IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-01-31

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rehabdolloops, wrong term :)00:49
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haolehey there... everytime i compile xorg-server on my machine, my keyboard mapping gets broken and i can't fix it01:00
haolewhat's the difference between the compiled version in the 2.4 release and of a normal compilation on my pc?01:01
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pitillogood morning01:14
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SiFuhRomster: i was blaming them :-)01:58
Romsterhaole, version diference the patch that's been added. look in the gitweb for changes.01:59
SiFuhI wanted to ask, if there is any documentation for tweaking OpenBSD to not be so agressively greedy on memory because I only have 1/2 a gig of ram. But the moron started asking me who was being a hog. I said, no users and the applications are spread out nicely using 0.0% of memory. He then replies "who was talking about users?". Then I gave up because02:00
SiFuhI don't ask a question unless I checked up the possibilities. And apps/users using memory is usually the first thing one would do.02:00
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RomsterSiFuh, there is a option i the kernel to alocate ram to kernel and user have you looked at that?02:01
Romsteralso you could increase swapingness value but at a performance hit.02:01
Romstercan you not increase the amount of ram? ram is cheap.02:02
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SiFuhyes, yes and maybe :-)02:03
Romstervm.swappiness =02:04
SiFuhhehe never heard of that :-)02:05
SiFuhsysctl -a |grep vm.swappiness02:05
Romstersets how oftern to swap to swapspace02:05
SiFuhsounds like a linux command02:05
Romsterbsd use the same kernel or there own?02:06
SiFuh:-) they use BSD kernel02:06
Romsterfigures i have no clue how that works.02:07
SiFuhnever mind ;-)02:07
Romsterwhat's using the ram up?02:07
SiFuhyou should check out the history of Unix/linux kernels02:07
SiFuhapparently nothing is using ram, it just reports it is being used02:07
haoleall my icons in compiz configurator are gonne... why i mess things up all the time?? :)02:08
Romsterthat's nothing that be buffer space.02:08
Romsterhaole, no idea.02:08
RomsterSiFuh, buffers?02:08
SiFuhhaole: root?02:08
haoleSiFuh,maybe... i dind't do the fakeroot thing yet02:08
RomsterSiFuh, any swap space being used either?02:08
Romsterand seriously add more ram if you can.02:09
SiFuhRomster: i am using nothing but a console and it says 80% which is somehting i have noticed since OpenBSD 3.202:09
SiFuhsays swap is 0.5%02:09
haoleand when i go to the icon theme choosing in gnome, the icons that represents the themes are missing for Gnome, Cruz, HighContrast, LowContrast and Mist02:09
haolemy icons are starting a revolution here02:10
haoledo you guys know in which packages those icons belong?02:10
RomsterSiFuh, i guess you have alot sued for buffers     cached02:10
Romsterthat gets reduced as the system uses the ram.02:11
SiFuhmaybe i wonder if i can force it to use more swap02:11
RomsterSiFuh, bsd have a free command?02:11
Romster /exec -o free -m -t02:12
Romster             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached02:12
RomsterMem:          1265       1225         40          0         29        70402:12
Romster-/+ buffers/cache:        490        77502:12
RomsterSwap:         8032        163       786802:12
RomsterTotal:        9298       1389       790802:12
SiFuhsystat swap02:13
SiFuh      users    Load  0.33  0.34  0.26                  Thu Jan 31 18:13:05 200802:13
SiFuhDisk 512-blocks     Used  /0%  /10% /20% /30% /40% /50% /60% /70% /80% /90% /10002:13
SiFuhswap_   4209030        002:13
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Romsterthat's not ram though..02:14
ivan_sorry, my pc crashed... probably because of this broken compiz i have now02:14
SiFuhram is 85% now02:14
SiFuhswap is 0%02:14
Romsterbut most of that is buffers and cached no?02:14
ivan_it's haole here... my nick got stuck :D02:15
Romsterps aux |wgetpaste02:15
ivan_how do i identify with a nick that is being used, but not identified?02:15
Romstermsg nickserv ghost haole password02:15
Romsterthen change your nick and identify02:15
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haoleso, did u guys sent me any messages?02:16
haolesorry, everything crashed02:16
RomsterSiFuh, the ting is if most of that ram is cached and buffers i wouldn't worry02:16
haoleim trying to find why my icons disapeared and if anything more disappeared also02:16
Romsterhaole, noting i typed to you.02:17
Romsterwhat did you do to break things.02:17
haolei don't know for sure... the other day i did a sysup and, as usual, my xorg-server got broken02:17
RomsterSiFuh, maybe your looking at some restriction of how much ram a user gets allocated?02:17
haolei downgraded it to the cds version and locked it, this time02:17
Romsterif that is even possable.02:17
haolethen compiz was crashing, so i did the gl-select xorg && gl-select nvidia thing02:18
haoleand now i don't have icons... :(02:18
Romsterhaole, is it jsut xorg-server that breaks it?02:18
haolebreaks what?02:18
Romsteryour desktop/compiz02:18
haoleyes... but i don't have an idea about what is breaking my icons02:18
haolei recompiled hicolor and gnome-icon-themes02:19
haoledidn't solve it02:19
Romsterdoes compiz have a command to regenerate that?02:19
Romsterpost-install scripts?02:19
haoleregenerate what? sorry, im slow today :)02:19
haolelet me see02:19
Romsterregenerate the icons.02:19
Romstersorry i have no clue how compiz works.02:19
haolei recompiled every compiz package also02:19
Romster~/. iles corupt or altered for compiz?02:28
haoledidn't understand it02:29
Romsterand did you rebuild using --install-scripts02:29
haolei have install scripts activated by default in prt-get.conf02:29
Romsterdot files in /home/username/.file02:29
haoleno, i tested with a new user and the problem remains02:30
Romsterk so rules the former out but what about user config files?02:30
Romsterk so it's system wide.02:30
haoleyeah :(02:30
Romsterwhat's changed recently?02:30
haoleim suspecting about the extensions of these icons02:30
haolemaybe my xorg lost the capabilty todisplay one type of image file02:30
Romsteryou did a sysup recently?02:31
haolei don't remember any changes02:31
haoleno... only two weeks ago, but this problem appeared a few days ago02:31
Romsterk so what happend duing a few days ago to now?02:32
Romsterany updates? config file edits?02:32
haolenothing, except that xorg-server reinstall thing02:32
haolei have a screenshot if u wanna take a look02:32
haolejust don't know how to send it to u :)02:32
haoleok, im a noob... dcc what?? :D02:33
Romsterhave you not used dcc on irc before?02:34
haolenever... i only use irc to talk in channels like these02:35
Romsterso all you did was reinstall xorg-server. and now gone back to the cd version?02:35
haolei looked in google02:35
Romstermesa3d version and the version of mesa3d sources in xorg-server?02:35
Romsterthey should match.02:35
Romsteryour on a binary video card driver so maybe force rebuild that too.02:36
haolehow do i check this mesa3d stuff?02:36
haoledidn't get the mesa3d sources part02:36
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep mesa3d02:37
haolemesa3d 7.0.2-202:37
Romsterprt-get cat xorg-server, and look for the mesa version in that.02:37
haoleim sending you the screenshot through dcc02:37
Romsterah actually you installed off the cd xorg-server i beleave that has version 7.0.102:38
Romsterwont send02:38
Romsteri'm uessing you have a firewall not configured right or you haven't set your dcc ip address02:38
Romsterbind ip address for dcc in the options.02:38
haoleok. gonna try again02:39
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Rotwanghaole: you could also paste it somewhere02:40
Romsternope i guess you haven't got a open port for dcc, i've got open 5000:5010 open to listen for dcc transfers and set xchat to use that port range.02:40
haolei wanna learn this dcc thing!! looks nice :D02:40
Romsterdcc can be a pain untill you know how it works.02:41
haolewhat do i put in dcc ip address?02:41
haolemy ip?02:41
Romsteryour ip02:41
Romsternot lan ip.02:41
Romsteryou got
Romsterwill not work you need your isp ip.02:41
Romsterto bind to.02:42
haolei did all this and sent u again02:42
Romsterhmm still reports wrong ip..02:42
haolegonna restart xchat02:42
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predatorfreakRomster: DCC, isn't that that thing for stealing music that isn't bittorrent?02:44
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Romsterros and stuff yeah02:44
ivan__freenode won't let me identify, now02:44
predatorfreakRomster: I've only ever downloaded one Rom.02:44
ivan__it says my password is wrong02:44
predatorfreakand it was the original Mortal Kombat.02:44
ivan__but it is not :S02:44
Romsterghost your nick.02:45
ivan__i did that02:45
ivan__how did my password got changed??? :S02:45
Romsteryou did it last time just fine.02:45
predatorfreakBecause I was like "... Damn it... time to start killing people with Scorpion again."02:45
Romstermsg nickserv ghost haole password02:45
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Romsterpredatorfreak, hehe02:45
ivan__but i already had done that02:45
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Romsterman the dcc bots days wonder how there going since bittorrent has taken over.02:46
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ivan__it still tells me that my password is wrong... grrr02:46
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Romsterivan__, it would if you don't change yoru nickname first.02:46
predatorfreakRomster: The only game that ever rekindled my love for fighters besides MK was Guilty Gear.02:46
Romsterand it looks liek you had 2 connections to freenode,02:46
ivan__that was not the problem02:47
predatorfreakEverything else isn't fun :(02:47
ivan__i had two xchat openned here02:47
ivan__guess that something got confused02:47
*** ivan__ is now known as haole02:47
RomsterMK was cool, killer instinct was good too.02:47
haoleare u getting the pic now?02:47
Romsterhaole, you are oen confused dude.02:47
haolekiller instinct sucked02:47
Rotwangpredatorfreak: whay about tekken :P02:48
Romsterhmm send again02:48
haoleyes, i still can't get confusion to work for good in my life :D02:48
predatorfreakRotwang: Never liked it.02:48
predatorfreakOnly 3D fighter I've ever played and semi-liked was Soul Calibur.02:48
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predatorfreakBut as far as I'm concerned.02:48
Romsterhaole, resend.02:48
Rotwangit was good game02:48
predatorfreakGuilty Gear is the pinnacle of fighters.02:48
Rotwangit is still good game02:48
predatorfreakPlus, Bridget has to me my favourite game character ever.02:49
haoleking of fighters owns all fighting games02:49
haolethere is no match for kof02:49
predatorfreakIt's like "Oh what a nice girl...... wait she has a what?"02:49
Romsterhaole, dang set the port range to 5000-5010 and have them ports open for tcp connections incoming.02:49
haoleRomster, never mind... i don't have access to this lan's modem02:50
Romster10 ports means 10 dc sends at once jsut maek it as many as you like.02:50
haolelet me ask u guys one last thing for nw02:50
treachgoodmorning btw Romster. ;)02:50
Romsterhi treach02:50
Romsterhaole, something to get sorted later but you now have the ip correct.02:50
haolehow can i recompile my entire xorg with all it's dependencies?02:50
treachhaole: for loop02:50
haolei think i have this problemas cause the first time i installed xorg i didn't do the post-script installations02:51
Romsterprt-get update -fr --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`02:51
haoletreach, didn't get it02:51
haolek, thanks02:51
haolesorry to be confused and bother you :D02:51
Romstermabe omit that --install-scripts as you have that on.02:51
Romsteri like to type it to make sure for the person.02:51
treachhaole: either you make some for loop that goes through all the ports, or you could try Romster's suggestion. ;)02:52
Romstermy method works good.02:52
Romstermight iss a few extensions02:52
Romsterbut they don't tned to give problems02:52
treachit's just me who is a bit too used to rely on for loops I guess.02:52
treachdamn handy things. ;)02:52
Romsterhaole, you should run revdep too.02:52
Romsteryeah i agree on for loops, there very handy.02:53
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Rotwang     I failed :[03:16
haoleis there a way to easily check the integrity of my system?03:18
haolelike, comparing what should be installed on my root with what is actually installed03:18
Romsterhaole, not really revdep can detect linking problems.03:26
Romsterif your unsure a force rebuild of everything is the only sure way, imo.03:26
SiFuhRomster: seems swap might not even be used..03:26
RomsterSiFuh, ?03:26
Romsterswap is a last resort, the lernel will reduce buffers and cache to begin with03:27
Romsterto assign to the program.03:27
predatorfreakRomster: Depends on how the kernel is configured.03:28
Romsterhope i'm not being too obvious let em know if you already know this stuff.03:28
Romsterdepends on settings.03:28
predatorfreakRomster: You can force the kernel to swap and keep cache/buffers if you want to keep more shit in memory.03:28
Romsterif anyone knows better it be predatorfreak03:28
predatorfreakSee swappiness variable in /proc :P03:28
Romstervm.swappiness = 1003:29
Romstersysctl -a stuff..03:29
predatorfreakRomster: sysctl works too.03:29
Romsteri've edited tcp settings.03:29
predatorfreakbut a lot of people like echoing shit into /proc for reasons I'll never understand03:29
Romsterand got my latency down a bit more.03:30
predatorfreakand higher the swappiness, the less it swaps.03:30
SiFuhk but predatorfreak i am using a BSD kernel not a Linux Kernel03:30
predatorfreakLower the more it swaps.03:30
predatorfreakSiFuh: What the shit are you doing in #crux then?03:30
teKpredatorfreak: everything is a file. that's just cool03:30
Romsterno idea when you can set it in /etc/sysctl.conf03:30
predatorfreakGo to #*bsd03:30
* SiFuh shoots predatorfreak 03:30
Romsteri only echo into /proc for my firewall script.03:30
predatorfreakRomster: or sysctl vm.swappiness = 6003:30
predatorfreakor somesuch03:30
predatorfreakfor "quick setting".03:31
Romsterwhy so many ways todo the same thing..03:31
predatorfreak/proc came before sysctl.03:31
Romsterthat's a windows concept.03:31
predatorfreakThey've just never pushed away from /proc like the BSDs did.03:31
Romsterwill /proc be phased out?03:31
predatorfreakIf it was going to be, it would have been.03:32
predatorfreakThey're moving certain things to /sys on Linux.03:32
Romsterhaving 2 methods seems pointless.03:32
haoleis revdep a program?03:32
Romsteri'd prefer to see sysctl to go.03:32
predatorfreakBut, it looks like /proc is here to stay until at least all the useful things in /proc move to /sys.03:32
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep03:32
Romsterhmm so /sys is were things are moving to.03:33
predatorfreakBut even then, you need to give the dolts time to move ancient code over to sysctl.03:33
Rotwanghaole: revdeo rejmerge as well :|03:33
predatorfreakRomster: For useful, non-configuration settings like ACPI info.03:33
Rotwangand rejmerge03:33
predatorfreakand stuff that doesn't quite fit in /proc.03:33
predatorfreakAs far as I understand it, /sys is for hardware related info and configuration.03:34
predatorfreakand /proc is for kernel/process related info and configuration.03:34
haoleromster, i solved the icon problem03:34
haoleit was a problem with librsvg03:34
predatorfreakand sysctl is basically the kernel configuration part of /proc put into a sane interface..03:34
haoleit was broken but that got me worried03:34
haolewhy did it got broken? beats me03:34
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah to avoid all the bash code and crasy nmess of echo to a file.03:35
Romsterhaole, did revdep report it?03:36
predatorfreakRomster: I guess, but sysctl usage is sadly low.03:36
haolei rebuilt livrsvg before revdep03:36
haoleguess we will never know :)03:36
predatorfreakLook on the Gentoo forums for all the fancy patchset folks and lkml and everywhere.03:36
haolerunning revdep now03:36
predatorfreakPeople just lurve /proc03:36
Romsterit would of got broken from a dependency being rebuilt and changed.03:36
Romsteri'd say you could update the xor-server now.03:37
* haole is waiting for revdep to finish03:37
Romsterand rerun the gl-select after.03:37
predatorfreakRomster: One reason I loved BSD was the keep-shit-as-a-sysctl stuff03:37
haoleit is just finishing the compilation of xorg03:37
Romsterpredatorfreak, i thought the idea was everything was a file?03:37
haolerevdep gave me "firefox" as an output... what does this mean?03:38
predatorfreakRomster: I was honestly going "Oh god thank you for FINALLY MAKING A GOOD, COMMAND-BASED INTERFACE!"03:38
haolegonna read the man pages :D03:38
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predatorfreakRomster: Some people still like that idea, others don't.03:38
Romsterfirefox is fine it has libs in a nonstandared place.03:38
concorrhi all03:38
predatorfreakFor some things it just plain doesn't make sense to me.03:38
concorrhi Romster03:38
predatorfreakSure, /proc seems like a good idea.03:38
predatorfreakBut fuck, traversing a billion directories is annoying.03:38
predatorfreakand all the echo non-sense and shit.03:38
predatorfreakRomster: sysctl is sooo much nicer :)03:39
treachecho is less of a problem than the one million subdirs. :/03:39
Romsteradd LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/firefox/ before revdep to solve that.03:39
Romsterhi concorr03:39
predatorfreaktreach: Still annoying to search a billion subdirs.03:39
predatorfreakThen have to echo to the one file you want :P03:39
treachindeed, I even thought I said so..03:39
predatorfreakOh and zsh tab-completes sysctl <303:40
RotwangRomster: wont it overwrite whole LD thing variable?03:40
haoleRomster, revdep gave me as an output firefox, jdk and openoffice until now03:41
haoleRomster, still running... what does this mean? are they broken?03:41
predatorfreakRotwang: Just for one program run.03:41
predatorfreakUnless you export it.03:41
treachecho ondemand > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor03:41
RomsterRotwang, yes but don't run it as export.03:41
treachone nice example. :/03:41
predatorfreaktreach: Sadly, they still like to do that <_<03:41
treachI'd prefer a sysctl to that03:42
predatorfreakFreeBSD put that into sysctl.03:42
treachI know03:42
Romsterhmm i do that echo stuff so i should use sysctl for that.03:42
predatorfreakRomster: Can't use sysctl for /sys/ <_<03:42
Romsterdo we even need too?03:42
predatorfreakThat's partly why I HATE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF /SYS/.03:42
predatorfreakRomster: Some useful configuration things in there.03:43
* treach configures predatorfreak's caps lock with some expoy glue.03:43
concorrsorry... /sys == sysctl ?¿?03:43
treachconcorr: no.03:44
predatorfreaktreach: Nah it's just anger.03:44
Romstersysctl is a interface to /proc03:44
predatorfreakI wish they never would have freaking made /sys, dumbass idea from the start <_<03:44
Romsteror something that does nearly the same thing03:44
concorrfor access to system info?03:44
predatorfreakI mean, sounds like a good idea, winds up royally screwing over sysctl.03:44
Romster /sys contrdicts sysctl03:45
Romsterit's one or the other we don't need both.03:45
*** SiFuh has quit IRC03:45
predatorfreakRomster: If FreeBSD can take what's normally in /sys/ on Linux, shove it in a sysctl interface and make it work.03:45
predatorfreakSo can Linux <_<03:45
Romsterand /proc could be marked as obsolete and pending removal at a later version.03:46
predatorfreakRomster: Problem here is I see no signs in that direction.03:46
Romsterthey do it with everything else.03:46
predatorfreakBitching about schedulers and worrying about which visualisation system is better or some LSM non-sense is the fad these days...03:47
Romsteri can see sysctl beinga nice interface to everything.03:47
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux03:47
Romsteri think there pirority is off.03:47
treachoh yeah, just like... the registry! :P03:47
* treach runs03:47
SiFuhi just killed /tmp03:48
predatorfreakRomster: See, I love BSD for some things, there's really better integration in the core system, better userland tools for controlling the kernel, etc.03:48
Romsterya know i've oftern wondered why every program has it's own configureation than a registery03:48
Romsterand gnome is trying to make a registery03:48
predatorfreakBut then I dislike it on other factors.03:48
RomsterSiFuh, nice..03:48
predatorfreakI.E. Their damn schedulers are fucking ancient and counter-productive to Desktop use.03:48
Romsterah bsd for servers only?03:49
SiFuhI was changing tmp to mfs/swap and i thought shifting the files out of tmp for a few seconds would be fine as the apps wouldn't noticed..03:49
treachRomster: let's not go there. the registry is probably one of the most fucking idiotic ideas in comp sci history.03:49
predatorfreakNah, it works on on desktops.03:49
treachmust be why gnome tries to reimplement it03:49
SiFuhRomster: it is my desktop and my server :-)03:49
predatorfreakThe problem is OpenBSD's CPU scheduler hasn't change in....... five million years?03:49
Romstertreach, yeah one common place for falure to kill a entire system03:49
predatorfreakNetBSD's is still a basic O(1) design like the old Linux scheduler... and god knows how many bugs that thing had.03:49
predatorfreakFreeBSD has a choice between Ancient Useless Thing On A Desktop and Buggy O(1) design.03:50
treachULE is suppsedly neither of those?03:50
treachOr am I wrong?03:50
predatorfreaktreach: ULE is an O(1) design.03:50
treachAh, ok03:51
treachI'm not that familiar with bsd03:51
treachI've just seen the bsd people keep hailing ULE as the best things since the invention of shoe laces03:51
SiFuhi think linux is quite buggy, but has some really awesome ideas.03:52
Romsterso why can not linux use bsd tools ideas on top of the new improvments to the linux kernel for low latency and fair sharing of processor time.03:52
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah.03:52
predatorfreaktreach: It's basically five-years late to the party.03:52
predatorfreakIt's a stripped down, less kinky version of Ingo's basic scheduler that got merged in 2.5.03:52
treachdoesn't surprise me.03:52
predatorfreakand only recently got killed off.03:52
*** haole has quit IRC03:53
Romsterwhy does BSD keep accent code?03:53
predatorfreakSiFuh: I see BSD as nice, stable and solid as a rock, with good integration, but slow fucking development03:53
SiFuhbecause it still works Romster ?03:53
SiFuhpredatorfreak: i agree03:53
Romstererr wrong spelling 'something that's rellay old like prehistoric'03:53
predatorfreakSiFuh: and sorry, but I don't like Scheduling that's marginally better than Windows...03:53
SiFuhi only use because it is a rock :-P03:53
predatorfreakRomster: Ancient?03:53
Romsterah that's it.03:54
* SiFuh new what romster was trying to say :-P03:54
treachknew? :D03:54
treachI guess that was on purpose? :)03:54
*** haole has joined #crux03:54
SiFuhwhen you hang around romster on IRC your spelling always gets fscked up03:54
haoleRomster, i rebuilt my xorg-server03:54
haoleguess what? broken keyboard :(03:55
treacheh, :)03:55
haoleit`s the only problem that i can`t solve in crux03:55
Romsterhaole, hmm anything todo with that patch?03:55
haolei installed everything with post-installation scripts03:55
Romsterand there is a beta 14.0.90 you might like to try.03:55
haoleError activating XKB configuration.03:55
haoleIt can happen under various circumstances:03:55
haole- a bug in libxklavier library03:55
haole- a bug in X server (xkbcomp, xmodmap utilities)03:55
haole- X server with incompatible libxkbfile implementation03:55
haoleX server version data:03:55
haoleThe X.Org Foundation03:55
haoleIf you report this situation as a bug, please include:03:56
haole- The result of xprop -root | grep XKB03:56
predatorfreakhaole: Take a hammer to your keyboard.03:56
haole- The result of gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd03:56
predatorfreakShould solve it.03:56
haolesorry, guys03:56
Romsteroi stop..03:56
predatorfreakand PASTEBIN!03:56
haoledidn`t see it was going to be this big03:56
Romsterpastebin if it's that long.03:56
haolepredatorfreak, i know, sorry03:56
haolei looked small in the tiny window ?)03:56
predatorfreakhaole: That's no excuse.03:56
treachhaole: 3-4 lines, else pastebin.03:56
Romsterhaole, rebuild keyboard  port?03:56
treachand if you have a small window it would look bigger. :>03:57
predatorfreakHehe, I love this channel.03:57
haoleok, sorry, sorry :(03:57
predatorfreakScrew up on not-pastebining.03:57
predatorfreakand everyone informs you.03:57
haoleRomster, doing that now03:58
treachmmh, pretty much anything goes, but not excessive pasting. :D03:58
haolehmmm huge footprint mismatch in xorg-xf86-input-keyboard03:58
Romsteri like it being relaxed.03:59
Romsterhmm pastebin it?03:59
haolepastebin on the channel????? :D03:59
haolegoing to pastebin, just wait03:59
Romsterif you like the one in the topic.03:59
Romsteror any other pastebin dosn't matter which one.04:00
predatorfreaktreach: I'll go get my nuclear bombs and plan my domination of the Middle East.04:00
* predatorfreak also prepares to run for President on the "I will Bomb The Living Bajesus out of them" ticket."04:00
predatorfreakOh no wait that's the Republican ticket... shit.04:01
predatorfreakNeed a new party.04:01
haoleRomster, i just realized that i wasn`t root04:01
haolesorry about that... gonna rebuild it again04:01
haoleim confused, i know04:02
haolegonna reboot my X04:02
*** haole has quit IRC04:02
treachreboot, indeed..04:02
* Romster facepalms...04:02
treachX is the computer. :D04:02
*** haole has joined #crux04:03
Romstermore like restart04:03
predatorfreakRomster: I'll get my Captain Piccard pictures04:03
haoleRomster, it is still broken...04:03
predatorfreakand ASCII them :P04:03
haolewhat a hard to figure problem this is04:03
Romsterrun rejmerge.04:03
SiFuhi like the way BSD packages don't get thrown all over the system. Most are configured correctly. It makes it easier for mounting parts as readonly :-P04:03
Romsterman rejmerge if you dn't know the tool04:03
haoleno, only two configuration files... nothing important04:04
haoleman.conf and sudoers04:04
predatorfreakSiFuh: CRUX does that pretty well too, only it's not ancient.04:04
SiFuhyes, although the ancient versions of crux were still very good.04:05
predatorfreakSiFuh: Sure.04:05
SiFuhi remember starting to mount partitions ro during the crux 0.7 days04:05
predatorfreakBut stuff moves forward.04:05
predatorfreakExcept, BSD moves forward at a snails pace.04:05
haoleRomster, i wonder why the cd version works04:05
SiFuh /usr /usr/local /usr/X11R6 were always ro04:05
Romsterhaole, so what exactly is the keyboard your using and keymap etc?04:06
haolei need it to use abnt2 model and br layout04:06
treachpredatorfreak: that's not so difficult to understand, really.04:06
Romsteri've started to edit anything that points to X11R6 to X1104:06
Romsterhaole, google time.04:06
haoleyeah... gonna try :(04:07
*** Rotwang is now known as niemamnie04:07
treachpredatorfreak: I guess the linux kernel guys alone have something like 10x the resources of FreeBSD.04:07
predatorfreakRomster: I shuold google time?04:07
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, but they're also faster to adopt potentially destructive things.04:07
predatorfreakand quick to get-them-the-fuck-out if they destroy things :)\04:07
SiFuhRomster ln -s /usr/X11R6 /dev/null04:07
treachsure. because if it's a problem it goes out again just as fast04:08
Romsteri think this is your issue?04:08
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, the problem with BSD is.04:08
predatorfreakOnce something gets merged04:08
predatorfreakIt takes like 3 years of perfecting04:08
predatorfreakThen another 6 months of testing.04:08
predatorfreakTHEN they allow it in a release that's "stable"04:08
treachand if it's bad, you're stuck with it anyway. :)04:09
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah.04:09
predatorfreakIt'll get reverted next year :P04:09
treachwell, all systems have their problems04:09
RomsterSiFuh, that's a nast work around..04:09
treachlinux problem is that everything goes so damned fast.04:09
predatorfreaktreach: Just do a lot of speed :P04:10
treachthe wheel is spinning so fast everyone is hanging on for dear life.04:10
predatorfreakEventually, you should move as fast as Linux :P04:10
Romstertreach, i agree.04:10
SiFuhhaha Romster i always gave X11 a seperate partition just so I can see what damned packages would install files there :-)04:10
predatorfreaktreach: More seriously, I keep an eye on the kernel.04:10
predatorfreakI look for potentially disruptive things in advance.04:10
treachit's always a question of "will this program build with this verision of this library?" Or will it build with this verision of glibc, etc.04:10
Romsterhaole, ping look at the url i found.04:10
predatorfreakand I normally catch 'em.04:10
treach*version* dammit04:11
predatorfreaktreach: and with that stuff, I let Gentoo sort it out.04:11
RomsterSiFuh, ah i see,04:11
predatorfreakThen I jump on the bandwagon :P04:11
haoleRomster, im reading it04:11
treachpredatorfreak: well, it's still annoying.04:11
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, but I have found, if you watch what the Gentoo ricers do.04:11
treachit's going a bit too fast for its own good I think.04:12
predatorfreakYou can see future bustage before it happens to everyone :P04:12
haoleRomster, i read it, but don`t know what to do... it says that i should try the evdev driver, but i don`t know how to use it04:13
pitillohaole, wich is your problem exactly? the keymap layout at xorg is broken?04:13
haolei just recompiled the package04:13
haolepitillo, yes04:13
pitillohaole, are you using hald?04:13
treachI'd rather prefer not having to keep patching stuff just to get a full system working.04:13
haolepitillo, no04:13
haolepitillo, well, it is meant to be executed in my boot04:14
haolebut i don`t see any processes with it04:14
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, I know what you mean.04:14
haoleand i get hal devices on my gnome04:14
haoleautomount and such04:14
pitillohaole, oki, I got the same problem using xorg-xf86-input-evdev and hald. (The only I can do was remove this package to get my layout working again, but I think it´s a problem between it and hald)04:14
predatorfreaktreach: If FreeBSD or one of them could fix their bloody slowness-on-getting-good-improvements-in-their-bloody-kernel I'd be happy.04:15
predatorfreakand convert on over.04:15
haolepitillo, wich package should i remove?04:15
predatorfreakBut Christ it took them til, what, the latest version of FreeBSD to put ULE as the default?04:15
predatorfreakBut it's been in development since 2003.04:15
SiFuhsomething wrong with #crux, I don't think it has been this busy in 9 years.04:15
predatorfreakand the design is already out-dated!04:16
Romsterpredatorfreak, bsd is going slow for that stuff.04:16
pitillohaole, if you aren´t using hald, don´t worry about my comment04:16
predatorfreakRomster: Too slow.04:16
RomsterSiFuh, lol04:16
predatorfreakSiFuh: We're all up on speed and can't think of anything better to do than bitch in #crux :P04:16
haolepitillo, nevermind, my hald is running and i use it04:16
Romsterif only linus took the sysctl ideas off BSD.04:16
predatorfreakand occasionally help like pitillo and roliveira.04:17
predatorfreakRomster: God yes...04:17
haolepitillo, so what should i remove?04:17
pitillohaole, then try to remove xorg-xf86-input-evdev and try again04:17
SiFuheither that or you guys where saving the last 9 years for today04:17
Romsterhmm pitillo some conflicts?04:17
*** haole has quit IRC04:17
Romsteryeah i haven't seen it this busy in ages.04:18
*** concorr has quit IRC04:18
predatorfreakRomster: Might just be xorg fucking up and trying to use evdev like an idiot.04:18
*** haole has joined #crux04:18
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux04:18
haolewow, it worked!!!04:18
Romsterpredatorfreak, maybe.04:18
pitilloRomster, I read about hald and ev in a sid forum, i got the same problem  and removing that por wolved in my case04:18
haolei have cedilla04:18
haoledamn you xorg-xf86-input-evdev04:18
pitillobtw, I really don´t understand why or how  it works, but solves the problem (I need more knowledge)04:18
Romsterpitillo, care to submit that tip to xorg and crux ML or sme FAQ we need somewhere to put notes like that.04:18
haolelet's celebrate our keyboards :D04:18
pitillohaole, may be you need that port to use some kind of evend device04:19
Romsteri'm glad that is solved.04:19
haoleme too... now i can finnaly use the patch to fix those leds to04:19
pitilloRomster, I talked to til_man and Ry_oS (he had the same problem but he was using an strange mouse and he needs xorg event package)04:19
treachpredatorfreak: sjööööööööööööööööööööööööööö sjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk? :p04:20
treach(sea sick)04:20
pitillobtw, commenting it here I am sure if someone have the same problem, someone will advice him about this :)04:20
haoleis there a package with this led fixing patch or should i make one?04:20
Romsterxorg-server isn't handling the add on module corectly, could it be a config setting?04:20
Romsteror a bug04:20
predatorfreakМастер (Note: Cyrillc) :304:21
Romsterpitillo, i sure wil as long as i dont forget it.04:21
predatorfreakrehabdoll: I don't speak whatever-language-you're-using :P04:21
Romsterpitillo, got the url to that note you read?04:21
Romsteri'd like to bookmark it.04:21
Romsterfor reference.04:21
haoleRomster, is there a package for xorg-server with working leds?04:21
Romsteri have a patched one in my repo.04:22
predatorfreakerr treach**04:22
pitilloRomster, I will look, but I think I haven´t it, 1minute and I will see04:22
predatorfreaktreach: I'm getting too confused now! Too many people talk0ring.04:22
Romsterhaole, find it in xorg
treachpredatorfreak: I know, but I translated it below04:22
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, I saw.04:22
predatorfreakand no "Sea" in Michigan :P04:22
Romstertilman, won't apply it still...04:23
Romsterso i went bugger it make my own04:23
haoleRomster, is it enough to just replace the xorg-server package, or there is some dependency issue?04:23
predatorfreakPlus, boats don't bother me :)04:23
pitilloummm I haven´t, I will try to make the search again04:23
treachI guess lake michigan would be big enough to get seasick on.04:23
Romsterall it has is the keyboard patch so build from that and update.04:23
predatorfreaktreach: Welp, hasn't beat me yet.04:23
Romsterand it'll work the leds04:23
predatorfreakand generally I wind up fishing on it at least once a year.04:23
predatorfreakmmm Salmon :304:24
Romsterseems my scroll lock don't work duno why but numlock and capslock works.04:24
treachmmmm Industrial pullutions. :P04:24
predatorfreakRomster: MY CAPS LOCK WORKS TOO, SEE?04:24
Romsterthe led <<04:24
haoleRomster, ok, if this works i will pay ou and pitillo a beer :D04:24
Romsterlight emiting diode.04:24
predatorfreaktreach: Bah! Fish is fish.04:24
Romsterit works04:25
predatorfreakEven if it is glowing.04:25
treachwell, it's more healthy if it doesn't.04:25
haolewhat was this led bug stuff, anyway?? a bizarre human error in the xorg team? :D04:25
predatorfreaktreach: Well, no glowing fish yet :P04:25
predatorfreakBut we'll see.04:25
SiFuhanyone know a way to force dumping to swap for testing purposes ?04:25
Romsterno idea but there fixing it for the next release.04:25
haoleSiFuh, yes!! open ten instances of firefox :D04:25
predatorfreaktreach: Plus I generally wind up fishing up in the UP, better fishing anyway.04:25
SiFuhhaole: i will try for fun04:26
Romsterbut i watned it to work now not then so i fixed that.04:26
pitilloRomster, not sure if was this link btw it can be usefull too04:26
predatorfreakUpper Peninsula.04:26
predatorfreaktreach: It's a Michigan thing.04:26
treachpredatorfreak: ah, not that familiar with american geography.04:26
predatorfreaktreach: Basically you have the Mitten and what I call The Fish.04:26
pitilloif someone else can find another solution to this problem I hope he can report me :)04:27
haoleon my college, we were doing some work with sysml... and we needed a programa called magicdraw04:27
Romsterpitillo, ah thanks04:27
haolethat was the most memory consuming shit i've ever seen04:27
SiFuhhaole: :-)04:28
Romsterso theyt sugest a bug in evdev04:28
haolei was on a 512mb of ram pc04:28
haoleand my swap was about 1gb04:28
haoleit got my swap halfway full04:28
SiFuhhaha my swap is on 0%04:28
SiFuhand memory is on 90%04:28
treachjust start eclipse and that should fix itself.04:29
haoletreach, of course, eclipse04:29
haoleanother winner! :D04:29
pitilloRomster, seems a bug between evdev and hald04:29
haoleyou need 3 netbeans to get 1 eclipse equivalent in ram04:29
Romsterpitillo, yeah04:29
predatorfreakHuh... you can hunt Cougar in the U.S. o.O04:30
Romsterupdating hald exposes the bug.04:30
predatorfreakWonder what Cougar steaks taste like...04:30
haolechicken, probably04:30
pitillowell, and xorg 7.3 of course (I forgot to mention it)04:30
treachI doubt you eat it. another one of those stupid killing for fun and trophys things. :(04:30
predatorfreaktreach: No point hunting it then.04:31
SiFuhthanks guys, swap is working.. 8 instances of opera 12 of firefox and dd x 204:31
treachpredatorfreak: indeed.04:31
predatorfreakAt least if I hunt Pheasant or deer I can get some quality meat out of it.04:31
predatorfreakand boy do I ever enjoy good meat...04:31
Romsteri only agree to killing for food, killing for fun/hunting is not on in my books.04:32
predatorfreakRomster: Hunting and eating it is both fun and tasty :P04:32
predatorfreakSadly in Metro-Detroit... there's nothing to hunt04:32
SiFuhhaole: thanks :-)04:33
predatorfreakI mean, unless you like boiled people.04:33
haoleSiFuh, no problem :)04:33
haolewhen it comes to creating problems and mass computer overload, im the guy04:33
Romsterpredatorfreak, if it's gonna be eaten and not wasted yes.04:33
Romsterhaole, lol04:33
predatorfreakRomster: I wouldn't shoot a scrawny dear with a lot of antlers personally.04:33
haolei must be a great beta tester04:33
haolegonna try it someday04:34
predatorfreakI'd shoot the fat one with one antler and be like "mmmm."04:34
predatorfreak"TIME TO EAT!"04:34
SiFuhi'm going to open 100 firefox's04:34
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah04:34
SiFuhif you dont hear from me i've probably crashed and burned04:34
predatorfreakSiFuh: Enjoy consuming 3000000000000000000000000000000000000GB.04:34
RomsterSiFuh, i got a thing for you.04:34
haoleSiFuh, that's gonna be fun04:34
haolea world record04:34
haoledo u guys know the fork() deadlock?04:34
SiFuhwhile : ; do firefox ; done04:35
haoleit is fun, too :D04:35
Romsterfirefox $(for n in $(grep "# Maintainer: Danny Rawlins" */Pkgfile |awk -F / '{ print $1 }'); do grep "# URL: " $n/Pkgfile; done |awk -F L:. '{ print $2 }' |uniq |sort)04:35
Romsterjust change the name if you like and run it on your ports maybe.04:35
predatorfreakRomster: Although it's nice that my dad lives in a more rural area of the state, I occasionally get some fresh vension from him in hunting season.04:35
Romsterand a cooking show is on now.04:36
predatorfreakRomster: ... WOMEN!04:36
predatorfreakGET OUT OF OUR CHANNEL!04:36
predatorfreakTHIS IS A MENS CLUB!04:36
treachit's a gentlemens club. No shouting please.04:37
RomsterRamsay's Kitchen Nightmares04:37
* treach sips on his tea.04:37
RomsterI'm a very good cook.04:37
* haole feels some gayness in this channel04:37
Romsteris enjoying cooking being gay?04:37
haoleno, that was not for you :D04:37
predatorfreakRomster: Depends.04:37
haolei like to cook things that harms my heart04:38
predatorfreakRomster: It's only gay if you serve it to your male lover.04:38
predatorfreakOtherwise it's perfectly fine.04:38
haolenothing like a trip to burger king04:38
predatorfreaktreach: My comment or haole's? :P04:38
treachhaole's ofcourse04:38
predatorfreakAww, I'm loosing my edge!04:38
treachburger king, how extrodinarily vulgar.04:39
haolethey have a burger for geeks, now04:39
treachAnd not to mention, the poor taste on their products.04:39
Romsterpredatorfreak, then i'm safe <04:39
haoleit has 2 slices of bread, and n slices of meat + cheddar04:39
haoleyou choose your n :D04:39
predatorfreakRomster: We'll see if my safeness lasts, 'course I could always learn not to cook...04:40
haolewell, gonna test the freaking leds04:40
*** haole has quit IRC04:40
Romsteri go on fat is good but in moderation.04:40
roliveiraa keyboard like mine , with no leds, would solve the issue04:41
Romstertoo many go either eat too much junk food or miss out on fat entirely.04:41
predatorfreak <-- I WANNA HUNT POLAR BEARS!!!!04:41
Romsterroliveira, lol..04:41
SiFuhuntil [ "$counter" = "101" ]04:41
SiFuh        do04:41
SiFuh                echo $counter  ; firefox ;04:41
SiFuh        let counter+=104:41
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux04:41
RomsterSiFuh, heh04:41
*** haole has joined #crux04:41
haoleand it worked!!! thanks guys04:41
haolei have leds now04:41
haolethey are so fun!! how i missed you, guys04:42
haoleeven you, scroll lock04:42
Romsterhaole, :)04:42
haolebtw, does someone know how to do that scroll lock stuff from the bsds on linux?04:42
haoleit's so useful04:42
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:43
Romsterwhy til_man wont add int he keyboard patch i don't know.04:43
haolewell, im sleeping... if someone knows how to do it, just write it and i will read later04:44
haolethanks guys04:44
Romsterg'night haole04:44
predatorfreakmmm music :304:44
predatorfreakI can't stop listening to these guys... it's like crack.04:45
predatorfreakOnce I start there's no stopping.04:45
Romstersounds like princles.04:46
Romsterthem chips in a can.04:46
predatorfreakRomster: Nah, I'm not a chips person :P04:47
roliveiraohh those are so tasty Romster04:47
predatorfreakGive me music and a steak anyday.04:47
roliveiraman i love those chips04:48
predatorfreakRomster: Also weren't we going to swap music? :P04:48
predatorfreakIn fact, I demand a tarball of all your music! :P04:48
Romstermmm steak04:48
Romsterwith mushrooms or garlic sauce.04:48
SiFuhcareful :-) rehabdoll belongs to the fed's04:48
predatorfreakRomster: I'm a basic person, just gimme the steak.04:48
predatorfreakrehabdoll: GTFO FBI!04:48
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah i'm geting a 500GB hdd very soon.04:49
* predatorfreak gets axe04:49
Romstersorting out my junk too.04:49
predatorfreakMy junk is pre-sorted :P04:49
Romsterso it's in the works.04:49
Romsterand i'm gonna re-rip my cd's in flac.04:49
Romsterhalf my stuf is in mp304:49
SiFuhhaole: this is a pretty tough little sucker. I have 82 and it is still going like no tomorrow04:50
predatorfreakRomster: Pure Vorbis here..04:50
Romsteryour modifyed vorbis port.04:50
Romsteri dunno if i trust that source <<04:50
predatorfreakMy only useful thing..04:50
Romsteri'm gonna have to do a listening test.04:50
Romsteri have very good ears.04:51
predatorfreakRomster: I've done some of my own, seen others.04:51
predatorfreakWorks better than mainline and just about everything else :P04:51
Romsterthere's mousepack and dunno what else.04:51
SiFuhpredatorfreak: what's this line in the source of vorbis ftp mp3's to predatorfreak's pc. :-) ?04:51
Romsteri valuse quality over size04:51
predatorfreakMusepack's development is slow, minor optimisation is slow, etc.04:51
Romsteri think i prefer lossless.04:52
predatorfreakRomster: Well, at the same bitrate as mainline, aotuv gets higher quality, in my testing04:52
predatorfreakand I'd do lossless too.04:52
predatorfreakexcept I'm lazy.04:52
predatorfreakand lurve diskspace :P04:52
predatorfreakI'd have 200GB of music if I used lossless.04:53
Romsterwell a 4 port sata controler and i'll keep adding 500GB hdd's04:53
predatorfreakSiFuh: and no, I was getting too much Eminem for awhile.04:53
predatorfreakSo I destroyed that bit.04:53
Romsterone of them phases.04:53
predatorfreakYeah, but I was like "... OH FUCK THIS."04:53
Romsteri'm not prould to admit some of my cd's i've bought.04:53
predatorfreakRomster: OOHHH!04:54
predatorfreakSHOW ME YOUR DIRTY SECRET!04:54
SiFuhok we have 112 instances of Firefox, 3 Opera. :-)04:54
Romsterlike come on why ddi i buy aqua jsut to get that anoying barby girl song...04:54
Romsterhas to be the worst thing i've ever done.04:54
SiFuh176meg used04:54
predatorfreakRomster: Did you even like it in the first place? :P04:55
predatorfreakI heard that song once... and nearly shit myself at how terrible it was.04:55
Romsteri can't think of anything else that was bad.04:55
Romsterlol i found a japanese version it's worse!04:55
predatorfreakRomster: By and large I'm proud of my collection.04:55
Romstermost of my colection i'm prould of.04:56
predatorfreakRomster: My darkest sin is probably either REM, Bush, Three Days Grace (I was young, gimme a break :() or A Perfect Circle.04:56
predatorfreakThree Days Grace is the only one I wound up regretting XD04:57
predatorfreakBut besides that.04:57
Romsterrem and bush are ok for easy listening.04:57
SiFuhpink floyd04:57
Romsterother two i arn't sure on.04:57
predatorfreakMy collection goes like Clutch, Monster Magnet, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, BLUES RANDOMLY APPEARING!04:57
predatorfreakPlus totally unknown acts here and there.04:58
Romsterpredatorfreak, are you gonna accept me as a friend on ?04:58
Romsteryeah i got alot of randomness.04:58
predatorfreakRomster: Huh?04:58
Romsteri added a request in to be a friend <<04:59
predatorfreakRomster: Well.04:59
predatorfreakI login once a millienium.04:59
SiFuhPlay Rammstein04:59
Romstermy music style is crazy come one techno and metal mixed ...05:00
RomsterRammstein rules05:00
SiFuhabout the only thing i see that does05:00
predatorfreakRomster: Well what's odd.05:01
predatorfreakI got two requests... one from a friend who's ALREADY a friend..05:01
Romsterhmm so i add in again i supose.05:01
Romsteri have way more music gotta fix tags.05:02
predatorfreakRomster: oh and I love my organisation to my collection of discs.05:02
predatorfreakIt goes like Totally Known act (Led Zeppelin)05:03
predatorfreakBAM TOTALLY KNOWN ACT! (Captain Beyond)05:03
predatorfreakBAM! BLUEZZZZZ05:03
predatorfreakI swear I just put blues artists scattered in there...05:03
Romsterman it's like mine it's messed up but exaim makes sense of it.05:03
predatorfreakRomster: Although I am really proud of some of the finds I've made, like some nice out-of-print albums and stuff by unknown acts05:04
predatorfreakPlus I'm starting my vinyl collection :P05:05
predatorfreakGotta back the CDs with vinyl :)05:05
Romsteryeah i hate wehn i find something and go oo i wanna buy this album but it's not in stock anymore.05:05
Romsterhah i have some vinal.05:05
predatorfreakRomster: Well, beyond out-of-stock.05:06
Romsterand a shitload of tapes even.05:06
predatorfreakSome of the guys I like are totally out-of-print.05:06
Romstertascam 102 tape player <<05:06
predatorfreakHell, some never even got more than a handful of copies out in the first place XD05:06
predatorfreakRomster: Hehe, my mum still has an 8-track collection.05:06
predatorfreakBetween me and my mom.05:07
predatorfreakWe've probably got every format since the 1960s...05:07
Romstereve 4 track endless tape cartridges?05:07
SiFuhcool, still got a few of those and a player around here05:07
predatorfreakRomster: Somewhere..05:08
predatorfreakI couldn't tell you exactly where.05:08
predatorfreakMy mom has giant boxes full of tapes and stuff.05:08
Romsterjust have memorys of that.05:10
predatorfreakRomster: Her vinyl collection is better sorted :P05:10
predatorfreakAlthough, I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but my mom has a better collection than I do by miles.05:10
predatorfreakShe's got so many freaking bands it's amazing.05:10
SiFuh  Chad_Morgan-The_Sheik_Of_Scrubby_Creek.mp3  <-- Romster05:11
Romsteromg that's going back.05:11
Romsteri have some comedy stuff here too05:12
SiFuhyeah he lives not far from me05:12
Romsterrare too05:12
SiFuhi've picked him up in the taxi 2 times.05:12
predatorfreakSiFuh: Don't kill Romster.05:12
SiFuhscrubby creek is on the otherside of the range too05:12
Romsterman i got chad morgan stuff here <<05:13
predatorfreakoh wait do you mean Chad Morgan (whoever that is?) or Romster?05:13
predatorfreakIn which case.05:13
predatorfreakKilling Morgan is fine.05:13
predatorfreakRomster, no, I need him for his music collection :P05:13
SiFuhRomster: John Williamson did a good rip off of Chand05:13
predatorfreakPlus I might, you know, fly to Australia someday to Visit Con Kolivas and be like "HOLY SHIT CON KOLIVAS!", then steal Romster's food and fly back home :P05:14
SiFuhi should send it to you :-P05:14
Romsterpredatorfreak, you'd want me to cook for you all the time <<05:15
RomsterSiFuh, send send <<05:15
predatorfreakRomster: Nah, then you'd be my wife :P05:15
predatorfreakSorry, but I'm not into Australian men :P05:15
Romsterman that's a quoteable.05:15
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, now make me dinner! :P05:16
predatorfreak <-- O.O05:19
SiFuhRomster: you got private message?05:19
predatorfreakRomster: So, do I have to fly to Australia to get dinner? :P05:25
Romstereh would help.05:26
SiFuhRomster: can always mail it to you05:27
predatorfreakSiFuh: Yeah but then it's cold :(05:28
predatorfreakAh well.05:28
predatorfreakTime to buy a ticket to Australia.05:28
predatorfreakThen leave fast :P05:28
SiFuhif you can get to Asia :-) I am sure i could cook05:28
SiFuhi will be there later this week05:28
predatorfreakSiFuh: Too many reverse-traps and traps....05:29
SiFuhdon't know if i will go back to working for the University. I kind of enjoy driving taxi's in Australia05:30
predatorfreakSiFuh: Yes, you get to meet interesting people, like Romster.05:30
predatorfreakWho might one-day get in a cab and stab you.05:30
SiFuhhaha Australians aren't to interesting  (no offence romster)05:30
predatorfreakRomster: Just remember Romster, cut the fingers off and remove the teeth :)05:31
SiFuhI find the majority seem to be lacking any education.05:31
predatorfreakSiFuh: Come drive a cab in Metro-Detroit.05:31
predatorfreakI think you'll find Australians are infinitely better than... well everyone here.05:31
SiFuhI have my Camera's covered in the Cab. I always tell them "The Transport Dept, Police and Taxi company don't want to know what I get up to."05:31
Romsteri could say the same about usa's alot there arn't well educated either.05:33
Romsteri got a good education actually.05:33
predatorfreakRomster: I believe most people here do :P05:34
predatorfreakI tend to find people who use CRUX aren't idiots :P05:34
Romstercrux seems to be a good filter.05:35
Romsteri think it's a good thing, just look at ubuntu05:36
Romsternoob city.05:36
Romsteralthough we all started somewhere too.05:37
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.05:37
predatorfreakBut we moved on.05:37
predatorfreakSo we can be elitist fucks :P05:37
*** treach has quit IRC05:39
*** niemamnie has quit IRC05:46
*** Rotwang has joined #crux05:49
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC06:02
SiFuhhmm anyone know of a sh command similar to usleep or nansleep in c?06:06
*** errdil has joined #crux06:35
*** roliveira has quit IRC06:36
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux06:56
*** sepen has quit IRC06:59
*** destruct has quit IRC07:06
*** sepen has joined #crux07:17
*** treach has joined #crux07:34
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:42
treachow, _another_ firefox update on its way :&07:43
Romstermust not be a tarball yet ck4up hasn't said anything.07:51
thrice`Romster: what's your FF ck4up line ?07:51
thrice`I couldn't get it to work on their ftp07:51
Romsterfirefox md5 firefox-[.0-9]+07:53
treachRomster: I said _on its way_07:53
treachit's not released yet07:53
Romsterthere still supporting firefox 1.507:54
treach"they're", yes, apparently07:55
Romsterdamn it.08:01
Romsteri hate the whole they're, there' their thing.08:01
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:13
SiFuhI'dn't've :-) is always my favorite08:13
*** roliveira has joined #crux08:24
*** thomas__ has joined #crux08:28
thomas__hi there, I am trying to boot crux from an usb stick, however it seems the initrd is missing something that makes it work, could anyone give me some directions as to what I have to do, to change the initrd? Thanks in advance.08:29
*** jaeger has joined #crux08:30
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux08:30
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:30
SiFuh_wd0c.txt:  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x000f   100   100   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       1308:33
SiFuh_wd1c.txt:  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x000f   253   253   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       008:34
SiFuh_wd2c.txt:  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x000f   100   100   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       808:34
SiFuh_wd3c.txt:  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x000f   100   100   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       108:34
SiFuh_too many errors for me08:34
*** SiFuh has quit IRC08:43
*** Bandit0972 has quit IRC08:45
SiFuh_anyone know where i can get a copy of LynxOS realtime for embedded systems?08:52
thomas__hi there, I am trying to boot crux from an usb stick, however it seems the initrd is missing something that makes it work, could anyone give me some directions as to what I have to do, to change the initrd? Thanks in advance.08:54
*** Bandit0972 has joined #crux08:56
jaegerthomas__: you can see exactly what it's doing here:;a=blob_plain;f=initramfs/init;hb=2.409:01
jaegeri's tailored specifically for a cdrom at the moment but wouldn't be too tough to edit for a usb stick09:02
*** Bandit0972 has quit IRC09:08
*** Bandit0972 has joined #crux09:08
*** Bandit has joined #crux09:12
*** Bandit0972 has quit IRC09:12
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux09:29
*** discomaxus has joined #crux09:35
thomas__jaeger: thank you very much09:40
thomas__jaeger: I will look into it09:40
jaegerno problem :)09:51
*** SiFuh_ has quit IRC09:52
*** voltaic has joined #crux09:58
*** Bandit has quit IRC10:06
*** Viper_ has joined #crux10:12
*** discomaxus has quit IRC10:16
*** okias has joined #crux10:22
*** okias has left #crux10:29
*** okias has joined #crux10:32
thomas__jaeger: ok dok, I changed it accordingly, how can I change the initramfs ? :P10:40
thomas__it seems initramfs of crux is not gziped?10:50
*** discomaxus has joined #crux10:54
SiFuhthomas__: are you installing crux on USB flash or making a USBFLASH Crux installer?10:57
thomas__SiFuh: usbflash installer10:58
SiFuhman i can't beleive the guys on SuSE i tell them to try using -maproot=<user:group> option and replace the user:group with a local user:group  and they end up using  -maproot=user:group and wonder why it fails. :-/10:58
SiFuhahh i see  saving cd's ?10:59
thomas__SiFuh: if awk works then my initscript should work too, I just need to update the init in initramfs10:59
thomas__SiFuh: no, I have an eeePC, no CDROM there :D10:59
SiFuhit should not be hard to do this though. Just create and use an mbr instead of the cd's bootable file.11:00
SiFuheverything else should be same11:00
thomas__SiFuh: I already know what I have to do to get it working11:01
thomas__SiFuh: the problem is that the original initramfs tries to mount a cd, I need it to mount my usb though11:01
thomas__SiFuh: I altered the init of initramfs, now I just need to update that file11:01
SiFuhi see11:02
thomas__SiFuh: however, everything I find points that initramfs should be gziped, which it seems this is not11:02
SiFuhok and i am sure you tried gunzip initramfs right ?11:02
SiFuhhow about trying to mount it as local loopback ;-) ?11:02
thomas__gzip: initramfs: not in gzip format11:02
thomas__good call11:02
jaegerthere's no requirement to gzip it11:03
jaegerinitrd/initramfs can be loaded either way but neither requires it11:03
jaegeruse gen_init_cpio and the initramfs.lst from the iso.git repo to create a new one11:03
thomas__ya, I just don't know how to handle it11:03
jaegersee lines 204+ of the Makefile for the iso to see how it's done there11:04
thomas__ok, I'll try11:04
SiFuhjaeger: wasn't there another command in the earlier days for making initrd?11:04
jaegermkinitrd, probably11:04
jaegerbut initramfs and initrd are quite different11:04
SiFuhyeah that's it11:04
SiFuhjaeger: is there any online cvs browsing of crux source?11:06
jaegergit, yes. cvs, no.
SiFuhohwell nevermind11:08
SiFuh I thought git was an british people used ;-)11:09
thomas__jaeger: I am missing the gen_init_cpio, how to get it?11:15
jaegerit's in the kernel source tree11:17
thomas__ok thanks, I will have to compile the kernel then11:18
thomas__jaeger: I patched the kernel with the squashfs patch but I did get the error: warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol SQUASHFS_VMALLOC11:25
thomas__jaeger: is it still allright?11:25
jaegernot sure, haven't seen that one11:27
thomas__jaeger: I forgot to tell, it came when I started to compileing, the patch went fine11:28
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:51
*** sepen has quit IRC11:57
thomas__ok I give up for today, I am missing the whole structure, and it seems I have a different busybox version. At least when I try to boot, it tells me it couldn't start the /init script11:57
thomas__I also have no squashfs/module.dep etc11:57
thomas__could I just boot a different linux and install crux from there?11:58
teK'f course11:58
thomas__good then'll better do that11:59
thomas__bye everyone12:00
*** thomas__ has quit IRC12:00
SiFuhVantec Piano 101 Notebook Cooler12:03
*** RedShift has joined #crux12:07
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*** cohan has quit IRC12:33
*** discomaxus has joined #crux12:35
Rotwangi have problem porting ueagle atm here is Makefile12:38
Rotwangproblem is with installation12:38
Rotwangi donno how to do it, should i put two created modules by the install comand inside the package?12:39
*** cohan has joined #crux12:39
Rotwangand then add /sbin/depmod -ae in post-install script? Is this enough?12:40
treachinstall them into $PKG/somedir/some/place12:40
Rotwangthis is the equivalent of modules_install ?12:41
treachwell, not really.12:42
treachyou shouldn't run the install which puts stuff into the filesystem, but rather retarget it to point to $PKG12:42
Rotwangthats not easy :[ DESTDIR or INSTALL_MOD_PATH variables doesnt work ;/12:44
Rotwangi guess this will work then:
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC12:52
*** Dudde has quit IRC12:52
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux12:54
*** Dudde has joined #crux12:54
treachRotwang: yeah. just make sure you don't send along the footprint.13:01
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux13:01
Rotwangk, thanks13:01
treachfor reference you could look at the fuse port iirc.13:01
Rotwangno thats not it ;]13:02
treachmeh, ok, sorry.13:02
*** sepen has joined #crux13:14
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rehabdollRomster: lvm2 :)17:01
*** andarius has joined #crux17:14
andariusgreetings and salutations17:15
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:18
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*** tri has joined #crux17:29
*** tri has quit IRC17:35
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DarkNekrosgood night everybody ;)18:19
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:20
*** concorr has quit IRC18:20
SiFuhOne of these days I will actually get round to finding out what my passwords are.18:33
*** roliveira_ has joined #crux18:37
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*** ryuo has joined #crux20:16
nipuLthis is fun, having a fight with a security company that claims we broke their security system by changing the computer name which was used to resolve the MySQL server20:28
nipuLa security system based on windows and mysql...where do i start...20:28
ryuomy question: What security?20:30
ryuowindows' windows are always open :>20:30
nipuLnot only that i had to deal with retared network settings, like having the default gateway set to the machines ip address20:31
*** pedja has joined #crux20:48
haolehey guys... how do i remove the away status from this irc?21:07
*** andarius has joined #crux21:07
*** mrks_ has joined #crux21:08
andariusgreetings and salutations once again :)21:08
thrice`hi andarius21:08
andariusgreetings thrice`21:08
*** mrks has quit IRC21:24
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux21:25
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SiFuhnipuL: that's insane ;-)21:49
RomsternipuL, gateway set to the machne's ip O_o lmao windoze and mysql for a security system...22:03
Romsterthey would do betetr throwing either OpenBSD or CRUX on it.22:04
SiFuhmaybe I can make a CRUX-SecuritySystem cd22:04
Romsterhmm maybe.22:05
Romsterreally one could do a core system and only throw on mysql22:05
SiFuhAUD/USD hit 89.823 today22:05
Romstereven then you could remove some core ports as you not always use them all.22:05
Romsteri've not seen it that high22:06
Romsteri thought the share market had a huge loss.22:06
SiFuhit did22:06
SiFuhbut this week it has been steadily rising22:06
SiFuh<-- lost 1,540 in the stock market November22:07
SiFuhand I lost it when i fell asleep22:08
SiFuhFrom Nov 8th to Dec 18th it has been falling then it picked up till Jan 15th then fell again until Jan 23. This week is very steady.22:10
SiFuhAUD/USD fell from 94.015 (this is cents by the way) 85.223 from Nov 8th - Dec 18th22:11
Romster<rehabdoll> Romster: lvm2 :) <- ?22:12
SiFuhwhat's with Australia.. I need ID, to deposit/withdrawl money?22:23
SiFuhif my ID is not same as the account i deposit in. The receipt has the account number blacked out and the balance22:23
SiFuhif i deposited doesn't it mean I already know the account number?22:23
andariusmost banks i have been to do not put the account number on the receipt either. makes people feel better abouit trashing them22:26
andariusat most the put the last 4 or 6 digits22:26
SiFuhhehe in US a number of the guys i knew use to collect the receipts with the highest balance from around the ATM's22:30
SiFuhthey always wrote their phone numbers on it for the girls.22:30
SiFuhwell you may be pleased to knw, if you ever wish to run 112 instances of firefox, 512mb ram and 500mb of swap is plenty22:38
predatorfreakGod-damn animu encoding groups are going to crazy lengths these days...22:43
predatorfreak1280x720 H264 HD-quality encodings o.O22:43
*** haole has quit IRC22:46
andariusthose instances of FF must be idle. i have a gig of ram and 2 of swap. i run FF long enough i run out of ram and hit the swap :(22:54
andariusthat is pretty commonfrom what i hear22:55
ryuoRomster, i'm getting some errors when i try to load extreme tuxracer22:55
Romsterwhat problems?22:56
SiFuhi have too much junk22:56
ryuoit says my nvidia driver doesnt support opengl or something22:57
Romsterrun gl-select?22:57
ryuothats my paste22:57
SiFuhandarius: i just ran a counter script and it launched 112 firefox's all in a row. So they wouldn't have much time to be idling, since every instance had to open 2 web pages.22:58
Romsteri could do tat quite fast i got a local transparant squid running.22:59
ryuoany ideas? hrm22:59
Romsternot sure building a port atm.22:59
Romsteri'll test after this is done.22:59
Romster 15:59:45 up 26 days,  3:05,  1 user,  load average: 4.12, 2.83, 1.7222:59
SiFuhryuo: you got OpenGL drivers?22:59
Romsternot bad for a desktop pc <<22:59
ryuoSiFuh: I'm running NVIDIA binary driver23:00
Romsterryuo, run gl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia23:00
SiFuhand nvidia is configured to run in X11 right?23:00
Romsterand try again.23:00
Romsterand try glxgears and glxinfo23:00
ryuoi know nvidia is functional...23:01
ryuoglxinfo and glxgears are working23:01
Romsterhmm so something in tuxracer.23:01
Romsterisn't looking for something right.23:01
ryuoit compiled fine23:01
SiFuhdoes tux racer have an option to specify what driver  like mplayer/vlc/xine  can do ?23:01
SiFuhI want lsnipes for OpenBSD  :-)23:02
Romsterthe old ms-dos snipes game <<23:02
SiFuhlsnipes is the linux version23:03
Romsteroh sweet *goes to port it soon* <<23:03
Romsterif it hasn't already23:03
SiFuhRomster: i might even have a port for it, on cd23:04
Romsteri used to play that at school in ms-dos23:04
Romsterprobbably not hard to make one.23:04
SiFuhno it was easy23:04
SiFuhyep good chance i have a port.. if it had it in my archives for that date23:05
SiFuhdunno if it would run on crux 2.x though23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:07
*** andarius has left #crux23:07
SiFuhanyone know where i can download the entire standard linux include library ?23:09
Romsterhm ?23:10
SiFuhlibrary/headers i mean23:10
SiFuhi just need to steal some code to get lsnipes running here23:10
Romsterof just glibc?23:10
Romsteri know han has pkgutils for bsd maybe you could use that and setup a linux enviorment for it.23:11
ryuoman the distro "core" is... essentially lfs23:11
Romsterryuo, i need to fix my glx first i hadn't restarted xorg since the nvidia update23:11
Romsterpretty much23:12
ryuoi'm running the new nvidia myself...23:12
ryuoi wonder23:12
SiFuhi have a linux environment already.. :-) almost23:12
Romstercrashes glxgears23:12
ryuoi'm running nvidia...23:12
ryuoglxgears doesnt crash for me23:12
Romsterno idea why did you reboot or do something diferent to me.23:12
* ryuo shrugs.23:13
ryuoi'm currently on my lunar linux box23:13
Romsteri updated nvidia gl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia rmmod nvidia; startx23:13
Romstermaybe i should of ran depmod -a23:14
RomsterIllegal instruction23:15
Romsterguess i need to close all my shit down and restart xorg23:15
Romsterjust ran depmod -a23:16
Romsterprobbably had wrong symbols etc.23:16
ryuodo you think the new version's opengl is not working right?23:18
ryuobecause i got tuxracer to work on arch when i was using an older NVIDIA driver23:19
Romsterdunno yet23:23
SiFuhanyone got values.h ?23:24
Romsterglibc header23:25
Romsterso BSD has a disadvantage <<23:25
SiFuhyes it has less users than linux23:26
Romstergonna acept the dcc?23:26
*** william_ has joined #crux23:26
ryuoreverted to nvidia 100.14.1923:26
ryuogonna see if this fixes it23:27
ryuoi'm getting many more FPS with 100.14.1923:28
Romsterand it works?23:28
ryuoi'm gonna try recompling tuxracer23:28
ryuothis distro is still using mesa 7.0.123:28
ryuocould this be why?23:28
ryuoI had to install mesa-glu for it to even compile23:28
Romstermaybe i'm on 7.0.223:29
SiFuhcool thanks Romster23:29
Romsteryou ought to update mesa3d and recompile xorg-server23:29
SiFuhi am getting sick and tired of searching a package to find "what is <package name>"23:30
nipuLfinally, got dovecot-sieve working23:35
ryuoi'm considering getting an everex cloudbook23:35
ryuosub-notebook for $40023:35
ryuogot a decent sized hard drive23:35
ryuounlike the asus eee pc23:35
Romsterwell that was easy to make lsnipes.23:36
ryuocomes with 512 MB of ram, can be upgraded to a maximum of 1 GB23:36
Romster1gig arn't alot thesedays.23:37
ryuoi know23:37
ryuobut its still all i would need23:37
nipuLdepends on what you use it for23:37
ryuoit comes with 30 GBs23:37
ryuofor hard drive space23:37
ryuomight make a nice portable media player23:37
ryuomy only beef might be the lack of CD drive23:38
nipuLi want to have a play with a gp2x23:38
ryuothe specs say it has...23:38
ryuoa 1.2 ghz VIA c723:38
SiFuhem0> date23:38
SiFuhThu Jul  2 22:20:55 EST 198723:38
ryuocomes with gOS initially23:39
ryuoseems odd that tuxracer compiles but refuses to work23:40
SiFuhso Linux has a disadvantage <<23:40
ryuoin what?23:40
*** ryuo has quit IRC23:42
*** ryuo has joined #crux23:42
nipuLthe only reason i use linux is there a no 64bit nvidia drivers for bsd23:43
nipuLthat and pkgutils23:43
Romsterthere is pkgutils for bsd han ported them.23:44
Romsterrestarting xorg brb23:44
*** Romster has quit IRC23:44
nipuLhan's obsd pkgutils is mental23:45
nipuLi doubt it would even be compatable with crux pkgutils anymore23:45
ryuo*** tuxracer error: Couldn't initialize video: X11 driver not configured with OpenGL (Resource temporarily unavailable)23:45
ryuoRomster, is there some way I can get opengl functional without the nvidia binary? I rarely use 3D anyway..23:46
nipuLjust use nv23:46
nipuLthen it will use mesa3d23:47
*** ryuo has quit IRC23:48
*** Romster has joined #crux23:50
Romsterfuck it i went back to the old nvidia driver.23:51
Romsterthe new one sucks balls23:51
Romsterdosn't even work for me.23:51
jaegerhow odd23:52
nipuLworks for me23:52
Romstersegfaults no error logs.23:52
Romsteris there some other version i can try..23:52
Romsteror is it my kernel is too old?23:52
jaegerworks great for me23:52
SiFuhMAXINT is declared in what linux header?23:53
Romsterthat's the nvidi i tryed and it won't work.23:53
nipuLgrep -r "#define MAXINT"23:53
nipuLi'd try updating the kernel then23:54
nipuL.17 is kinda old23:54
nipuLcrux2.4 comes with what, .23?23:54
SiFuhnipuL: would be great if i had linux to run that on ;-)23:54
Romsteryeah i had that version as qc-cam didnt' work with a newer kernel but i think that cam has died gives me errors now.23:55
Romster22 i think23:55
Romsterjaeger, thing is my system is stable.23:55
Romsterso i just haven't bothered with the kernel.23:56
Romsteri guess now is a good enough time to up the kernel23:56
Romsterand lose my uptime <<23:56
nipuLSiFuh: /usr/include/values.h23:57
SiFuhhaha thanks nipuL23:57
* SiFuh slaps romster23:57
nipuLSiFuh: but it refers to INT_MAX23:58
nipuLwhich is in /usr/include/limits.h23:58
nipuLwhich has an actual value23:58
jaegernever said it wasn't, all I said was 169.09 works great for me23:58
SiFuhcool i got that one ;-)23:58
* Romster runs ketchup23:59
Romsterthis new kernel better solve my nvidia issue on the new driver.23:59
Romsteror i'm gonna be mad at nvidia.23:59

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