IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-02-01

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predatorfreakjaeger: 169.09 works for me too.00:07
predatorfreakBeen running it since it was released :P00:07
jaegerI'm running 129.09 on my macbook pro and 2 desktops (8600gt, 8800gts)00:08
jaegerer, 169.0900:08
predatorfreakAlthough the opt port is out-dated now :(00:08
predatorfreakand that was one of the things I wanted to pick up... though I'm not getting any reply from my post on the mailing list.00:08
treachpredatorfreak: I think you should adress Rommy, he's the one who can't get along with nvidia. :>00:08
predatorfreakRomster: Rape it with a stick and check your kernel settings :)00:09
Romsteri've made my own opt core xorg colection.00:13
Romsterwith ym changes.00:13
Romsterinstead of buging everyone i'll do as i please to my other repos i've got. that way i do not anoy anyone.00:14
predatorfreakRomster: Well, since jaeger's no longer maintaining the "official" opt ports for... well quite a few things, I'm willing to pick up some of the ones of importance to me.00:14
predatorfreakLike nvidia and such XD00:14
Romsteri could take over nvidia if it works for me <<00:15
predatorfreakI just sent an e-mail to the ml with everything I'm willing to pick up, hopefully now I'll get some interest XD00:15
Romsterrss-glx i'd like to take over.00:15
Romsteri haven't looked over the list yet to see what i could be interested in.00:15
predatorfreakRomster: Go for it :P00:15
predatorfreakI listed hal, dbus and mostly stuff along those lines.00:16
Romsterpredatorfreak, your too lazy to even go in contrib what makes you think you wanan do opt stuff?00:16
predatorfreakRomster: I have nothing of value for contrib.00:16
predatorfreakThat isn't a mod of an opt port.00:16
predatorfreakOtherwise I'd contribute to contrib, but, nothing worth throwing in.00:16
predatorfreakJust a lot of stolen ports and stolen things from other distros (dual-gpg setup)00:17
Romsterit would be nice if all could contribute there opt changes and might get them merged in.00:17
predatorfreakRomster: I've got an updated nvidia sitting here.00:18
predatorfreakand one thing for iptables that I actually should submit.00:18
predatorfreakA nice iptables-save/restore based script for starting iptables at boot.00:18
predatorfreakLike Gentoo and pretty much everyone-but-Slackware has.00:19
predatorfreakBut iptables is a core port, so that's gotta go through the ml first.00:20
predatorfreakAlthough.. why iptables is in core, I couldn't tell you.00:20
predatorfreakSeems like a perfect candidate for opt, since it's not something that's essential to a running system.00:20
Romsterpredatorfreak, i'd be interested in it i keep my own iptables port.00:21
predatorfreakStole it from the Arch folks and cut down some of their crazy crap to keep it simple.00:22
predatorfreakRomster: oh and you've gotta do /etc/rc.d/iptables save to make it store the rules00:22
predatorfreakRomster: and it requires a /etc/iptables directory00:23
Romsterwonder how it'll fair with all my QoS rules.00:24
predatorfreakCan't store those, that I know of.00:25
predatorfreakThose don't work through netfilter, last I checked...00:25
SiFuhit calls Xlib.h but Xlib.h is useless00:32
Romsterpredatorfreak, like all of my tc rules.00:35
Romsteri'd have to extend it.00:35
predatorfreakRomster: There's no way to store those.00:35
predatorfreakThere's no tc-save and tc-restore :)00:35
Romsterwish there was.00:35
Romstermight have to write one <<00:36
predatorfreakRomster: I wish tc's syntax wasn't fucking insane.00:36
Romsterman tc is a bitch.00:36
predatorfreakSomeone needs to replace it.00:36
Romsterbut i'd have no clue how.00:37
Romsteror i'd do it.00:37
predatorfreakRomster: That's the problem, I bet :P00:37
predatorfreakEveryone wants to replace it, no one knows quite how.00:37
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haolehey there... im trying to make a package for scribes, but the configure step accuses that i don't have gnome-python-desktop installed00:44
haolebut i have :(00:44
haolewhat should i do?00:44
predatorfreakhaole: Don't use gnome apps!00:45
haolepredatorfreak, are u a kde user?00:45
predatorfreakhaole: How dare you!00:45
predatorfreakI'm an openbox user!00:45
haoleopenbox sucks... compiz is so much nicer :D00:46
predatorfreakFlashy bullshit that can't even properly snap to screen borders.00:46
predatorfreakWhen they fix the numerous usability bugs that it has and stop adding useless features like flaming windows, call me.00:46
predatorfreakoh and when they invent the "Menu" plugin.00:47
haoleflaming rox :D00:47
haolewell, about the package... can u help me?00:47
predatorfreakhaole: Check the configure.log00:47
haolewow, what a big and messy file00:49
haoledidn't understand a thing00:49
predatorfreakhaole: Well it's your only hope of figuring shit out.00:50
predatorfreakSo, enjoy sifting through it.00:50
haolewhen i run configure in shell, it tells me that i don't have gnome-python-desktop00:50
haolein this log, it doesn't even have the word gnome quoted00:50
predatorfreakhaole: Search better!00:51
SiFuhHaha :-) what a mission lsnipes on OpenBSD00:51
haoledamn... no progress here00:55
predatorfreakWelp, it's busted then :P01:01
Romsterdude where is my sound driver settings in this kernel hmmz01:02
pitillogood morning01:02
SiFuhRomster: :-) openssh wouldn't be here if it wasn't for openbsd project01:03
treachahum, yeah, like teo and friends were the only ones who could keep that particular show running..01:05
haolewell, i give for today... if someone makes a package for scribes, i would appreciate it01:05
haoleand i can't install gnome-python-extras because it crashes in the compilation01:05
haolei guess that it's dependencies might be incomplete01:05
haoleif someone can check this, it would be nice01:05
SiFuhtreach: theo might come off as an ass, but i trust his code before most others ;-)01:06
haolei give up*01:06
treachhe's batshit insane and should probably be locked up someplace.01:06
haolecan someone try to install gnome-python-extras for me? i wanna know if im the only one who can't01:08
Romsteri'm sure i arn't seeing shit, but i can not find my sound blaster driver in this config.. for 24.01:09
Romstergnome-python-extras works fine.01:09
Romsterii haev it in my repo haole01:10
Romsterand it compiles just fine.01:10
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Romstergah my sound device got moved to pci devices and not in the sound section no wonder i cn not find it.01:11
haolei did a prt-get depinst gnome-python-extras and i get some strange error01:11
haoleim using the gnome repo01:13
Romsterah there is is...01:13
Romsterman they moved things around.01:13
Romsteruse my repo and try haole01:13
Romstermine is a cut down version01:13
haoleRomster, do u have a gnome repo too?01:14
Romsterjsut a few cut down gnome ports01:18
Romsterall my stuff is here
haolei got the same error with your package01:19
haolesomething is wrong :)01:19
Romsterwhat exact error?01:19
Romsterdid you do depinst?01:19
Romsterit works for me...01:19
Romsterrun revdep on your system01:19
haolethe compilation accuses some undeclared variables and functions01:20
Romstermaybe you got some other major errors.01:20
haoleso, it's probably a dependency that i am missing01:20
Romsterprt-get deptree port01:20
haole^ because of some error... u know me :)01:20
Romsteri hate when it's not descriptive.01:20
Romstersome error is not helpful <<01:20
haolewanna a pastebin?01:21
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Romstercan you decypher the error?01:21
haolefor now, no01:22
Romsterthen pastebin it01:22
haoleim trying, but pastebin is really slow today01:22
Romsterhope i got everything i'm doing a make mrproper and edited the config.01:22
Romstertry another pastebin.01:23
Romsteris useally fast01:23
* Romster makes coffee as kernel compiles.01:23
haoleRomster, did u see it?01:26
Romsteryou sure you got gtk installed corectly?01:32
haolei think so...01:32
Romstergrep -r display_name /usr/include/01:32
haolegonna pastebin this also01:33
Romsterwhats on line 93 of nb_drive.c01:37
haolelet me look for it01:38
haolei don't have this file in my computer01:39
Romsterhmm i think oyur missing libnautilus-burn01:39
haolelet's see01:40
haoleis there a package with that name?01:40
Romsterah no but it looks like that was what was compiling..01:40
Romstergrr i'l rebuild mine see if that works01:41
Romsterand built fine must be some dependency your missing.01:43
treach"Just use KDE" -- Linus.  ;)01:43
haolei am trying to create a package for scribes, but to compile it i need this gnome-python-extras package01:43
haoledamn... this dependency won't show in any deptree i make01:44
haoleabout the related packages01:44
haolemaybe a different version...01:44
haolethe only missing dependencies in my computer are gstreamer packages01:45
haolecause i am using a gst-plugins named package01:46
Romstercontrib has gstreamer01:47
Romsteri don't get this01:47
Romsterhaole, is your system upto date?01:48
haolegonna check01:48
haoleno, there are some packages for  update... not many01:49
haoleim updating my system right now01:50
Romsterk what's out of date?01:51
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haoleit is compiling, now01:54
haolei will tell u when it finishes01:54
haolelooked like some core packages01:54
Romsterhmm i see nautilus-cd-burner in gnome..01:55
Romsterthat has a include diectory that it's pointing at.01:56
haoleso...? :)01:57
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ryuofixed it02:07
ryuoi had to recompile SDL02:07
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Romsteri don't see any reference to sdl..02:14
SiFuhhow to quit donkey kong?02:16
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concorrgood morning03:22
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SiFuhRomster: i just remembered :-) dos emulators03:26
concorrhi SiFuh Romster03:27
SiFuhhola concorr03:32
RomsterSiFuh, lol dosbox <<03:45
SiFuhsnipes works well in it03:47
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:10
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SiFuh_hi DarkNekros04:26
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SiFuh_haha Rotwang dad says "in case anything happens to you, you should write down all your passwords"06:30
SiFuh_Romster sorry..06:30
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux06:32
Rotwangwrite them down and stick to the monitor06:32
SiFuhif i die, my data dies with me :-)06:32
RyoShe sure just wants to be able to check out his sons porn archive *SCNR* :P06:33
SiFuhthe coolest part is I actually don't even know what my own passwords are. I have an idea but not 100% entirely sure.06:33
SiFuhi just type, and my fingers remember the pattern eg.. email password,  user password... the user/email is treated as the start of the password. The fingers then hit tab/enter and continue :-)06:35
Romstertuxracer works fine dunno what that dude was on about.06:35
SiFuhi think he did not configure X properly..06:35
SiFuhyou might even find out he is trying to run it as root in a terminal  haha06:36
Romsterkeep making me think i got a broken port.06:36
SiFuhi wonder if Au Immigration is going to let me take a zippo on board again.06:39
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ryuoInteresting. i recompiled mppenc with some more optimizations(safe), and i got a bit of improvement06:46
ryuomy average encoding speed went up from 25x to 26x06:46
ryuonot much but eh06:46
Romsterryuo, tuxracer works just fine.06:47
ryuoRomster: I had to recompile SDL06:48
Romsterthat's 2 people this evening that had to recompile sdl06:48
ryuoi upgraded to the 2.6.24 kernel06:49
ryuosome nice additions, but nothing i'm going to use06:49
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ryuoextreme tux racer is fairly nice...06:52
ryuoi find tuxkart humorous... heh06:52
* ryuo feels like installing a PSX emulator.06:54
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SiFuhwindows cannot find network drivers. It is recommended that you search the drivers online. Yes? No?06:57
SiFuhyou would have thought that the team of monkeys at microsoft would have added a small piece of code, to detect whether it could go online first before asking this questions.06:58
DarkNekrosSiFuh, never mind, stupid questions for moron people ^.^07:03
DarkNekrosor perhaps the code has tried to go online without your permission and it couldn't do it xD07:06
SiFuh:-/ multimedia drivers07:07
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Romsterryuo, epsxe <_<07:07
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:10
thrice`hi; anyone have libsigc++ in their ck4up.conf?  I can't get the syntax to work :-(07:17
tilmanno idea what your question really is though ;)07:19
thrice`libsigc++               md5\+\+-@V@@Z@07:21
thrice`is what i'm trying07:21
tilmanyou forgot to escape the pluses in the directory name07:21
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC07:21
*** Rotwang is now known as niemamnie07:21
tilmangreat, i just wanted to talk to him07:21
thrice`tilman: same result07:22
tilman[0-9.] doesn't do what you want i think07:23
tilman. matches anything, you probably want \.07:23
pitillo]\+\.tar ?07:23
tilmanbut that's not the error there...07:23
tilmani think you melded the url part and the regex07:24
tilmanthrice`: you don't need to escape anything in the url i think ;)07:25
thrice`libsigc++ ...... error: nested *?+ in regexp: /libsigc++-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?/07:27
thrice`maybe I shoudl consider after drinking coffee :-)07:27
tilmanlet me try it07:29
tilmanthrice`: doesn't seem to work ;)07:32
tilmani'd have to debug ck4up07:32
tilmanbut not now ;P07:32
thrice`ok, thanks for trying :-)07:33
tilmanthe closest i got was:07:33
tilmanlibsigc md5 @TAR@07:33
tilmanusing the @TAR@ definition from the manpage or sample file07:34
tilmanmmh wait07:34
tilman@TAR@ includes @NAME@ , which doesn't work with the changed name of course07:34
tilmanthe result is a http 301 :P07:36
tilmanck4up doesn't follow those... :)07:36
tilmanlibsigc md5 libsigc\+\+-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?07:38
tilmanthrice`: ^^^ works for me07:38
thrice`I seei tnow07:38
thrice`see it*07:38
tilmani suggest you talk to jue about following 301s07:39
thrice`this ruby stuff is confusing o.O07:41
Romster[,0-9]+ works07:42
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:20
tilmanjaeger: how do you generate gtk/{gdk-pixbuf.loaders,gtk.immodules}? :)08:21
thrice`hm, I thought there was a post install in there for awhile08:22
jaegersee gtk-register - gtk-query-immodules-2.0 and gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders08:25
tilmand'oh. i looked at it earlier but didn't see it08:26
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tilmanwow, the new site sucks09:01
tilmanthey are one major release behind09:02
tilmanthrice`: so now i need 301-following myself, too ;D09:05
thrice`see, I was only trying to prepare you :-)09:06
thrice`Romster: which line exactly worked for libsigc++ ?  curious about your notation, as it didn't work when I tried that designation09:08
Romsteractually it's not workking it keeps saying it expired.. hmmz09:09
Romstereverything else worked fine with just name-[.0-9]+09:10
Romsteron most of them.09:10
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maligreehi there, is there a way to built the package database in /var/lib/pkg/db?09:17
maligreeit seems to be missing09:17
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:20
thrice`Romster: weird09:23
tilmanmaligree: huh. is this a fresh installation?09:23
maligreeyeah, but I got it, I just touched the db file09:25
maligreeit worked09:25
tilmanbut but09:25
tilmanit doesn't represent your actual list of installed packages now09:25
tilmanassuming this *is* on a working crux system09:25
maligreeI couldnt get the crux.iso to work09:30
maligreeso I had to use a different linux09:30
maligreeI just installed the core packages09:30
maligreeI extracted them to be precise09:30
maligreenow after everything seems fine09:30
maligreeI tried to install the xorg packages with pkgadd09:30
tilmanyou should have run "/path/to/pkgadd -r /path/to/crux/system foo.pkg.tar.gz"09:31
maligreeah ok09:31
tilmanpkgadd will populate the package database file09:31
tilmanmaligree: what was wrong with the ISO?09:32
maligreeI can still install them over the extracted files, right? Shoudl I do this?09:32
maligreetilman: I dont have a cdrom :D09:32
tilmanyou probably need to use the -f switch in addition to -r etc09:32
tilmanbut yeah, it should work09:32
maligreeoky dok09:32
tilmanoookay, installing without cdrom is a bit tedious09:33
tilman.oO(booting from a nfs share or something might work)09:33
maligreeI don't have netwrok either09:33
maligreeI used an usb09:33
maligreewith puppy linux09:33
Romsterhmm ought to have a usb install what's with the no cdrom business.09:33
Romsterthere are usb cdrom drives too.09:34
Romsterhow does one play cd's09:34
*** Bandit has joined #crux09:34
maligreeI don't play cds :D09:34
tilmanRomster: "play cds"? as in audio cds? who does that these days? :P09:35
tilmanmike_k: are you raising your hand, or what did that mean? :]09:35
mike_kraising my hand09:36
Romstersome people that have a huge colection.09:39
maligreeam I right in assuming that modules that are supposed to be loaded at boot should go in rc.modeules?09:39
Romsterand limited hdd space.09:39
tilmanmaligree: yup09:40
Romsterrc.modules yes09:40
maligreetilman: kay thanks09:40
Romsterbut most can be autoloaded if that option is enabled.09:40
mike_kmaligree: see /etc/udev/rules.d/26-modprobe.rules for that09:41
mike_kprologic: are you around? Have you tried postgres with trac?09:42
maligreeoky dok09:43
mike_kthat's a mario (c)09:43
maligreehmm the fixed font is missing, does anyone know in which packages that's supposed to be?09:48
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thrice`tilman: I know noone has taken mplayer over yet, but there was a security issue released that should be patched, I would think09:49
tilmanmaligree: 'fixed' is just an alias btw, it's not a real font09:49
tilmanthrice`: care to provide a patch for the port? :D09:50
maligreeok Ill try thanks09:51
tilmani hoped for a diff against our _port_ :]09:51
tilmanthrice`: you got mail, btw09:51
thrice`ah, very cool :-)09:52
thrice`oh wait, looks like mplayer has 4 security issues09:53
Romsterthrice`, hmm i had issues with mplayer rc2 so i droped to rc109:54
*** niemamnie is now known as Rotwang09:54
thrice`I have mplayer-svn :-)09:54
*** Bandit has quit IRC09:55
*** concorr has quit IRC09:56
Romsterhmm maybe svn would fix my issue but rc2 is borked09:57
Romsterthrice`, wheres the reference for these bugs?10:01
thrice`on their homepage10:01
tilmannews flash: arch has a new logo10:01
tilmanbut the old one was cooler ;D10:01
Rotwangtilman: new one is better ;]10:02
Rotwangand arch home page is nicer now10:02
thrice`quiet arch user10:03
Romsterwhy do we have arch users that don't even use crux in here <<10:10
Romstersome spying or something :P10:11
maligreehm, does the delivered xf86-vide-intel driver support 915 chips?10:11
tilmani'm pretty sure it does10:12
Romsteryes i think so. you could look though the source code.10:12
Rotwangthrice`: im crux user :[10:12
maligreexorg is complainign about a missing 915 module10:12
maligreeit does work however10:12
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux10:12
tilmanit's probably referring  to the DRI driver(?)10:12
maligreemost likely10:13
maligreedo I have to compile them as a module?10:13
thrice`Rotwang: oh, my apoligies.  somebody who's nick begins with an "R" is a secret arch user10:13
*** tri has joined #crux10:16
*** SiFuh_ has quit IRC10:16
tilmanmaligree: whut? xorg/mesa3d ships with two intel DRI drivers -- and i915tex_dri.so10:16
tilmanin addition to that, they require a DRM kernel module10:16
tilmanwhich is probably called i915.ko or intel.ko10:16
maligreetilman: I compiled it in the kernel10:17
maligreetilman: or do I have to compile them as modules?10:17
tilmanah. well, the DRI driver doesn't care10:17
maligreetilman: or mayb i missed it, is drm what you mean?10:20
maligreedri needs a kernel drm module right?10:20
maligreehmm good10:20
maligreeI will search the web10:21
maligreethank you very much so far10:21
tilmanif you paste the relevant lines from your xorg log file to or so i can probably tell what's missing10:21
maligreeI got it, I was just dumb :D10:22
maligreeI compiled the wrong thing10:22
maligreehow emberassing :P10:22
*** f1y has quit IRC10:22
tilmanRomster: i'll look at lzma once the current development tree has matured10:23
tilmanRomster: looks like the stable one will soon be dumped10:23
Romsteri'm watching it but the new one will have backwards support.10:24
Romsterwas the first sighting of it being used so i got a bit excited. but i'm relaly keen on the fast to decompress and high compression ratio.10:26
Romsteri notice the man pages can also be put into lzma too.10:26
tilmanme too10:26
tilmanthe gtk tarballs are growing fat10:26
Romsteroh take a look at xdelta in contrib and wesnoth site.10:26
Romsteron there downloads10:27
*** discomaxus has joined #crux10:29
Romsterthis xdelta is impressive10:29
Romsterso i've ported it and i'm in the process of redoing my files like this one i've aldeady done
Romsterxdelta with lzma for the souce files, and i'm thinking of a patch for pkgutils to choose one like ketchup does the kernel sources.10:31
thrice`ack, I sense a han de-merge coming along :-|10:34
Romsterwell i'll go my own path if i must but i arn't going there yet.10:35
Romsterthings aren't solid yet with lzma.10:36
Romsterxdelta is mature and there is a new verion in the works too.10:36
tilmancompressing man pages with lzma seems to be overkill10:37
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > du -sh /usr/man10:37
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >10:37
tilmanchanging it would break all footprints10:37
tilmansucky pain:gain ratio10:38
thrice`sorta like han's gzipped manpages.  never really understood the benefit10:38
tilmanyou mean footprints? we're gzipping manpages :)10:38
thrice`er, footprints*.  sorry10:39
Romsteryeah might not be worth it for man pages bur packages in lzma instead of sucky gz compression would be a bonus.10:40
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux10:41
Romsterin actual fact why can't pkgutils be modular?10:41
Romsterbackends for whatever anyone writes for it.10:41
Romsterhan did that as some fooptprints where a megabyte etc.10:43
Romsterlike someone found out packaging the kernel in a Pkgfile..10:43
tilmans/some/exactly one/ i think10:43
*** maligree has quit IRC10:46
Romsterwell who else would want to add a feature?10:46
Romsterso your saying it dosn't warent it.10:47
tilmani was referring to "some ports"10:47
tilmannot someone :)10:47
tilmanonly tetex has a > 1mb footprint10:47
Romsterand linux in hnc repo.10:48
mike_kunlikely Han was doing that for hnc10:49
tilmanindeed :D10:50
mike_kRomster: btw, do you want that kvm port? I'am not currently making any use of it, thus can not test things...10:53
SiFuhprogram for repair zip files that are corrupt???10:53
tilmanSiFuh: rm/unlink works well :)10:53
SiFuhi just noticed Winrar does it10:56
Romstermike_k, it was jue that wanted someone to build it, i guess so since i have qemu and gcc3410:57
Romster7zip might repair too.10:57
Romsterhadn't checked.10:57
Romsterso han did that only for tetex....10:58
mike_kRomster: I took your mail wrong10:58
Romsterkinda stupid.10:58
Romstermike_k, i haven't used it myself i might, i arn't sure exactly what it does and it conflicts with qemu10:59
mike_kah, forget it11:01
*** roliveira has quit IRC11:03
*** discomaxus has quit IRC11:03
Romsterthere is a few ports i'm maintianing in contrib that i haven't got anyway to test atm but no one else seems to be wanting to take over.11:03
*** RedShift has joined #crux11:12
tilmangdk-pixbuf-query-loaders seems dumb11:14
tilmanthe order in which it writes out those records seems to be undefined11:14
*** Viper_ has joined #crux11:19
*** jue has joined #crux11:24
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue11:24
*** discomaxus has joined #crux11:30
tilmanthrice`: jue rejected the patch; point ck4up at your local gnome mirror instead11:35
thrice`tilman: bah.  I suppose that works too11:46
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC11:58
thrice`oh, guess jue is in here as well11:58
juethrice`: sure12:02
Romsteromg microsoft has offered to buy yahoo..12:02
Romstermore suckage.12:03
thrice`jue: I still can't get this libsigc++ line, using the gnome mirror; here are my examples12:03
thrice`libsigc++               md5  @GNOME@ @TAR@12:03
tilmandidn't i give you a working line earlier?12:03
thrice`I've tried escaping the ++ instead of @TAR@ (unless I did this incorrectly), with not much luck12:04
thrice`tilman: yes, working with the @GNOME@ approach12:04
thrice`(mainly just trying to understand scripting a little better, as I suck at it)12:04
jueis @TAR@ the one from the man-page?12:04
thrice`@TAR@   @NAME@-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?12:05
thrice`um...not sure :-)12:05
jueyes, it is12:05
thrice`the other one I tired was @GNOME@/libsigc\+\+-@V@@Z@12:06
jueIMO you have to escape the ++ in your regex12:08
jueso something like12:08
juelibsig++ md5 @GNOME@ libsig\+\+-.*?\.tar\.gz12:09
jueshould work12:09
thrice`with my gnome URL, that gives empty result12:10
juewhat's shown with -d if you omit the regex12:12
thrice`libsigc++ ...... error: empty result12:14
juehmm, are you sure, works for me12:15
thrice`with my gnome line?12:16
jueyep, I have this:12:16
juelibsigc++  md5  @GNOME@12:16
thrice`libsigc++               md5  @GNOME@ libsig\+\+-.*?\.tar\.gz12:17
juethan run12:17
thrice`huh, same thing.  this is a slackware box, but don't see why that would matter12:17
jueck4up -d libsig12:17
jueremove the regex part in the first run12:18
thrice`andrew@home:~% ck4up -d libsig12:19
thrice`libsigc++ ...... error: empty result12:19
juelibsigc++  md5  @GNOME@12:19
thrice`without anything afterwards?12:19
jueyou will see some html code than12:22
jueyep, fine, so it works and we can look at the regexp12:22
thrice`btw, this slackware box has ruby 1.8.6_p11112:23
ryuohey Romster12:28
ryuoyou seen these cloudbooks by everex?12:28
juethrice`: and, everything ok now ?12:28
ryuotheir supposedly going to be released in 2 weeks12:28
ryuoreally small laptops essentially12:28
Romsteri've seen them new apples that are thin as.12:28
ryuoi'm thinking of investing in one for college work, etc.12:29
ryuoits x86 (VIA C7 mobile)12:29
ryuoclaims it has 5 hours of runtime off a full battery12:29
ryuothe display is very small (800x480)12:29
ryuoand can be upgraded to a max of 1 GB12:29
ryuo30 GB hard drive as well12:30
ryuoi can stick a few linux games and some music on it =)12:30
ryuoas well12:30
thrice`jue: hm? I get empty result with @GNOME@ libsig\+\+-.*?\.tar\.gz12:30
thrice`jue: i'll work on it later; dont' want to take up more of your time :-)  thanks for the help12:31
ryuowould be a nice little PC to haul around for when i'm away from my immobile desktop12:31
juei have a libsigc\+\+-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2? and that works12:31
ryuoi'd probably stick some form of a source distro on it, to make the most of its low resources12:32
thrice`jue: aah, that one did it!12:32
ryuomaximize CPU optimizations(safe only), minimize worthless kernel features, etc12:32
jueahje, you forgot the c in libsigc12:32
jaegerhow does it compare to an eeePC?12:32
thrice`jue: ah; I see the typo: libsig\+\+-.*?\.tar\.gz (libsig*c*12:33
ryuojaeger: it has its own tradeoffs12:33
ryuovs eee pc12:33
ryuoit has a longer battery life than eee pc i hear12:33
thrice`jue: thank you so much12:33
jaegerI'm not very familiar with either but thinking about getting one or the other12:33
juenp, glad to help12:33
ryuowant me to list them all, jaeger?12:33
ryuoeee pc is already out, cloudbook isnt quite yet12:34
jaegersure, if you don't mind, or if you have a link... send it in a query?12:34
ryuoi have it memorized :o12:34
ryuo1 GB max for cloud book, 2 GB max for eee pc12:34
ryuo2 USB for cloudbook, 3 USB for eee pc12:34
ryuo5 hour battery life for cloudbook, 3.5 hour for eee pc12:35
ryuo30 GB hard drive for cloudbook, 4 GB SSD for eee pc12:35
ryuoVIA C7-M 1.2 ghz for cloudbook, 900 mhz celeron mobile for eee pc12:36
ryuowhat else...12:36
ryuoboth have ethernet/wireless12:36
ryuoi'm not sure the exact chipset though12:36
ryuothey both run some variation of linux initially12:37
ryuoso it must have good hardware support, then.12:37
jaegerI saw gOS on the everex page12:37
ryuogOS is on cloudbook12:37
ryuoI hear xandros is on eee pc12:37
ryuoI'd personally use a different distro...12:38
ryuoso i can optimize my cloudbook :)12:38
ryuobut only once i figured out all the kernel modules i'd need12:38
ryuo2.6.24 is a good improvement... finally has kernel support for VIA's power saving12:38
ryuoits experimental but12:39
ryuoif its in the stable, linus must think its ready for regular testing/use12:39
ryuoi upgraded to 2.6.24, and have had no problems thus far12:40
ryuovia C7 supports a bunch of nice cpu extensions...12:40
ryuoVIA isn't very powerful, but it has a lot of nice hardware level rendering12:41
ryuoMPEG2, etc12:41
ryuoi believe C7 has sse,sse2,sse312:41
ryuoyou could stick windows xp on the cloudbook, but why would you? XD12:42
*** jue has quit IRC12:44
*** Viper_ has quit IRC12:47
SiFuhI hate toothpaste!!12:57
*** roliveira has joined #crux12:57
* SiFuh hopes that comment might liven #crux12:57
tilmanthere, my first gtk update12:57
SiFuhon windows ;-)12:58
*** drijen has joined #crux13:05
*** mike_k has quit IRC13:26
tilmanany make expert around?13:37
tilmanmy pkgutils6 makefile has issues with -j4 :)13:37
tilmanbut i don't see why13:37
*** maligree has joined #crux13:38
*** tri has quit IRC13:39
maligreehi again, I am trying to write a Pkgfile and I wonder, somehoe sed doesn't work in there, as it would work on the command line, how come?13:41
tilmanmust be PEBKAC13:42
maligreeeh, excuse me?13:42
tilmanproblem exists between keyboard and chair :P13:42
tilmanmaligree: maybe you forgot a 'cd'?13:42
Rotwanghehe :]13:42
maligreetilam: hmm, I doubt13:42
maligreethe rest (make and make install) do work13:43
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux13:43
tilmanmaligree: wanna paste your Pkgfile to
maligreeya kay13:43
Rotwangmaligree: add i-13:45
Rotwanginstead of > thing13:45
maligreeoky I'll try13:45
tilmanmaybe you need a space before the \13:46
Rotwangsed -i -e blah blah13:46
tilmani think you mean "usr" :)13:46
*** treach has joined #crux13:46
maligreetilman: I had spaces before and thought that would be the problem :D13:46
tilmandoesn't the makefile have a MANDIR or mandir variable that you could override instead?13:47
maligreetilman: ya13:48
maligreeand a PREFIX variable13:48
*** boe has joined #crux13:48
maligreetilman: prolly a better idea :D13:48
maligreetilman: would I have to export the var to make it overide the make var?13:51
maligreelike in export PREFIX13:52
tilmanyou can use "make blabla=foo"13:52
maligreetilman: cool thank you very much again13:52
tilmantreach: can you figure out why pkgutils6's makefile doesn't work with -j4?13:58
tilmanevery second 'make clean all' build fails13:58
treachtilman: sorry, not at the moment. Workstation disconnected.13:59
maligreesorry to bother again, the compiling and installing seems to work fine now, I even have a package, but I get an error message nevertheless:14:00
maligreetar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory14:00
tilmanthat means you didn't install to $PKG14:00
tilmanit probably installed straight to /usr14:00
tilmanuse 'fakeroot pkgmk' to catch stuff like this14:00
maligreeoh ok, many thanks14:01
tilmanyw :p14:01
maligreeyay succeeded :D14:02
Romsterwith junk files on the system.14:07
rehabdollRomster: theres a new lvm2 version :)14:08
Romstershould i just make a cron job..14:08
tilmanmaybe 'make -j4 clean all' isn't supposed to work14:09
Romstertilman, can't see how that would break.14:10
Romstersepearate it as 2 lines a clean then the make all?14:10
*** Viper_ has joined #crux14:11
tilmanit breaks because the clean target deletes the stuff that all depends on14:14
Romstersounds more like a maintainer clean than a normal clean?14:15
Romstersuposed to be able to do a clean and then make all.14:16
* drijen bows before romster14:16
Romsterlol, hi drijen14:16
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC14:17
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux14:17
*** jjpk has joined #crux14:20
treachdamn, annoying.. everytime I restart firefox, "browser.Tabs.autoHide" is reset to false!14:43
tilmanlooks like 'make clean all' isn't supposed to work14:48
tilmanwith -jN14:48
SiFuhhahaha  any rm -rf expert around?14:49
thrice`wow, lots of opt/ volunteers \o/14:49
Rotwangubuntu users? :D14:50
*** mxs has joined #crux14:55
*** discomaxus has quit IRC14:58
tilmanwhat kind of retarded package is opt/hicolor-icon-theme?15:01
tilmanit contains nothing but directories15:01
*** okias has joined #crux15:02
thrice`no, it has an index.theme too15:07
thrice`very important :-)15:07
tilmanyes, sorry15:07
tilmani expected some pngs/svgs15:07
thrice`I did too :-)  never looked at it15:07
DarkNekroslol -> <tilman> what kind of retarded package is opt/hicolor-icon-theme?15:12
rehabdollromster, consider adding "--disable-neon" in gst-plugins-bad, its a shitty url-handler15:13
*** boe has quit IRC15:13
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:17
aonthink it's crux on the laptop time15:19
aonvista's busted as hell15:19
Romsterrehabdoll, hmm15:20
treachaon: what model?15:21
aonhp compaq 6720s15:21
aonshouldn't cause much problems15:21
tilmanhow much ram?15:21
treachshould be enough for emacs ;)15:23
* treach takes cover15:23
*** okias has left #crux15:24
*** okias has joined #crux15:24
Romsterrehabdoll, prt-cache deptree gst-plugins-bad |grep neon, can't see a issue just don't install neon ?15:24
*** okias has left #crux15:24
*** okias has joined #crux15:24
treachaon: did you get vista business with it?15:25
treachheh, still crap, eh. xp pro was at least not *that* bad compared to fscking home...15:27
aonit's somehow internally busted15:27
aonit was fine when it did work15:27
*** okias has left #crux15:28
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC15:28
treachheh, reminds me of the original xp installation on this laptop..15:28
Romsterxp pro wasn't too bad.15:29
treachit worked fine to begin with, and then suddenly it went nuts and just grew and grew..15:29
Romsterwin me was crap for drivers so bad i went back to win98se15:29
Romsterxp pro sucked on older dos games.15:30
treachwin9x. ugh15:30
Romsterbut reduced the anoying please restart your computer.15:30
Romsteri still have a copy of win 3.11 for workgroups here <<15:30
Romsterrehabdoll, hmm i see your point subverion needs neon..15:32
Romsterand i use subversion15:32
treach...and now, please excite us. Explain how that relates to gstreamer.15:34
tilmanrelying on the user to not install a random port is totally whacko :>15:35
tilman*if* that port causes a fucked up gstreamer :p15:35
Romsterneon can be sued in gst-plugins-bad15:37
Romsterit dosn't fuck t up it's just a "shitty url-handler"15:38
rehabdollyeah but it sucks :)15:38
Romsterdosn't mean you have to use it.15:38
rehabdollsomehow gstreamer uses it instead of libsoup15:38
Romsterhmm disabling it makes it use libsoup?15:39
rehabdollif libsoup is installed15:39
treachdoesn't mean you have to incluede it as well. And your useage of subversion is *definitly* not a reason to make gstreamer depend on neon..15:39
Romsteri didn't make gstreamer depend on neon yeash15:40
Romsterprt-cache deptree gst-plugins-bad |grep neon15:40
rehabdollnah, it just uses it if its installed15:40
Romsterreturns nothing.15:40
Romsterprecisly and i use subversion the chances of others using that or something else that requires neon.15:41
treachwell, ok sorry for miswording it a bit.15:41
tilmanRomster: the reason why i'm waiting for the new lzma is that they'll have a major api break as i understood it15:41
tilmanmaybe even moving from c++ to c15:41
Romsteri'm actually thinking of cuting the dependencys down more give the user more option of what they install.15:42
treachbut still. the fact that you use subversion doesn't have *anything* to do with gstreamer picking up neon, you do realize that?15:42
thrice`sorta does, becuase subversion requires neon15:42
treach(provided that the gstreamer crap has some --disable-neon thing)15:43
Romsterso should it be disabled in gstreamer because it sucks ?15:43
treachthrice`: not really.15:43
Romsteri'm just disabiling it now.15:43
treachRomster: that's what rehabdoll is asking for, right?15:43
tilmanthrice`: sorta, but not really ;)15:43
treachI'm glad we sorted this out.15:43
Romsteri don't use neon in gstreamer so i got no gripes to disable it in favor of libsoup.15:44
*** maligree has quit IRC15:44
rehabdolllibsoup will be included in next release of plugins-bad15:44
rehabdollits in cvs atm.15:45
Romsterhmm i'll go have a look.15:45
Romsterit'll be a requirement.15:51
Romsterrehabdoll, how is that gonna sork libsoup is still on 2.3 and that says libsoup 2.415:54
Romsterlooks like awhile off yet.15:55
*** treach has quit IRC16:07
*** errdil has joined #crux16:17
*** jjpk has left #crux17:09
*** discomaxus has joined #crux17:17
*** mxs has quit IRC17:21
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:56
*** andarius has joined #crux18:11
andariusgreetings and salutations18:12
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:13
*** Viper_ has quit IRC18:27
*** morlenxus has quit IRC18:35
*** mxs has joined #crux18:38
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*** morlenxus has joined #crux18:46
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*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:29
*** errdil has quit IRC19:52
* drijen stabs andarius 19:53
* andarius bleeds on drijen :P19:57
andariusthen goes to see a medic19:57
* drijen licks it off19:57
andariustazers at the ready !!!!19:57
drijenwhat are you going to do?19:57
drijenbleed on me?19:57
andariusnot much, drinking beer and cooking chow. anime soon to start19:57
drijenah yes.19:59
drijengeeks unite.19:59
andariusso what have you been up to?20:00
drijeneating. fucking. gaming.20:00
andariusnice line up ;)20:01
drijenain't life great.20:01
andariusaye, it surely can be20:01
*** Jason_W has joined #crux20:02
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:27
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