnt been updated in years19:42
ryuojeez lkml is freakin slow19:43
andarius2.2 is around as a legacy stool19:43
treachok, finally dead then.19:43
treachbut I bet it's still in use19:43
ryuo"Yea, my can openers still running linux 2.2, got a problem with that?"19:43
ryuoif your hardwares brand new, your probably stuck with the newer kernels =p19:45
ryuoif they even support it19:45
treachbtw, I wonder what happened. "2.2.27-rc2 --- argh, fsckit, nobody uses this crap anyway!"19:45
andariusone would have to be faced with some real limitations to want to use anything other than 2.6.XX19:46
treachwell, embedded devices tend to be extremely limited and use some pretty old hw.19:47
andariusthe 2.6 series is starting to include tweaks just for embedded like never before19:48
treachfor instance, are you aware that the TI calculators are based on z80? (No it doesn't run linux..)19:48
andariushonestly i could care less19:48
andariusmy desktop is p4 based ;)19:48
treachthat wasn't the point.19:48
treachthe point is that there are lots of devices running linux, that will probably NEVER get anthing like a i686 in it.19:49
andariusi dont see what that has to do against 2.619:50
andariusi have a p-pro running a 2.6 kernel19:50
andariusalso an amd k6/219:50
andariusand a via centerhauls19:50
treachwell.. ppro IS i686.. :D19:50
andariusk6/2 is 58619:51
andariusand the 2.6 will support 486 and such19:51
treachyeah, a high end one.19:51
treachyes. but will it run well?19:51
treachand will it keep running well. AND support various archaich devices that are involved?19:52
*** sepen has quit IRC19:52
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andariusi dont see where you are going here19:52
treachbesides, if you've got your device in production, you don't happily change anything about it.19:52
treachif it works, you keep using it.19:53
treachthe point is, that old linux kernels stay around for the same reason that z80 and 386 cpu's still are produced.19:53
andariusthey are still produced?19:54
andariusi did not say there was no point in them. just have no clue about that .16 mess19:54
treachas I said, basically all those fancy TI grapichal calculators are based on an z80 cpu.19:55
andariusi do not place a calc in the same class of hardware as a PC19:55
treachwhich kind of was my point..19:56
treacheverything isn't a pc.19:56
andariusnow i am confused19:56
treachbut it might still run linux.19:56
* andarius goes back to his beer19:56
ryuoripping my last suikoden CD now...20:08
*** roliveira_ has joined #crux20:10
ryuowow a 12 minute track20:15
andariusi have one just under 29 minutes :o20:16
treachif a 12 minute track makes you faint, maybe you're listening to the wrong kind of stuff?20:17
* treach wanders away, muttering about goldfishes and modern day youth.20:18
Romster12 minutes is nothing.20:25
* ryuo ties Romster to the railroad track and plays train sounds for 3 hours.20:26
ryuowow i forgot i had this20:26
ryuomy old OSV CD20:27
ryuoC 199620:27
*** roliveira has quit IRC20:27
* treach ties ryuo to a tree and plays 16:15 minutes of 'Festival overtyre "1812"'20:28
ryuoit is really rare now.20:28
*** Romster has quit IRC20:30
*** Romster has joined #crux20:31
Romsterupdated kernel20:32
Romsterdon't everyone type at once now <_<21:03
andariusshhh, you are disturbing the beer :(21:04
ryuohow can i make it so the user who mounts a removable media, etc, flash drive, can also write to it?21:04
treachman mount21:05
andariusedit the fstab line is one way21:05
ryuoi tried making it user mountable21:05
ryuobut the user still can't edit anything... hrm21:05
andariussee man mount ass noted21:05
ryuothanks for the insult.21:05
treachwell, it did work for me, last time I tried it. :>21:06
andariussorry, been a very long day21:06
andariuswas not  meant to come out like that21:06
andariusman mount define the fstab options that set permissions on the drive once mounted :)21:06
ryuoi can see one thing xfs can do jfs can't21:09
ryuodisk quota...21:09
ryuowould be useful for if your hosting disk storage21:09
ryuoor something like that21:09
treachI've never tried it, but I'm pretty sure jfs handles quotas..21:11
treachat least it does on AIX21:12
Romsteri've got one box using jfs but i'm much to lazy to try that out.21:27
treachI'm using it on my laptop, but I have no need for quotas so.. *shrug*21:28
ryuoaccording to mount man21:39
ryuojfs's quota options are accepted but ignored21:40
treachinteresting. presumeably nobody cares enough about jfs to make it work, then.21:42
treachsince the functionality is there, otherwise.21:42
Romsterno point even having if there ignored.21:45
ryuoi can't find a mount option for making it writable by the mounter(assuming non-root)21:45
treachRomster: jfs wasn't created for linux you know...21:45
Romsternot origionally it got ported to linux.21:46
Romsterryuo, wouldn't it be a umask?21:46
treachyeah, so, why waste time pulling out functionality from working code?21:46
Romsterbecause it's redundent.21:47
treach*that* is stupid.21:47
treachdon't mess with working code unless you have to.21:47
ryuoRomster: I don't use FAT.21:47
treachumask applies to all filesystems.21:48
Romsteri did not ever say FAT where did oyu get that stupid idea from.21:48
ryuoit only appeared under options for fat21:48
Romsterwhat trench said.21:48
treachryuo: just  type umask in a terminal, and you'll see. :)21:48
ryuoi set the umask to 002021:52
ryuoallowing third parties to write to it21:52
ryuotheres some mount option for setting the mount points owner/group21:53
ryuoto like21:53
ryuoso only authorized regular users can write to it21:53
Romsteryou can set umount mode in the options of fstab usually.21:55
Romsterudev handles the permissions make a rule for it?21:55
Romsterthe word 'user' in fstab options allows a user to mount it, but you probbably knew that.21:56
ryuoi passed uid and gid to mount options21:59
ryuoumode set to 007 :) keeps everyone except root and the flash group out21:59
Romsterso only trusted users can steal data <<22:00
Romsteri keep thinking of renaming the group cdrom to burner but that's as far as i get and i go bah can't be bothered.22:01
ryuowow this thing is slow to accept write22:02
ryuocopying some music to it and its taking forever22:02
Romsteryou got it in usb v2 fastest mode?22:03
Romsteri read there is 3 usb speed modes.22:03
ryuoits a few hundred megabights22:03
ryuothere it finished22:03
Romsterflash drives arn't super fast well this kingmax 512MB isn't.22:03
ryuomy stick is 1 GB22:04
Romstercan get really big 4GB ones now.22:04
ryuowe have up to 8 GB here22:04
treachRomster: how big is a really small 4GB? ;)22:05
ryuowhat weighs more? a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers22:05
Romsterok i worded that sentance wrongly.22:05
Romsterhah both are the same weight but you'd need more cubic space for feathers.22:06
ryuonow thats i'm finished writing22:06
ryuoremounting as read only22:06
ryuoaccording to df, my flash stick has already eaten up 600 MBs22:08
ryuomaybe i used too high a settign with musepack22:09
treachryuo: what fs are you using?22:09
treachahem. you shouldn't use that on flash.22:09
ryuothen what should i use22:09
treachsome other fs that is made for it maybe, or ext2 or something.22:09
ryuono point in a journal i guess22:10
treachindeed not22:10
Romsterext2 or fat for a flash drive.22:10
andariusif you want to use that flash drive in most computers fat or fat3222:10
Romsterthere is a windows driver to access ext filesystems too.22:11
Romsterbut it's a bit more of a pain.22:11
* andarius agrees :)22:11
Romsterunless it's the same computer you use.22:11
Romstermight actually be in fat16?22:12
treachwell, portability is kind of the point with flash, isn't it?22:12
treachyeah, standard is fat1622:12
Romsteror are thay advanced enough to handle fat3222:12
andariusi use fat32 on mine22:12
treachwell, fat 16 has a 2GB limit soo22:12
andariusas most machines these days are 2k or better22:12
Romsteryeah true. i know of the 2GB limit.22:13
ryuoext2 doesn't like my umask, etc.22:13
ryuoi get mounting errors if i try to mount it with umask22:14
ryuolets try ext322:14
treachthere's no point in that22:14
treachext3 is basically ext2 with a journal22:14
ryuoi wonder why ext2 doesnt like umask22:14
treachyou could try jjfs2 if you want to experiment.22:15
andariusperhaps the way it is written in?22:15
andariusi have not played with those options much. havent had a need yet22:16
ryuoi reformatedd it with vfat22:20
*** treach has quit IRC22:29
ryuoah thats why my music was so large22:35
ryuoi had some duplicates22:35
*** ryuo has quit IRC22:41
*** ryuo has joined #crux22:41
ryuoi got 5 CDs ripped now22:41
Romsteronly 5.22:42
* Romster looks at my colection <<22:42
andariuswant to rip my collection for me?22:42
ryuosure, send them to me:p22:42
andariusi have most of it already in mp3 but want to re-do it22:42
ryuo*andarius never sees them again*22:42
andariuscrap :(22:42
ryuoi no longer encode in mp322:42
andariuswaht do you prefer?22:43
ryuoi used to encode in vorbis22:43
ryuobut now i encode in musepack22:43
Romsterif there good as in what i like i'll rip them for free and keep a copy for myself <<22:43
Romstermuch sound quality diference?22:43
ryuoi think so22:43
Romsteryou think..22:43
ryuomusepack is supposedly the best at higher bitrates22:43
Romsterhave you got good ears?22:43
ryuowell i'm not deaf.22:44
ryuoi have no hearing abnormalities22:44
Romstercan you pick pitch etc. another words a decent good bad of the two formats.22:44
Romsteri've mixed for live bands.22:45
ryuoi don't personally like mp3 anymore22:45
ryuoits too old...22:45
andariusi like it due to being widely supported :)22:46
pedjajaeger: would you update opt/nvidia?169.09 is latest stable( fixes 'fan stuck at 100%' bug from 169.07).22:46
ryuoits kinda how i feel about zip22:46
Romsterzip should die..22:46
ryuowant a list of my CDs thus far?22:47
Romsteri've got no fan on my card22:47
Romstereven the stupid cab format22:47
Romstereh why not cat the files to a text file <<22:48
pedjaRomster: me neither, but some people found it annoying :)22:48
ryuoRudra no Hihou - Original Sound Version22:49
ryuomy old sound track...22:50
ryuo1 disc22:50
Romsterwhat the hell i'm on version 100.14.1922:52
Romsterway old...22:52
jaegerpedja: I've already updated it, just need to test a bit more before I push it22:52
Romsteror is there version format crazy22:53
jaegerso far it's working well but I want to test another machine22:53
andarius NVIDIA 169.07 here22:53
Romsterwhy is opt so far out thennn22:53
ryuolocal/nvidia 100.14.19-622:53
ryuo    NVIDIA drivers for kernel26.22:53
ryuolocal/nvidia-utils 100.14.19-222:53
ryuo    NVIDIA drivers utilities and libraries.22:53
ryuoya know...22:54
Romsterbah do i have to look after all the ports that i use myself.22:54
ryuoi bet we'd still be using xf86 if it hadnt commited suicide22:54
ryuobut that fatal move they did, drove everyone away22:54
Romsterno idea why they did that to r6.922:55
pedjajaeger: ok, I've updated my local port to it, but I was watching tennis, so I haven't rebooted yet :)22:55
Romstercould of been good for some low powered space limited cpu?22:55
ryuoas far as i know22:56
Romsterdo you have to reboot on a video driver update..22:56
ryuono distro that has its sanity uses xf86 nowadays22:56
Romsteri haven't been able to avoid it.22:56
jaegerpedja: I have one machine that's pretty sensitive, if there will be problems it usually gets them :P if that one works great I'll push it22:56
ryuoRomster: no.22:56
Romsterseems stupid to reboot22:56
andariusjsut restart X22:56
ryuoRomster: just update the kernel driver(if applicable) and restart xorg22:56
Romstershould eb able to unload the module and load the new version then start xorg22:56
Romsterthought as much22:57
Romsterbut then i get the no screens are found even after runing gl-select.22:57
Romsterbut maybe it'll work ok this time.22:57
jaeger169.07 did have some crash bugs22:58
Romsterah so that's why you avoided it.22:59
jaegerthere were a lot of bitching posts about it on nvnews, to, so yeah22:59
Romsterdamn and here i thought you missed a update.23:00
jaegerI do sometimes but not this one :)23:00
jaegeractually, I won't be pushing it to opt but I could update it in my personal repo23:00
ryuoi swear my cd drive is having a heart attack every time i use it23:00
Romsterhave you had any luck with gstreamer or you've done like me stay at 14 and wait for 16 to come out?23:01
Romsterjaeger, not tested well enough or you not sure it's ok yet?23:01
Romsteri'm game enough to test.23:01
pedjaI have no problems with it, but YMMV :)23:01
jaegerRomster: more that I retired23:02
Romsterthis distro can't afford to lose any more dev's.23:03
jaegermore could step up23:04
Romsterand i haven't read my emails yet and it's there.23:04
ryuomy hard drive light goes banannas whenever i play audio cds23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
Romsterryuo, read buffer must be small..23:08
* Romster is sad that your retiring23:08
jaegerI plan to continue using crux and maintaining my personal repo... not sure about gnome yet23:11
Romsterhmm that's a huge task.23:14
Romsterand your updated iso?23:15
Romsteri don't use it but i'm sure alot do.23:16
jaegernot sure, really... I pushed my latest iso to refs/heads/2.4-e1 at least23:16
jaegerso it won't get lost23:16
ryuowhos retiring23:16
Romsterryuo, read the mailing list, jaeger of course.23:17
ryuoif e17 ever became stable23:17
ryuoi'd use it as my main DE, no questions asked.23:17
ryuoi liked the cvs builds i tried but23:17
ryuoits just too unstable :/23:17
ryuoand i thought E16 was just plain wierd23:18
ryuoi couldn't make heads or tails of the default setup23:18
ryuoi think E17 is doomed to fail.. the devs are trying to make it too perfect i think23:19
* Romster shrugs23:20
ryuohey Romster, found any good window decor lately? I haven't been able to find anything.23:21
Romsteri haven't looked but that's on my todo list.23:21
*** Falcon| has quit IRC23:22
*** Falcon| has joined #crux23:22
Romsterand this is gonna be a fun night... not, australia day people drinking and blasting there stereos23:23
ryuothe only half way decent pekwm theme i've found so far is murrine green23:33
Romsteri'm on vita23:37
ryuolooking at xfwm themes, see if i find anything good23:41
ryuoRomster, do you know of any xfwm theme sites other than
Romstersorry don't think so.23:42
Romstermight of book marked some other them sites but not being to a spefic wm23:42
ryuoi'm just looking at themes for any WM that uses pixmaps23:43
ryuowhat do you think of this theme?23:45
*** mafarka has joined #crux23:53
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux23:54

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