IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-01-26

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ryuoi think i found the theme i'm gonna port00:31
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ryuoRomster, is the ROX repo functional?00:34
Romsteri have it up haven't got all the ports pushed to it yet and i need to get prologic to setup the rsync for it.00:35
Romsteri'll get onto that i've got a wack together a comemnts page using sql for a site.00:35
ryuoi'm gonna port the bluecurve theme00:35
Romsterdarn customer is keep looking too see if i've got it done yet <<00:36
Romsteri can see the ip loged <<00:36
ryuoits a pretty decent theme00:36
ryuoto pekwm that is00:36
Romsterthere pretty much as is them rox ports jsut send me the new ones as you get them working and i'l add them in. i'll get to it but this has to be done before i get yelled at <<00:36
Romsterah ok it's a pekwm theme.00:36
Romsteri could do with something nice but atm i got this todo. be glad wehn it's done.00:37
ryuooroborus has a few themes decent enough for porting00:37
Romstersoudns good i'd port but not untill this site is done.00:37
Romster is the site i'm working on.00:37
ryuowould you use the bluecurve theme in pekwm if i ported it00:37
Romstermaybe got a picture?00:38
ryuoi think xfwm is the best wm if all you need is window manager00:41
ryuoi gave hv3 a test run the other day00:43
ryuoa decent web browser00:43
ryuobut not much better than elinks00:43
ryuogreat if you just want basic web browsing its lighter than firefox00:44
ryuosupports some web standards like CSS fairly well00:44
ryuoif you want to use it, its open source, but easiest method of installation is to grab the static binary00:44
ryuoso what do you think romster?00:54
Romsterdocument not found.00:56
Romsteri'm always interested in other browsers00:56
ryuotry this instead/00:56
ryuolemme get you a link for hv3...00:56
Romsterones that are w3c compilant and css2/css300:56
ryuohv3 might be00:57
ryuoits based off the tcl/tk toolkit00:57
Romsternope keeps going to
ryuoTRY .net00:57
ryuomy bad00:57 is a freakin ad portal00:57
ryuoi forgot00:57
ryuo check for the binary00:58
Romsterd'oh now i get it..01:00
ryuoits the best html engine i've found on linux that isnt gecko01:00
ryuoits still considered alpha but its usable now01:01
Romstertheme is ok nothing flash, hmm that browser might be the answer of killing firefox one day and opera for a browser that is compilent and works.01:03
ryuoit doesnt render flash, but eh01:04
ryuoits a great substitute if you dont use any of the things it cant do right now01:04
ryuoi wonder if microsofts silverlight will take off :p01:05
Romsterhaven't heard of that, i'll be glad wehn IE8 is out and IE 7< dies. a horrable death.01:26
Romster<= 701:27
Romsterjack of CSS bugs that i have to accoutn for, 'oh every one uses it'... but i don't, but i still have to /support/ it, when i make a site.01:27
Romsterwould rather put a fat notice across the page do not use IE and any browser that is w3c will work.01:28
Romsterbut then the morons will go huh and not even bother with the site...01:29
Romsterryuo, not worried about flash, but javascript and the DOM is handy.01:32
Romsterbut it'll be a long time if at all to support that.01:32
Romstercoffee time.01:33
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ryuoi bet silverlight'll be windows only01:41
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Romsterno doubt, run it though wine <<01:47
ryuoi found an article on slashdot about vias new processo01:48
ryuoif you wanna see it, its still on the frontpage01:48
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ryuoman patents are abused left and right in this country01:55
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RomsterSmartphones Patented, wtf...02:11
ryuotell me about it02:11
Romsterand revoking the GPL licences what is this world coming too.02:12
ryuowhy should something that already exists in the mainstream be patentable?02:12
ryuothis company seems to only want it so they can sue companies for "patent infringement"02:12
RomsterMySpace Private Pictures Leak02:13
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tilmanyes, i updated xorg-server yesterday04:00
tilmanit's the same patch that was posted on arch's bug tracker04:00
tilmanand what jaeger linked to is the same patch (on top of -multiple_issues.diff)04:01
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Romsterthought as much.04:43
Romstertilman, i threw that port you asked in contrib.04:44
Romsteris quite handy.04:44
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;905:03
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raw_hi, Romster, -mtune=$(uname -p) in contrib/fftw will not work05:46
raw_Romster: -mtune takes the same argument as -march05:47
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Romsterused to work untill someone changed the version....05:48
Romsterof coreutils.05:49
Romsteri'll have to edit them now..05:49
Romster-mtune=native should work.05:49
Romsteri'll edit them soon05:50
raw_Romster: thanks05:51
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Romsterraw_, done09:02
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raw_Romster: fantastastic09:12
Romstersorry i took awhile i wanted todo some other cleanups to it. and i was busy when you asked me too.09:13
Romsterlet's hope i didn't mess up <<09:13
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mavrick61Hi.. How can I write a line i bash to a file containing a variable names without get the containing value of the varible10:44
mavrick61echo "               ln -s /etc/net /etc/net.$IF.$VLANID">> $INFILE.new10:45
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jueuse single quotes10:49
mavrick61To simple....10:53
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mavrick61jue: Thank's11:02
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Romstermavrick61, the single quotes don't parse the string and double quotes does parse the string, php does the same as bash, and i'm sure there are other languages do that too.11:40
juebash don't expand a string enclosed in single quotes, to be precise11:42
jueneither single nor double quotes are parsing strings ;-)11:44
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Romstereh ok dosn't expand then..11:46
Romsterdo i have to get everything not quite worded right.11:47
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raw_Romster: you failed: configure: error: requested SIMD type does not match selected precision12:17
Romstercompiled for me..  what cpu are you on?12:18
raw_Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz12:18
Romsterso it should be working on sse2?12:18
raw_it should...but it doesn't. ;)12:19
Romstercat /proc/cpuinfo, do you have sse2 in your flags?12:19
Romsterany odd cflags?12:20
Romsterhmm can you comment out the make line and find out what one it's failing on there is 3 types.12:21
Romsteryou could do FFTW_SHARED=1 to build it with shared librarys like i commented in the file.12:23
raw_config="$config --enable-sse2 is causing that error12:23
Romsterapparantly it's either shared or build static for the instruction set of the cpu.12:23
Romsterbut you have a sse2 instruction set...12:23
Romsterwhich one is it failing on single, double or double-float?12:24
raw_checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu12:25
raw_checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu12:25
raw_configure: error: requested SIMD type does not match selected precision12:25
Romstersudo FFTW_SHARED=1 pkgmk12:26
raw_either adding export FFTW_SHARED=1 or commenting out --enable-long-double fixes that error12:26
Romsterbiuld it as shared.12:26
Romsterlong double hmm12:26
tilmani'm not familiar with fftw, but.12:27
Romsterif long-double is commented otu it's jsut as wise to comment out that block.12:27
tilmanonly building *.a seems stupid12:27
Romsteri tryed with shared...12:27
Romsterbut it bitched at me when it's using the instruction set.12:27
jueRomster: TBH, a  `sed '30.44d' Pkgfile` seems to be a appropriate solution for the problem12:27
Romsterso it's either that or build it as shared.12:27
Romsteri added it in to get more performance in then found out it wont' work with shared at the same time. how stupid is that.12:29
Romsterbah i'll hack that shit out i spent time to perfect.12:29
Romsternote to self some tings aren't worth even messing with, like instruction sets of fftw12:32
juedon't forget the KISS principle, IMO such optimizations are not necessary for the regular user12:32
Romsterthe thing is it built for k712:32
jueand such packages are not portable between differnet systems12:33
Romsteri could of testedit on sse too but i haev no sse2 to try12:33
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Romsterfftw is something that i use heavily, and i got a crappy old pc so any speed up is a improvment. i shoudl have a new pc already <<12:34
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andariusgreetings and salutations12:35
juesure, you can do that, but a contrib port should produce packages that work on every i68612:35
Romsterseems trying to cover for everyone seems a bad idea.12:36
Romsteri was expecting the program to not have any flaws.12:36
Romsterplus the fact the k7 worked why not the rest.12:36
andariusyou expect much ;)12:36
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Romsterit's been out for ages as stable.12:37
rawI'm going to optimize it anyway.12:37
Romsteri'm rebuilding it without that other junk that seems to break it.12:38
Romsterafter this expeareance cpu tweeks seems a likely breaking point.12:39
Romstereven worse than messing with cflags.12:40
Romstermaybe the asm is broken for sse2 or it dosn't like the new nasm.12:42
Romsterjue, i make them as generic as possable, but what i did to get the best performance wasn't wise.12:43
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Romstertotal waste of time...12:47
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warpedby0hello, i can't decide between crux or arch nowadays, i know arch has a bigger community, more advanced package manager and more packages in general, but i tried crux in the past and it seemed okay for me, i only run xorg with xmonad and the basic stuff like mutt, mc, mocp etc..13:03
Rotwangcrux if you like compilation arch if not13:03
SiFuh_stupid government agencies.. They phone me to tell me that the price is not 36 anymore but 39.. I was buying 2 products. So I said 72 bucks.. They corrected me and told me that they would charge 78 on my account. Complained over 6 dollars.13:11
SiFuh_Looking at my bank statment, they still only charged me 72.13:11
concorrI also consider this choice. You have more control if you use crux, there is nothing you can not do with a system with the characteristics of crux13:15
Romsterpower from simplicity.13:16
concorrThat is the key, its simplicity13:16
concorrhi Romster ;)13:17
* andarius runs ont hte philosify "the distro should provide a foundation for the user to build their system." once the distro goes beyond that they have assumed too much ;)13:17
Romsteryea once they go you use this DE or that WM and no you can't use that program but we have this already, yeah, that's going too far.13:18
Romsterbuild a base system and let the user do the rest.13:18
* andarius would like to chake your hand :)13:18
Romstergreat minds think alike.13:19
concorryes  Romster , the core system is a powerful core13:19
warpedby0concorr: well that can also be said of arch or am i wrong?13:19
Rotwangwarpedby0: crux is stick to KISS tighter than arch13:20
RomsterRedShift, would give you a run down on arch.13:20
Romsterarch if apparently good for getinga  job done in a datacenter.13:20
warpedby0i see13:21
Romsteracording to RedShift13:21
RedShiftarch is great if you have the knowledge13:21
Romsterah you re around13:21
warpedby0why would i want to lift 1U servers all day?13:21
concorrwarpedby0: Arch does not give you much control, and is not as simple at its core and offers more than what is necessary13:21
RedShiftmost complaints about archlinux are because of the newbies13:21
Romsterwhen you could have a blade rack <<13:21
RedShiftconcorr: arch is pretty simple, compared to red hat, ubuntu, suse, etc...13:22
andariusohhh, he said blade :o13:22
concorrRedShift: Compared with these distros yes, but not with crux13:23
RedShiftyes ofcourse not13:23
warpedby0so i guess crux is the slackware of arch13:23
RedShiftboth have their pros and cons13:23
RedShiftyou have to decide what you'll use13:23
concorrwarpedby0: you know coredistro?13:24
Romsterand if you want to learnt eh ins and outs of linux more from source based or be a i don't care i'll use binary packages person.13:24
rawyou know sourcemage?13:24
warpedby0well i have used many source based and binary based distro's from sourcemage to T2, from slackware to ubuntu, rofl13:25
RedShift"Core is dead! I am on to new things."13:25
SiFuh_andarius: I still like "Crux- Just a Linux Kernel _on CD_"13:25
RedShiftthat sucks :)13:25
concorrRedShift: no, sorry, i go to search coredistro url...13:25
warpedby0i found the url13:26
* RedShift compiling new 2.6.24 kernel13:26
warpedby0anyways im in #crux :D13:26
andariuslol, ive not heard the before SiFuh_13:26
SiFuh_i didn't notice warpedby013:26
concorrcrux creator inspered in lfs and coredistro13:26
Romstercasting a spell to install a spell O_o13:26
andariusihave tried a lot of distros. i find comparing them is pointless. distros are like shoes. they all do pretty much the same thing. all have similarities. you just need to find the one that fits you ;)13:27
RomsterRedShift, i used to mess with core linux!13:27
SiFuh_concorr: sourcer linux was the first distro of this nature i believe13:27
SiFuh_raw: that is the christian distro right?13:28
rawSiFuh_: noooooooo13:28
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Romsteryou reminded me of the bibble bashers had there own distro.13:29
raw666 ubuntu13:29
SiFuh_raw i must find the link then ;-)13:29
Romsterevil edgy lmao13:31
rawfiery spawn is the recent release13:31
RedShiftI hate those release names13:31
RedShiftuse the damn version number13:31
Romsterwhat's the nexy release gonna be claled, 'wedgy' ? <<13:31
RedShifthow are outsiders supposed to know what release horny hotdog is13:31
RedShiftwe don't know, we don't care, so we can't help you if you don't use the goddamn version number13:32
SiFuh_try UbuntuCE  CE = Christian Edition13:32
rawwhat would jesus download13:32
RedShiftraw: mp3's from the seventies13:32
RedShift"smoke weed everyday"13:32
Romsterhippy songs.13:32
SiFuh_rumour has it the holy oil contained canabis ;-)13:33
SiFuh_haha raw13:33
SiFuh_first paragragh always cracks me up13:35
RedShiftthat is funny13:35
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SiFuh_They say when you play a Microsoft CD backwards you can hear satanic messages...but that's nothing, if you play it forward it will install Windows!13:37
Romsterlol read that too.13:40
SiFuh_"I must say the linux community is a lot nicer than the unix13:41
SiFuh_community. a negative comment on unix would warrant death13:41
SiFuh_threats. With linux, it is like stirring up a nest of butterflies." -- Ken Thompson author of C Language. 199913:41
rawhe's right13:42
Toshiwarpedby0:  crux is cool because the maintainers/developers are very accessible.  Feels more "home-ish"13:46
warpedby0i see :)13:47
Toshiopposed to one of those giant distros13:47
treachunfortuneately they've been playing "ten little niggerboys" lately. :/13:47
tilmanhoho, i just had an idea who to recruit13:48
treachoh? that dwm guy? :P13:48
rawme, me, me! I'm famous for getting stuff done!13:48
*** onestep has quit IRC13:48
rawtreach: garbeam? is he back on crux?13:48
treachraw: no idea. he just strikes me as a guy with the right attitude.. :>13:49
SiFuh_i'm famous for filling up this channel with useless drivel for over 8 years ;-)13:49
rawtreach: I'd add uriel to that list13:49
warpedby0well i am concerned about quality and maybe some core developers decide to stop maintaining the core distro.. with a large distro such things are faster noticed because more people use it13:49
treachand theo too, I guess. :>13:49
rawof course13:50
treachwhat a dream team.. X.x13:50
treachtilman: who were you thinking of actually?13:51
*** okias has joined #crux13:51
SiFuh_i vote Jesus13:52
tilmantreach: you :P13:52
treachthat desperate, uh? :>13:52
tilmani've been trying to write a response to jaeger's taking-his-hat mail for 20 minutes or so13:53
ToshiYou got to have faith13:55
treach"Jesus saves, tilman scores the rebound" ;)13:56
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tilmani think i'd like to run in circles screaming 'omfg' for an hour or so13:58
tilmanbeer would be good now though :P13:59
Toshigood idea13:59
* andarius has beer, want some?14:00
Toshiwhat kind?14:00
treachinspiration from the bottom of a bottle? Doubt that'll be much good. :>14:00
* andarius is a classic kind of fella ;)14:00
ToshiI'm going to try brewing my own beer here soon14:02
andariusser ;)14:03
Romstertha add is too addictive.14:04
andariusi have most of them when they used the lizards on disc some where14:04
Toshithe chameleons were funny14:05
treachlizards on disc? They are distributing suse? :p14:05
Toshiwhat ever happened to the bud bowl?14:05
*** RedShift has joined #crux14:05
andariusgov legal came down on them for their advertising i think. why beer sommercials have all but died14:05
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*** Rotwang is now known as ZaD14:10
Romsterthey where good ones too.14:10
* tilman only knows of that commercial because the simpsons had 3 budweiser frogs once in that australia episode ;)14:10
Romsterprobably find it on youtube.14:11
ToshiI hope the commercials this year don't have a lot of men in bikinis, that was sick14:13
Romsterfat beer gut blokes in bikinis, now that'd make anyone puke.14:14
Toshithe australia episode is a classic14:19
Toshicoffee?  be-ee-er14:20
*** ZaD is now known as Rotwang14:20
tilmanhahaha, that scene is so great :D14:21
Toshiyou guys should try the heineken mini keg.  It's pretty sweet14:24
*** Falcon| has quit IRC14:24
warpedby0Toshi: where are you from?14:25
ToshiI'm up in Seattle14:26
warpedby0since heineken is dutch beer i assumed you were from the netherlands14:26
Toshiwhere are you where you can't buy heineken?14:26
treachsaudi arabia? ;)14:27
warpedby0i'm from the netherlands14:28
Rotwangnetherlands = weed14:28
Toshiah, I went there once but I was only 1614:28
Toshibut we stayed by the heineken building14:29
warpedby0Rotwang: lol14:30
Toshido you have the mini keg in the netherlands?14:31
*** Falcon| has joined #crux14:32
warpedby0i don't know hehe14:33
warpedby0i don't think so14:33
Toshieh, gtg.. later14:36
RedShiftwarpedby0: jah, we can't help you with that14:36
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warpedby0why is lilo in core and grub not?15:05
Rotwanggood question15:05
*** okias has left #crux15:06
rehabdollbecause only one bootloader is needed15:07
rehabdolland per chose lilo once upon a time15:07
tilmanyeah, the reason is mostly historical15:08
tilmananother reason might be that lilo is still quite popular among crux folk apparently ;)15:08
Rotwangbut it was in core in 2.3 iirc15:09
warpedby0from my understand that Per guy stepped down quite some time ago15:09
rawis he still using crux?15:10
warpedby0and who decides such things :D15:10
tilmanaccording to the logs, grub was moved from core to opt and back and back a few times15:10
warpedby0the core developers?15:10
rawor is he still around in some form or dimension?15:10
tilmanraw: nope15:10
tilmananother reason might be that we wanted to keep core small15:11
warpedby0i'm just curious i'm not saying it's wrong or anything but i find it strange15:11
tilmannot a big issue really, since grub is on the iso anyway :D15:11
treachlilo is a perfect fit for crux. Simple, reliable, and if you screw up, you're toast. :>15:18
clickoncelilo is the best. :)15:18
clickonceGrub is a little bit overbloated.15:18
rawI prefer grub: simple, reliable, and if you screw up, you just hit 'e'15:18
clickonceI don't like the fs reading/writing stuff in Grub.15:19
clickonceSecurity risk imo.15:19
rawif someone has physical access to your computer, you're screwed, wether you're running lilo or grub15:20
ryuoonly thing grub has over lilo is, you dont have to run it if you replace the kernel :p15:20
tilmanif you have physical access to the box you can do anything anyway15:20
rawtilman: ^515:20
tilmanomg, raw and me are agreeing for once15:20
treachstop the presses!15:21
clickonceraw: I'm a security freak.15:22
rawclickonce: cross out that security and we talk again15:23
rawtilman: actually we agree on quite a lot of things... except x11 development politics maybe :>15:24
treachso, when are we seing that crux se-linux port?15:24
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:30
rawsalam aleikum15:31
RedShiftraw: terrorist!15:33
rawallahu akbar!15:34
*** Viper_ has quit IRC15:36
tilmanomg amsg spam15:39
clickonceraw: Honestly, fuck you.15:39
rawclickonce: watch the youtube vide15:40
clickonceWhat the fuck does that have to do with things?15:42
rawclickonce: music helps with aggressions15:42
clickonceThe music in that one is hell of alot better.15:42
clickonceYeah, the proper music, hardstyle/gabber.15:43
rawwell, no15:43
clickonceBut I do enjoy Dana Dragomir and Gheorge Zamfir as well.15:43
Rotwangaaron spectrre15:43
rawI don't understand what the kids are doing there15:44
raware they trying to find out if they can reproduce themselves sexually?15:45
clickonceraw: They're skanking, to gabber.15:45
clickonceThat kind of music is wonderful.15:45
rawI see.15:45
* raw returns to his piano concert15:45
clickonceAnyway, got to go. See you later guys, even those of you who call me freak. ;_15:45
RedShiftlol @ on school jumping15:45
RedShiftthose crazy kids these days15:45
RedShiftbah polish people15:46
RedShiftwe should have never allowed them in the EU15:46
RedShiftalways fscking up my urban terror server15:47
Rotwangbecause they know you dont like them15:47
RedShiftalways speaking in that dammed language15:48
RedShiftgah :X15:48
tilmananother quality RedShift statement15:48
RotwangRedShift: nie mow tak bo nasle na ciebie O. rydzyka albo kaczynskich!!15:49
RedShiftI consider it gentleman's manners to assume the primary language spoken in public places like IRC channels and gameservers15:49
RedShiftand they always kick "campers" or other stupid reasons15:50
warpedby0i need some beer15:50
* RedShift hands warpedby0 some beer15:50
Romsterclickonce, what the hell is that shit lol15:53
Romsterraw, i arn't much into that jazz but i liked that jazzy/blues tune.15:54
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:55
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warpedby0listening to some zorn tunes15:58
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:07
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* RedShift makes a scene16:25
RedShiftnothing to see here16:25
RedShiftmove along16:25
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clickonceRomster: It is gabber19:30
clickonceRomster: (The music is called gabber)19:30
Romsteri've heard alot of styles and that arn't anything i like.20:14
*** andarius has joined #crux20:41
ryuohey Romster20:50
ryuodid you like the bluecurve theme20:50
Romsternot bad.20:50
Romsteri didn't try to port it.20:51
ryuoi'm having trouble finding a nice theme20:51
ryuoi finally found a good version of bluecurve20:51
ryuoworth porting20:51
Romsteri'm geting used to having nice thin borders.20:51
ryuoproblem is, should i port something else20:51
ryuoclearlooks is the replacement for bluecurve20:51
ryuoi find really thin borders to be troublesome20:52
Romsteri rarely resize my windows.20:53
ryuomakes it hard to resize them20:53
ryuothat way20:53
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andariusmmm, scrolling issues :(21:42
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mavrick61    case "$IP" in22:44
mavrick61            *.*.*.*/*)22:44
mavrick61            IPSyntaxOK="yes"22:44
mavrick61            ;;22:44
mavrick61    esac22:44
mavrick61    case "$IP" in22:44
mavrick61            *.*.*.*/*)22:44
mavrick61            IPSyntaxOK="yes"22:44
mavrick61            ;;22:44
mavrick61    esac22:44
mavrick61How can I get it to case onle read IP numers between "." regexpr?22:45
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Romstereh you trying to validate a ip address mask?23:07
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