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Romsterhmm ok new video driver is giving the illigal thing on glxgears hmm00:33
Romsterrmmod nvidia then startx after doing the usual stuff.00:34
Romsterfirst time i've tryed and not rebooted though.00:34
Romsterwhat was that fix anyways recompile xorg-server or mesa3d or something and i'm guessing maybe qt3/4 since that has nvidia headers too not sure on that one.00:35
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Gideananyone around?01:07
Gideanmay I ask a few noob type questions regarding the PPC?01:08
Romsterah i don't know anything about PPC acrux|ppc is the best bet for that stuff and nullpointer. let me grab a url.01:08
Romsterdang so many bookmarks it's hard to find stuff.01:13
Gideanlol. Thanks much!01:13
Romsteracrux|ppc, nullpointer be able to help you out.01:13
Romsterit's a side project and not offical as the x86 is01:14
Gideanacruc|ppc is a channel?01:14
Romsterwe got a x86_64 too.01:14
Romsternah that's a person <<01:14
Romsterhe is on that forum.01:14
Gideanoh. ha01:14
Romsterthere quite busy.01:14
Gideanunderstood...wel I'll do some reading.01:15
Romsteri can only help with generla and x86 related.01:15
GideanI appreciate your help, though. :)01:15
Romstergood i bookmarked it in case.01:15
Gideang' night01:15
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ryuohow fun.02:00
ryuoi got the musicbrainz cddb gateway working...02:05
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clickonceHello folks12:26
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clickonceHow well will Crux (or Linux in general) run on Sony Vaio laptops?12:26
treach@google linux sony vaio12:29
clbtreach: Search took 0.11 seconds: Linux on Sony Vaio Laptops & Notebooks: <>; Linux on the Sony Vaio GR Series Laptops: <>; Linux on the Sony VAIO UX180P: <>; Sony Vaio Linux - Installing Red Hat Linux on Sony's PCG-Z505LE ...: <>; Setting up Linux on Sony PCG-505 (505, 505G, 505GX, (1 more message)12:29
clickonceThanks. :)12:30
clickonceCrap, no information about my model.12:31
treachvaio's are tricky afaik, highly proprietary.12:31
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clickonceDisregarding Linux support, would you buy a ThinkPad X61s with X6 ultrabase + Lenovo DVDRW or a Sony Vaio TZ11 (with DVDRW builtin)?12:32
treachnot familiar with these models, but thinkpads usually works very well with linux12:33
treachI've got a R40 that works just fine, myself12:33
treachX61 is even sold with linux from some places apparently12:34
clickonceYeah, I saw something like that once.12:35
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clickonceBut, no matter if Linux runs or not, Vaio or ThinkPad?12:35
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treachwell, from my pov, running linux is critical, thus, tp.12:36
treachalso, I bet the tp is supported for far longer, as in getting spare parts etc.12:37
clickonceYeah, probably.12:37
andariusgreetings and salutations all12:38
clickonceDo you have any Lifebook experience? (Particularly the P7230 ultraportables)12:38
thrice`hi andarius12:38
andariusgreetings thrice`12:38
treachalso, the tp gives you three mouse buttons without having to use an external mouse, as a bounus. ;)12:40
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tilmani am cornholio! give me tp for my bunghole!12:40
thrice`a bit off :)12:41
sepentilman, whats was happen with jaeger?12:41
treachsepen: what about going to the source..? ;=12:42
sepenreally he's out?12:42
tilmansepen: yes12:42
* thrice` has trouble understanding international smileys12:42
tilmanjaeger: i didn't mean to imply anything wrt your intentions btw12:43
treachemergency meeting in the gunrom 30/1, 2000 CET. ;)12:43
tilmanin my reply i mean12:43
sepen$ prt-get listorphans -v12:43
sepensepen ...12:43
tilmantreach: ...12:44
treach"note to self"12:44
treachtilman: ---12:44
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clickonceHmm, it seems like Lenovo ditched the Z series ThinkPads.12:52
SiFuh_woohoo   9 days to go12:53
* SiFuh_ uses R series :-)12:54
mike_ksepen: mldonkey: README is missing '-a' in  usermod. And I guess an MLDONKEY_DIR in rc file is ambiguous, as it overrides the real home dir.12:55
mike_kwhy not to comment it out?12:56
sepenIll do some task on it12:57
sepenbut what about rc file?12:57
sepenMLDONKEY_DIR can be used to chrooted it12:58
mike_kMLDONKEY_DIR seems to override the home dir12:58
sepenmike_k, please read this13:00
clickonceI want an X series widescreen with builtin DVDRW just like Vaio TZ or Lifebook series.13:01
sepenmike_k, this service its used to run mldonkey under /var/mldonkey environment for all users you have on a system or remotely13:02
sepenI don't have problems when trying to use it for one user only running it with $ mldonkey13:02
mike_ksepen: ah, I've just removed that because it didn't catch up prefs, and started downloads in it's home directory...13:03
sepenmike_k, so you don't need to use mlnetd script13:04
sepenjust use mldonkey at command line with your user13:04
mike_knot my user, but specially created mlnetd user =)13:04
sepenso it creates ~/.mldonkey without problems13:04
sepenthats the reason, you mean its wrong? or bad documented?13:05
sepenI really have some problems with my poor english, sorry13:05
clickonceGod damnit, why is this so hard...13:06
clickonceIf Lenovo could make an above mentioned laptop it would be much easier..13:06
clickonceThey have widescreen T series but those are too big.13:06
mike_kI just omit the MLDONKEY_DIR and it runs in it's home dir. having MLDONKEY_DIR set to something other than actual mlnetd's home dir confused me a little.13:06
mike_kdon't worry. my english is worse.13:07
sepenI think its ok for comunicate13:08
jaegertilman: I didn't really take it that way, just figured I'd clear it up :)13:12
sepenjaeger, Im still frozen with your message at ML's13:13
sepenyou are working a lot and always in a right direction imo13:14
sepennow I think cruxers are orphans now13:15
jaegerI appreciate the kind words. If I had a lot more free time I'd continue working on it13:15
jaegerI personally think the rest of the team is great and will be able to fill the spot if needed13:15
treachjaeger: drop gnome, and you'll magically get a lot more free time. ;)13:23
jaegerI spend a lot less time on gnome than the rest, to be honest.. gnome is a lot of work at a new release but not much at other times13:24
treachit's ok, just kidding. still, sad to see another qualified maintainer/developer go away.13:26
treachthank you for you efforts.13:26
treachs you/your13:26
jaegerthanks :)13:26
andariusthe new guy agrees ... thanks ;)13:27
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mavrick61Hi: I can't find any option för bash command "mv" to create folders at the destination. Isn't that possible?19:40
mavrick61BTW: We upgrade to 1GBs internet connection. It is scheduled to begining of March.19:42
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nipuL2 down, 4 to go20:54
nipuLupgrading is fun20:54
Romsterit is as long as nothng bad happens21:25
Romsteranyone had issues with the newist binary nvidia video driver?21:25
Romsterglxgears dies.21:26
Romsteri'm currently rebuilding the whole of xorg in case i got some bug from ages ago..21:26
Romsterdid a major update yesterday to everything that was out of date.21:27
nipuLdid you gl-sxelect?22:19
Romsteryeah and i rmmod nvidia then startx22:28
Romsteri didn't reboot didn't think i need too.22:29
Romstersaid some error about xlib in python the first time and exited xorg then i went back in and got the error that it terminated22:30
Romsternot sure if that video card driver is the cause.22:30
Romsterhmm xorg-libxaw failed to build.22:31
nipuLi just did a sysup without rebooting yet, glxgears bombed out on me22:32
nipuLmesa took over the libGL files22:32
nipuLgl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia22:32
Romsteri read something in ehre but i'd have to go though my log to find it.22:32
Romsteryeah i do that after any mesa/xorg-server updates.22:33
Romstersince both have mesa3d22:33
Romsterfor good measure.22:33
Romsteri should run revdep again22:34
Romsteri had alot of broken things.22:34
Romsteri've force rebuilt.22:34
Romsteralso do a grep for the old 4.1.2 compiler in *.la files22:35
Romsteri found i had 4 programs still pointing to the old libstdc libs22:35
Romsterthat i recompiled to fix that.22:35
Romsterxorg-libxaw only a footprint mismatch.22:36
Romsterok should be xorg done.22:36
nipuLhmm, i think i should patch revdep to look in lib32 for me22:37
Romsterto look in lib{,32,64} would be an idea.22:37
nipuLlib{,32} would be enough22:37
nipuLlib64 -> lib22:38
Romsterin your case.22:38
nipuLmakes things a lot easier22:38
Romsteri see.22:38
Romsterless hacking Pkgfiles to point to lib64?22:38
nipuLonce pkgutils supports symlinks it won't matter22:38
nipuLi think the preferred way is to link lib -> lib6422:40
Romsterah yes that sounds like the way to go have lib32 and lib64 and link to it lib -> lib6422:43
Romsterdo ou run 32bit stuff in a chroot?22:43
Romsteror have it just point to lib3222:44
nipuLno it all runs in the same environment22:51
RomsterSiFuh_, that's windows so?22:55
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SiFuh_Romster: that was a joke23:30
SiFuh_obviously a bad one...23:30
Romsterah i never got it.23:31
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