IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-01-30

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haoleim having trouble configuring udev00:35
haolein crux, my dvd device doesn't come with write permission for the members of the disk group00:35
haoleonly read... i want to change this for every reboot00:35
haolehow can i proceed?00:35
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ryuochange udev rules?00:36
haoleyeah, but those files tell me to not edit them00:36
haolecause they will change on "update"00:36
haoledunno what is this00:37
ryuoit probably means if you update udev?00:37
haoleno idea00:37
ryuoi havent had it change on me when i added rules so that my cd drive got changed to cdrom group00:38
haole# do not edit this file, it will be overwritten on update00:38
ryuowhich one says that00:38
ryuoI modifed the cdrom rules00:39
ryuoare there any others?00:39
haolecause all my cdrom devices are links to /dev/hda00:39
ryuoI forget the exact name00:39
ryuodo you really need write access to /dev/hda?00:39
ryuoi've burned cds when all i had was read access00:40
ryuoor maybe i'm mistaken00:40
haoleit only works when i chmod this device to 66000:40
ryuoanyway, to the cdrom device, add these rules00:40
ryuocdrom rules file00:40
haoleif it is on 640 and i am in disk group, it doesn't work00:40
ryuoi wouldnt recommend putting yourself in disk group...00:40
ryuocdrom is sufficient00:40
ryuotry this:00:40
haolewhy not? is it dangerous?00:41
ryuoKERNEL=="hda", GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="(insert your mode here)"00:41
ryuoi dont think its a good idea to give hard disk access to regular users00:42
ryuodisk group is used for your hard disk, you see?00:42
haoleeven if it is read only?00:42
* ryuo shrugs.00:42
ryuoi can't say for certain, but it doesnt feel safe to me...00:42
haolei don't have a cdrom group by default... this is complicated00:42
ryuocrux ships with a cdrom group...00:43
haolei have dozens of symlinks to /dev/hda00:43
haoleoh, i have the group, but no device uses it00:43
ryuoudev is a bit screwy00:43
ryuoi had to add this rule for my CD drive to be setup for regular user space00:43
ryuoi used rule 0660 i believe00:44
ryuoand added it to the00:44
ryuotry this and then reboot the machine00:44
ryuosee if it works to your liking00:44
haoleshould i use KERNEL="hda"00:45
ryuoit has to ==00:45
haoleor KERNEL="hd[a-z]?00:45
ryuothats up to you. do you think you'll ever have more than one hda device?00:45
ryuothat is00:45
haolemaybe someday :D00:45
ryuojust use hda for now00:45
ryuoif you do, change it accordingly00:45
ryuoi mean, its just for your system, so...00:46
ryuoyou dont need such broad rules00:46
haolegonna reboot00:46
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ryuolet us know how it turns out..00:46
Romsterchange the group to cdrom00:55
Romsteroh he is off..00:55
Romsteri've solved this i should flyspray that issue.00:55
Romsterkeeps rearing it's ugly head.00:56
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pitillogood morning01:12
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haoleryuo, that thing worked :D01:17
haoleman, i have the most bizarre issue since i installed my crux01:17
haolei have two ethernet cards... and they keep switching places!!01:17
haolemy cable is always connected to one of them01:17
haolebut this one maybe called eth0 or eth101:18
haoleit depends on my computers mood01:18
haolenever saw ANYTHING like that01:18
Romsteri thought there assigned by the PCI slot there put in.01:18
haoleit happens, man01:18
haole02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 12)01:18
Romstermaybe there being assigned diferent IRQ's every time..01:19
haole05:04.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 14)01:19
haolenow it is eth101:19
haolemy /etc/rc.d/net is configured to eth001:19
Romsteri guess edit udev rules to tell one from the other?01:19
haoleif i reboot now, it might work, or not :D01:19
haoleim running my crux on skynet lol01:19
* haole needs to stop watching terminator01:20
Romsterwhat's worse there is a series starting up01:21
Romsteri so am watching that.01:21
haoleyeah, i saw it... it's really weak01:21
haoleit's just that there are some non-senses, like...01:21
mafarkahaole: try this01:22
haolein the movies, they could only transport their bodies... not weapons or clothes01:22
haolemafarka, ok01:22
haolein the series, they did a time travel and pieces of a destroyed cyborg travelled with them01:22
mafarkawith your mac ;)01:22
Romsterhaole, with the cd issues01:24
Romster<vredfreak> ryuo:  I added "GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660" to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-cdrom_id_rules01:24
Romsterand you need to set sticky bits for cdrecord etc01:25
Romsterand change there group to cdrom01:25
haolei did the hda kernel thing and it worked01:25
haoledidn't think it is an elegant solution, though01:25
haoleRomster, didn't understand your solution01:27
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Romsteradd "GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660" to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-cdrom_id_rules01:31
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Romsterand the few programs that need to use the burner need permissions changed.01:32
haolejust this?01:32
haoleadd one line like this: "GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660"01:32
Romsterto the existing line01:33
haoledidn't get the programs permission thing either... if my user has permissions, shouldn't the programs already have?01:34
Romsterls -la |grep cdrom01:35
Romster-rwsr-xr--  1 root cdrom     580136 2008-01-04 22:41 cdrdao01:35
Romster-rwsr-xr--  1 root cdrom     376660 2008-01-12 12:24 cdrecord01:35
Romsterin my cdrecord package i have01:36
Romsterchown -R root:root $PKG01:36
Romsterchown root:cdrom $PKG/usr/bin/cdrecord01:36
Romsterchmod -R u+w,g-w $PKG01:36
Romsterchmod u+s,o-x $PKG/usr/bin/cdrecord01:36
haoleshouldn't this things be packed by default in crux?01:36
Romsteri have <<01:36
Romsterexcept udev but i'm doing that now.01:36
haolewell, im gonna chmod manually these two guys01:37
haoleuntil the next update, when i will already have forgotten about these :D01:37
Romsterwell i've got packages on my site that happens to be offline again01:37
Romstergonna anoy prologic again about that01:38
Romsterand i'm also gonna flyspray this problem.01:38
Romsterand the fix for it.01:38
haoleim asking you for pure lazyness, but01:40
haolehow do i ask prt-get to NOT update some package?01:40
haolei know, i know... it must be on the handbook... but im too sleepy to find it01:40
haolei can't stand my xorg getting broken every sysup i do01:41
haoleor a miscalculated depinst01:41
pitillohaole, man prt-get (prt-get lock)01:41
haolewow, so easy01:41
haolei love crux :D01:41
Romsteror lock01:43
ryuohey haole01:50
ryuodid it work for you?01:50
ryuoi was afk01:50
haoleoh, yes :D01:52
haolebut i changed to romster's solution01:53
haoleadd "GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660" to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-cdrom_id_rules01:53
ryuoi tried that before and it set all my hard disks to cdrom -.-01:54
Romsteryou put it in the wrong rule <<01:55
ryuowhy do you always use << in your lines?01:55
Romsterand change the permissions on them 2 binarys.01:55
Romsterah alternitive to :)01:56
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haolemy next personal chalenge is to create an nfs server using crux02:05
haoleso i will be able to migrate mylaboratory's pcs to crux and have a unified documentation for our projetc!! :D02:05
haoleno more stupid tasks to transportate data from one pc to another02:05
haoleand my ultimate mega ultra highpower challenge would be to create a python interface to google docs02:08
haolethat would be fantastic :D02:08
haolewe use google docs a lot02:08
Romsterso some gui that reads from it?02:15
Romsteri haven't used google docs.02:15
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haolereads and one that does some commits to it :D02:19
haoleit can import documents02:19
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nipuLwhat's the status quo for the version tag for software that doesn't have a version?02:36
nipuL0.1, 1.0... banana?02:37
Romsteri set the version to either the verion after finding out like google-earth or set it to the date you ported it.02:37
nipuLthat's a good way to do it i guess02:37
Romsterif you really wan to do it right mirror the file and set it as a version.02:38
Romsteri've had thoughts on this, to use curl to read the date the file got modifyed.02:38
Romsterif oyu can find out the version from the file somehow i'd prefer to see that personally.02:39
Romsteri just wish they would set a version string.02:40
nipuLi've looked through the source, no version string02:40
Romsterhmm on the site itself?02:40
nipuLsite is down02:40
Romstereh then set it to the date you made it.02:40
Romsterat least then you know how long ago you did it.02:41
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SiFuh_that new Hitchikers guide movie sucked compared to the original02:53
SiFuh_they completey rewrote the meaning of the movie02:53
Romsterhaole, i got ports that do the permissions for cdrecord already in my opt untill/if the opt here gets fixed.02:54
Romsteri hadn't seen the new one.02:54
Romsteri got the song here somewhere.02:54
SiFuh_i have the radio version, the 6 part series and the latest movie02:55
SiFuh_the song..  Eagles - Jorney of the sorcerer02:55
SiFuh_with a u in it02:55
nipuLwtf is an Eagule!?!02:58
SiFuh_I am thinking about skewing nipuL with a rusty fish hook02:59
nipuLyou'll have to catch me first02:59
nipuLwoop woop woop woop woop02:59
SiFuh_i don't think it would be too difficult03:00
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SiFuh_# Original code 22-12-2001 by morlenxus03:10
nipuLprologic: just sent you a patch for a port contrib claims you maintain03:11
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DarkNekroshi everybody :)03:59
Romsterhmm i'm guessing pci can't handle the speeds of sata2 hard disks.04:03
Romstercan't find a sata2 pci controler.04:03
Romsteri only have a 2 port pci sata104:04
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SiFuh_Romster: you mean Serial ATA (SATA) PCI Expansion Card ?06:30
SiFuh_just type that in google then ;-)06:32
Romsteri don't see any stat2 for pci only pcie06:33
Romsteri'm guessing pic bandwidth is a bottleneck and sata2 isn't worth it over pci06:33
SiFuh_HighPoint RocketRaid 174006:36
Romsterhmm looks like what i'm after.06:40
Romsterwhy arn't they in the shops i''ve looked at here.06:40
SiFuh_Aussie shops are always understocked and full of cheap junk ??06:41
Romsterfuck that shop i found it in lists it at $174aud06:42
Romsternearly cheaper to but a mobo with 6 sata ports on it..06:43
Romsterwoot, Our Price:  $168.79 RRP: $707.01 You Save: $538.22 (76%)06:45
Romsterstill expensive considering i can get a sata1 4 port pci card for $4806:47
SiFuh_taken me over a month06:49
SiFuh_to organize06:49
SiFuh_250gig of files06:49
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Romsteri'm gonna get my hands on500GB hdd's seem to be the sweetspot on the market now.07:06
SiFuh_i am still worried about losing 500gb of data in one hit ;-)07:06
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Romsterwell raid it.07:07
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:07
SiFuh_i have 3 copies of everything07:08
SiFuh_and it still worries ,me07:08
Romsterwonder where the line between backing up and parranoid occurs07:09
SiFuh_even have it burned to DVD/CD's and i really dont trust them ;-)07:09
Romsterare the 3 copies not on the same site?07:09
SiFuh_what makes me more paranoid is when i am backing it up :-P07:09
Romsteri think there ok but what is the lifespan..07:09
SiFuh_my CD's die after 2 years07:09
SiFuh_my DVD's are still ok though07:09
SiFuh_and no different sites07:10
SiFuh_different locations also07:10
Romstersay your place burned down data gone or you have off site backup.07:10
SiFuh_different locations = offsite07:10
SiFuh_actually if Australia burned down I still got back ups :-)07:11
* Romster makes coffee07:11
SiFuh_sounds like a good idea07:12
SiFuh_hehe cool :-) I just found a backup Partition Table of an old Hard disk I have had sitting here for 5 years with lost data on it.07:23
Romsteractually i've had an idea to make raid dvd sets for backing up.07:25
Romsternever did try to implment it though.07:25
SiFuh_my home directory and work directory are pretty easy to back up since they are encrypted files designed to fit on 1 DVD each ;-)07:25
SiFuh_I did it on purpose since the encrypted file had to be a static size of my choice07:26
Romstermost of my bulk storage is movies and music.07:26
SiFuh_Man I am proud of some of these scripts I wrote :-)07:27
SiFuh_I found one that i used for notebook lan detection. On detection it would send an SMS to my phone, email to my email and so on.. with IP details, location, time... Just incase some bastard nicked my notebook :-P07:28
Romsternot alot of ram.07:28
SiFuh_no only 512 :-)07:29
Romsterman i've thought of that phone home <<07:29
Romstersend gps cordinates etc lol.07:29
SiFuh_funny part is all the pretty colours i used :-P07:30
Romster 00:30:17 up 24 days, 11:35,  1 user,  load average: 0.45, 0.31, 0.3607:30
SiFuh_black out during rain storm07:30
SiFuh_here was blacked out maybe 5 hours07:30
SiFuh_i spoke to energex last week and asked them if they will ever move us to the local power grid.. They laughed and said 'never going to happen'07:31
SiFuh_we are the only street not connected to the local power grid. We are connected to a town 10 minutes through forrestry..07:32
SiFuh_our street goes out. The houses on the corner are fine07:32
Romsterwhat's powering your street then?07:32
SiFuh_first power station was added to a town 10 minutes away07:33
SiFuh_they created a new sub station on the end of our street07:33
SiFuh_our street stayed connected to the first town (10 minutes away)07:33
SiFuh_and the rest of the area was connected to our streets sub station..07:33
SiFuh_yet, we have to suffer the buzzing of the substation, but we don't get to use any part of it..07:34
SiFuh_Australian companies are really screwed up07:34
SiFuh_they don't understand logic in anything..07:34
SiFuh_Chancellor park has a guy who has his house connected to 2 power grids.07:34
SiFuh_if he does something wrong, he shorts them both out :-P07:35
Romsterthat's crazy07:35
SiFuh_and our ISP's are bloody expensive..07:35
Romsterdoubt he would short both out.07:35
Romsteryeah tell me about it.07:35
SiFuh_i have never seen such money hungry greedy pigs in all my life, as the Australian ISPs and Phone Companies07:35
Romsterbut there is another overseas link happening.07:35
SiFuh_No idea but the energex guy said everytime he played with appliances he would short them both out as the power would cross/jump07:36
SiFuh_We need an overseas squad of Russian KGB to come onto Australian sures and pump a few of these CEO's full of lead :-/07:37
Romsterand this is insanse i want!!
SiFuh_a usb powered butt dildo ?07:38
Romster40 Gigabits per second connection07:39
*** discomaxus has quit IRC07:39
SiFuh_a full definition DVD in 2 seconds? I don't think that's possible07:40
SiFuh_what kind of computer is she running?07:40
SiFuh_2.2 gig a second disk transfer :-/07:41
SiFuh_That's more insane than 40gigs per second connection07:41
SiFuh_"The most difficult part of the whole project was installing Windows on Sigbritt's PC," said Jonsson.07:42
Romsteryeah i think it was a windoze xp computer.07:44
Romsterroot kit anyone <<07:44
Romsterwould make a good dosing box.07:44
SiFuh_what kind of virus', trojans you want?07:45
SiFuh_hows that ;-)07:45
Romsterheh good ol' sub707:46
Romsteri hadn't hacked in ages.07:46
SiFuh_yeah i came accross it today  :-) might need to get it up and running in wine07:46
Romstermore constructive things todo.07:46
SiFuh_what's more constructive than hacking?07:46
Romsternow that be interesting, asking in #winehq how do i get sub7 to work?07:47
SiFuh_hmm I have had it working in WINE before07:47
SiFuh_it is what i used to get free dialup internet for over 2 years back in the late 90's07:47
SiFuh_Did I type that out loud?07:48
Romsteri had free net untill the isp that did the freenet died.07:49
Romsterglobalfreeway i think they were called.07:49
SiFuh_i remember paying 260 bucks for dragon net or something..07:49
SiFuh_the moment i sent the money, they closed down and became bankrupt07:49
SiFuh_i wrote them a letter and they never replied07:50
Romsterso you lost out..07:50
SiFuh_then i opened an account with dingoblue..07:50
SiFuh_and 6 months later they decide to change from unlimited everything to 1 gig download unlimited upload and 12 hour session times.07:50
SiFuh_then I closed my account but for months and months after they still kept taking money from my account.07:51
Romsteryeah what is it with that 10 hour session limit i used to get upto 5-6 days dialup connection time.07:51
SiFuh_so i changed my account with the bank, and dingoblue still kept trying to take money.. Only this time i had to pay bank fees as they had the wrong account details, and the bank was charging me for helping them take money out of my new account.07:52
Romsterthey shouldn't when you canceled it.07:52
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux07:52
Romsterbloody hell07:52
SiFuh_yeah well, i wrote a very angry letter and sent it away every month until i went to study in USA. then 6 years later I arrive back in Australia and received a letter from Dingoblue they had refunded my account :-P07:52
Romstertake your account to another band <<07:52
Romstererr bank*07:53
SiFuh_now a days, everything I own and open is not in my real name.07:53
Romsteryeah but what about the bank fees07:53
SiFuh_i dont even own a bank account anymore07:53
SiFuh_bank fees were like 5 dollars a month for 12 months07:53
SiFuh_only think in my name is licence, birthcertificate, passport and taxi licence.07:54
Romsterah k07:54
SiFuh_when i pay internet i do it through post office bpay07:54
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*** discomaxus has joined #crux07:54
Romsteri used todo that but now i have it on directdebit.07:55
SiFuh_Government doesn't like it. They say its fraud if you use wrong details. Honestly, I don't give a toss. I pay my bills even under different names. I never leave any company short. I just can't stand companies stealing my money and not returning it.07:55
rehabdollhow do you pay _your_ bills under a diffrent name? :)07:57
SiFuh_create an account with them under a different name07:57
Romsterdon't you need id then they find out that's not your real name.07:57
SiFuh_not to hard.. only need 10 points of ID and notice that none of them need definate photo identification07:58
SiFuh_err 100 points07:58
rehabdollwhere do you live>?07:58
SiFuh_Australia temporarily07:58
SiFuh_lol short black out just then08:01
*** haole has quit IRC08:02
SiFuh_oh my i typed _lol_08:05
*** errdil has quit IRC08:17
rehabdollshame on you :)08:18
SiFuh_I think I will install AOL08:20
SiFuh_alright sorting the 250 gig is complete, time to create a copy of disk2 to disk308:21
SiFuh_2 things left to do. write a new backup script. And take photos of the power button to show my parents how to return power to the server after a 30 minute or longer black out08:22
*** errdil has joined #crux08:29
*** concorr has joined #crux08:32
SiFuh_hablando del papa de roma, por la puerta asoma... olah concorr!08:33
RomsterAOL ewww nasty08:34
concorrspeak of me SiFuh_ ?08:34
concorrhi Romster08:34
RomsterSiFuh_, lol...08:35
Romsteri'd set a setting in the bios to turn the pc on upon power restoring.08:36
Romsterno need to tell them how then.08:36
SiFuh_Romster: you knew what I said?? :-O08:36
Romster<SiFuh_> 2 things left to do. write a new backup script. And take photos of the power button to show my parents how to return power to the server after a 30 minute or longer black out08:37
Romsterbios power up pc upon power restore.08:37
SiFuh_doesnt work to well08:37
SiFuh_with a big ass UPS08:37
Romsterit should work fine.08:37
SiFuh_when power returns UPS seems to keep it secret frm the server08:38
SiFuh_yes it should08:38
Romsterwhen power is restored ups should fire up and pc sees it's got power and boots up.08:38
Romsteris it a online or offline ups?08:38
SiFuh_# UPS delay after power return (seconds)08:40
SiFuh_# WAKEUP 000 060 180 300   (default = 0)08:40
SiFuh_WAKEUP 008:40
SiFuh_it is an ACP65008:41
Romsterisn't that a bit risky incae of power failing right after it returns.08:41
SiFuh_but i set it from 30 seconds to that08:41
SiFuh_to test it last week.. i never tested it though08:42
*** roliveira has joined #crux08:49
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux08:50
thrice`is there a limit to ck4up.conf's text?08:52
Romsterwhat limit?08:53
Romstername length has a limit.08:53
thrice`ah, yeah...ok08:58
thrice`just got cut-off, and I was curious if it was my syntaxz08:58
*** SiFuh__ has joined #Crux08:59
*** SiFuh_ has quit IRC09:03
SiFuh__i guess it seems to work now09:03
*** concorr has quit IRC09:06
*** SiFuh has quit IRC09:11
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*** Rotwang is now known as wogole09:13
SiFuh__fsck takes too long on 1 TB09:13
Romsterman i'd expect like 4 hours.09:22
Romsterwhat fs you runing on it?09:23
*** wogole is now known as Rotwang09:25
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SiFuhRomster: you got a linksys router?09:38
Romsterah i forget now09:40
* Romster goes to check09:41
Romsternah i have a netgear DG63209:42
SiFuhi was about to say, if you can't remember what your router is there is a good chance you cant help09:42
Romsterthat i might add are crappy but ok in full birdge mode.09:42
SiFuhi would also like my router to turn on automatically when power returns09:42
*** SiFuh__ has quit IRC09:42
SiFuhi used a netgear for awhile, gave to it back to my brother, becaus ei bought a linksys instead09:43
SiFuhand wireless networking to give my paranoid father something more to complain about ;-)09:43
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SiFuhspeak of the devil. Hi concorr!!!09:57
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tilmanRotwang: that stupid urxvt-b0rked-link problem should be fixed for good now :)10:06
Rotwanggreat :}10:07
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux10:16
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SiFuhthat makes 8 busted hard disks11:01
SiFuha 9th one almost dead11:02
aoni've only killed hm, 311:02
aonone of them is only sorta dead, though11:02
SiFuhI've managed to save all data though11:02
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux11:02
aonlike i could retrieve all important data from that one11:02
SiFuhi see, about 4 or 5 are sought of dead11:03
aonactually no, that makes only two dead11:03
SiFuhAiport X-Ray in China/Hong Kong killed 3x 40 gigs11:03
aonmine didn't die from british or finnish x-rays11:03
SiFuhrephrase not the X-Ray the Metal Detector11:03
SiFuhi remember they were not scanning bags, at this time. They waved us through. I tried to make them scan the bags, but he said not to worry.11:04
aonbut in britain they examined my car keys and the gps receiver very closely11:04
SiFuhall 3 drives did not work after that11:04
aonthink the key looked like some weapon to them11:04
SiFuhit is just stupid really11:04
SiFuhall the security11:04
SiFuhi can do as much damage with a pen as a terrorist with a fork11:05
aonyou could take a composite knife with you and nobody'd notice11:05
SiFuhrazor blades are the easiest  :-) they are too thin for the netal detector/scanner  believe it or not. Toffee wrappers have better chance of setting off a metal detector than a razor blade :-)11:06
SiFuhi wonder how long before they ban keys, belts, steal cap boots, pens, chopsticks, bag straps on planes11:07
aoni got manual inspection in china because my trousers had too many zippers11:07
SiFuhwow that's a first11:08
SiFuhChina are very laid back11:08
SiFuhi've been to china maybe 8 or more times they just always wave me through, smile, ignore, or tell me to lift my hat.11:08
SiFuhalthough I did arrive in Chengdu wearing a Black Jumpsuit and that caught their eye :-P11:09
*** sepen has quit IRC11:09
SiFuhMission impossible 3 is a classic. They have a car chase that only really goes around the block :-) in Pudong district.11:10
SiFuhand where he was running is next to impossible to run in. Too many crowds of people.11:10
SiFuhmaybe that's why it is called mission impossible11:11
* SiFuh knows Shanghai better than the back of his hand :-P11:13
*** concorr has quit IRC11:13
SiFuh2 years I spent there. I use to go on mission walks with a compass and head in different directions for fun. :-) No sun/sky/moon to see so it is hard to find your way around without a compass11:13
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC11:19
Romsterhmm this is a interesting read
tilmanmaybe repacking contrib.git will do the trick11:41
* Romster shrugs11:43
thrice`wow, ck4up is very nice11:43
Romstervery when i have nearly 200 ports in contrib checking manually would be a bitch.11:45
thrice`heh...I can imagine11:47
*** roliveira has quit IRC11:49
Romsteralthough making the ck4up.conf wasn't that much fun either.11:50
Romsteri somewhat cheat and get port names and cat into a file along with the source and then edit manually.11:50
Romsterif you don't have one already.11:50
*** jaeger has joined #crux11:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger11:50
*** sepen has joined #crux11:51
thrice`Romster: just finished making mine (granted it's only 6 ports or so)11:51
thrice`if it makes you feel better, I *appreciate* your hard work :D11:53
Romsterheh it's fine.11:55
Romstergood thing it's a once off.11:55
*** Viper_ has joined #crux11:58
thrice`hm, so it needs a file to compare in the md5; so, something like firefox (which does url/$version/more_files/blah) won't work12:00
*** Rotwang has quit IRC12:02
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:03
Romsterit'll md5 the text off the page12:06
tilmanie a html index listing will do just fine12:06
Romsterand the regex is to grep a spefic part out and md5 hash that part only12:08
*** maxus has joined #crux12:18
*** mike_k has joined #crux12:20
*** discomaxus has quit IRC12:21
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thrice`mike_k: thanks!  sorry, our power went off at work yesterday (why I didn't respond)13:26
mike_kthrice`: np, I hope you've got the idea13:34
*** tri has quit IRC13:35
thrice`mike_k: yep; was a bit confused on ruby variable definition, but I got the hang of it :-)13:36
*** concorr has joined #crux14:10
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juejaeger: around?14:43
*** tri has quit IRC14:51
juejaeger: we just talked about the irc logs.  Wouldn't you mind keeping the logging going15:06
jaegersure, that's no trouble15:09
juefine, thank you15:10
*** concorr has quit IRC15:19
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clickonceHmm, is there any unix app to de-mime encode text?15:52
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:53
RedShiftclickonce: de-mime encode text? can you rephrase that?15:54
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux15:55
clickonceSorry, my mistake, nevermind. ;)15:55
clickonceAnyway, the output from my application is mixed raw data and ASCII text, is there any app to filter non-printable/readable chars? I tried with grep but it didn't work...15:58
treachtr maybe16:00
*** concorr has joined #crux16:12
RedShiftconcorr: bye16:14
concorrbye RedShift16:18
*** concorr has quit IRC16:19
jueclickonce: you can use the character class [:print:] with gawk or sed and global replace each [^[:print:]] with ''16:19
clickonceThanks! :)16:20
juenp, untested though16:21
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:25
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nipuLAnyone know of a free/cheap data storage provider with rsync support?16:38
nipuLI only need about 2Gb of space at the moment16:38
RedShiftnipuL: sure, when do you need it?16:39
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:41
nipuLi'm backing up to home atm, but i'd need a more relibable host in terms up uptime so i can do more regular backups16:42
nipuLnot in a rush but soonish would be nice16:43
*** jue has quit IRC16:43
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andariusgreetings and salutations17:29
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rehabdollwow! i feel so special!18:49
rehabdolloops, almost 2 am and work tomorrow18:50
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SiFuhi hate asking questions on IRC.. They automatically assume youare too stupid to go through the steps, and state the obvious.22:54
SiFuhToo many kiddies make it hard for us :-/22:54
*** Jason5876 has quit IRC22:57
RomsterSiFuh, what is it you want to ask.23:03
Romsterblame all te noobs that don't rtfm or even google23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
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