IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-01-29

SiFuh_Australians can't spell?00:04
Romsteroften, no idea why i add the r00:07
SiFuh_I see omste00:07
RomsterNah just i can't spell not all Australians.00:07
SiFuh_Actually I think most Australians cannot spell :-)00:07
Romsteryou be wrong <<00:08
SiFuh_Jaycar messed up again00:08
SiFuh_that's an Australian Business..00:08
Romsteri know, i'm a electronics tech i've ordered from there.00:09
SiFuh_i ordered 3 ply 15amp00:10
SiFuh_and they sent me 2 ply 15amp00:10
SiFuh_when i contacted them to explain the situation they hung up00:10
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:10
SiFuh_remember the other day I was looking at plugs/adapters ?00:10
SiFuh_well I ordered 1 from Jaycar. It arrive 1 day later. Everything was fine.00:11
Romsterso yo wanted 3 core 15 amp cable.00:11
SiFuh_well today I received a second one which i never ordered00:11
SiFuh_yes, i ended up digging some scrap cables out of the shed.00:11
SiFuh_Now since I paid for 1 and they sent me 2. Should I be good and send it back?00:12
* Romster shrugs00:12
SiFuh_it says  re-order  on the package00:13
Romsterbe debited on your acount if you have one with them00:13
SiFuh_and same invoice number.00:13
SiFuh_i just checked00:13
SiFuh_there is only one debit00:13
Romsterhmm they must of ran out of stock of it, so how come you got 2.00:13
SiFuh_no idea00:14
Romsterif there out of stock you shouldn't of got any.00:14
SiFuh_welcome to the twilight zone..00:14
SiFuh_oh well. payment for hanging up on me :-)00:14
SiFuh_I beleive that Jaycar must have an entirely young staff running the joint00:21
SiFuh_least I know they can't afford to send out black helicopters with parajumpers and abseilers to come kicking in my doors and windows..00:22
Romsterno idea seem to be ok fo rme.00:38
Romsterfor me*00:38
Romsteralthough they don' stock everything and i have to source other stuff elsewere00:38
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SiFuh_i usually order from US00:54
SiFuh_so i dont need to pay GST and the prices including shipping are almost always cheaper00:54
Romsterif you can hold out on the wait.00:56
SiFuh_most times i can00:56
SiFuh_maybe it is there excuse to send me more junk mail :-P01:01
Romsteron idea..01:01
SiFuh_you know how jaycar always sends mailed junk01:01
Romstertoo oftern.01:01
pitillogood morning01:21
Romsterhmm so wondering where i should point this too f.setFileName(QLatin1String("/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fs/config"));01:22
Romsterhi pitillo01:22
Romsterfind /usr/ports/ -name '.footprint' -exec grep 'fs/config' {} \;01:30
Romsterfinds very litle results guess i'll do the same treatment to it but it isn't used..01:31
Romsterthis is gona take longer i need to seperate the huge arse patch i've made and reedit some parts then piece it back together.01:46
Romsterah this code looks in more than one place, so i don't need to touch that line i wasn't sure on and i was right on the path change too.01:49
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;902:35
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Romsterhi DarkNekros03:15
Romsteroh my eyes too much code for one day.03:15
Romsterbut i got stuff done.03:15
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SiFuh_oh my eyes too much sleeping for one day.04:51
* SiFuh_ battles the change from night shift back to day shift04:51
Romsteroh that's always fun.04:52
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SiFuh_Taxi company owes me 216 bucks too :-)04:54
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thrice`tilman: around?07:08
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Romsterthrice`, most likely asleep.07:26
thrice`I thought he was in Germany?07:28
Romsterok not a informative away message.07:30
SiFuh_hmm tilman has probably been sleeping for 7 hours07:37
SiFuh_@seen tilman07:44
clbSiFuh_: tilman was last seen in #crux 18 hours, 2 minutes, and 45 seconds ago: <tilman> \o/07:44
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rehabdollpeople do have work here in europe :)07:52
SiFuh_I consider sleeping as work as it is one of those chores that must be done.07:57
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Romsterholly f%$k09:45
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SiFuh__what serial killer are you_ "caution contains graphic and violent questions"10:15
SiFuh_apparently asking me what musical instrument i play, and car i take to work.. is violent..10:16
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thrice`anyone use openbox?10:24
ToshiI've tried it10:33
tilmanSiFuh_: i'm in CET :P10:34
tilmanthrice`: me! ;)10:34
Toshidragging the windows seemed a little choppy, but it could have been my setup..10:34
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namenlosagain: i update the kernel, and my hdd devices are named differently... :(10:46
thrice`tilman: do you use anything for a panel / pager ?10:46
tilmanthese days i usually only use one virtual desktop :o10:46
tilmandual head ftw ;)10:46
thrice`ah, makes sense10:46
SiFuh_tilman: so was i right? were you sleeping?10:47
thrice`I wanted to try out openbox, but need something for a sys tray / minimized apps10:47
Toshifbpanel is okay10:47
ToshiI use it with blackbox10:47
tilmanSiFuh_: oh. i misread. yeah, you were close :)10:47
tilmanno you weren't10:47
tilmani'm confused10:47
tilmanSiFuh_: it was 14:37 when you mentioned that :P10:48
SiFuh_23รบ37 1610:49
thrice`ah, there is a pypanel also.  that looks like it might work ok10:49
Romsteri'm on pypanel it's ok.10:49
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tilmanthere's one guy on (planet openbox) who praised crux' speed recently10:52
SiFuh_fbpanel doesn't seem bad ;-)10:53
ToshiYou have to make your own port for it10:55
SiFuh_Toshi: i installed it already10:56
ToshiI know, you guys are all pros10:56
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SiFuh_right, night11:17
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thrice`ah, when I read fbpanel, I was thinking of the one that shipped with fluxbox11:57
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Rotwangtilman: urxvt pkgfile has broken link12:32
rehabdollRomster: lvm2 bump12:33
Romsteragain... i did a ck4up a few hours ago12:33
rehabdolldistrowatch's rss-feed is real quick12:34
thrice`Rotwang: ports -u12:34
Romsterfuck me gstreamer update too..12:34
Romsterand mpfr, i'll get lvm2 done then do the rest.12:35
rehabdollno worries12:36
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rehabdollbeer after work is like a fucking sledge-hammer12:36
Romsterlol ya got that right.12:38
Romsterget drunk off the first bottle!12:38
rehabdollhehe yeah. everything is spinning. cheap fun though :)12:39
* thrice` doesn't test any ports Romster pushes tonight12:41
Romsterthat's reasuring <<12:41
rehabdollswfdec? sounds interesting.. i've been following the gnash development a bit12:45
Romsterit was in my repo decided to move it over.12:46
Romsterseems no one else was interested since i got the only port of it.12:46
rehabdollgnash is pretty nice otherwise even plays youtube12:47
Rotwangtilman : thanks12:51
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rehabdolllatest cvs of gnash depends on gstreamer, and one need a capable url-handler too. gnome has one but one can also use libsoup, wich in turn requires a cvs-build of  gstreamer-plugins-bad13:01
rehabdollstill, only alternative for us running 64bit :/13:01
Romster64bit still has a way togo.13:04
rehabdollonly with closed-source crap13:04
rehabdollone might hope the current price of ram will increase adoption13:05
rehabdolladobe still has no flash for any 64bit platform, not even windows13:05
rehabdollneither does sun with java-plugin13:06
rehabdollnoticed the other day the java-bugzilla ticket requesting a 64bit build was over 5 years old13:06
rehabdollSubmit Date   14-JAN-200313:07
rehabdollOMG This RFE has fianaly been comitted to the dolphin (JDK 1.7) release.13:07
rehabdoll"* bump * anybody home?  Read the comments, you're losing money dumbasses."13:10
rehabdolloh, im ranting. damn beer13:12
Romstereh there just dumb not making a 64bit version.13:13
jdolan_uhm.  why the hell doesn't tar zxf -C ../../some/directory some_file.tar.gz work13:14
jdolan_when ../../some_directory most definitely exists?13:14
thrice`try tar xvfz some_file.tar.gz -C ../../some/directory13:15
jdolan_ugh, thank you.13:16
jdolan_thanks tar for being inaccurately documented!13:16
Romsterah yeah and do xvzf, f last as that's after the file arugment13:17
Romsterjdolan_, if you look at the text that pkgmk spits out you'd of noticed how that worked <<13:18
jdolan_Romster, i know, i actually remember seeing it there.13:23
jdolan_but i'm not on CRUX at the moment.13:23
thrice`shame on you13:24
Romsterjdolan_, dang.13:24
jdolan_i still have one CRUX box :>13:26
jdolan_hey i retired a year ago, gimme a break.13:26
Romsteri was thinking you wanna rejoin <<13:26
Romsteryou reat matt is standing down.13:26
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andariusgreetings :)14:12
thrice`hi andarius14:12
Rotwangandarius: what about salutations?14:18
andariuswas short-handing it. got called to answer a Q :)14:25
andariusok, now ... greetings and salutations :P14:36
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triis somebody here useing one of the "install_latest_kernel" scripts ?15:12
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thrice`anyone use ck4up?15:24
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux15:26
mike_kthrice`: yep15:27
thrice`I can't seem to get it correct.  mind checking out my config file?15:27
mike_kI'll try, but I am not a regexp or ruby guru15:28
thrice`I'm just getting an error, and figure it's my overall approach15:29
triand anyone use crux with mkinitcpio ?15:31
Rotwangtri: me15:33
Rotwangits my port tho ;]15:33
triah :-)15:33
triwhy do you use mkinitcpio - what are the pros ?15:34
*** sepen has joined #crux15:35
Rotwangim former arch user, thats it15:35
sepenmajor tom to ground control15:35
Rotwangi got used to mkinitcpio, and im too lazy to play with own kernel configuration15:35
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andariusmmm, good song :)15:36
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andariusthrice`: out of curiosity, what kind of error are you getting?\15:53
mike_kck4up -v -d15:55
mike_kJurgen has proposed that Sourceforge workaround somewhere, AFAIK15:56
mike_kyou'll have to get the project id, by expecting links on sf project's page15:57
andariustime to go home. later gents. thrice` ... good luck with that ;)16:00
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mike_kthrice`: made it to work?16:20
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nipuLman, i'm getting sick of this new guy16:28
nipuLhis solution to every computer that comes in is to run onecare on it and charge 2216:29
nipuLanother day rectifying his fuck ups16:29
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nipuLit's microsofts POS anti virus/malware/etc package16:39
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SiFuh_Don't Panic17:43
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jdolanhehe Romster unfortunately no.  Quake2World eats all of my time.18:00
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:41
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SiFuh_beforeevening :-)23:29
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